Standard Deduction

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Romance and drama with a little sex in the mix.
Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy.

Kyle needs an assistant and picks the most unlikely candidate against his better judgement in hopes that his good deed will help Hailey get on her feet. His attraction to her isn't the only thing that turns his world upside down. I hope you enjoy, this is a mild story, or at least that's my plan, we all know how things change once I start posting, so no promises in either direction.
Seriously, I'm just having fun with this book!

Table of Contents

Job Acquisition

Hailey sat across from the accountant, his tan oxford shirt, rolled carelessly at the sleeves, brought out the kindness of his eyes.&nb... Read Chapter

Jealous addition

Hailey was determined to show her new boss that she could be an asset, she worked hard to keep his schedule running smoothly and assist... Read Chapter

Irregular Damage

Kyle left for lunch to meet a friend out and Hailey took the opportunity to eat her own lunch quietly at her desk when a man walked in an... Read Chapter

Chrissy calculation

Hailey stared at the woman waiting on Kyle to finish with a client. She was over fifteen minutes early for her scheduled appointment and ... Read Chapter

Controlling Entity

Hailey worked several shifts over the weekend and throughout the week while her kids were with Blake, counting her tip money as she debat... Read Chapter

Minor Miscalculation

Hailey rolled over pulling a pillow over her head, the morning sun filtered through the room and she was momentarily disoriented thinking... Read Chapter

An Outlay Fluctuation

Hailey sat in the bleachers watching her boys play as Robin watched the girls cheer. Blake stood off to the side of the field on his phon... Read Chapter

Abundant Burden

For the first time in two weeks, Hailey was able to wear clothes that didn’t hide her neck or the bruises on her arms and wrist. Althou... Read Chapter

Uncontrollable Entity

Hailey went back to work after having lunch with Kyle. It was a small relief knowing he wasn’t mad that she lied about having a boyfrie... Read Chapter


Monday morning Hailey was surprised to find the office door already unlocked. “Kyle?” She looked into his empty office. “In... Read Chapter

Change in Principle

It had been a few days since Hailey had given her statement to the police, she never heard anything and didn’t expect them to do anythi... Read Chapter

Beta Risk

“You need a raise.” Kyle joked as he felt the smooth glide of the razor streak down his cheek. Hailey giggled. “You should prob... Read Chapter

Adverse Turnover

After escorting his sister to the door, Kyle found Hailey sitting on the bed, her knees pulled up to her chest covered by the sheet. With... Read Chapter

Depletion Notice

Kyle stood at the entrance to his front office the following morning. He spent the night debating his options, he wanted to call or go to... Read Chapter


Leslie giggled as she found another willing dance partner for Hailey. Between the drinks and the laps around the dance floor she was feel... Read Chapter

Apology Withdrawl

As Hailey and her kids were leaving Kyle pulled Hailey’s hand letting her boys run ahead. “Hey.” He spoke softly. “I can see your... Read Chapter

Flip-flop note

Kyle wrapped his arm around her and kissed the top of her head, unaware if he’d gotten his point across. “You’re a beautiful woman ... Read Chapter

Gross Miscalculation

Hailey didn’t go to Kyle’s as planned, she couldn’t face him knowing she was going to be giving up so much to gain peace with Blake... Read Chapter

Understated Liabilities

Hailey waited in the small brick room, a thick glass surrounded by stainless steel separated her from an equally dreary room. A hallow so... Read Chapter


Kyle stepped out of his office as the door chimed. Whatever chore Hailey had to do this afternoon she had taken well over her lunch hour ... Read Chapter

Passive Activities

Kyle stood by the office window with a clear view of the street. He recognized Hailey’s figure sitting in the sleek car parked out fron... Read Chapter

Revised Balance

Hailey’s eyes flew open. She was in dangerous territory with a man she barely knew. Her heart plummeted as she studied Scott’s e... Read Chapter


She stretched her limbs as the early morning light filtered through her blinds, feeling something solid next to her she smiled as she rea... Read Chapter

Equitable Determination

Hailey walked into Scott’s office, after her weekend with Kyle she knew she didn’t want the confusion of a second suitor; i... Read Chapter


    Thursday afternoon Hailey stood in her son's school after receiving a call from the administrator. He wanted t... Read Chapter

Conflict of Interest

I am currently playing with this chapter and possibly splitting it into two chapters so the editing is not perfect.
Read Chapter

Creating Balance

  AN: Its a short chapter and it was originally posted on Chapter 26, I moved it here and changed it up a bit so my regulars may... Read Chapter

Changing Direction

Scott walked into the Mexican cafe knowing Hailey would be working this evening after over hearing her conversation at Blake’... Read Chapter


"I knew there was a sexy Goddess in you. That was fucking amazing." He breathed out as he lay beside her. Her fa... Read Chapter

Lookback Period

“I have to pick up my kids at four and I need to go home and change first.” Hailey stated as she looked down at Scott’s s... Read Chapter


Kyle sat at his desk listening for the front door to chime. He honestly worried if Hailey would show up. After she broke up with him, he ... Read Chapter

Double Dipping

Hailey left work with a promise from Kyle that he would pick her and the kids up and drive them to Peppers house. She was a ner... Read Chapter


A knot formed in her stomach as Kyle stood from the floor and shoved his athletic legs into his briefs, the air felt thicker as he tossed... Read Chapter

Negative Equity

I realize it’s been a year since I’ve updated this one. I usually hope for better but life is just in the way right now. Hope everyone is haves good season no matter where you are. Thanks for
Read Chapter