The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 6

The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 6 The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 6

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Following Chapter 5


Following Chapter 5


Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016



It did not take long for Jaynna to be noticed. Four young Kortee - all llianar themselves - emerged from the copse of trees. They looked her over, until they could no longer hide their approval of her as they began to draw nearer. As was the custom - so that the ‘big-folk’ did not get in the way - they cast a ‘Kortee Trap’ on her arms, leaving her legs free. They then flittered around her penis, the light turbulence causing her to become extremely aroused. Three pairs of tiny hands held her dick still, while the fourth flew down onto the swollen head. She gently stroked the sensitive opening with her delicate little fingers. It felt strange to Jaynna as the tip of her urethra tickled and stung slightly at the same time.


No sooner had she grown accustomed to this, when the Kortee’s whole hand began stroking her deeper inside her urethra, while her one companion sat straddling her glans and held the tube open. Her cock reacted by lubricating itself with thick pre-cum, which the pesky Kortee began to sip, her little tongue tickling the inside of the small vestibule. In the meantime, two out of the four licked the clear fluid that now coated her whole penis. She could feel the fourth sucking her clitoris as if it were a cock, and at the same time fucking her open vulvae with her miniscule member, that hardly reached the opening to her vagina. And still it seemed to send shock waves up and down her thighs. Especially as the Kortee continued sucking her clit.


Jaynna’s penis began to twitch and jerk in response to these soft advances. This caused one of the Kortee to almost fall off. Deftly she held on without stopping, and began to fuck the underside of the rampant member. The other flew towards her face and pushed her erection between her lips. But Jaynna’s attention was averted by her companion, who now began to fuck the tip of her penis. Tradition would have it that, if one wanted to assure a fruitful relationship, allowing a Kortee’Mea to ‘make love’ to one’s cock head in this way would ensure that the recipient would be potent. Jaynna found the experience exciting, and the movements of the little weener inside her urethra made the flow from her erection seem even stronger. The little llianar laughed in delight as she was bathed in its stickiness.


Her companion rubbed her tiny glans against Jaynna’s lips. She pursed them together, and the Kortee’Mea began to thrust her dick into the small hole. As the little organ started to spurt, she withdrew. Jaynna opened her mouth and lapped up the small flood. For it is said that allowing a Kortee to cum in one’s mouth ensures good fortune and long life. And plus, having tasted her own kind’s sperm, Jaynna found the Kortee’Mea’s cum somewhat sweet to the tongue.


The Kortee between her thighs began to fuck harder as her own climax began to rise. The feeling of the tiny llianar’s ejaculation running between her labia was strangely pleasant. Her own swollen member began to jerk violently as the third came against the base of her shaft. The sensation of the fourth spurting her seed inside Jaynna’s penis as her own sperm rushed up, and was released, sent her into such a state of rapture as she had never experienced before. So strong was the flood of cum that it sent the one inside her cock hurtling backwards through the air, and her dick pulsed with such force that the other could not hold onto it. She landed on her back on Jaynna’s belly. Before she could say anything to apologise, all four of the fun-loving folk went off into little shrieks of laughter.


One of them said: “We like dick girl. You come back again soon - yes?” Jaynna agreed and each of them delivered her with a ‘gift’. Each of them hovered around one of the leaves of a herb-plant that grew in the copse. They began to stimulate themselves until their tiny penis's jerked and quivered, and strings of semen shot out of them, landing on the leaf. As she watched, Jaynna felt her own organ come to life. Observing the diminutive quartet was stimulation enough, and soon Jaynna's own cock joined in. It shot its load into the air in multiple strands of almost clear liquid. One of the Kortee'Mea glanced in her direction, and shrieked her approval.


“Eat now. These make good fortune for dick girl.” They stated. So Jaynna reluctantly popped one of the ‘gifts’ into her mouth, and found the herb sweet. The semen hardly had any taste. She then consumed the remaining three. One Kortee then gave her a fresh leaf and indicated that she return the favour. She wiped the last of her cum, still dripping off the end of her dick, on the soft downy leaf and gave it to them. Laughing, the four divided the leaf between them, and ate it themselves.


The one pulled a sour face and stated: “Taste bitter.” But before Jaynna could react, all four of them scampered into the thicket once again, the copse echoing with high-pitched cheeky giggling. Jaynna laughed as well, and the four good-natured folk returned.


As she stood up, one of them flew up between her thighs and fluttered her wings against Jaynna’s labia, while the other paid similar attention to her balls. Jaynna reached out her hand, and they all flew up towards her. She said: “I wish I could give you all a kiss to say thank-you.”


One of them replied: “Dick girl blow onto us.”


This she did, and they all went off into shrieks of laughter as her breath tickled their naked bodies. Then they all bade her ‘Ella’, and flew away. Jaynna dressed herself again with a smile of contentment on her face. Soon she was on her way back to the village. Quickly she bought a few things in order to support her story, and then she returned home.


When she arrived, Jaynna found Ninka asleep on the big double bed. The weather was sunny and warm, and the llianar lay there like a reclining nude in a painting. Jaynna’s eyes drank in the view that was revealed to them, and rested on her lover’s limp penis. In her mind’s eye, she saw it erect and the sight stirred her inside. Without disturbing Ninka’s repose, she positioned herself between her open thighs and began stroking her until her cock began to respond. Her hand enveloped the hardening organ. Slowly she began to work up and down the ever thickening shaft.


Ninka stirred with a smile on her peaceful face, but she did not awaken. Jaynna took the head of Ninka’s cock between her soft lips and gently sucked until she tasted the first sweet hint of pre-cum. She then took the whole organ into her mouth while Ninka squirmed with delight, but still seemed not to return from her slumber. Jaynna felt her lover’s dick swell as her semen was unloaded in warm squirts that shot down her throat. Only as her hips bucked off the bed, so that Jaynna nearly gagged as the head of her cock was almost rammed down her throat, did Ninka’s eyes open. She smiled sleepily at her lover, then withdrew her still throbbing penis from her partner’s mouth.


“Darling.” She said still trying to catch her breath. She ran her fingers through Jaynna’s auburn hair while her tongue licked the cum off Ninka’s dick, and then took the tip in her mouth so as to swallow the last loving drop. “That was a wonderful wake-up, but what about you?”


Jaynna snuggled up next to Ninka’s soft warm body, and related to her all that had transpired between her and the Kortee. By the time she was finished, Ninka was in tears. She tried to convince Jaynna that nothing would ever separate them, but still Jaynna was not totally convinced. It was then that Ninka made a suggestion.


“If the blessing from the Kortee’Mea is not enough for you,” she stated, “Then we must ask a higher power to sanctify us. Why don’t we go to the Temple and perform a coupling ritual?”


A coupling ritual! Jaynna’s eyes shone with excitement. Although considered only the first step in the formation of a family unit, it was at least the first step. The two went and spoke to the Priestess, and she gave them permission to use one of the side chapels. Once in the small room, Jaynna and Ninka sat on a bench half naked. They fondled, caressed and kissed each other until their dicks were erect. As their organs touched Ninka’s began to judder uncontrollably, thus making it difficult for Jaynna’s equally erratic cock to maintain its contact as Ninka undressed her.


Once fully naked, except for a corset and panties, the two knelt on the floor, and Ninka held their uncontrolled penises in her hand. Gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, they exchanged simple vows of love and faithfulness ‘for as long as our love lasts’.


At last it was time to consecrate their bond. Jaynna lay on her back with Ninka facing her feet. Each took the other’s rampant cock into her mouth, and began to ride up and down on it, joyously tasting the sweetness of her partner’s ‘first offering’. Before they continued, both of them placed a small glass jar over the other’s dick so as to collect this sacred gift to the Goddess.


Jaynna inserted her little and ring fingers into Ninka’s pussy. The moist opening winked its delight. As their lovemaking progressed, a trickle of clear liquid dribbled out of her maidenhead and down the shaft of her penis. Jaynna stopped and again gathered the fluid into a second glass bottle, and then returned to her fingering, her mouth to Ninka’s throbbing dick. More came trickling out of her lover’s honeypot, so Jaynna opened her mouth even more so as to drink in both offerings. Soon the trickle became a steady flow, and Ninka’s heaving hips drove her cock deeper into Jaynna’s mouth. She withdrew the throbbing member as her body was wracked in the throes of her first orgasm. Pre-cum - mixed with the secretions that flooded out of her quim - dripped off the head of Ninka’s penis. These Jaynna continued to swallow as they flowed into her open mouth.


Ninka’s cock remained unchecked, so they changed position. Jaynna went down on all-fours, then lowered her hips while Ninka entered her from behind. She groaned with delight as Ninka’s slender dick was driven into her by her strong hips. Her own pussy began to convulse as she felt her partner’s warm semen flood her uterus. To her utter delight, she felt her cock judder and her balls draw upwards. As her orgasm swept over her, she felt her own sperm shoot out. Ninka held a jar over her quivering head, and her cum dribbled down until the receptacle was about half full. The rest spurted out all over the smooth wooden floor. The sensation of her ejaculating and climaxing at the same time overwhelmed her, and she collapsed face down on the floor, her arms no longer capable of holding herself up.


Breathlessly she exulted: “Blessed be the Goddess! Oh blessed be the Goddess!” as her hips rose and fell, pushing Ninka’s still erect cock into her. Each thrust made her orgasm even more intense. At last it subsided, and Jaynna lay still on the floor with her lover’s cock still inside her, until it too relaxed. The couple lay on their sides, spooning, for a while until they had recovered in the aftermath of their ritual.


Together they went naked to the main chapel, and presented the jars with the offerings before the Priestess. Having received them, the cleric placed them before the effigy of the Goddess. She then turned and faced them. Jaynna and Ninka stood facing each other. The Priestess took both of their dicks in her hands and said: “The Goddess bless this union for as long as the path of life allows. So mote it be.”


“So mote it be.” They repeated smiling. Jaynna and Ninka kissed. They then thanked the Priestess, and returned home united in love.


In the dim light they stood facing each other, their eager dicks touching each other. Jaynna’s hands rested on Ninka’s shoulders, while Ninka ran her fingers through her lover’s hair. In a small circular motion, they rubbed their cocks together, trying not to break the contact. As their excitement gained momentum, it became more and more of a challenge to maintain the connection, as every so often one of the sensitive organs would stiffen upwards in response to the union.


The following week, Jaynna joined the local town guard. This meant that she would work for three days or three nights in the week. Ninka hated when Jaynna had to go on duty. Often - during the course of the day, and especially at night - she would find herself longing for her lover’s touch. The hard-on that rasped against her clothing would become hard to bear, and she would sit on one of the chairs in the lounge and jerk off until she had relieved her aching balls. The fleshly need was satisfied, but her heart still longed for her lover to return.


After her three-night stint, Jaynna returned home. She asked Ninka to help her remove her body armour. Once the Kevlar shell was off, Jaynna unzipped the denim under garment. As she did this, Ninka caught a glimpse of her firm breasts underneath. Jaynna looked down and smiled at Ninka’s response as her cock began to jut out under her blue dress. Ninka became somewhat self-conscious as her lover admired her erect member. Having finished undressing, she knelt down and took Ninka’s cock in her hand. She caressed it and kissed its velvety tip.


Jaynna stood up with Ninka's back to her. She wrapped her arms around her slender waist, as her lover began to jerk herself off. Ninka was a bit taller than Jaynna, so she bent slightly forward as she felt the tip of her lover's hard-on rub between her butt-cheeks. With two fingers, Jaynna parted the delicate labia and pushed herself in, as Ninka parted her legs slightly. Ninka felt her legs grow weak as her lover fucked her, so she braced herself with her other hand against the wall. Jaynna cupped Ninka's breast. Soon she no longer needed to thrust as Ninka's hips rocked back and forth on top of her dick. Ninka threw her head back as she moaned, her own member spurting clear semen into the air.


Jaynna lay on her back with her legs open. The llianar above her became entranced by the view that unfolded before her: Those dark brown eyes now brimming with love and passion; the full mouth that opened slightly as Jaynna’s breathing became more and more laboured; the proud breasts that rose and fell as she breathed; the shapely hips; the dick that stood proud and hard, its pink tip coated with clear fluid; the small balls that had tightened in expectation. As she gazed at the ripe honeypot, that eagerly waited for her erection to fill it, she could hold back no longer.


First she bent down and lapped up her lover’s pre-cum. Then her hand stroked Jaynna’s enlivened cock, and drove her own member into the moist opening between her lover’s thighs. Jaynna’s eyes closed as if she was in a swoon as she felt Ninka thrust her full length into her. Again and again she felt the tip reach the opening of her uterus. Jaynna folded her hands behind her lover’s hips encouraging her movements. Jaynna’s eyes closed tight and her head went backwards while her mouth opened and she let out a moan. Her stomach muscles tightened and her hips began to rise. Her dick spurted its load over Ninka’s busy hand, and down onto her own belly, and as far as between her breasts.


Her partner then lay on her back, and allowed Jaynna to straddle her. Ninka remained still and let her do all the work. Watching her partner’s ample breasts and large hardened nipples bounce up and down above her, hastened Ninka’s climax. This was made even more imminent by the contractions of strong pelvic and vaginal muscles around her expectant cock. She was like a wild horse as her gism was driven into Jaynna, her hips lifting off the bed. One thrust was so strong that it made Jaynna lose her hold on the headboard, and she flopped forward. Ninka’s penis came out of Jaynna’s pussy, still shooting its clear semen into the air.


At last their rapture subsided, and they lay still and tried to catch their breath. Jaynna closed her eyes and nestled close to her lover, her free hand dandling with Ninka’s soft white breast. She wriggled with pleasure when Ninka kneaded her ample butt, and then slid her hand further so that she just brushed her honeypot. In return, her fingers roamed down Ninka’s belly and rested on her flacid penis.


“I love you.” She whispered.


“Hmm.” - Came the reply, “And I you.”


Jaynna tried to sleep in Ninka’s arms, the other llianar having nodded off, but she couldn’t help her heart longing for another. The blond hair and blue eyes seemed to be smiling down on her as if in approval of her newfound happiness. In a barely audible whisper, she uttered as a small tear trickled down her cheek: “My darling Ysha. I pray that you are happy now, wherever you may be.”




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