We Live Only for Beauty Chapter 6

We Live Only for Beauty Chapter 6 We Live Only for Beauty Chapter 6

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


The Conclusion


The Conclusion


Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016





I drove on through the day, stopping only to have a bite of lunch at a roadhouse. Storm clouds began to gather in the early evening as I travelled through some of the most picturesque landscapes of the journey. High mountains rose to meet the clouds, and a lake below reflected the turbulent sky in mirror like clarity. At the base of the mountains the forest gave way in places to open fields where cattle and even deer roamed.


It was already dark when I arrived back in the village. I was too tired to bother finding the place to which Sara’s directions had indicated. So I checked into the small hotel in the middle of the village. I didn’t even take any of the luggage out of the car.


The following morning I went to the address. Michael Bauman, the owner of the property, informed me that Sara was already waiting for me.


When he showed me the cottage, I fell in love with it immediately! It reminded me of my grandparents’ place and thus brought back so many fond childhood memories. And besides, I had always wanted to live in a thatched house. The smell of the grass and the kerosene on the rafters added a cosy atmosphere to the place. This was further enhanced by the well-maintained garden through which a paved pathway led right up to the front door.


I had barely opened the door when Sara sprang into my arms. She was wearing little more than an old T-Shirt that had stretched so that it came right down to just above her knees. Her hair was done up in a ponytail that had become unravelled during the night, and she had not bothered to brush it that morning.


“Sorry my sweet.” She apologised, “You got here earlier than I had expected, so I didn’t have time to get ready for you.”


“I think you look beautiful.” I stated honestly. She laughed, and then we danced together in the lounge. She twirled around until I held her with my arms around her slim waist.


“Don’t you love this place?” Sara exclaimed.


“Well,” I replied, “I’ve only seen the lounge and the outside.”


“Oh! Of course.” She uttered, “I’ll show you around.”


The lounge itself was old-fashioned with a fireplace against one wall. In front of it were an old leather sofa and a matching chair. On a worn wooden table was an antiquated rocking-horse hand-carved out of a light wood.


Sara smiled and stated coyly, stroking her belly: “For our child?”


Then we went to the kitchen: It was a mixture of old and new, with all the modern appliances alongside some more outdated ones including an old Argus wood stove, the likes of which I had not seen since my grandparents’ day.


It had a polished parquet floor and cabinets made to match the colour of the tiles. I recognised some of the items on the shelves. They obviously belonged to Sara, and had been in the refuge where we had spent the night together.


Some of the stuff was brand new. When I offered to refund Sara for these things, she looked very offended and would have none of it.


Finally, we headed for the bedroom. Against one wall was a queen-sized double bed with a leather headboard. Next to it was a chest of drawers. Facing these on the other side of the room stood two antique wardrobes made out of dark wood.


Sara put her arms around my waist and looked up at me, smiling: “We’re going to make many memories here, and maybe many babies too.”


“Not too many, angel.” I jested, “Or else we would have to buy a bigger house."


"I agree. This place is ideal.” I added as we left the bedroom.


“We need to go into town to get your robe for tomorrow.” Sara reminded me. “I hope you’ve prepared your oath.”


“Yep.” I assured her, “I’ve got it all right here.” I placed my finger against my temple.


“Hmm!” she joked, “We’ll see.”


We drove into town and went to the tailor shop just off the main road. In the window were a number of garments, including robes and cloaks for various ceremonial purposes. The one that caught my eye was dark green with gold trimmings. We went inside and spoke to the owner. I tried it on, only to find that it was a little too small. The proprietor assured me that he would alter it and that it would be ready in the morning. I paid the deposit, and we left hand in hand. I tried to remember when last I felt so invigorated. It was when I was preparing for the school-leavers’ ball in high school.


“I’m famished.” Sara declared. So we stopped at the small diner where we had coffee the morning before I met with Lucien Freiling.


While we were eating, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see who the culprit was.


“What’s this I hear about you getting handfasted? And you haven’t told me!”


“Argen!” I exclaimed, “Sorry man. Everything has happened so quickly that I forgot all about you. Of course you’re invited! I mean, it’s largely thanks to you that this whole thing is happening at all.”



“Don’t sweat.” Argen replied, “And in any case, not only am I invited, but I’ll be calling one of the Quarters for you. Sara.” He greeted, bowing in an old-fashioned manner.


“Argen.” Sara returned.


“I’ll see you two lovebirds tomorrow.”


“You bet.” I replied, and he left again with a wave and a smile.


Next we went to the dress-shop where Sara collected her gown. It was dark olive green with lighter green lace trimmings. She tried it on, and called me to give my opinion. As she stood there in the change room, she looked like a goddess. Her face shone with joy, making her even more ravishing. I could not take my eyes off of her.


“I must be the luckiest man alive right now.” I exclaimed. She came over to me and kissed me.


That night, as is the custom, Sara slept at home while I spent my first night in the cottage. Having gone over my vows, I poured myself a drink and tried to get some sleep. I felt like a child on Christmas Eve! The next day could not dawn quick enough.


At last it was time to get ready. My heart pounded with excitement, and I felt as though it would burst out of my chest at any time. My mouth was dry, and there was a knot where my stomach used to be.


The ceremony took place in the gardens where we had told each other about our past. The High Priest was named Martin Gascoigne, and his wife Ursula was the High Priestess.


Once the Quarters were called in sequence - beginning in the East; then South; then West and finally North - the ceremony began in earnest. Martin tied the cord in an elaborate knot around our wrists with his one hand on top of ours. Then we began to recite our vows. I made them before the High Priestess, while Sara made hers before Martin. Then he carefully removed his hand. The four of us joined hands, and he said: “May the vows that you have made bind you for as long as this covenant lasts. So be it.”


“So mote it be.” We agreed, echoed by all present.


“We pronounce you Handfasted.” The Priest and Priestess announced.


The other congregants not directly involved in the ceremony formed a double line resembling a ‘Guard of Honour’. They joined hands. Martin and Ursula went first, followed by Sara and I. Lucien followed us, and then the rest of the group. There was much singing and clapping. At the end of the line was an altar upon which stood two chalices with cider in them. We toasted each other, and drank from the goblets. Then we held them to each other’s lips so that we could drink from one another’s cup.


We returned to the cottage to find that the local restaurant had delivered a special platter of food for us with a bottle of wine to accompany it. We ate and drank, and then we danced together.


The music was slow and gentle, and it lent something extra to the already romantic ambience. As the night drew on, we hardly moved. Just swayed from side to side, holding each other in our arms.


At one stage we stopped entirely. Sara put her arms behind my neck, and we touched foreheads as though trying to meld our minds together. We stood like that while the music played in the background. Neither of us dared to move lest the magic would be broken.


Sara had changed into a garment made out of light material. It was in two pieces. The top part just covered her breasts, while the lower was a frilly miniskirt of sorts. Her thighs and her midriff were mainly exposed.


During the course of the evening, I had removed my shirt. While a Latin American piece played, we began to dance almost in a Salsa style. During this dance, she was facing away from me.


She leant against me and, arching her neck, kissed me. As my hands went to support her, I discovered that she had nothing on under the outfit. She had locked her one leg around my waist, so I held her steady with my one hand. As she moved, my hand strayed up her thigh until I could feel that she had no panties on underneath. My other hand was holding her middle. She moved it up under the top, where I felt her naked breast.


Sara took off her blouse, and we sank back down onto the old sofa. She ran her hands over my chest as I pressed her hips against me with one hand. My other hand held her arm in place as her soft palms and tender fingers sent goose-bumps through my body.


She then took hold of the back of my head, and buried my face between her breasts. As I kissed her cleavage, she threw her head back, laughing in elation. Standing up in front of me, she let the skirt fall off of her.


For a moment I just sat there entranced by this superb woman that stood naked before me. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Then I sat down on the bed still cradling her in my arms. Her hand stroked the back of my head as she locked my gaze with those deep brown eyes, a slight smile of contentment on her face.


She whispered: “Our own bed, in our own place. Just the two of us, and no objections.”


“I’ve got an objection.” I stated, trying to sound serious, as I sat down on the edge of the bed. She was still cradled in my arms.


“What?” she asked, an inquisitive smile on her face.


“My arm is getting tired.” I jested. She laughed and kissed me.


“You are crazy!” she retorted, “But I think that’s why I love you.”


Sara lay on her back. I looked into her eyes. In the dim light, they seemed softer and deeper than ever. Her hands brushed my eyebrows, and she smiled up at me.


I began to hum a tune. She frowned, still smiling.


I began to sing the words softly to her: “I’d reveal how I do adore her. Hang my heart on my sleeve just for her. All my love throughout life assure her, if this moment I could amore her.”


Her expression became almost angelic. She whispered lustily: “Amore me!”


My hand trailed down her tummy as she hugged her breasts. I kissed her cheek, stroking her soft hair.


Her legs opened, and my hand found her soft vulvae. She groaned as her hips lifted off the sheets. I left her warm folds, and traced patterns of delight along the inside of her thighs.


Sara’s hand took hold of my manhood, and gently fondled the tip until her fingers were coated with pre-cum. She then moved down to my balls, gently squeezing them.


She then lay on her back with her legs open wide. I drank in her secret world that unfolded before me. As she sensed my attention upon her, she parted her lips with her fingers as if inviting me in.


Shifting my position, I took the tip of my cock and began rubbing it between her open labia without entering her.


“Mmm!” she moaned as she writhed in a state of bliss. Her hands came down and began caressing the top of her thighs. I continued my teasing until she begged me to come into her.


Her head began to rock slowly from side to side, and her eyes closed. And still I wouldn’t give her what she so intently desired. Each time her pussy opened allowing me entry, and each time I denied her.


In desperation, she locked her one leg behind my butt, and forced me to lie still with her one hand. With the other, she took hold of my cock and pushed it inside her, arching her hips towards me.


“Don’t you dare.” She declared as I jokingly tried to withdraw again.


Nestled within her, I began to push myself deeper into her wet vagina, holding her leg in position. I had never fucked a woman in this position before. The sensation of her butt against me, and the free access to her clit made it even more pleasurable.


She could not hold that posture for long, and we settled into a more comfortable one. My hand stroked the back of her thigh, while she held my head with her free hand, and enjoyed feeling my heavy breathing against her cheek.


I felt my desire rising. It was then that things began to get uncomfortable.


As if she sensed my predicament, Sara shifted her position so that I could spread my thighs open and ease the pressure they had exerted against my perineum. Immediately I felt the release as I began to cum inside her. Then she took my balls in her hand and began to squeeze them as though she was milking them for every last drop of sperm from them.


My climax was so intense that I couldn’t move. I lay still as my cock convulsed, driving its payload into her. With each new wave, she squeezed again, groaning and sighing with satisfaction. Resting on her one elbow, she looked down between her thighs. Watching me pulsating inside her triggered off another orgasm, and we both reached nirvana together.


Even after I had withdrawn, another spurt of cum ejected out of me landing just above her small tuft of fine pubic hair. I held my still throbbing member until the last flood of ecstasy washed over me. At last my erection subsided, and I rolled onto my back exhausted.


She nestled her head under my chin and ran her fingers over my spent cock, and down to my balls.


“So manly!” she exclaimed.


Sara lay on top of me, her knees drawn up so that her thighs pressed against my sides. Her whole body melted against mine. As I ran my fingers through her hair, I could feel that it was soaked in perspiration, and hung in threadlike dreadlocks over her face.


I lay there totally enthralled by her warmth. I closed my eyes and suspired with contentment and awe. She leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips.


“I love you.” she whispered, and rested her head on my chest.


“And I love you.” I replied, holding her close to me. We were both so sated that, if it were not for the weight against my chest, we could have fallen asleep like that.


Instead we settled into the position that we had become comfortable with. Sara took my hand in hers and nestled it close to her face, kissing my fingers before she fell asleep.


Although my cock being still snuggled between her butt cheeks still caused me to become somewhat aroused, it gave me more comfort than it heightened my desire. Once when I tried to pull away from her, she held me there, saying: “Don’t. It doesn’t bother me. In fact it feels good.”


Early the following morning, I could have sworn I was in a dream. In my half-sleep state, I felt a hand fondle with my balls. As my dick responded, I felt a feather-light touch caress the swollen head.


I opened my eyes as Sara was straddling me, guiding my throbbing cock into her. I put my hands on her hips as she rested hers on my chest, and we slowly began moving together in lazy motion.


In spite of the sensations that coursed through my body, I kept my eyes open so that I could take in all the beauty that was before me: The proud breasts with the dark nipples that stood out as her own desire increased. The dark eyes that shone down at me filled with passion.


The sensual mouth that smiled and then opened as she sighed from the waves that began to wash over her, causing her breathing to become erratic. Those milky thighs. The feathery dark triangle surrounding the secret world in which my sex had been welcomed.


She leant slightly backwards, supporting herself with her hands on my upper thighs, and I could see my own cock as she moved in unison with me. A new flood of pleasure soared through my body as I saw her maidenhead for the first time with me inside it.


I was enthralled in the moment that my desire for climax was forgotten as I relished in this sight. I lay still for a moment, just enjoying the view. She smiled down at me, and rode my dick even harder. This brought me out of my state of trance.


I reached up and began to caress her breast. Her smile turned into a sigh as her one hand came up to meet mine. She guided it down her tummy, between her thighs, until my fingers felt her clit like a moist grape partially enclosed in its shield of flesh.


Again she rocked back, this time until the angle put strain on my penis. It also meant that it went deeper into her. Her head went back and her mouth opened as she sighed in her delight. I could feel her inner muscles contract as her orgasm began to overtake her.


Sara bent over forward as she came, smothering me with feverish kisses. Her climax caused shivers through her body.


“Aah! My God! This is so good!” She sighed. “So good!”


Her eyes were closed as wave after wave washed over her. Her orgasm caused her breathing to come out in gasps and sighs.


Amidst all this, I began to feel my own passion begin to reach it peak. I thrust myself deeper into her. This in turn enhanced her own state of ecstasy.


As I reached my zenith, I pulled her down onto me and held her there as my pulsing cock shot its load deep into her. Each throb sent a shockwave through my body.


Eventually I came down off the sexual high. Sara was looking down at me with tears in her eyes.


“Hey - Why the tears?” I asked.


“Because I’m so happy right now that part of me is telling me that it’s too good to be true. I’m sorry my sweet. It’s just that I’ve never felt so fulfilled as I am at this moment. In the past, I have though I had found true love, only to find out that I was wrong. It’s left me with so much doubt.”


I began to caress her back with my one hand.


“Sara. I love YOU. All of you.” I assured her. “I’ve also been hurt before, and I know some of the scars that it leaves. I’m not offering perfect bliss, and I’m not exactly sure what ‘True Love’ is or whether it even exists. Whatever this is might change, but - as far as I can help it - it will only change for the better - okay.”


She smiled at me through her tears, and nodded. “Okay.” Was all she said.


I reached up and wiped the tears from her cheeks. Sara put her hands on my shoulders and relaxed into my arms. We kissed.


She raised herself up slightly so that she could look into my face. As her gaze seemed to penetrate into my very soul, she smiled and exclaimed: “The shadow. It’s lifting.”


I held her face in my hands and replied: “Yes. I think it is. For both of us.”


She tucked her head under my chin, and we lay there in each other’s arms as the warm sun began to shine through the bedroom window.


“I think we’d better get today started.” Sara stated, breaking the spell.


She stood up and began to make her way to the shower. I gazed upon her naked body and adored every inch of it. Her long thighs, strong back and sensually curved hips. Her shapely butt and the twin dimples on her lower back at the base of her spine … Every part of her left me in awe of the beauty that had blessed my life with her presence.


I went into the bathroom, and saw that she had left the shower curtain open. When I tried to exit again quietly, she called out to me saying: “Come in my sweet. Neither of us have anything we haven’t seen before I don’t think.”


I washed my face, and sat on the stool next to the bath, watching her as the warm water poured off her body. Aware that I was looking, she threw her head back and smiled. Then she looked at me and asked me: “Do you like what you see?”


“I may have seen you naked before, but I doubt whether I’ll ever become blasé about it.” I answered. “Geez! I’m hard all over again!”


She laughed, looking over her shoulder at my erect cock: “Have I told you you’re sweet?”


“Many times, and horny too.” I replied, laughing. “I need to go and do something before I start suffering from blue balls. What do you want for breakfast?”


While I was preparing breakfast, Sara took out her laptop and began checking her e-mails. She looked up as I came into the room carrying the two plates. An impish look came over her face as she jested: “And he can cook too. I’m one lucky gal!”


“I am a man of many talents.” I retorted.


When I put the plates of food on the table, she took my hand and pulled me down so that our lips met.


“Many my sweet.” She whispered. Aloud she suggested: “Shall we take the horses down to Jukka’s Cove today? You can ride Abner. He’s big enough, and I’ll take Midnight.”


“Okay.” I agreed. “Sounds great.”


We saddled up, and soon were heading down the trail to the beach where we had first made love.


We took our time, enjoying each other’s company. Once or twice en route we allowed the horses to gallop, but the beach sand was soft and deep, and the tide hadn’t gone out yet. And in any case, just the experience of watching the waves roll in while riding just within the water line was awe inspiring. And the company made it even more so.


Once the tide was at its lowest, we rode again. This time we were able to enjoy the ride a bit more. The horses revelled in the coolness of the water against their flanks. I rode in shorts and Sara in her bikini, because the weather was so warm.


After a while, we took the horses to a small paddock just beyond the tree-line and left them there to graze.


We returned to the beach and sat down in the soft sand, watching the waves. Sara put her head on my shoulder and we sat there in silence just relishing in the solitude and the idyllic setting.


Every now and then a wave would wash right up and wet us up to our knees. The water was cool and refreshing. Sara would laugh every time it happened.


She took the initiative and made for the deeper water. As she went to where the smaller waves broke, one soaked her till above her waist. She giggled as the cold water hit her, looking at me. Then she immersed herself in the blue water. Just before she surfaced again, I noticed something floating in the water near her. On further inspection, I discovered that it was the top of her bikini. I ran into the water and grabbed it.


I made for the beach again, her bikini in hand. She surfaced and, for a moment, didn’t realise what had happened. When she came to her senses, she began searching the water for her missing top.


“Did you lose something?” I called out waving the object around.


“You sod!” She protested, laughing. Then she stood up, topless, and ran toward me. I waited, still holding her top in my hand. We wrestled for it. I threatened to throw it in the sea. In response, she jumped on my back, saying that I would have to give her a piggy-back ride so that she could go and fetch it. It felt good to have her breasts pressing into my back. As she tried to get off again, I took her legs and held them fast. I then headed for the water with her holding onto me.


When we were waist deep in water, I let go of her. But she held on tight. I pretended to lose my balance, and we both plunged into the water. We stood looking at each other. The frown on her face could not hide her mirth.


“You rascal!” she joked. She put her arms round my neck, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I held her with my hands on her butt. She looked into my eyes. “I love this rascal.”


I smiled back and replied: “And this rascal loves you back.”


We swam together like kids in a pool, splashing and racing each other. We went deeper in and rode waves back to shore. Every now and then we would stop and kiss. After a while though, the water became a bit cold, so we headed for the beach once more.


Before Sara could retake her bikini top, I grabbed it. She tried to look menacingly at me. I bowed before her, and said: “Allow me my lady.”


I put it on her, and kissed the back of her neck. She turned and embraced me.


“Ta ever so me’lud.” She retorted, kissing me on the lips. We sank back onto the soft sand, our lips hardly parting, and she snuggled up with her head under my chin once more. We lay like that for quite some time.


All too soon it was time to ride home once more. We dressed, and fetched the horses from the paddock.


The tide began to come in as we cantered slowly along the beach. After a short distance, we had to walk once more as the horses would tire in the thick sand.


The sun was sinking on the horizon when we reached the yacht club at the Cove itself. Here the sand gave way to kelp-covered shingle.


Soon we were on the tarred road heading back to the village. We picked up the pace somewhat so that we could reach the stables before it was completely dark.


Once we had unsaddled our mounts, we walked them in a paddock for a while.


I caught up with Sara, and we walked together hand-in-hand. As we talked together and joked, I knew that I had found the one that - for the foreseeable future - I wanted to spend my time with. The ghosts of my past began to retreat as her presence filled every empty space in my soul.


What the future would hold for me I did not know. But of one thing I was sure: No matter what it had in store, I knew that I would not face it alone. This gentle soul that had found me on the path of life had changed the course thereof irrevocably. Her love had already dispelled much of the pains from my past. For the first time in my life, I felt that the old scars were beginning to heal. My only desire now was that I could, in some way, do the same for her.


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