Answering an Advertisement

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Erotica

I read an advertisement and found it interesting. A man was looking for a part time mistress. I requested some information and made an appointment to see if I was right for the job. I had never done it before and I made that clear up front however Ben was quite intrigued and willing to give it a shot. This may just be one short chapter but if all goes well on our first week maybe the book will be more of an ongoing diary. We will see! Wish me luck.

Table of Contents

First time out

Thank you for the idea Ben! Hope you like the result and let me know if this trial run gets me a second week in the next month or two. Even if it doesn't I still had a great week with you and I can't wait to post the rest. Read Chapter

Round Two

"Brit....nnnnyyyyy." He whispered in a strange grunt. The look on Ben's face was pure agony and his breath was ragged as I lightly stroke... Read Chapter