The Huntresses Chapter 5

The Huntresses Chapter 5 The Huntresses Chapter 5

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016



Fortunately the line was re-established quickly enough, so that not much time was lost. Soon Doctor Roberts' face reappeared on my screen.


She continued: “Cecily sent out two of her she-elf servants to find out just how open the Llianari really were to sleeping with a female. She gave them strict instructions to report back to her, and inform her as to how they were received, and how the union progressed.


The first servant's name was Alussia. She met a Llianar that would have been considered a She-Femme. Her name was Helin, which meant 'Violet'. She was tall and slender, with black hair that came down to her shoulders. Although she was easily as strong as any male, her touch was gentle and warm. But what made the whole encounter even more special was that, unlike most members of the opposite gender, for whom sex would have been considered a headlong rush towards satisfaction, it was treated as a journey. Every step was savoured and enjoyed. The destination was only part of that journey.


When Alussia gave her account of the experience, she spoke at length about how her companion had treated her. She said that she had been taken to the very heights of rapture more often than she had with any of her male lovers ...”


… The next servant was Myra. She chose a She-Man as her companion. Her name was Jeryda, which means 'Stag'. They met at a tavern. As they got to know each other, the llianar had a bit too much to drink. So, when they arrived home, Myra's 'Stag' fell asleep on the double bed. She lay there naked, and Myra could not help but to admire her physique. Her hips were slender, and her legs muscular. Her breasts were full but firm. The servant's eyes strayed down to that flacid cock. In her mind's eye, she imagined it fully erect and straining towards her expectant quim.


Myra stood quietly at the foot of the bed, enjoying the view. Jeryda opened her legs, and Myra lay between them, her hands caressing those strong thighs. She bent down and began laving the llianar's cock until it slowly came to life. Pursing it between her ample breasts, Myra rose and fell again in a slow but deliberate rhythm. As Jeryda's member became fully erect, she stirred, but did not fully awake until her own hips began to echo Myra's movements. They bucked off the bed as she let loose her load that fell like a fountain all over her partner. Now she was fully awake.


They lay on the bed, the she-elf caressing the llianar's still erect cock. Then they kissed. Their tongues touched and explored, the passion flowing freely between and seemingly through them.


Jeryda lay on her back, and Myra lowered herself onto the still erect organ. She moaned in pleasure as it seemed to fill her. Again she initiated the sequence. It did not take long for her lover to take over. Jeryda's thrusts became more and more intense as Myra's climax overtook her. Only after the second wave had washed over her, did her lover drive her seed deep into her body with such mighty thrusts, that Myra felt as though she was riding in a rodeo.




And still the She-Man was not satisfied! They stood at the foot of the bed, Myra bending over onto the mattress, Jeryda standing behind her. The llianar fucked the she-elf from behind. Soon Myra began to climax again. As Jeryda felt her cock was about to flood once more, she withdrew and came between her partner's shapely butt cheeks.


Myra stood up straight, still with her back against the llianar's front. She craned her neck until their lips met. As they kissed, Jeryda entered her again. As she fucked her, Jeryda's one hand stroked Myra's clitoris. Her knees went weak as another wave of bliss came over her. Undaunted, Jeryda held her around the waist, and continued her drive towards her own mighty eruption. Her thrusts became so intense in the end that they lifted Myra off her feet.


They stood like that until, at last, that mighty organ began to relax once more. Then the couple lay in each other's arms on the bed while the warm aftermath seemed to glow all around them. As Myra slipped into the bliss of slumber, she smiled as she realised that she had never been so happy in her whole life before! ...


… “When she returned to the palace, she hinted that the first encounter would certainly not be her last. She said that, although the sex had been wild at times, nothing was ever forced onto her. Neither was anything done without her permission first.


The time had come for Cecily to experience sex with a llianar for herself. One day she disguised herself as one of the palace maids, and went down to the servant's quarters, where she chose a young llianar whose name was Kywa, which means 'Dove'. Without the use of drugs or any hard liquor, the Queen was able to seduce Kywa without much difficulty. The llianar was not only a She-Femme, but was also barely passed her teens.


But that was the easy part. The next hurdle came when Cecily revealed that she herself was not a llianar, but a she-elf. This did not seem to even so much as raise an eyebrow. Kywa relished in Cecily's attention. The llianar was very beautiful, and so young, that it brought out a tenderness in the she-elf that she thought had dwindled away years ago.


Kywa's hips rose up off the bed as she came. Cecily stopped what she was doing, and watched the llianar's cock throb until her climax had finished. Breathlessly, Kywa stated: “It is clear that you are no servant maid. My guess is that you're a member of the Court. So why are you doing this?”


Cecily stopped briefly, and revealed her true identity. She then told Kywa of her plan, asking that she share it with no-one. Kywa agreed, although her desire did seem to flag somewhat as a result. But soon she was back in action.


Some time after that, Cecily stood up and dressed herself again. She smiled down at the young llianar as she lay on her bed with a smile on her pretty face. She looked so calm, so serene.


The Queen bent over and kissed her tender lips, and whispered: “One day, sweet one, you and your kind will be free again! I promise.”


“Thank-you my Queen.” The llianar whispered back, and returned the kiss, “It has been so long since our people had any hope.” ...


… Cecily's next meeting was quite different. This time it was with a She-Man named Tollana. She was not a servant of the Palace, but a merchant who often brought goods to the Castle with which to stock the kitchens. She lived in one of the more up-market suburbs, and her house was large and spacious. One look at her physique, and Cecily knew that this was no little girl either. Her shapely thighs were strong and muscular, just like Jeryda's. And her stomach muscles were firmer than those on most of the males she had come across.


Tollana took some convincing, and only agreed when Cecily told her who she really was. In Cecily's own words, what followed was pure legend.


Soon they were both naked on the thick carpet in the sitting-room. Tollana lay on her back with Cecily on all fours over her. The Queen began to tug on the llianar's nipples with her mouth. She leant slightly forward and kissed her on the lips, then went back to her breasts. This time she traced gentle circles around those nipples that hardened in response.


Tollana then took one of Cecily's hands, and guided her down to between her thighs. She felt the llianar's cock come to life and her soft hands stroked its length. Cecily turned around so that she was facing Tollana's waist. She bent over and took the massive organ in her mouth. Tollana's hips began to rise and fall as though she were fucking Cecily, the soft head ramming up against the back of her throat with each thrust. With a mighty push, the llianar unloaded herself into Cecily's mouth until it ran back down her erect cock.


The couple then moved to a love-seat in the middle of the lounge. Tollana lay on her back on the couch, and Cecily straddled her, then lowered herself onto her. The Queen cried out with pleasure as her partner's rampant member entered her. She felt as though the glans had touched the top of her uterus. She rode the llianar's cock harder and harder as her orgasm came over her in waves. No sooner had the last torrent flooded over her, when Tollana quickly withdrew. Cecily felt a warm trickle down her back as the llianar groaned with pleasure.


The llianar's strength and vigour seemed boundless, and it did not end there. They swapped places, except that Tollana stood between Cecily's open legs, facing her. The Queen threw her head back as she felt that raging cock inside her again. This time Tollana thrust with such force that the love-seat rocked back and forth. At times she would lift Cecily's hips off the couch and push herself in as far as she could go. Then she would remain still for a while, the member still throbbing. One of these pauses pushed the Queen to the very brink of rapture. As Tollana resumed her thrusts, Cecily felt her whole body thrill as a mighty orgasm flooded over her.


When the llianar was on the very brink of her own climax, she withdrew again. Holding her cock in her one hand, she lunged forward as a stream of milky white strands landed on the floor behind Cecily's head. Another came into the Queen's mouth, while the rest covered her shapely body with its sticky warmth.


Myra had been right! The sex was rough, not to mention more than a little wild. But nothing was done against her will, and the surge of bliss and well-being that flowed over her made the experience all the more exhilarating! …


“… Despite stringent laws that were passed by the King in order to prevent anyone from having an affair with his Queen again, Cecily invited many lovers to her chambers. What made matters worse is that they were all Llianari. The law decreed: '… all Llianari are unclean. Therefore any contact with them … (let alone sexual contact) … renders the guilty party as contaminated, and thus liable for persecution.' The penalty for such contamination – because of any contact of any kind – was severe, even resulting in the Death Penalty for those who were caught having intimate relations with them.


Not only that, but the King declared that Queen Cecily belonged to him, and him alone! Any who dared even touch her, let alone have sex with her, would be executed immediately. In spite of this, the King's so-called property continued her liaisons with the Llianari. But it was far from being mere perversion! During her interaction with the Llianari, Cecily had made solid contact with the hierarchy of the Resistance, and was using her 'relationships' to gather more and more information, especially concerning the whereabouts of the Royal Family, and specifically Princess Jeannie.


One of her contacts was a particularly beautiful llianar by the name of Kayella, which means 'Precious'. She informed Cecily that the person to talk to was Laira. She was the personal envoy to Sharna, the Highmark of the Llianari …


… Cecily found herself in love with Kayella. She did not know whether the llianar had any feelings towards her. They met at one of the camps outside of Garrest. One night, Cecily was walking passed the llianar's tent, when she heard strange sounds from within. The sound abruptly stopped, and it became clear that Kayella realised that there was someone outside.


“Who's there?” She asked.


Cecily replied, and the llianar invited her in. Upon entry, Cecily saw that she was naked. She lay on her side. The Queen could not help but notice that proud cock shamelessly erect between those shapely thighs. Kayella smiled, a mischievous glint in her eye. She lay on her back and took her turgid member in hand, jesting with Cecily: “Your Majesty, your humble servant is in dire peril. I beg of you, come and aid me in my hour of need.”


Sitting at the foot of the camp-bed, Cecily laughed as she replied: “The Queen would be pleased to come to your aid.”


She took Kayella's cock in hand, and began to jerk the llianar off. She turned around. The llianar put her swollen member between the Queen's butt cheeks while her hand went down, and she inserted her middle finger into her quim. Uncharacteristically, Cecily took the she-femme's slender cock and pushed it into her butt-hole. Cecily had experienced anal sex before from her husband, but he was rough and course. The gentleness with which Kayella fucked her was a new experience entirely. In fact, she enjoyed it so much that she began to move back and forth in time to the llianar's movements. It was not long before Kayella hurriedly withdrew, making her first offering between Cecily's thighs.


The Queen lay on her back, her legs open. Kayella went down between her thighs and began to lave Cecily's honeypot softly with her tongue. This time it was the she-elf's turn to climax. It was not as intense as when she was with Tollana, but this time it sent a warmth coursing through her, that seemed to reach the heart that had been as a caged bird for so long. As she came, Cecily's eyes became filled with tears of joy and contentment.


Again she went on all fours, but this time Kayella pushed herself into the Queen's moist maidenhead. Another flood of bliss washed over the Queen. It was so intense that her arms could no longer hold her, and she landed face-down onto the soft pillow. The llianar wanted to stop just before she came a second time, but the Queen held her until she unloaded herself into that Royal uterus. As her semen came out in waves, Kayella said in a barely audible whisper: “I love you, my Queen. I love you!” ...


… “They fell asleep in each other's arms, and remained like that until the guards came to wake the Queen up, so that she could sneak back into the city. As she approached the Palace, Cecily felt a warmth inside her that she thought her husband's cruelty had extinguished years before. The smile on her face spoke volumes about the feelings that stirred once more within her young breast.


They had many more secret trysts, and every time, they ended up sleeping together. Kayella was no She-Man, but she was well-endowed enough to please even the most demanding of lovers. One night - as they lay in each other's arms - Cecily surprised her new-found lover by asking her a favour.


“Dear heart. I need you to teach me your people's deepest secrets.” She insisted, “I cannot explain now, but I need to know all I can about your most guarded intimacies.”


“Very well, but it may take more than one of us to show you.” Kayella replied.


“What ever it takes. It is most urgent.” Insisted the Queen.


One of the motives behind, what could be perceived as Cecily's apparent obsession with the Llianari, was to defy the draconian laws, that had been enforced upon the people by her jealous husband. Many recalled the days of old when Sylvan and Llianar alike were able to live side-by-side at peace. When the Sisterhood would fight alongside each other by day, and keep each other warm by night. And they longed for the day when peace would return, and this damned war would come to an end.


But there was another reason hidden secretly within her heart. One that not even those closest to her could fathom. Some believed that she was driven into their arms by their gentleness, despite the Llianari being physically strong. Perhaps this was true, but only partially. In contrast to her husband's cruelty, the Llianari were tender. They were also capable of great kindness, whereas the King was unspeakably cruel and callous. And above all, they were driven by great ambition, whereas Gershin's only motive was selfishness and corruption.” …


… Just as Cecily had asked, Kayella arranged a rendezvous between Cecily, herself, and another Llianar by the name of Rosa, a fellow merchant, who had once been partner to Tollana. They met at Rosa’s home, and there Cecily's lessons began. She already knew quite a lot, like how they enjoyed having their cocks pursed between her breasts. But there was still so much to learn, not the least of which was how to pleasure two of them at the same time.


One practice she had never seen before entailed jerking your partner off, not with your hands, but by pressing her dick between your feet, and using them to work up and down the shaft. If done properly, your lover would have a perfect view of your honeypot while you were jerking her off. This could be as part of the foreplay, or continue until your partner had cum, and was especially sought after if you wore silk stockings.


Cecily's instruction was that, in the end, only Kayella could cum all over her. Rosa had to be content with spending herself on the floor …


… As if that was not enough, a few days later, she arranged another orgy. This time it was with three Llianari, including Kayella once again. But the orgy was a cover-up. It was thought that anyone who, either happened upon or were informed, about the bacchanalia would suffer enough of a shock from what they saw that they would not guess its real purpose. One of the trio of Llianari was Cecily's contact with Laira, second-in-command to the Llianar leader. Kayella had secretly arranged for her to be smuggled into the Palace. Her identity was known only to the four present.


The fourth llianar was a decoy, so that anyone who may have been told of the plot, would have a one-in-three chance of arresting the right person. Having never been to the Palace before, Kayella was also unknown to anyone in the Court. By the time the carousal was over, arrangements had already been made.


Laira was the epitome of the warrior-maidens of old. Although well-muscled, she had an astounding beauty and elegance about her. She was respected by those who loved her, and even by those who opposed her. Her mastery of weapons and skill in warfare, were equalled only by her astute judgement and quick mind. And yet, somewhere beneath that military hardness, she remained passionate and even gentle at times.


Kayella approached the envoy, and told her of Cecily's desire to meet with her. The leader's initial response was somewhat disturbing, but understandable under the circumstances. She laughed at the irony and pondered how it could be that her people were at war with the King, but his wife had called upon her help to end the conflict. Eventually she agreed to the meeting.


A week later, Cecily met Laira for the first time. The meeting took place at the same tavern where she had met the young llianar after helping her comrade escape. The proprietor was sympathetic to the llianari's plight, and his customers were quite used to secret meetings between Sylvan and Llianar. But they could not help but to express wonder at the sight of the Queen sitting down with her husband's arch enemy. Nonetheless, that night the final arrangements were made.


In fact one part of the plan had already been put in motion. Kayella and a group of Resistance members had secretly smuggled Princess Jeannie into the country. She was staying at one of the camps, her presence a closely guarded secret. The whole plan was threefold.


The back-up plan was the first to be implemented: Cecily did not have any children as yet, despite Gershin's repeated attempts at making her pregnant. Some time before this, physicians had run some tests, only to discover that the problem was with him, and not with his wife. This discovery was the reason why he began to force her into having sex with multiple partners. But even that did not work, which baffled the same doctors that had pronounced the King impotent.


Having heard the reputation of She-Men when it came to making she-elves and women alike pregnant, Cecily was convinced that one of them would succeed where their male counterparts had failed. Laira was a typical She-Man. So, if she could have a child with the envoy, not only would she have llianar blood in her veins, but royal blood as well. Laira was not the envoy to Sharna for nothing. They were in fact cousins.


As had been mentioned before, this was a contingency plan should the other two parts somehow fail. While it was true that the Princess was in the country, this was still no guarantee that they would be able to get her into the Palace. This was the last part of the plan.


But something had to be put in place first: That was the re-dedication of the old shrines to the Gods and Goddesses that had long been forgotten in this time of war. Now, in an attempt to restore peace without shedding even more blood, the Queen planned to call on Divine guidance and intervention.


The second part of the plan was put in motion the very next night after Cecily and Laira had met …


… In the small hours of the morning, while it was still dark, Laira entered the Queen's chambers. “Thank-you for agreeing to aid me in this plan. Once I was proud of my people, but now I am ashamed of the atrocities we have committed against those who we once considered as our allies.”


“Why so morose? What you are about to do is for the sake of your people.” The Llianar stated. “Not only that, but you will be uniting our people peacefully, and despite your husband's vindictiveness towards us. Who would have thought that I would see the day that the Queen humbles herself before me. While it feels good to have the upper hand for once, I realise that it is not you that is to be blamed for the things that have happened to my people. Otherwise I would never had agreed to this plan.”


“I had nothing to do with my husband's actions. If I had the power to undo the past, and start things over between us, I would.” Cecily replied. “I can't change the past, but I am determined to decide our future.”



“That is why I hold you in such high esteem, as do the rest of my people.” Laira reacted. “Even though we are enemies, you are prepared to give yourself to me in order to ensure a pact between us. Very noble of you, O Queen. This is why I have agreed to this meeting. We Llianari are schooled in fulfilling another's most intimate desires.”


“My personal desires have nothing to do with this.” The Queen insisted, “I am doing this for the sake of my people, and that is all.”


“Nonetheless, I will ensure that I do not leave you unsatisfied.” Laira stated.


And so they began to put the plan in motion. Her past experience had taught her that She-Men took a long time before they were satisfied. She knelt beside the bed, Laira sitting on it, with her legs over the edge. Cecily put oil on her hands and began stroking Laira's cock until she felt it stiffen. Still she worked on it as the llianar groaned with pleasure.


Knowing that it was a llianar tradition, she placed the erect member between her breasts. While Laira fucked her, Cecily could not help but watch in awe as her stomach and thigh muscles rippled in time to her movements. As Laira's thrusts became more urgent, Cecily took her cock into her mouth and tasted the slight sweetness of her pre-cum. Not long after that, the llianar held the back of the Queen's head, and drove herself as far as she could into her mouth. Cecily felt a warm jet shoot down her throat as that mighty organ throbbed and jerked.


This was only the first offering. The two of them climbed on top of the large four-poster, Cecily kneeling on all fours. Laira knelt behind her, and entered her. The Queen's head went back, and she moaned her delight as she felt the llianar fill her honeypot. Her whole body seemed to become an erogenous zone as she felt herself soar towards a mighty climax, so intense that her contractions sometimes forced the llianar to stop her thrusting.


Laira then lay on her back, Cecily between her thighs. The Queen alternated between jerking her off and sucking the untamed organ. Again, she could not help but notice that, although Laira was stronger than most of the males she had encountered, she lost none of her femininity. Her breasts were still full, and her hips well-rounded.


Cecily wore silk stockings. She sat facing Laira and took her cock between her feet. As she worked up and down the llianar's member, her hips began to buck off the bed. Soon strand upon strand of Laira's semen shot into the air, soaking her own body as well as Cecily's and the bedding as well. And still the llianar remained erect!


Cecily pushed her open quim down onto Laira's cock, and began riding up and down on it. Breathlessly, she moaned: “Laira, I'm going to cum again! Oh Goddess, my whole body is on fire!”


No sooner had her orgasm subsided when Laira's began. This time it was with such force that she lay still, and allowed her throbbing member to do the work. As cum still gushed out of her, the llianar withdrew. Cecily knelt in front of her again as the last strands landed on her face ...


… “And so the Queen was a step closer towards reaching her goal. If she indeed fell pregnant, she would let her husband believe that the child was his. Naturally, once the child was born, she would tell him who the real parent was, especially if she turned out to be a llianar. Cecily had accepted the fact that this act may result in her death, but to prevent the unborn child from suffering the same fate, she arranged for the infant to be taken away from the Palace before she told the King.” ...


“Okay. It seems as if we have run out of time.” Doctor Roberts stated, “I will forward you the conclusion of this part of the history, as well as something else that I think might interest you. I am really looking forward to reading your article.”


“Thank-you for your time, and for all the extra material you have given me.” I replied, and we said our good-byes. That was the last of the interviews.


On Tuesday of the following week, I received a voice recording of the conclusion of our discussions. It went as follows:


“... Two days after the liaison between Laira and Cecily, the Queen met with one of the Llianar Shamans, whose name was Tasarion. Accompanied by an acolyte on a dapple grey horse, they headed for one of the ancient shrines outside Garrest. Having long been neglected, the site was little more than a ruin. Cecily and the Shaman stripped and entered naked into the sacred circle. In the centre was a stone plinth, on top of which the priestess placed a large copper bowl. She stood on the one side and Cecily stood on the opposite side.


Then the Shaman began to chant in her native tongue:

Ama'el Kulgen dro Alluvanna.

Amin ella dost adaenin wund ilu.

Sie ta ilu,

Dro kirel ilu wund ingolwe tumna.

Ebrath ilu thanyeith isil ilu faile elen

Fal poika mel dro voronwe.

De ni an,”


Which roughly translates into:

Beloved Kulgen and Alluvanna,

I call for your presence with us.

Come to us,

And bless us with profound wisdom.

Accept our offering as we give them

In pure love and faithfulness.

So be it.”


The llianar began to arouse herself as her hips gyrated as if to the rhythm of some inaudible music. Her movements became more and more wild as she approached her climax until, with a series of mighty thrusts, her seed came out into the bowl. Cecily stood still and urinated into the receptacle as the customs of her own people would have dictated ...”


… No sooner had the pair made their offerings, when – at another of the sacred sites, away from the city – an event occurred that had not happened since the days of old: From seemingly the centre of the earth, a muscle-bound figure began to rise. As she rose to her full height, the Goddess Kulgen stretched and shook off the soil from her muscular body. She gazed up as a shadow passed over her. It was the winged figure of Alluvanna who had stirred from her place of rest deep within the ancient forest.


It was clear that these two mighty deities had returned to their shrine in response to the prayers offered by the faithful. Alluvanna alighted on the stone altar and awaited Kulgen's arrival. They embraced, and greeted each other with a kiss. Kulgen's hands began to caress Alluvanna's body, and they kissed again. This time the kiss was full of passion and desire. The muscular figure reached down and stroked the other's cock. Alluvanna closed her deep blue eyes as the fire inside her loins was kindled.


Soon Kulgen was lying on her back with Alluvanna's head between her strong thighs. The winged figure took the other's untamed member in her mouth and began to ride it up and down. Her hips rose right off the stone table as a surge of energy coursed through her. They rose and fell in time to Alluvanna's movements until she could no longer control that mighty organ. As a white fountain gushed into the air, the earth around the altar began to shake in unison with the Goddess's bucking hips. Kulgen's climax reached its heights, and an earthquake began that could be felt in the heart of Garrest some twenty miles away from the epicentre.


Now it was Alluvanna's turn. Kulgen knelt between her soft thighs and entered her as gently as her powerful body would allow her. Her mighty thrusts quickly brought her heavenly partner to the point of ultimate bliss. Her wings began to beat with such force that her partner had to withdraw. As her seed covered the altar, the turbulence caused by her wings started a whirlwind that soon developed into a twister. The mighty storm carved a path of destruction deep into the city nearby.


The people trembled in fear as they witnessed these events. The few that did not had lost their sensitivity to the magic around them. But even they could not watch what was happening without some degree of disquietude, even if they did attribute them to a freak act of nature …


“... Perhaps this was the reason why the end of the war came so swiftly, and without the further spilling of blood. The King held a banquet in the palace's Great Hall. He had proclaimed that it would be a masquerade, and that the guests were to wear costumes. This was just the opportunity Cecily needed to carry out the final part of her scheme. Once the members of Court had eaten and drank, they made their way to the Ballroom. Before the music even began, the Queen removed her mask, as did the three bodyguards that she had brought with her. Next to her stood a tall she-elf, still wearing a mask.


There was a gasp of surprise and horror as those that had gathered realised that Cecily's personal guard were all Llianari. She raised her hand to appease the shocked courtiers. Then she spoke, saying: “Members of the Court. We have been lied to and misled by my esteemed husband and his father before him. He took the throne away from its rightful king, having convinced us that he and his family were assassinated by rogue Llianari. My Lords and Ladies, I present to you – Princess Jeannie. Legal heir to the Throne of Eldred the First, and thus lawful sovereign of Cirda.”


Having spoken thus, she removed the mask from the one standing beside her. Most of those present fell to their knees or bowed to the young Princess. Those that did not, shouted and booed, shaking their fists at Cecily and the noble. But they were outnumbered by those who recognised the truth. Their criticism was silenced completely by Cecily's next announcement.


“To those who still doubt, I welcome back our true ruler. Hail King Eldred, and Queen Vatala!” She proclaimed, pointing to two figures standing at the back of the room. They too removed their masks, revealing the drawn and aged faces of the once proud king and his wife. The guards that were protecting those at the banquet seized Gershin, and dragged him kicking and screaming down to the same dungeon where Cecily had suffered so much humiliation years before.


Those still loyal to the usurper were quickly rounded up. The troops at the battle front were recalled, and a peace treaty was signed giving the Llianari a land of their own, the territory of Clansthal. This was changed to Coraleya, meaning 'Our Own Home'. Clansthal became the name of their capital city.


Eldred had no desire to take the throne again. Thus Princess Jeannie was crowned Queen Jeanette the First, and Cecily made her Royal Envoy. Her first order of duty was to reinstate the ancient shrines to their original status. Which was the reason why Cecily and Kayella were bonded at the same temple where she and Tasarion had performed the ritual that had ended the war. At last peace was restored to the region, for the time being, that is ...”


The last section was a kind of addendum to the first, as it dealt not with the history of the Llianari, but with the way in which they came about in the first place.


Doctor Roberts sent me an attachment with nine pictures. They were all paintings by well-known artists of the different classical genres. They depicted nudes from the Firyen, the Sylvan, and the Llianari. With them the following recording was included. It was taken from a lecture she recently held at the University of Denaheim, where she had been attending a seminar:


“These nine pictures represent the different cultures, and what they perceived as the 'Classical Beauty'. At a glance, one can see that there is a vast difference in this perception: Firstly, in the case of the Firyen, the Classical nude is usually depicted as round and voluptuous. Her hips and breasts are well-rounded, and there is little muscle tone in the torso or legs. By this it is obvious that the subject is not one who would be expected to carry out the more menial or physical tasks. They have a sort of soft, 'Homely' feel to them.


Now, compare them to the three Sylvan nudes. Although not all of them are from the Classical era, they are in the same style. While they are still very feminine, their physique is more toned. Their tummies are more muscular, the thighs and arms stronger and leaner. These she-elves do not appear to be those who would shy from physical exertion or manual labour. The same could be said, and even more so, of the three Llianari depicted. Apart from the obvious difference, it is clear that physically these ladies are almost, if not as strong as their male counterparts.


While these are artists' impressions, they do illustrate a vital point. One that possibly holds another key to the origin of the Llianari. In the beginning we looked at the genesis of the Llianari from a genetic perspective, and how an increase in male sex hormones would influence a child's gender and even sexual orientation.


But this is a 'chicken-and-egg' situation, because one needs to find what it was that originally caused this increase in the first place. It is a well-known fact that Sylvan society is based on gender equality. She-elves are expected to be as adept with a plough as they are with a needle and thread, as the old saying goes. Thus there is little room for the 'little princess' in a Sylvan community. This is especially true when their nations or people are at war. Excluding the Kaldalae, the male Sylvan are expected to go out and fight. This leaves the she-elves to continue with the work back home. And in many cases, this means hard physical work. So it is a small wonder then that the 'Classical' Sylvan nude is one that is strong and muscular, rather than soft and cuddly.


However, it is more than that: In order to compete with the males, she-elves have to maintain their physical condition throughout their lives. While exercise can help over a limited period of time, there is only one way to maintain that strength, and that is for the body to produce more testosterone, which is the building-block for heightened physical strength. So now, the she-elf's body is being fed more male hormones over a prolonged period of time. Eventually this will manifest in the balance of hormones that she would provide for her unborn foetus at that crucial time: The twelfth week of pregnancy.


Far from being an accident, this ensures that her offspring can also cope with the physical demands imposed upon her by Sylvan society, possibly even better than her mother has done. Somewhere along the line, the balance reaches the point where the child develops both male and female sexual characteristics.


The Llianari's physical strength has proven to be an asset, even an essential part of their survival. Their ability to compete with both male and female alike has given them an advantage over their purely female counterparts. They can endure more physical exertion than most she-elves, as well as having a higher pain threshold than the members of the male gender.


But it is not only on an individual level that the Llianari have the upper hand, but on a community level as well. This is because they can exist as an insular society, not needing to interact, and certainly not interbreed, with anyone outside of their own number. That is notwithstanding the need to improve the gene-pool, but over a limited period of time, the Llianari would be able to become somewhat exclusive without suffering any decrease in their birth rate.


So, in conclusion then: What started as a necessity for survival in a culture in which gender equality is the norm, ended in the introduction of a new race, and even a new gender: The Llianari.”

I sent an e-mail in response to Doctor Roberts' input, and thanked her for the trouble that she had gone to in providing me with the information I needed. Having told the Network that my submission would be delayed, I sent the manuscript through immediately after I had processed this last piece of the puzzle. I had just finished when I heard Sara calling me to come and help with her uncle's luggage.




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