Intolerant Competition

Intolerant Competition

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Jane works hard to save money, her lazy half sister causes more problems than solutions and Jane must deal with life while falling in love with a man whose already taken. When an abduction causes more struggles and her life is turned upside down she finds herself leaning on the man she's fallen for and it pains her to know she can never have him.


Jane works hard to save money, her lazy half sister causes more problems than solutions and Jane must deal with life while falling in love with a man whose already taken. When an abduction causes more struggles and her life is turned upside down she finds herself leaning on the man she's fallen for and it pains her to know she can never have him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Nurse Jane

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 10, 2017



Jane stood at the nurses station, her main source of income but not her only job and with fourteen days straight working and no real time off she was exhausted. With her shift starting in ten minutes she was getting an update on each patient for the evening from Kayla, her co-worker and friend. While Kayla went over her notes Jane just nodded and tried to take it all in, she tried hard to respond to each quip that Kayla dished out as she spoke of each patient, it was usually helpful to attribute something personal about each one to keep them all straight and normally Kayla was funny but today Jane's mind couldn't focus with so much bothering her. 

Kayla stopped mid sentence. "Whats up with you, did your cat die?" Her tone sarcastic knowing Jane didn't own any pets.

"No." Jane huffed, tired and ready to vent to someone. "I'm sick of Abby, her and that jerk of a boyfriend, are driving me crazy, they can't clean up after themselves and of course she can't pay a damn bill but they have no problem using the water or electricity that I pay for." She took a deep breath and continued before Kayla could speak. "And to top it off HE has started bringing his bum friends with him, so now, I have to put up with some jerk trying to get into my pants!" Jane took a deep breath. She didn't like complaining about her home life because she lived there willingly but sometimes she just needed to vent. "Sorry, rant over. I'm fine." She smiled at her friend waving a hand for her to continue.

"You need to move out of there, pronto!" Kayla advised.

Jane rubbed her forehead. "I know, I know, I just don't have time to look for a place and even though I am paying out more in bills I am still saving more than I would be if I had to pay rent so right now its just a minor inconvenience. I'm just being whinny."

Kayla hugged her. "Okay, maybe you can come stay a few days with me since George will be gone headed out again."

Jane smiled at her friend. "Thanks, that sounds like a great idea."

Kayla turned back to her charts. "Oh, and we have a new one in 26, Mrs. Richards, she was in an accident a few days ago, surgery on her back, recovered well but Dr. Carver still has her in a barb coma but I think he's planning to scale back and let her wake up." Kayla handed her the file. "But the real reason you need to go in there first; is to get a glimpse of the hunk beside her bed!"

Jane smiled as she read the chart assuming the hunk would be a husband she expected him to be the same age as the patient which was around 46. "Really, eye candy?" She chuckled. They never had a problem rating the men that came in with patients on their ward. They had several ratings that ranged from 'blah' to 'I would do him' and if he was over the top Kayla would add 'I would cheat on my husband to do him'. 'Eye candy was somewhere in the middle.'

Kayla fanned herself with a mock fan and stated in an exaggerated southern drawl. "Oh! Suga! That there man is a twelve with a bag of chips and you are sure to wet your panties once you see him." Kayla giggled and dropped back to her regular voice. "I know I did!"

"Kayla!" Jane giggled at her friend. "Shame on you, you're married!"

Kayla chuckled. "You'll see what I mean when you get in there."

Jane loved her job at the hospital, the hours were hectic and the stress could cause headaches but she saw all ages come through here with various short term and long term disabilities. They were usually in her section for two or more months depending on their progress with therapy. Some struggled more than others and a lot depended on their frame of mind. 

Twelve hours on the shift and two more days to go, Jane wasn't sure she was going to survive but she had no choice, besides going home meant running into her sister, Abby, if she was home. Running into Abby meant dealing with her boyfriend. He was a creep and Jane had no idea what her sister saw in him. They both thought they were going to get rich selling porn on the internet and Abby was the star, she had the looks for it that much was true but her sister, well half sister, they had different dads, was a dim wit. 


Joel stared at his mom's comatose body and begged any and every God he'd ever heard of to heal her. He hated to see his mother in this state, she was normally a vibrant, energetic and outgoing woman that couldn't be stopped. As a single mother she raised him and started a company all on her own. She was the back bone to every business decision he made whether she was there or not. Diane Richards was a force to be reckoned with, starting in real estate and working her way up to owning commercial properties in so many parts of Jasper Springs. She managed that empire with her son who now had half a stake in most of their business.

Had it been only two days? It felt like an eternity since he'd received a call stating she was in the hospital going to emergency surgery to repair damage from a car accident. His own heart beat soared every time he thought about how close he had been to losing her. He took a slow deep breath. He was so grateful she survived but now he worried when she would wake. He wasn't leaving her side till she did. His mom had been there for him through so many ups and downs and he wasn't going to abandon her either.

Joel watched the brown headed nurse flow about the room checking lines, reading machines and tending to his mother’s needs. She moved effortlessly and quietly, she was careful not to disturb his mother and he appreciated her so much more for her thoughtfulness.

“Mr. Richards.” She whispered as she stood in front of him. When he looked up she asked. “Have you eaten today?”

He gave a tense smile. “No. I'm not hungry.” It was true, he had no appetite and he wanted no reason to leave his mom's room. He had come so close to losing her, he couldn't bare the thought of leaving her alone.

“Your mom is stable, she's going to wake up soon and if she's anything like my mom she's going to chew your butt when she finds out you've been sitting here without eating.” The brunette stated smiling to soften the chastisement.

 He stared at the heart shaped face, her hair was pulled into a loose bun and her tired eyes were proof that she'd been here the last ten hours.

“Don't you go home?” He questioned trying to redirect her focus.

“I'll go home if you'll go eat.” She smiled again after ten hours of walking the hallways and realizing Mr. Richards hadn't left the room and refused any offer's of a meal from the nurses she knew he wasn't paying attention to his own needs. She'd been in this situation herself and it was easy to forget you needed food when you were too concerned for your family.

“I'm not leaving this room.” He clarified. “I have food coming in the morning.” He had already made plans with Ernest to bring him breakfast in the morning.

He felt her tense gaze as she scrutinized whether she would convince him otherwise. “I figured you'd say that.” She reached into her oversized pockets and pulled out five snack bars and some juice boxes. “Here, eat this, it'll hold you over for a little while.”

Joel sat up straighter looking at the offering in her hands. The truth was he hadn't eaten in 30 hours, barely drank anything. He plucked the items from her fingers and set them in his lap.

“Just let me know if you want more. I'll go down to the cafeteria and get you a tray.”

He looked up and nodded and watched her walk out the room. He looked around, flowers and balloons took up so much space, his mother had a lot of friends, she was well loved, he wanted her to pull through with no problems but it already appeared that she would be paralyzed from the waist down at least short term. Dr. Carver gave him some hope, the swelling could go down and her reflexes come back, but until she woke up they had very little news to offer. He silently pleaded for her to wake up and at the same time wanted her to sleep through the healing, wanted her to feel no pain.

He scarfed down two of the breakfast bars and the juice and relaxed against his chair. He went back to watching his mom and listening to the steady beep of the machines. Relaxing his head to the side of the chair he nodded off, he also hadn't slept in thirty hours and the small amount of food was enough to satisfy his body and allow him to relax against his will.


Jane typed notes into her EHC, Diane Richards was stable and Doctor Carver was cutting back her meds hoping she would wake on her own soon. Jane had two more hours before this shift ended and she looked forward to a relaxing bed and lots of sleep before she had to be back here for her next shift. Maybe Mrs. Richards would be awake by then.

She slipped into Diane Richards room one last time before leaving and found the extremely handsome Mr. Richards dozed in the chair, his body finally giving out. Kayla hadn't exaggerated about the man in the room and he wasn't a husband, he was her son, a very good looking man that definitely had every nurse on this floor looking for a reason to come into this room. Jane didn't miss the sorrow on his face, even in his sleep he seemed stressed and his love for his mother was indisputable. She put a blanket over him and did her best not to disturb him. The chair he slept in converted to a cot but she knew if she woke him to tell him he wouldn't allow himself to go back to sleep.

At home her usual night of unwinding consisted of her favorite music, a quick meal, usually microwaveable, and a book to read. However after staring at the hunk in Diane Richards room she was ready to relieve some tension. Talking with other girls during break about all the things that could be done to that hunk of a man had her looking forward to some alone time with her favorite toy and her own imagination. He was definitely a hottie and his sad eyes made him look so vulnerable, everyone on the floor felt the urge to hold him and kiss the sadness away and if he was great in bed that would just be the bonus. She had no problem imaging those masculine fingers deep inside her tonight.


Joel woke to his fiancé Christa entering the room, he hadn't seen her in three days and he was grateful to finally hold her. He hugged her tight as she wrapped her arms around him. “Joel, you're squishing me.” She complained.

“Sorry.” He loosened his grip. “I'm glad you're back.”

“Me too.” She buried her face into his neck. “I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner, it was impossible to get out of that gig.”

Joel nodded. “I'm glad you're here now.” He updated her on his mom's status as she sat in the room in her slim fitting dress and high heels. She tapped her manicured fingers against her leg as she studied the room while he spoke.

“You look tired.” She observed with a wave of her hand at him. “Why don't we go home and get you cleaned up and have some dinner. I'm starving.”

He gave Christa a pointed look. “I'm not leaving.” He stated as if she should know that.

“But I.” She started to pout. A tactic she used often and he usually gave into but today he wasn't budging. “I thought you said she was stable? I'd like to go home and wash that airplane ride off me. Plus, I missed you.” She cooed.

He shook his head. “You can go if you want, I'm not leaving till she wakes up at least. I won't have my mother waking up to strangers.”

Christa pouted and sat back down. She  stayed in the room with Joel for another hour. He could feel her foul mood as much as see it as he tried to talk about her latest gig and how her trip overseas had gone. He finally stated. “You should just go home. I'm sure you're exhausted after your trip. Have Earnest cook you something or pick up something from that sushi place you like. I'll call you when something changes here.”

“How long do you think that will be?” She questioned unsure how long she wanted to be home alone.

Joel shrugged. “I don't know.” He wasn't up for explaining medical terms to Christa, she would just be bored by it. She never really got along with his mother and he didn't expect her to care as deeply as he did.

“Fine.” She stood to leave. “I'll be back in the morning.”

He stood and kissed her on the lips. “Okay. Earnest will be coming in the morning to bring me fresh clothes if you want to come then.”

“Probably not that early.” She forced a smile. “It's been a long trip.”


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