We Live Only for Beauty Part 3

We Live Only for Beauty Part 3 We Live Only for Beauty Part 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Following Chapter 2


Following Chapter 2


Submitted: December 03, 2015

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Submitted: December 03, 2015





As we enjoyed an early breakfast, we discussed our plans for the day ahead. It was decided that we would go to a park near the mansion, and spend the day there. So we busied ourselves preparing a picnic hamper to take with us.


When we were ready, we headed back down the path to the homestead. As the sun began to rise properly over the horizon, we stopped awhile and rested. Leaning up against a tree, I held her close to me. She leaned against me, and we kissed.


We reached one of the places on the path where we had walked when we first met. Although it had only been a few days, so much had happened between us since then, that it seemed a lifetime. Feeling somewhat symbolic, I took her in my arms, and kissed her again.


She smiled as we gazed into each other’s eyes. It was as though she knew what I was feeling at that moment.


“Are you always this romantic?” she quizzed.


I laughed. I had been called many things by many women before, but ‘romantic’ was never one of them. I replied: “Not normally. I guess I was just waiting for the right person.”


She kissed me again, but said nothing. I noticed the change in her expression. I reckoned that I had touched a nerve somewhere. Hand in hand we continued down the path without saying very much at all.


Sometime later we arrived back at the mansion.


We used my car as hers was still locked in the garage, and drove to the park. It was still early when we arrived, but Sara was friends with the gatekeeper, so she persuaded him to let us in.


The park was huge, and also very old, evidenced by the presence of a great number of enormous trees. Some of these giants - like the one at the bottom of the path that led from the main entrance into the heart of the park - were more than two hundred years old.


We walked hand in hand, enjoying the views and taking in the fresh air. Sara’s mood also seemed to have lightened again, and we laughed and joked as we walked.


“This is my favourite place in the park.” She said as we came to an open area where there was a pond. “My father used to bring my brother and I here when we were young. We would splash each other in the pond, and …”




Her voice drifted as the shadow of a memory passed over her face. She turned her face away from me, but by her stance I could see that she was wrestling with emotions that threatened to overwhelm her.


“Shall we move on?” I suggested. Silently she nodded. I held her close to me as we left the place behind. She put her head on my shoulder seeking solace there. As we walked, I kissed the top of her head. A slight smile was her response as her arm tightened around my waist as a token of thanks.


We rested near a stone wall upon which I sat. She took my hands in hers and leaned forward. A smile played around her mouth again.


Her face came close to mine, and she asked in a whisper: “Could I be the right one for you?”


“I can’t say for certain yet.” I replied honestly, “But this just feels so right. Maybe I’m still getting over my fascination with you as a woman, but there’s a voice inside me that would like to answer: ‘Yes’. Maybe it’s too soon. I mean we’ve only just met you know.”


Her smile broadened. “Thank-you for your honesty.” She said, and planted the lightest of kisses on my lips: “I hope you will listen to that little voice inside of you.”


“I usually do.” I answered, “Eventually.” She laughed and, taking my hand in hers, led me further down the path.


After some time, we found a bench in front of a fountain. We decided we’d rest here.


At first our conversation was light and frivolous. But after some time, Sara began to speak at some length about her past.


Her parents had brought her up well. In fact she was her father’s ‘Princess’. He doted over her, and she lacked for nothing. Her mother was an exceptionally kind, gentle woman. Sara and her brother could never imagine that such an ideal existence could come to an end.


Then tragedy struck! Calvin and Freda Freiling were driving back from delivering a load of herbs to an outlet in the next village not fifteen kilometres from home. It had rained the night before, and some parts of the road were wet and slippery. As they came round a hairpin bend, a speeding car took the turn too wide towards them. The driver slammed on brakes, but the car skidded and slammed head on into the Freilings’ vehicle. Freda was killed outright, and Calvin died on the way to hospital.


The children were adopted by Calvin’s brother, Lucien and his wife Penny. Penny died of cancer when Sara was eighteen. She was nine when her parents were killed.


“Don’t get me wrong.” Sara explained, “My uncle is a good man like his brother. He tried very hard to bridge the gap. But he did so without trying to replace my dad.”

She continued her tale. Sara suffered as a teenager. She was very shy and somewhat withdrawn. As she matured, her relationships would not last long as most of her suitors were more interested in getting into her panties than any emotional attachment. And so, after one particularly abusive relationship, she returned home, determined to be done with love for good.


“So what changed when you met me?” I asked.


“I don’t know.” She replied, “I just felt straight away that you were not like the rest of them. I think it had something to do with the way you looked at me when we first met.”


“How so?” I enquired.


“Most of the men in my life have been more interested in my boobs, my ass, and my cunt than anything else.” She stated, “Sorry - that sounded harsh. But it’s true! When they looked at me, all they saw was a body. Something to be fucked, and that’s it. When you looked at me, you looked at ME. Even when we walked together, and we stopped to talk, your eyes were on my face. You held my gaze. I felt that you were interested in me as a person, not some ‘thing’ to be abused and thrown out on the trash heap.”


“Jesus!” I exclaimed, “You really have been used! I can’t understand guys like that. When I’m into someone, I’m interested in the whole person. Not just her sex, or how much she puts out. I can see where you’re coming from. Ah - my angel - you’ve been in Hell!”


“I’m not asking you to save me.” She cried, “Just don’t leave me there.”


“I’ve got my own demons.” I stated, “But I’ll make a deal with you: Let’s try and pull each other through this shit. Let’s make a promise that we won’t give up on each other. Okay?”


“Okay.” She nodded with tears in her eyes.


We sat saying nothing for quite some time. The closeness of our bodies spoke louder than any words could. Our bond was even stronger than before. We had pledged ourselves to one another. In my heart of hearts, I knew that the making of this oath was the right thing to do. Come what may, we would stand together. Even if the feelings we had for each other came to an end, our promise would remain. My hope was that they would grow stronger, and if they did change, it would be for something deeper.


We ate our lunch. Again our talk was light and jovial. Often we would say nothing, just looking at each other. We shared many a silent moment in which the chemistry between us was the only means of communication.


After lunch we continued to walk through the park. As we walked, she asked: “Are you ready to speak about your past yet?”


“Sara, I don’t think I ever will. But that’s not the point is it? You need to know, and given what you shared with me earlier, it would be wrong of me to hold out on you now.


My childhood was far from ideal. I was picked on and teased endlessly. As a result I withdrew into myself, into my own world. Luckily I have never had an issue with keeping my own company. But my social skills took a nose dive, and when I reached puberty I was a pretty nasty piece of work. And when it came to members of the opposite sex, I felt as if I had a mouth full of teeth, two left hands and ten thumbs.


My first real relationship only happened when I was twenty one. It was all over before I turned twenty two. It was all give and no take. I gave - and gave - and gave … but got nothing in return. And when I had nothing more to give, I was chucked out like a piece of garbage.


Thereafter came a number of women who took advantage of my love. I was even married at one point. But she loved the money I didn’t even have more than me. The marriage lasted all of eleven months. After that I washed my hands of meaningful relationships. Deep inside, I wanted so badly to have someone in my life, but I was afraid of being used again.”


“So what did you do?” she enquired.


“I found comfort in the city’s hookers. I spent my money so that I could drop my load into the only women I felt would appreciate it.” I replied.


“My God! And I thought I was the only one who had gone through Hell!” Sara exclaimed. “Well, I said I would help you get over the ghosts of your past. So let me re-commit myself to the promise that we made to one another.”


“The Arabs believe in something called ‘Kismet’.” I stated, trying to wrestle with my own mixed emotions. “I’ve never been one for that ‘Destiny’ or ‘Fate’ crap. But it takes quite a pretty twisted fucked-up sequence of events to bring a pair of damaged souls like ours together.”


“The hell with Kismet!” she retorted smiling again, “From here on, we make the path we’re going to follow. This is our reality.”


“Amen to that.” I replied.


We kissed. This time as our lips and our tongues met, so our hearts and souls seemed to fuse in a union that, we honestly believed, nothing could break.


My heart felt as though it was about to burst. While part of me was telling me not to raise my hopes too high, and the sceptic on my shoulder was trying to tell me that it was too good to be true, my heart of hearts was convinced that it was so good it had to be true.



The gentle but firm arms that embraced me; the sweet tender lips that melded with mine; the soft breasts and exceptional body that pressed up against me … How could any of this be wrong?


“Shit!” I exclaimed, “Look at the time! We’d best get going or we’ll be locked in.”


We headed for the main gate once more. Just in time because, when we arrived there, the grounds man was locking up. He was more than a little surprised to see us.


Just as we got to the car, Sara said: “Before we start back, I want to give you this.”


I was about to ask what ‘this’ was when she threw her arms around my neck. She kissed me, and then buried her face into my shoulder. I could hear she was crying.


“Thank-you.” was all she said.


“It’s okay angel. It’s going to be okay.” I said over and over again. Strangely enough, for the first time in my life, I truly believed it would be.


Our drive back to the mansion was a darned site better than when we left. We spoke as though we had known each other all our lives. Half way there, her hand stole from mine onto my thigh. Its warmth and its softness permeated through the thick denim jeans. It was all I could do to keep control of the car. Luckily we only had a short distance to travel.


As we pulled into the driveway, Sara suggested: “It’s too late to make for the cottage. Let’s stay tonight at my home. It’s much more comfortable. And the bed in the main bedroom is huge.”


“Sounds good to me.” I replied.


She took my hands in hers, curling her fingers between mine so that our palms touched.


“There’s a little voice speaking inside me right at this moment.” She stated, with an impish grin on her face.


“Oh yeah - and what’s it telling you?” I enquired.


Her eyes shone in the half-light. “Wait and see.” was the reply.


We went inside. The mansion within was as spectacular and opulent as the exterior. The walls were panelled with a fine wood finish. The carpets were thick and soft. Furnishings were elegant if not a little antique. I felt as though I was in one of those stately homes one reads about in High-Society magazine.




Both from the garden without and the interior wafted the sweet aromas of jasmine, camphor, and other herbs and plants. Sensors were plentiful, each with their own combination of raw herbs. Arches and nooks held small statues while pictures and paintings were a plenty.


We went to the large kitchen. It was decked with slate counters, upon which were all the modern amenities available. Sara prepared us a simple but delicious dinner of quiche and salad. It was accompanied with a rosé wine.


After the main course, we sat in the warm sitting room and drank sherry. We talked in our usual manner, our voices the only sound apart from the sound of light drizzle outside and the other sounds of a country night. The setting could not have been more romantic.


After a while Sara piped up: “Do you dance?”


I replied that I could try, but that I was grossly out of practice. She stood up to go and turn the music centre on. As she did so, the straps of her gown slipped from her shoulders. My eyes became transfixed on the bare skin upon which the soft light fell.


Aware of my attentions, she sighed in feigned dismay: “Are you always this horny?”


I laughed. “This is not me being horny.” I replied, “Just interested.”


She pushed the straps back into place, and started the music. Again she smiled back at me, saying: “Well then, if you can stand up without showing off how ‘interested’ you really are, then shall we dance?”


“Surely.” I answered, glad that my erection had subsided already.


I put my arm around her slender waist. Hers went around the back of my neck.


At first our movements were determined by the rhythm of the music. She was a seasoned dancer, and it took a lot for me to keep up with her, even though I had taken up ballroom dancing as a youth. But after a while, I got my dancing shoes back, and we began to move together in synchronicity.


Soon, however, we began to dance to our own rhythm. Our movements became introspective, as though our attention became focussed on keeping in time with each other rather than the music. My eyes took in the fine details of her face as she drew ever closer to me. Her hand felt so gentle in mine. Amid the various herbs that burned, I caught the distinct - albeit feint - scent of her perfume.


The music slowed. She put her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest. With my one hand I caressed her shoulders and the upper part of her spine. As she moved, I could feel the slight ripple of her muscles. My other hand held hers in place. We danced like that without paying any attention to the changes in the music’s tempo.


“I want you.” she whispered. We stopped dancing, and kissed. As our lips met, there was a surge of tender emotions that flooded through me. This was more than just a desire for sex. I wanted to be one with this woman - body, heart, and soul. Our eyes closed as our feelings became too much to bear.


As our lips interlocked, she slipped her hand down to my jeans. Undoing the zip, she began stroking me until I felt as though I was about to burst through the barrier of my undies. My balls ached with longing and anticipation.


We made for the bedroom still in each other’s arms, her walking backwards and me guiding her. As we headed down the passage, she nearly fell over a loose rug, but I was able to stop her before any harm was done. She just laughed and we carried on.


As with the rest of the house, the main bedroom was styled to represent a bygone age. This was further accentuated by a king-size four-poster against one wall, complete with padded headboard.


Again we kissed. This time, however, it was pure fever. Our lips met with such force that our teeth almost clashed. There were no words, but our breathing said it all - heavy and full of lust. My tongue tasted hers, sending a flood of sensations coursing through me.


As we kissed, we slowly made our way towards the bed. Our hands were everywhere - touching, caressing, exploring, enticing.


It never ceased to amaze me that, every time I touched her - or felt her touching me - it was like the first time. The thrill of our skin connecting never once receded. She was as fascinating to me now as she had been on that first day.


Never before had I felt so totally enthralled by a woman. Everything my hands touched, or my other senses experienced about her had me completely rapt. Just as if I lived in the medieval times, I felt that I was completely under her spell. And in my heart of hearts I knew that I would have it no other way.


Our lips parted, and I began kissing her throat. Her head went back, and she pushed herself against my lips so that I could feel the pulse of her carotid thumping against them. From there, I traced a line with my tongue along her collarbone to her shoulder.


She put her hand in the way, and when I stopped, she removed her bra, and buried my face between her breasts. Obligingly, I used my lips and tongue to leave a trail down her petite cleavage. Her sigh of delight was reward enough.


My hands stroked her bare stomach, feeling it tense and relax as her own desire began to rise. Her breasts felt so soft and pliant as I cupped them. Feeling her quickly hardening nipples against my palms sent a shiver through me. As I continued with one hand, the other strayed down to her panties. Gently she pushed me away.


“No my sweet, too soon.” She whispered.

Sara went down on her knees and began to unbutton my jeans. As she did this, her index finger gently stroked my cock that strained against the restraints of my jockey shorts. She giggled softly as it leapt to her touch.


“Ooh!” she exclaimed as she laughed, “Good boy!”


As I felt a shudder run through my shaft and down to my balls, I knew just how good it was! The pressure exerted by my swollen member inside my shorts became unbearable. As if by some intuition, she pulled down my jeans and my jocks at the same time. My cock sprang out as if rejoicing in its release.


She let out a groan of satisfaction as she saw my hard-on so close to her face. Her hand grasped me around the base, and she began riding it back and forth. The tip throbbed in response, and pre-cum dripped off onto her breasts.


I released myself from her grasp and sat down on the edge of the four-poster. I shifted up to allow her to sit leaning against me.


She took my hand, and guided me to between her legs. I began fondling her through the delicate fabric of her panties. With just the slightest of pressure, I was able to part her outer lips so that I could just feel the inner, more malleable labia beneath my fingertips. I felt her stomach muscles tense as her wetness soaked through the material barrier.


She stripped off, and at last we were both fully naked! For a moment I sat with her leaning against me, just with my arms around her, enjoying the contact of skin-on-skin. At that instant, nothing else mattered but how our bodies felt together. For a trice, the yearning and urgency that pulsed through our veins seemed to subside, and we were content.


We moved further onto the bed, and sat there with her back against my front. I put my arms around her, hugging her breasts with one hand and upper abdomen with the other. Her head rocked back onto my shoulder, her eyes closed and her mouth open as if she was in a faint.


In a throaty whisper, she said: “I feel so safe with you.”


In response I squeezed her a bit more tightly, stroking her breasts with my one hand while the other gently caressed her throat and chin. I took her earlobe between my lips. In reaction, she let out a sigh and held my lower hand in place. I could feel her nipple against my palm.


Sara pushed herself against me so that I could feel her tight butt against my erection. Every movement there caused me to twitch and jerk against her. She moaned and softly laughed in response.




I felt her soft inner thighs and she opened her legs to receive my hands. Under the attention of both of them, her tender lips gave no resistance, and soon they were coated with her wetness. Her hands came down to hold me there, not wanting me to stop.



I withdrew one hand to shift myself into a more comfortable position. She began to ride my cock between her butt cheeks as I returned to her hidden folds. Her slow deliberate movements heightened my sense of longing.


She turned to face me and wrapped her legs around me, her one hand stroked my cheek, while the other paid attention to my balls. I cupped her behind in my hands and relished in the pleasure that her hands were affording me.


Her eyes held my gaze, and she smiled secretly, but said nothing.


Sara rose up with her arm around my neck. Her legs locked around me, and her hand held my cock ready. For a moment she only brushed my throbbing glans lightly against her moist lips, making my organ quiver in anticipation. Then slowly and deliberately, she lowered herself over me.


As if desiring pay-back, I held her hips tightly enough to prevent her from riding me. She sighed, content with the sensation of my pulsations inside her.


All this time she had held me mesmerised by her intense facial expression. It was as though, through some form of telepathy, she wanted me to connect with her soul. As I looked into her dark eyes, I believed that such a contact would indeed be possible. But it would take a lifetime to truly sound the depths that were reflected in those mirrors.


After maintaining this for what seemed an age, she bent over and kissed me.


Gently, not wanting to interrupt the connection, I pushed her onto her back. She opened her legs wide and held them open with her hands. My cock rested deep inside her. As she shifted position, I felt the change in pressure surrounding me.


I resisted the desire to thrust just yet as I saw her longing well up in her eyes. Her head rocked back and she began to groan.


“Aah!” she moaned, “Don’t tease me! I want you so badly!”


Obligingly, I started to lunge myself into her.


Instead of lying on top of her in the traditional missionary position, I knelt with her legs around my waist. My hand lifted her butt slightly to make my thrusting easier. Sometimes I drove into her with such force that it lifted her hips off the sheets. In reaction, she would tighten her legs around my waist and push me deeper into her until my balls brushed against her perineum.


From my vantage point, I could see the changes in her body, and her facial expressions as she drew nearer to her climax.


Her hands caressed my arms as her movements became more erratic. Her eyes remained open virtually until the very end. Her pupils were dilated and her expression was one of total abandon, total love, and total trust. Every so often she would throw her head back as a fresh wave of ecstasy coursed through her.


Her hips began to buck against me as her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed. I could feel the pressure of her vagina increase against my cock as the first surge of her orgasm began to wrack her body. Her cries became screams of euphoria as her convulsions became more frequent until she went into total frenzy, her hand toying with her clit as she succumbed to the ecstatic force that overtook her.


Almost without warning, I felt my balls contract and the muscle between my scrotum and my butthole begin to jerk and throb.


“Dammit!” I exclaimed, “Angel - I’m going to cum!”


I frantically tried to withdraw before the first wave of sperm was released. As I did so, Sara gently took hold of my retreating penis, and pushed it back into her open vagina. At the same time, she raised her hips so that the tip of my organ remained inside.


“I want you to.” She proclaimed in a whisper.


I had no choice. I pushed myself back into her. Almost as soon as I re-entered her, I felt my cock ejaculate its milky load deeper and deeper into her. I had no control over myself now. Surge after surge spurted into her willing body. At times I swore I could even feel the opening of her cervix at the tip of my glans. After a while, I thrust as deep into her as I could, and lay still, my member pulsing at its own pace.


“That’s it!” she encouraged, “Stay there. I want it all!”


The sensation of my seed spurting deep into her made her cum a second time. Subsequently, this climax made me release my load even more.


As she came, she moaned: “Aah! I can feel it cum right up into my womb.”


Some of the overflow oozed out of her again and dripped down her butt. Her cheeks tensed and her hole twitched as the liquid tickled her.


“I couldn’t keep it all in.” she giggled. No sooner had she said this, when I lunged into her one last time in a final surge of energy.


Eventually the sexual high subsided, and I lay there still locked deep within her. I savoured the moment, not wanting it to end. Not that this was the first time I had cum inside a woman, but it was different in every way. This was special!

It took some time for my erection to abate. Only after I reluctantly withdrew did my cock relax. To my surprise, as I pulled out, some more of my semen ran out of her onto the sheets. At the end, I felt as though it was a deluge pouring out of me. Seeing the remnant spill out of her even now, I realised that it was not my imagination.


Sara exclaimed: “I feel like I’m full to overflowing!”


Her eyes shone, and she smiled as what had just transpired was still warm within her. As if trying to rekindle the fires, she began fondling my spent penis, and eventually resting with her hand cupping my balls. Apart from a slight tingling, they too were in a state of rest. The soul was willing, but the flesh was grossly out of practice.


She lay back on the pillows. I kissed her, her eyes barely open. Her tongue lazily played with mine, and then with my lips.


I needed to ask her something, but as she lay in her state of satisfaction, I felt that the time was not right. In any case, I too did not want to threaten the tranquillity that overruled the niggling fear I had.


I lay like that until the fires inside of us had eventually died down.


I rolled over, and lay on my back. Sara nestled her body so that her head rested against my stomach in the same way as she had the previous occasion in the cottage.


It was then that I plucked up the courage to ask: “Are you on the pill?”


She looked up, resting her chin on my tummy. “It’s a bit late to ask that now.” She stated. There was no hint of criticism or malice in her voice, just matter-of-fact. “The answer is ‘No’.”


“So what happens now?” I enquired further.


Again her reply was resolute. There was no fear or any form of blame in her reply: “We wait. If I fall pregnant, then I have your baby. My biological clock is ticking, and I’ve always wanted to have a child. It’s just that I’ve been waiting for the right man to be the father. You said that you weren’t sure whether I could be the right one for you, but I know you’re the right man for me.


I don’t know why, but this all just feels so right! I did want you to cum inside me, but not only because I want to get pregnant by you. You said that, before, you believed that the only women worthy of receiving your sperm were hookers. But they wouldn’t have allowed you to do so without protection. When I said I wanted you, I meant I want all of you. No barriers, no holding back.” she added. She kissed me on my stomach as though to underscore her point.




“It’s funny.” I responded, “I was shit-scared of knocking someone up. But now that it’s possibly happened, I’m not afraid. In fact, I’m pretty stoked up about it. Even more so because, if I could choose who would have my baby, it would be you.”


Sleepily, she replied, “So - That’s settled then.”


I chuckled at her frankness. “Yup” I agreed, “I suppose it is.”


She rolled off me and turned onto her side, facing away from me. She then took my arm and put it around her waist, and drew my hips towards her. Her butt pressed against my groin, and my legs curled behind hers.


Having never ‘spooned’ naked before, this was a new experience for me. I enjoyed the feeling of my cock being nestled between her butt cheeks, and her back against my chest gave me a sense of extreme relaxation. Feeling her body move as she breathed gave me a sense of pleasure I have never experienced before. It sent a warming glow throughout my body.


Perhaps things got a little too hot! I was in a deep sleep, when I was wakened by a throbbing hard-on. It became very uncomfortable, and I was at a loose end as to what to do about it when I felt Sara’s hand enclose around me.


“Honey” she said in her soft drowsy voice, “You can’t sleep like that.”


Almost still in sleep, she began to jerk me off as only a woman can, her soft palm and the warm pressure making me writhe with pleasure. Her pace made the experience even more mind-blowing. She was in no rush, and allowed me to savour every tender stroke.


“There. That’s better isn’t it?” she asked as I unloaded myself once more, this time all over the sheets.


I took her hand, kissed it, and licked her fingers dry. Then I kissed her on the cheek to say thank-you.


“Mmm.” Was all she said, her eyes still closed. I could see a smile of satisfaction on her face.


We resumed our position, and we both soon drifted off back to La-la-land again without any further incident. The only mild disturbance this time was a wet spot on the bedding.


I awoke the following morning to find that Sara was running a bath. She came into the bedroom with a towel around her waist, her abdomen and breasts uncovered.


“There’s plenty of room in this bath for two.” She hinted.




As I got out of bed, her eyes took in my nakedness. Her gaze was drawn to my 'Morning Glory' rasping against my sleeper-shorts. A warm smile came over her face, and she blew me a kiss.


“I could get used to waking up to this.” She whispered seductively.


She held my member gently, and led me to the bathroom. Then she let her towel fall off of her, and – with her back to me – bent forward to get into the bath. I caught sight of her secret mound. I felt myself become fully awake.


As I undressed, she reached up and began stroking my balls, her impish smile on her face. She made as if she was shocked as my cock leapt in response to her touch. She beamed up at me, and said: “Don't you dare lose that thought!”


The bath was warm and the water soft. She nestled against me. I took the soap and began to wash her with it. The glint in her eye and the smile on her face told me that she was enjoying the experience as much as I was. Once I had finished, she took my hand and guided me between her open thighs. I inserted my finger and felt the warmth inside her rival the heat of the bath water. Following with my index finger drove her to the edge of orgasm and beyond. Her thighs opened and closed involuntarily, and her hips bucked, causing waves in the bath. After some time, she relaxed against me once more.


Sara then turned her attention towards me. Facing me, she lathered her hands with soap. She then wrapped her fingers around my cock, and began to slide it up and down the rapidly hardening shaft. The soap acted as a lubricant, making the experience even more tantalising.


With her other hand, she stroked my perineum and upper thigh, lifting my balls with each stroke. As I lay there mesmerized by her attention, she smiled down at me knowing the extent to which my state of bliss was mounting.


She increased the pressure against the muscle between my penis and my butt, putting pressure on my prostate as she felt my climax approaching. But her other hand maintained its steady pace despite my insisting that she go faster. In a moment of intense rhapsody, my hips rose up out of the water and my cum spurted up into the air like a fountain. One jet even landed on her cheek. She winced, and then giggled softly.


In jest, Sara laughed: “Ooh! A man of action. I like that.”


We lay in the bath until the water became lukewarm.


“I think we’d better get out before our butts shrivel up.” I said.


She stood up first, and dried herself. Then she let her towel fall to the floor, and stood naked before me, leaning against the wooden dresser. She watched me dry myself.



Gazing at her sensual form before me and within my reach, and knowing that her attention was on me, began a stirring in my loins. Once I was dry enough, I wrapped the towel around me to try and suppress the hard-on that rasped against the material.


In response, Sara just smiled. As she walked passed me at the door, however, her hand gently brushed against my still struggling cock. Her fingers lightly curled around me, feeling it throb before releasing me again. My balls drew upwards as a shiver went through me.



Once we were dressed, we had a light breakfast in the small living room adjacent to the main bedroom. We discussed our plans for the day ahead while we ate.


“If you don’t mind,” I asked, “I need to finish the piece I’ve been working on so that I can send it to the publishers. Deadline is Wednesday.”


“That’s fine.” Sara replied, “I’m going to put these sheets to the wash. There are cum stains all over them, and my stepfather wouldn’t appreciate that.”


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