The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 5

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 5 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 5

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Following Chapter 4


Following Chapter 4


Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016



The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 5:


That night was spent sitting at Sharna's bedside, watching helplessly as she tossed and turned in a state of delirium. The medication that was running through the drip, was at best slowing the spread of the infection, but her condition was still rapidly worsening. The oxygen was preventing her from losing consciousness completely. I knew that if I let that happen, there would be no turning back, and I would lose her for sure.


The following morning, even before the first signs of daylight, I left her side to search for items that I could use in a ceremony. As was our tradition, I needed to gather whatever the forest around me could offer to put on my altar, along with the usual candles and other adornments. Being in the midst of a massive rainforest, it did not take long for me to collect an impressive array of pieces. These included: Feathers from what appeared to be the wing of some kind of raptor, a seed pod – still filled with seeds; a sprig of wild flowers, and even a couple of pebbles that resembled a tourmaline and a jasper. I also found the skull of a type of rodent about the size of a hyrax.


When I returned from my foraging, I went to see how Sharna was doing. I needed to replenish the antibiotics running through the drip, and reset her oxygen mask because it had slipped, as she still writhed in her semi-consciousness. Her skin was cold and clammy, and perspiration poured off of her. Thankfully I had ensured that our medical supply was fully stocked with glucose and ringers lactate. By alternating them, I would be able to keep going for about three days. However, there was still no progress, and it would not be long before her mutation was complete.


Which was why I decided to call upon a higher source to aid her in beating this disease. I fetched my drum from the cockpit, where I had put it behind my seat. I then knelt before the makeshift altar that I had arranged on top of an old tree stump, and began my chanting. Soon I focussed my attention entirely on myself, and the altar before me, and it did not take long before I was in a trance state.


I saw a winged figure reaching out, and Sharna straining toward her with her one hand, but there seemed to be some form of barrier that prevented them from making contact. Then a gentle voice sounded in my head.


She said: “Son of Terra, I would offer my aid in your companion's healing, as I see that your bond with her is pure and strong, and must not be severed. I also perceive that it is one that has endured much testing. But alas, I am unable to help her, until you have done all that you can, to appease the creature that pursues you. Go and try to make peace with her, for the sake of your beloved. If she refuses, or violates the truce in any way, then do what you must. Fear not - I will assure that your soul-mate's condition does not worsen as swiftly as it has up to now.”


My vision then changed, and I saw our craft touch down in a clearing in the middle of a jungle. Again the figure spoke: “This is the home of another of my adherents. Once you have found resolution with your opponent, however that may be, then travel to this place, and you will find the one who is called Estiana. She will be waiting for you ...” The voice and the figure began to fade away.


“Wait! How will I find this place?” I asked.


Almost inaudibly, the voice replied: “It is not far from here.” Then it dissipated completely. The scenery before me appeared to drift ever further away from me, as if I was floating higher and higher above the ground. Eventually, a large part of the rainforest spread out below me, and I could virtually see where the locale was in relation to the position of my camp-site. While it would not be possible to travel there on foot, I could do so in the craft in a very short time.


While I was still in my trance state, I called upon my Totems, and left the one that responded with an instruction. I then returned from my dream-quest. I first went to check on Sharna once more, and found that the Spirit Guide seemed to have been true to her word. The infection still raced through her body, but instead of her condition deteriorating almost as I watched, it appeared to be stable, for the moment.


With a heavy heart, I headed for the Ardammarn's lair, this time knowing what might await me. My gut told me that this was a mistake, and that she could not be trusted. But then I thought to myself: If the Spirit Guide that appeared to me in my vision did not believe that a truce was possible, she would not have instructed me to try and make one. And then there was the option that, if my attempts failed, I could then take further action. At least I had to try.


When I arrived at the lair, I stood at the doorway, and called out. I was not going to go inside, just in case she somehow knew that I was coming beforehand, and had set some kind of trap for me. I told her that I wanted to come to 'some sort of agreement' with her, and that I was not there to harm her. After a while, she came to meet me.


“Do you like the outfit?” She sneered, her voice sounding in my head, “I borrowed it from your pretty lady-friend just before she got sick.” I felt the anger rise up in me when I saw that she was wearing the short olive green dress that Sharna had on, the night she left to try and threaten the Ardammarn. “Pity I had to rip her matching pants off of her, so that I could fuck her tight pussy. Such a cute little cunt, don't you agree? Sorry you ain't getting none of it from now on.”


I struggled to keep myself from blasting a hole in her head as my temper soared. Trying to stay calm, I bluffed: “I know that I'm going to lose her anyway, so I've decided to give you what you want. I'll be your drone. Under one condition though: You retain your human form. I don't fancy fucking a monster all the time.”


“Oh my - I will have to think about this one. Come back this time tomorrow morning, and I will have an answer for you.” She responded.


Reluctantly I agreed, and returned to the camp site. I checked on Sharna as soon as I got back, just to make sure that she was still stable. I replaced her drip with a new one, and changed the sweat-laden sheets. The Spirit Guide had kept her word, and her condition had not worsened any further that I could notice. The sats monitor, that indicated the level of oxygen in her blood, showed me that her saturation was at a steady eighty-five percent. While this was a bit low, it was not a threat. Before I embarked on my dream-quest, it had dropped below sixty.


The Ardammarn sat in her den, considering my offer. She thought to herself: “I will trick him into believing that I agree with his terms, and once I have him eating out of my hands, I will change back into my true form, and mate with him until his balls run dry. And then, once I've finished with him, his people will send a search party to find these two love-birds. I will find another among them to be my drone, and either feed on the rest, or turn them into my slaves.”


She closed her eyes, and could envision this human at her beck and call. Her one hand took hold of his erection, and began to jerk him off, her other squeezing his balls. A wave of energy pulsed through her as she felt his cock begin to jerk. His rigid member pulsed as stream upon stream of rich semen poured into her ripe uterus, the sperm cells rushing to meet her expectant ova, and fertilising them. She imagined her body writhing as he took her to new heights, his cock driving in and out of her, his gism pouring from his throbbing member, without stopping until he finally passed out from exhaustion. And even then, she could see herself with his still engorge penis in her mouth, as she swallowed his offering, that oozed out of him despite his unconsciousness.


As the vision excited her, she willed herself to grow a male member. While she daydreamed, the organ grew hard, and began to jerk wildly. She stopped dreaming, and took a makeshift sheath, made out of an animal's small intestine that she had prepared, and tied a knot in the one end. She then slid it over her throbbing cock, and began to jack herself off, her mind recalling the dream she was enjoying before.


She was now standing behind her victim who was bent over forwards in front of her. She buried her cock in his muscular butt, and drove it in and out of him until she came with such a flood, that it poured out of him again. Then she went round in front of him, and stuck her member into his mouth, forcing him to swallow whatever she gave him.


Soon her balls began to ache as they released their load. Her dick convulsed, and a steady jet soon filled the condom with its milky richness. Her hips thrust forwards as if trying to urge it on. She moaned as the last drop flowed into the sheath. Once her member had become flacid once more, she removed the cover, and tied the other end as well.


She had stolen a few bottles of alcohol from the ship that brought the other trio to her home some time ago. Opening one that was three-quarters full, she emptied the contents of the condom into the bottle, and shook it until it dissolved into the liquor, that was strong enough to mask the bitter almond-like taste of her gism. She sat back with a wicked, but satisfied smile on her face.


The following morning, I nervously returned to the lair. When I arrived, I saw the Ardammarn standing naked in the doorway. She had returned to her human form. Without speaking, she ushered me into the room. As usual, there was a heavy scent of herbs and musk in the air, and it was all I could do to prevent myself from falling under their influence all over again.


On a low table was a bottle, almost filled with some form of alcohol. Next to it were two glasses. She bent over to pour us a drink, and my eyes feasted on the cleft that opened slightly before me. As if she knew that I was admiring her, she put her hands on her butt, and parted her cheeks, revealing more of her honeypot. She stood up, and smiled at me.


“I have decided to accept your offer.” She proclaimed. She offered me a glass. “A drink first. To us.”


Part of me wanted to refuse, but it seemed as though I had begun to succumb to the intoxicating odours that filled the room. And, after all, it was just one drink. I took the glass from her, and sipped it first. I could not taste any form of poison in it, so I drained the contents.


Smiling, she motioned for me to stand up. She began to remove my clothing. As I stood naked before her, she reached down and fondled my balls. She giggled as she felt my hips push forwards. Her touch sent a shiver throughout my body, and I soon felt my cock become erect. She stroked its hardened length until it began to throb in her hand. Then she turned around, and nestled the rigid member between her butt-cheeks. She rode the tender underside until the organ started to jerk uncontrollably, at which time we headed for the old bench.


I lay on my back, and she straddled my head, so that I was able to see the moisture that oozed out of her pussy. She jerked me off as I watched her maidenhead open and close. I was enraptured as I caught the slight whiff of her moisture, and felt the heat coming from her. I reached out and stroked those soft lips with my index finger. Her honeypot opened even more, and I inserted my finger into her, feeling it become coated with lubricant. As her excitement rose, she rode my dick even harder until I felt my climax approaching.


She moved down until she could lower herself onto my unbridled member. With me inside her, she began to ride me once more. It did not take long before I felt myself emptying my load into her. She laughed out loud as she felt my gism flood her. After a while, she stopped moving as my own hips took over the thrusting.


I began to relax, thinking that it was all over, but to my dismay, I realised that my cock still longed for more. I could feel the familiar ache in my nether regions as I had the first time. That's when it dawned on me: She'd laced the fucking drink!


But it was too late. All I could think of now was my desire for her body, that took possession of my senses. She went onto her hands and knees, and I pushed myself into her again. I was so much under her spell, that I hardly felt her own orgasm come and go, and continued thrusting myself into her until another flood left my tired body, and filled her with my offering. And still I was not satisfied! Even though I was exhausted, my yearning remained unchecked.


I lay on my back, the Ardammarn next to me. She took my aching member in her one hand, and jerked me off. It did not take long before I came for a third time. This time my gism landed on my own midriff, and there seemed to be no stopping the flow. My abdominal muscles were sore from the contractions that accompanied each climax, but the convulsions continued involuntarily, despite the pain that they caused. At last the flood abated. She bent over me to lick my cum off my sweat-soaked skin, savouring the mix of bitter almond and salt.


I knew that I could not continue for much longer, but still part of me craved for more. She bowed her head, and took me into her mouth, totally enveloping me in its wet softness. She had hardly started laving me when I shot another burden down her throat. I cried out as my whole body was racked with agony. And yet she still didn't stop. Her mouth opened as my cum filled it to overflowing. I couldn't help myself. Despite the pain, my hips bucked over and over. My balls felt as though they were going to rupture as my gism flowed over them, and onto the bench below me.


She rolled me over onto my side, and positioned herself so that her hips were level with my butt. She held my turgid member in her one hand, still jerking me off. By this time my nerves had gone into a state of shock, and I could barely feel her touch any more. I lay there, almost as if I was in a coma, and watched the familiar sight of my member spurting all over the seat.


I realised, but too late, what she was trying to do. She was literally going to make me cum until I died. Now that I had fertilised her, she no longer needed me alive. No doubt she would feed on me once I had been drained, just before I perished. I knew that I would have been the envy of any man, fool enough to dream of being fucked to death, but the agony that I suffered had long since turned that dream into a nightmare. By now every muscle in my body went into spasms each time my cock jerked, and yet I still could not stop. Even when I was not in the midst of a climax, my semen still oozed out of my member that twitched painfully, trying to expel it from my body. She licked the almost clear fluid off her hand.


I felt an all too familiar sensation as she drove her own member into me. I moaned in protest, too weak to fight her off. Her cock thrusting inside of me seemed to revive me once again. My body came alive, and I felt my nerves scream as I convulsed, and ejaculated for what I knew would be the last time, this time my cum trickling down over her hand. I gasped for breath, and the pain in my chest became unbearable. My whole lower body was going into spasms. My cock was still solid, and I felt as though it was going to burst. In my state of total exhaustion, bordering on shut-down, I realised that I would not survive another onslaught.


“Soon I will have it all! Then I will eat that sexy cock of yours, and savour your ripe balls! After that, I may even go and finish off that cute little girl of yours. I can almost taste her sweet little pussy now!” She sneered, and underscored her point by squeezing my testes with her strong fingers. Even though I was in a state of shock, the pressure she exerted on them still hurt like crazy. I tried to pull away, but the effort made things worse.


It was then that things began to change in my favour. I felt her organ begin to pulse, and I knew that she was about to cum. She had repositioned herself so that her legs were keeping mine apart, her body behind me, leaning slightly back. Call it survival instinct, but summoning all the strength I could muster, I swivelled round so that I could lie on my back. This forced her to withdraw, and not a moment too soon. As her cock was freed from within me, her gism spurted out between my butt-cheeks just before I turned over. Despite the cramps that had set in as my body cried out for sustenance, I wrestled free from her clutches, and sat up.


She snarled like a wild animal as she tried to pin me back down, but her attempts were interrupted by the sound of hooves rattling across the floor, from where there was a wide gap in the wall of her chamber. These were accompanied by the wild screech of a raptor, as it descended through the hole in the roof. While she was trying to fend her two attackers off, I struggled from underneath her, and stumbled to where my clothing lay.


I retrieved my handgun, and waited for an opportunity to fire. My chance came when she was almost able to free herself, and was crouching on her haunches with her back to me. I aimed for the base of her neck, and pulled the trigger. Blood spattered as the bullet struck home, and she tried to cry out in rage and agony, but could only manage a gurgling noise, before falling forwards onto the ground. Her body writhed as it reverted back to her true form, now made even more hideous by the multiple wounds that she had received, and the bloody mess that was once her throat.


I turned her over onto her back. Her face was covered in blood. She was not dead yet, and tried to speak. Instead she coughed, blood pouring from her mouth. Her eyes began to glaze over, and her head lolled back as she breathed her last. I could not help but feel a pang of sadness as I watched her go. I thought that I would rejoice at her passing. I mean, she tried to turn Sharna into a monster like her, and a sex slave at that! And then she nearly killed me! There was a part of me that hated her, and was glad that she was dead. And yet there was another part that pitied her.


It was night-time when Estiana came out of her trance. During her dream state, she had seen a craft landing in the clearing near her small cottage. One of the occupants was very ill, and in a critical condition. She returned to her home, collected her medicine bag, and instructed her young companion to prepare the bedroom for their patient.


The healer began her rite of preparation. She went deep into the forest, to a place that was sacred to her. She made a fire in the centre, and placed a small cauldron, filled with water, on top of three large rocks, so that it could heat up over the naked flames. Using some pebbles that she had collected from the stream that flowed near her home, she drew a circle, just big enough for her to stand in. She began facing East, continuing the process until she faced South, then West, and North, and eventually facing East once more.


The medicine woman began to chant, calling upon her own Totems to attend the ceremony, and come to her aid. She then took out a piece of mutton-cloth, and placed a mixture of herbs upon it. Tying the four corners together, she lowered the cloth into the water, and waited for it to boil. As the water bubbled, it turned a dark green from the leaves that steeped in its heat. Soon the air was filled with a pungent aroma of herbs.


She took a gourd from her medicine bag, and filled it with the mixture, and another, and then another, until the cauldron was empty. Just then, she heard the distinctive cry of a forest owl, a sign that her request for wisdom had been granted, and the medicine would be effective in treating whatever ailment the young woman had contracted.


She repeated the sequence, only changing the ingredients used to create the mixture. This time the water turned a light ochre, and its smell was sharp and clean. Again the screech of an owl could be heard. She gave thanks for her Totem's blessings, and dowsed the flames. She closed the gourds so that they wouldn't spill, and carried them one by one, back to her cottage, once she had removed the pebbles. Again she began in the East, but went in the opposite direction from when she created the circle.


I buried the Ardammarn's body under a pile of rubble, in what used to be her lair, and put a slab of concrete at the head as a makeshift gravestone. I found it hard to conduct any form of ceremony for her, but I forced myself to do so. I had to be reminded that she no longer posed a threat to me, or to anyone else, and that was all that mattered.


I returned to the ship, and set a course for the clearing I had seen in my vision. It was a short journey, and soon I arrived at the location. I checked to see how Sharna was doing once again. The Spirit Guide's promise still persisted. She seemed to be stable, although her temperature had increased by a slight margin, and her pulse was racing even faster. Her breathing remained shallow, but her sats were still practically stable, having now dropped to just under eighty percent, still within acceptable parameters. And at least the seizures, that had racked her body from time to time had stopped. They were frightening enough, but what made them even more so, was watching her eyes glow with the same unnerving light as the one who had infected her.


I became aware of a figure standing outside of the craft. When I looked up, it was a young girl, I guessed not even passed her teens. I was about to ask her what she wanted, when she told me her name. Her name was Dammia, daughter of Estiana. She stated that she had been sent to help me. I knew better than to argue. She said that her mistress was waiting for us back at her home. It was then that I realised that the girl was obviously the healer's apprentice, as well as her daughter.


She was very beautiful, in an almost innocent way, and one got the impression that she possessed the ability to empathise with those under her care, a gift that would make her a talented healer. As she caught her first glimpse of Sharna, a great sadness came over her, and it looked as if she was about to cry. She placed her hand softly on Sharna's forehead, and I could have sworn I saw her eyes flicker in response. Dammia did not say anything., but looked up at me with a smile that rekindled a spark of hope within my soul.


She and I carried Sharna until we arrived at the small cottage. It was neat, with an herb garden growing all around it, no doubt containing plants that were not indigenous to this specific area. Apart from this, there was no space between it and the rest of the forest, that seemed to grow even thicker nearest to the dwelling. As we arrived, a figure dressed in a simple light green dress, came out to meet us. Her dark hair was done up in two plaited ponytails that hung on either side of her face. At first glance, I could not tell whether she was young or old. Her eyes were dark, and seemed to reveal the depth of wisdom that was stored behind them. Her expression was one of great concern and empathy, just like that of her daughter. But her face did not have any lines or wrinkles that would indicate how old she actually was.



She smiled, and then looked at her patient with a look of pity. She said softly: “Bring her inside, and lay her face down on the bed. Fold her arms, and rest her head on top of them so that she has space to breathe.”


We followed her instructions. Estiana pushed Sharna's legs slightly open. I recoiled as I saw her inflamed vulvae. They were red, and a white discharged oozed out between them onto the clean sheets. The infection had spread right over her butt-hole as well. As the healer ran her hand over her swollen mound, one would have thought that Sharna would wince in pain, but instead she lay still as if she could not feel it. Estiana washed her hands to get rid of the discharge that had covered them, having poured some of the other mixture into a basin of hot water.


She instructed her assistant to hand her one of the gourds she had filled with the dark green tincture, and poured some of it onto her hands. Starting at her patient's butt-cheeks, she gently massaged the liquid into her skin, working slowly down between her thighs, until she reached her outer labia. The woman focused on the area that was inflamed the most, and as her hands caressed Sharna's mound, I could see the redness begin to fade, and the swelling go down. Her inner labia remained distended, and began to protrude from the outer lips. Again she washed her hands in the basin.


Estiana asked us to help her lift her patient until she was on her knees, her face turned to one side on the pillow. Coating her fingers with the extract once again, she pushed her fingers between the tender inner vulvae, and began to massage it into her. This time Sharna's reaction was noticeable as her butt-hole began to open and close involuntarily. The discharge changed from a trickle to a stream as it dribbled down her thighs, as the healer parted her labia with both her hands.


The medicine woman smiled, and informed me: “This is good. She is beginning to fight back. She has a long ways to go yet. The fluid must be clear before she will be out of the woods. Dammia, please bring me the purgative my dear.” She instructed her apprentice.


Positioning herself so that her head was between Sharna's legs, she soaked a clean rag in the yellowish liquid from the second container. It had a slightly acidic smell that reminded me of eucalyptus oil. The woman then squeezed the cloth until the essence trickled over Sharna's honeypot. Using her tongue, she spread it between her inner lips, covering her vagina and clitoris with each stroke. Again her patient's response was visible, even more so than the time before. The opening to her quim began to react spontaneously as her tiny grape became engorged.


I almost leapt with joy as I heard her moan. I saw her hands grip the bedding as her body acted in response to Estiana's movements, and she buried her face in the soft pillow. The healer then dipped her middle and index fingers into the container, and then gently inserted them into the patient. By now her labia were inflamed, but this time not with the redness of infection, but with excitement. Her clit throbbed as its tiny head protruded even more from its sheath. By this time, a steady flow poured out of her body as the purgative rid her of the infection. It was still a milky white, but less so than it was at the start.


As the healer's fingers worked their magic, a jet of almost clear fluid squirted out of her patient's pussy. As if that was her cue, Estiana parted her fingers, and withdrew them once more. As she did this, they were covered in the whitish fluid that still poured out between Sharna's thighs. There had been a marked improvement from when she had started the treatment. Soon it seemed that Sharna was in the throes of climax. As her whole body convulsed, it was as though she had begun to rid herself of the infection, that had threatened to change her irrevocably, if not kill her.




As she relaxed again, Estiana asked her to lie on her back, her legs open. She obeyed, and the healer began the purging process. With her tongue, she laved her honeypot, while allowing the purgative to trickle down over it. She then focused on her tiny bud. Sharna arched her back, and pushed herself against the other woman's face, as she sighed with pleasure.


Inserting her fingers into her pussy again, she massaged the tincture into her patient's inner walls, as she writhed, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Sharna's breathing came out in sighs and moans, but this time in a state of bliss rather than feverish delirium. Her stomach muscles tensed and relaxed as the waves of delight flowed through her. The sheets were soaked as her emissions poured out of her like a river. By now the discharge was almost clear. As Sharna's hips lifted off the bed, she screamed in ecstasy, and squirted another jet out of her quim. This time, it was clear. Another followed, and another, until she finally began to relax, a smile on her face at last.


Estiana turned to me, and stated: “I cannot complete her treatment, only you can. You are able to reach where my fingers are not.”


I stared at her blankly. Only when her eyes ventured down to the bulge in my pants did I realise what she was trying to tell me. She smiled at me, shaking her head. I have to admit, that watching the whole process had left me very horny indeed, especially the last part.


She instructed me as to what to do. Then she and her daughter left the room. I soaked another clean cloth in the yellowish liquid, and rubbed it onto my erect cock. To my surprise, I found that it was slightly oily. I placed my hands on either side of Sharna's hips. As the tip of my penis brushed against her, she became a little apprehensive. I spoke to her, and she seemed to relax as she heard my voice. She opened her legs and her honeypot accepted me inside her.


Her body had not forgotten the bliss of the previous encounter, and soon I felt her begin to climax. My heart burned with delight as I watched her eyes close, and felt her body respond to my movements. Her head rocked back as her hips began to gyrate, and her hands grasped the sheets as if she was trying to steady herself. She lifted herself off the bed, and pushed me deeper inside her. I felt her inner muscles enclose my member, holding me within her, and soon her orgasm had her in its power, this time for her good rather than wanting to do her harm.


I was more than a little uncomfortable as I felt myself soar to the height of pleasure. Normally, by now, I would be struggling to withdraw so that I did not drop my load into her. This time it was different. Estiana had instructed me not to stop until I had ejaculated. She assured me that, because of Sharna's condition, as well as the purgative that coated me, there was no chance of her becoming pregnant. I felt myself reach the point of no return, and I hoped that she was right.


As if to confirm that Estiana was, Sharna held me against her body, thus preventing me from stopping even if I wanted to. Her muscles began to tense once again as a second surge of energy coursed through her. It seemed that the sensation of my cock beginning to erupt inside her had triggered another orgasm. As she came, she locked her legs around my waist, and I knew there was no turning back.


I was still suffering some of the after-effects of my last session with the Ardammarn, and had not the strength to control myself. I felt my member pulse as it propelled my gism into her body, and all I could do was lie still, and wait until the last drop of my seed had been sown. This time, I experienced the satisfaction of knowing that I was cumming inside the woman I loved. I collapsed on top of her, my body relaxing for the first time in a long while.


As I lay there, Sharna said: “Thank-you my beloved. I feel truly alive again.”

My heart melted as I heard her voice again. She put her tender arms around me, and held me close to her. I rested my head on her breast, and heard her heart beating strong once more. I could no longer contain myself, and I sobbed as I held her tight. I felt as if I could easily lie there forever. Once I thought that I was surely going to lose her. Now I did not want to let her go.


After a while, Estiana and her daughter came back inside. I had since dressed myself again, and sat on the side of the bed, caressing Sharna's back as she lay on her tummy. The healer leaned in near to Sharna's face, looking intently into her eyes. With her one finger, she brushed her patient's lips until she smiled.


“It is done my daughter. You are free from the Ardammarn's curse. Now - We have prepared a bed for the both of you in the room next door. You will rest here until I am certain that you are cleared of the illness.” She stated, “You have a good man here, and that is a rare find indeed.”


Sharna looked up at me as I smiled back at her, and winked, the sparkle having returned to her dark eyes. There are no words to describe what I felt at that moment. I picked my beloved up, carried her to the other room, and kissed her as I laid her back down on the bed. My eyes burnt with the tears that flowed from them.


She lifted my face to meet hers. In her soft voice, she said: “Come, my love. I'm still here. You can rest easy now. Our ordeal has ended at last!”


I lay down next to her. We rested our heads on the pillow, facing each other. I ran my fingers through her hair, still matted, but no longer wet from perspiration, and gazed upon that beautiful face, made all the more so by the smile that played on her lips, adding an extra glint in her eyes.


Her fever had not quite left her completely, and her body was still warmer than usual. As we slept, she threw the bed-clothes off of her in an attempt to cool herself down. Some time during the night, she finally calmed down, and her temperature returned to normal. Exhausted, I put my head on her shoulder. She wrapped her arms around me, and we fell asleep just like that, in peace for the first time since we had arrived on the forest planet of Morten.”


“Can I order us another round?” I suggested.


“Yes please. My throat is parched.” He replied.


Tess brought us our drinks. I was bewitched by her ready smile that seemed to light up her whole face.


“Is he boring you with his tale of woe and misery?” She jested, winking at the storyteller.


“On the contrary.” I replied, “I find it fascinating.”


“Well I hope it helps you.” Tess stated, a strange expression on her face.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“I can't explain now. Perhaps later.” She responded, smiling at me. She placed her warm hand on my shoulder, and then went off to serve at another table.



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