The Huntresses Chapter 2

The Huntresses Chapter 2 The Huntresses Chapter 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Following on Chapter 1


Following on Chapter 1


Submitted: December 01, 2015

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Submitted: December 01, 2015



The next two interviews were intense. The first took place in the morning, and the second from mid-afternoon until quite late into the evening. What follows in this chapter is the material from these interviews:


“Thank-you again for your time Doctor Roberts. Now today I would like you to tell me about the Llianari's history, with specific reference to the so-called Great War, and the events leading up to it.”


“Just how far back would you like me to go?” She asked


“As far back as possible.” I responded.


“Okay - Well, Millennia ago the Llianari were close allies with the other races, especially with the Sylvan. One of the most famous conflicts was that against the Dark Coven, and extremist group of Mora that sought to claim dominion over all of Yetha. The Llianari still went by the name of Huntresses, or 'Rauste' in the Sylvan tongue. They were considered as a valuable ally because they were highly skilled, and that made them formidable in battle. They were respected by their allies, and feared by their foes.


Much like the Sylvan, the Huntresses worked well in small groups, but each individual possessed a unique style, which manifested in the way she fought as well as in the armour that she wore and the weapons she wielded.


Most of the Sylvan held their so-called 'Kaldalae' or 'War-Sisters' in high regard. Some of the male - as well as the female - Sylvan actually joined with them as intimate partners, despite the obvious differences. Yes, even in the early days, same-sex relationships were respected almost as much as they are now. But alas, this was not always the case.


One rule was that, in times of war, any bond that had been made had to be relinquished, in order that both individuals could better focus on the mission at hand.


Many Huntresses rose in the ranks to become respected commanders in their own right. These came from each of the other races, so there were Huntresses who were in command from the Sylvan, Firyen, and Mora. As in every situation, this became cause for a certain amount of jealousy amongst the ranks, especially from one faction of Sylvan that believed that these positions should be given to them because they were born to a higher station than these riff-raff.




In the early years, during which great campaigns were fought, most of the other races were glad to fight under their Llianar commanders. The need to contend with their many foes - such as the Dark Coven, amongst others - meant that any rivalries had to be set aside. And set aside they were, but not forgotten.


The great wars came to an end, but the old resentments remained. One person whose jealousy of the Llianari became well-known was that of the Lord Regent. His own father was a champion of the campaign against the Dark Coven, and also came from an aristocratic family line. He was regarded as a Noble Man. And so he was, because he also possessed the one thing his son did not inherit: and that was Integrity.


When he discovered that his own daughter was in a relationship with a Huntress, he became enraged. Single handedly, and without the blessing of the King - who had been severely injured during the war, and his health had suffered as a consequence - the Lord Regent began a campaign to purge the land of Yetha of all the 'Unclean'. 'Unclean' meaning the Llianari.


To begin with, he issued a decree that all Llianari must be 'cleansed'. By this he meant emasculated. Many of the people of Yetha were horrified at the notion. Especially because there was no medical technology that could ensure that the victims would survive the 'procedure'. Nonetheless, those commanders loyal to him because of their jealousy of their erstwhile fellow warriors, ordered those under them to round up the Llianari and bring them for cleansing.


At the start of the campaign, this entailed destroying the Llianar's testes, either by kicking them repeatedly until they were rendered sterile, or hitting them with a mallet until they ruptured. Later those involved in this mutilation used knives and sharp blades to perform rough penectomies and castrations on their victims. And nearing the end, they even invented small guillotines that would remove both the penis and testicles at the same time.”


“I heard about that. Those must have been dreadful times for the Llianari.”


“Indeed they were, but not all of Yetha approved of the mutilations. Even those closest to the Lord Regent were abhorred by this brutality. One such person was a humble maid. Her charge was a Llianar youth by the name of Jeardra. Her parents were terrified of the authorities finding out that - not only two of their three children - but their mother too, were Llianari. The family barricaded themselves into their home, and forbade their children to even go out into the yard, let alone into the town.



The maid, whose name was Syndra, had been with the family for quite some time and had grown fond of Jeardra. She was also part of an underground faction that would warn Llianar families if they were in danger of being captured. She approached Jeardra's family, and warned them that they were on the list. One of her informants also cautioned that Jeardra in particular had been singled out …


… It was a warm summer morning. Syndra was carrying the tray with her mistress's breakfast. When she got to the door, she found that it was still closed. Usually Jeardra opened the door when she got up so that Syndra could come in. The maid put the tray down on a small table and opened the bedroom door. To her amazement, she saw that the youth seemed to be still asleep.


“Miss - Your breakfast is here. Are you not going to get up today?” She asked.


Jeardra sat up on the side of the bed, stretched, and replied: “I'm bored Syndra. So - damn - bored! Sometimes I wish that I had never been born!”


As she opened the curtains to let in some sunlight, Syndra gently rebuked: “You mustn't say that.”


“No! Don't open the curtains! The bad men will see me and take me away!” Shouted Jeardra fearfully. She had covered herself with the sheets again.


“And why would they do that?” the maid enquired.


“Because I've got one of these.” the youth declared, pulling back the covers and exposing her erect penis that jutted out of her lace panties. “If I was like this when I woke up before, I used to rub it until I came, and then it would go soft again. Oh, it felt so good that I used to shout out as my gism came spurting out. But now I'm afraid that, if I make too much noise, they will hear me.”


“Who will hear you?” asked Syndra.


“The bad men. The men that want to cut off our dicks and balls once we are old enough. I'm only nineteen now, and they want to make me a eunuch!” came the reply.


“Where did you hear this?” probed the maid.





“From Tisharu. She's just like me, only older. I asked why I couldn't go outside, and she told me about the bad men. She said that her sire had been taken away, and has not been seen since. Someone told her that her lover had bled to death because of what the bad men did to her.” Jeardra explained.


“It is true that the bad men are out there.” admitted Syndra, “That's why you have to stay indoors. But their not going to hear you while you're inside.”


“I know.” Jeardra reacted, flopping onto her side. “But I also heard that they want to come here to catch me. Will you protect me then? I know that they will take my mum and dadda away as well, and that makes me sad too. Oh Syndra, why do the bad men hate us so much?”


The maid was silent for a while. Then she leant over and whispered: “Miss, you must do as I say. Trust me. Tonight, when everyone else is asleep, I will come and call you. I have friends who will be waiting for you in the alley behind the house. Pack as many of your clothes as you can carry, and wait for me to come and fetch you. We must leave quickly and quietly. If the bad men find out, they may kill us both.”


“Why would they kill you?” Jeardra asked, 'You're not like me.”


“Because I helped you.” Syndra answered.


There was a moment's silence as they just gazed into each other's eyes. Syndra noticed - as if for the first time - Jearda's soft brown eyes. So bright! So innocent! Their lips came ever closer until they touched. The maid's hand strayed down to the youth's penis that still protruded out above her panties. The organ jerked in reaction to her touch. The maid went down on her knees between Jeardra's legs, and began to stroke her until she cried out in ecstasy. As her mouth replaced her hand, the llianar lay on her back, her hips bucking in time to Syndra's movements. Her one hand covered her mouth to stop herself from crying out too loud, while the other caressed her breast. Jeardra's cock pulsed as she came, her milky semen flowing down onto the sheets.


As the youth lay there out of breath, her member still jerked, demanding more attention. Before Syndra continued pleasuring her, she kissed the velvety tip, and whispered: “Such a beautiful thing. Why do they hate you the way they do?”


She took lotion from a jar next to the bed and coated her hands with it. The cream made her palms and fingers even softer than they were before. She began stroking Jeardra's cock once more. It was all the youth could do to prevent herself from making too much noise as waves of rapture flowed through her. For a moment she stopped her stroking, and watched the organ twitch and jerk as if protesting against being left alone. She straddled Jeardra and lowered herself onto the expectant cock. Jeardra held Syndra's arm as if she sought to steady herself as the maid gently rode her.


She then turned around and allowed Jeardra to enter her from behind. As the young llianar fucked her, Syndra felt her own climax approaching. Her legs struggled to hold her as her body became overwhelmed with pleasure. Her orgasm triggered off Jeardra's. The youth began to cry out softly as her cock began to unload itself into Syndra's honeypot. As her climax reached its peak, the youth lifted her hips off the bed, and kept still until the last wave of bliss had washed over her.


Syndra lifted herself off the still jerking member, some of the milky fluid trickling down her thigh. She turned to face the youth who lay there in a swoon. With a tear in her eye, she bent over and kissed her young charge on the lips.


“As soon as you have recovered, my princess, start packing. I'll come back for you.” She instructed softly.


Jeardra nodded sleepily, her eyes streaming with tears. A voice called from outside the room. Syndra replied, and smiling down at Jeardra, blew her a kiss before leaving the room.


Some time later, Jeardra began to pack a small valet full of clothing and other essentials. Then she dressed and went downstairs to the sitting-room where she was met by her mother and sister. Jeardra could not remember much of what happened between then and the evening. What did concern her was that her mother appeared to be very reserved, not her normal jovial self.


After dinner, Jeardra returned to her room, and found her sister there as well. She had also packed a bag, and it was obvious that she too had been warned. A few minutes later, Jeardra's mother entered the room. Her eyes were bloodshot and her cheeks raw from weeping. She hugged her two daughters and kissed them on the cheek. They buried their faces in her long dark hair, tears trickling down onto the thin fabric of their mother's frock.


All too soon, Syndra was waiting for them at the door. Reluctantly the older llianar let go of her daughters and stood up straight again. She asked: “Are you girls sure you have taken enough with you?”


“Yes mamma.” Both of them replied. She handed them a small purse each, saying: “There's not much, but at least it will keep you going for some time.”

“We're going to see you and dadda again soon aren't we?” asked Jeardra.


Her mother turned her face away so that her daughters couldn't see that she was crying again. “I don't know.” She replied, and then slowly left the room.


Syndra gathered their things, and led them down the passage towards the kitchen. In the alley there was a small buggy driven by a young llianar disguised as a coachman. Inside were two more youths, a bit older than Jeardra and her sister. They smiled when the pair joined them, and introduced themselves. Their names were Tiatha and Sheera.


Next to them was an older llianar with a scar down her right cheek. One could see that she had been through much hardship and suffering. Although her scar made her look somewhat sinister, the sisters were not afraid of her. On the contrary - they knew that, if there was any trouble, she would be more than capable of protecting them. Her name was Delshandra. Syndra sat diagonally across from where Delshandra was, closest to the driver. She tapped on the panel behind her, and the carriage began to pull away. The two adults drew the curtains to cover the side windows.


Delshandra instructed: “If we get stopped, don't try and open these curtains. Syndra and I will deal with whoever stops us.”


The four youths promised, and they headed out of the city. Jeardra and her sister never saw their parents again. Their mother was captured by the Lord Regent's agents, and taken to be cleansed. She did not survive. Their father escaped to join the local Resistance. What happened to him, no-one knew for certain, but the rumour was that he was killed in the conflict. The two non-llianar children ended up in foster care …”


This is a transcript of a story that Doctor Roberts related to me. The original was much longer.


By the time the Doctor had finished with this tale, it was already early afternoon. She invited me to stay for lunch. I accepted, and we had a simple meal accompanied by strong coffee, just the way I liked it.


That was the end of the second interview.






After we had finished our late lunch, the time being just about three o'clock in the afternoon, we continued with the interview.


This is the gist of that session.


“Thanks again for your time Doctor. Now where were we?” I asked rhetorically, checking my notes, “Ah yes. Jeardra and her sister have just escaped.”


“Okay - Jeardra and Allynna were taken to a place of safety. One of these safe-houses is right here in Cerlyn. It is currently owned by the Shyrs. Ava Shyr is a distant relation of one of the Llianari that took shelter there. After the Great War, Ava's great grandmother bought the place. Part of it has been made into a memorial for all the Llianari that have died as a result of the various conflicts. If you want, I can arrange for you to visit there some time.” She offered.


“That would be great. Thank-you.” I replied, then probed, “What happened to the maid?”


“Well now, that is an interesting story: Syndra became somewhat of an outlaw after she helped rescue the four young Llianari. She also found a partner, and that is a tale in itself!


Her lover's name was Alea. She was an only child. Her biological mother, who died when Alea was about two years old, was a Llianar. Her father, a Firyen, married a Sylvan the year after Alea's mother died. When she discovered that Alea was llianar, she convinced the child that she had been such a 'bad girl' that she had been cursed by witches, and that was why she had a penis.


By the time the trouble had begun, Alea was in high-school. She had no friends at the boarding school because none of the other students were llianari. Because she had been bullied, Alea had taken to bathing late at night after everyone else had finished. One night, Alea lay in the bath, enjoying the hot water as it lapped over her. Her hand strayed down to her cock, and she began to stroke it until it grew hard in response. Her movements became more deliberate as a warm glow began to flow through her. But they also made a distinctive rhythmic splashing sound.


Her bliss was shattered as four girls burst through the door – she had forgotten to lock it. The one pulled out the plug, while another two of them hoisted her to her feet. She stood there naked, wet and cold, because one of them had taken her towel.



The one called Jastra seemed to be the leader of the gang. She sneered: “Ah - Look at that! How disgusting! All stiff and proud. You think you're so special because you can cum like a man!”


“No I don't.” Alea responded fearfully.


One of the other girls added: “Didn't we tell you that you don't belong here? Didn't we?”


Alea began to tremble in fear.


“Let's teach the he-bitch a lesson!” The girl shouted. Before Alea could avoid it, Jastra kicked Alea with her hard leather slipper. The slightly pointed toe connected her right in the balls. Alea sank down on her knees, her testes aching so much that she was nearly sick. This time it was the other girl's turn. From behind, her foot struck Alea on the muscle between her butt and her penis, close to her female parts.


The rest of the gang laughed and jeered at her as she pleaded: “No! Please - stop! It's so painful!”


Mercilessly, she was dragged to her feet, Jastra holding her in a half-nelson. The one that had kicked her the second time turned around and started rubbing Alea's penis between her butt cheeks. In spite of her aching privates, the stimulation caused her cock to become erect. Her perineum ached from the blow she had suffered. The girl turned towards her, and began to jerk her off. One of the other girls crouched down behind Alea.


Alea screamed in rage as her penis began to jerk. The pain down below increased as her member throbbed. Just as the llianar was about to cum, the girl behind her grabbed onto her balls and began to pull on them and squeeze at the same time. The excruciating pain did not stop Alea's climax, it just made it even more painful.


Again Jastra instructed: “That's right Veronna, break those eggs!”


As if she was under instruction, Veronna punched Alea's 'eggs' as her gism came spurting out. By now the pain was such that Alea's legs began to fail under her, but her assailants held her up.





Alea was forced to bend over. Veronna took a short rubber rod, and jammed it into her quim. The girls laughed as the llianar screamed in agony. The dildo was replaced by her assailant's middle finger, but the relief was short-lived. The girl took Alea's tiny clit between her index finger and thumb, and began to pinch it until she pleaded for her to stop. The sensitive head bled a little.


This time Jastra began fondling her cock from behind until, despite the pain from her vulvae, she felt herself harden once more. She was still bent over forwards, her organ aimed straight at the floor. The llianar cried out as yet another jet of sperm shot out, at which time Jastra straightened out and kneed her in the balls, each kick forcing another string of gism painfully onto the concrete floor of the bathroom.


Alea sank down onto her knees on the floor, her cock still oozing sperm, and her vulvae still bleeding from the attack. Veronna placed her foot at the tip of her penis, and then forced it down onto the hard cement. She then tramped on its head as one would a spent cigarette.


Jastra then shouted: “Now clean this mess up, he-bitch! Or we'll come back and finish what we started!”


That night, Alea ran away from school. She was wondering through the lonely streets, when someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her into an alley, her hand cupped over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Alea whirled around to confront her attacker. She saw that it was a Firyen woman wearing a dark hood, which she threw back to reveal herself.


“What in the Goddess's name are you doing out here at this time of night?” She asked.


“I ran away from school. Some of the other girls raped me, so I ran away.” Came the reply. “It's not the first time, but it will be the last!”


“All right.” Declared the stranger, “You'd best come with me. I can take you to a safe place.”


“No! You're going to take me to the bad men!” Panicked Alea, and she ran off down the alley. The stranger ran after her, and caught her just before she crossed one of the main roads. “Let me go! I don't want to die! I don't want to die!” Cried the now hysterical llianar. She bit her captor on the hand, but despite the pain, she did not relax her grip.



“Ouch! You little whelp!” She shouted instead, shaking Alea until she stopped screaming. “I said I'm going to help you. So stop fighting me and do as I say!”


Eventually Alea calmed down. Like a frightened animal, she was still poised, ready to bolt again at the first sign of danger.

“What's your name young'un?” She asked. Nervously the llianar told her.


“That's a pretty name. Mine is Syndra.” She stated. “Now - let's get out of here before you get caught.”


Together they headed for the forests on the outskirts of town. Once they were deep into these woods, Syndra stopped. “We can rest here, but we must leave before dawn. Are you hungry?”


Alea shook her head. She still eyed Syndra suspiciously, as if she were ready to bolt at the first sign of danger. Despite her denial, Syndra still handed her some food. It consisted of some wafer bread covered with corned-meat taken from a tin. In military terms, these came from what were known as 'Trail-Packs'. Having insisted that she wasn't hungry, Alea ate with great eagerness.


Later Syndra insisted that the young llianar get some sleep while she stood watch. Only when she was absolutely certain that there was no danger did she settle down herself …


… Alea was back home, lying in her bed. Out of the dim light that filtered through the open window, drifted shadowy forms, seemingly made of mist. As they took form, they resembled hooded llianari with cocks of various sizes. Alea could hear their voices chanting in some foreign tongue until she began to feel a stirring in her loins. Her clitoris began to grow, and grow, and grow - until it emerged as a fully erect penis, at which time the hooded ones said in unison: “Now you are cursed. Just like we are.”


With the erection came the need for satisfaction. One of the hooded figures caressed the hardened organ with her ethereal fingers. As it jerked and throbbed in response to the touch, the figure repeated: “Now you are cursed, just like we are. Like we are. Like we ...”


Alea suddenly awoke to find her member spurting out its white milky load. Her cries awoke Syndra who came over to find out what was wrong. In a state of hysteria, Alea screamed and ran off into the night.




“What in the name of the Goddess has gotten into her?” Syndra wondered, giving chase. After some time, she caught up with the youth. “Where do you think you're running to? I can't look after you if you keep dashing off like that.”


“I'm sorry Syndra.” The llianar apologised, “It was the dreams again. They scare me, and I lose it completely.”


“Well, let's get back to camp. We should still be safe.” Syndra declared.


“Thank-you Syndra. I need your help. I need to have this curse removed from me.” Alea almost pleaded.


“Curse? What curse?” Syndra asked.


“My step-mother told me that I was cursed as a child, and that's why I've got this thing between my legs. I mean, none of my step-sisters have one. At school the other girls used to make it hard so that the white stuff came out, then they would take me to the principle, and she would hit me for being so bad. And then there's the dreams. Every time I have one, my penis leaks the white stuff as well.”


“You've really been messed up haven't you?” Syndra responded, “You weren't cursed. There are many people who are like you, and they haven't been bad, and they are certainly not witches. That white liquid is sperm.”


“What is sperm?” Asked the Llianar.


“That's what males use to give us she-elves babies - and Mora, and Firyen.” Syndra explained.


“I don't understand. You're a Firyen woman, and you don't have one.” Exclaimed Alea.


“That's because you are a Llianar.” Came the answer.


“My real mamma was one of those, but she died when I was very small.” Declared Alea, a shadow passing over her face.


“A long time ago, your kind were thought to have been blessed by the Goddess, and that's why you came to have a penis and a vagina as well. Far from being cursed, you were considered blessed.” Informed Syndra.




Syndra could not help herself. All the time that they had been talking, an image kept cropping up in her mind's eye of that proud cock being pushed inside her ripe quim. A strange warmth permeated through her, the centre of which was between her thighs, radiating to her midriff.


“If the Goddess gave me this, what do I do with it?” Alea asked.


Syndra replied: “Don't you worry. Let me deal with that.”


“Syndra, you've been so kind to me. I owe you everything.” Declared the llianar.


“If I help you with your problem, you must promise not to run away again. Promise?” Syndra instructed.


“I promise.” Alea assured.


Syndra took the llianar in her arms, and kissed her gently on the lips. Her hand took hold of Alea's cock, and began to stroke it until she felt it harden. She removed her frock, exposing her more than ample breasts. She turned Alea around so that she had her back to her. Then she fondled her breasts.


“Hmm - that feels good.” Whispered the llianar.


“You'd best get used to this. It won't be the last time.” Syndra insisted. “Now, get nice and hard for me.”


“What will happen after I get hard?” Alea asked.


“Well, it's quite simple. You're going to push it into my quim.” Syndra explained with a smile.


“That's it?” The youth inquired.


“Yep - That's it.” The Firyen confirmed.


“Will it hurt?” Asked Alea, a hint of fear in her voice.


“Naah - Maybe, if you have been cursed. But I think you'll feel amazing.” Syndra reassured as she undressed. She smiled as Alea's gaze took in her own sexy body. Her own eyes went down to the erect organ that was displaying its own appreciation of her form.



Alea sat on a rock with Syndra crouched behind her. The woman fondled with the llianar's breasts, watching her dick harden even more. She then moved in between her thighs, using her finger and tongue to stimulate the llianar's vulvae and encouraging her to jerk off at the same time.


Breathlessly, Alea exclaimed: “I don't know why I was told this is a curse. It feels so damned good!”


“As I said, they used to say that it was a blessing in my world.” The woman replied.

She then took the llianar's cock in her mouth and began sucking gently, her fingers still stroking the inside of her honeypot. Alea's hips bucked as a surge of warm liquid poured into the woman's mouth.


“Oh Goddess! I never thought it would be …! I never ...” She stammered as her first offering spurted down Syndra's throat.


Like all of her kind, this was only the first wave. Syndra lowered herself onto that still pulsing dick, and began to ride up and down on it until Alea's hips instinctively took up the rhythm. It had been so long, that she climaxed almost as soon as Alea's cock entered her. The feeling of the woman's vaginal muscles contracting around her penis made Alea cum a second time.


“Yes! It feels - so good - when my cock - comes - like this!” Alea declared as she felt herself gush into Syndra's body.


Even after she had withdrawn, Alea's dick demanded more attention. So Syndra jerked her off with her hand until the llianar ejaculated a third time, after which her erection began to relax again.


Out of breath, Syndra asked: “See, that wasn't painful, was it?”


“My balls ached a bit, but that's not your fault. The girls that raped me kicked me so hard, I thought my eggs would break. By the Goddess, I have never felt like that! Wow!” Exclaimed Alea.


“I knew you'd like it.” Declared Syndra, “Still think you are cursed?”


“Not at all! The girls at school made me cum before, but they always made it hurt. This is the first time it's felt like this! This thing between my legs is amazing!” Came the reply.



Once the pair had dressed again, Alea took Syndra's right hand in both of hers, and went down on one knee.


“I owe you so much, Syndra. I declare that I will always be in your debt. I owe you my life.” She proclaimed.


“Oh no you don't!” Retorted the woman, somewhat taken aback, “I know that it would be an insult now if I don't accept your pledge, but your life is your own. You owe it to no-one. It has been very lonely, so I accept you as my companion, that is all.


The pair spent the rest of the night in each other's arms. The next morning, they headed for the haven where Alea would be trained for some time before she could join Syndra on her rescue missions. Not only did they make a good team, but they also remained lovers for many years thereafter.”


It was late in the evening once Doctor Roberts finished the tale. I excused myself, saying: “Thank-you again Doctor. If you don't mind, I must make a call. My girlfriend has been trying to get hold of me, but I turned my phone off. She's a local girl, Sara Freiling?”


“Ah yes!” The Doctor acknowledged, “A wonderful person.”


“Indeed she is.” I agreed.


“You're a lucky man. She hasn't been interested in anyone since that bastard Darrow, and that was nearly four years ago.” She added.


I smiled, and nodded. I was about to respond when Sara answered the phone. That ended the third interview.


© Copyright 2019 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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