The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 1

The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 1 The Ithildan Mirror Chapter 1

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


A couple of explorers are tasked with investigating a ruined city on a remote planet. Their mission is made more dangerous when they discover a powerful enemy ...


A couple of explorers are tasked with investigating a ruined city on a remote planet. Their mission is made more dangerous when they discover a powerful enemy ...


Submitted: March 01, 2016

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Submitted: March 01, 2016



The Ithildan Mirror - Chapter 1:

I sat alone in a tavern. I could not remember which city I was in, or even what planet I was on. I was surrounded by the sounds of merriment, and music all around. I could not even remember my own name, or why I was even there. My mind was a blank as I sat there in that sea of clamouring noise. I blamed my lack of memory on my having had too many whiskeys. The barmaid was busy serving drinks at one of the tables. I called to her, and asked for a refill. She smiled, and nodded in my direction.


The pretty waitress came over to me. I gazed appreciatively at her long legs, revealed below that skimpy black miniskirt, and admired her slender waist and cute little cleavage that showed where her blouse opened. I guessed that she was in her early twenties. She hardly wore any make-up, and didn't need to over do it anyway. Her olive skin was smooth and clear, her lips full - highlighted by the lipstick she was wearing. Her shoulder-length blonde hair was curly, and her fringe fell over her one eye when she looked down. Her perfume smelt sweet as she came near to me, and its scent brought back a vague memory. But alas, it was only a flash, and was soon gone again. She smiled at me, and put her soft hand on my shoulder.


“Tyrone Braelyn, I don't think Sairya will take kindly to you making eyes at strange girls like that.” She jested. I looked blankly up at her. She frowned at me, shaking her head in mock disdain, “Let me get you another drink.”


I accepted, wondering who the fuck Sairya could be, and why she seemed so important to me, even in my dazed condition. The name did not even ring a bell. “Damn it!” I thought to myself, “I must be really wasted!”


In my state of confusion, I looked out at the happy crowd. It was then that I saw him, a man sitting alone in a corner. His face was scarred, And even from where I sat, I saw that his trouble hung over him in a dull dark shroud.


I went over and asked if I could join him.


He did not even lift his head as I approached, but seemed to study his half-empty glass with great concentration.


“They say that misery craves company.” I stated, half expecting him to turn me away. He showed me to a seat instead.


“Why do you not join the rest?” He enquired, “Go and enjoy yourself while the night is young. Take my advice. Do not waste your time on the old and tired. ”


“Believe me, I wish I could.” I responded, “The thing is: I haven't the slightest idea who the fuck I am. I know this sounds weird, and its probably because I'm more than a little pissed, but I hardly even know my own fuckin' name! If it was not for that rather sexy barmaid over there, I wouldn't have a clue. It's like my mind is a complete blank.”


“Lucky you, I would say.” The stranger stated, “After all the crap that I've been through, it would be a boon to be able to forget it all. You know, before all the shit, I never even touched alcohol, except for the odd glass of champaign at parties or weddings that is. But at least it numbs the brain for a while. But that is a long story.”


“If you're up to it, would you care to share it with me?” I asked, “I'm not going anywhere.”


“It's a long tale, as I said before.” He replied, “And not a happy one, for the most part.”

“Does it end well?” Was my next question, as I ordered another round for the both of us.


“In its own way, I suppose.” Came the response.


“Then try me.” I insisted.


Eventually he gave in: “Okay - It all started when my partner and I were informed that there was an ancient ruin on the forest world of Morten. It is in an unclaimed part of the Galaxy, beyond the Out-worlds, and has been deserted for millennia, or so we were told.


It had been some time since my lover and I had been on a mission, and we thought that it would do our relationship a world of good. Not to mention our credit balance! I mean, a few weeks or months on a planet with no-one around, just the two of us. What more could we ask for? And we would be paid for it! In fact we were both quite stoked up about the prospect.


We caught the next transport from our home-world. This tavern is on the planet of Gilmuire, seeing you've lost your memory. Anything that happens, that is worth knowing about, originates from this planet. It is the Capital of the Galactic Coalition that encompasses all the systems, except those on the Out-worlds. Anyhow, that's enough about the galaxy, or else we'll be here all fuckin' night. I need another drink.” He paused, and ordered us another round.


The barmaid came over to give us our drinks, and the stranger's face lit up. He put his arm round the young woman's hips, and she hugged his shoulders. I could see that they were old friends.


“Thank-you Tess.” Said he with a smile.


“Any time Old-Timer.” She joked, kissing him on the cheek. As she turned to leave, he patted her lightly on the bum. She looked back at him, and waggled her finger. Then she blew him a kiss, and went to serve at another table.


“Lovely girl, isn't she?” He commented.


“That she is indeed.” I agreed, “You're old acquaintances I see.”


“Yes, we go a long way back. Right, where was I?” He continued, “Ah yes. We went to the office of a Mr Aiden Reese. He was the curator of one of the museums in the city. The moment we walked into his office, we could smell credits. His secretary offered us a seat, and we almost felt uneasy about sitting on his chairs as if we would spoil them.


Soon a well dressed young man entered the room. He smiled and greeted: “Ah, the illustrious Terrence Barnet, and the lovely Sharna Ellis. A pleasure to finally meet you. My name is Aiden Reese. Shall we convene in the boardroom?”


We followed him, and when we arrived, he offered us both a drink. While we were drinking, he called in one of his specialists, an historian to be precise.


“This is Doctor Thea Cormyth.” He introduced the woman, whom I judged to be in her mid-forties, “She has something that I think you should become acquainted with before you go. It's a manuscript that is purported to have originated from one of the ruined buildings on Morten. I think you might find it of some value, although it may just be some sort of folklore. Nonetheless, she has transcribed it, and this chip has a copy on it so that you can peruse through it on your own time. Now, I will leave you in the company of my very capable assistant - Doctor Cormyth.”

She thanked Mr Reese, and then began to give us the background for our mission. She said that, to date, there had been little information as to what exactly happened to the original inhabitants that built the temple, as well as the city that surrounded it.


The only clue was a reference to some form of creature that attacked them. This being fed on its victims, but in a rather unusual, if not spectacular way. If the prey was male, it appeared as if he had been sexually involved with the beast, and that while he was getting off, his genitals would be removed and devoured. If the victim was female, somehow this fiend would destroy the prey's internal reproductive system, and then feed off the blood and other fluids that poured out as a result of such mutilation.


She continued: “... What made things even worse - if not more than a little gross - was that, once these parts had been removed, it seems that the rest of the body was left at the mercy of the wild scavengers that are native to the planet.”


“Oh goody.” I joked, “An alien sex maniac.”


She laughed, and continued. She told us that, not only did this being, known in folklore as the Ardammarn, feed on others in this peculiar manner, but that it also somehow infected some of its victims, almost as though it carried some sort of disease. The information showed that it would 'seduce' its victims into having intercourse with it, as this infection seemed to be sexually transmitted.


“... It seems that this creature is some form of shape-shifter, and has the ability to have either male or female sex organs, depending on the gender of its victim. Those who are subject to this, soon become infected themselves, and transform into beings much like the original. Although our research did not give details, it appears that the Ardammarn acts as some sort of 'Queen' - similar to in a colony of ants for example - and that those she has infected become her slaves. Except for one lucky individual, usually male, that becomes her 'Drone', with whom she can mate, and produce after her own kind.” Doctor Cormyth concluded.


“Okay.” I responded, “Is there any evidence that this Arda-thingy still lives on the planet, or even existed at all? I thought the place was deserted.”


“Our initial reports show no evidence that the creature, or creatures, still exist. Some hieroglyphs on the wall in the main chamber indicate that they were around at the time when the glyphs were carved, but there is no sign of them now.” The Doctor assured.


“Fine. So no more psycho-alien rapist out there.” I jested.


“That appears to be the case, yes.” She replied, “Of course, these records ended before the humanoid population on Morten disappeared. But our initial analysis indicates that the Ardammarn referred to in the texts, along with all of its offspring, seems to have disappeared with the builders of the temple and surrounding buildings.”


“What you're saying, is that there might be others.” I added.


“There is a slight possibility.” She admitted, “The reason is that we haven't been able to ascertain whether these beings feed only on humanoids. It might be that they also prey on large animals, although there is no evidence. I have to admit, we have no knowledge either way.”



“Okay, so I don't have to ask what the catch is. We've pretty well got it.” I concluded, “So where do we come in?”


“I'll tell you.” Replied Reese, returning to the room, “We're asking the two of you to ascertain whether the temple would be a worthwhile site for an official archaeological expedition. Nothing is actually known about the people that built that city, but the architecture is similar to that of the Founders. That is according to one of our scientists' reports. The man seems to have disappeared. As part of your mission, we would like you to perhaps find out what happened to him and his team. There were three of them, himself and two female assistants.”


“Oh great!” I sighed, “Didn't anyone tell him and his team about that Arad-whatever?”


“Alas, no.” Admitted Cormyth, “We only discovered that part of the glyphs from the report that he sent just before he disappeared. We'd only deciphered it three days later.”


The so-called 'Founders' are believed to be the people who were responsible for colonising the galaxy. Their descendants still live on many of the Out-worlds, and they have great influence over the region, which is why these outer planets are not considered part of the Coalition. They have their own separate Council, although they work closely with that of the rest of the Galaxy. these people are not under the jurisdiction of the Central Council.” The explorer explained, draining his glass. When I offered to top him up, he refused saying: “Perhaps later.”


He continued: “Reese explained that it was believed, that whatever was in the Temple on Morten possibly held the key to understanding the genesis of our very civilisation. Before the establishment of the Coalition, and prompting its formation, there had been much war and conflict as leaders sought to either exert their authority in the Galaxy, or prevent their own people from falling under the tyranny of the over-ambitious. Alas, during these wars, much of the early history - those parts that had not been collected from their various sources yet - was destroyed with the ancient sites that contained it.


“... And thus, the possibility that this Temple is one of the few surviving sites in which our history has been stored, gives us - so to speak - a rare second chance.” He ended.


“Sounds very promising.” I remarked.


“You are an explorer, not an anthropologist. So I suspect that your next question is: What's it worth?” He said, his voice indicating the slightest hint of disapproval. I felt the blood begin to boil in my veins.


“Mister Reese.” I retorted, “I am not some scavenger looking to make a few credits on the side. I have been in this field for over twelve orbits, and have faced more danger than you would care to know. And besides, you called us. My interest in my work goes beyond the financial gain that I may enjoy as a result, but it is certainly not my first priority. I happen to have a real interest in our past. But if it's some damned treasure hunter you're looking for, then we'll take our leave, and you can find someone else. And good luck!”


The man raised his hand. He apologised: “I am sorry for my remarks. I'm afraid that I allowed prior experience to cloud my better judgement. And yes, we did call you. Your reputation shows that you're not merely a 'Treasure Hunter' - as you put it. I would appreciate it if you came on board with us. My offer is three quarters of a million credits. Two hundred and fifty thousand up front, and the rest when you have finished.”


“I think I need to discuss it with my partner in private. Is there some place where she and I can talk?” I asked. We were shown to an empty office.


The offer was a great deal more than we had expected. Usually missions like these paid under half a million. We surmised that it was because of the potential risks involved. Having been on many dangerous quests, Sharna and I reckoned we could deal with whatever came our way, especially with a package like this one. About an hour later, we went back to the boardroom. Reese and Cormyth returned soon after that.


“All right. We're in. you've got yourself a team.” I informed them. Reese and I shook hands. He excused himself, and went back into his office. Five minutes later I received a notification that two hundred and fifty thousand units had been credited to my account. I thanked the man, and we left the building. We returned home to Argent in a normal transport, much like the one that brought us to Gilmuire. But this time, we sat in the executive lounge.


We drove to our home, just outside the main city. As we stopped outside our house, I leant over towards my partner, and said: “We are back in business.”


I kissed her on the lips, my one hand going behind her back, and the other on her shoulder.


As we sank down onto the auto's seat, she whispered lustily: “Shouldn't we take this inside? It's much more comfortable, not to mention a lot more private.”


I nodded in agreement, and we went indoors. No sooner had we entered the main room, when she kissed me with such intensity that it took my breath away. Her hand caressed my cheek, and then she hugged the back of my neck, holding my head in place as her tongue explored my mouth. She then removed my shirt, and unzipped my pants, letting them fall to the floor.


Still in each other's arms, we made for the bedroom. I sat on the side of the bed, and she - now in her vest and panties - sat on my lap, facing away from me. I felt my hard-on squeezed between her butt cheeks. As my hands stroked her upper thighs, she rode back and forth on my legs, her butt rubbing against me. I felt my desire soar as those firm cheeks worked their magic.


I lay on my back, and she straddled me. As we kissed, my hands kneaded her butt, and just lightly brushed the inside of her upper thigh. She rocked back and forwards, groaning as her own nerve-endings began to reach fever-pitch. At last we were naked, and she moved down on me until she straddled my one leg. She bent forwards, having taken my member in her hand, and took the warm tip between her lips. Her body lowered until I could feel her breasts stroking my thigh as she worked up and down on my cock. She used her other hand to caress my pubic area just above my enlivened erection.


I asked her to stop, not wanting the moment to be over just yet. She lay on her back, her legs open. Kneeling next to her, I applied the slightest pressure just below her navel, while I inserted my index finger into her open quim. With my thumb I began to stroke her clit, feeling her readiness trickle onto my finger. I ran my thumb over the small grape that protruded from its sheath, and her breath came out in sighs and moans.


I felt her labia close around my finger. Her hand reached for my cock, and she motioned for me to stop. As I repositioned myself between her legs, her hips lifted as if her quim longed for me to fill it. Her eyes sparkled as her hand went down and stroked her moist honeypot. I was acutely reminded of the thrill I felt whenever I watched her pleasure herself, as a clear fluid dribbled off my dick, and landed on her lower abdomen. She wiped it off , then seductively licked my pre-cum off her finger.

I knelt with her thighs on either side of me, and began to stroke her maidenhead with my erect organ. She sighed in anticipation and longing as her hips rose to receive me. She moaned as I pushed myself slowly inside her. As my thrusting began, her one hand stroked my thigh, while she tried to steady herself by grasping onto the top of the bed with her other hand. She drove her hips in harmony with my motions, and my cock was buried inside of her.


Our movements became slower and more deliberate as she threw her head back, her hands caressing her own breasts. The spasms that racked her inner muscles made it difficult for me to move at times, as her whole body convulsed in the throes of her climax. She took my free hand, and guided it up to her breasts, her other hand stroking her moist bud. As I felt myself wanting to let go, I did my best to stop thrusting, but the turmoil inside her made it very difficult. At last, her frenzy began to subside, and her body relaxed once more. I knew that, if I stayed inside of her any longer, I would unload myself into her uterus.


I quickly withdrew, and she took my throbbing cock in her one hand, slowly jacking me off. Soon my gism coated her fingers as I felt my balls rub against her soft, moist labia. This pushed me over the edge. In a mighty surge, my dick shot a milky white jet that landed between her breasts, and then slowly it trickled down until her navel that received it like a small, tender goblet. Her hand continued until the last drop had oozed out the still swollen tip. She smiled as she watched my cock jerk and twitch in the aftermath before it finally went flacid again.


I bent over her, and lovingly lapped up each drop from her tender midriff. She laughed as my tongue tickled her belly-button. I then went up, and kissed her on the lips, her eyes half closed as she smiled her satisfaction. As if trying to rekindle the flames, she still toyed with my dick. But it was too spent to respond.


I flopped down breathlessly on the bed next to her, and lazily stroked the top of her thigh with one hand. Her gentle fingers softly caressed mine. I watched her chest rise and fall as her breathing went back to normal. I turned onto my side, and gazed upon her beautiful face, my hand trailing slowly down her tender body.


She smiled, and whispered, looking at me: “I liked the way you stood up to that cantankerous little fart.”


“It almost cost us the mission you know.” I stated.


Then she laughed softly, kissing me on the lips, as she responded. “But it didn't.”


She snuggled down until her eyes were level with mine. We sounded the depths of our love for one another until we drifted off to sleep.


The following morning, we conducted a ceremony, as was our tradition before embarking on a mission. We lit the candles, two on either side of the dark blue tile with the pentagram embossed on it in gold. On the left was a candelabra with three candles, signifying the 'spirits' - our Guides from the realm above - that would aid us on our quest. Next we crushed the herbs and placed them on top of the burner. We lit it, and the room became filled with their sweet aroma. This signified our Totems, from the realm of Terra, meaning Earth, that would protect us from harm.


Because of the nature of our work, we had been blessed with some very powerful Totems. We had two each. Mine were the Martial Eagle, and the Horse. Sharna had been given the Forest Panther and the Red Fox. These animal spirits offered us various gifts, ranging from protection to insight.


Finally, we poured fresh fruit juice into a goblet, and offered it to each other to drink. This confirmed our commitment to one another's highest good throughout the journey, until we returned home. We then gave thanks to the God and Goddess, asking for their blessing.


After having a light meal, we made for the spacedock, and boarded the Astra Seven, the cruiser that had been arranged to take us to Morten. As was the standard procedure when embarking on a mission beyond the boundaries of the Coalition, our cruiser was a military ship. She was armed with two railgun turrets fore, and two aft. On either side of the main deck were six missile launchers. In front of these were two laser turrets with a ninety degree arc of fire. On each of the inertial dampers were two fighter bays, and roughly midships were the holding bays for landing and exploration craft.


Soon I remembered the thrill I felt whenever I travelled in space. The G-force that pressed me into my seat as we went into hyper-space sent shivers down my spine. But, by the way she squeezed my hand, and the cold sweat of her palms, I was also reminded that my partner did not share my enjoyment of space travel.


Now my throat is parched. How about that drink?” The stranger said. He did not continue with the story until his glass was empty again, and I had ordered yet another refill.


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