The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 7

The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 7 The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 7

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


The Saga Continues


The Saga Continues

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 7

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The Saga Continues

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 31, 2017




Chapter 7:


Once the War in Ytheon was over, Lymen was transformed from a military camp with an adjoining village, to a town. It did not take long for the town to expand until it could be considered a small city. It was declared the capital of Ytheon three years after the end of the conflict, and soon after that, the studio in Kinara, where Talia worked, was moved to Lymen.


The island state of Ytheon had been inhabited by the local Sylvan long before the exiles from Nouthesia arrived. The refugees had found succour among their kinsfolk, in much the same way as those in neighbouring Eudia had been sympathetic towards them, long before the bombing of two of their settlements by Nouthesian ships had brought them directly into the War.


The location of Camp Lymen was by no means accidental. Situated on the banks of Nuranen - literally translating to 'Deep Lake' - Lymen had always been an important settlement, mainly due to its natural harbour. Trade ships would cross the lake from Gahna, on the opposite side, to either off-load their merchandise for sale in the other four important markets of Kinara in the North, Imra on the West coast, as well as the two Southern villages of Shallendra and Roshan, or transport goods to the ports for trading overseas. In fact, Roshan became a strategic port during the war because the forces from Eudia landed there, in order to join their comrades in Ytheon.


Tam had always dreamt of living in the country. Although Nouthesia still contained large tracts of undeveloped land, unlike many of the worlds within the Charter - such as Gilmuire - where the entire planet was one huge city, none could quite match the beauty of the landscapes in Ytheon. At every turn, especially on the banks of Nuranen, there were nuances and scenes that were almost too idyllic to be real.


One individual from Nouthesia had immigrated to Ytheon twelve years before the War started. He was in his late fifties when he moved there after losing his wife to an illness. Having no children or family, he became somewhat of a hermit, seeking the seclusion that this once quiet world offered. He built a cottage some fifty kilometres from the settlement of Lymen, where he set about becoming totally self-sufficient. A medical doctor by profession, he came out of isolation during the War to assist the staff at the field hospital in the camp. It was there that Tam first met him, and soon became close friends with him.


The man's name was Doctor Craig Menton. His work at the clinic during wartime had a profound effect on him, and he finally came out of his solitude. He became one of the senior practitioners at the newly established Academy. His duties began to intrude upon his work on the small holding he had developed, and thus he reluctantly had to sacrifice his search for self-sufficiency and concentrate on his medical practice. When Tam heard that he was selling his plot, he approached his friend and offered to buy it. It did not take long for the two to reach an agreement.


The cottage was a sizeable structure. It was double storey, with a series of A-framed roofs reaching down almost to the floor level of the top storey. There were only two bedrooms, but these were enormous, big enough to take up most of the second level. Both of them were on suite. Down below was the sitting room, the kitchen - complete with a walk-in pantry - and an old-fashioned study with bookshelves from floor to ceiling on the one wall. The whole house had once been covered with thatch, but this had been replaced with a grey slate roof.




There was no garden, and the cottage led straight onto a clearing. It was surrounded on three sides by huge ancient trees. There was some sort of creeper growing up the East side, which covered the wall, and reached up to the apex of the one roof. From the front door there was a cobbled pathway leading down to a fish-pond, which flowed directly into the lake some twenty metres away. The access roadway to the cottage was at the back, so as not to block the magnificent view of Nuranen.


Tam fell in love with the place almost immediately. He did not have any furniture to begin with, and thus had to purchase it from the local craftsmen, as there were no stockists in Lymen as yet. This meant that he could actually have the items made to order, rather than buying mass-produced goods.


Since they last met, both Tam and Talia had decided not to commit to anything until the War was over. Although they still remained in contact, the two of them did not see each other until just after the station moved to Lymen. It was then that Tam decided that the waiting was over. One afternoon, he paid Talia an unannounced visit at her workplace. He made his way to the station, and enquired at the reception as to her whereabouts. The receptionist informed him that she was currently busy on set, and would only be available in an hour's time. Tam said that he would wait in the canteen for her to arrive. He asked her not to tell Talia who he was, only that she had a visitor. He bought her a small bunch of red flowers while he was waiting.


Just over an hour later, Talia came into the canteen. As soon as she saw Tam, she rushed through the crowd of people, and into his arms. As he kissed her neck, she cried with joy. Talia took his face in her hands and kissed him on the lips.


She whispered: “It's been too long.”


“I agree.” Tam replied, “But the War is over. Now nothing can come between us again.”


They went to the counter and bought a light meal. Tam had a cup of coffee. They chose a table near the window, and sat facing each other. Tam told her about the cottage he had purchased just outside Lymen. Her eyes lit up as he spoke at length how beautiful the surroundings were, and how much he loved to spend the evenings watching the sun set over the lake.


She smiled, and responded: “It sounds wonderful! As for me, my Guardian and I live in a small house here in Lymen. We moved here after the station relocated here from Kinara. It's very convenient for me, because it's within walking distance of the studio. Nylian, my Guardian, has taken up a position on the local Council, and Aralon, my step-brother, is studying at the Academy. He plans to be a doctor some day. That's when he can get down and do some work, that is. Oh - and Nylian is planning on getting married again. He's known his future wife for quite a while now, so it's about time.”


“I'm also working at the Academy.” Tam informed her, “Or at least on the premises. I work for Treatment Without Boundaries.”


“You're being modest.” Talia replied, “I hear that you had a large role to play in establishing it.”


“Well,” He responded rather awkwardly, “I played my part.”


Talia laughed, and then repeated herself: “Like I said: You're being modest.”


They chatted for quite some time, until she told him: “I have to get back to work, unfortunately.”


“When will I see you again?” Tam asked.

“That is up to you.” She replied, leaning toward him so that her face was almost in kissing range, a seductive smile playing on her lips, “Any time is good for me.”


Tam stood up and took her in his arms. He enquired: “Are you free tomorrow night?”


“Tomorrow is good, why?” She responded.


“Well then, if I may be so forward.” He said, a hint of nervousness in his voice, “Maybe I can come and visit in the early evening. I would like to see your Guardian again after all this time, and then perhaps we can go and have dinner somewhere. Just the two of us.”


“Sounds good.” Talia answered, “I know that Nylian would be glad to meet you again. You really made an impression during the War, and with your work at T W B. If we're going out somewhere, it would be better to insist that the two of you get together some other time, otherwise you'll spend the rest of the night talking.”


“I'll bear that in mind.” Tam agreed, “So what time should I get there, about seven?”


“That's fine.” Came the reply, “I finish work at four tomorrow, so I'll be ready on time.”


“Great! But no need to rush. I've waited this long, I think I can wait a little while longer.” Tam exclaimed, kissing her. Even though it felt that every eye in the place was on the two of them, neither of them really cared. They were together again, and that was all that mattered.


The following evening, Tam arrived at Talia and her guardian's house. It had one level, with an attic under the high peaked roof, and was quite a bit larger and more stately than Tam's country cottage. The garden around it was in immaculate condition, and it was obvious that Nylian was very house proud.


Tam's nerves were on end when he eventually made it to the front door. He rang the bell, his palms more than a little sweaty. Even though he had met Talia's Guardian before, that was more than a decade ago. Not only that, but the acquaintance was brief. This time he was going to be seeing him face to face. To make matters a little more complicated, he was taking his daughter out on a date. The door opened, and Nylian stood before him. At first his expression seemed uncomfortably stern, but then he smiled.


“Greetings Tam.” He said, “It has been a long time - a long time indeed. When I last saw you, you were but a youth, and now look at you. My my, how times have changed.”


“It has been a while sir.” Tam agreed, “But I am very happy to see you again.”


“Do you know, Talia is always talking about you.” Nylian stated, “And when she receives a mail from you, or you call her, it really cheers her up. She certainly is very fond of you. Ah - but where are my manners? Come in, come in and share a glass of wine with me while you wait. She will not be long now, of that I am sure.”


Tam accepted the offer, and the two of them sat in the spacious lounge, enjoying their wine. Already the elf was prying him with questions about the War, and his involvement in it. It was more than just idle curiosity. Nylian was genuinely interested, not to mention more than a little in awe of Tam's achievements. “... And then, after the Treaty was signed, I started ...”


“Ah.” Nylian interrupted, “Here she comes now.”

Tam was speechless when he saw her enter the room. She looked like a princess! She wore a scarlet top that barely covered her breasts, leaving her midriff bare, and a black knee-length skirt that hugged her shapely figure. As was her custom, she was wearing flat-soled sandals on her feet. She had very little make-up on, and hardly any jewellery, but the scent of her perfume was just strong enough to leave Tam more than a little intoxicated. She smiled as he stared at her. She had a black shawl loosely hanging over her shoulders.


It was quite some time before he came out of his trance, but he managed to reach out and take her hand. Talia leaned over and kissed her guardian on the cheek, saying: “You will probably be asleep by the time we get back. Don't wait up for me - all right?”


Nylian smiled and assured her: “Very well, dammiamin. If you say so.”


Tam shook his hand, saying: “Good night sir, and thank-you.”


“look well after my daughter.” He replied, a hint of sternness in his voice.


“I will.” Tam responded, “I promise.”


Tam had chosen the restaurant closest to where Talia lived. This was one of five decent establishments in Lymen. Two of the others were in the city centre, and the last two on the other side of town. This one was called Elmer's, and it was so popular that one often had to book in advance, especially over week-ends. Fortunately for Tam, it was not that busy on the night he planned to go out with Talia. In fact, he had found a little cubicle that was more secluded than the other tables.


The two of them arrived at the venue, and were shown to their table. There they dined on the fine cuisine that Elmer's had to offer, and shared a bottle of the house wine. At first the conversation was light, and they joked together. After a while, as they grew closer to one another, there were long periods of silence in which they looked at each other, as if searching their very souls. By the time they had finished the main course, they were holding hands across the table.


As they were drinking coffee, Tam felt Talia's hand touch him under the small table. It had been so long since he had felt her caress that he felt a surge of energy course through him. He tried to keep his composure as her warm fingers stroked his thigh. Sometimes he just closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment.


Soon it was time to leave. The night was cool after the warmth of the restaurant, so Talia wrapped her shawl around her to keep herself warm. Hand-in-hand they walked slowly up the street towards Talia's house. At the gateway, Tam took her in his arms, and they kissed. The passion grew between them as their tongues explored each other.


In a voice thick with desire, Talia asked: “Do you want to come in for a drink?”


Tam nodded, the lump in his throat seemingly too large for him to speak. The drink was hardly poured when Talia turned around and kissed him again. Her hands all but ripped off his shirt, and stole down the front of his pants. She turned round, pushing herself against him as he kissed the base of her neck, removing her shawl at the same time. Then Tam stopped, and pulled himself away, his chest heaving.


“We can't do this now.” He uttered, the tone of his voice showing the reluctance with which he said these words, “I promised Nylian that you would be safe with me. I can't break that promise.”

Talia responded: “Why not? It's not like I am still a virgin. You know that.”


“Yes I know.” He replied, “But we've only just started all over again. I don't want to spoil it now.”


“You are right.” She admitted, closing her eyes as if dreaming, “Now is not the time. Oh - I hope that it soon will be.”


“It will.” Tam assured her, “Thank you for being so understanding. Now I really must go. You have an early start tomorrow, or should I say today, and I've still got to get back to the cottage.”


He took her in his arms. Trying to resist the urge to carry on where they had agreed to stop, he kissed her good-night. He whispered to her: “I love you.”


She kissed him again, and reciprocated in her own tongue: “Amin mela Ile.”


They stayed in each other's arms a while longer, and then Tam bade her a last good-night, and returned to where he had parked his Auto.


Driving home was difficult, as he found it hard to concentrate. By the time he arrived home, he felt as though he was going to explode. He ran a hot shower, and began to jerk himself off. In his mind's eye he could see her naked body close to him, and as his desire rose, he could feel her warmth engulf him until, with a thrust of his hips, he came onto the wet tiled floor. This only relieved the physical desire, but deep down he longed to be with her again.


Meanwhile, Talia had just had her bath. Her body was tingling all over, and she felt a warmth well up inside her. With her one hand she fondled her breasts, while stroking her lower body with the other. Her fingers explored her navel, and slowly moved down between her thighs. As she coaxed her tiny clit, her hips began to rise to her touch, and she opened her legs wide. She inserted her middle and ring finger into her quim, and started to move them in and out of her. Her rhythm was slow and deliberate at first, but soon became more fevered as she felt herself heading irrevocably towards an explosive climax. As it swept through her, she put the fingers of her other hand into her mouth in an attempt to stop herself from screaming, and waking her Guardian. It was all she could do to remain quiet as her orgasm leapt - leapt - and then slowly subsided, until she relaxed once more.


She fell asleep amid dreams of Tam's body lying next to her, his arms around her, and his breath on her face. But the dreams soon faded, leaving her with the desire to see him again, and this time, there would be no holds barred.


The Academy was abuzz with activity and excitement. A delegation had arrived from the Nyrenan Empire. It consisted of four members, and was led by Shira (meaning 'Lady') Kimiko. It had been four years since the death of Princess Kyra, and it was decided to hold a joint memorial commemorating the sad occasion. A mausoleum had been erected in her honour with a bronze statue at the entrance. A wealthy Lymen family had commissioned a group of local sculptors, masons and craftsmen to create a second monument, which would be situated outside the Academy that bore her name. These two creations were unveiled simultaneously during the ceremony, and the event was broadcast throughout the Empire, as well as all over Parethia.


Surrounding the huge marble figure of the Princess on three sides, there was a curved wall, upon which the names of all those who had lost their lives in the War were engraved. The inscription included the deceased person's date of birth, and many of them had short messages below their names from friends and family. A half-domed roof covered the structure to protect it from the elements. She reclined on a large platform, draped in a robe that hung over one shoulder, exposing the one breast. Many commented that she resembled an archaic goddess. Her feline features added to the sense of grace and poise. On the base of the dais was an inscription that read: “To the Princess whose grace touched so many hearts, and whose valour did not waiver, even unto death.” The same tribute was engraved in the Nyrenan tongue at the bottom of the statue that stood outside her tomb.


Ten days after the memorial, Talia called Tam, and informed him: “I have a week's leave due to me, starting the week after next. I am planning on spending some of it at a chalet next to the lake. The place is between where you are staying and Lymen. I know of a trail that leads from a resort near the main road. If you would like to join me, we can meet there. The Autos will be safe, and the chalet is only a day's hike from the resort. What do you say?”


“I think it's a great idea.” Tam replied, “Things are pretty quiet at work, so I don't think they'll miss me too much. How long are you planning on staying?”


“I have not decided yet.” Talia told him, “It will only be for a few days. Three or four maybe.”


“Then count me in.” He confirmed, his voice hardly masking his excitement.


The week went past too slowly for Tam, but at last the long awaited day dawned. Tam was a seasoned hiker, having accompanied his father on many of his field trips, some of which took them far away from any form of civilisation. The sun had only just started to rise when he loaded his pack into the Auto, and headed for the place where he and Talia had arranged to meet.


She was waiting for him when he arrived. They kissed briefly, and then headed off down the trail, the sun having just fully risen. A couple of hours later, they stopped for a short break during which they shared a cup of coffee from a flask that Tam had brought with him. He leaned against the trunk of an old tree. Talia came up and took his hands in hers. She pressed her warm body against him, and kissed him on the lips.


Softly she said: “This time there will be no-one to disturb us. We'll be all alone.” As if to emphasise what she was saying, her hand trailed down his midriff, and brushed the front of his jeans. He held it there for a moment, allowing her to feel the slight hint of excitement beneath the heavy fabric. She smiled seductively, licking her lips, and then kissed him again.


They hiked through the most spectacular countryside. Tall stately trees lined the pathway on both sides, and some had actually fallen across it, so that they either had to clamber over them or walk around them. The two of them had lunch in what at first appeared to be a natural causeway with steep sides. On closer inspection, it was discovered that this was a structure. The rocks that made up either side had been stacked by hand. The exact origin of this feature was as yet unknown, and there were various theories as to who had built them and why.


Just before nightfall, Tam and Talia came to the top of a ridge. The path down hill was more than a little steep, and as it began to level out, it crossed a small stream. There was a strong wooden bridge, and just beyond that, to the right, was the chalet situated in a small clearing. It was made up of two rooms, and had a picket fence half-way around it. Just in view from where they stood, and partially hidden by a large conifer, they caught their first glimpse of the lake, seemingly as smooth as glass.




By the time they reached the chalet, they were too tired to think of anything else but to have a good night's rest. Tam and Talia had a light dinner, took a shower, and went to bed. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


The following morning, just before dawn, the lovers awoke to watch the sun rise over the lake. They lay on a blanket spread over the thick lawn in front of the chalet, joking and laughing together. Soon the magical sunrise emerged. At first it was a slight golden sparkle on the water of the East side. It gradually grew as the sky began to turn a pale orange,and the landscape started to fill with pastel shades of muted greens and golds. Mist rose on the surface of the water that gave the scenery a slightly surreal atmosphere. The trees above them, and soon the entire forest, became filled with the songs of birds. It gradually grew warmer until Tam and Talia were basking in the early morning sunlight.


The couple enjoyed a light breakfast, accompanied by a light red wine. Tam sat on the blanket, and Talia lay on her back, her head resting in his lap. As Tam tried to take a sip of wine, Talia made a joke, causing him to choke, the liquid going up his nose. He coughed, spluttered, and then sneezed, seemingly all at once. This made his partner laugh even more. Her whole face lit up, and her dark eyes sparkled as she laughed. Her mirth seemed to subside a little as she noticed Tam looking at her.


He spoke almost in a whisper: “I love watching your face when you laugh. It's quite captivating!”


Talia sat up close with her back against him. Her hand stroked his thigh just above the knee. She leaned over towards him, and they kissed. She relaxed with her head against his chest, and they watched the ripples on the water that seemed to mesmerise them.


Later, as the day became hotter, they decided to go down to the waterside. Talia went back to the cottage. She took off the top and jeans that she had been wearing, and put on a light dress while Tam waited for her. When she re-emerged, he was certain that something had changed, but he could not work out what it was.


It did not take long before the lovers were on the banks of the lake. They found a place where they could get into the water without much difficulty. Tam rolled his jeans up around his knees, removed his shirt, and went into the water. Although it was still cold, it refreshed him immediately. Meanwhile, Talia had found the trunk of an old fallen tree, upon which to sit and watch him as he frolicked around. As he turned to face her, she could see the water glistening on his torso. A smile came over her face as she gazed at him. He was by no means muscle-bound, but rather well proportioned.


He noticed that she was watching him, and approached her, his hair dripping wet. As he drew close enough, he shook his head, wetting her with his hair. She giggled as the water sprayed all over her. Her hands ran up and down his bare chest as she looked at his face, and she tapped softly on the tree trunk, inviting him to sit next to her. With one hand, she caressed his cheek, then pulled him towards her until their lips met. As she did this, the shoulder strap of her dress slipped off her shoulder, exposing part of her cleavage. With his free hand, Tam pushed the other one until it too fell. It was then that he realised what was different: Talia obviously had nothing on under her dress!


The garment revealed more and more of her shapely body to his gaze, until her firm breasts were completely uncovered. He could feel them warm and pliant to his touch, her nipples standing out as he stroked them. He leaned forward slightly, kissing her shoulder, and as she bowed her head, the back of her neck. Slowly and gently he moved down, until he took one of her areolae in his mouth, and began to suck it. With one hand he supported himself on the log, while the other caressed her thigh, slowly heading upward under her skirt.

Just before it found its mark, Talia pushed it a bit further down. In a voice that was barely a whisper, she insisted: “Let us not be too hasty. We have all day, so let us enjoy each moment.”


Not long after this, they were standing ankle deep in the water. Talia stood with her back to Tam, her body pressed against his, so that she could feel his hardness against her butt. She reached behind her, and unzipped his jeans. He removed them, along with his jockey-shorts, and threw them onto the bank. With his now erect cock brushing between her cheeks, he slowly lifted her dress over her head, and it landed close to where his own clothes lay. For a moment they stood like that, just enjoying the intimacy of their body contact. Talia then turned around, put her arms around his waist, and pulled him towards her. They kissed as his hands stroked her back. She could feel him just touching her mound, pushing against her as it jerked in expectation.


Then, almost as if he had changed his mind, he took both of her hands, and headed into the water. They were knee-deep when he let go, and began splashing her playfully. As the cold water covered her, she let out a squeal, and said: “Ascar nide!” (Meaning 'Impetuous one.')


She quickly retaliated, and soon they were playing like children. They laughed and cavorted around until both of them were drenched. Tam lay on his back, his shoulders in the water, in an attempt to protect himself from a torrent of water flowing from Talia's hands. It was not long before he went underwater completely. Talia sensed victory, but her triumph was short-lived. He came up again, still on his back, and kicked with all his might. She dove away from him, to get out of the line of fire. As the top part of her became submerged, he caught a glimpse of her maidenhead. He lay still, allowing himself a brief moment to savour the view.


When she surfaced again, he came up to her, and put his arms around her waist. She pretended to struggle, but ended up with her legs encircling his hips. His hands went under the water as they kissed, and began to caress her butt. For a moment, Talia's face became serious, and her laughter changed into a seductive chuckle as her hands locked at the back of his neck. She clasped her legs around him, and leaned back so that just her tummy and her breasts were out of the water. She smiled, almost as if she felt Tam caress her body with his eyes.


She let go of him, and her upper body went under the water. As she kicked with her legs, he could see her cleft clearly in front of him. This caused a knot to form in his stomach, and when she emerged again, she could see that he was fully turned on. In mock disapproval, she pushed him so that he fell over backwards into the water again. He laughed as he regained his footing. She then turned, and headed for the shore.


She sat down again on the tree trunk, her one foot still in the water while the other rested on the bank. Tam knelt next to her and kissed the inside of her thigh. His lips ran up, ever closer to her maidenhead, as he felt the tender skin with the tip of his tongue. She ran her fingers through his hair as he lifted his head.


Tam stood up and kissed her as his hands trailed over her tummy until just below her navel. Then he knelt down and gently ran his tongue over the smooth skin of her upper thigh. Soon he was savouring the tiny tip of her clitoris as she held his head in place, a slight groan coming out of her. The coolness of the water still on her body was a delicate contrast to the warmth of her skin. Talia began to moan softly as his tongue enlivened her, her fingers running through his hair. Her head went back, and her mouth opened. She sighed with pleasure, and she started to rock back and forth.





She stood up, and pressed her body against his. Her legs opened, allowing his erect member to rub against her tender vulvae, its hardness parting them slightly. As they kissed, her one hand caressed his torso, and then cupped his balls. She let out what seemed to be a moan and a giggle combined as she felt his cock come alive to her touch.


Talia's lips pressed up against his chest, and she worked her way until she was kneeling in front of him. She took his dick in her hands, jerking him off until she could see his pre-cum ooze from its tip. She stopped, and licked off the clear liquid, savouring its slight sweetness. She continued with her hands, enjoying the feeling of his member throbbing in her palm. Again she stopped to taste him, and watched his desire rise. His eyes were closed, and there was a smile on his face. His abdominal muscles tensed and relaxed, as his hips thrust forward as if he was fucking the air.


In a heavy voice, he told her: “Stand up.”


She did so, and he took her in his arms. He kissed her, his hands caressing her shapely butt. Slowly she moved towards the tree trunk again, and turned around, putting her hands on the log so that she bent forward slightly, her legs open. Tam seemed to be in no hurry as he moved in behind her, his cock hard against her. His hands stroked her bum, and then trailed up to her breasts again. He kissed her neck under her wet hair.


Talia turned half towards him, and they kissed. She reached behind her, took his rampant member, and urged it slowly into her. All the waiting was over, and soon she felt her desire for him soar. She groaned and sighed, as her movements matched his. Her fingers gripped the rough bark of the tree, and she knew that she was fast reaching her peak. Her only fear was, that at the height of her passion, her legs would give way under her, and it was all she could do to steady herself.


As if he sensed her fear, Tam put his arm around her, and pulled her close to him to support her. His breath was hot and heavy against the back of her neck. She knew that his time was drawing steadily nearer, and as her own orgasm began to subside, she pushed away from him, so that he withdrew. She turned around, taking his cock in her hand, and went down on her knees.


She jerked him off once more, slowly at first, her pace quickening as she sensed that his climax was eminent. She ran the fingers of one hand through his thick mass of pubic hair, while the other hand caressed his balls as though coaxing them to release their load. Soon she was rewarded as milky white strands began to coat the top of her cleavage, and run down between her breasts. She looked up, watching his face contort as his hips thrust forward. She continued her movements, squeezing the last sticky drop out of him. As he went limp again, she stood up and kissed him on the lips.


Before they dressed once more to return to the chalet, they went for another swim in the lake. The water made their skin tingle, and they felt refreshed, if not more than a little tired. They packed up the picnic basket, and headed back.


The day before the two of them hiked to the chalet, Tam had visited a craft market that had sprung up on the outskirts of Lymen, on the main roadway that ran passed his cottage. While he was perusing through the various stalls, he found one that sold traditional Sylvan jewellery. A certain item caught his eye. He bought it, and kept it hidden from Talia, until the right moment arrived.


On the afternoon of the second day, Talia and he found another trail heading into the forest. It seemed to head away from the lake, and then circle back until it joined again about a hundred yards from the bridge. Tam and Talia decided to follow the path when the day became cooler. They took torches with them, just in case they would have to find their way back in the dark. The track was not as long as they expected. The sun had just touched the horizon when they reached what seemed to be the furthest point. As the arc turned towards the lake once more, they could just see the slightest glimpse of shimmering gold between the trees. There they stopped to enjoy the view.


Talia stood with her back to Tam, and leaned against him. He softly caressed her tummy, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric of her dress. He bowed his head slightly, and kissed her on the cheek.


“I love the smell of your hair.” He whispered.


She stroked the back of his hands, laughing softly as she remarked: “You are such a romantic, melamin.” and then paused awhile before adding, her voice a little dreamy and distant: “Is the view not beautiful?”


“Very.” Tam re-joined, kissing her cheek again, “Even more so because you're in it.”


Talia turned around, a smile making her face even prettier, as the fading light cast a warm glow upon her olive skin. She put her hands behind his head, and pulled it toward her until their lips met. As he kissed the delicate skin at the base of her neck, she threw her head back, her smile broadening and her mouth opening. She sighed: “Amin mela Ile.”


“And amin atta mela Ile.” He replied, having just begun to learn the Sylvan tongue.


She laughed softly at his attempt, and said: “We say: 'Dro amin mela Il-atta' - 'I love you also'. But at least you are learning.”


“Yes ma'am.” He jested, saluting her. They laughed together, embracing one another. Then Tam noted: “I think we'd better head back. It's going to get dark soon.”


They set off hand-in-hand. The path meandered its way through the forest, and at one stage they thought that their assumption that the trail was roughly circular might have been wrong. But eventually they arrived at the place where it met up with itself again. Soon they had crossed the bridge, and were back at the chalet. By the time they arrived, it was almost dark when they opened the front door.


Unbeknown to Talia, Tam had intended this evening to be a special one. It was at his insistence that they went for a walk through the forest in the first place, and while they were out, he had arranged for some caterers to come in and prepare a candlelit dinner just for the two of them. When Tam and Talia arrived, everything was set. All Tam needed to do was light the candles.


The table was covered with a white linen cloth. Underneath was the first course, complete with candelabras and small red votive candles. In the kitchen was the rest of the meal, a bottle of red wine, and two crystal glasses. There was also a small bottle of liqueur and a pair of tiny glasses.


Talia was intrigued, but Tam instructed: “I need to go and wash my hands. No peeking while I'm gone.”


She laughed, and nodded in agreement, saying: “I will sit in the lounge and wait for you.”


When Tam returned, he saw that she had been true to her word. She stood up as he came into the room. He took her in his arms, and kissed her still smiling lips. Then they made their way to the table. Tam carefully removed the covering, revealing what was underneath. Talia clasped her hands together, a tear running down her face that made her eyes sparkle in the dim light.

“Melamin! What is this?” She asked, “Why have you done this?”


“I wanted to spoil you, that's all.” He reacted, “Shall we?”


They sat down to a sumptuous meal. The food was delicious, and the wine refreshing. They ate at leisure, and there were times when they just sat hand-in-hand, and gazed into each other's eyes. Generally the conversation was light and jovial, but at times the atmosphere became all the more romantic, and they often shared intimate words with one another.


Once they had finished enjoying the liqueur, the two of them made for the sitting room, and sat next to each other on the sofa. Even though the night was not particularly cold, a small fire had been lit in the hearth to add to the overall nuance. There was no need to switch the lights on as the glow of the fire illuminated the room with its warm cosy glow.


Talia snuggled closer to Tam, and he put his arms around her. He whispered in her ear: “I have a surprise for you, but first I need to ask you an important question.”


“What is that?” She asked, her face beaming with excitement. This turned to more tears of joy as he knelt down before her, and produced the gift that he had chosen for her that day at the craft market.


He presented it to her, and asked her: “Talia Emmett - Will you marry me?”


In Sylvan tradition, an engagement is not made official with a ring, but with a silver pendant. It's design is unique. While the symbol, known in some circles as a 'Triquatra', is fairly common, the way that it is designed, with the circle interwoven into it, is particularly significant when it comes to Sylvan betrothals. It appears to be one single shape, as if it were a strand woven together. The only difference is that it has no end. This symbol signifies eternity.


The pendant is further embellished when the couple get married, at which time the bride's birthstone is embedded in the centre, where the three elements of the Triquatra meet. At this stage, a similar piece is worn by the groom, also with a gem in the same place. Once the marriage ceremony is over, the two then swap pendants, symbolising their acceptance of one another. These pieces of jewellery are not suspended from a gold or silver chain, but rather on a thin leather strand.


Tam lovingly fastened the piece around Talia's neck. She stood up and faced him, so that he could see it hanging down just above the neckline of her dress. Even without the stone in the middle, the silver was highlighted in contrast to her tanned skin. It looked beautiful on her.


They swapped places, and she knelt in front of him, holding both of his hands. At last she responded to his proposal: “Yes melamin. I will be your wife.”


They both stood up. Tam took her in his arms, and she hugged his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. They stood there for a while. Tam could feel her body move as she softly sobbed, kissing the side of his neck over and over again. She held his face between her hands, and gazed deep into his eyes, her own sparkling brighter than before.


She whispered: “I love you.”


Again they embraced as he replied: “And I love you too.”




Talia moved away slightly, taking his hands in hers. Her lips parted seductively, and the expression on her face made his stomach churn with expectation. He had seen that look before, and he knew what it meant.


They made for the bedroom hand in hand. The dimmed light from the bedside lamps gave the room a cosy atmosphere as it highlighted the rustic pine ceiling and olive green walls.


Talia lay on her back on the bed, and instructed: “Take your clothes off.”


Tam said nothing, but a puzzled expression came over his face. Talia smiled, and repeated herself. He complied, and soon he was standing naked at the foot of the bed. She unbuttoned her top so that her lover could just catch a glimpse of her cleavage. Opening her legs slightly, she began to pleasure herself, her fingers stroking her maidenhead through the thin fabric of her panties. Tam watched as her body started to react to the stimulation. Soon her breathing became laboured, and she moaned in a state of delectation, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. Every now and then, she would look at him and smile as she saw his excitement rise.


Her hand stole under her panties, and parted her outer labia, so that she could explore the moist folds beneath them. As she did this, she looked at her lover, and enquired softly: “Do you like what you see?”


He replied: “Oh yeah!”


She giggled seductively, and continued stroking herself in front of him. Her head went back against the pillows, and she began to moan as her hips rocked back and forth. Then she knelt on the bed and took off her blouse, revealing her firm breasts.


At last she invited him to join her and remarked: “You are so hard.”


Tam lay on his back, his head at the foot of the bed. Talia straddled him, his turgid cock rubbing against the thin fabric that was like a barrier between her womanhood and his member. She rested her hands on his strong chest, while his began to fondle her breasts. She rocked slowly back and forth, feeling the heat build up. Tam's erection parted her vulvae still hidden behind her silk undies. She eventually removed them, and resumed her movements.


As she guided him into her, she breathed: “I want you to cum inside me.” And as Tam opened his mouth to try and protest, she continued: “I know that you want to as well.”


He did not have an answer to this. It was true! Ever since he had laid siege to her virginity, his dreams had been haunted by the desire to loose his load into her. Fuelled by this, he drove himself deep into her quim. She was already so aroused by her own actions beforehand, that his movements pushed her to the very edge of rapture almost immediately. Her nails dug into his chest as she moaned, her moans becoming squeals of delight.


He stopped, allowing her to take over. Her whole body writhed as though in the throes of a convulsion. Her inner muscles engulfed him in wave upon wave of energy, and then slowly she began to relax once more. At which time he resumed his thrusting, this time at a slower, more deliberate pace. A second climax began to rise, more gradual than the first, but at its zenith, far more intense. She leaned forward, her hands on the pillow on either side of his head. The strength of her orgasm made it difficult for Tam to continue thrusting, so she rode up and down his cock, until she collapsed breathlessly on top of him.


She felt his hips buck off the bed. His hands were stroking her shapely butt, and as he felt his own climax overtake him, he squeezed her firm cheeks. He seemed to thrash about like a ship in a storm, and it was all Talia could do to stop herself from tumbling off him. His facial expression seemed to be a mixture of pain and ecstasy, and he felt as though every last strand of his seed was flooding into her uterus. Still she persisted until his movements slowed again, urging him on until he began to relax once more.


Out of breath, he uttered: “That was crazy! Awesome - but crazy!”


Talia just laughed softly, hugging his neck, and kissing him on the lips. She ran her fingers through his sweat-laden hair, her own drenched tresses hanging in his face. With him still lost inside her, she buried her head against his chest. He ran his fingers softly up and down her back. They lay together like that while both of them recovered, their breathing returning to normal.


He began to laugh, and when she looked quizzically at him, he took her face in his hands, and explained: “I think I am the luckiest man in Ytheon right now!”


Talia leaned over and kissed his lips. “Oh yes?” She said in jest, “And why is that?”


“Because.” He continued, rolling her over until both of them lay on their sides and gazed into each other's eyes, “When day breaks, I will still wake up with you in my arms.”


“Yes melamin.” She assured him, “And every day from this moment onwards.”


Talia sat up, and added: “But right now, I need to have a shower. Why don't you join me?”


The two of them headed for the bathroom. Soon they were in the shower together. The warm water running down them was refreshing as the perspiration from their bodies was washed away. They enjoyed sponging each other down, their hands touching one another's bare skin as they rinsed the soap off again. Every now and then they would stop and kiss, recalling the excitement of their union, and basking in its memory. Once they were finished, they dried each other off, and went back to bed. Lying naked in each other's arms, they were not able to say very much before they drifted off into a deep satisfied slumber.

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