The Cabal - Chapter 4

The Cabal - Chapter 4 The Cabal - Chapter 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime


Introduction to the 'Black-eyed Beings'


Introduction to the 'Black-eyed Beings'

Chapter4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

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Introduction to the 'Black-eyed Beings' ...

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Submitted: June 06, 2020

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 06, 2020





Chapter 4:


The following Monday I received a call from a professor from the University of Johannesburg history department. Her name was Renata Pillay, and I had read some of her research before. She wrote a few articles on the origins of urban legends, stories that spread throughout cities - mainly by word of mouth - that often become popular regardless of whether they are true or not. She had said that they were an attempt to create a sort of modern mythology. Knowing her area of expertise, I was intrigued to find out what she had to tell me that had any bearing on the case that I was currently working on.


I agreed to meet her anyway as her work had interest to me in any case, and I thought that maybe our meeting would act as some kind of distraction. As her name implied, she was of Asian origin, and had a face that exuded calm, poise and wisdom all at once. I liked her from the moment we met.


We sat in her office on campus, and she offered me a cup of coffee. Then she began to explain why she had called me.


“In the late 20th Century, there were a number of cases reported of strange children. They behaved oddly and unnerved any who came across them. The most disturbing thing about these children was the colour of their eyes ...” She began.


“The so-called ‘Black-eyed Children’.” I interjected, “Yes I’ve read quite a few articles about this legend.”


“Oh it wasn’t just legend young man.” She insisted, “Here - look at these old photographs.”


She showed me four old pictures that I knew very well. The first was of the legendary black-eyed kids that started the whole legend back in 1998. The next was of one of these children who was said to have knocked on someone’s front door late one night in 2001. Thirdly was a very famous - as well as highly debated - close-up of a black-eyed boy. This was from 2003, and the last one was a pair - a boy and a girl - from 2005.


However, the next set were new to me. The first was of a pair of identical twins, and although the picture was somewhat murky, I could clearly see their characteristic jet-black eyes. But it was the second one that really caught my eye. This was no child! It was a male, and by his facial features, I would guess that he was in his late teens or early twenties. I could not distinguish his features because he was wearing a hoodie. Next was also a male, but he was definitely older, perhaps even older than I. He had a hood on, like he was wearing a cloak of some kind. The last picture was the most alarming of all! It was of an elderly woman, with tangled thin grey hair, and her eyes were as black as obsidian, just like the rest of them.


“When were these taken, and where?” I asked, my mind fully focused.


“The last one was seen outside an old abandoned building in the UK about three years ago.” Came the reply, “The third is from Germany, and was photographed when he confronted a young couple outside a mall in Munich. It’s also about three years old. The first one is also the oldest, taken in Cape Town three and a half, maybe four years ago. I especially left the second one for last because it pertains to you more personally.”


“How do you mean?” I enquired.

“This one was taken outside your apartment block soon after a hooded figure pulled a gun at you, warning you to leave the case you’re working on alone. It’s from the police auto’s dash-cam, near to your home!” The woman stated, “When he heard the siren, the boy took off in such a hurry he nearly bumped into the auto. That’s how they were able to get a close-up of him.”


“I didn’t get a look at his face.” I responded, “So I wouldn’t have seen his eyes under the hoodie, and he was wearing sunglasses. But it wasn’t the same one who threatened me with a knife the first time. He was taller. Do you think he was one of them too?”


“It’s possible.” Came the answer, “They usually work in pairs. But what’s more important than who these beings might be is their origin.”


“And that is?” I asked.


“Contrary to common belief, these beings have been around longer than we originally thought.” The Professor began explaining, “The Iroquois believed that there was a dark entity called the ‘Otkon’ that could possess children. It was also purported to take women captive in order to mate with them, and the offspring would be born with pale skin and jet-black eyes. If such an infant was born, the tribe would immediately kill it and burn the corpse to stop any from coming back to life. Those ‘taken’ by the Otkon would re-emerge with the same chalky skin and obsidian coloured eyes. Their whole demeanour would have changed, and in some cases they would appear to have suffered from either severe trauma or even brain damage.


In the 1920s there seems to have been a re-appearance of Black-eyed Kids. One particular sighting was in 1923, although it was only discovered in 2014. The person who encountered the being was just named Jane, and it was her great grand-daughter who came across an old diary that recorded what had happened. One of the most interesting, although perhaps not so surprising, incidents in which there was an increase in the number of sightings of these beings was round about the same time as the famous Roswell Incident. These are said to be the earliest photographic evidence of Black-eyed Beings, and both of them are from the area close to Roswell New Mexico.”


She showed me two old pictures that I had also seen before, then continued: “It seems that these occurrences coincide with one another. Let me explain further: A former Canadian Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer, once claimed that his government - as well as other world powers such as the USA and UK - had known about extraterrestrials long before the conspiracy theories even started. He further stated that there had in fact been several top secret liaisons between political and military leaders, and aliens. These meetings started in the early to mid 1900s - as far back as 1920 or 21 - just when the first encounters began.”


“So you think that there is some connection between these events and the Black-eyed Children?” I asked. Part of me was convinced that this was a lot of bullshit, but the other was strangely intrigued to hear the conclusion of this rather strange but enthralling tale.


Almost as if she did not hear my question, Professor Pillay continued: “In 2013, an interviewer was talking with an alleged CIA agent who preferred to remain anonymous. He claimed to have visited the famous Area 51 and had actually seen many of the so-called aliens, more than half of which were already dead. When asked to describe what he had seen, he stated that they - the E T’s that is - had larger heads than normal humans, and that their skin was almost ashen, even those that were still alive. He reported that they had small noses and ears, but that their eyes were much larger than normal. And - get this: they seemed to consist entirely of pupil, with no distinguishable sclera or iris.”


“So now you’re saying that they’re aliens!” I contended.


“Not aliens - hybrids!” She insisted, “What if the legendary Otkon was in fact one of these aliens, and that its offspring were the result of cross-breeding? There have been countless cases in which people have been abducted by aliens, a number of which have fallen pregnant soon afterwards.”


“Yes but most of them ended up suffering miscarriages or spontaneous abortions.” I pointed out.


“To begin with perhaps.” She noted, “But over time they became more adept at it. In fact so much so, that in 2012, a foundation was set up in the USA called the ‘Hybrid Children Community’. They believed that they were heralding the next stage in human evolution by being impregnated by extraterrestrials, so that their offspring would learn the secrets needed to travel in space, among other things. Or at least that was what they were led to believe by the alien suitors, but instead it was to infiltrate human society with human-alien hybrids.”


I was about to argue further, but then I remembered the pictures I saw that had cost Nurse Bennett her life, and I realised that - as absurd as it sounded - the Professor’s theory was more than plausible! But my logical mind needed more convincing, more proof.


Almost sensing my need, she showed me a child’s drawing of a typical flying saucer with a figure next to it. I asked her where it came from, and she replied that it was from an incident that happened in Zimbabwe in 1994. Over sixty school kids from Ariel Primary School in Ruwa, just outside of the Capital, were playing outside in the playground when they saw three shining objects in the sky above the school. One of them came down and hovered just above the ground some distance from the fence. A small figure emerged from the craft and approached them. It seemed to be able to communicate without actual speech, and told them to ‘look after their world’.


“This one doesn’t seem to have black eyes.” I noted.


“It is said that at least four alien races have made contact with Earth, but it’s probably more.” She claimed, “The four that we know about are: The Grey; the Reptilians; the Andromedans and the Arcturians. There are claims of a fifth race so powerful that they were worshipped as gods and deities. These were called the Anunnaki. The first two are said to be the most adversarial, while the other pair are thought to be benefactors. This is not really my speciality, so my information is incomplete at best. My interest is history, and I have looked at some historical records. I have found some rather compelling references to two of these races in ancient folk-art.”


She showed me an old photo of some aboriginal petroglyphs. I immediately recognised the characteristic black eyes. She told me that the common consensus was that these depicted the race known as the Grey. The second one was of a statue from the Dogon tribe in Mali - Central Africa. The body was roughly humanoid, but the head was distinctly either amphibian or even reptilian. She did not need to elaborate as I guessed that this was an example of the second alien race. She told me that this was the Lébé, the sacred snake who was responsible for granting the Dogon tribal leaders the wisdom to go about their duties.


She concluded by suggesting that I watch a channel simply called Kumar. I had heard of him, but never listened to any of his articles. Professor Pillay then excused herself saying that she had to give a lecture in fifteen minutes. We said our good-byes, and I returned to work with even more questions than I had before.




I logged onto Kumar’s site, and was met with an image that reminded me of one of the first cyber-resistance groups that came about during the early 2000s. They were simply called ‘Anonymous’, and their members would wear masks in order to conceal their identity. Kumar wore a hoodie that blocked out his face completely. His voice was also distorted using what was called a Vocoder that made it sound somewhat robotic.


This is what he claimed: “As you all know, by the middle of the 21st Century, Capitalism as a system finally collapsed taking the world’s governments with it. Even the United Nations ceased to exist, replaced by a corporate power that became known as ‘MegaCorp’. The age of Corporatocracy followed soon after. This is all common knowledge, but what very few people know is who - or rather what - is actually in charge of our world governments. These are, by and large, faceless figures that no-one has ever seen in the flesh - so to speak.


But - thanks to closed-circuit-television, and some expert hacking - we can now unveil the true identities of these individuals. Firstly we start at the top ...” The image of a young man in a suit appeared on screen. Kumar continued: “This is none other than Hugh Vargas, the Chief Executive of MegaCorp. The main man himself. And yet he looks like a varsity student! Anyone hazard a guess as to how old he is? He’s actually in his late forties! So why does he look like he’s half his age? That’s for later, but let’s move on ...”


Next was a face I had seen before. “... This is Director in Chief Spencer Flynn. He is MegaCorp’s representative in the Americas, both South and North including Canada. Next is Martin Kleiber who is in charge of MegaCorp Europe. Second to last is Tanabe Shoda, who doesn’t look old enough to shave, despite him also being in his mid forties. He is the Asian Director, and last is our own bigwig, one Asafa Danjuma, residing in Abuja Nigeria. Each sub-region, like Southern Africa, has its own Board of Directors, but they are all answerable to the Director in Chief. These individuals control the economy, law enforcement, and even the military of each territory, so their word is pretty much law.


But all of them hide a dark and sinister secret. And that is that none of them are entirely human. Every one of these leaders have willingly undergone genetic manipulation, and are the successful results of experiments conducted, not by men, but at the hands of aliens. This research began in the early part of the 20th Century when the very first recorded incidents of so-called alien abductions took place. Eventually a number of test subjects agreed to submit themselves to these experiments, having been promised positions of power and authority in return for their co-operation. They returned, and began to influence world affairs whilst hiding in the shadows so that the general populace were completely unaware of their existence. This was when they were referred to as either the Illuminati or the Cabal.


But this power came at a price! Those leaders that were granted such privilege found themselves having to bow down to the wishes of those that gave it to them. Far from being the altruistic benefactors they had once claimed to be, the aliens have increasingly sought to use their puppets to their own ends.


This is the transcript of a message from one of the first leaders of MegaCorp: ‘In the world to come, power will consist in inflicting terror, pain and humiliation upon the weak; in tearing the human mind to pieces and rebuilding it again, thus bending the individual to our will.


If you could only see the kind of world we envisage for you: It will be the exact opposite of the stupid moralistic ‘Utopias’ that the foolish old reformers imagined. It will be a world of fear and chaos, of treachery and torment. A world in which success is only achieved by trampling on others. A world that will become more merciless as it redefines itself and not less.

Progress in this new world will be progress toward greater control rather than freedom.


The old civilisations claimed that they were foundered on truth, compassion and justice; ours will be foundered upon hatred. In that world there will be no emotions except fear, anger, triumph and selfishness. Everything that stands in our way we shall destroy - everything!


Already we have begun eroding the habits of thought which have developed throughout human evolution. We have severed the bonds between child and parent, between man and his fellow man, between man and woman. Parents abuse and neglect their own offspring, thus causing their children to rebel and turn against them. Friends betray one another, or refuse to come to one another’s aid, thus corroding the friendship. Now even the once sacred state of matrimony has been reduced to little more than a mere formality, no more than a contract. No-one dares trust a parent, or a child, spouse or even a friend any longer. This is all part of our design.


In the future there will be no wives and no friends. Children will be taken from their mothers at birth as one takes the eggs from a hen to use at one’s own leisure. Procreation will be a mere formality like the renewal of a ration card, and the joys of sex forgotten.


There will be no loyalty except for the loyalty to oneself, no love but the love of power. There will be no laughter except the laughter of triumph over a defeated opponent who was also the weaker. There will be no art or literature, only science until we are omnipotent, then science too will fall away. There will be no distinction between beauty and debasement. There will be no curiosity, no employment save to the base process of life.


All competing pleasures will be destroyed, save the will to exist. Always there will be the intoxicating allure of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing without ever satisfying. Always at every moment there will be the sense of victory, the thrill of trampling on an opponent who is weak and defenceless.


If you want a picture of the future: Think of the image of a marching boot stamping all over a human child’s face – forever!’


The MegaCorp executive who read this claimed that it was his own. He called himself General Linus Emory, but it was discovered that this title was fake, and that he had never served in any military. Once he had been deposed, a search was carried out of his residence in order to gather more evidence for the case against him. During the search they found the original copy of this speech. It was slightly different, but was certainly not the General’s own work. In fact it was ominously titled the ‘Anunnaki Manifesto’.


Although General Emory was removed from office, the contents of his speech were never retracted. In essence this means that the powers that be still hold to the principles laid down in the document. Even when its true identity or origin was revealed, they refused to comment, which begs the question of who is really in control.


But as to the belief that this is in fact the future that MegaCorp has in mind for our civilisation, there can be no doubt that this is true. The proof is all around us, and has been for centuries: Society as we once knew it has been corroded. Many of the standards and values to which we once held have been abandoned in the search for the illusive ‘Greater Freedom’, and yet the majority of our race are slaves - slaves of poverty while the chosen few live in luxury we can only dream of and never obtain. Like the serfs in the Middle Ages, we are told that we cannot rise above what we are ‘destined’ to be. And yet this is enforced by the fact that the lower classes do not receive the same level of education and training as those in the upper echelons. Thus the divide between the haves and the have-nots becomes greater and greater, until it stands as an unconquerable void. As an old statesman once said: ‘The best way to control the masses is to keep them ignorant, poor, hungry and afraid ...’ Sadly this is even more applicable today than when it was first written.


MegaCorp has offices all around the world, and from there they spread their doctrine of privilege and deprivation, depending on which side of the economic fence one happens to be sitting. Using their propaganda machine, led by one Michael Gayne - an ironic surname if there ever was one - MegaCorp and its associates rule our world with a gold-plated iron fist.


Inside informants have proved that the MegaCorp science division has in its possession technology that is beyond our own advancements. Not only that, but they are conducting experiments on human subjects. Some of them willing participants, having been promised either positions of authority, greater freedom, or material rewards - the last being the most common enticement. There are others, alas, that are less fortunate. These are either dragged off the streets, or taken from any number of movements that oppose the Corporate juggernaut. The latter are first imprisoned on false charges, but instead of landing in jail, they find themselves being human lab-rats ...”


I was just about to write this guy off as some kind of crack-pot conspiracy theorist and turn him off when he said something that got my attention. He stated: “... And when these experiments don’t work properly, the so-called subjects get bumped off, and their bodies are left to rot in some dark alley. These murders could have gone unnoticed if it were not for three victims - one in the UK and the other two in the USA - that caught the eye of investigators because they all had one thing in common: It seemed as though they had some gadget or another implanted in them, mainly in the base of the skull. The perpetrators had obviously been instructed to remove these in order to get rid of the evidence ...”


As I said, the man had me right there! The upload was made three months prior to the first murder that I had come across here in South Africa, and this one similarity did not escape my attention. He continued: “... But we also have allies among the upper class. Although not officially part of MegaCorp, these people have enough clout to at least give us hope. Among them are: Nievan Dahl from Denmark, who has been responsible for many of the shell-houses around the world. Professor Ryul Guntur from Malaysia. His research into alternative medicines has gone a long way into providing more affordable treatments that are available even to the most destitute of communities. Thirdly, Shima Evans. She was the head of the First People’s Council in the USA, and worked tirelessly to improve the living conditions, not only for her own people, but around the world as well.


There are many more, but these three are different in that they are not one hundred percent human either ...”


Before he could continue further, my phone rang. It was the police. This time it was a female officer on the line, and all she said was: “I think you’d better come over here and see for yourself.”


As soon as I arrived, I knew that this was something serious. A whole squad of cops were on scene, and they were all wearing hazmat suits. The only time this ever happened was if it was a bust on a drug laboratory or a terror attack that included the use of poisonous gas. This was neither.


“What have you found?” I asked as I stepped out of my vehicle.


“We’re not sure, but you might want to suit up.” Came the reply.



I did so, and was taken to the scene. It appeared to be a small shallow grave. From what I was told, a stray dog began digging in the loose gravel next to an abandoned building. A passer by saw what the animal was doing and came to investigate. When she saw what had been uncovered, the witness contacted the police and restrained the dog to prevent it from damaging the evidence any further.


What was found in the grave was something that belonged in a horror film. It was a badly decomposed body of what appeared to be an infant, probably pre-natal. What made it so grotesque was that the cranium was almost twice the size of a normal foetus. At first I thought it might have been what is called an ‘explosive delivery’, as called in the medical profession. This is where the person delivering the child fails to protect the head properly, and the top of the head literally explodes because the fontanelles rupture. But this was not the case here. The skull was still intact! Not only that but the face closely resembled pictures I had seen of the notorious alien Greys.


The investigating officer must have thought that I was crazy when I asked her to conduct a DNA test on the infant. Nonetheless she agreed to do so, and I left the scene. Once again there were a million questions whirling around in my brain. I needed answers soon!


That night I assembled the same team that had gone to the derelict hospital where the woman had committed suicide. As promised, I informed Detective Kemp and his men that we were going to investigate the dilapidated building near to which the remains had been found. It seemed too much of a coincidence that this too had once been an old laboratory. The officer expressed his displeasure at our decision, but ended by just reminding us to be careful.


Cheryl had been spooked by our previous encounter and elected to sit this one out. Dave, myself and two others made our way to the old lab building. This time there were no lights on and no sign of anyone having been there for quite some time. It was double-storey, and all the ground floor windows had once been boarded up. Most of them were still closed, but there were a few of them where the wood had rotted away. The top floor windows were almost completely smashed in. The situation at the back was even worse. There was rubble and goodness knows what else piled all over the place. This spoilt our hopes of getting in from there.


The front door was jammed shut, so we gained entrance through one of the broken windows. At the foot of the old stairs, that were thankfully still intact, we took our customary photo before continuing with our search. This was no easy task, and before long we considered abandoning the whole thing. That was when Tyler found what appeared to be an old computer room.


He stated: “I think there might be something here that we can use. Or rather than our buddy Will could work on.”


Will was our friendly computer boffin. He liked nothing more than prying open old computers either to restore them or retrieve any old data that might still be stored in the old drives. Tyler was also a technician, but he was still studying and was not nearly as experienced as Will was. Carefully he removed the covering from the antiquated desk-top and found a hard-drive still inside. This he disconnected and placed in his pouch. We searched the whole building, but found nothing else of interest.


As we were preparing to leave, however, I received a message on my phone. It just said: “Look out the window!”


I did so, and in the mist saw a pair of headlights in the old car park. Not long after that, the welcomed sight of a police auto appeared, and the other vehicle seemed to just vanish into the night before the cops even exited theirs.

We gave the old hard-drive to Will who laughed at how old it was. Nonetheless he said that he would try and retrieve whatever data might be still on it. I was hardly surprised when he called me early the following morning.


I could here by the sound of his voice that he was exhausted, and knowing him, had been up the whole night. He informed me: “I have something for you, but I’m not sure what. You’d better come and see for yourself.”


I agreed and made for his place. He was holding a cup of black coffee in his hand - one of many I assumed. Will offered me one and I accepted. We then sat down in front of his PC, and he showed me the first of four images, all of which were badly distorted but clear enough to see the picture clearly. Just the background was somewhat blurred.


Staring back at us was a face - if it could be called that. It was roughly humanoid in that it had two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but it certainly was not human. Its eyes were almost like that of a reptile of sorts, the pupils slit like those of a cat. They peered under a pair of heavy brows that made it look as though it was scowling at the camera. The tip of the nose was pointed, and the lower lip seemed to be cleft in two. Instead of normal skin, the face looked like it was made of a kind of leather that had become wrinkled with age, almost like some types of animal hide. The overall impression we got was very menacing indeed.


Will said what both of us were thinking: “I mean - what the fuck?”


The second figure looked like a soldier of sorts. We could not make out any features as it was wearing armour and a face mask like those worn by hazmat officers. But what made it stand out was the weapon it was carrying. It was not of a kind that either of us could recognise. Not only that but the armour it wore looked more like a spacesuit than protective clothing. Again we were both left dumbfounded.


The second last one was of what appeared to be a scientist, judging by the white coat it had on. The individual wearing it did not surprise me as much as it all but confirmed everything I had heard up until that point. Unless the person was donning a Halloween mask of something, the wearer was definitely a Grey! Although the picture was not entirely clear, I could see the big black eyes and large bald head that had become all too familiar by now. The only thought that went through my mind at the time was: “My God! So it’s all true!”


The fourth and last one was of the lab itself, and it only confirmed that the other three came from the now empty building where the remains of the child were found. Now a picture was starting to form before me, one that part of me refused to believe!


Any doubt that I might have had, however, was dashed by the phone call later that day. It was from the forensics lab. The voice on the other side stated: “Mister Buys - We have the DNA results from the foetus you sent in yesterday. They are rather baffling to say the least, but it seems as though the victim was the result of unsuccessful genetic engineering.” My blood went cold at this point, and the voice concluded: “There are certain elements that are not human. In fact they don’t match any kind of animal - in the broadest sense - that ever lived on Earth as far as we know. At this moment, it could be surmised that this infant has unidentifiable, and perhaps even alien DNA in its system.”






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