The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 3

The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 3 The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


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Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Submitted: December 01, 2015



The resistance had begun to gain momentum. Small groups of llianari began to band together. One of the first of such groups was known as the ‘Black Wolves’. One night they chased a female informant as she was walking through a local park. One of the buildings adjacent to the park was used as a depot by the Vilya operating in the area. Informants like this were paid large amounts if they told the Vilya where to find llianari, as they had - by and large - gone to ground to prevent further abductions. The young woman tried to escape, but the hardened llianari hunting her were too fit and too determined. Soon she was in their grasp!


The leader of the Black Wolves, code named Alpha, held her in a Nelson Grip while the other two stripped her. The biggest of the trio, Bullet, then forced her penis into the informant’s mouth, while the other - whose code-name was Corkscrew - inserted her finger into her pussy. She was then bound and rolled over so that she was face-down. Her legs were forced open so that Bullet could fuck her from behind, while Alpha coerced her to take her dick into her mouth. Corkscrew stood off to one side and pleasured herself. They turned her onto her back and made her jerk Corkscrew off, while the other two carried on.


Alpha then told her comrades to stop. She said to the girl: “If you tell us what we want to know now, we may stop and let you go. If not, we’ll carry on until you are covered in gism. The choice is yours.”


Still the informant refused to talk. And so, true to their word, the trio continued. This time she was thrown onto her back, her legs lifted up and held in place. Alpha entered her while Corkscrew fucked the leader between her butt-cheeks. Bullet, the ‘She-Man’ of the three, knelt above the informant’s face and jerked off. Corkscrew was the first to cum. Her gism squirted as far as the small of her leader’s back. This set off the leader’s climax, which seemed to fill the informant’s uterus until it flowed out of her violated quim. Bullet was the last to cum. Her semen shot as far as her leader’s midriff, and showered the informant with milky white strands. They then withdrew and smothered her in cum.


As their victim lay there exhausted and sore, Alpha warned her: “If we catch you here again, my colleague will fuck you with that horse-prick of hers until you bleed.”


The trio then left her naked in the park, and ran off into the night.


Working alone one night, Bullet followed another female informer to her home. She waited in the shadows for an opportunity to strike. The woman went up to her bedroom, and Bullet followed her upstairs. Soon, from behind the closed door, came a soft moaning sound. Bullet opened the door just enough to see what was happening. The young blond was naked. She was sitting in an armchair with her shapely legs open. Her hand was stroking her honeypot. Her eyes were closed as she groaned with pleasure. Feeling her cock stiffen, Bullet crouched down and began to jerk off, her sword in the other hand.


Soon the woman began to cry out as her body writhed with orgasmic energy. Bullet saw her chance! She rushed forward. The woman opened her eyes to see a figure lunge towards her. Before she could focus, the llianar was on top of her.


“Talk now, or I cum inside of you!” she demanded as she went down on her haunches and made ready to thrust.


The frightened woman protested: “What do you want to know?”


Briefly the dark llianar hesitated and replied: “Everything you have told the Vilya. And don’t deny it. I’ve been watching you.”


“Oh no, I couldn’t!” the human insisted, “If I do they’ll kill me!”


“If you don’t” Bullet reminded, “I’ll fuck you until I make you pregnant.”


“You wouldn’t!” was the response.


“You want a bet?” Bullet dared. Then she pressed her sword to the woman’s throat, and rammed her penis into her. Her pussy was still warm and wet, and Bullet’s cock went in without much resistance. The woman remained resolute. She would not talk. Bullet withdrew as she felt her cock start to fill. She gave her captive one more chance, but she still held her tongue. Bullet forced her onto all fours, and began fucking her from behind. It didn’t take long before she filled the woman with sperm-rich semen.


Just then a siren could be heard, and there was a bang on the door. Unbeknown to Bullet, the woman had set off her alarm. She realised that, if she lingered, she would be caught. So Bullet grabbed her clothes, and bailed out of an open window. By the time the police knew that she had escaped, Bullet had vanished into the night.


One of the solitary resistance agents called herself ‘Caligula’. What distinguished her - apart from her ruthless methods and icy-cold temperament - were the leather suit that she always wore with two handguns strapped to her belt, and the patch that covered her left eye - a reminder of when she herself had been taken captive by the Korred. She lost the eye while trying to escape.


One night she cornered a young woman who worked closely with one of the scientists in the Vilya laboratories, where they conducted experiments on llianari. She lured her into meeting at a local tavern. While they were drinking together, the woman went to the bathroom. Caligula used the opportunity to lace her drink with an aphrodisiac. Once it had begun to take effect, the llianar led her to an alley behind the tavern. Soon Caligula had her naked up against the wall. Her prize was wearing only her cap and her stockings.


She undid the zip of her leather outfit, and guided the woman’s hand until her delicate little fingers closed around her rapidly hardening shaft. By the time it was at full length, she was too horny to notice its size. All she wanted was to have a cock inside of her. Caligula obliged, and only then did the woman react to having such a large one enter her honeypot. Instead of fear or pain, there was a squeal of delight as Caligula drove herself deep into her.


The woman’s knees began to buckle under her, and she found that she was unable to support herself. She turned around and steadied herself by holding onto the metal railing from the fire escape. Caligula entered her from behind and continued, having hardly missed a beat.


As she thrust rhythmically, she whispered in the woman’s ear: “I need to know what goes on in the lab where you work.”


“I can’t tell you.” The woman moaned between heaving breaths. “They’ll fire me.”


“If you don’t tell me, I’ll put my sperm inside you, and mark my words - you will be pregnant by the time I’ve withdrawn.”


The woman didn’t respond and Caligula continued fucking her slowly and methodically. This did not stop the woman from reaching climax more than once. If she had known anything about she-men, she would have been aware that they take a long time to ejaculate. As one orgasm rose, she would promise to talk. But when it subsided, she insisted that she would lose her job if she did, only to repeat the sequence the next time. By the time Caligula was anywhere near her climax, the drug had worn off. The woman’s rapture did not subside, but became even more acute, and Caligula’s semen would not wait much longer. Her balls began to contract as they released their load. It would only be a short time before it came rushing out into the woman’s body.


“My dear.” She said, trying to regain control, “I’m going to cum inside you soon.”


That did the trick. The woman agreed to tell Caligula all she knew. And just in time too! As the llianar hastily withdrew, a mighty stream came gushing out as her cock jerked and pulsed. The woman stood and watched in awe, as string after string of sperm-rich semen shot into the air and landed on the pavement. As she promised, she told Caligula all she knew about what went on at her work, once the turmoil between her thighs had abated and her breathing had returned to normal.


“Thank you.” Caligula smiled, “What is your name?”


“Astrud.” The woman replied as she dressed herself again. Just before she left, she promised not to go to the police. She also stated that she sympathised with the Resistance’s cause, and did not approve of what was being done to their people. She said that she only worked at the lab because she needed the money.


Caligula then set her sights on one of the lab technicians Astrud had spoken of. This time she changed her strategy a bit. She actively courted the young redhead. By the end of the week, she had convinced the woman, whose name was Sera, to spend a weekend at a camping resort just outside town. On the first day they had been walking through the forest adjacent to the resort. They arrived back at camp just as the sun began to set. Being hot and sweaty from the walk, they decided to go for a swim.


Sera went into the tent to change. When she re-emerged, she wore a blue bikini. Caligula gazed upon her shapely body. Sera’s hips were full and voluptuous, her breasts well-proportioned. Her tummy was flat, but not too muscular. Just showing above the top of her bikini, her red pubic hair stuck out in a curly line. The thin garment did little to hide the ripe bonnet that bulged proudly between her abundant thighs. Caligula’s loins began to stir as the woman reached down, and moved her bikini slightly to one side, so that she could see the cleft covered by her red triangle.


“Come here Sera.” She whispered lustily. Unafraid and unabashed, the woman came closer until their bodies touched. The llianar kissed her on her full lips while her hands began to caress her. Caligula expected Sera to recoil. Instead she started to unzip the leather suit, slowly revealing Caligula’s own muscular body. Soon she reached the llianar’s cock, now fully erect and straining behind its leather prison. Sera’s hand reached down and released it with a cry of joy, her fingers now gently fondling the sensitive underside. At the same time she spread her legs and guided Caligula’s hand down to her maidenhead, so that she could savour its moist softness.


Sera lovingly undressed Caligula until she wore only her bra, her boots and the eye patch. She then went onto her knees and kissed the llianar’s rock-hard member. As she stood there in a state of bliss, Caligula held her head there for a short while. The woman stood up and, as they embraced and kissed, her hand began to fondle Caligula’s aching balls. The llianar could bear it no longer! She grabbed Sera by her shapely butt and lifted her off the ground. They had taken the camping stretcher out to air. Caligula carried the woman and lowered her onto the bed, almost breaking it in the process.


Sera’s legs opened in anticipation. As Caligula’s huge cock hovered above it, Sera’s honeypot began to open and close involuntarily. She threw her head back as she felt her pussy stretch to accommodate the llianar, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Sera wrapped her legs around the other’s waist and drove her cock as deep as it could go inside of her. She felt it fill her to capacity as Caligula thrust into her with her strong hips. Sera began to writhe as she was swept into a state of nirvana. The extra pressure against Caligula’s cock made it almost impossible for her to prevent herself from cumming inside her.


Sera sensed Caligula’s urgency and pushed her away so that she was forced to withdraw. Caligula lay on her back, and Sera placed the tip of her penis into her mouth. It didn’t take long before the woman felt the organ swell as semen filled it. She took her mouth away and was about to use her hands when Caligula began to bound like a wild animal. A solid jet of thick white semen came rushing out as the llianar’s muscular thighs twitched and shivered uncontrollably. Sera’s eyes widened in amazement as string after string shot into the air and cascaded over her. Unperturbed, the woman lay down next to Caligula with her head on her still heaving chest. Her hand continued to stroke the llianar’s dick until - at last - it returned to its dormant state.


The following morning, Sera should have noticed that something had changed. Caligula was dressed in her leather suit again. Her gun-belt with the two handguns was loose around her slender waist. Caligula felt strangely guilty about what she was about to do, but the woman was too besotted with the llianar to pay it any attention. She took Caligula in her arms, and kissed her on the lips. This time her delicate tongue pried the llianar’s lips open, and began to explore her mouth. Her hand strayed down between Caligula’s legs, and she giggled as she felt the hardness there. She unzipped the leather suit just enough to free that wondrous cock from its constraints. Then she took the tip of Caligula’s dick in her mouth, and began to stroke the shaft with her hand, her tongue laving the tender frenulum. Even though she was on a mission, Caligula found it difficult to focus as her nerves reacted to such loving attention.


Sera then lay on her back with her slender legs in the air, her open maidenhead longing for that massive cock to fill it once more. Caligula wanted to use the same line on her as she had Astrud, but it seemed to be unnecessary. She felt as though there was a special bond between them and that, if she just came and asked her, Sera would gladly part with the information she needed.


As the fever cooled off a bit, Caligula said: “Sera. I need you to tell me everything you know about what goes on in the laboratory where you work.”


She feared that the woman would be hurt, or feel used. Sera’s reply was surprisingly straightforward: “I want you. Make love to me, and I’ll tell you anything.”


“But what if I cum inside you?” the llianar asked, puzzled.


“I can’t have children anyway. So it doesn’t matter. I just want you inside me!” she stated, her last words almost a plea.


This time Caligula was able to fuck someone without any ulterior motive. The pleasure of having a willing recipient was unexpected as well. Now there was no holding back. Her movements were governed by passion and desire, instead of being cold and calculating. Even the sensation of her seed being released into Sera’s body took on a new level of intensity. Her usually strong arms failed to hold her, and she collapsed on top of Sera, her hips still driving her cock home until she was totally spent.


True to her word, Sera gave Caligula all the information the agent needed. Later that afternoon they had sex again. This time, however, Caligula wore nothing but her eye patch. All too soon it was time for the two to part.


Just before they did, Sera said: “I think it’s terrible what you and your kind have had to endure. My superiors and everybody I know think that llianari are a curse, but now that we’ve been together, my opinion has been changed. Freedom and peace be yours.”


Caligula was almost moved to tears as she heard those words coming from one who, until recently, had been considered an enemy. That was the slogan that inspired the resistance. She stood as to attention, put her hand on her breast, and repeated: “Freedom and peace.”


The resistance campaign was not without tragedy. Kyara Tresam was a llianar who had escaped from the Vilya. She was popular, but only had three lovers before she left on a mission that would cost Kyara her life. She was part of a trine - a marriage of sorts, but with three partners instead of two - but her favourite lover was always Traya. The night before she left on the mission, Kyara and she were having sex in the bedroom. Kyara sat on the edge of the bed and Traya sat on her lap facing her. As Traya’s gism left a warm sticky trail down her belly, Kyara felt that her own climax was imminent. Her muscular hips drove her loaded semen into her lover’s willing uterus. As her climax subsided, Traya clung like a child to her, resting her pretty head on Kyara’s shoulder. Kyara lifted her face and looked into her pale blue eyes from which tears were streaming.


“Don’t go my sweet.” She begged, “I’m terrified that something dreadful is going to happen, and it frightens me.”


Kyara held her tight and replied: “I’ve got to go. If any of the Resistance fail in their mission, more innocent llianari and elves will be tortured and die.”


Traya nodded, too distraught to answer verbally. They fell asleep in each other’s arms for the last time. The same week that she was told of Kyara’s death, Traya also discovered that she was with child, and that Kyara was the sire. Sondra, the third partner in the trine, became the child’s step-sire. She loved Traya, and vowed to help her cope with the loss that they both suffered acutely. She also promised never to take Kyara’s place. And neither could she, as Kyara was Traya’s first love and vice-versa.


The night that Traya heard that her beloved 'Kiki' - the nickname she had given Kyara - had been killed, she and Sondra were sitting in the kitchen. Traya wept and screamed uncontrollably as the news cut her to the core. Sondra came up to her, and held her, cradling her head against her muscular shoulders. She then reached down, and began to fondle with Traya's diminutive cock. Even in the midst of such pain, their firm but gentle touch made the organ harden under it.


Sondra was a true She-Man. Her dick was so large that only a few llianari, and even fewer females, could bare to have it inside them. It was so big that it could never become fully erect as the blood vessels could only engorge it to a certain point. Traya returned Sondra's touch by stroking the massive member until it too became as turgid as it could. She turned her attention to the velvety head, and caressed it until she could feel it moisten with pre-cum.


By this time, they were both naked. Sondra then took Traya's tiny but erect member, and gently pushed it into the entrance of her own urethra. Being coated with pre-cum, the opening was as lubricated as any pussy, but the muscular shaft held Traya's dick firmly. With Traya still inside her, Sondra pleasured herself. As her climax began, her own cock began to throb. The pressure catapulted Traya into a state of ecstasy, made even more rapturous when it was met with the flood of the She-Man's own ejaculation. Traya was forced to withdraw, as the flood of semen gushed out of her partner like a fountain.


This was a practice known as 'Knobbing', and was peculiar to the llianari. Even then, it was only used in special circumstances.


Kyara and two others were hunting down a Vilya known as the ‘Slaver’. They caught him, but the mission was compromised and Kyara injured. In order that her comrades escape, Kyara allowed herself to be captured. She was repeatedly raped as her captors tried to force information from her. Just as she felt that she could no longer endure the torture, Kyara released the ‘Kill-shot’ into her jugular, an implant that contained a deadly poison that could only be activated by the person’s will. As her last assailant forced her seed from her, Kyara breathed her final breath. The smile on her face was because she knew that her semen was all they were able to force out of her.


Kyara’s death was a turning point for the Resistance because it brought to their aid new and powerful allies. From a far-away realm came an army of mighty elves who fought alongside the llianari. To the small ragtag group of resistance fighters, this gave a renewed sense of hope. At last they felt that there was a chance of victory, whereas before there had been only the prospect of a slow and costly struggle - costly in that every life lost would dim the light that they were trying so hard to keep aglow.


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