The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 4

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 4 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016



The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 4:


That night, for the first time since my first run-in with the Ardammarn, I slept soundly. The herbs that Sharna had prepared worked, and the next morning I awoke refreshed. I had not felt so good for a long time. I accompanied Sharna to the main Temple, where she showed me the murals she had been studying.


In all this mess, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed her company. Up until now, we had been separated, as she was working on one site, and I on another. And so we did not spend much time together. And then, of course, Morrigan arrived on the scene, and spoilt everything. Her interference had placed a huge strain on our relationship. While Sharna understood that my involvement with the Ardammarn was forced upon me, she still could not hide her frustration, not to mention more than a little jealousy. She was a woman after all, and did not wish to share me with anyone else, no matter what the circumstances.


On the way back from the ruins, we walked hand in hand. We did not say much, but the sense of togetherness was enough to rekindle some of the fire that we thought was lost. We joked as we strolled through the forest like it was Alstead Park back home. Every now and then, we stopped and kissed. Every time we did this, I was reminded again how much I adored the taste of her lips, the distinctive scent of her perfume, and the feeling as she pressed her body against mine. She would whisper in my ear, and I enjoyed feeling her warm breath against my cheek.


A dark figure crouched in the thicket a short distance away, watching the couple as they strolled down the old pathway from the ruins. Her blood boiled with envy as they stopped, embraced one another, and kissed. After a while, her temper got the best of her, and she slunk back into the surrounding bushes, returning to the old building that was her home.


When we arrived at the camp, Sharna took the first shower. I told her that I needed to work on the report, that kept our employers up to date as to how the project was going, and that I would take mine after I was done. In the account, I did not divulge all the gory details concerning the Ardammarn crisis, but gave them a broad picture of what had happened. While I was working, Sharna went to lie down. I drew the blind between the back of the ship, where the seats were, and the bed, so that I would not disturb her.


Once I had finished, and sent a transmission to the company head-office, I went to bathe myself. After the wonderful day that we had spent together, even this mundane activity had a new perspective to it. I enjoyed the feeling of the day's dirt washing off of my body, and I imagined that I was also being cleansed from all the shit, that had clung to my soul from my dealings with Morrigan.


Just as I entered the cabin, I heard a faint shuffling sound coming from the other side of the blind. I pulled the curtain open slowly, so as not to attract attention. Sharna was lying on her back. She was topless, and wore only a pair of white briefs. Her legs were open, and her knees raised. Her hand had strayed under her panties, and her finger stroked her maidenhead, her hips bucking off the bed as she pleasured herself. Her head was turned to one side, and her eyes were closed. Her mouth opened as she sighed, and I was sure that I could see the slightest hint of wetness on the thin fabric of her underwear.


I felt a warm glow come over me, and at that moment, as my eyes took in the beauty before me, I knew in my heart a sense of contentment and tranquillity, that doused the flame of all of my anxiety. Part of me did not want to break the spell of this private moment. But, as I have said before: There are few things that can turn me on more than watching a woman getting off in front of me, especially one as sexy as Sharna was. The movements of her body were like she was in a trance, swaying to some primordial beat that she alone could feel.


In a soft voice, she said: “You can come and join me if you want.”


I stripped, and she indicated that I should lie next to her. Watching her jill off like that had made me very horny, and I lay on my back, my cock standing to attention. She sat next to me, and her soft fingers lightly brushed the tip of my member, and onto my glans. As her index finger stroked its tender frenulum, the organ jerked involuntarily, eliciting a cheeky snigger. As it twitched again, she let out a naughty laugh, and looked up at me.


She went down to the end of the bed, and held the base of my shaft in one hand. She then took my dick in her mouth, and lowered her head, so that I could feel her tongue caress it until the upper part touched the back of her throat. She opened her mouth, lifted her head slightly, and repeated the tantalising routine, as she began to taste the slight sweetness that oozed out of me, soon becoming a steady flow. She looked up at my face, watching my expression change as I reacted to her attention.


She lay on her back with her legs over the foot of the bed, and I stood lifting her hips with my one hand, so that my cock could caress her vulvae. We moved together, her labia opening and closing as her desire mounted. My other hand stroked her soft breast. Her breathing came in sighs as she watched my dick emerge from between her vulvae, each time more and more coated with her moisture. She ran her fingers down between her moist lips, reaching for her small bud, and stroking its tiny shaft as her desire began to soar. Her hips rose and fell in unison with her caressing, pushing against me as I thrust forward.


She held the base of my penis, and guided me between those gentle lips, that curled around me as if to invite me in. She groaned as she felt me fill her. I shifted position so that my knees were on either side of her, and she raised her hips to increase the contact with my rampant member. She went up onto her elbows, and began to rock back and forth. I held her there with one hand, and remained still as she took over the thrusting for a while. Our lips met, but the heat of the moment made kissing difficult as our bodies seemed to dance to some erotic rhythm of their own.


Soon my arm grew tired, and the first wave of her climax began to pulse through her. She lay flat on the bed, her head thrown back, and her mouth open. Her hips pushed me deeper inside her as though she wanted all of me. Her strong abdominal muscles tensed and relaxed as her whole body convulsed. She groaned and cried out, her eyes closed, and the veins on the side of her head standing out, as it rocked back, from the strain of her orgasm. She smiled impishly as her rapture began to subside, her eyes still brimming with passion, and her breathing returned to normal. Her eyes were still closed as if she wanted the moment to last a bit longer.


As she regained her breath, she asked me to stop for a moment while the energy that coursed through her began to ebb away.


She motioned for me to withdraw. Reluctantly, I complied, and she indicated that I should straddle her chest. As I obeyed, she placed my hands on either side of her breasts. I was thrilled at what was about to happen next. I lowered myself until my cock rested in her cleavage as I pursed her breasts together, enveloping it in their tenderness. Her hands were placed on my butt, and she began to push me back and forth, so that I fucked her between her tits. Their warm softness set a flame inside of me. Playfully, she pretended to lick the tip of my member as I thrust forward, and at times her tongue actually touched it. She giggled with delight as my balls tickled her. I enjoyed the feeling of them brushing against her skin. Once again her arms grew tired, and she pushed her boobs together with her hands, so that they enclosed my cock. I placed my hands on either side of her head, and gazed upon that beautiful face, as my movements hastened my own state of bliss. She looked up at me, and her eyes shone with desire and adoration.


Again she told me to stop, just as I was on the brink of climax. Taking my cock gently in her soft hands, she coaxed me until I came between her breasts, my gism running down until it rested in the cleft of her collarbone. With her other hand, she cupped my balls, and gently squeezed them until they released their load to the very last drop. Her head sank onto the pillow once more, and there was a smile on her sweet lips, as I groaned in the throes of my own apogee. She raised herself up onto her one elbow again, and took my still throbbing member into her mouth, stroking my balls with the other, as the last strands of semen dribbled out of its tip. Her tongue laved my hypersensitive glans. She eventually let go of my gonads, and her tongue ceased its coaxing. Only once I had withdrawn, did my organ relax again.


I bent over, and licked the sticky white fluid from between her breasts. She craned her neck so that she could watch me, and laughed softly as my tongue tickled the base of her throat. She took my head in her hands, drew me towards her, burying my face beneath her chin. I felt her throat tremble as she let out a groan of contentment. Her one hand ran up and down my back, while the other held my head still nestled against her. Finally the energy of the encounter left us, and we lay there drenched in its aftermath, although the thrill would remain warm within us for quite some time.


Exhausted, we settled down to sleep, lying up against each other, spooning. She lay with her back against my front, my arms hugging her breasts. I relished the smell of her hair, the softness of her skin, the feeling as my dick was gently cushioned in the cleft of her firm butt, and the smoothness of the back of her thighs. Her dreamy moans, and the slow steady rhythm of her breathing, the sweetness of her scent, as opposed to the Ardammarn's heavy musk … All these things gave me a sense of peace that, right then, I felt that no-one could take away.


Even though, during the course of the night, I felt myself grow hard again as those tender cheeks embraced me, it gave me a strange feeling of well-being, and I went back to sleep.


In my mind, I said: “Morrigan, or Ardammarn, you can fuck me all you want, but you'll never make me feel the way she does!”


The next day was the best we had experienced since we arrived. The memory of the previous night shed a gentle light on the rest of the sunlit hours. We even decided that we would take a break, and just enjoy our time together. After all we had been through thus far, some time off was very welcomed. By the evening, we felt rejuvenated, and ready to face the task ahead with renewed enthusiasm.


Just before we went to bed, Sharna replenished the herb censors, and soon the cabin was filled with their sweet scent once more. The night after our siesta, I was able to sleep without any disturbance. It appeared that we had found a remedy for the Ardammarn's attacks. It seemed that we would be able to carry on with our work without further hindrance. We knew that she was still out there, but reckoned that, as long as we stuck together, she would not bother us again.


Three nights later, I fell asleep with the heavy scent of the herbs that burnt all around me once more. They seemed to be still working, and I was looking forward to the rest of the night passing uneventfully. But then the situation began to deteriorate all over again.





This time the vision came to me in psychedelic techno-colour. Morrigan was lying on the edge of a narrow bed, on her back, with her legs wide open. I stood next to the bed. Our bodies moved in unison as my cock rode in and out of her. She lifted her head as her orgasm flowed through her body, her mouth open. She groaned in a state of nirvana, and I felt my own climax approaching. I withdrew, and sprayed her breasts and abdomen with gism.


Without missing a beat, I entered her once more, and carried on fucking her. Her whole body tensed as if she was having a seizure, and I stopped my thrusting, and buried myself into her as deep as I could. A fresh flood filled her until it flowed down onto the sheets beneath her. Once I had finished, I withdrew. Her pussy was still in the throes of her climax when I reached down and began to stroke her labia as they pulsed, and eventually relaxed once more.


At that point I heard her saying: “I am still waiting for you, my pet.”


In my dream, I lashed out, and struck her across the face with my fist. Her head jerked back, and blood trickled from her nose. She wiped it off with her finger, and glared at me, with a wicked grin on her face.


“Fuck off you bitch!” I cried, and sat straight up in a dazed state. My eyes blinked in the darkness, as I tried to recover from my nightmarish confusion.


It was then that I remembered where I was. I apologised to Sharna, who had woken up with a shock. She sat up, and buried my head between her breasts. Her warmth helped to calm me down a little, and she urged me to go back to sleep. I lay back down, still seething with rage. My only consolation was that my anger had prevented me from having yet another wet dream, and that I had not hit Sharna by mistake. I struggled to go back to sleep, and lay on my back, lost in thought.


Inside of me, I felt that something had changed. I felt that we had a fighting chance. If we stuck together, we could beat this thing, as we had so many times before. We were a team, and a damned good one at that. Over the passed nine orbits, since she joined me on a mission to Varda - where we barely got away with our lives - we had jelled together, both as lovers and as partners. Once we had set our minds on something, despite the odds that were stacked against us, we usually achieved our objectives, even if by the skin of our teeth. Instead of feeling as though I was the victim, and the Ardammarn was in control, I felt as though the tide was beginning to turn in our favour. This afforded me some comfort, and allowed me to finally drift off.


I was awoken by Sharna getting out of bed. At first I thought that she had to answer the call of nature, but I found that she was trying to ready herself without turning on the light inside the cabin. I switched it on. By the kit she was carrying, I knew that she was not going exploring, especially not at this hour. I asked her where she was going.


She replied: “I'm going to tell that bitch to lay off. It's time for her to realise that you are not her play-thing. I have left instructions with one of my Totems, that she must let you know if anything goes wrong. I'm not going to ask you not to worry, but don't try to stop me. This is something I must do, and I must do it alone.”


Although I felt ill-at-ease about her decision, I knew better than to stand in her way. She was strong-willed at the best of times, and would do anything to accomplish what she had set out to do. As I have said before, Sharna was not your average city girl. She had grown up in a rough neighbourhood, and had become street-smart early in her life. After a three-orbit stint in the military, she began her career as an explorer. Two orbits later, we began working together as a team.


“Just be careful. She is very crafty.” I warned.


“Don't worry. I will.” She assured me. A smile came over her pretty face: “I love you.” She added.


“And I you.” I responded.


She blew me a kiss, and left for the ruined city once more. I couldn't rid myself of the nervous knot in my gut, not even by convincing myself that she knew what she was doing. I knew my nemesis all too well. Sharna had never actually encountered her, and would thus be at a disadvantage, as she did not know her strengths. I suppose she thought that her female instincts would guide her, but I still felt that she was somewhat in over her head.


Sharna headed towards Morrigan's lair. She reckoned that, as the Ardammarn seemed to hunt mainly by day, she would stand a better chance of catching her while she was still asleep. She crept into the dark chamber, and heard heavy breathing coming from the old bench off to one side. A feint beam of moonlight shone onto the sleeping figure, and confirmed that it was her target.


Before the Ardammarn was able to respond, Sharna pinned her to the bench, her handgun pointing at her throat. The beast's eyes were wide with fear, and she gasped as her attacker grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, and lifted her head off the pillow.


“I'm here to warn you, you fucking bitch! Keep your filthy hands off my man, or I swear, the next time I will put a hole through your fucking throat. Are we clear?” Sharna threatened.


Instead of responding, the Ardammarn let out a hideous laugh. In a flash, she knocked the weapon out of Sharna's hands. In one swift movement, she struck her opponent on the side of the head with her fist, and the woman hit the floor, unconscious. Morrigan dragged her victim's limp body back onto the bench, and began to strip her. As more and more of the young woman's figure was revealed, the beast felt a stirring in her loins. She parted those shapely thighs, and stroked her maidenhead with her fingers. Although her quarry was out for the count, her honeypot still responded to her touch, those delicate lips darkening as they became engorged with blood. She inserted her finger into her, and enjoyed the wetness that welcomed it.


Her throat went tight, as a smile came over her face. Her own body started to undergo some form of transformation. Her hips bucked as her own member began to emerge. The effort taken for this mutation made her sweat, and the room was soon filled with her musky scent. She softly rubbed the swollen tip of her cock against her captive's tender vulvae, watching them react instinctively to her touch. Just as a precaution, she tied her victim's hands behind her back, this time making sure that the knots held.


When Sharna awoke, she sat up, the world spinning around her. She felt as though her head would burst as the pain seared through her. Her jaw ached, but she did not think it was broken. The heavy smell in the air did not help, and it made her feel as though she had been out drinking instead of out cold. Her panic arose when she realised that she was tied up, and naked, but by that time it was too late, as she began to sink under the influence of the fumes that ensnared her.


The Ardammarn grabbed her around the throat with one hand, and held her hands, still tied behind her back with the other. Sharna could feel her hot breath down the back of her neck, and it sent a shiver down her spine.


She heard a menacing voice whispering in her head: “And now, where are your brave intentions? I have you now, and when I am finished with you, you will be my sex slave until the day you die.”

Sharna desperately tried to free herself, but the pheromones that filled the room had sapped her of the strength to resist. Morrigan's hands began to caress the woman's body. Under the influence of the Ardammarn's scent, her skin thrilled to her touch, and by the time she reached her maidenhead, the human was completely under her spell. Her thighs parted, and she felt her assailant's fingers caressing her labia, that became engorged as her nerves responded to her touch.


Part of her wanted to scream in horror, but her will was overrun by her desire, and instead she moaned in pleasure. The Ardammarn sat down on the bench, and untied her hands. She took her victim's one hand, and guided it until she touched her hardened member. The beast sighed as the woman's fingers enclosed it, and instinctively began stroking its turgid length, and her hips began their rhythmic movements. Morrigan forced Sharna to kneel, straddling her, and facing away from her. She smiled appreciatively as her eyes took in that shapely butt, and that ripe honeypot, just waiting for her to ravage with her cock, now jerking in anticipation.


She put her arms around Sharna's slender waist, and pulled her down onto her rampant member. At first the human moaned as the distended organ stretched her quim almost to the point where it became painful. But as it was driven deeper into her, her groans changed from apprehension to ecstasy. She rode up and down that magnificent organ, and watched it as it was driven in and out of her. Soon her body prepared itself before it was launched into a climax that she had never experienced before. She threw her head back, and screamed with pleasure as the energy surged through her. So great was her orgasm, that she hardly noticed the Ardammarn's mighty penis unloading itself inside of her.


Her panic arose again when her attacker began to ravage her with her sharp claws. The Ardammarn forcibly turned her around so that she faced her. Pulling her down so that her still untamed member entered her again, she took the nipple of her one breast into her mouth. As her hips drove another load of semen into her body, the brute sank her teeth into the dark areola, drawing blood that she lapped up with her tongue.


As if in a faint, Sharna collapsed on top of the one beneath her. The Ardammarn withdrew. Only then did the woman realise her predicament as Morrigan's cum dribbled out of her, and down the inside of her thighs.


It did not take long before she was made fully aware that she was in real trouble. She began to burn up as though she was on fire. It started in her loins, but soon spread throughout her entire body. It reminded her of the time that she contracted Dalthonian Swamp Fever. The only difference was, that the infection took a few days to reach the same level as this had in a matter of minutes. Soon she felt delirium approaching as sweat poured off her, and her whole being felt drained of all energy. The room spun even more as she sank into a coma.


I began to worry when Sharna did not return by mid-morning. I was tempted to go looking for her, until I remembered that she had instructed one of her Totems to alert me, if she was in any kind of danger. By lunch-time, she still hadn't come back. I was about to leave in search of her, when I noticed a red fox standing some distance away. She was looking straight at me, and I knew that this was Sharna's messenger. I picked up my kit that I had prepared in anticipation, and soon I was ready to leave. My throat was tight, and there was an ache in my stomach as my mind raced with disquiet.


My suspicions were confirmed when I stood up and drew nearer to the creature, and she did not run away. Instead, she jogged off for a short distance, and then stopped. She looked over her shoulder as if she was waiting for me to follow. As I came closer to her, she moved on a bit further, and then stopped again so that I could catch up. I noticed that she was heading towards a small hill near the place where the Ardammarn had her lair. I had not been there myself, but I had seen it before.

My little guide stopped at the mouth of a small cave. By the expression on her face, I knew that she wanted me to go in, so I turned on my headlamp, and started to go inside. I felt my stomach turn as my sense of smell was overwhelmed. The place reeked of putrefaction. I held my nose, and surfaced once again before I had to puke. Putting on my re-breather mask, I made another attempt at entering the cave. Even through the filter, I could still smell the stench, but at least it was bearable. Wisely, my companion did not follow me inside, but elected to stand watch at the entrance.


The cave was relatively large, more of a tunnel than anything else. Soon I reached a part where it widened out. By this time my mask was struggling to keep the nausea at bay. It was all I could do to stop myself from bolting for the entrance once more. As my torch illuminated the smallish chamber, I was confronted with the source of the stink.


The first shock that hit me was when I saw what was left of a human male. His body had not fully decomposed, and I saw enough of him to be sure that this was the Ardammarn's handiwork. He was tied to a stake that had been driven into the soft floor of the cave. He sat on a rock, what remained of his legs hanging over the edge. The monster had fed on him, and his nether regions were just a mess of blood and torn flesh. His face was a mask that portrayed the agony and terror of his final living moments. This must have once been Doctor Kale, the leader of the first team of investigators.


In my mind's eye, I could envision how the poor wretch had died. The Ardammarn had seduced him into having sex with her. She made him so horny that he did not care about her appearance, as long as his desire was fulfilled. Neither did he take cognisance of the fact that she was tying him up. She knelt between his legs, as he sat on the rock.


Her long tongue caressed his erect cock until she felt that he was ready to ejaculate, and then took his member into her mouth as he came, savouring the thick stream that poured down her throat. She then encircled the base of his penis, and she sank her teeth into the still pulsing organ. In one stroke, she removed it, and then tore his balls from his body. She lapped up the rich mixture that gushed from where he had been butchered, as he still cried out, just before he breathed his last. She threw her head back, and devoured her prize.


Next I saw the remains of a young woman, still wearing what was once a short blue skirt and white top. She too had been tied up before she sank to her knees. There was a pool of blood on the ground, and the inside of her thighs were coated in red. The Ardammarn's tongue had ravaged her so, that part of her innards had been torn out of her, and was hanging in shreds between her lifeless legs.


Once again I could imagine her final moments of torture, the vision aided by the description of how the organ went about its deadly work. It started in the usual way, with the beast enticing her prey with promises of sexual bliss. What happened after that is anyone's guess, but eventually she must have sensed that her victim was ready.


The beast lay on her back, facing upwards, with her head between the woman's open legs. At first she laved her vulvae while her quarry fell under the influence of the chemicals that her body emitted. As the delicate lips became swollen, the entrance to her vagina opened. She continued her coaxing until her maidenhead pulsed as she climaxed. Then she inserted her tongue into the moist opening, and it pushed its way up, until it touched the top of her uterus, at which time a thin tube, with a barb on the end, came out of a small hole in its narrow tip. With it, she perforated the strong muscles of her victims womb, and began to tear the whole system apart.




No doubt the woman screamed in agony as her lifeblood gushed out of her, straight into the Ardammarn's mouth. The beast withdrew her tongue, but the barb stuck fast, and as she pulled out, part of the woman's insides followed.


I was too sick to even look at the third victim. All that I saw is that it was also female. Her arms were stretched out, tied to rafters that had been held in place near the roof of the cave. She was kneeling on the ground, what was left of her clothing covered in blood that poured out onto the floor. By her dark hair, I knew that this was once the woman whose name, and identity the Ardammarn had adopted. This was the real Morrigan!


Just when I thought I had seen enough, and was about to leave, I heard a groan coming from one corner of the cave. I turned and noticed a fourth body lying on her back on the ground. She too was naked, but the bodily fluids that poured out of her were still fresh. As I drew nearer, she moved. She was still alive!


Her vulvae were swollen, but still intact, even though they bled profusely. The ground beneath her was sodden with blood and urine. The stench of infection was almost overwhelming. There were countless scratch and claw marks all over her body, and these too were inflamed, but did not seem to be that deep. Her one nipple was bleeding, and there seemed to be puncture wounds around it, as if she had been bitten. She was drooling as her mouth lolled open. When I saw her face, I realised who this was. It was Sharna!


“Terry - please - help me.” She whispered feebly.


“My God!” I exclaimed, sinking to my knees, “What has she done to you?” I wept as I saw those beautiful eyes glazed over, and without expression, as if she was already dead.


“I'm sick, my love.” She told me, “She's infected me.”


I lifted my head, my fists clenched against my chest. I closed my eyes, as if in the vain hope, that when I opened them again, this whole experience would be an horrific nightmare, and I would wake up with her lying next to me. But alas, when I regained my vision, I was struck by the same harsh reality.


“How long have you got?” I asked, half of me not wanting to know the answer.


“The study said that the mutation took about a week, sometimes sooner. Not many survive the change. I'm sorry, my love.” She replied.


“Hey! Don't give up on me yet. Just – just please hang in there.” I called out in desperation as she seemed to sink back into her coma.


I picked her up, and struggled back to the entrance of the cave, her limp body in my arms. The red fox was still waiting for us. As I surfaced, she vanished again, first looking back over her shoulder as if to wish us well. Again I gave thanks. Sharna was running a dangerously high fever, and her body felt like a brand against me. I summoned up all the inner strength that I could muster, as her weight threatened to conquer my efforts to get her back to camp.






About an hour and a half later, I finally reached my destination. Even though I was exhausted, I managed to put her on the bed. Using the ship's emergency oxygen supply, I placed a mask over her nose and mouth, and turned it on. As it hissed, her eyes began to flicker open. At least she was still alive. Our med-kit contained some base-line antibiotics. I blessed the time that I had spent at an Advanced Emergency Medical course as a young man, with the idea of joining the Army medical units. It was during my short time in the military that Sharna and I first met. We had been dating for two years before we began working together. Since then, she had become an important part of my life, if not the most important. My heart refused to settle for the notion of losing her now.


Using the skills I had learned in the military, I put up an intravenous line into her arm. I let it run for a while, and then injected some of the clear liquid from one of the vials into the tube. I knew that this was only a temporary measure, but it was the best I could do. Not even the medical staff on the mother-ship would be able to help me, because they did not have any form of antidote. They could try and synthesize one, but it would take too long, and there were no guarantees that it would even work. No - if there was a cure, it needed to be found here!

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