The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 7

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 7 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 7

Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Science Fiction


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Final Chapter


Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016



The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 7:


The Gilmuire History Museum was an impressive building that had stood for over a hundred years. It was almost an historical relic itself, with its architecture reflecting a bygone era, before steel and plexi-glass took over from brick and mortar. It was divided into three sections. The two in front were separated by an archway that led one to the main entrance.


We arrived at the reception, and were escorted to Mister Reese's office. We had to wait a while, and once again felt somewhat out of place amidst such opulence. After a short time, Aiden Reese entered the room. He smiled, and greeted us. We were then asked to join him in the boardroom once more.


Handing us each a drink, he informed us: “Your work on Morten is very much appreciated. I am only sorry that it came at such an emotional cost to you both. I think you'll be glad to know that we were able to get the console working on the alien's ship, and that we are still working on the other computer, the one from Doctor Kale's vessel. We believe it will only be a matter of time before we crack that one as well.”


He had just finished when a woman came in, carrying a laptop. I guessed that she was about in her mid forties. “I'm sure you recognise Doctor Cormyth.” Reese added, “She will give us the run-down of what we have learned from the alien's ship. Be prepared, some of what you are about to see is pretty graphic.”


The woman thanked mister Reese, and asked him to dim the lights. Using her laptop, she created a holoscreen in front of us, upon which she could project the images that the technicians were able to retrieve from the ship's computer. Doctor Cormyth explained to us as the images came up.


“As you were told, the alien ship upon which the trouble began was an exploration vessel. These explorers were called 'Kaleastae', a race of humans that still exist to this day. They are among the peoples that have made their homes in the Out-Worlds. In her hold there were a number of cages in which they would collect various species from the planets they investigated. As far as we can tell, they had captured five Ardammarn. Unbeknown to them, one of these must have been a Queen.


At some point, the Ardammarn somehow managed to escape from their cages, and that was the beginning of the trouble. There were ten crew members on board the ship, equally divided between the sexes. In this first footage, thought to have been recorded in one of the wash-rooms, one of the female members is being ravaged by an Ardammarn in its native form. These creatures are true hermaphrodites, being neither male nor female, but being able to develop genitals from either gender, according to the necessity.


What is noticeable is that the victim does not seem to be fighting back. As you know, the Ardammarn are capable of enticing or seducing their prey, so that they willingly submit to their advances. She quite happily allows her attacker to ram itself inside her until she is ready to climax. From her body language, the woman even seems to enjoy the experience. That is, until the beast is about to feed on her. The woman in this footage was the Ardammarn's first meal. After she had reached orgasm more than once, the fiend ejaculated inside her. It then ruptured the woman's internal organs, and fed on her blood as it poured out of her. The actual mechanism is displayed later on thanks to virtual reality.





The following scene shows two unfortunates. But this time, they are not being fed on, but infected. Soon they would become like the creatures that infected them. The Ardammarn's Scourge, as it is called in some local dialects, is sexually transmitted, as we suspected from earlier information that we received from Doctor Kale, just before he and his team disappeared. Thanks to the both of you, we know what befell them - a tragedy to say the least.”


In the next set of pictures, the Ardammarn was covered in blood, obviously from just having fed on the previous quarry. Holding the one woman's head in place, it forced its cock into her mouth, and rammed it halfway down her throat as she gagged on the rampant member. As it reached its climax, the beast pushed its hips forward, its penis throbbing, and unloaded itself into her mouth, until the overflow spilt out onto the floor. Its quarry was forced to swallow most of its venomous offering.


The look on the second victim's face told the whole story. She lay on her back. Her hands were tied above her head, and there were ropes around her knees that forced her legs open. The Ardammarn drove its cock in and out of the woman's quim until it lay still again, its member pulsing, and its semen pouring into her unwilling body. As I said, by the look of fear and confusion in her eyes, it was obvious that she was not completely under her assailant's spell. The Ardammarn fondled with her breast, and - although we could not hear the words - it appeared that the beast was trying to placate her non-compliant partner.


“This is a still photo of the first stage of the mutation process. The whole body seems to be gripped in the throes of what appears to be a seizure.” The Doctor continued, “You can tell by the way the figure is distorted, never mind the expression on her face, that the transformation is extremely painful.


What is strange is that the convulsions usually result in an almost sexual response, as is seen in the next footage. This is the same woman, only minutes after the previous picture. It is obvious that she is in a state of extreme sexual arousal. This is all the footage we could recover in this case, but I think it is enough to illustrate the point.


It is thought that, whatever causes the infection - whether it is a virus or some other disease-causing life form - attacks the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. As well as other functions in the body, this is the section of the brain that is affected when one is sexually aroused, and even has a role to play in the orgasmic, or climacteric stage of sexual activity. In a male that is undergoing the mutation, his penis will become erect, and he will ejaculate over and over again as his body is in a state of paroxysm. In the final stage, the patient loses consciousness, and awakes a fully developed Ardammarn.


There is a disease on some planets on the Out-Worlds that effect female patients in a similar way. Studies show that the sufferer can experience an orgasm of such severity that her whole body will go into spasms. During the early stages, the experience can appear to be pleasurable, but soon the condition worsens, and can even be life-threatening. It can even cause her to bleed from her ears in a similar manner as in the case of a patient who is suffering from a head injury. This is caused by excessive swelling of the hypothalamus that puts pressure on the rest of the brain. She can even die as a result of massive internal haemorrhaging. This is because of the traumatic effects such a massive orgasm can have on the rest of the body.


By the way, in case you're wondering, this footage is not in sequence. We have only just been able to copy it from the mainframe. There is no way that we can know which victims were the first to be attacked.”



In the next sequence, we witnessed an Ardammarn feeding off another female. Her hands were tied above her head to one of the metal pipes running along the roof of the ship. Her clothes had been torn off of her, and all that was left of her underwear was the waistband. The Ardammarn knelt in front of her, bowed its head, and with its long tongue began to lave her honeypot. One could clearly see that the woman was very aroused as her quim was soaked with moisture, which the beast lapped up. What was also obvious, was that she was trying desperately to fight it, but her hips rocked back and forth nonetheless in time to the monster's movements.


Again, as the camera panned onto her face, the conflict was evident. Her eyes were closed, and one could almost hear her groans. But every now and then they would open, and she would shake her head as if to force herself out of her stupor, only to succumb to it once again. At one stage, she even tried to pull away, but her bonds held her still. Her attacker continued relentlessly, its eyes closed as it savoured the fluid that was now pouring out of her. Her maidenhead convulsed with ever greater strength as her body prepared itself for climax.


The brute then shifted its position, and lay on its back, its tongue still weaving its spell. By the woman's sporadic movements, one could see that her orgasm was imminent. Her head was thrown back, and a look of resignation came over her face. Ever deeper into her honeypot that long tongue pushed, as the brute held its mouth open, drinking in the woman's offering. Her climax was such that a clear fluid came spurting out of her, straight down the monster's throat. It was then that the grotesque tongue began to rip the poor victim's insides apart. The beast thrust it into her until it reached the top of the uterus, and the barbed proboscis was ejected like a tiny harpoon, that embedded itself into the engorged walls of her womb. As that terrible organ was withdrawn again, it tore the whole reproductive system to shreds. The Ardammarn then closed its mouth over her quim, and drank its fill of the red deluge that flooded out of her.


A silent scream contorted her face as she felt herself being ravaged in the most brutal way. Her eyes grew wide with terror as she threw her head back, this time in agony rather than ecstasy, and the world went dark all around her.


“This is the footage of what happened to the last of the female crew members. It documents an extremely rare occurrence. The target appears to be the ship's First Mate. With the aid of one of her slaves, the Queen is busy mating with the woman. This victim's fate is not the same as her unfortunate predecessors. Her life will at least be spared, on condition that she is able to provide the monarch with off-spring. Normally the Queen will seduce a male to become her Drone, as you well know, but on rare occasions, she will take a female mate as well. This is the first time we have actually seen this occur. The slave seems to be egging the woman on until the Queen unburdens herself into the surrogate.”


The following set of pictures were all still photographs, all of which were of male victims. The first of these brought back some rather painful memories. It depicted a young man standing naked, with his hands tied to the piping once again. One of the Ardammarn stood behind him with his erect cock in its one hand. It was obvious that it had just jerked him off until his gism came pouring out of him, and ran down over its fingers. But he did not have much time to savour the moment. No sooner had he cum, when the fiend buried its own turgid member inside his butthole. The expression on his face was a mixture of ecstasy and pain.


Doctor Cormyth explained: “This individual was in the process of being infected when the picture was recorded. The Ardammarn seem to have some form of mechanism that determines whether they will infect their targets or not. It is known that the virus - or whatever the pathogen may be - is in the semen, but exactly how this selection is possible, we do not know. There is a theory that it is in the seminal fluid, and that the sperm itself is able to somehow counteract the infection.”

The next picture was of a male who had been tied to some form of frame. He was bent over a wooden bar with his butt in the air. One of the escapees had its finger in his butthole while it jacked him off with the other. A container was placed directly under him, in which his cum was collected. As I watched him ejaculate over and over again, until the container was almost full, the sight brought back memories that I did not want to relive, of my last encounter with the Ardammarn that called itself Morrigan. I also noticed that his butt was covered in semen, and could guess how he had gotten into that state.


Again the Doctor confirmed: “It appears that the Ardammarn would sometimes 'milk' their prey until either they become hungry, or the victim ceases to perform properly, at which time they would feed on him in their conventional manner. Using their own pheromones, as well as certain types of drugs, and perhaps their own semen, they would ensure that he provided them with enough to slake their appetites before he was completely drained. Normally their quarry would not have the strength to resist, so there would be no need for him to be restrained. The one in this picture seemed to be stronger than usual, so they had to resort to more drastic measures. Alas, the result was the same.”


What followed was footage of an Ardammarn feeding on another male crew member. The beast seduced its prey until he was fully aroused. It then laved the organ's sensitive underside until he was about to cum. It continued to jack him off as his offering spurted all over its face. An unnerving smile came over its face as it cleaned it off, and licked its fingers, savouring the milky liquid that coated them.


Then it took his member into its mouth, until the head brushed against the back of its throat, and sank its teeth into its base, severing it as blood and semen poured out of it. Before it devoured the organ, it lapped up the mixture with its tongue. In a frenzy, it then consumed the dead man's penis, removed his balls, and ate them as well. Once it had eaten its fill, it looked up, a crazed expression on its face.


The next showed two Ardammarn, one sucking the tip of a man's cock, and the other waiting with her mouth wide open. As the victim was about to cum, the second one sank her teeth into one side of the engorged organ. The blood that trickled from the puncture wounds did not stop him from spraying the other's face with gism. The unfortunate sank to the floor, and his two attackers tore at his genitals as he tried in vain to fight them off. Having had their fill, they collapsed next to him. The figure in the background appeared to be the one that was being milked in a previous picture.”


“This footage shows the fate of the last crew member, which happened to be the ship's Captain. The Queen chose him to be its drone. It had him lie on his back, and lowered itself upon him. Then it rode him until his balls unloaded themselves into the fiend's body. This would happen over and over again, until either the drone was spent, or the Queen was satisfied that he had done enough. Sometimes the Queen's appetites were such that they caused the death of her prospective mate. It seems that the Queen normally selects a leader type to make her drone or surrogate.


It did not take long before half the crew had been used as prey. Of the survivors, there were two males, and three females. All of them began to mutate, and soon became the same beasts as those that had infected them. For some reason, the Queen chose to transform both the Captain and the First Mate into her slaves, perhaps believing that there were better candidates on the planet to where they were heading, and thus they became expendable.






It is often the case that a Queen will only mate once with an individual, and then choose either to enslave or even feed on the male which she has just used to impregnate her. This may indicate that she has the innate ability to only select those who have strong genes as her drones. While she may only mate with a certain individual once, she might also keep him for as long as he is able to father her off-spring. Not enough is known about the situation regarding a female surrogate to know whether the same applies.


It is believed, and the events that followed seem to support this, that the mutants appeared to lose their ability to navigate the ship. It eventually crashed into a huge swamp on the planet Morten. By some twist of fate, only three of the Ardammarn were killed, leaving seven alive - four of the original group, and three of the mutants. This was enough to ravage the entire city of Arden in less than a year, except for the fortunate few that found shelter in the denseness of the rainforest.”

“I wonder why the crew were unable to fly the ship.” I pondered.


The Doctor explained: “Our theory is, that the Ardammarn's natural mentality is the equivalent of that of a civilisation that has evolved to a mid to late stone age, perhaps even the early bronze or iron age. This level of intellect seems to imprint itself onto that of the Ardammarn's victims as well. Thus any technology that is beyond this would soon be forgotten. Although, in the beginning, the infection is centred around the hypothalamus, it is possible that it may soon spread to those parts of the brain that controls the memory as well.


There are a few diseases that cause the sufferer to revert back to little more than a brute beast. Thus it is possible that the infection, or the so-called 'Ardammarn's Scourge', causes the brain to forget all but the most basic of information, and thus it can only comprehend a certain level of advancement.


It is the physical mutation that is the most alarming. The beast seems to lose any form of characteristic that might determine its gender. But as we know, it can develop both male and female organs at will. We recovered the body of the one you killed in the ruined house, and conducted an autopsy. What we discovered was a number of glands beneath the skin that appear to secrete a sort of musk, that is loaded with pheromones. These are used to sedate their prey, and alter their level of consciousness, in order to make them compliant with their advances. The odour was so pungent that the medical personnel had to wear heavy-duty masks, to stop it from having any effect on them.


Well, the information you have provided us with has already proven invaluable in unravelling the mystery of this being. Not only that, but Mister Reese has authorised an expedition to investigate the ruined city. Sairya, our experts are still working on the interpretation of the murals and relief sculptures you found in the main Temple. Altogether, this was a success, despite the dangers with which you were faced.” She concluded.


“I agree.” Stated Reese, having just come back into the boardroom, “And now - To our last item on the agenda: The balance of what we owe you. The treatment you received at Doctor Kolvar's facility is our responsibility, as well as any other medical assistance you may require to help you recover from your ordeal. I do believe the amount upon which we agreed was seven-hundred and fifty thousand credits, is it not? Thus the outstanding amount is half a million.”


Again he went into his office, and a few minutes later the correct amount was credited to our account. We shook hands, and thanked Mister Reese for his patronage. Soon after that, we were on our way home once more, this time for good, or at least for a long break before we planned to embark on another mission.




We took our luggage into the house, thanked the driver that had taken us home, and went out again in our own auto. We had a late lunch at a small restaurant that we liked. It was situated in the old part of the city. The food was good without being too fancy, and its ambience was relaxing. While we were eating, I excused myself, saying that I had to go to the bathroom. Some time later, I returned and we carried on eating. We tried our level best to talk about anything other than our experience on Morten. If the topic came up, the other person would quickly change the subject. Having finished our meal at our own leisure, we made our way back home.

Unlike the one in our dreams, which had actually been based on the house in which we lived when we first met, the real one was large and spacious with a meditation tower on the one side. It was built halfway up a small hillock, the summit of which was behind a copse of fir trees. On the opposite side to where the tower was situated, the house had a lower level. This was the sitting room, and had the most spectacular view of the landscape before us. One of the similarities between the home in my dream and the real one, was that it was built on the outskirts of the city of Argent Prime, the capital city. Unlike Gilmuire, which was a massive metropolis that covered the entire planet, Argent had three cities, of which Argent Prime was the largest. This meant that there were still open spaces between them.


We arrived home just before sundown, and in the dim light, I leant over and kissed my beloved on the lips. She smiled back at me, and we kissed again. It felt so good to be back in the real world, that we relished the experience as if it were our first. Reluctantly our lips parted so that we could make our way inside. Stepping over our bags, that we hadn't even unpacked yet, we headed straight for the bedroom.


I took Sairya in my arms, and she smiled at me until our lips met once more. I removed my shirt, and we made for the bed, still locked in a kiss. We knelt down on top of the antique four-poster, and her hands ran down my torso until they reached my belt. She loosened the buckle, and unzipped my jeans. I stood up to get rid of them, and her eyes lit up as she saw the bulge straining behind my jockey shorts.


By now she wore only her tango panties. She stood up, and I put my arms around her. Her soft warm skin against me made me feel fully alive once more. All the horror of what had befallen us on Morten seemed to ebb away as we embraced in the half-light of our bedroom. Sairya turned around, took my one hand, and guided down so that I could feel her soft lips. She knew I enjoyed it when she caressed my rampant member between her butt-cheeks, and she giggled softly as I sighed my delight at the feeling of my cock being enfolded between those firm mounds.


I lay on my back, and she straddled me, my hands stroking the back of her thighs, and running up and down her sexy bum. Again she laughed softly, and we kissed, her hair falling over my face, covering it with its soft cascade. Her warm breath felt so good against my skin as her desire increased.


I rolled her over so that she lay on her back, and knelt beside her. Gently I pulled down her undies, and stroked her maidenhead until her legs opened voluntarily. I caressed her labia until she begged me to finger her, as her hips came up to meet my hand. With her one hand, she seemed to be trying to steady herself by holding onto the headboard, while she jerked me off with the other, riding up and down my cock, every now and then stopping to savour the translucent fluid the trickled out of its tip. My middle and index finger thrust inside her as her quim seemed to invite them into its secret world.




I moved so that I knelt between her thighs, and began rubbing my dick between her swollen vulvae. Her free hand stroked the upper part in time with my thrusts. As I reached the top of her mound, I felt my glans brush against the head of her clit. Soon her labia began to pulse against me, and her abdominal muscles tensed and relaxed. She started to moan, and her head went from side to side as she climaxed. I relished the feeling as her honeypot embraced me with each wave that coursed through her.


As her orgasm reached its zenith, I slowly pushed myself inside her. She lifted her head, and her eyes opened, an almost angelic smile on her face. Her eyes closed again as she rocked back and forth, burying my cock deep into her. I hardly had to move, as her thrusts were doing it all for me. She slowed down, and I felt her reach a second, more ecstatic climax. I kissed her lips as she sighed and moaned in her state of bliss. Her slow, determined movements drove me to the very edge of nirvana.


She lay still as I began my ascent, and my hips began thrusting once more. I felt myself reach the point of no return, and tried to withdraw as was my usual practice. But then Sairya took hold of the base of my cock, and held me there. I felt it pulse in her hand, but it was obvious that she did not want me to pull out. As if her body agreed with her desire, her inner muscles began to contract and relax in such a way as they drew me back into her. By that time it was too late. All I could do is lie still, and allow my seed to be sown inside her ripe womb. The sense of me losing myself within her triggered off a third climax, that kept me there until the very last drop had been drained from me.


Her body rocked back and forth as though she was in a trance, and I felt the sexual rush begin to ebb. I collapsed on top of her, and she let out a throaty laugh that assured me that this was what she wanted. Who was I to argue? Even as I finally withdrew, a final spurt of milky white came out of my still erect member, and landed in her dark patch of pubic hair.


I was too exhausted to even try and ask her why she had done what she did. Part of me thought: “We've been together for so long now, and after all we have been through, maybe it's time to take our relationship to the next level.” With that happy thought, I thanked her, kissed her still dreamy face, and fell asleep in her loving arms. My last thought was: “This is where I belong.”


I thought that I was still dreaming when I felt a warm hand caressing my engorged cock. I opened my eyes as Sairya laved the underside with her soft tongue. My nerves became fully awake when she reached the frenulum, and my member twitched and jerked uncontrollably in her hand. She smiled up at me, then took me in her mouth, riding up and down my rigid shaft, her tongue tracing blissful lines down its throbbing length. There was nothing left for me to do but to lie back, and savour the moment.


As she felt my cock swell in her mouth, she lifted her head, the expression on her face full of mischief. With her soft hands, she coaxed me until my member erupted, eliciting a cheeky giggle and a look of adoration. Again she licked my glans as more of my cum shot into her open mouth, one jet even landing on her cheek. The rest of it ran down over her fingers. Playfully she came up and kissed me, and I could taste the slightest hint of bitter almond on her lips. She then licked her fingers, and enticed me to join her as she savoured the warm stickiness of my offering.


At last she buried her head against my chest, still with a grin on her face, and I admitted: “Angel - That was an unexpected surprise. What have I done to deserve it?”


“Nothing my love.” She replied, “But when I woke up, you were as hard as a rod, and I didn't want to waste a totally spontaneous 'Morning Glory.”


“Well, I have a surprise for you also.” I informed her, “Let's go to Alstead Park like we used to. We can have breakfast in the tea-room there, and go for a walk.”


“You said you had a surprise for me.” She insisted, “Why can't I have it now?”


“Trust me.” I replied, “The park will be a much better setting.”


Reluctantly she acquiesced, and we headed for the park. When we first met, it was one of our favourite spots, mainly because the tea-room was cheap, and entrance was free. Since then, we had returned there to reminisce about our past experiences. The restaurant had not changed much over the years, and their breakfasts were still good value for money.


We finished our meal, and began to stroll slowly through the scenic landscape of Argent Prime's biggest park. It was clear that Sairya had still not totally recovered from her illness, and tended to tire quickly, so we had to stop regularly so that she could rest. On one such occasion, I saw that there was a flower seller near to one of the benches upon which we were sitting. I went over to the elderly lady, and picked a bunch of red roses, together with some carnations, and a few deep blue irises. They were bound together with a white ribbon.


I took the small parcel out of my pocket, and tied it to the bunch of flowers using the same ribbon. The merchant nodded knowingly, and smiled at me. I bade her farewell, and went back to where Sairya was sitting patiently, a look of curiosity on her face. With a smile on my face, I went down on one knee like a knight of old, and handed her the flowers. Her face beamed as she accepted them, and took in their sweet scent.


Her attention turned to the package. She asked: “What is it?”


“That's the surprise.” I told her, still on my knees. Her smile broadened with excitement as she removed the envelope from where it was tied. She opened it, and read the card that accompanied it. Tears filled her eyes when she guessed what was in the small box. She opened it, and took out the silver ring with a diamond on it, and two wine-red garnets, one on either side.


All that was written on the card was: “Please be mine for what's left of this lifetime, and I will be yours forever. Love - T.”


She stood up, too emotional to answer verbally. She smiled through her tears, and nodded her head in acceptance. Then she fell about my neck, burying her head into my shoulder as I held her close to me.


As she regained her composure, all she could say was: “I love you, Tyrone Braelyn. You're a rascal, but I love you so much.”


I replied: “I love you too my angel.”


We kissed, and it felt as though the last vestiges of our ordeal had finally been washed away. The past had somehow been returned to its rightful place, and the future - although filled with hope - seemed to be just over the next horizon. All we had, all we really needed, all we ever desired, was that one moment: The here and now.



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