The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 3

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 3 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


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Following Chapter 2


Submitted: May 01, 2016

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Submitted: May 01, 2016



The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 3:


“I don't think our survivor is who she claims to be.” I mentioned.


“What makes you think that?” Sharna enquired, just coming out of the wash-room.


“When I found her in her lair, I am almost certain that I saw blood-stains on the dress that she lent from you. Didn't she say that she was a staunch vegetarian?” I explained.


“And so, why would she have blood on her clothes?” She asked rhetorically. “Hmm - I think we need to be careful. Something is amiss. I told you I didn't like her.”


Morrigan awoke just as the day dawned. She could not rest as the pangs of hunger began to overpower her. To be able to feed, she first needed to revert back to her true form, something that she both enjoyed and dreaded. The torment during the first part of her transformation was excruciating, but the sense of power she enjoyed afterwards was worth the pain she had to endure.


Her whole body went into convulsions as it began the process. She sank down onto her knees, her head thrown back as she emitted a howl that was neither human nor animal. Soon the agony became so severe that she collapsed on the floor as the seizure reached its climax. Pain turned to pleasure as the convulsions caused almost a sexual response to surge through her. Her lower body jerked uncontrollably as an orgasm pulsed through her that she would never experience, even in her natural form. A slightly milky fluid sprayed out of her as her inner muscles contracted. Her vulvae were so engorged that they actually ached. Her whole body was trembling, and her head tossed from side to side. She screamed in pain and ecstasy at the same time. As her body submitted to the experience, she tasted the slightest hint of blood in her mouth from where she bit her tongue.


Her rapture began to subside, and she felt herself slip into unconsciousness as the mutation reached its final stage. When she awoke, she could hardly recognise her own face, or rather the face which she had shown to the newcomers. No longer was she Morrigan. She was Ardammarn once more!


She was determined to have her revenge on the one who had so humiliated her, but first she had to feed. On this planet where animal life was in abundance, it did not take long before she picked up the trail of a creature that was about the size of a bear. By its scent, she could tell that it was a male. This excited her even more. She had a preference for males as their genitals were on the outside of the body, and thus easier to get hold of. And besides, their semen was rich with essential protein. As she stalked the creature, she could almost taste the slightly bitter issue that jetted into her mouth, and feel the organ throb against her tongue. Quickly she had to force herself to refocus on the task at hand.


Her quarry even resembled a bear, except for the long, sabre-shaped canines. She knew that she had to be careful, because despite her power to beguile any creature, there were times when this ability failed. Her target was a lot bigger, and more powerful than she was. If her seduction did not have the desired effect, she would be in serious danger.


The creature was an old male, and was lying in the shade of a large tree. As the Ardammarn approached, he stirred and let out a low, throaty growl. She stopped, and waited until he calmed down. She then drew nearer until she was certain that her prey was well within range of her scent. The carnivore's attitude changed, and he stood up on all fours. Slowly he approached her, sniffing the air.



As he came close to her, she adopted a posture of submission, her butt towards his face. The creature sniffed her vulvae, and began to grunt with excitement. She looked over her shoulder, and saw the creature's rampant penis. Part of her smiled at its sheer size and girth, while the other part knew that she would have to act quickly. The last thing she wanted is for that massive organ to penetrate her, never mind it releasing its load into her uterus instead of down her throat.


She winced at the memory of a few nights before, when she was hunting one of her victim's brethren. He was younger and stronger than this one. Once he fell under her beguilements, he thrust his massive penis into her before she could react. The sheer size of the organ made her pussy bleed as it was stretched to its limit. She had struggled to break free, but was too late. She managed to turn over onto her back, but he was on top of her again before she could get away. The brute unloaded himself inside of her. She bit her tongue to stop herself from screaming. In his excitement, he clawed at her as she tried to escape, leaving deep lacerations over her chest and abdomen. One strike even hit her across the cheek.


Thus, before this one could mount her, the Ardammarn turned round, and took the tip of his erect member in her mouth, stroking its slippery length with both hands. As she tasted the fluid surrounding it as it protruded from its sheath, her own saliva added extra lubricant to the process. The giant member began to jerk as the creature's climax was fast approaching. It was not long before the animal thrust his hips forward, and she felt his warm, protein rich seed shoot down her throat. She almost choked as the creature's glans swelled, and filled her mouth. As his penis jerked, and the last drop spurted out, her one hand went down to the creature's scrotum. She grinned in anticipation as she felt the size of his gonads. They were still pulsing as the beast's final offering was expelled out of them.


She curled her long tongue around the base of his engorged member, the pressure preventing it from relaxing once more, while it ensured that he could not withdraw. Her eyes closed as its roughness drew a small trickle of blood from the pulsing organ, and she could taste its warm richness. Her delight was heightened as she felt the throb of its main blood-vessel still pumping fresh lifeblood into his swollen penis. Her excitement coursed through her body, sending shivers down her spine.


In a frantic effort to free himself, the animal lashed out with his back legs, the claws, that were blunted with age, raking down the Ardammarn's scaled torso, without penetrating the impervious armour. He struggled to break free, but the encounter had drained his strength, and her strong arms held him fast. He even tried to bite her, but she was out of reach of his powerful jaws.


Her tongue tightened around the base of his still pulsing organ, making it swell even more, as her teeth separated it from his body. She removed it, savouring the mixture of blood that pulsed from the artery, and his semen that still flowed from his severed urethra. While she was having her fill, her hands tore the scrotal sac open until she could feel the two large organs within. She devoured the unfortunate creature's cock, while she severed the connecting vesicles with her razor sharp tongue, and fed on his ripe balls as they still dripped his rich seed from them. Turning the lifeless corpse onto its back, she lapped up the remaining blood and semen that was still oozing out of him for the last time, before it soaked into the creature's thick fur .


“What the fuck was that?” I exclaimed as I heard a howl much like the one that had welcomed us the first night after we had arrived on Morten. I looked at Sharna. She shrugged her shoulders, and I could see a look of apprehension on her face. We decided not to go and investigate this time, and headed for the ancient city once more, our weapons ready just in case we ran into trouble.




This time we were determined to explore the greater part of the temple area. We took torches with us as a provision, so that we would be able to make it back to camp after dark if needs be. We also had taken our com-links, in order to ensure that we were in constant contact with each other.


This time, I went to one of the smaller temples, while Sharna returned to the main building. She had found a set of murals that seemed to have the same story to tell as the one that I had found the first time, and she wanted to complete her examination of them. We parted as we entered the main part of the complex.


The so-called smaller temple was in fact bigger than I had anticipated. The building itself was merely an entrance with numerous levels below the surface. Using a chisel, I began leaving markers on the passage walls, in order to prevent me from getting lost in what resembled a rabbit warren. The rock had some carvings on it, but there were sufficient gaps so that I could do this without defacing any of the artwork.


By mid-afternoon, I had reached the fifth level. I decided that it was time to turn back. I reckoned that I would not be stopping to examine the walls in any detail as I returned to the surface, so it wouldn't take long. But I underestimated the distance that I had actually gone. About two thirds of the way, I heard Sharna on my com-link.


“Is everything okay down there?” She asked, “The sun has set, and I've just got back to camp.”


“Yes honey.” I assured her, “I'm on my way back. I'm nearly at the surface. See you in a little while.”


Just then, it was as if there was a voice inside my head. It was a soft monotonous whisper. It said to me: “Come to me. I am waiting for you.”


And that was all. I felt a strange stirring inside of me. Shrugging it off, I continued until I was back at the entrance to the temple. As I entered the large chamber, I felt as if I was going to pass out. There was a strong odour in the room, and my throat began to burn. Try as I might, I could not resist, and soon I was lying on the old cobbled floor, senseless.


As I awoke, I felt something warm and wet enveloping my cock. My eyes opened, and I saw what I thought was Morrigan, her head bobbing up and down with my untamed member in her mouth. As I focussed, I could see that this was no woman. Her hair hung like dreadlocks, but where they met, it was as though it was part of her scalp instead of growing out of it. Those locks were more like massive porcupine quills than hair.


Her arms that pinned my legs down were covered in scales and barbs, and at the tip of her fingers were claws that should have belonged to some sort of reptile. Her breasts were still relatively soft and pliable as they brushed against me, but they felt as though they were covered in scales rather than skin. Her throat was also scaly, but these were hard and tough, obviously designed to protect the vital veins and tubes behind them. I felt her tongue lave my dick inside her mouth. Instead of being soft and smooth, it was slightly coarse. It was also so long that it wrapped itself around my organ. Something in her saliva caused my whole member to tingle as it coated my erection.


Her appearance had little effect on my desire, however. Her musk made certain that I was under the influence of its intoxicating power, that made me almost enjoy the experience, and urged me on to give her what she so desperately wanted. And that in spite of that part of me, that knew where this was heading.


As she looked up at me, I could see the distinctive glow in her eyes that I had questioned when I first spotted it. There was no white section, as the iris, now a deep red, covered most of the eye. The pupil was elongated, like that of a reptile, even to the point of having a nictitating membrane, which passed over the eye from time to time, hence the glow. The rest of the face still resembled the old Morrigan.


She came up so that she could force my cock into her once more. It was then that I saw that her abdomen was also covered in thick scales. With her clawed thumbs she found a space between my ribs, threatening to stab me with those razor-sharp talons if I so much as moved.


She slowly lowered her hips, a look of satisfaction in her eye as she felt me enter her moist pussy. As she rode me, she smiled down at me, her face gleaming with a sense of victory. She threw her head back, her mouth wide open as her orgasm flooded over her. The contractions of her inner muscles brought me closer to my own climax than I had planned.


Again, I seemed to snap out of my stupor. Taking her by surprise, I rolled over so that she lay on her back beneath me. My hips thrust so, that she realised that I was on the very brink of climax. She clutched my butt, and dug her claws into the flesh until they drew blood, in an attempt to stop me from withdrawing before I came like I did the last time.


Once more, despite the turmoil that raged within my loins, I summoned extra strength from somewhere deep inside me, and forced myself upwards. She screamed in rage as she was made to let go, but not before her claws carved painful lacerations on my backside. I withdrew just in time, as I coated her midriff and her breasts with strand after strand of cum, that would have ended up in her fertile uterus. She tried to struggle free, but this time it was my turn to pin her down. As if to add insult to injury, one of my spurts landed in her mouth as she opened it in protest. Too late, she pursed her lips closed, and turned her head away.


Knowing full well that I was about to face her wrath, I mouthed a prayer to my Totems once more, for one of them to come to my rescue. The entrance to this chamber was very high, and as wide as a double door. The roof was still virtually intact. Soon a looming shadow filled the open entrance, and I heard a wild snorting sound. I looked up, and saw a huge stallion standing before me. Quickly I ducked out of the way as the magnificent creature charged passed me, threatening to trample my erstwhile attacker before she could even stand up or fight back. I knew as well as she did, that not even the scales that covered the front of her body would be able to withstand such a pounding.


She hissed like a serpent, and scurried away on all fours before those mighty hooves could strike, but not before one of them hit her between her shoulder blades. She fell face down onto the floor, and lay there trying to get her breath back. She did not have much time however, as my comrade was standing above her, ready to stamp all over her with his hind legs. She rolled over just in time to avoid being crushed under their immense weight and strength. Even in her animal form, she had the sense not to try and retaliate. After all, this was not just a horse, but a Totem Horse.


At last, she got to her feet. I thought she may have a fractured rib as she limped away, her hand trying to reach where the stallion had battered her. Her breaths came in gasps as she ran. This time there were no threats; no ranting and raving, vowing to avenge herself for my insults. In fact she did not even turn round, but headed deeper into the catacombs somewhere below the main chamber.


I reached out and ran my hands down my Totem's muscular neck. He turned his head towards me, his nostrils flaring as he sought to regain his composure. I felt his breath against me, and smelt its wild aroma. With a single neigh, he galloped off out of the building. As he left, I gave thanks for his aid. Like his predecessor, he seemed to acknowledge my gratitude. He stopped briefly, looking in my direction, then he turned, and was soon out of sight again.


Once more, I found myself walking - or rather limping - back to camp, this time in the dark. The bitch's claws had cut me deeply, and every step was as painful as the previous one. The fabric of my pants adhered to the scabs that were just forming. Whenever I moved, a fresh flow would ooze out.


“Terry, where the hell are you?” Came Sharna's anxious voice over my com-link, “What's wrong?”

Painfully, I replied: “I'll tell you when I get there. Don't worry, I will be there as soon as I can.”

“Okay, but don't tell me not to worry.” She acknowledged, “It's a bit late for that.”


About an hour later, I stumbled into camp. She rushed out and helped me onto the bed. When she saw the claw marks, she couldn't help herself. She rushed out of the cabin, tears running down her face. After a while, having composed herself once more, she came back to help me. First she had to get my pants off. It hurt like crazy as the sodden material pulled the scabs off again, but only once they had been removed, could she treat the wounds. She cleaned them up with warm water and disinfectant, and then proceeded to spray a type of synthetic skin that acted as a dressing. It stung like mad as she sprayed it on, but soon the pain had all but subsided.


Once she had finished, I felt much better. I turned over, and looked at her. She was crying again. Sharna might have been a lot tougher than the average chick in town, but she still had a soft side to her. She told me once that tears are not a sign of weakness, but part of being human. Those that never wept, very seldom felt enough for it to hurt.


“I'm sorry babe.” I apologised, “I couldn't help it. Again, she overpowered me. She's got some kind of power that seems to control her victims. I can't explain it, but it was as if I could hear her voice inside my head. I couldn't resist. I went back to that chamber, and the next thing I knew, I woke up to see her bouncing off the end of my dick again.


I really struggled to stop myself from cumming inside of her, but that's where things got really weird. I remember thinking that I was going to have to give her what she wanted. And then my mind just shifted up a gear, and I was able to think straight again. I finally got free of her, and sprayed my gism all over her, even landing in her mouth. Just like the first time, one of my Totems came and damned near finished her off. I think she got beaten up quite badly, because she slinked off like a scolded animal after that.”


“But why?” Sharna protested, “What is she after? And what does she want with you?”


“I thought it was pretty obvious.” I stated, “Remember that historian told us that the Ardammarn looks for one male to become her Drone. I think she wants to use me to breed, and make more of her kind. I mean, there aren't many other choices here, so I am the one.”


“Well, all I can say is: Thank the spirits your Totems are looking after you! But even they are not infallible, and then what?” She responded, “We've just got to be more careful. Or else, we just pack the whole fucking thing in, and go back home.”


“No way!” I insisted, “Sorry - ain't going to happen. We're not beaten yet.”


Sharna managed a smile, and nodded in agreement. She made me promise that I would spend the following day at the camp, so that I could recover from my injuries. I gave her my word. She gave me something to help me to sleep, and soon I dozed off.



The next morning, when I woke up, Sharna had already left. I felt as though I had run a marathon. The wounds on my butt had all but healed thanks to the dressings, but every muscle in my body ached. I could hardly move without something hurting. I got up, put some clothes on, and went outside to eat my breakfast. I was enjoying the fresh air, and the scenic surroundings, when I noticed a small building some thirty metres away from the camp-site. I had not noticed it before as it was pretty well hidden by the vegetation around it. It didn't look all that big, and I reckoned that I could just go and take a look around, and then come back. I would be done long before Sharna returned.


So I headed for the small ruin, taking the necessary precautions only because Sharna had insisted.


“If you must go somewhere, make sure you don't go unprepared. You never know what might happen.” She had instructed.


It didn't take me long to get there. It did not appear to be much more than a shrine of sorts. There were three rooms, with a single entrance. Most of the structure was covered in moss, ferns and creepers. There was no evidence that I could see of anyone having been in or out of there in a very long time, and I could not see any tracks leading to or away from the site. Later, I could have kicked myself for failing to check the part of the one room that had collapsed, but it was too late to do anything about it, but regret my lack of better judgement.


Confident that nothing could go wrong, I entered the small room. There was a door to the left, and one to the right. The room behind the doorway on the right had all but collapsed. The one on the left looked pretty intact, so I went to investigate. No sooner had I stepped through the door, when I felt a heavy object strike me on the back of the head. The last thing I remember was hitting the moss-covered floor.


I awoke some time later with a head-ache from hell. I was sitting on a concrete slab, with my back against a stone wall, my hands tied behind my back. As my vision cleared, I found that I was looking straight at a woman's maidenhead. With the fingers of one hand, she was pulling the labia apart, allowing me a clear view of the opening to her already moist vagina. Her clit was just visible, being half-covered by its prepuce. A slight trickle came out of her, and dribbled down my chest as her pussy opened and closed involuntarily. I recognised the musky scent that filled the room, and it sent my head spinning once more.


As I succumbed to the Ardammarn's advances, I felt my cock begin to come to life. She put her cheek against its throbbing shaft, and gently kissed its tender underside. I heard her voice whispering in my head again. She said: “I'll have you this time. You won't resist now.”


She turned round, and pushed me inside her once more. As she rode my cock, I realised that she must have been in a hurry to tie me up. As my body moved in time with hers, the bonds slowly began to loosen. I let her think that I was still trapped as it lessened the possibility of her digging those needle-like talons into me again, and in any case I felt that my erection was only half-cocked. I was just too tired after the previous encounter for it to become fully aroused. I guessed that, even if I did cum inside her this time, it would not be as potent as it had been before. I knew that I had my natural limitations, and that her magic could not override those.


As I felt the need for release approach once more, the opportunity arose for me to act. Her hands slipped off my legs, and she was caught off-balance. I placed my freed hands on her butt, and as she cried out in rage and shock, I pushed her off me. My cock was caressed between her butt-cheeks as her own hips rocked and her orgasm took hold of her, and my gism came out in weak spurts, barely covering her bum. She tried to make me cum again, but to no avail. I had reached my limit. She hissed angrily, and pushed me away.


I suddenly heard a growl from the doorway. There was a tawny flash across my vision, and the Ardammarn began to scream as a large forest panther launched her attack upon the unsuspecting beast. Again, I was able to make my getaway before she could recover. I was a little perplexed as to what exactly had occurred back there. I was certain that I had not called upon my Totems for assistance yet. And then I realised that the Panther was Sharna's and not mine.


This was confirmed when I got back to camp. Sharna was extremely upset with me, not so much for getting caught again, but for breaking curfew. I had promised that I would not go out, and had gone against my word. Rightfully she was also angry because I had seemingly walked into my enemy's trap so easily.


“You're very lucky that I realised what had happened when I got back, and found that you had gone.” She chided, “I had no idea where you were, and had to ask my Totems to find you first, and then rescue you. I mean, what the hell were you thinking? Not to mention that you said nothing over the com-link.”


I studied the dirt on my boots as I replied: “I am so sorry. I really didn't think that the ruin would be a problem. I mean, its so close. How was I to know that she was hiding there?”


“You know what that means, don't you?” She asked, “That monster has been watching us. She knows our every movement. I think we need to leave.”


“Oh no we don't.” I protested again, “We can beat this. All we need is a plan!”


“And, do you have one?” She enquired.


“Not yet, but we'll think of something.” I assured her, trying to convince myself at the same time. “And besides, when last I saw her, she was in a pretty bad way. Your Totem had beaten her up quite chronically. I think she might have to lie low for some time so that she can recover.”


That night, as I slept, I dreamt that I was back home. I had just taken a bath, and had a towel wrapped around my waist. I heard the sounds of heavy breathing coming from behind the closed door. I opened it, and saw Morrigan lying on her back, her legs wide open. With her one hand, she parted her inner lips, while fingering herself with the other. Her head was thrown back, and her hips bucked as if she was in the throes of climax. Watching her get off like this stirred my own desire.


With her finger still halfway inside her, she looked up at me, her eyes dark with passion. With her one foot, she deftly removed my towel, and my erect cock came to life. She smiled appreciatively as it rose to the occasion. The next thing I saw was her standing in front of me while I sat on the edge of the bed. Her hands rested on my shoulders as I took her one nipple between my lips, and softly laved it with my tongue. My one hand caressed the other as it grew hard to my touch.


The vision seemed to fast-forward, and I saw that we had switched places, except that I was kneeling on the floor, my head between her sweaty thighs. As my tongue left trails of bliss over her womanhood, her hips pushed toward me so as to intensify the contact. Her head went back as she sighed in a state of bliss. I could taste her moisture as it was mingled with the sweat of her body. As she thrust forward, I could feel her ripe bud against my tongue. She shuddered as a wave of rapture soared through her, and then stayed still as it subsided.



Again there was a change of scenery. I had my back against the basin. Morrigan bent over in front of me, and pulled down my jockey shorts, releasing my rampant cock. She knelt down and laved the sensitive underside with long strokes of her tongue. As I felt my climax become imminent, I found myself lying on my back, her hand stroking my shaft, my throbbing glans in her mouth. I felt my gism come out in a milky flood that poured down over her fingers, and onto my pubic area.


She spoke, but her whisper was not her own. It was the same monotonous whisper I had heard the second time she had ensnared me. It faded as she said: “I will have you. Mark my words. You will be mine.”


As I had the first time, I woke up. My pillow was sopping wet with perspiration, and I felt a cold spot of sticky wetness under my one hip, the aftermath of yet another wet-dream. This time, Sharna was not very sympathetic. In her eyes there was the distinctive look of disapproval. As she sighed, and went back to sleep, I could tell that she was not impressed.


We hardly said a word to each other before we left to continue our investigations. I returned to the smaller temple where I was when Morrigan seduced me the second time, while Sharna went back to finish her examination of the various murals in the main building.


As I was descending through the tunnels below the surface, another vision came over me, as vivid as the dream I had the night before. I saw, as if from the other end of a cam-corder's zoom lens, the soft succulent lips of Morrigan's pussy. The head of my cock seemed to be waiting just on the brink. She reached down, and pushed my strident member into her. Almost immediately, I felt myself release my load inside of her as the organ pulsed over and over again. She lay still as I sowed every last seed into her willing body. Finally I withdrew, and the last of my offering trickled out onto her upper thigh. As her quim contracted, the overflow oozed out of her.


Again I heard her whisper: “You will be mine. You will be my Drone.”


My legs had gone weak, and I found myself leaning against the tunnel wall, breathless. I tried to continue with my work, but the visions kept on bombarding my mind, and impeding my concentration. In another of them, I was standing behind her, my cock buried inside her open quim as she bent over in front of me. My thrusts were erratic as I felt my member flood with semen. She rocked back, pushing me as far into her as I could go, her inner muscles ensuring that I remained locked inside her as my cum rushed out of me, and my hips jerked uncontrollably. Even after I thought I was spent, more of the milky white issue trickled out of me, down the back of her thighs.


This time, all the voice said was: “Not long now!”


That was the last straw! I contacted Sharna on the com-link, and told her that I was going after the bitch. She tried to caution me, but I was too angry to pay heed to her warnings. I was determined to finish this right now!


In one of the daydreams, I had been given a view of a new set of ruins that were possibly her location. From the surrounding landscape, I knew that she was not far from her original lair. Using that as a clue, I headed in the direction of the city's outskirts. It did not take long for me to get there, and I saw the doorway to another large chamber. I drew my weapon, and donned my headlight. I even wore a mask this time, just in case she was burning some of those damned herbs again. Cautiously, I went over the threshold. The beam from my torch could not reach the furthest side of the room, but I could almost sense her presence.



Alas, it seemed as though my re-breather did little to protect me from the smoke that filled the room. I soon fell under its influence, and ended up on the floor, out cold once again. When I awoke, the Ardammarn was holding my gun against my head. She forced me onto all fours.


She knelt behind me, and began coaxing my cock into readiness as her other hand cupped my balls. Soon my member surrendered to her attention. She continued to jerk me off until my hips began to thrust forward involuntarily. Still holding my erection in one hand, my gonads in the other, she stopped her coaxing, and let out a groan of satisfaction. Just then I felt something warm push against my butthole. Before I could realise what it was, she thrust her own turgid member into me.


Part of me panicked as I felt as if my butt was being torn apart, but the current of energy that surged through my excited erection was so intense that I could not help myself. My cock was so hard that it ached as her own organ put pressure against my perineum. I had been at a doctor's rooms before where they required a sperm sample. The physician stuck her middle finger into my butt, and massaged my prostate until I came like a flood into a tube attached to my dick. I was sixteen at the time, and thought that the experience was bliss. Now, as the Ardammarn fucked me, it felt much the same, only this time my semen soon spilt out onto the dust-covered floor.


No sooner had I ejaculated, when she straightened up, placing her one hand on my lower back. Soon I felt her member convulse inside of me, and her own gism began to flood into my rectum. She threw her head back, and let out a sighing moan as a second wave came over her. She withdrew, and it sprayed all over the small of my back. Again, and again, her own organ shot its load all over me, until I could feel that my whole back was covered in its stickiness. Even as it reverted back to its flacid state, it still oozed her cum onto my butt-cheeks.


I felt a surge of heat flow throughout my body. It seemed to take hold of me like some sort of fever, and I knew that the report that the Professor had given us was right. It had stated that the Ardammarn was capable of growing a male organ at will, and that the semen acted as a stimulant that enhanced the sexual experience, and also prolonged it. Often this would mean the encounter would cause the death of the potential drone. The study also stated that the Ardammarn could determine whether her gism would spread the infection, that caused her victims to mutate, or not. The reason for this was, that those who became her slaves could only mate with other species, thus infecting them. They could not fertilise their 'Queen', or make her pregnant. That task solely belonged to an uninfected male.


She turned me onto my back, my engorged cock sticking up straight and hard. Facing my feet, she spread her legs, and pushed herself onto me once more, her thighs pinning my arms at my side, so that I could not fight her off. Her hips rocked back and forth, keeping me deep inside her, and I felt helpless as my desire for release reached the point of no return.


She shifted position. She rose up on her feet, and leaned back, placing her clawed hands on my chest as she had before. As she moved up and down my cock, it was if she wanted my whole member to fill her. I felt her own emissions flow freely down my shaft. Her lower body shuddered as her orgasm approached, and I could feel her muscles enfold me as though forcing me to climax.


The sensation soon pushed me over the limit. I tried in vain to force her off me once more, as she squirted a semi-clear fluid, that trickled down my convulsing member. As my cock erupted, she bore down on me with all her strength, and there was nothing I could do to stop my seed from being sown inside of her! I cried out, half in the ecstasy of release, and the other half in desperation.




“Now I have you!” Her voice whispered once more inside my head, “There will be no rescue now.”

Just as she spoke, I heard a familiar sound. In a flash, a large tawny creature bounded into the room, and headed straight for my opponent. It landed on top of her, pinning her to the floor, its mouth open in a menacing snarl. Before she could respond, I recovered my weapon, walked up to her prostrate body, and pointed it right between her eyes.


“One wrong move, bitch, and I will put a hole through your fucking head!” I shouted, calling the Totem off of her, “You've had your way with me for the last time. Next time I see you, I will kill you!”


Part of me had wanted to finish her off right there and then, but I could not bring myself to go through with it. Instead of pulling the trigger, I hit her with the pistol butt, and she lost consciousness. The panther snarled again at her, and turned to go. “Thanks again for your help.” I said, and it looked over its shoulder at me as if acknowledging my gratitude, before disappearing into the trees once more.


This time, as I related to Sharna what had happened, she did not even look at me. Her eyes remained focussed on the cabin floor. Only once I had finished, did she lift her gaze. The expression on her face, and the light in her dark eyes, made me shiver inside. It was a look of revenge and retribution, and I knew better than to try and stand in her way.


“We finish this! Somehow, we fucking finish this, and soon.” She said, almost in a whisper. Her expression changed. She looked into my eyes, and I could see that her rage had subsided, replaced by a look of determination. “At least you tried. I knew you would. That's why I sent someone to help you. I suspected that she was still too much for you to handle on your own, and you needed aid. Terry, next time, we fucking go after her together! Okay?”


“Okay.” I replied, and she put her arms around me. I felt a lump in my throat. I acted as though I was choking, and she held me at arm's length, looking into my eyes.


“Now, get some rest.” She instructed.


Gladly I obeyed, and went to lie down. As I fell into a deep sleep, another vision came over me. I was obviously standing naked. All I saw was Morrigan's soft hands stroking my erect cock. Her movements were slow, and her touch set a fire inside of me that seemed to burn me to the core. I moaned as a stream of white shot out and landed between her breasts. My ejaculations weakened, and landed their load onto her belly, just below her navel, eventually dribbling down her pubic area as my member relaxed once more.


Once again, I heard that familiar voice: “Soon you will beg for me to take you.”


I woke up with the all too recognisable wet spot on the sheets.


Sharna was really pissed off when she discovered what had happened. She set about placing censors around the cabin, into which she poured a combination of frankincense, myrrh, and golden-seal. She lit the burners, allowing the smoke to fill the cabin. I knew what she was trying to do, and I was grateful for her efforts. Although I was aware that she was a talented herbalist, I had my reservations as to whether her attempts at protecting me from these psychic attacks would work. Nonetheless, I thanked her for trying to help me.


She looked at me, and smiled. There was something in her expression that made me feel uneasy.


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