Fight or Flight: Nick and Carmen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The story of Nick and Carmen started three years ago when they became coworkers but it wasn't until Nick lost sight of the woman he thought he loved before he noticed Carmen and now that he sees a whole new side of his petite assistant he has to work through her struggles and fears as she deals with the traumatic event that changed the course of her life ten years ago.

Table of Contents


“Carmen. I'm done for the day.” Nick Rissen informed his assistant on his way out.  Like clockwork, every Friday at two... Read Chapter

A Glimpse

"What's this jackass want?" Molly's undertone voice pulled Carmen's attention from her screen, the slender woman leaned ... Read Chapter

Computer Problems

Nick pulled the car out of the parking garage as he dialed Olivias number again. His mind raced with reasons why she wouldn't... Read Chapter

Falling Apart

  Carmen's thoughts lingered on Nicks question. She left the building for lunch on most days. Between her docto... Read Chapter

Rough Morning

Nick spent his morning teetering between confused and pissed. How Olivia managed to leave her house and end up in Alabama still baffled... Read Chapter