The Huntresses Chapter 4

The Huntresses Chapter 4 The Huntresses Chapter 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Following on from Chapter 3



Following on from Chapter 3


Submitted: January 15, 2016

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Submitted: January 15, 2016



Huntress: Chapter 4


At about seven o'clock the following morning, I made the call to Doctor Roberts. Soon her face appeared on my laptop.


“I can't tell you what this means to me. Thank-you for this opportunity Doctor.” I stated.


She replied: “It's my pleasure. We're going to have to get through this quite quickly. There's a lot to cover, and we are pressed for time. You can use some of your 'Poet's License' to embellish further, as long as it doesn't change the actual history.


Like the war on Yetha, the conflict on Cirda was started because of one person's political ambitions. This time it was the High Chancellor. A number of assassination attempts were carried out on King Eldred the First of Cirda during his fifteen year reign. Not only that, but his daughter had been abducted when she was only fourteen years of age. After this, those closest to the King, including his High Chancellor, insisted that he go into exile, until the perpetrators were brought to justice.


One night, two identical carriages departed from Castle Almar, one heading East and the other heading North. One of them carried the King and his Queen, Vatala, to safety. Eldred's last instruction as King was that, in his absence, Lord Toleth would rule in his stead. That night a group of masked extremists attacked the carriage, killing everyone inside and setting the coach alight to get rid of the evidence. By the time anyone could get near the blaze, the bodies were burnt beyond recognition. The attackers did not get away without losing two of their comrades. When their masks and clothes were removed, it was discovered that they were not men at all, but Llianari!


Lord Toleth wasted little time before he took up his new position. To his people's surprise, instead of his first order of business being to bring the King and Queen's killers to book, he ordered a series of raids on the Llianar province of Arbroath.


At the start, the excuse was that they were searching for those who were responsible, but soon it became obvious that there was something else afoot, something far more sinister. Those that were taken prisoner were not criminals or dissidents, but political, social, and even spiritual leaders within the Llianar community. This angered the llianari, whose life in Arbroath had been peaceful under the King. There had been a certain amount of strife, but that was because of certain Sylvan factions who considered them as freaks and outcasts.


But this was the first time that the harassment came from the top. Some of the more militant llianari started a vigilante group. They gave themselves the name that had originally described their kind, and that was 'Huntresses'. Even though the majority of them involved themselves in safeguarding those who had been targeted, there were a number of Huntresses who took their role a step further, to the point of active resistance. Once the trouble had started, a sizeable number of more moderate Sylvan also joined forces with the resistance.



One day, a mixed posse of insurgents attended a function held by the High Chancellor. As he stood up to make a speech, a dart struck him in the base of his neck. It was laced with a fast-acting poison that killed him almost instantly. But, unbeknown to the perpetrators, Lord Toleth had suspected for quite some time before that, that his life was in danger. As a precaution he ordered, that in his demise, his son Gershin was to take his place.


As Commander of the Watch, Gershin was not only very influential, but it was not by accident that he was appointed to that post. The Watch was a military unit that was directly answerable to the High Chancellor, and as such, responsible for the attacks on the Llianari. Gershin was not only as powerful, but as ruthless as his father, if not even more so.


Soon after Gershin took over his father's position, he announced, that under the circumstances, he saw fit to rule, not merely as High Chancellor, but as King. Because of the Law that stated, that in the absence of an heir to the throne, and in the event of the King's death, the sceptre would go to the High Chancellor, none could contest Gershin's claim.


A few years before, he married the daughter of Count Velkin of Harresh. Her name was Cecily. The marriage had been arranged without the two ever actually meeting each other, except in public, or at the banquets that her father often held. But there was certainly no form of relationship between them. The Count met Cecily when she was thirteen years old, and decided then that she would be the one to marry his son.


When she turned seventeen, the wedding took place. At first the only time that they were seen together was in public. When they were out of sight of the people - especially those of influence - Gershin hardly saw her. This suited Cecily to an extent, because she had no desire to have him anywhere near her. A year and a half later, King Eldred was assassinated, and Cecily's husband became King.


Some time after Gershin was crowned, he made Cecily his Queen, whereas before it was as if she did not exist. This only happened because his advisers felt that he would lose face if he did not have a Queen at his side. By that time, the strife had been going on for five years. No sooner had he taken the throne, when the trouble escalated to all-out civil war. Even though not all of his commanders believed that the Llianari had been responsible for Eldred's death, enough of them backed the new ruler to force the rest of them to fight alongside them or be branded as traitors.


Cecily was very beautiful. She was also exceptionally gentle, and she despised the suffering that her husband and his father had caused for her people. One night Cecily had a dream. She was about nineteen years old at the time. As did most of her people, she believed in dreams. This one was that she would be the catalyst in bringing resolution to the strife, that had been spiralling more and more out of control over the last six months. She held the memory of that dream, and its possible meaning dear to her heart. Later it would become the fuel that kept her from falling into utter despair.




Soon afterwards, Gershin's attitude towards her changed, and not for the better! He demanded intimacy with her. There was no tenderness in his advances, no gentleness either. At first his demands were bearable, but soon he became more and more abusive. His violations included: Having anal sex with her, tying her up, and even demanding that she have intercourse with more than one male at a time.

Cecily was miserable! She tried to run away on more than one occasion, and was – more than once – even tempted to take her own life. The only thread of hope that prevented her from snapping, and going through with so drastic an act, was the vision that she had.


Cecily once had an affair with one of the captains of The Guard. He was kind, and his touch gentle. In him she found the love and affection that her abusive husband had never given her.


During one of their trysts, he revealed to her a secret that eventually would change the course of Cirda's history for the better: Her husband and his father had insisted that Eldred and his wife had been killed in the attack. But, according to the Captain – Cecily's lover – although the attack actually took place, the wrong carriage had been ambushed, and instead of the King and Queen being slain, it was their decoys that had perished. Not only that, but the whole story of Princess Jeannie's abduction was also a lie.


The truth was that the King and his family were alive, and living in exile in the Llianar state of Clansthal. Eldred had become disillusioned with his own people, and had no desire to return to Cirda. Instead he adopted the country that had given him and his family succour as his new home. His daughter, however, did not share her father's reluctance, and had vowed - at a very young age - to restore the throne to its rightful ruler.


Princess Jeannie had been sent away because one of the assassination attempts had put her life in danger as well. This was kept a secret in order to safeguard her from those who had wanted the King dead. Not even the High Chancellor knew where she was. Nonetheless, Gershin began the rumour about her abduction in an attempt to garner support for his actions against the Llianari.


The lies did not stop there: The so-called Llianari that had launched the attack were in fact hired by The Watch to pose as members of the Resistance. This explained why – apart from the two that were slain in the skirmish – none of the others were ever brought to justice. And that despite the fact that the assassination attempt had been compromised. Rumour had it that someone had become wise to the plot against the King, and had ordered the drivers to swap destinations.


The alleged raids were in fact attempts to locate and kill the King and his family. This plan went somewhat awry when the local Llianar communities refused to divulge the information that The Watch demanded. That was why their leaders were taken into custody instead. Quite a number of them had died under very suspicious circumstances.


Alas, thanks to a jealous member of the court – who sought to curry favour with the self-appointed 'King' – Cecily's secret affair was exposed. When she found out that they had been discovered, Cecily insisted that her lover should flee the country. She knew that he would be branded a common criminal. Not only that, but he would be considered a traitor, and would suffer a slow and terrible death at the hands of the sadistic Watch.


Cecily herself would be treated more leniently because she was of noble birth. Nonetheless, she was brought before her husband and found guilty of sedition. She was locked up in the dungeon, and left to the brutality of the prison guards. Two of them violated her until she lost consciousness, and was bleeding from countless bite and scratch marks, not to mention from her feminine parts, and even from her anus. In spite of such defilement, she found strength in the knowledge that her lover was safe from the clutches of her husband and his band of thugs. As her attackers forced her to pleasure them, she began to devise a plan to put an end to her husband's tyranny.


As she regained consciousness, Cecily saw that her abusers – joined by a third guard – had turned their attention to a new arrival. She was a young Llianar. By her short-cropped hair, it was plain that she was a Huntress. The abuse she suffered was far worse than that which Cecily herself had been forced to endure.


Cecily was released from prison a week after her incarceration. But her punishment did not stop there. She was placed under house arrest. Her husband forced her into having sex with up to five different individuals at the same time. He himself intensified his own abuse in an attempt to break her. But far from crushing her, the cruelty only strengthened her desire to watch his wretched reign come to an end.


Cecily could not get the image of the young Llianar out of her head. She had to do something! One night she disguised herself as one of the guards, and made her way into the dungeon. There she convinced one of the watchmen that she was there to relieve him. The oaf handed her the keys to the cell, and headed back upstairs. Once he had gone, Cecily opened the cell door and freed the Llianar. As the prisoner tried to shake Cecily's hand, the Queen pulled away. Only then did the huntress notice a bruise on the back of her hand.


Well now – imagine the guard's reaction when he returned and found the prison empty! By the time the alarm was raised, the escapee was nowhere in sight ...”


… The following morning, Cecily was standing on the balcony outside her chambers. She became aware of someone creeping up behind her. Before she could turn and identify her stalker, she was assaulted.


Her attacker had a sword which she had stolen from one of the guards. This she pressed against Cecily's throat, and demanded: “Strip, pretty one, or I'll give you a smile three inches lower than the one you have now!”


Cecily could do nothing but obey. She took off her coat, and then – to her assailant's surprise – spun round and struck her across the face. This sent her reeling backwards. Only then did Cecily realise that it was a dark-skinned Llianar. Again the huntress launched her attack, and again Cecily foiled it. This time she disarmed her opponent and sent the sword flying over the balcony.



Without her weapon, the llianar realised that she was in trouble. It was also clear that her would-be victim was no amateur. She began to back away, expecting Cecily to retaliate. To her surprise, the Queen lowered her hands, and said: “I have no quarrel with you, frala. In fact, your being here is a blessing in disguise. I need your help.”


Partially in shock, the llianar replied: “And what do I get in return?”


Without answering, Cecily reached down for the llianar's cock. Her soft hands stroked it until it jutted out from underneath her short skirt. As the would-be attacker watched, Cecily removed the rest of her clothing and stood naked before her. The sight of the she-elf's naked body seemed to put the llianar into some sort of trance. She sat on the parapet in order to steady herself. The Queen then went down on her knees and continued fondling the llianar's erect organ. With her tongue, she laved the velvet tip while she watched as the other's eyes closed in a state of bliss. Her one finger strayed in between the llianar's vulvae and stroked its moist inner folds. In response her hips began to rise and fall in time to Cecily's movements. She let out a long moan as her cock erupted into the Queen's face.


Cecily smiled, and said: “Meet me at the tavern near the docks tomorrow evening, and I will tell you what I want you to do for me.” She then turned to leave.


Brashly, the llianar demanded: “Come back here! You haven't finished.”


Without turning round, the Queen replied: “Oh yes. I think I have.”


She hadn't gone very far when the llianar launched herself at Cecily, grabbing her round the throat. “And I say you haven't!” She said roughly, forcing her to the ground, her erection rasping against her shapely butt. Before she could fight back, her assailant forced herself into her open butt-hole. Her hand went over Cecily's mouth to stop her from screaming as she drove herself into her again and again. She withdrew just before another stream of white strands came jetting out of her, landing in the small of Cecily's back.


“You little bitch!” Cecily shouted, “I should have killed you when I had the chance!”


She spun round and struck the llianar across the cheek with her fist. Only then did she notice the mark on the back of her hand. She backed off, bowing her head in submission. “Milady. I beg your forgiveness. I did not know it was you.” She apologised.


“What do you mean?” Asked Cecily. “Who are you?”


“I too was a prisoner until you freed one of our comrades. She in turn set me free. I should be thankful to you for your bravery. I will do as you asked.” The huntress explained, and then vaulted over the balcony and vanished from sight.


Cecily was exhausted! She went back inside and washed the cum off her. Without dressing herself again, she went and lay down on her bed. She felt strangely aroused, and began to feel herself until she was writhing in a state of rapture.


Somehow the events that had just occurred triggered a memory of when she was still at school: It was just after her sixteenth birthday. She recalled that she had a crush on one of the school mistresses, who herself was a Llianar, but had to hide this fact from the rest of the school. One day, after class, the teacher asked Cecily to stay behind. She could not remember much after that, except that they both ended up naked on the teacher's desk.


The mistress sat on the table, with Cecily on her lap. The llianar's massive cock was pounding in and out of Cecily's ripe honeypot. Her whole body felt as if it was on fire as she felt the organ deep inside her. She was no longer a virgin, having lost her innocence to a young boy in her class who had a crush on her. But that first encounter was nothing in comparison to this one. The teacher continued relentlessly as Cecily felt one orgasm after another wash over her like a flood. With the last one came a steady stream of slightly milky fluid, that gushed out of her as she felt herself climax with such intensity, that it seemed to reach to the very core of her being.


The mistress then withdrew as her own zenith caused her gism to shoot out all over Cecily, the desk, and even the floor. She lay on her back, Cecily on top of her in a swoon, as the aftermath sent a warm sense of relaxation through them both.


As she remembered the incident, Cecily felt the heat of passion rise within her, as she relived the bliss of her first climax at the hand of another. That memory was all the motivation she needed to put her plan in motion ...


“… There were quite a few Llianari working as slaves in the palace. Cecily began to watch them closely, perhaps at times a little too closely. She became fascinated by their intimate habits. Although Llianari were known to be more than a little sexually aggressive, she perceived an underlying gentleness in their intimacy. Aggressive they might be, but not selfish.


Later she learnt that one of their principles - when it came to sex - was that one was to give pleasure first, and then to receive it. This was a far cry from what she had experienced with any of the male partners she had either chosen to sleep with, or was forced to do so by her husband, who himself was the most self-centred of all.


Although many of the Llianari were physically very strong, they possessed a strange inherent grace that was in sharp contrast with most of the males she had encountered in her life. With the exception of her one-time lover, she regarded most men as brute beasts whose only motivation was self-seeking, whereas her perception of the Llianari was quite the opposite. Thus she began to prefer their company to that of the men of the Court, and especially that of her spouse.

Although she had not the courage to act upon them as yet, she often had dreams about having sex with one or more of the Llianar servants.


Cecily's observations of the Llianari intensified more and more. But, while she was watching the Llianari in the Court, she was also gaining a positive renown with them. She had made a good number of close contacts among the palace servants, but it was her assistance in the escape of the two Llianar captives that gave her a good name among those outside of the castle.

She began to take special notice of their most intimate practices. She saw, for example, how they would rub their penises together while doing, what they called, The 'Touch' as part of foreplay. The llianari – on the other hand – considered her fascination with them as a novelty rather than an imposition. Perhaps it was because she was not there to judge or disapprove of them, but that her interest in them was genuine, and seemingly without any ulterior motive. It was clear though, that she derived great pleasure from her spying.


One night Cecily stole out of the palace, and headed for the docks. In one of the more seedy taverns, she met with the prisoner who had attacked her on the castle balcony. After a short discussion, the two of them left together. Cecily was taken to one of the camps in the dense forest to the North of the city of Garrest, Cirda's capital. The location of these camps were a secret known only to the elite among the Llianari, and a handful of Sylvan. She became one of the few.


It was in these camps that the Resistance had begun to take shape. That night, Cecily spoke in private to one of the camp leaders, and was granted permission to spend the night there. As usual, while she was there, she witnessed two of the camp residents having sex. The following morning, the llianar who had escorted her to the camp, accompanied her as far as Garrest, so that she could get back to the palace before anyone noticed that she was missing.


A few days after her visit to the camp, Cecily witnessed a threesome. She had seen this before, but this time it was different. Most of the threesomes she had seen involved three llianari. But this one was with two llianari and a she-elf. It was then that she realised that her dreams could come true. Not only that, but this was a vital component of her plan ...”


Doctor Roberts had only just finished when her picture froze on the screen, and then disappeared completely.


“Damn!” I exclaimed as I realised that the line had gone dead.


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