We Live Only for Beauty - Chapter 1

We Live Only for Beauty - Chapter 1 We Live Only for Beauty - Chapter 1

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


A young freelance journalist is working in a small village where he meets a beautiful woman. They fall in love, and the relationship changes their lives - forever.


A young freelance journalist is working in a small village where he meets a beautiful woman. They fall in love, and the relationship changes their lives - forever.


Submitted: October 12, 2015

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Submitted: October 12, 2015





I was working on assignment in the small village of Cerlyn, and had been doing so for a few months on and off. The only real contact I had made was with a young fellow by the name of Argen.


One evening, during one of my visits to the village, I met with Argen at the local tavern for a few drinks after work.


“I am quite friendly with the folk that live in the large manor house to the North of the village. It’s owned by an elderly fellow and his daughter. I work for them from time to time. The other day, I was doing some work for them when the daughter - Sara - asked after you. I told her, and she expressed an interest in meeting you. She asked that you visit her some time. She’s there all the time.” he informed me.


I replied: “As a matter of fact, I am free the whole day tomorrow. Maybe I’ll go and visit her. Is this work related?”


“I don’t think so.” my colleague replied, “I think she just wants to meet you.”


“Well, I’ll go there tomorrow and find out.”


True to my word, the following day, I went to the manor house as Argen had directed. It was an elegant dwelling built against a rocky outcrop. The entrance was domed with pillars and an arched door.


It appeared as though the daughter had anticipated my arrival. As I walked across the lawn to the front entrance, she came out to meet me.



In the back of my mind, I had envisaged what this woman would look like, but when she appeared before me, I realised that my preconceptions could not have been more off the mark.


It was a warm afternoon. She wore a dark blue summer dress. Her hair was thick, and even though she was facing me, I could tell that her dark brunette tresses probably cascaded down to round about the middle of her back. Her eyes were dark brown. Her face was refined and her skin showed that she was probably of Southern origin.


She smiled and greeted me: “Hello. My name is Sara Freiling. You must be Tristan. Argen has told me all about you.” Her accent was foreign, but I could not distinguish its origin. I guessed that she was either from Denaheim or even Kathan.


“I hope it was a good report.” I jested.


She laughed. Her face lit up, and her laughter did things inside of me that I shall not forget in a long time.


“Oh yes it was. Would you like to join me?” she enquired, “I’m going to the forest to pick herbs.”


“Yes I would.” I replied - I feared a little too eagerly.


We walked for a couple of hours, stopping here and there so that she could collect herbs and berries. The former she placed in a muslin bag and the latter in a glass jar.


“What do you use these for?” I asked.


She responded: “My stepfather and I make herbal remedies which we sell at the local market. These ones, however, are for personal use. I am a homeopathic healer.”


Around about midday, we came to a stream that bubbled through the forest. We followed it for about thirty minutes until we arrived at a spring, which was the source. Here she took out a clear bottle, and filled it. Then she replaced the cork and sealed it.


“Would you like some water?” she asked, “You won’t find better water than this. It’s so fresh and soft.”


I stooped over, and drank directly from the spring. Sara was right, the water was delicious, and it quenched my thirst almost immediately.


We shared a small pack lunch she had brought with her. After eating, we sat and talked. It was almost as if we had known each other all our lives. We shared the same sense of humour, and even some of the same jokes.


Each moment that passed brought us closer together, both figuratively and literally. It was not long before I felt her warm, gentle hand in mine. Normally, I would have been reserved about such a sudden gesture, but as I looked into her eyes, and saw the secretive smile as it curled around her sensual mouth, my reticence faded.


She leaned over, and we kissed. Her lips tasted like the herbs she had been collecting, and her breath seemed to be scented with the freshness of the air around us.


She straddled me, and her skirt rode up her thighs. I could feel their milky texture against my skin as my shirt had become untucked. Her long hair fell like silk over my face, and I was entranced by those deep shining eyes that smiled down at me.


As if by some telepathy, we silently agreed that we would not allow our first interlude to go any further, despite the response from my eager loins, and her hand that had more than once strayed towards them.


It had been some time since I had last been with a woman. This coupled with the exquisiteness of the woman whose body my hands freely caressed, made it difficult for me to maintain any level of constraint. The softness of her skin, and the satin dress she wore fuelled my longing even more.


My only consolation was that this dilemma was not mine alone. I could feel her nipples harden. They protruded teasingly through the thin fabric of her dress. And, as I looked into her eyes, I could see that the longing that welled up inside of me was as a storm that raged in their depths.


But it was not mutual consent that brought our encounter to an end, but the natural passage of time. Both of us realised that, if we lingered any longer, we would not be able to make it home before nightfall.


We walked back to the manor house hand in hand. We said very little, not wanting to quell the fire that had been ignited inside of us on that magical rendezvous.


At the edge of the forest, we kissed once more as the last of the sun’s rays glimmered through the trees. By the way she clung to me, I could sense that she was as reluctant for the moment to end as I was.


We returned to her home in silence. But the chemistry that had begun between us was unmistakable.


“I sometimes go riding down at the beach in the evenings. If you like, we can meet there. My stepfather is returning from a trip, and while I do not see that he will have any objection to us seeing each other - out of respect - it might be better if our acquaintance were not so, how do you say, in his face.”


“Okay.” I replied, “Maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow evening. Whereabouts do you usually go?”


“My favourite is Jukka’s Cove.” she answered, “But not tomorrow. I need to be home when my stepfather returns. Out of concern you understand. Perhaps the day after.”


“Okay. That’ll be good.” I responded.


“Yes it will. So it will be farewell and not good-bye.” She said. Again we kissed, and again the reluctance to let go became almost unendurable.


As I drove away, I caught a glimpse of her standing in the driveway. Her arms were folded across her bosom. I could not help but believe that she was already missing me as much as I was her.


That night I struggled to sleep. The darkness of my hotel room seemed to be brighter, and I lay on my bed haunted by those liquid eyes that glistened like the spring water that bubbled in the deep pool where we had first kissed. It was as if the taste of that kiss still lingered.


The following day, I found it difficult to focus on my work. Often I would find my mind drifting back to that magical glade, and that enchanted moment when our hands touched, our lips met, our bodies entwined, and our hearts pounded as if in unison with one another. I longed for another encounter.


Two days later, I went to Jukka’s Cove. All the way there, I felt my heart pound in my chest. I tried to convince myself that I was no longer a teenager, and no stranger to the attraction between a man and a woman. But the longing for her touch made convincing hard enough, and eventually I decided to just let the feelings be what they were.


I had only just arrived at the beach when I saw her. Sara was riding a piebald gelding. By the way she held herself in the saddle, I could tell that she was a seasoned horse rider. She cantered with ease and grace, and I could see that she knew her mount as only an experienced rider would. Her body rocked back and forth in unison with the gelding’s pace, the hooves making very little sound in the soft beach sand.


It had been a while since I myself had been in the saddle, but I still felt the thrill of watching a seasoned horse-maiden at work. Indeed, once it is in your blood, the horseman’s ‘bug’ is almost impossible to shake off.


At sight of me, she slowed to a trot, and waved. Then she tethered her horse to a railing, and dismounted. As she came towards me, I could feel the excitement soar within. When she drew nearer, her smiling face told me that our feelings were mutual.


I was standing with my feet in the wet sand where the waves reached. She took off her shoes, and joined me. For a moment, we just gazed into each other’s eyes as if trying to recall the magic of our first meeting.


A wave came in that was larger than the others, and splashed cold sea water onto her heels. She laughed as I lifted her out of the water.


“Let’s sit down where we will stay dry.” Sara suggested. So we walked a short distance from the breaking waves hand in hand.


We sat facing the sea, and allowed ourselves to become mesmerised by the movement of the water, and the light from the setting sun. My arm strayed and rested on her shoulder, and she nestled her head upon mine.


We sat like that for quite some time, saying next to nothing. It was as if speech would somehow spoil the idyllic setting that stretched out before us.


Then she turned her face towards mine and said in a soft whisper: “Kiss me.”


Our lips met, and a current of energy soared between us. Her breath was scented with the sea air, and her mouth had a slight saltiness to it.


This time, our hands knew no restraint. She removed my shirt, and I felt her soft hands caress my chest and midriff. I took off her blouse, and ran my hands up and down her back.


As my desire for her began to rise, I unbuttoned her slacks and fondled her tight behind. She let out a giggle that told me that she was enjoying the attention as much as I was. As she leant over to kiss me, my eyes feasted on her firm breasts only partially hidden by her bra.


Her hand moved down to my loins, and I saw her smile slightly as her fingers felt my eagerness. She unzipped my shorts, releasing me from the restraint that was becoming increasingly uncomfortable.


As there was no-one else on the beach, we felt no reason to inhibit ourselves from letting the chemistry flow between us.


In a frenzy of hands and material, we removed the rest of each other’s clothing. The fading sunlight made her nakedness even more inviting. Her eyes were half-closed and a smile played around her tender mouth.


I gazed spellbound at her flawless body as she drew closer to me. But sight could not compare to the sensations that coursed through me as her tender skin touched me.


Her slender thighs enclosed me as they had the first time. The difference now was that there was no satin dress to hinder the contact.


As she felt my hardness between her legs, she groaned in pleasure. Her one hand strayed down to meet me, and its warmth enveloped me. My member jerked and leapt in response to her delicate touch.


Her fingers tantalised me, and she began stroking in a rhythm that took my breath away. As it caressed me, I knew that there was no way back now. This was a one way trip, and neither of us wanted the journey to end here.


My hand caressed her thigh, and I could feel the goose-bumps rise in response to my touch. Gradually I moved to her secret mound, and felt its tender softness. My fingers parted it, and those inviting inner lips accepted my attention with impatient readiness.


Her legs opened a little more. She took my finger, and inserted it into her, letting out a sigh that sounded like: “There!”, as I found myself lost in her moisture.


She rose up, and guided my erection into her secret world that seemed to welcome me as those enticing lips folded around me. I was almost breathless as she began to rise and fall in unison with my own movements.


I felt that I could linger in the soft, wondrous warmth that enclosed around me forever. Deeper and deeper I thrust myself into her eager mound, and the more frantic my movements, the more welcomed they were.


“Ahh!” she sighed, “It has been too long.” I could but groan in agreement. She giggled at my inability to respond, and rewarded me with a kiss, her fingernails tracing patterns down my back.


Her body melted against me as I felt her warmth engulf me. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be lost inside a woman’s body. But the sensation that consumed me now was more than a release of physical energy. It was as though our souls as well as our bodies had become intertwined.


I began to feel urgency in her movements, and guessed that she was reaching her own climax.


With a sigh that seemed to come from deep within her, her hips started to gyrate in rhythmic elation. Her embrace tightened, and I could feel the first pulse of her delight leap - leap, and then fade.


She began to relax, pressing herself against me as though wishing for us to be joined as one being. I kissed her above the collarbone as she threw her head back, her mouth wide open and the smile even more notable on her lips.


For a moment, we remained totally still as I shared in her ecstasy. I felt her convulse with me still inside her as wave upon wave of pleasure swept over her. She groaned, and every so often the word ‘Yes’ could be heard as barely a whisper.


I wished that the moment would never end. Part of me would have been satisfied with what we shared there and then. By the way she held me there between her thighs so that I could not withdraw from inside her, she confirmed that she shared my vain desire. As I gazed into her eyes, now half closed as she sounded the depths of her yearning, I knew that my heart, and my sex had found its home.


But alas, I am no superhuman. I felt my own need well up in my loins. My arms tightened around her as the first wave of energy rushed through me. My thrusts became more and more erratic.


Her hand strayed down to the base of my shaft, and held me still until the wave passed over. I knew that I could not hold myself in for much longer, but there was still part of me that wanted to remain in this state of rapture. But my member ached with its desire for release, and it was all I could do to stop it.


“I want to see you cum.” Sara whispered, her voice still heavy and thick with lust. She drew back until my swollen manhood left its haven. Then she lay back on her elbows, her superb head bent so that she could fulfil her wish.


I did not have to urge myself on any longer. With a great thrust, my throbbing organ spurted its milky load, almost landing in her navel. The last drop dribbled its way back into those secret folds, now coated with her own secretions.


We kissed as the waves of desire began to fade. For what seemed an age, we lay in each other’s arms, relishing the aftermath.


She whispered: “Thank-you my love. You have made me alive. It has been so long since anyone touched me so deeply.”


“You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. It is I who should thank you.” I insisted. She laughed softly, and kissed me.


“Did you know that we would end up like this?” I enquired. She looked into my eyes, and the sincerity in her expression dispelled any doubts or reservations I may have had. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to really trust anyone.”


“Do you trust me now?” she enquired, her look changing to one of compassion. The love that welled up in her eyes was unmistakable.


“Yes I do.” I replied, my heart almost in my throat. She frowned concernedly, and kissed my forehead as a mother would a child in distress. Again she straddled me, and I buried my head in her soft breasts. She cradled me there for a moment, then I lifted my head and kissed her as if in an attempt to make amends for my faux pas.


Even though the air had a distinct chill in it, I could see that her hair was hanging in sweat-laden tresses. As we kissed, I could taste more than the slight saltiness of the sea air on her full lips.


Although I was physically spent, I wanted such a tender moment to last forever. But alas, time was once again not on our side.


“My love,” she whispered, “I think we should get back. It’s getting late.”


She slowly stood up, and I marvelled at the splendour that had blessed me with her presence.


Not being one who holds to any conventional religion, I have always believed that the Creator has both male and female aspects. As I looked at those proud nipples surrounded by full-rounded breasts, and as I caressed the curve of her stomach with my gaze that came to rest at the succulent cleft between her wondrous thighs … I could almost believe that I had been visited by the female projection.


Aware of the attention that was being focussed upon her, Sara smiled. It was as though her whole body became even more enticing when a smile played with her face.


Slowly she dressed as though in a dance. I was so enthralled by her that I could only clothe myself once she had finished. And even then it was as though I had two left hands and ten thumbs. As she laughed her musical laughter, she had to inform me that my shirt buttons were mismatched.


We embraced, watching the ebb and flow of the ocean tide. I know it sounds corny and sentimental, but I envisaged the movement of the waves as a tangible symbol of how this loveliness personified that I held in my arms had turned my life around. My heart felt as though I was riding the crest of a wave - one that I did not wish to subside.


Reluctantly, I said: “The sun has almost set, and you’ve still got to ride back.”


“My stepfather is going away again in two days’ time.” She informed me, “He will be away for the rest of the week. If you can, maybe we should go somewhere together. And this time we won’t have time working against us.”


“I will be busy from tomorrow until Thursday, but I should be free after that.” I explained, “Maybe we can plan a long weekend together.”


“Oh, must you work?” she complained, then with a tone of resolve, she added: “Alright. We’ll plan for the weekend.”


“You do know that I’m going to have to meet your stepfather sometime.” I stated, “But I’ll let you know if my timetable changes.”


We kissed each other farewell, and she went back to where her horse had been tethered. She mounted, and I watched her until she disappeared over the dunes from where she had come.


I returned to the place where we had enjoyed those golden moments of intimacy, as if there was some vain hope that the sand would retain some of their precious memories. But alas, the waves soon washed away any trace.


As I drove back to the hotel, in my mind’s eye, I could still see two silhouettes wrapped in an embrace as the sun began to sink below the horizon. This same vision permeated my sleep, but this time it brought me a sense of peace that I hadn’t experienced for too long. It was as though, at last, everything was right in my world. The only piece that was missing, is that we were apart.


© Copyright 2020 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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