The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 2

The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 2 The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


This is a follow-on to Chapter 1


This is a follow-on to Chapter 1


Submitted: November 06, 2015

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Submitted: November 06, 2015



Back home, Jaynna had long accepted that Ysha had been killed by her captors, so she began to seek another lover. It was then that she met Sylva. She was not llianar, but a she-elf with short auburn hair like Jaynna’s and a kind face. She was tall and slender, and her simple pinafore dress did little to hide the sensual figure within it. She also had a youthful charm that made her even more enticing. Involuntarily, Jaynna’s cock showed its approval of Sylva a little too soon, as it protruded from her own outfit.


Instead of taking offence, Sylva merely smiled and said: “Happy to meet you too.”


The two lovers made for Sylva’s home. They were soon lying naked on the small bed, and there were discarded clothes lying all over the floor. Sylva lovingly stroked Jaynna’s erect penis. It had been so long since she had been with anyone, that Jaynna had to fight back her desire to climax too early. Jaynna lay on her back and Sylva straddled her face. Pulling her down onto her, Jaynna then began to caress Sylva’s tiny clitoris with her tongue while her fingers gently parted her vulvae. She inserted just the tip of her slender finger into Sylva’s pussy. The she-elf began to suck Jaynna's cock even harder as her own climax began to rise.


While Jaynna was licking Sylva's pussy, she noticed that it was still pristine. “By the Goddess!” she thought, “She's still a virgin!”


Just then, Jaynna's climax caught her by surprise. She felt her rampant cock release its first load. She expected her partner to pull away to avoid her cum from spurting into her mouth. She wanted to withdraw, but the young she-elf took her throbbing base and held her there until she had swallowed the last drop. She coaxed Jaynna's balls as her offering filled her mouth, and tilted her head back as the llianar thrust with such force, that most of her velvet head went halfway down her throat.


The maiden smiled as she noticed that the still rigid member showed no sign of abating. She turned over onto her back with her legs wide open. “Fuck me please!” she begged.


“But you're still a virgin.” Jaynna exclaimed, moving so that her dick hovered over the she-elf's expectant quim. “Are you sure?”


As if in reply, Sylva gently took hold of Jaynna's penis, and pulled her down until she could feel it throbbing between her vulvae. She then grabbed Jaynna's butt, and slowly pushed her into her untried maidenhead, stopping only where her virgin offered its resistance.






As she drove herself into Sylva’s tight pussy, the she-elf let out a cry as she realised that she was no longer a youngling, but that Jaynna had made her a maiden. The tip of Jaynna’s penis pushed through the barrier of Sylva’s hymen, and her whole member was drawn into the previously untouched sanctuary. Sylva groaned with pain as a small trickle of blood came out of her open pussy. Her vagina was so tight that it seemed to embrace Jaynna’s cock entirely. It only took a few thrusts for Jaynna to cum inside her new-found lover’s ripe quim.


It had been so long, that even the thrill of fucking a virgin did not suffice. Sylva's desire also seemed not to have been satisfied. Her pussy was saturated from her first orgasm. As Jaynna continued to pound her, Sylva felt a fresh flow of fluid pour out of her and onto the already soaked sheets. This time, her climax seemed to wrack her whole body in the throes of ecstasy. The slight pain from her ruptured hymen was forgotten in one mind-blowing moment of exquisite rapture.


With a mighty thrust that almost pushed her partner into the bed's headboard, Jaynna's cock released another flood into Sylva. She collapsed on top of her, both of them soaked with perspiration. Her body began to relax, and she remained inside her lover until she was sure that she had finished.


Sated, Sylva lay on her side as Jaynna lay on her back, with her head on the she-elf’s arm. Her limp cock was still covered in both hers and Sylva’s offerings.


The she-elf fondled Jaynna’s breast lazily. “Does it hurt?” The llianar asked as she cleaned herself with the bedspread.


“A little,” Sylva replied, “But it feels kind of warm inside too.”


Pulling back the covers, Jaynna climbed into bed. The she-elf snuggled up to her, took Jaynna’s finger and inserted into her warm pussy. Her finger soothed the slight pain that still lingered, reminding Sylva that she was no longer a virgin. She sighed and closed her dark eyes, a smile on her sweet lips. Jaynna kissed her and soon both of them were asleep.


For a short while, Jaynna was happy. But alas, disaster returned and stole her second lover from her. This time the calamity was in the form of the followers of Gorrash the Beastlord, commonly known as the ‘Mutilator’. He and his kind hated elf and llianar alike. If they captured one, it was not to enhance any powers like the Vilya, neither was it to use her as a surrogate for their children as was the case with the Norggen. The Korred’s hatred for the elven race drove them to treat elves and llianar as sex-slaves until their brutality killed them, at which time they were thrown out as refuse.





Sylva was first violated by three huge Korred. They chained her hands together. The one forced her to have oral sex with him while the other violated her tender maidenhead. The third waited until his comrade was finished, and then took his place. This time the sex was anal. Once all three of them had abused her, they dragged her down to the dungeon and handed her over to the guards. They too fucked her until both her holes began to bleed. Finally the captain of the guard - a brute that stood over twelve feet tall - lifted her up and rammed his horse-sized penis into her. The pain was so excruciating that she was sick all over the dungeon floor. By the time he had released his foul seed into her, she was almost dead. The captain then chained her hands to the rafters above her head, and watched as the evidence of his brutality poured out of her lifeless body, and left a puddle on the floor.


One night, out of desperation, Jaynna went into the village and sought comfort wherever and with whomever she could. Iren was the first she-elf she met in a local tavern. They did not even waste time going home. Instead they went up to one of the rooms. The action was fierce. There was little time for foreplay. Soon Iren was on her back, Jaynna between her open thighs. They held each other’s gaze as Iren put her arms around Jaynna’s neck. Iren cried out as Jaynna’s cock pushed its way into her moist opening. Iren had been with other lovers before this, but Jaynna was quite a lot bigger than her previous encounters. As Jaynna drove herself deeper into Iren, the sensation of her honeypot being stretched was new and exciting to the she-elf. She threw her head back and moaned as Jaynna’s balls slapped against her perineum.


Next Iren lay face down on the bed, and Jaynna entered her from behind, taking up her own body wait on her strong arms. As their pleasure reached boiling-point, Iren began to rock back and forth in time with Jaynna’s thrusting. Iren seemed to gasp for air as her orgasm took hold of her. Her already tight quim convulsed around Jaynna’s ever more sensitive cock. This triggered Jaynna off, and they both collapsed in a breathless heap on the bed, as wave upon wave of delight washed over them. Jaynna’s semen flowed out of Iren’s honeypot like a river of white.


Jaynna never saw Iren again, and although both considered their rendezvous a mere one-night stand, it troubled the young llianar that she was unsure of what had befallen her. Far too many elf and llianar-kind had been abducted. Some had fallen prey to the Norggen, who used them as surrogates because they were incapable of producing their own offspring. The reason for this was a failed attempt at genetic engineering to produce a ‘master-race’. Instead their experiment resulted in the males remaining masculine, but the females transformed into hideous llianari. The effect that both sexes suffered was that their bodies became distorted, and their male sexual parts enlarged, so that their attempts at impregnating either she-elves - and more frequently llianari, because in most cases their pussies were a lot tighter than their female counterparts - resulted in them being so badly injured that most of them died.


The Vilya did not only capture llianari to enhance their magical powers. Many of them were taken as sex-slaves or a source of entertainment. By far the worst were those who were sent to laboratories, where they were subject to ‘scientific experiments’. Most of these entailed feeding their victims hallucinogenic drugs, as well as aphrodisiacs, and watching how they reacted, while their diabolical contraptions inflicted irreparable damage to their bodies.


Those who refused to bow down to their evil wishes were considered as enemies. Most of the elves were beheaded in public, but not before they were brutally tortured. The llianari, however, were forced to continue their lives as slaves. But instead of being sex-slaves, they were made something far more degrading: Generally the ordeal began with the llianar being tied to a rack and, having been fed drugs to make them horny, they were then abused, as the potions took full effect so that their cocks were fully erect. Up to this point they would not consider such treatment as unusual, but soon their torture became even more vicious!


One of their captors would ride the victim’s penis until she was about to cum. Then, either just after, or just as her cock was welling up with semen, she would feel the most excruciating pain: Her scrotum would be sliced open with a razor-sharp scalpel. By this time she would be unable to prevent herself from ejaculating, despite the agony. One by one her testicles, still pulsing with a load of sperm, would be pulled out of the incision. Each gonad was removed from the sac that attached it to the scrotum and severed with the same blade, its tubes still oozing rich white sperm stained with blood. With those whose balls were not hanging visibly, two incisions were made, one on either side of the base of the penis from which the gonads were removed. The open wounds were roughly bound to stop the bleeding and left to heal themselves.


Those with bigger balls seldom survived castration. The ones with smaller testes soon wished they hadn’t, as they were made slaves and eunuchs. Many of them took their own lives rather than suffer such an existence.


Most of these mutilators were male, although there were a few females as well. Castration is considered anathema amongst the llianari, a line that not even the most corrupt would cross.




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