We Live Only for Beauty Part 4

We Live Only for Beauty Part 4 We Live Only for Beauty Part 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


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Following Part 3


Submitted: December 22, 2015

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Submitted: December 22, 2015





The dawn had just begun to break when we left for the lake where we had planned to spend the day. We followed the same stream from which we had drunk on the first day we met.


At first we walked hand-in-hand in almost total silence, just allowing the chemistry to flow as we watched the changing light of the new day.


After some time we stopped to rest near some rapids.


“Where were you?” asked Sara. “You seem to be lost in thought somewhere. Is there something wrong?”


I gazed upon her face. Her eyes pierced through to my soul, and I knew that I couldn’t hide anything from her.


I smiled at her: “No angel. There’s nothing wrong. In fact, I have never felt the way I do now. I mean, it’s like my whole life at last makes sense. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel as if everything I have gone through before has brought me to this very moment.”


She laughed: “You’re right. It does sound crazy. But what makes it even crazier is that I felt the same way that day on the beach.”


“Okay,” I continued, “So then I got to thinking: What now? Where do we go from here? And then I realised that there is only one thing that I have to do to resolve all this.”


“And that is?” Sara enquired.


“Let’s carry on.” I suggested, “And I’ll explain on the way.”


We continued walking, and on the way, I divulged my plan to her.


“One of the pieces I put in place this morning while you were doing the washing.” I said.


“And that was?” she asked.


“I put my apartment in the city on the market.” I stated.


She stopped. “You did what?” she enquired, astonished.


“I put my flat up for sale.” I reiterated, raising my hand to oppose any further protest. “It’s completely furnished, so there’s very little of mine there. I contacted a friend of mine, and he’s going to pack up for me, and I’ll go back next week to collect it.”


“And then what?” Sara insisted, her face a picture of perplexity.


“Well, at first I thought of renting the cottage from your stepdad.” I continued, ignoring her expression. “But then I realised that it wouldn’t suit me. But I’m sure there are other more apposite.”


“Wait.” She demanded, “You’re planning on moving here - to our village.”


I noticed a smile on her face. I thought at first that she was agitated - even angry at my half-cocked plan. It was then that it dawned upon me that she might have reached its conclusion, possibly even before I had.


“Yes.” I replied, relieved that there was no more resistance. “One of the advantages with my line of work is that it doesn’t matter where I’m based. It can be here, or in the city, or anywhere. As long as I have access to the internet so that I can get my work in before deadline.


Sara - I dislike the city. No - I hate it with a passion! There’s too much noise and confusion. Not to mention the ghosts from my past that haunt me everywhere I go. This is my opportunity to get out: For good. For you! I know now that I want you in my life, and that’s more important to me now than anything else.”


As I stopped, I noticed a tear trickle down her cheek. She sat down on a patch of soft grass. I crouched down in front of her, took her hand in mine, and - pressing my forehead against hers - gazed into those dark eyes. She whispered: “I love you.”


We walked and talked together, stopping only to share our pack lunch together. By sunset, we reached the widest part of the lake. The opposite side was but a ribbon of dark on the horizon.


At last we sat a while on the shore as the sun began to sink behind the far side of the lake. We knew that we couldn’t spend too long there as it was a long walk back.


“The house would be closer.” Sara explained, “If we leave in half an hour, we should get there before it’s too dark. I know a shorter route. It takes us through part of the village.”


We took off our shoes, and stood just at the water’s edge. The small waves lapped over out feet, and the mud was cool beneath our feet.


Sara stood in front of me with her back against my chest. I took her hands in mine and stretched out as if we were flying. We swayed from one side to the other, mimicking the movement of the current on the lake.


She put her head back under my chin. I bent my head, and kissed the crown of her head. In response, she nestled even closer to me and gave out a sigh of contentment.


“I think we’d better get moving.” I suggested.


We started along the shoreline. The going was relatively easy, but the shingle beaches were rough in places.


I followed Sara, certain that she knew the way. Her pace confirmed that my confidence was not misplaced. Once, as if she sensed my concern, she slowed until I caught up with her.


“My uncle and I come here often.” She reassured me, “It’s one of our favourite trails.”


After some time, we came to a tarred pathway that led away from the lake. We had not gone very far when I could see the feint glow of the village lights.


For a moment we stood arm-in-arm, taking in the vista that unfolded before us as the last rays of sunlight faded.


It was almost totally dark by the time we left the countryside behind us and strolled into the village hand in hand. The walk back had been relatively easy, but our feet were sore from the pebbles that often got into our shoes. Unabashed, we sat on the pavement and shook them out. The air was fresh, but not too cold. And the breeze was gentle on our faces.


“We’ve got a heated swimming pool in the village.” Sara informed me as we sat there.


“And so?” I asked.


“I feel like a swim before we head home.” She stated.


“It’s late angel. We won’t make home in time.” I contended.


“I’ll arrange a taxi to take us home.” She insisted.


“But we’ve got nothing to swim in.” I reminded. The glint in her eye said enough.


She chided: “That’s the whole point silly.”


I laughed, and held her in my arms, our foreheads touching. She put her arms around my neck, holding my gaze.


“You’re a nut. You know that.” I joked. We headed for the pool.


On the way, Sara stopped a cab and arranged for the driver to collect us in a couple of hours’ time. When we got to the pool, there was only one couple still there. They were friends with Sara’s stepdad. Their names were François and Jacqueline Arnea.




After we had been introduced, we chatted for a while. One piece of information that piqued my interest was that François owned the wine farm that produced the rosé I had grown to enjoy during my stay in the village. After a while, they bade us farewell, and left.


Like two mischievous children, Sara and I stripped off, and jumped into the water. She was quicker than I, and as I stood up, I saw her somersault in the water. As she rolled over forwards, I caught the slightest glimpse of her mons between her thighs.


I quickly took refuge under the water. But my attempts were in vain. As she spotted my stiffened cock under the clear water, she giggled her naughtiest snicker.


“You’ll have to catch me first.” She teased. Taking up the challenge, I swam towards her. In a mock effort, she tried to evade my pursuit. But I soon caught her and took her in my arms. The feel of her warm, wet skin against mine gave me such a feeling of wellbeing that I held her like that for some time, just relishing the connection. Her soft fingers drew delicate paterns up and down my back as she arched herself toward me until our bodies became one.


We frolicked in the water like kids. We splashed each other and rough-housed until we were exhausted. The water was not that warm, and after a while we could feel the evening chill. And in any case, it was almost time for us to catch the taxi home.


There were showers in the change-rooms. As there was no-one else using them, we ignored the signs on the wall, and shared the same shower. The warm water trickling over our bodies rekindled our desire.


My hands massaged her shapely butt, while hers reached down between us, and alternated from between her legs to my eager erection.


All too soon, it was time to go. Luckily it was a short ride back to the house. We stopped on the way to buy some Chinese takeaways so that we wouldn’t have to prepare anything when we got home.


We had hardly closed the front door, when Sara took me in her arms. She kissed me with such intensity that it was as though we had been apart for ages.


Then she removed my shirt and, still kissing me feverishly, ran her one hand down my torso. Her touch sent shivers through me like an electric current.


All at once, she stopped, leaving me weak at the knees. I was glad for the fact that I had opted for loose shorts that day as my cock rasped against the fabric. Knowing the turmoil she had caused, she turned toward me with her one of her roguish smiles playing on her full lips.


She declared in a mischievous tone: “We’d better eat. You’re going to need the energy. But I need to change into something a bit more comfortable.”


Sara smiled and winked at me. She left the room. When she returned, she had changed into a shiny miniskirt and a white sleeveless top. We had supper, accompanied with one of François’s wines. She sat next to me at the small table in the kitchen. The first bottle of wine was finished, and she went to where the wine was stacked to fetch another one. As she bent over to pick up a bottle, her miniskirt rode up and I could see her maidenhead clearly as her tango panties had slipped to one side. Still bending over, she looked over at me and blew me a kiss.


We drained our last glass of wine, and made our way to the main bedroom once more. She went into the on suit bathroom, and when she returned, she had changed into a short see-through nighty. The soft light from outside fell perfectly onto the light fabric, and revealed the exquisite body that it only just covered.


Sara went down on her knees and removed my shorts. She took my rampant erection in both hands and began to stroke it against me. My hand ran through her thick black hair as her face tilted upwards so that she could see how I reacted to her teasing. She smiled her secret smile, and continued her coaxing.


Then she did something I had never experienced before. Having removed my shorts, but still with my jocks on, she first kissed my throbbing cock. And then, with her lips still touching me there, began to hum softly. The feint vibrations of her voice against my hard-on almost made my legs buckle underneath me. I held her there, taking in this new and exquisite pleasure.


After a while she stopped. Looking up at me, she softly said: “I could feel your pulse against my lips. So strong!”


It was hard for me to respond as I was still trying to control my member that was still twitching and jerking as though it recalled what had just happened to it.


At last we made it to the bed. This time we kissed as though we had all night. Our movements were slow and gentle, whereas before they had been frantic and feverish.


The warmth of her body, the gentleness of her touch, the feint scent of wine on her breath and its taste on her lips made the moment even more unforgettable.


Slowly and deliberately I removed her nightie and underwear. I knelt with her thighs on either side of me. Her eyes took in my unrestrained erection. With a smile, she began pleasuring herself while I watched.


In a husky voice, she told me: “I want your baby. Tonight, I want you to make me pregnant.”


Puzzled, I replied: “I thought we may have done that already.”


She explained: “Our chances are better tonight. I’m ovulating.”


I felt a knot of excitement in my loins. As I gazed upon this voluptuous woman lying before me - wanting ME! - I would never have imagined that one such as she would want to be the mother of my child!


As she lay there, I pressed the index finger of one hand against the top of her mons. This exposed the tiny nub of her clitoris. I gently began to stroke its delicate tip with my other index finger, moving in a small circle around it.


Almost immediately her eyes closed and her mouth opened as if she had fainted. As I continued, a small trickle of moisture began to come out of her opening and down towards her butthole.


Some-time after this, her vulvae began to open and close involuntarily, and her anus started to do the same in unison with her labia. Her head began to sway from side to side, and her breathing became laboured. She groaned as she climaxed, her eyes still closed. After a while, she put her hand on mine, motioning me to stop.


Sara then told me to lie on my back. When I did so, she took my cock and began to jerk me off using both hands to envelope the whole organ. As I felt my urge to cum rise up, she applied pressure with her lower hand on the base of my penis and stopped what she was doing until the urge subsided.


Eventually she just held me in her hands as it throbbed against her palms.


She lay on her back, her legs wide open. Teasingly I stroked her open vulvae with the head of my knob, just entering her with the tip at first, and then withdrawing slightly again. Her hips bucked and her abdominal muscles tensed as she longed for me to enter her. I knew that I could not continue with this for much longer.


As one final tease, I held my erect dick just above her open vagina. She looked longingly down at it. Her maidenhead began to open and close, and her hips bucked in anticipation as she moaned.


“Please baby! I need you inside me! Fill me!” she pleaded in a soft urgent whisper.


I held her legs wide open so that her whole womanhood opened before me. Already I could see that her inner vulvae were inflamed. Her stomach muscles tensed as my cock finally touched her labia. I drove myself into her. Perhaps it was because she was ovulating, but as she welcomed me in, I felt as though her honeypot was warmer and more inviting than before.



Breathlessly she whispered: “I can feel you even more inside of me now. Oh God! It feels so good!”


I thrust myself into her as far as I could, then drew back until just the tip remained. She began to rock back and forth in harmony with my movements. Her eyes were half closed, and her mouth was bathed in a lazy smile. As her climax grew, her neck muscles tensed and relaxed and her breathing became erratic.


She wrestled her legs free from my grasp. With her one hand she pulled me down onto her, her legs wrapping around my waist. As if to steady herself, she held onto the pillow behind her head with her free hand. I kissed the side of her neck, felt her breath warm against my ear, and heard her groan and cry out as her passion soared.


Her legs began to move involuntarily as her body thrashed about on torrents of delight. The only words audible were: “Yes! Oh yes!”


Shifting position, I placed my hands on the bed next to her shoulders, and pushed myself off her. This allowed me to drive myself deeper into her convulsing vagina.


In response she opened her legs even more. Her hands went down to caress my midriff. She craned her head back as I felt the first wave of her orgasm envelope me in a surge that seemed to clasp my whole member. I found it difficult to thrust or retreat. Her hips began to buck off the bed so that she rode my cock inside of her. Her mouth opened and she let out a sighing groan that seemed to come from deep within her. Her areolas stood out proudly atop her breasts, and her shoulders tensed up as she succumbed to the ecstasy that ravished her.


My balls pulled upwards, and my perineum began to throb. I felt a shiver run up my abdomen and down my inner thighs as my loaded semen raced towards her ovulating womb. My butt muscles flexed involuntarily and my hips drove me deeper still.


In a whisper that was barely audible, she cried: “Yes my sweet! Make me pregnant!”


This time I continued to pound her until I had seemingly emptied my balls into her uterus.


Sara then got out of bed, and put her nightie and pants back on. She explained: “My step-mum told me that, to improve the chance of impregnation, I must keep as warm as I can, and not take a shower or bath until the next day.”


Once she had dressed herself, she lay down in front of me, facing away from me. The silkiness of her nightie felt good against me, and my hands enjoyed running over its smoothness. Eventually they rested holding the bowl of her tummy. She took my hands and held them there.



I leant forward and kissed her shoulder. Her eyes opened slightly and a smile gently played on her mouth.


We fell asleep like that, and I awoke later only because my arm had gone numb from her weight against it. I shifted position without waking her, and went back to sleep.


Sara must have woken up some time later, because the next morning she had changed her nightie for a light woollen pull-over. We lay on our backs, gazing into each other’s eyes. Our hands lightly touched. There was a dreamy light in her dark brown eyes, and a smile on her face.


“I could really get used to waking up to this.” I stated.


“You know.” She replied, “Every time you look at me, you smile as if it’s the first time you ever saw me.”


“That’s because it always feels like the first time.” I responded, “There’s so much hidden behind your eyes, that it would take more than one lifetime to fathom it all.”


“You say the most romantic things.” Sara exclaimed, “You should be a novelist not a journalist.”


She lay on top of me and we kissed, her soft hair tickling my face. The smell of her skin, and the weight of her body against me, along with her sensual mouth and gentle hands made me feel that it could not get better than this!


After we had bathed and dressed, we tidied up the bedroom knowing that Sara’s stepdad was returning that afternoon. Luckily we did not have to wash the bedding again.


The kitchen was next. We cleared up the leftover Chinese food and washed the wine glasses. While we were busy, Sara suggested that we have breakfast in the village so as not to dirty any more dishes.




© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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