The Huntresses Chapter 3

The Huntresses Chapter 3 The Huntresses Chapter 3

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Following on from Chapter 2



Following on from Chapter 2


Submitted: December 22, 2015

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Submitted: December 22, 2015



The following morning we began the interview early. I hoped to complete the series by that afternoon because Doctor Roberts was going to be away for two weeks. I wanted to send a complete manuscript to the publishers before deadline, which was the following Wednesday.


As we sat down, Doctor Roberts asked me: “I have told you my reason for taking an interest in Llianar history. Might I ask what yours is?”


“Indeed. Tiaglass Information Network, or T.I.N - the network I mainly work for - had heard reports that there was trouble in Cirda, some sort of rebellion. So they sent reporters to work somewhat undercover to find out more. I was shocked when the early footage came through, and I decided to go and investigate for myself. At first I found it hard to believe the level of cruelty that was being exposed, but then I saw those so-called 'Sex Arcades' first hand. Nothing could have prepared me for that.” I responded. “But, getting back to the subject at hand: You said in one of our interviews that the Lord Regent's daughter had an affair with a Llianar. How did that work out?”


“It was the pivotal incident that started the Great War. The Lord Regent - after his so-called 'cleansing' had failed - not only plotted against the Llianari, but against the King himself! Vanima, the daughter, had arranged a secret rendezvous with her lover. They met in a secluded place near a stream. It was all very romantic as you can imagine, but unbeknown to them, the Lord Regent's troops were waiting for the opportunity to carry out their diabolical plan.


The couple had sex near the stream, and were lying in each other's arms. The llianar always suspected that they were being watched, so when her lover fell asleep, she crept away to get dressed again. Suddenly she heard a sound that turned her blood cold. The Lord Regent's daughter was screaming and calling out her name. Quickly she finished dressing, and ran to where the young she-elf lay. To her horror, as she approached, she saw that she was lying in a pool of her own blood, a single stab wound through her heart.


She hardly had time to react when she heard voices approaching. In a moment of terror, the Llianar Captain knew what had happened! She made a half-hearted effort to escape, but a posse of the Lord Regent's men soon caught up with her. They dragged her to the nearest town, and threw her in the dungeon. There they took turns raping her.


She was formally charged with murder, and her accusers claimed that she wielded the knife that had killed the Regent's daughter. There was no-one to defend her, and she was not even given the option of standing in her own defence. When someone asked where the dagger was, those who had captured her said that she had thrown it in the stream. The court then insisted that they find it, and all too conveniently, they produced a so-called murder weapon.


They dragged her into the courtyard, stripped her, and tied her to a pole. They tied a rope around the head of her penis, and then around her midriff. Then they shot her from close range. By the time they had finished, it was said that the organ had four arrows jutting out of it. Another two pierced her balls, and the last one was embedded in the top of her thigh. They then left her to bleed to death.


What followed sent shock waves throughout the realm: The Lord Regent ordered the massacre of over five hundred Llianari. Many of them were civilians, and most of those who were not did not even have the chance to fight back. Soon the military camps were strewn with dead bodies, most of them with their quivers still full of arrows. Some of them tried to retaliate, but were outnumbered. Some tried to flee. The majority of these were cut down as they tried to escape.


For a great number of them, death did not come soon enough. They were tortured and raped. Their naked corpses showed signs of unspeakable brutality and violence. Most of them died as a result of the abuse they had been forced to endure.


When the carnage was over, the Llianar were left to gather their dead sisters' bodies. The smoke from the pyres rose until the stench of death filled the air. The total number varies from one storyteller to another, but the estimate is around about six hundred and eighty, of which only about three hundred were actual warriors.”


“This has some bearing on the ruins here in Cerlyn, doesn't it?” I enquired.


“Indeed it does.” The Doctor replied, “In reaction to the so-called 'Cleansing Purge', the Llianari sought to sever ties with the Sylvan, and declared their independence from them. They even crowned ‘Kraelyn the Brave’, a mighty leader in the war, as their first Queen.


This angered many of the Sylvan. Especially the Sylvan Lord Regent, Lord Arakae! Long had he forgotten that the Llianari had been his people’s allies, for now he had become overwhelmed with greed! Many battles were fought, and the Llianar forces had become scattered.





One battle in particular had started when a truce had been arranged so that both sides could collect their dead. Alas this arrangement ended when one of the Sylvan killed a Llianar. The skirmish that followed did not go well for the already beleaguered Llianar warriors, and they were forced to split up into small units and flee to a safe haven.


Only three of the units made it back, and even then not without heavy losses. In the first group, only five of the ten survived. The second unit only made it back after losing six members. Among the survivors in this group was the one known as Radaec. Only two survived from the last unit.


Radaec had a tendency for being deceitful. She once had a lover who doted over her, but she was captured by Sylvan soldiers. They raped and abused her, and then took her captive. Radaec hid in the thicket near the house where she and her lover stayed. She remained there until her lover’s attackers had gone.


No sooner had Radaec arrived at the small fort, when she began to try and bribe the members of her unit, as well as the remaining two from the last group. Food and water were scarce, and thus had to be rationed. Radaec said: “Why should we share what little we have with these others? If we take it for ourselves, then we’ll survive while they starve to death.” She even performed sexual favours with certain members of this group to garner their support.


Her first target was Elael, the rather shady leader of her own group. There was a private room that was once a study upstairs. Radaec arranged to meet Elael there. When the leader arrived, Radaec was already almost naked, Elael had always lusted after Radaec, but had never had the opportunity to act thereon.


Seeing her as she lay there on an old mattress was enough to stir Elael. There was little foreplay, and soon the captain had Radaec kneeling before her, her rampant cock inside the waiting honeypot. The other Llianar rose up, groaning in expectation as Elael pushed herself into her. Radaec stroked her own penis as Elael fucked her from behind. Soon she felt her cock erupt as she came, soaking the mattress with her offering.


Not wanting to run the risk of making Radaec pregnant, Elael withdrew. The pair then sat with their backs against the stone wall. Ignoring its roughness, they jerked each other off. Elael came first, her gism coming out in milky strands. Radaec's emission flowed out of her in an almost clear stream.


Tanende, who had spent most of her life fending for herself on the streets of Vespasial, then Yetha’s capital, grew very suspicious of Radaec's actions. It didn't take long before she found out what Radaec was trying to do. She confronted her, and a fight ensued. Tanende drew her dagger, and stabbed her opponent in the stomach. Only as the dying llianar's lifeblood came out of the wound did Tanende realise what she had done. She stood there, helplessly watching her victim fade as the shadow of death came over her.


Ingolwe the leader of the first group, whose wisdom had gone a long way to saving those under her command, faced up to the killer. (I'm paraphrasing of course.) “You stupid bitch! That fucking body is going to rot, and we can’t risk moving it now. Soon it’s going to decay, and then we will all be in danger of getting fucking infected.” she yelled.


“What the fuck have you done?” exclaimed Dreea, who had narrowly escaped death or worse when she and her lover were taken hostage. Before she fled, she was forced to witness her partner being tortured mercilessly at the hands of her Sylvan captors.


One night they tied her to a cross, with its arms in the form of an X. One of her captors then began to suck her cock until the Llianar cried out. Putting her feet into metal stirrups situated on either side of the cross, the Sylvan then pushed herself down onto the erect organ, and began to ride it. She stopped as she felt the Llianar's climax approaching. From behind, she jerked her off until she ejaculated all over the dungeon floor.


Dreea looked on in dismay as her beloved was violated a second time. This time it was a male! Still strapped to the cross, but this time on her back, the llianar lay there, unable to defend herself. A man entered the room, stripped to the waist. He pushed himself into her open honeypot while he jerked her off. This time she screamed as her gism shot straight into the air and cascaded over her naked body. As she did this, the man began to grunt, his hips driving his own cum into the Llianar's unwilling quim.


Dreea planned to help her lover to escape, but the next morning, more soldiers arrived. They took her away. Dreea tried to follow them, but couldn't get very far without being discovered. So with a heavy heart, she made for one of the villages nearby. There she joined one of the rebel groups.


“I hoped that by coming here that I’d escape the same fate as my beloved. And now you have endangered my life, not to mention those of our comrades, just because you think with your balls instead of your brains!”


“That’s enough Dreea. We’re all afraid, but there’s no need for us to bicker amongst ourselves.” Insisted Saliese, the captain of her unit,


Dreea, who had secretly fallen in love with her group leader, responded: “I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m afraid. I have lived in fear ever since I lost Keisha.”


Saliese took her and held her as she sobbed.


“It's okay. Come, let me help you.” Saliese said. They went upstairs to the same room where Radaec had seduced Elael. Soon they were naked on the mattress. Saliese lay on top of Dreea, her kisses exploring the red-head’s mouth. She gently pushed Dreea's thighs open, and entered her slowly. The Llianar's head went back as she arched her back in response. Her inner muscles began to contract as her climax came upon her. Saliese tried to withdraw, but Dreea held her so that her cock remained inside her. The leader lay still as her member throbbed, sending jets of rich semen into Dreea's uterus.


Having withdrawn, she then began to suck Dreea's still erect cock. The younger llianar gasped for breath as a surge of bliss flowed through her whole body. Throwing her head back, she thrust herself into Saliese's mouth as her own penis erupted, sending her offering down the other's throat. Saliese held Dreea in her arms, and dandled lazily with her spent penis. She only left Dreea once she had fallen asleep.


The following morning Saliese and Ingolwe performed the last rites over Radaec’s body. The time had come for someone to get rid of the corpse before it became a threat.


Kaurea, like Dreea, had lost her nerve when she was captured by the same brutes that had tortured Keisha. She had been violated in much the same way.


She objected: “Have we not lost enough already? And now we’re going to sacrifice one, if not more, of our members because of one person’s stupidity. This is madness!”


Astal replied: “No it is not. It has to be done or else more of us will die.”


“Then send Tanende. She was the fool who caused all this shit in the first place.” Insisted Kaurea.


“She would be killed before she set foot out of the door. No, we need someone with more experience.” Replied Astal.


Tarya - who had an unnerving aura around her, as one who had seen too much death - then volunteered to take the body outside. She too had lost her lover to the Sylvan. In her own words: “At least my last night with her was spent well.” The following morning, she went out to collect firewood. Alas, when she returned to the camp, she found all of her comrades dead, her lover included.


“I have been witness to too much doom. Perhaps death will find me - and my soul will be at peace at long last. I have been in agony for so long that I fear that I am dying inside.” She proclaimed.


Gossharie added: “Then I will go with you. These bastards haven’t beaten us yet! Perhaps I’ll get to split some of their fuckin’ skulls in the process!”


Two of the others fired their bows at random to keep any foes from attacking the other pair as they left the fort. Once they were outside, the archers closed the heavy wooden door again.


Kysa, who was the only daughter of one of the Llianar chieftains, spoke up: “This is just fuckin’ great! We’ve just lost two of our best fighters. Why don’t we just throw open the fuckin’ doors and let our enemies in?”


No sooner had she spoken when there was a knock on the door. Opening it, they discovered that only Gossharie had survived. It seemed ironic that Tarya's wish had come true. Some ten yards away from the entrance lay her lifeless body, a single arrow protruding from her chest.


Kysa became enraged - and rushed toward Tanende with a dagger in her hand. Salosye stopped her before she could lunge it into the frightened Llianar’s heart.


“This is getting us nowhere. If we don’t get help soon, then we will be at each other’s throats, and the enemy won’t even have to kill us. Someone has to go and find help, and seeing that I am the most experienced among all of us, then it is I who must do this.” She exclaimed.


Ure, Salosye’s lover, rushed up and threw her arms around her, and pleaded passionately: “No my love! I can’t lose you! Surely there must be another. Please don’t go!”


“If I don’t go - my dearest heart, then who will?“I have evaded capture three times - and escaped from the Sylvan twice. They will be hard pressed to try and catch me again.” Salosye insisted.


Saliese agreed: “Salosye is right. If someone must go - then it is she.”




Salosye and Ure spent the night together as if it were their last. The llianari had made a bath out of an old wooden barrel. In the small courtyard outside there was a well from which they could draw water to fill the bath. This water was not fit for drinking as it had been stagnant for quite some time, but it was good enough for bathing. Salosye and Ure sat facing each other in the makeshift tub. Salosye caressed her lover's cheek, saying: “You are so beautiful, my pet. If I should die, I hope that my dying memory will be your smiling face.”


“Don't say things like that.” Ure exclaimed. “Of course you're going to succeed.”


Salosye leant forward, and kissed her lover on the lips, their tongues connecting first. Her hand stroked Ure's proud young breasts. The younger llianar felt her cock stiffen, and held it in her one hand. The older looked down and saw the erect organ. She smiled appreciatively and her hand replaced Ure's. Ure lifted her hips until they were being supported by Salosye's strong thighs, her dick now above the surface of the water.


Salosye gently laved the tip of Ure's cock with her tongue, the member quivering in response. As she took it into her mouth, Ure began to groan in elation. With her hand, Salosye began to ride that cock as her mouth continued to suck on the tip. Ure's strong stomach muscles began to tense as her dick jerked uncontrollably. Just in time, Salosye stopped sucking. Almost immediately Ure's climax overwhelmed her as her cum shot into the air.


Now the roles were reversed. As Ure went down on her lover, she inserted her middle finger into Salosye's moist honeypot. She began moving in and out as she sucked her lover's dick. Soon the room was ringing with Salosye's own cries of ecstasy. Her hips began to buck as she felt a wave of pleasure sweep through her. Her vaginal muscles convulsed as her first orgasm flooded her. No sooner had it begun to subside, when her cock erupted, some of the warm fluid landing on Ure's cheek.


Salosye lovingly washed her lover's face, and they kissed. Both of them assured the other of her love. By this time the water was cold, so they climbed out, and went to bed. There they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Before dawn had broken, Salosye performed her rite of preparation, and left to find help. Using every ounce of the stealth that years of experience could afford her, she made it behind enemy lines. On the fourth day, Salosye heard female voices coming from a clearing in the forest. She stopped and listened. Her heart was overwhelmed with joy when she heard them speaking her mother-tongue.



She appeared in the clearing - and greeted her compatriots. Then she explained her dilemma to them, and their leader promised to accompany her to Lady Valishara.


When the noble heard Salosye’s tale, she sent her messenger - Tultana, back to the fort with her.


When she arrived - Tultana reported: “Her Highness is on her way here with a force large enough to overthrow your oppressors. As a diversion - however, she requests that you try and break out so that her forces can attack, thus making them face us on two fronts. Reinforcements will be here at dawn, so make ready.”


That night the Llianari prepared themselves, and those close to them, for the battle ahead. They carried out the age-old Warrior's Blessing, both in honour of their fallen comrades, and to ensure the success of the following day's battle.


Before dawn - they donned their armour and took up their weapons. Hardly had they opened the doors and the fighting began.


Their opponents at first believed that they had the upper hand, but when they heard the Llianar battle-cry ring out from behind them, they realised that this battle would not be as easy as they had anticipated at first.


The battle that followed was fierce, and it raged on until the sun began to set. Although many Llianari fell that day, the victory was theirs at the end. During the conflict - they were able to capture Lobuu, the one that had broken the truce in the first place.


As the sky paled - Lady Valishara met with Oglendkin, the commander of the local Sylvan force. Reluctantly the Sylvan surrendered to her.


This was the first great triumph in a war that had lasted for nearly half a century. The war ended in defeat for the llianari that remained, but a victory for them when looking at the bigger picture. But that's another story entirely.


Valishara entered the Llianar camp as a victorious Captain. She and her consort were greeted with cheers as the doors opened, and there were many reunions between lovers and family members that had become separated in the strife.


Before the real celebration began, the time had come for more solemn formalities. Those who had fallen in battle needed to be laid to rest.


This included Tarya. As Valishara performed the last rite before committing her body to the flames of the pyre, Saliese spoke: “Now dear heart - you can find the peace - that this life could not offer - in the next.”


It was already dark when the feasting began in the Great Hall. The Lady entered amid much cheering. Deep into the night the festivities continued. Although some left early to celebrate in private.


Lady Valishara herself departed with her consort long before the celebrations ended. They went outside onto one of the balconies adjacent to the Great Hall. Under the dappled moonlight that filtered through the vines growing over the wooden arches, Drana - the consort - lay on her back, her feet above her head. Valishara positioned herself with her head between Drana's slender thighs. Lovingly, she laved her maidenhead, alternating between that and her perineum. Every so often she would lightly brush the ripe little grape that protruded out from its hiding place, or else she would push the tip of her tongue ever-so slightly between the consort's soft vulvae.


Drana's hardened cock strained as if demanding attention as well. Instead, Valishara took her own member, and began rubbing its velvet head between Drana's ripe labia. Every time her honeypot would open slightly as if to welcome her in, but she continued with her relentless stroking.


The couple then stood up, Drana leaning against one of the pillars. Valishara entered her from behind, jerking her off with one hand and cupping her balls with the other. Drana cried out as her cum spewed out of her, over the balcony, and onto the pavement below. As her cock became flacid, Valishara continued to fuck her from behind, bending her over so that she could steady herself on the parapet.


They faced each other, Drana with her back against one of the pillars and her butt on the parapet. Valishara pushed herself into her from the front, and her partner rested her legs against her, with her feet above Valishara's head. The noble began to feel her climax approaching. Her pace quickened as a sense of urgency came over her. Her thrusts also became stronger. This combination urged Drana on, to another orgasm. Just before Valishara came, a third stream of white strands jetted out of her lover's cock, the sight of which merely intensified her own excitement, as her own member off-loaded itself into Drana's body. For a moment, she held her lover there until the last surge of her climax had faded.


The following morning the camp was quiet. Most of the Llianari needed to recover from the night before. In the midst of the previous night’s merriment, a child had been born to one of the Llianar civilians.

She was presented to Lady Valishara so that she should name her.


She proclaimed: “I name you ‘Senda’ - for we are at last at peace.”


As I said, that was just one victory, nowhere near the end of the war. The fort where Radaec was murdered is now the ruin outside Cerlyn.” Concluded the Doctor.


This time we ordered lunch from one of the local takeaways that delivered food to our doorstep. We ate while continuing with the second part of the interview. But, for now, this is the end of the first.


The following interview took place immediately after, and was a sort of follow-on from the previous one. Sadly the session was a lot shorter than the others. And even then it did not cover the whole history.


“Okay - Let's go back to the bigger picture.” Suggested the Doctor, “In reaction to the massacre, the Llianar Council held a 'War Camp'. Here they decided how to respond to this violation. Kraelyn, whom they had crowned as Queen, had been one of the casualties of the holocaust. Thus they first had to appoint a new leader. This they did, and their choice was Lindida of Ogarth. She was a seasoned warrior, and had led a unit that not only survived the carnage, but remained intact throughout.


She called her closest followers to the Great Hall where they held a Council of War. There the Council's greatest minds devised a plan of action. Three days later, the Llianari officially declared war on their erstwhile allies. The Great War had begun.


First they sent out rangers to gather the faithful. These were highly skilled, so much so, that it was once said of them: 'A good she-elf ranger is oft worth three males, and a good Huntress is worth five she-elves.' Nonetheless, some of them did encounter resistance from their Sylvan counterparts. Most of the Huntresses merely outsmarted those who pursued them. Others confronted and slew their attackers, and continued with their mission.


It must be understood that, by the time the War began, most of the Sylvan had been led to believe that they were in danger from the Llianari. Therefore the Lord Arakae had em-massed a huge army. So when it became clear that the Llianari were not going to back down, the Sylvan responded by sending more rangers to stop the Huntresses from carrying out their orders. This is why some of the great battles of the earlier part of the war took place in the ancient forests in the West of Yetha.

But, even amongst the Sylvan forces, there were those who had not forgotten the past, and were sympathetic toward their old cohorts. Not only did these allow the llianar rangers to pass through what was considered 'enemy territory', but some of them even aided the Huntresses on their mission. Later on, there were even quite a number of Sylvan forces that threw in their lot with their Kaldalae.


Despite this, the Sylvan forces had the upper hand, both in numbers, and in the superiority of the armour and weaponry. This was further exacerbated when a large number of Firyen from the East joined forces with the Sylvan. The remnant of Mora also joined forces with the Llianari, but even this was not enough to resist.


The Mora with their light leather armour and crude weapons, and the Llianari with their scale armour and long-bows, were no match for the Sylvan forces with their legendary mythral chain or plate, and long-swords. The Firyen brought with them massive siege weapons such as catapults and ballisters that smashed their way through their defences. They also had crossbows, against which their foes had nothing to protect themselves. And yet they went to war regardless.


One slight advantage was in the form of those who still adopted the name 'Huntress'. These brave vigilantes, for that is what they were, either worked alone or in small units of no more than five individuals. They took it upon themselves, more often than not endangering themselves, to reek as much havoc as they possibly could amongst the enemy's ranks. This they did by means of assassinations on the Sylvan leaders, or setting fire to enemy camps during the night. Many of them acted as early warning alarms, so that the Llianari and their allies knew before they were ambushed or if they were walking into a trap.


On the battlefield, it was nothing short of carnage. The Sylvan juggernaut seemed to be unstoppable. Even the Huntresses' cunning and skills could not stop the slaughter. And yet the Llianari forces kept on fighting with almost fanatical dedication. It was as if they did not care for their own survival. Or perhaps it was that they were fighting for a greater cause.


And so it was: Unbeknown to the Sylvan, far away from the noise of battle and the centre of the conflict, Llianari ships began to leave the harbours, at first in trickles, and then in droves.


Many of the mighty Llianar heroes who had, at one time, fought alongside those who now sought to exterminate their people, were slain in this war. Not even the valiant acts of the brave Huntresses could stop the massacre. But new heroes came to the fore, as for their part, this was a time of valour and great deeds.


Before the conflict even started, the Llianar Council new that there was no victory for them, no hope for survival. But they were not fighting the war for personal gain. As long as the plan was not thwarted, they would fight to the last warrior. Nothing they could conjure would prevail against such insurmountable odds.


But their resolve remained unshakable. They knew that this was beyond their own survival. It became clear that the continued existence of their people would demand the ultimate sacrifice.


The only breeze of fortune that continued to blow in their favour was that the Northern-most port of Karnash was still friendly towards them. Thus the steady departure of Llianar ships could continue unabated. The people of that city offered no protection once the ships had left the Port, but at least they did not hinder them either.


The combined Sylvan and Firyen army was far superior, both in numbers and in technology. The Llianar chariot archers were no match for the Sylvan knights with their full plate mail and lance. Once they began to charge, all those who opposed them would fall until the charge had been spent.


And still an ever-increasing number of Llianar ships left their shores without being detected. But that was only half the problem. Their captains knew that they could not sail west, because the war in Cirda was even more fierce than the conflict on Yetha. Thus they were forced to head east, and that meant having to face the buccaneers of the islands of Blakenborough, Arrelyn, and Vorendar. And after that? None had ventured that far East yet, so no-one knew.


But at least the plan appeared to be working. It was still tenuous at best. Nonetheless, their forces continued drawing the enemy's attention away from the exodus. The Llianari feared that their foes would become aware of this mass departure. And so they should, because even amongst their own people, there were traitors. Privateers with ships of their own began to harass the ships as they set out to sea. These were they that earned themselves the title of 'Quisling'.


Their actions attracted the attention of the Port authorities an Karnash, and at last the convoys had escort ships accompanying them, albeit until they left their waters. But at least the Quisling menace was soon ended when their captains realised that it was bad for business, for they had no interest in the war itself. All they saw was defenceless ships, full of loot, just there for the taking. When the escorts began to defend the exiles, the attacks stopped.



Another blessing, although in thin disguise, was that the refugees had precious little of any value with them. Even the pirates that had tried to attack them realised that they were not worth the trouble. At least the passage away from the strife was safe, to a point. They still had to endure whatever awaited them in the uncharted waters beyond the Black Isles.


But there was always the chance that the Sylvan would discover their secret plans, and launch a counter-attack. And so the remaining Llianar forces kept their Sylvan and Firyen opponents sufficiently occupied, so that the evacuations could continue, despite the losses they themselves incurred.


The final clash was on the slopes of Mount Delthar. The Llianari had built a makeshift fortification on the summit of the dome-shaped hill. In the valley below, and up the slopes of the facing mountain, were three full companies of Sylvan and Firyen forces.


The rag-tag Llianar army could do little more than buy time. They launched raids on the enemy lines in order to distract them, but they did little to prevent the advance. The Llianari forces were thin on the ground, with no reinforcements. Every time they launched a raid, their numbers were less and less. Until the raids stopped completely.

One of the Llianar Ja'Aranthi waited, scanning the horizon. Finally she spotted a lone figure sneaking through the ruins of the old village, on the opposite flank of Mount Delthar to where the Sylvan were preparing for battle. She was a messenger! She was bearing the communique that they all had so eagerly awaited. The last of the ships full of evacuees had left! The majority of the Llianar people were now safe!


The Captain ordered her troops to launch a final assault. The battle that followed was quick and decisive, leaving less than a third of the Llianar forces alive. This tally does not include those injured. By the time it was over, just under a quarter of the Llianari were fit to continue fighting. Five hundred and seventy were slain out of the roughly nine hundred that had gone into battle. A further two hundred and thirteen lay wounded. This left just over one hundred that were either lightly injured or had survived unscathed.


Sensing that victory was nigh, the Sylvan and Firyen forces charged up the hill, and fell upon the fortress. Lindida and her faithful comrades fought back valiantly, but alas in vain. Only a handful of Llianari survived that final battle, Lindida among them.




Soon the survivors would envy the dead! They were taken prisoner, and subjected to the most horrifying torture. Castration, and even emasculation would have been considered mild by comparison. Most of them perished as a result of this mutilation, and the rest of them committed suicide before their torturers could get to them.


Naturally, the worst torture was reserved for their leader. Only after the Battle of Mount Delthar did the Lord Regent realise what had happened behind his people's backs. He brutalised Lindida to try and find out where the ships had gone, but of course she did not know herself. All she knew for certain was that her people were safe. And that was enough.


One night, just when Lindida wished she were already dead, something happened that lifted her spirits again, and gave her the zeal she needed to carry on. She noticed that the guard who was supposed to take her to her lonely cell was heading for another part of the dungeon. He opened the door to one of the cells, and led her inside.


There was another prisoner in the dark room. At first Lindida thought the inmate was male, but when she looked, she saw that it was another Llianar. Her hair was cut short like all huntresses.


“They're not all bad, your Highness.” The huntress proclaimed.


“Here I am nobody's Highness.” Lindida reacted painfully. “In this wretched place, I am your equal.”


“Never!” Insisted the other, “It is because of your wisdom that our people are safe. Now, let me help you. Those damned Inquisitors are sadists. They love inflicting pain, and I can see they've done quite a job on you. By the way, my name is Shiress. Lie down on the bench.”


Lindida obeyed, and Shiress began to massage her aching body. Her firm but gentle touch did more than soothe away the pain. As Lindida gazed upon that strong muscular body, and her own relished in the warmth of her touch, she could not help herself. Soon her hand took hold of the huntress's cock, and began to stroke it. She smiled as it responded to her stroking.


Lindida lay on her back and opened her legs. She guided that slender organ into her moistened honeypot that welcomed her in. With slow but deliberate movements, Shiress began to drive herself into the leader. Every now and then, the huntress would look admiringly at the erect member that moved in unison with her thrusts.

Lindida reached down to take hold of Shiress's balls, and gently squeezed them. She felt the huntress's cock jerk in reaction, and Shiress began to moan. With a mighty thrust that rammed Lindida's head against the stone wall behind her, the huntress came inside her leader's quim. The warmth of her gism set Lindida's orgasm in motion.


But the leader's cock still throbbed unchecked. She stood up while the huntress knelt before her and lovingly took her rampant member into her mouth. Lindida forced herself in as far as her cock could go, her hand holding Shiress's head in place. She felt her climax approach, and pushed herself as if she was fucking the huntress. Her cum came out with such force that Shiress almost gagged. Lindida wanted to withdraw, but the huntress did not allow her to until the last strand of semen had shot out. Lindida held her there as she almost swooned in a wave of ecstasy.


At last they lay together on the hard concrete bench. Lindida knew that her life was on the line. That any day now, her enemies would give up torturing her. This brief moment's bliss would be the fuel to keep her from surrendering to them. Arakae was a weakling, and also given to temper tantrums. If she just persisted with her silence, he would finally crack.


“If I should die now, I will do so with a smile in my heart. You have given the strength to carry on.” Lindida said sleepily.


Some time later, the guard took her back to her room. She nodded her thanks to him as he closed the door and locked it behind him. He nodded discretely back so that the other guards did not see him. Shiress was right, they weren't all bad.


The Lord Regent's Inquisitors tried every vile torture they could, but Lindida held her tongue. They had no idea that she did not even have the information they were looking for.


Enraged, Arakae brought her before the so-called Sylvan Council – little more than a hand-picked group of thugs that had not the balls to disagree with their lord and master. They ordered a public hanging, in order to 'make an example of her'.


Not only did they hang her, but they trussed her up on a wooden structure in the shape of a capital Tee. Her legs were forced open and bent at the knee, her feet hooked behind her on a lower cross-bar. Another short beam stuck out from between her thighs. This had a stake jutting upwards that was forced inside her female parts until a steady flow of blood poured out of her. Her arms were stretched out and tied to the bar that would form the top of the Tee. There she hung until she bled to death. But even if she did know her people's whereabouts, her secret would have died with her.


Some time before, at a secret location, a group of priestesses conducted a ritual that had never been performed before, nor has it since. In the centre of the shrine was a large copper cauldron. The priestesses stood close to the vessel, and began to arouse themselves. They uttered prayers of intercession to their beloved Goddess Kulgen until their offering spurted into the cauldron. As this happened, the clerics drew their sharp knives and cut off their own male organs, so that the blood pulsed out of them and was mixed with their semen as it poured into the container.


It seems as though their sacrifice did not fall upon deaf ears. All but one of the Llianari ships made it to safety. They later discovered that the land where they had dropped anchor was one of five large islands, later collectively known as Élan. The Llianari also found that these islands were inhabited only by primitive Mora, who were glad to receive these advanced newcomers, and quickly learnt from them this new technology. There the llianar refugees were able to regain their strength and their numbers before their enemies even knew where they were.”


“How did the war in Yetha end?” I asked.


“Well, after the utter defeat of the Battle of Mount Delthar, Arakae wanted to send a fleet eastwards to seek out the Llianari's new home. But the war had used an exorbitant amount of resources. And so, those who supported him financially were more than relieved when the fighting was over. By that time, the conflict was costing them more than it was earning them. Not only that, but the people themselves were tired of fighting. After all, the war had raged for over fifty years!


Arakae's one big mistake was to make a public spectacle of the Llianar leader. In fact, the public hanging of Lindida had the opposite effect to the one he had envisaged. Many had begun to see her as a great leader, rather than a threat. Her public hanging made her a martyr, not only for the Llianari, but for the Yethans as well. The people of Yetha realised that they had been under the influence of a cold-blooded sadist, who would stop at nothing to further his own selfish ambition. It was not long before they were demanding that he be removed from office.





His ruthless ambitions caused him to turn his attention to those who had opposed him in the War. With the help of some of his closest comrades, he set about exterminating any who dared, or had the resources, to resist him. At this time, even the other Council members had become wise to his deceitful ways. So he began to lose support in the Senate.


The final nail in his coffin was when one of the soldiers that had been involved in Vanima's murder told the truth about what had happened on that fateful day. Not only was Arakae removed from office, but he stood trial for his warmongering.


The King abdicated from office, and handed the throne to his nephew, himself a moderate who actively opposed the war. His original position was Chancellor of Karnash, the port city that had helped the Llianari escape almost certain annihilation. Once he had been crowned, King Lorethven pardoned the remnant of the Llianari resistance. Slowly but surely, some of the Llianari found their way back to Yetha, although most of them remained on the Islands of Élan.”


“Well, I wish to thank-you again Doctor.” I stated, “I had hoped to cover the War in Cirda before my deadline, but it will have to wait. At least the conflict in Yetha has been dealt with.”


“Hang on, I have a suggestion to make.” The Doctor reacted, “I'm leaving for Denaheim tonight, but the seminar that I am attending is only starting tomorrow afternoon. Thank goodness for modern technology. Why don't you conference-call me tomorrow morning, and we can finish the part dealing with the war in Cirda?”


“That is an excellent idea!” I exclaimed. “I'll give you a call so that we can set it up. Thank-you.”


We shook hands. That was the end of the face-to-face interviews.




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