The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 2

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 2 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


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The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 2:


The pilot of the Astra Seven informed us that we were at our destination. The relief on Sharna's face was very apparent. She was okay with short journeys, but when it came to those that required jumps into hyper-space, she was more than a little nervous.


The crew helped us load our equipment and supplies into the exploration craft, and soon we were heading for the planet of Morten, upon which night was about to fall where we were heading. Our sensors picked up a mass of life-signs on the planet's surface. It also indicated that it was a Class 13 environment. In other words, most of the terrain would be forest, rainforest or jungle. By the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, I guessed the latter.


Soon our monitors located the site where the Temple was situated. It was in the heart of the jungle, just South of a small range of very rocky mountains. Most of the area at the base of these was relatively open. It was here that we decided to land, as the area closer to the actual location was too overgrown to allow a safe descent. And in any case, it was only about a half-hour's walk from where we touched down.


The sun was setting when we arrived, so we made the best of the light to set ourselves up. The exploration craft was designed so that it could act as a shelter. Rather like the old caravans, it had a large double bed that folded out from the wall behind the cockpit. Food and water were synthesised by fabricators, and could be stored in containers in the ship's hull. Aft, there was enough space for a small table and two benches, one on either side. These could be used as work places, or as a place to have meals. Off to one side was the toilet and wash-room, although this we found very crammed, so we usually erected a camp shower with a curtain around it. We only used the loo inside.


Just as a precaution, the craft was also equipped with its own arsenal of weapons. On the end of each stabiliser was mounted a railgun, and on its stern, was a laser turret with a three hundred and sixty degree arc. There were also two pulse rifles in the cockpit, although we didn't often use them as we carried our own weapons.


We had just finished setting up camp when the sun sank below the horizon. We gazed up into the night sky. It never ceased to excite me, seeing the stars from the surface of another planet, and so many of them. That, and the sounds of animals and birds, hardly heard on our home-world any more. Not even on the outskirts of the cities, like the area where we lived.


I was about to mention how peaceful it was, when we heard a blood-curdling howl that shattered the calm night air. I could not tell whether it was human or animal, but it set my teeth on edge.


“Fuck! That sounded creepy!” I exclaimed, “And it was not far from here. Let's go and check it out. I would sleep better if I knew what the hell was going on out there.”


Sharna agreed with me. Setting our weapons on stun, we headed in the direction from which the sound had come. There was a rough trail, probably made by some animal or other, that we could follow. Which was a good thing, as there seemed to be no sign of a blood trail. What made matters worse is that it had begun to rain just after we left. We were tempted to turn back, but something urged us to keep on searching, in spite of the failing visibility.


I was about to pack it in, when in a gully, I spotted a figure lying face down in the mud. It appeared to be human! I motioned for Sharna to come and check things out while I stood guard. She turned the body over. It was a woman! Her stomach, chest and legs were covered in claw marks, and blood trickled out of her mouth, as well as from between her thighs. As the raindrops fell on her face, she blinked. Her mouth opened as if she was drinking the raindrops. She was alive!


We picked her up, and carried her back to the ship. Sharna gave her a spare set of clothes to wear after she had cleaned her up. Luckily it appeared that none of her injuries were more than flesh-wounds.


She claimed to be one of the members of the previous team, and the only survivor. According to her, our guest's name was Morrigan. The other two had been attacked by wild animals. The three of them had become separated during a particularly heavy storm, and she found shelter in the remains of an old house on the outskirts of the city. This she had made her temporary home while she waited for someone to rescue her. Once the storm had subsided, she went out in search of her companions.


“I found the other woman's remains not far from the city. She had been half eaten. All that was left was her legs from the thighs down. I never discovered what happened to Doctor Kale.” She concluded, “After a week or so, I gave up looking. I reckoned that the body would be so badly decayed that I wouldn't know whether it was him or not.”


“That must have been hard for you. How did you survive until now?” I asked.


“Well this planet is very rich, and there are plenty of edible plants here. I'm a strict vegetarian, so it was like I was stranded in paradise. There's so much to choose from.” Morrigan replied.


Sharna offered: “Well, you're welcome to stay with us until we've finished up here. And then we can return you to Gilmuire. From there you can make your own way to your home-world. We'll even give you a cut of the earnings because, thanks to you, we won't have to go searching for dead bodies.”


The woman seemed very appreciative of our offer.


“In the meantime.” My partner stated, “We've got work to do. You can rest here until you feel well enough. When you're up to it, perhaps you can even help us. You know more about this place than we do.”


“I don't know how to thank the both of you.” She admitted, “I'm afraid I had all but given up hope of ever getting back to my home-world. I mean, this place is great, but not if you're all alone. I don't know how long I would have survived being the only human on the planet. There are also very nasty carnivores around here. They look like large apes, the size of a human. Not only do they have a taste for human flesh, but are not beyond taking a human female as a mate. Their attempts are seldom successful, and usually result in the so-called 'mate's' death. That's what attacked me just before you found me. You actually stopped him from trying to rape me.”


We took our leave, and headed for the ruined city to begin our work. I made straight for the temple, while Sharna decided to check out what looked to be a type of mausoleum. On the one wall in one of the chambers I was searching through was a mural, one of many I had seen. None of the others had caught my attention as they all seemed to depict the everyday lives of the city's inhabitants. But this one was different. Much of it had deteriorated, and what remained had turned into sepia. But it was still complete enough for me to make out the main composition.


On the upper right, there was a female figure standing with a candle in her one hand. Seated at a table next to her was a man in monk's robes. He was writing on a parchment with a quill. Inscribed behind the monk's head were a set of letters written in a language with which I was only vaguely familiar. Sharna was the linguist. I took a picture of the mural, and continued with my search. Finding nothing of any interest, I made my way back to the ship.


As I reached the main entrance of the temple complex, I saw Sharna coming out of the mausoleum. She smiled as she saw me. We walked slowly back to the ship. When we got there, we found that Morrigan had disappeared.


“Oh shit! Now what?” I moaned.


“Well, the first thing we need to do is check the craft, to see whether she's taken anything. And then to see if she hasn't tampered with it.” Suggested Sharna, “I can't tell you why, but I don't like the look of her.”


“I do.” I admitted, “But I must say, something about her ain't right.”


“You would like the way she looks because you're a warm-blooded male.” She jested, winking at me and smiling. Sharna understood that I never ceased to be enthralled by the presence of another beautiful woman. She knew full well that, of all the lovely ladies out there, she was always top of my list.


We spent the next few hours making sure that everything was still in order. It seemed as if she had gone without touching anything. The only stuff that was missing were the clothes she had on. What surprised us is that she had not even taken any of the food, and that despite our saying that she could help herself.


It had taken the better part of the day to search through the first part of the complex, and the sun was setting already when we got back to our camp site. We reckoned that Morrigan had survived this long in this wilderness, and that nothing untoward would happen to her if we left her to her own devices for one more night.


“I'll go and look for her in the morning.” I offered, “Oh - I found this in the one room of the temple.”


I showed Sharna the picture of the engraved writing. She studied it for some time, and then said: “Oh my horror! This is not the kind of message people want to hear.”


“Why, what does it say?” I asked, peering over her shoulder.


“I'm not a hundred percent certain, but it says something like: 'Beware all. Death is coming. Make ready, for it comes swiftly.' At least that is what it looks like. It's too faded to make sure. Maybe I'll go there myself, and try and decipher it straight from the source. Perhaps if I make an old-fashioned rubbing of it, I'll get a better idea. I'll do that while you're out looking for our survivor.” She stated.


“Did you find anything?” I asked.


“As a matter of fact, I did.” She responded, “I almost forgot. I found this.”


She showed me a picture she had taken of a relief sculpture that she had discovered on the wall of what seemed to be a large tomb. It was in the shape of a spoked wheel. It was divided into six parts, the top and bottom segments being slightly bigger than the other four. The top-most space contained what appeared to be an ancient representation of the God figure. To the right was the face of what seemed to be a spirit from the Underworld, and to the left that of an inhabitant of the Upper World. Below the one on the left was a large bird, probably signifying the animal kingdom. In the same position on the right was a human figure, while at the bottom was a pile of bones, both human and animal.


“If my interpretation is correct.” Sharna stated, “The symbolism is quite basic: Those who are spirit, ascend to a higher spiritual plain, while the flesh, regardless of whether it is man or animal, falls into decay. It's a universal theme. A rather apt subject to have in a tomb, wouldn't you say? Even our faith would agree with it in principle.”


“Agreed - Except, the top part would depict the Goddess as well.” I added.


“That's true.” She acknowledged, “But the concept of the God and Goddess is relatively new. Certainly more recent than the civilisation that built this temple.”


The following morning I set off in search of Morrigan. A little while later, Sharna left for the temple complex once more. I soon picked up the woman's trail. It was heading towards the city, but not in the same direction that it would if she were going to the sacred site. I followed the tracks for about three quarters of an hour, until I came to one of the few buildings in the city that was more or less still standing, the rest of them having been reduced to rubble from the passage of time.


The tracks led right to the open doorway of the dilapidated old structure. Huge trees grew all around it, and there was the heavy scent of tropical flowers hanging in the air. Moss grew over the old slate tiles on the roof that had partially collapsed, and a long thin tree, with aromatic orange flowers, grew through one of the gaps.


I always felt somewhat nervous about entering places like this, but it seemed that I had no choice. I saw a distinct footprint on the verge, and I knew that she was inside. Hoping that she would confirm this, and perhaps even come out, so that I would not have to go into the edifice, I called out to her.


“Morrigan!” I shouted, “Oh fuck! Damn it! She's probably asleep, or maybe even unconscious!” Alas, there was no response. I cursed silently.


Reluctantly I went inside. At first the room was dark, but as my eyes grew accustomed to the changing light, I could see that the holes above me let in sufficient illumination for me to see without using a torch. This was only the hallway, and I saw tracks heading further into the structure. I followed them, and came upon what used to be the sitting room. This appeared to be Morrigan's makeshift home. It also seemed as if she had been there recently as there was still a fire glowing in the old hearth.


At first I assumed that the heavy scent inside the room was as a result of the wood that she was using in the fireplace. Thus I did not notice that I was beginning to feel drowsy until it was too late. Just then Morrigan emerged from the shadows, still dressed in the garment that she had borrowed from Sharna.


I had not the strength to resist her when she pushed me against the wall, her arm on my shoulder, and her body pressed against me. It was then that I realised that she had nothing on under that peach-coloured dress. She took my earlobe between her lips, and gently squeezed it. I tried to fight back, but the anaesthetic herb she had burning in the fire had sapped me of all my strength. I stood there helpless, and unable to avoid her advances.


“I knew that you would be the one who came looking for me.” She said, her voice heavy with seduction, “Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. It's just been so lonely here, and I have longed to be with a man for so long now. You can help me to feel like a woman again.”

As she spoke, I felt the room begin to spin, and soon I could no longer keep my eyes open. The last thing I felt was her lifting up my limp arms, and tying them to the pillars that were situated on either side of me. Her hands strayed under my shirt, and began caressing my midriff. I blacked out as they reached my waist.


When I awoke, I found that I was naked, my clothes lying in tatters on the floor. Morrigan stood in front of me, not a stitch of clothing covering her. She smiled appreciatively at my increasingly excited cock. By the way it was throbbing now, I knew that she had been fondling it before I came around, but it probably did not react because of my semi-conscious state. I felt a knot in my gut. I didn't know whether it was one of fear, or of extreme excitement.


With her one hand she stroked her breast, her dark nipples hard with arousal. Her other hand caressed her maidenhead as her hips gyrated in a slow mesmerising rhythm. I was too enthralled, not to mention drugged up, to notice a strange glow in her eyes.


She continued feeling herself until she saw my member jerk into life. She giggled as she watched it slowly rise to attention, and then stopped pleasuring herself. She pressed her body against me and began to fondle my untamed member, caressing its whole length with her warm soft hands, her finger brushing the glans as it reached the top. The herb that burnt on the fire seemed to cause my nerves to go into overdrive, and as her hand coaxed me, I felt as though I could cum right there and then. But it didn't happen. Instead my whole body tingled as if an electric current had surged through it, and the last ounce of resistance crumbled. She had me by the short and curlies both literally and figuratively.


She untied the ropes around my wrists, saying: “I don't think we need these any more. Do we?”


I was too weak to answer. She sat down on an old bench, that still had the name of the ship that she and her team had used for their trip to Morten. She opened her legs and began to pleasure herself once more. As she indulged herself, she looked at me with an expression filled with desire and longing. From where I stood, I could see her honeypot react to her touch. Her labia darkened and swelled, and soon her fingers were coated with a hint of moisture.


“Come closer.” She invited, “And watch me as I prepare for you to fill me with your manliness.”


In my drugged state, I could not help but obey. I knelt on the floor, my head against her one thigh. Her honeypot was so close to me that I could feel its heat, and even catch the slightest whiff of its moisture. I could see her labia glisten as her one finger parted them. The heat that her movements generated made her musky scent even stronger, as the air around me seemed to fill with her pheromones. I felt as though she had me under their spell, and I was captivated as I watched the tiny head of her clitoris peep out of its sheath as she stroked. I tried to touch it, but she pushed my hand away, and continued with her hypnotic movements.


She stopped, and instructed me to sit in her place. She folded both her hands around my cock that had become so hard, longing for release, that it actually ached. Her touch sent a fire through me that consumed any ounce of opposition, as pre-cum oozed out of my dick's swollen tip. My hips rose and fell on the seat as I seemed to lose control of my own body. She smiled coquettishly at me as my eyes closed and my breath became laboured. She put two of her fingers in my mouth so that I could taste the clear, slightly sweet fluid that had trickled down onto them.


“Is this good for you, my pet?” She asked. I could but groan in my response.



She told me to lie on my back, and went to fetch a small container. She then poured some of the contents onto her hands and then spread it all over them. After that she took my expectant cock in one hand, and my balls in the other. She first coated both with the oil from the bottle. The flames that had burned me with desire before, raged even more as whatever was in the fluid made me feel as if I was going to explode. And yet there was still no release!


As if she was unscrewing a bottle, her hand stroked my cock in a twisting motion, concentrating on the sensitive area just below the glans. My hips bucked off the bench as I felt myself reach the very edge of nirvana. Her right hand took my testes, and squeezed them until I tried to pull away, as she applied a little too much pressure on my already swollen gonads. But even the pain soon turned to pleasure under the influence of her irresistible advances. The effects of the oil made my scrotum tingle, and it seemed as though my balls were filled to capacity. As she continued, I hoped that it wouldn't be too long before the pressure that built up in my nether regions would be released.


She climbed onto the bench, kneeling between my legs, and began to jerk me off. Her other hand went down to her honeypot, stroking herself. As her hand slid up and down my slippery shaft, I felt the relief as my cock spurted a jet of semen, some of which even landed in her hair. She leant back, and smeared it between her breasts, a look of feigned shock on her face.


As she looked up, I was certain that her eyes shone with an almost inhuman glow. But I was too wrapped up in the climax to make anything of it. I had never experienced an orgasm like that! My member seemed to spurt a steady stream of its milky strands, as the convulsions caused my whole body to rise and fall as each wave washed over me.


And yet the release was only temporary. My member ached even more as my erection had now become a priaprism. The problem is that the hard-on would remain even after I had ejaculated. The only time it would relax is when the effects of the drug had worn off. My balls had pulled up tight inside my scrotum, but still they seemed to be filled to overflowing. My need was so great that my whole body began to quiver as if I was having some kind of fit.


Morrigan straddled me, pushing her wet pussy into my face, so that I felt that I would suffocate if I did not pleasure her with my tongue. Her hand reached behind her, and she stroked my aching cock once more. The oil still made it tingle, and seemed to numb the pain a little as my tired organ strained to remain erect. I could taste her moisture, mingled with the perspiration that trickled down her lower abdomen an onto her pubic area. On either of my cheeks, I felt her thighs, coated with sweat. Along with the slight saltiness on her skin, I could also smell her musk as well.


She moved down until her quim was above my dick, her thighs tensing in anticipation, and lowered herself onto me. Her hands were on either side of my head, and her face right above me. It was then that I was sure there was something about her eyes that wasn't right. As I lay there, exhausted, she guided my throbbing member into her open honeypot. She began to ride me in a slow but deliberate rhythm. As her inner muscles closed around me, I could feel my climax pending once more. As if she sensed this, she tried to clamp her legs around my waist in an attempt to prevent me from pulling out before I came.


“Oh yes - be the daddy!” She groaned. “Let it go.”


Something clicked inside my addled brain, and I grabbed her, pushing her body upwards as I felt my longing for release take hold of me, even though I knew that I would not be fully spent. Her inner muscles fought to keep me from withdrawing. At first she seemed too strong for me, but as I felt my desperation mount, I began to struggle even harder. She seemed to enjoy the challenge, and her face lit up even more.

The harder I tried, and attempted to fight back, the more difficult it became. The whole incident had left me sore and tired. But, from some reserve deep within me, I found the strength. I knew that I was going to cum soon, and it was all I could do to prevent myself from sowing my seed inside her. Almost as soon as my dick emerged from within her, the first white fountain shot up all over her lower back. My hyper-sensitive member sent its load with more force than before. Frantically she grabbed my cock and tried to push me back inside, but her attempts were in vain as the last of my load trickled down between her butt cheeks.


Now it was her turn to collapse in a heap, too exhausted to express her anger and sense of humiliation. As I lay there with her limp body on top of me, I grinned with satisfaction. I knew that I was still under her spell, and that this would be round one if I did not get out of there before she regained her full strength.


I could think of nothing else, so I uttered a silent prayer, asking for my Totems to come to my aid. Just when I thought that my petition had been unsuccessful, I heard the screech of a Martial Eagle. The sound came closer and closer, until I saw the large raptor as it descended through one of the holes in the roof. Its talons dug themselves into Morrigan's naked back as it landed. She screamed out, and tried to fight the mighty bird off of her, but it continued to attack her, allowing me to stand up again.


Realising that I would be at a disadvantage for as long as those fucking herbs were still having an effect on me, I set about destroying the fire in which they were burning, but I had to do this in such a way that I did not create more smoke. Luckily there was a pile of sand underneath some of the fallen debris. While my Totem was keeping Morrigan busy, I took a few handfuls of soil, and dowsed the fire with them. As the air cleared, so did the fuzziness inside my brain., and my aching penis finally relaxed. I signalled to my feathered comrade, and bolted for the door, watching as those powerful wings carried him out of harm's way, and through the hole in the roof to freedom once again.


Exhausted and bleeding, my nemesis was too tired to try and follow me. Instead she stood there and vented her rage and disappointment at me.


“I'll get you for this! You fuckin' bastard! Mark my words, I will get you for this.” ...


Her insults faded as I left the ruins behind me. I had escaped! As I slowed to a walk, I uttered a prayer of thanksgiving to the Eagle Totem, and as if in reply, I was certain that I heard its distinctive call.


“How the fuck am I going to explain this to Sharna?” I thought to myself, and then I realised that I had no choice but to tell her the truth. We had never kept secrets from each other, and I wasn't about to start now. “... And besides,” I continued, “I went there to look for the bitch, not to sleep with her. Okay, so it would sound all too convenient that she tried to drug me, but it is the truth. I was.” …


I stopped dead in my tracks. In front of me lay the remains of a large herbivore, about the size of a deer. It was obviously once a female. I say 'once', because any signs that might have distinguished its sex had been removed. Blood poured out of the gaping hole that once had been its sexual parts, and even the udders had been bitten off, leaving a congealed mess of blood and milk on the ground. Strangely enough, there was comparatively little bodily fluid around the carcass, when taking into consideration the extent of the poor creature's injuries. And then the horrifying truth dawned on me: The beast that killed it was drinking the bloody mixture as it poured out of its prey's lifeless body.



I quickened my pace, and soon arrived back at camp. Imagine the look on Sharna's face when I appeared out of nowhere, butt-naked, except for my hiking boots, clutching my aching privates, and covered in dirt that had adhered to me because I was still all sticky from my encounter with Morrigan.


“What the hell happened to you?” She exclaimed.


“I will tell you all about it.” I replied, “But let me have a shower first, and put on some clean clothes, or rather some clothes period.”


Once I had showered and dressed again, I went about telling my partner what had happened to me. She shook her head in disbelief. Tears ran down her face when I got to the part where Morrigan seduced me, and then tried to force me to impregnate her. There was a wry smile on her lips when I told her that I had stopped myself from going through with the final act, and that one of my Protectors had come to my aid, allowing me to escape.


“I promised myself that I would not knock a woman up until the timing is right, and never because I was forced to do so in any way.” I declared.


“It's a good thing that there is no-one left living in the city.” Sharna said, trying to lighten things up.


“Yeah.” I agreed, “Imagine the riots that would have resulted as I ran through the countryside in nothing but what my mamma gave me.”


“If I didn't know you better, Terry Barnet, I would say you were giving a whole lot of bullshit excuses as to why you couldn't resist getting into that bitch's panties.” She exclaimed, “But I am sure I know you well enough to trust that you are telling the truth. You're full of shit at the best of times, but when it comes to the really important stuff, I know that you are straight as nails. But then, where does that leave us?”


“I did come across something that might help us, but I fail to make the connection.” I replied, and told her about my gruesome discovery on the way back to camp. “... It was exactly like what that Professor told us when she gave us the run-down on that Adra-thingy.”


“You mean the Ardammarn?” She responded, “Okay, let's say for a moment that the thing exists. How does that tie in with what happened between you and that Morrigan whore?”


“Nothing happened 'between' us, okay? The witch drugged me into making her pregnant - that is all!” I insisted, “Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you like that. But there is something else. Damn it! For the life of me, I can't quite put my finger on it.”


“That's okay. Maybe you should go and rest a while.” Sharna suggested, always the practical one! Which was why I was so crazy about her. She was so smart and so damned gorgeous, and yet so down to earth.


I agreed, and went to lie down on the bed at the back of the ship. My body was exhausted, and every muscle in me ached. I felt as though I had been run over by a transport, with the centre of impact between my legs! My brain felt like it was going to explode.





As I put my head on the pillow, I felt like a ship on a stormy ocean. The bed seemed to rock and heave from side to side. The last time I felt that way was when I had come round from anaesthetic after an operation. Having never touched alcohol much, I had never experienced so-called 'bed-spins' before, but I guessed that this is what they felt like. After quite some time, the world around me returned to normal, and I finally was able to drift off into a fitful sleep.


As I tossed and turned, I could see her having her way with me. No matter how I tried to push her away, she kept on coming at me. I felt my strength fail as her advances became more and more irresistible. As she worked her black magic on my cock once more, I woke up to feel my gism spill out onto my stomach. Thank the spirits! It was just a wet dream.


Sharna was sitting next to me, her gentle hand on my forehead. Like a nurse in early times, she was washing my face with a cloth soaked in cold water. I felt somewhat self-conscious, knowing that she had seen my reaction to the dream. As I licked my lips, I could taste the saltiness of my own sweat. I reckoned that I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms, after having been subject to those blasted herbs that she had burning in her lair. As I closed my eyes again, I could see her face – and then it dawned on me.


“It's her eyes!” I exclaimed as I sat up.


“What did you say?” Sharna enquired, looking at me quizzically.


“That's what creeps me out about her. Her damn, fucking eyes.” I continued, “The rest of her may look human, but her eyes are more like those of an animal, like some sort of feline. While she was screwing with me, I could have sworn they even glowed in the dark.”


“Yeah, sure.” She said, half jokingly.


“No I'm dead serious.” I insisted, “And it's not the first time I saw it either. The night we found her, when she woke up. You had the lights on dim so that she wouldn't go into shock, remember? That's when I saw it first, but I did not take any notice of it until it happened again in the lair.”

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