The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 7

The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 7 The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 7

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Following on from Chapter 6


Following on from Chapter 6


Submitted: March 01, 2016

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Submitted: March 01, 2016



A lone figure walked slowly down the cobbled road, her eyes red from lack of sleep, and her cheeks stained with old tears. Every now and then, she would stop the passers-by and ask them a question, and then she would thank them and continue on her lonely path. It had been three days since she left the city, and although many had asked her if she needed a lift, she would decline politely and carry on walking.


She approached a farm where some people were busy in the fertile fields harvesting grain. She came up to one of them and asked him something. She shook the labourer’s hand, and returned to the road. As she resumed her walk, those around her noticed that she strode with renewed purpose and vigour. It seemed that she had found a destination for her journey.


Soon she arrived at the little village. Immediately she sought the High Temple. She entered its hallowed halls and was met by the High Priestess. The elf-mother held out her hands.


“What do you seek child?” she asked, trying to lay her hands on the other’s shoulders, but the llianar recoiled, her head hung in shame.


“Absolution my Lady,” she replied, “For I have done a great many terrible things. Even though they were for a good cause, my heart feels polluted by their memory and I seek to be cleansed from them.”


“Go and make your offering before our Lady, and then return, and I shall guide you from there.” The cleric instructed.


The llianar took some glass jars from the shelf next to the effigy, and having stripped naked, went down on all fours. With one hand she supported herself, while she began to arouse her cock with the other. It seemed as though the seriousness of the moment had caused her member to submit to her touch more easily, and soon it was fully awake. As she uttered a silent prayer, she slowly jerked herself off, until a clear sticky substance came oozing out of its swollen tip.


Briefly she stopped and placed a jar over her glans. Without it coming off, she continued until her pre-cum dribbled into the bottle, at which time she removed it and resumed her pleasuring. Soon she felt her seed fill her. Quickly she sank back onto her knees, thus aiming her pulsing cock at the carved stone statue. The force of her driving hips made her almost lose her balance as her milky sacrifice surged out, and landed at the bare feet of her Goddess, some of it running down her stone shins. As she knelt, her head bowed, a strange feeling came over her. The sensation of relief as she came was mingled with tears, as she wept over the things she had done, or rather had been forced to do.


She returned to where the Priestess was standing waiting for her. “Now - go into one of the alcoves, and I will summon the spirits to cleanse you. Take nothing with you. While you are there, accept nothing by mouth save that which the spirits give you. Stay there until they have finished. This you will know because they will not return after their work is done.”


The cleric undressed herself, and began dancing. At first there was no sound, but soon a strange music seemed to come from nowhere and fill the Temple. An eerie blue glow radiated from the Priestess’s belly as she danced. The llianar watched as the she-elf began to go into trance. She desperately tried not to notice that the cleric had an exquisite body with rounded hips, full breasts and a flat belly that rippled as she moved. The dancer then turned her back to the llianar. She bent over slightly, and her admirer sighed in delight, as she caught a glimpse of that neat honeypot between those muscular thighs. As she stood there spellbound, the Priestess turned round. The look in her piercing green eyes broke the trance. The gaze seemed to see right through her. It was so unnerving that even her rampant cock could not stand against it. Clutching her aching balls, she made for the alcove, her penis hanging in submission.


She sat naked on the rustic bed, the rhythmic music still audible. The expectation of what might follow made Ysha's cock harden, so that she had to hold onto its base to prevent her excitement from peaking too soon. As she sat there, she saw the almost translucent figure of a young she-elf appear before her. Although she was like a silver mist, the llianar could still see the details of her naked figure. The spirit reached down and touched the llianar’s tiny balls. Her touch was lighter and more gentle than that of a feather. Her hand then strayed over her maidenhead. Instinctively the llianar opened her legs wider and she felt two of the etheric fingers enter her. She closed her eyes as they stimulated her, her cock beginning to quiver in anticipation. The spirit withdrew her fingers, turned to face the llianar’s feet, and lowered herself onto her waiting penis.


As she felt the organ become engulfed inside the apparition, the llianar could see it bend as the spirit leaned forward, and then return to its normal angle as she rocked back again. Her hips began to lift off the bed, and she tried to touch the she-elf with her hands. She was told not to as her cock erupted into the ether. Instantly she fell into a deep slumber. When she awoke, she thought it had been nothing but a wet dream, except that there were no cum stains on the sheets.


Once she was fully awake, she had another ‘visitor’. This time it was a llianar. A she-man to be precise. The phantom motioned for her to touch her huge, but still flacid cock. She obeyed and watched as it grew to its full size. The spirit told her to lie back on the bed. Again she followed her instructions. The she-man knelt with her knees on either side of the llianar’s head, and brushed the velvety tip of her cock against her lips. She opened her mouth, and felt the enormous member fill her until the tip went down her throat. Meanwhile, the spirit began to finger the llianar’s quim while she thrust herself in and out of her mouth. She felt its pulse throb against her tongue. As it began to spring fully to life, the spirit withdrew and spattered cum all over the llianar and the bed.


She then clambered off, and positioned herself so that her head was between the llianar’s legs. Her hand pleasured with her rearing cock while her tongue drew patterns of delight over her vulvae. The llianar’s penis fired off strands of cum, at almost exactly the same time as her pussy began to convulse in the throes of a mighty orgasm.


This time she remained conscious, and the spirit told her to go and wash herself, and then vanished, the only reminders of her were the warm feeling that swathed her whole lower body, and the slight bitter taste of cum on her tongue. This she did, and when she returned, the sheets were covered in stains from both her own climax as well as that of her ethereal visitor. There was a spare set folded up on the small table next to the bed. She stripped the soiled linen off, and replaced it with new ones. Then she lay down and was soon fast asleep. When she woke up, she waited awhile to see whether she was going to have any more visitors. Part of her wished that she would, as she recalled the thrill of the other two encounters. But none appeared. After some time, she got up and returned to the High Priestess.


“Well done my daughter.” The cleric said with a smile, “You have been cleansed. Go now in peace.”


The llianar dressed herself and noticed that her clothes had been washed by one of the attendants at the temple. “Thank-you my Lady, and blessed be.”


She soon realised that she was hungry and thirsty. She went to one of the taverns in the village centre. As she was eating a young llianar came and sat with her. She seemed particularly interested in her, and they chatted for quite some time.


It was a warm day in the village where Jaynna lived, and many of its inhabitants were swimming in the stream that flowed through the middle of it. Jaynna and Ninka went to join them. At first Jaynna was enjoying herself, but after a while she began to feel a little guilty, when she recalled the wonderful times she and Ysha had swimming at the same pool. Jaynna quietly got out of the pool and went to sit where she could be alone with her thoughts.


While she was sitting there, her mind began to recall the last time she and Ysha swam in the same brook. As the images became more and more intimate, she felt her cock stiffen. Almost subconsciously, her hand strayed down to her swollen member and engulfed it. She started to jerk off. Scarcely had she begun, when her attention was diverted by some form of commotion back at the pool. She turned her head to see what was happening, and at first she was shocked, when she saw Ninka cavorting with a blond llianar. They were laughing and splashing around in the cool water. Her irritation arose when the two came running towards her.


Ninka began to remove Jaynna’s towel from around her breasts while the other helped her. She was about to protest as she spun round to confront this newcomer. Before she could say anything, she found herself gazing into the big blue eyes she thought she would never see again. It was Ysha!


For a while Jaynna was speechless as tears ran down her face. She looked at Ninka who stood there smiling, and then back at Ysha. Although a dark shadow flitted across her face, it soon passed and she too smiled. She did not weep as her lover did, but perhaps that was because she had shed enough tears when she was away.


“Blessed be!” Jaynna cried as she fell around Ysha’s neck, smothering it with kisses and weeping with elation at the same time. Without hesitation or forethought, her hand strayed down to Ysha’s dick, and she rejoiced as her fingers closed round it once more. Ysha winced at first, but quickly relaxed as her member responded to that soft familiar touch. Jaynna’s other hand ran down Ysha’s back until it came to rest on her shapely butt. She gently lifted the waistband of Ysha’s dress so that she could feel those silky cheeks once more.


Jaynna let her towel drop to the ground and stood before Ysha, whose gaze caressed the naked llianar in front of her. She exclaimed: “You’re still so lovely my sweet!”


Jaynna sat back down on the bench. Ninka sat next to her, while Ysha knelt on the grass in front of them. She took Jaynna’s cock into her mouth and began to ride it. Ninka’s eyes shone as she gazed upon Jaynna, who was in a state of trance watching Ysha’s pretty blond head bobbing up and down on her enraptured dick. With her one hand, Ysha fondled Ninka’s cock, while using the other hand to do the same to herself. Then Ninka lay on her back on the bench, and Ysha put her member between her luscious breasts. Jaynna knelt between Ninka’s thighs and fucked her while Ysha jerked her off. In a fit of ecstasy, Ninka’s hips gave a mighty jolt, and the trio ended up on the soft grass below the bench. Luckily none of them were seriously hurt.


Ninka remained lying on the ground while Jaynna lowered herself until she had her cock inside her. Ysha straddled Ninka and pushed her penis into Jaynna’s mouth. Ninka reached up and fingered Ysha’s honeypot. She fucked Jaynna’s ripe honeypot at the same time. Jaynna’s cock waggled up and down as Ninka rammed hers into her.


Finally, Jaynna lay on her back on the bench with her open legs facing Ysha. The blond llianar drove her already throbbing cock deep into her lover’s wet pussy, that seemed to welcome it in, as her vulvae enveloped it like a moist embrace. Craning her neck, Jaynna took Ninka’s equally excited dick into her mouth and held still while the brunette fucked her. Her smaller cock felt more comfortable than Ysha’s much larger organ. Ninka cried out as her hips urged her dick deeper into Jaynna’s mouth. The organ quivered, and her lover tasted the slight almond flavour briefly as the warm flow was propelled down her throat. As if connected, Jaynna’s own climax came upon her suddenly, her offering shooting straight up and then drenching her auburn pubic hair.


No sooner had she ejaculated, when she felt her vaginal muscles contract. Her orgasm seemed to wrack her whole body as it swept over her like a tidal wave. Her convulsions were at times so intense that Ysha found herself unable to move inside her.


Just as one such contraction began to fade, Ysha’s dick erupted as she cried out in rapturous elation: “Yes baby! Work with me now!”


Her seed rushed through Jaynna’s cervix into her fertile uterus. A second orgasm surged through Jaynna’s body as she felt the potent flood fill her. All the loneliness, the longing, and the nights crying and wondering were washed away in that milky white deluge. Her wildest dreams would never have surpassed the rapture she experienced as Ysha held her writhing hips, and kept her still pulsing member in until the last of her seed had been sown. All three of them sat with their backs against the bench, and held each other’s cocks until the ecstasy subsided and sweet slumber set in.


Having dressed once more, the three made their way back to Jaynna’s cottage hand in hand. Once there, they sat and drank wine together while Ysha related her tale: “From the day that I was captured, I was treated as Grendolin’s ‘Favourite’. She fed me that damned potion twice, and sometimes three times a day, after which she would make me cum into her golden goblet. I couldn’t stop it! The drug was too strong. But at least I was luckier than some.


The one day they brought a llianar in. She was in the cell opposite me. She was a femme, and thus not considered ‘suitable’ for Grendolin’s purposes. She also became fierce whenever one of the guards tried to rape her. Once she kicked one of them in the balls. But that was the last thing she did. Grendolin strapped her to one of the tables, and without any anaesthetic or even a sterile knife; she castrated her and cut off her penis. While she was still bleeding, both the guards fucked her in spite of her screaming in agony. The llianar did not last the night.


The two she-elves on either side of me were used as play-things for Grendolin’s male staff, but at least they survived. The night after the llianar died, the guards changed shifts, and there was one that we suspected could be a possible ally. His name was Borglum. He had been especially kind to me shortly after I was brought into the dungeon. When he heard what had happened to the llianar, he told us that he would help us escape. But he didn’t need to.


About six weeks after my capture, we heard the sounds of argument upstairs. The next thing, Borglum - our only real ally - came downstairs and opened the doors for one of the other prisoners and I. He told us that everything would be okay, and then led us back to the Great Chamber. To our surprise, we saw a tall blond woman sitting on the throne where Grendolin usually was. She was the queen the guard spoke of. Grendolin used shock treatment to make the other prisoner - a Mora with big balls and a handsome cock - cum into a glass bowl. She then poured something into it that made the sperm turn blue. I knew I was next, but I was lucky because my balls are so small that shock treatment doesn’t work on me. That bitch made me ejaculate into a bowl as well, but when she poured the other stuff in, nothing happened.


The Queen got really pissed off and ordered our release. All of us! Once we had been freed, she then instructed that the guards take the witch captive. But they didn’t get the chance. We all went for her, but only five of them actually seized her.


They dragged her, kicking and screaming, down to one of the dungeons and strapped her to one of her own wretched tables, with her hands chained above her head, and her feet in the stirrups - just like she had done to us. They then stripped off her fine clothes. Big Red had the honours of fucking her evil cunt until just before she came. She then withdrew and sprayed the bitch with gism until it poured off her like white water. One of the others tried to force her dick into Grendolin’s mouth, but she bit her. In retaliation the llianar slapped her across the face, grabbed her round the throat until she gasped for air, and then rammed her dick into her gaping mouth. She only let go once she had cum, so that the witch gagged over it as she fought to regain her breath.


While the third one took Big Red’s place, the other two jerked off. By the time they had finished, Grendolin was drowning in gism. Big Red said: “It’s time we end this bitch’s reign of terror once and for all!”


She took a javelin from the rack behind her and rammed it into Grendolin’s cunt, and didn’t stop until the bitch stopped screaming. As the spear thrust further into her, blood came gushing out. Two of the ex-prisoners were sick at the sight of it. One of them even passed out. Once they had recovered, the five left her there to die, and came back upstairs covered in blood. Grendolin’s reign was no more! Salendin, her sidekick who had run away when Queen Felitia was crowned, was easy to track down. Her captors tied her up to one of those mind-fucking machines, and pumped her ass so full of her own drugs, that she died in a pool of cum mixed with blood.


The other guards - once they had been rounded up - were also handed over to us. Two of them, the ones who were most brutal were given a taste of their own medicine, both figuratively and literally. The one was forced to his knees. Three other llianar and I took turns at making him suck our cocks. We did not lower ourselves to cum in his unworthy mouth. Instead we jerked each other off in front of him. Before he could get off watching us, one of the others tied a rope around his filthy cock. As he got hard, she pulled the knot tighter - so tight in fact that his veins stood out as if they were going to pop. Soon he was squirming on the floor begging for mercy.


“Mercy!” one of the llianar shouted, “Here’s your fucking mercy!” and she shot his dick and his balls off with a handgun, that she had grabbed from one of the dead militia.


The other one - the worst of them all - was injected with the witch’s potion. One of the ex-prisoners tied a noose around his balls and pulled it so tight that he could not cum. She then sucked his penis until his gonads swelled up like balloons. As he screamed, she forced one of his comrades to take his oversized dick into his ass before she untied the rope, so that he shot his load into his buddy’s butthole. In the meantime, she heated the head of a javelin in one of the burners until it glowed red. One of her colleagues grabbed the guard and held him fast, while she used the spearhead as a brand against his dickhead and his balls. He was still screaming when they handed him over to the elves.”


Ninka shook her head. Her voice was filled with concern when she said: “I hope that the Goddess will be merciful to you. These things that you and your colleagues have done are not our way.”


Ysha replied: “I know my dear, but we had endured worse from them. There was so much anger in our hearts at the time that we allowed our tempers to run away with us. Believe me, I went to the main temple and asked our Lady to cleanse me of those deeds, and I have been forgiven.”


Ninka responded: “I’m sorry. I may have spoken too soon. You and the other prisoners were violated in ways that I cannot even begin to imagine. I understand now why you reacted the way you did, and I am certain our Lady does too. Forgive me.”


Ysha smiled: “There’s no need to ask for forgiveness. In any case it seemed that the Goddess intervened throughout the campaign.


Big Red is the founder of the Resistance. Many of the members were Grendolin’s prisoners, myself included. I’m not going to tell you about my escapades, except that I became known for my hatred of the Vilya, and all others that had treated our kind with such brutality. Once the Thedan elves had joined in the fray against our enemies, and especially when the Tiberi arrived, we knew that victory was at hand. Soon our rag-tag forces were able to leave the fighting to them and head for home.


Once the war was truly over, I came searching for you. In my heart, I prayed that you had not suffered the same fate as I had. But when I found that you were no longer at the house where you lived before I left, I feared the worse!”


Jaynna said: “I couldn’t stay there any longer, my sweet. I couldn’t live in a place where, at every turn, I was reminded of our life together. I thought you were dead. I ...”


Raising her hand to stop Jaynna mid-sentence, Ysha replied softly: “My love, I’m not blaming you. If it had been me, I would have done the same. It was just that I didn’t know where you were. So I began searching. A few days ago, I came across someone on a nearby farm who told me that you had moved to this side of the village. I had to spend some time at the High Temple to get cleansed after all the terrible things I have done. So yesterday I met Ninka here, who told me the good news.”


Jaynna stared in disbelief: “Ninka! - You knew?” she repeated, “How did you know about Ysha and I?”


Ninka replied with a smile: “A few nights ago, you whispered her name as if in prayer, and I heard it.”


“So,” continued Ysha, “Ninka and I made an agreement that we would surprise you at the stream today. A plan which, I have to admit went perfectly.”


Tears ran down Jaynna’s face as she held out her arms and hugged the other two. She kissed them both on the lips and said: “I am so happy now! I feel as though my heart is going to burst out of my chest. Oh blessed be the Goddess! Not only has She brought my first love back from the dead, but she has blessed me with another."


Ninka suggested: “Why don’t we show our appreciation for what She has done for us by performing the Touch? All three of us.”


This idea was welcomed by the other two. The three of them stripped and began fondling each other until their dicks were fully erect. They then stood in a tight triangle, and held their penises so that they touched. They stood very still so as not to break the pact. They began to jerk themselves off until each released her sperm onto the wooden floor of the cottage.


Ninka came first. Her climax was so strong that it nearly sent her to the floor herself as her knees became weak. But - not only did she remain on her feet - but she did not break the bond as her clear semen landed near Ysha’s feet. Jaynna was next. Her dick pulsed so much that she was unable to keep the contact momentarily. Some of her offering ran down the inside of Ninka’s thigh. Last to cum was Ysha. Her climax nearly picked her off her feet. Her cock jerked straight up and her leg muscles flexed, as great milky strands rained down on both of the llianar in front of her. As each returned to normal, they restored the contact, and stood motionless and out of breath.





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