Taren It Down (2nd Book)

Taren It Down (2nd Book)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



The second half of Taren It Up. Taren and Olivia have an interesting relationship as they travel on a bus. Olivia has to make a choice in Jasper Springs, can Nick convince her to stay, can Taren hold onto her?



The second half of Taren It Up. Taren and Olivia have an interesting relationship as they travel on a bus. Olivia has to make a choice in Jasper Springs, can Nick convince her to stay, can Taren hold onto her?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Your Turn

Author Chapter Note

This is the second Book in Taren and Olivia's story, I worked on this story off and on for many years and when I finally found this wonderful place to post my work I found it hard to remove items. So this book is not stand alone just more chapters for the original Taren It Up. If you made it through the first one then all I can do is apologize for the length and thank you for your dedication. I learned a lot about myself when I posted this book and hope I have improved a great deal since.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 14, 2017



He laid beside her kissing her, wondering why she let him do this. Why would she just freely let go of her first time like this. “Olivia. I don't know why you let me. Don't get me wrong it was wonderful, you are wonderful. I just… why me, why now?”

She was silent for a minute. “I wanted to be with you, too. I didn't think about it. I was enjoying everything so much.” 

“I was too. I shouldn’t have…”

“No,” she cut him off “please don't, I just want you for tonight. I am not asking for anything more.”

Taren smiled. He couldn’t imagine anything else he would rather be doing tonight. He rolled back on top of her propping himself up on his elbows. He leaned in and kissed her cheek.

She smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her. 

He kissed her. 

Her face flushed as she realized her position under him, her arms around his neck, her legs wrapped around his hips, she could feel all of him against her, she loosened her grip on his neck as he pulled back and looked down her face, she could feel him growing. 

He saw the shock on her face as he pushed against her, he wasn’t sure if he would be stopping anytime soon. “I can’t help it” he smiled. “You are too good.”

She smiled before he started kissing her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, and nibbled on her lips, coaxing her along, he ran his fingers along her naked body, she joined in running her fingers over his flexed chest, unsure if she would ever get enough of touching him and wanting to remember every inch of him.

He continued exploring and kissing her until he couldn't take it any more. He had to be inside her again. He grabbed the last condom, slipping it on as quickly as possible and continuing his conquest of becoming one with her again. 

He stopped all of a sudden. He stopped kissing. He stopped thrusting.

Her hands froze on his chest where they had been roaming, afraid she might have done something wrong, she stared up to his face.

“It’s your turn.” He stated grinning. 

“What?” she was confused.

He wrapped his arms around  her and rolled onto his back bringing her with him. 

Before she could protest she was sitting on top of him.

“Your turn” he repeated, smiling up at her and moved his hands to her breast, teasing her nipples.

“but…” she said. “I..” She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his fingers. She remembered his words from earlier and repeated them “What do you want me to do?”

He smiled, sitting up he kissed her, she kissed back, trailing kisses down his neck, shifting to reach more of his chest, she felt his reaction inside her and knew exactly what she needed to do, she held his gaze and tested her new found knowledge, placing her hands on his chest adjusting her weight pushing her knees further from his hips and sinking lower, taking in more of him. She paused as he stretched her, a pain that caused pleasure to ripple through her. She took a deep breath trying to figure what she needed to do to feel it again. She lifted her torso and sank down again. A low groan escaped her as she once again felt pain and pleasure. 

Another glorious pain rippled through her as he continued to grow. Her head rolled back as she pushed herself up and down while his hands roamed her skin, wrapped around her breast and scraped her nipples. 

She looked down at him, his hands found her face and brought her lips down to his as she moved up and down, back and forth looking for the most productive movement, he put his hands on her hips encouraging her to move faster.

She realized the potential the position had for her also, the movement had them both scrambling to go harder and faster, moments later she fell on top of him completely spent, exhausted, excited and breathing hard.

“You’re amazing.” He pushed the hair from her face lifting her so he could see her. “Do you know that?”

She shook her head and kissed him. “I had no idea” she stated giggling.

Then it really hit him. What had he just done? He pulled her in tighter. 

They laid quietly holding each other both lost in their own thoughts. Each trying to figure out what happened and how it escalated so quickly. 

He lightly ran his fingers over her smooth skin. Taren smiled at her. “So many things make so much more sense now.”

She looked at him curious. 

“Like why you blush so often.” 

She smiled. 

He kissed her. “And why you seemed reluctant to let me kiss you. In the elevator when I said I wanted to be with you, I thought you were going to run.” He grinned. “I've been so busy trying to get you out of my head, I wasn't paying attention.” His brain thought of several more red flags he missed. “Geez. I'm a complete jerk.”
“You are not.” She argued. 

He smiled. “And you are awesome.” He kissed her. He pulled her close cuddling with her.

Olivia laid beside him thinking about what had just happened and how much she enjoyed it. Then she thought about Nick. He was expecting her to come and how Taren made it clear he didn't have time for a girlfriend. She wondered how they would explain this to his crew if they found out. And if any of them said something to Nick he would be devastated, he would point out how right he was about her being on the bus in the first place. 



“We can't let anybody find out about this.” 

He laid there quietly thinking about what she said. How Gene and his crew felt about her. How much they felt the need to protect her. How he couldn't start a relationship right now. “Okay.” He promised. Hugging her close. 

They fell asleep in each other's embrace. 


Taren woke when his alarm went off. They had only been asleep for a couple hours. He searched for his phone shutting off the alarm and tossing it on the floor he snuggled against Olivia. 

“What was that?” She asked half asleep. 

“Sorry. I didn't shut off my alarm earlier. I didn't expect to be laying next to a gorgeous woman so early in the morning.” He kissed her neck and ran his fingers over her skin.

“That feels good.” She whispered. 

“You feel good.” He whispered back. 

She adjusted her position to face him and kiss his neck. She tangled herself against him wanting to feel the warmth of him. She ran her lips against the edge of his neck where his rough facial hair met smooth skin at the base of his neck. Her lips being tickled by the facial hair. She ran her tongue over the tickled spot inadvertently tasting Tarens neck, a bit salty. She sucked his skin into her mouth to taste more. 

He responded to her touch until he remembered that he was out of condoms. 

“Olivia” he groaned “we can't…” he kissed her cheek. “I… uhmmmm….I don't have any more condoms.” He chuckled. 

“Condoms?” She leaned back to look at him. Her face flushed when she realized she hadn't even considered birth control last night. 

He kissed her. “I'm sorry. I don't want to take any chances. Actually. I am very tempted and if you keep doing that I probably will” he chuckled. “But just know that I am out of condoms.” 

She snuggled back against him and refrained from touching him so much. He held her tight till they fell asleep again.  

They both woke a few hours later to a knock on her door. 

“Olivia”  Genes voice called through the door. 

Startled she looked at Taren. They both stared at each other for a second.

“Olivia, wake up we are going down for breakfast.” Gene announced through the door. 

She put a finger to her lips to show Taren to stay quiet. “I'll get rid of him” she whispered. She threw on her shirt and slipped on her shorts. 

She went to the door and opened it slightly. 

“Sorry I was pretty tired.”

“Are you coming with us to set up today.”

“No” she stated. “I have a meeting today.”

“Okay We are going down for breakfast before we go to the arena do you want to come?”

“Sure” she said. “Let me get dressed and I'll be down in a few.” 

She shut the door and walked over to the bed. He was sitting up half dressed. She kept her distance not sure how he would react to her this morning now that they had come back to reality. 

He held out a hand to her. “Come here, gorgeous.” 

She put her hand in his and let him pull her near. She stood in front of him as he sat on the edge of the bed. He placed his hands on her hips. “You are one amazing woman.” He stated. 

She didn't know how else to answer that. “Thank you.” Was all that she could think of. She placed her hands on his bare shoulders. 

He reached up to grab either side of her face and guided her lips down to his. He wasn't ready to leave or give up kissing those perfect lips. He laid back on the bed pulling her with him.  Kissing her. He wished that they didn't have a show today. “I could stay in bed with you all day.” He stated. 

“I am sure Scott will be sending a search party.” She teased. 

“I'll text him in a minute.” He said kissing her face and down her neck. 

She giggled. “Okay.”

He stopped kissing to look at her. “Are you okay this morning?” he asked.

“Yes?” She stated giving him a questioning look. 

“Just checking.” He said smiling “I've never been with someone on their first time.” 

Her face turned red as she recalled the night before. 

He leaned down and kissed her. “I should go if they are expecting you for breakfast.”

A minute later he was still kissing her, she had a hand on his arm tracing the muscles with her fingertips. 

“Jeez.” He groaned in frustration and laid his head beside hers. 

“What's the matter?” she asked.

“I really don't want to leave right now. I feel like when I leave I might not get a chance to do this again.”

“Well you can always come back.” She smiled. 

He smiled down at her. Kissing her more. “Be careful what you wish for.” He teased. 

She teased back. “You mean all I have to do is make a wish?”

He chuckled.

His phone started vibrating. He looked at the offending intrusion lying on the floor. “What do you want to bet that's Scott?” He leaned down to kiss her one last time before he pushed himself off the bed.

Olivia watched as he picked up the phone and eyed the screen, he looked at her and then hit ignore. He wasn't talking to Charolette this morning. 

She grinned. “It wasn't Scott?” She knew it was Charolette she called almost every morning. 


“I thought you said you didn't have a girlfriend. “ she teased. 

He chuckled. She's not my girlfriend anymore than Nick is your boyfriend. 

Olivia giggled. 

They both laughed when his phone rang again. This time it was Scott. 

Taren answered the phone. “I overslept. I'll pass today.”

“I guess I should go.” He stated reluctantly. As he slipped on his shirt. 

“Okay” she stood beside him. “Thank you for a memorable night.” 

He grabbed her and hugged her. “For what it's worth Olivia I'm sorry that I let this happen, I should have had more self control.”

“I'm not sorry Taren. You didn't LET this happen, we both made it happen and I won't ever forget it.”

He smiled down at her. Kissing her, he said “I will see you at breakfast.” 

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