The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 11

The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 11 The Adventures of Tam Denehy Chapter 11

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Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


The Final Chapter


The Final Chapter

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 11

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The Final Chapter

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Chapter 11:


Tam received a message from the contractors who were responsible for the building of the Medical Centre. The foreman promised: “The project will be finished in about two weeks mister Denehy. Why don't you take a break, and by the time you get back, everything will be ready.”


Talia had been told that the studios were also just about completed. This meant that the couple had some time to wait, so they decided to go on a trip to Nouthesia where Tam's parents were still living. They had not seen them since the wedding, so both felt that the time had come to go and visit them again. After all, it would be the first time they would meet their grandchildren. Tam's father was somewhat frail and it was all Parma, his mother, could do to look after him. This was why Tam decided, that instead of staying with his parents, he would hire a small cabin for his family, near to where they lived.


And so, a week after their return from the mission, the small family boarded the massive passenger liner, the Durant, on route back to Tam's home world. This was unlike any other ship they had travelled on. It was gigantic! With thirteen decks, it was higher than some of the buildings in Elyon, and so long that one would take three hours or more to jog around the perimeter. The cabins were large and spacious, almost as big as the average upmarket hotel room. The children's room, just to one side of the main sleeping area, was bigger than both of their rooms at home put together, and with much more to do! Although it did not take long to travel via hyperspace to Nouthesia, the youngsters enjoyed every minute of it.


Once Jarin stated: “Dad - this is awesome! Much better than the other ship!”


Soon they were at the space port, and hired an Auto. Their next stop was one of the few remaining areas of wilderness that still survived. Even though it was considered to be 'natural', the Orris Reserve was actually artificial, having been reclaimed by the Department of Conservation and Preservation some fifty years before Tam was born. It had a lake that teemed with fish, and was maintained all year round. The water was kept clean via a filtration system, so that visitors could even swim in designated areas. Even the climate was regulated by an environmental control system, which could do everything but prevent a storm. The temperature throughout the three thousand hectare park was a few degrees warmer in winter, and considerably cooler in summer, than in the rest of the region.


Apart from the lake, there were a number of man made waterholes for animals to use. There were predators in the park, but these were kept under control, firstly so that they did not pose any threat to the millions of visitors that flocked there during the holidays, and to a lesser extent throughout the year. The second reason for the stringent control of the number of predator species, was to ensure that they did not deplete the populations of those creatures upon which they preyed.


The chalet that Tam had arranged for them was only a short distance from the lake. When they arrived, the children wanted to go to the water's edge. On route, they purchased the necessary provisions, and stocked up on extra bread so that the kids could use it to feed the ducks. No sooner had they unpacked the car, then Selma and Jarin ran off down the lawn to the lake, half a loaf in hand. They stood on the path that followed the bank, broke the bread into small pieces, and threw them - one handful at a time - into the water. It did not take long for one of the fowl to notice the food, and soon there was a small group of them, much to the children's delight.



As the sun began to set, Tam called his children: “Selma, Jarin - It's time for you to get ready. We're going to see your grand-dad and grandma. Come inside.”


Rather reluctantly at first, Selma and her brother headed back to the bungalow. They had their bath, and then dressed themselves, ready to meet their grandparents. They were a bit nervous at first, but also excited. Having spent most of their time visiting Talia's Guardian, whom they regarded as their other grand-dad, the children were eager to meet a 'real' grandfather. They asked a million questions about him, many of which Tam struggled to answer, and resigned them to: “You will have to wait and see.”


The evening was almost drawing to an end, and the last rays of sun faded until there was just a dark orange glow on the horizon. Tam and the family arrived at the old house where his parents lived, and were greeted by his father as they entered through the garden gate. His beard was grey and had grown longer since Tam saw him last, and he had to wear spectacles permanently, which gave him a somewhat grave appearance.


The children at first were more than a little reserved, but his warm smile and the sparkle in his ageing eyes when he saw them, soon put their fears to rest. He stooped down, and picked his grand daughter up in his arms, saying: “My my - aren't you the loveliest child! How did you get to be so beautiful?”


Probably for the first time in her life, being almost always in control of herself, Selma blushed. She smiled shyly at her grandfather, without saying a word. Emon kissed her on the cheek, and she laughed as his whiskers tickled her, then he put her down gently, and turned his attention to Jarin. With a broad smile he held out his hand, took hold of his grandson's, and shook hands with him, asking in a semi-serious voice: “You're not into all that sissy kind of stuff, are you young man?”


“No sir.” Jarin replied, looking straight into his grandpa's face and holding his gaze. Emon smiled, putting his hand on top of the boy's head, ruffling his dark hair. Looking up at his own son, he added: “I am so proud of you my boy. They are both charming little ones. Well done to the both of you.”


He went and put his arms around Tam's neck, and they embraced. Then he turned to Talia. He kissed her on the cheek, and remarked: “You look as lovely as the day you got married. Ah - it is such a blessing among your people that you do not age as we do. I must confess, I am so happy that you and my son found each other again. You know - he was never quite the same when you parted the time before. Thank you my dear.”


Talia turned a little red in the cheeks at such a compliment. She averted her eyes a little, and answered: “It has been my pleasure sir. I hope we can do as well in raising our children as you and your wife did.”


“Well - looking at the two of them, I am sure you already have done a wonderful job.” Emon responded, “And please - call me dad. Now we'd better go inside, or my wife will be wondering what is keeping us.”


Tam and the others followed Emon up the path to the front door. They had only just arrived when it was flung open, and Parma came rushing out as fast as she could. She threw her arms around Tam, and kissed his cheek, saying: “Welcome my boy. Oh it has been so long!”




She then turned to Talia and looked at her for a while. Then she hugged her too. “Look at you.” She remarked, “You don't look a day older than when you and Tam were married.” Turning to the two children, she smiled even more broadly, and said: “And who are these two lovely little chipmunks?”


This brought a smile to Tam's face, not to mention a lump to his throat, as he remembered his mum calling him her 'Little Chipmunk' when he was a child. It was very touching to hear her use the same term of endearment on his own children.


The elderly woman bent over as best she could, and put her hands on Selma's cheeks. She asked: “And what is your name, missie?”


To which the little girl replied: “My name is Selma, but my Ada calls me Sel for short.”


“Such a lovely name.” Parma added, “And such a beautiful child.” And she kissed her on the cheek before turning to Jarin. “And you, young man - What is your name?”


He told her his name, and endured a kiss on the cheek as well. He had once told Tam: “It is okay to let a girl kiss you - as long as it is not your own sister. I mean, that's just yucky! But for a boy to kiss another boy, well that is sissy stuff.”


“Come on in.” Parma invited, “I'm sure your father will offer the two of you a drink. Meanwhile, I've got something special for you children. Come into the kitchen with me.”


At this, all reservation was lost, and Selma and Jarin followed their grandma as if they were old friends. When they returned, both of them were holding a tall glass each, with foam coming out the top, and a colourful straw from which to drink.


Jarin rushed as fast as he could to his dad, and said: “Look Ada - We've got milkshakes!”


They sat down to an old fashioned home-cooked meal, reminiscent of the era before the replicator. Afterwards, Tam's mother sat on the sofa with the two children on either side of her, and began to show them some old photos.


“Who is that Grandma?” Selma asked, looking at a picture of a well-dressed couple, seemingly taken in a garden or in natural surroundings.


“That is your grandfather and I just after we got married.” She replied, a nostalgic smile on her wizened face and a glint in her eye, “He was visiting a cave where they had discovered some old bones. There was even treasure there!”


The next picture was of a young boy, roughly the same age as Selma and Jarin. He was holding a teddy bear in his arms, another even bigger one next to him. Parma asked: “And do you know who that is?” The children shook their heads, and so she revealed the child's identity: “That is your daddy when he was about your age. And here is another one of him. Isn't he handsome? That was when he had just started high school. This is a close-up of him. Such a handsome young man.” At this she smiled up at her son, whose face had gone more than a little red, and winked before continuing: “I think Jarin is going to grow up tall and handsome, just like his dad.”


The last two were pictures that had been chosen from the ones taken on their wedding day. The first was of Talia in her wedding gown. Selma stated: “It is so beautiful!” She looked at her mum, and smiled honestly, adding: “You look wonderful in this photo, Damman.”


The second was of Tam and Talia together. They were sitting on a bench, a wine glass on a small table next to them. Parma sighed, and said: “Ah - it is so good to see you happily married my boy. Your first marriage was such a disaster.”


They talked and reminisced until the children fell asleep on the couch. Then Tam and Talia decided that it was time to return to the chalet. Each of them picked up a slumbering bundle, and carried them back to the Auto. Then they bade Tam's parents a farewell, promising not to be strangers for so long, and then made their way to the lake once more.


After some debate as to who was going to sleep in the top bunk and who would have to settle for the lower one, one which resulted in an agreement that they would take turns, Selma and Jarin soon settled down for the night. Tam and Talia made for their own room, had a shower, and climbed into bed. They began talking about the memories that stuck in their minds, and soon these became very private.


“Do you recall that time we took a shower together?” Talia began, “You were washing the back of my legs, and I decided to hold onto the shower curtain railing for support.”


“Yep - and the curtain came crashing down.” Tam confirmed, completing the story, “Sheesh! I really thought you had hurt yourself then.”


Talia began to laugh. One of the things Tam loved was watching his wife laugh, the other was watching her when she was asleep. Her whole face lit up as she turned towards him, her hand half covering her mouth, and her head thrown back. As she turned, her hand rested gently on his shoulder, and she pressed down with her palm.


Tam was next: “Do you remember the time I tried to make up love poetry while you sat there dressed up in sexy lingerie? Damn words just wouldn't work out right!”


“Yeah.” She recalled, “I don't remember the specifics, but it definitely did not work very well. It was very funny though.”


Again they went off in shrieks of laughter, after which Talia added: “Even when I stripped in front of you, and sat on the chair with my legs wide open! All you could say was: 'Shit! Now I'm all hard again!' Not exactly Chaucer, you know.”


This time, as she laughed, Talia pressed her body close to his, her hand caressing the lower part of his tummy. Although he was laughing too, Tam could feel the heat rising in his loins. He stroked her long hair, running his fingers through it and massaging her scalp. Amidst the mirth, a glimmer of light shone in her eyes.


It was Talia's turn. “And then there was the time we made love in the bush.” She recalled, “That seemed like a fun idea to begin with, but soon we realised that it wasn't such a good thing to do after all.”


“I remember when we became aware that we were not as alone as we thought we were. That group of hikers got quite a lot more than they bargained for, before we ran into that thicket of trees, naked asses and all. But it didn't stop us.” Tam added.





“Yes, and when you withdrew, I knelt in front of you, expecting to catch your cum in my mouth.” Talia giggled, “And what happened? It got me straight in the eye, not to mention half-way up my nose! In fact, it landed all over my face, everywhere else but in my mouth. And we had no water for me to wash it off, so we had to go down to the lake, my face still all sticky, so that I could clean myself.”


“I couldn't help it.” Tam protested, “My hips bucked just at the wrong time. It's not easy to aim, you know.”


Talia still laughed as she clambered on top of him. She held his face in her hands, and kissed him on the lips, whispering as her hand trailed down his torso: “Let's make some more memories, shall we?”


She lay close beside him, curving her fingers around his cock and letting out a sigh of satisfaction as she felt him respond to her touch. Slowly and deliberately, she began to stroke him until she felt his member jerk with longing. She straddled him, and he sat up to take her in his arms. He kissed her nipples, gently sucking on them. As her hips began to grind against his groin, she laughed.


“Do you remember when I was still pregnant with Selma?” She asked, “You were sucking my nipple as you are now, and were surprised when I rewarded you with a mouthful of breast milk.”


Tam looked up at her, and smiled: “Oh yes - the tastiest nipple I've ever had.” He replied in jest, returning to his labour of love.


As her desire rose, Talia took her husband's cock and pushed it into her, rocking back and forth, and feeling it deep inside her. Her breathing became laboured as the combination of her riding him, his one hand in the small of her back and the other caressing her butt, and his lips softly coaxing her breasts caused a warm glow to well up within her. She closed her eyes in a swoon of delight.


Tam withdrew, and knelt in front of his wife, who took his member in her hands and began to stroke it as they gazed into each other's eyes. He pushed her gently onto her back and supported his own weight with his arms, his hands on either side of her head. With her one hand she stroked his back, and guided him into her again with the other. She then locked her legs around his waist as if to make sure that he did not withdraw again. It did not take long before she felt his warm semen fill her, her own body in a state of rapture as if to welcome him in.


Talia sat up in bed and touched herself, feeling the hint of wetness still in her feathery pubic hair. She cast a gaze over at her husband, lying on his back, and smiled as she saw his limp cock, relaxed and spent. A hint of sadness came over her as it often did, because she would have loved for his seed to fertilise her again. Part of her still longed for another child, and her momentary sorrow was at the notion that this was no longer possible.


Almost as if he had sensed her mood, Tam sat up and put his arms around her. Then he lay down again, with Talia's back against him. With both hands he stroked her belly until his touch had soothed away every last scrap of pain or regret. In fact Tam was well aware of her feelings. This was not the first time he had sensed there was something wrong. Sometimes, when they made love, he would get the feeling that she would switch off at some point. He whispered softly: “It's okay my love. It will be okay.”


A tear came to her eye as she stroked the back of his hands that continued to soothingly caress her. She turned her head, and kissed his lips, saying: “I love you.”


“And I love you too.” Tam replied.


They fell asleep to the pitter-patter of light rain against the windowsill, and the distant rumbling of thunder. The occasional song of a nightjar could be heard in the forest that surrounded the chalet, and from the lake the croaking of the frogs and chirping of crickets. Since they returned from the mission, Tam had missed the sounds of nature at his doorstep, and hearing them again sent him into a deep, restful sleep.


A sleep that was rudely interrupted much too early the following morning, when the children burst into the room and began bouncing on the bed, screaming and shouting at the top of their voices. Selma had her favourite teddy bear with her, and Jarin was carrying his portable game console. At last they settled down, Selma between them and her brother next to his dad. Talia and her daughter talked and laughed, and Tam joined in the conversation while Jarin's attention was solely on his game.


At the end of the following week, it was time for the family to return to New Meridea. The medical centre was almost complete, and now required Tam's direct involvement. The studios were ready for Talia to begin recruiting staff, and soon would be all systems go.


In fact, the first big story to be broadcast on the new network was related to the mission in which Tam and Talia were involved. The remains of the victims found on the various planets were sent back to their original worlds for burial, but a memorial was held throughout the Charter in which a casket, containing a plaque with the names of all who had lost their lives during the War, was paraded through the streets of the capital cities. People would line the route, holding banners, and placing bundles of flowers on the coffin as the cavalcade passed. The plaque was mounted against a massive gravestone in the centre of the city. In the case of Lymen, the ceremony came to an end at the foot of the Princess Kyra Memorial that Tam had seen built while he still lived there.


As promised, the company built them a house. Tam elected to have it erected on the outskirts of Elyon, where the city suburbs bordered onto farmland and even virgin bush. Although not on the banks of the lake, the house was within walking distance from it, albeit an hour's hike to get there. It was large enough for the family to live in comfort, but sufficiently small to give it a sort of cottage-like atmosphere. This was enhanced on the outside by a thatched roof, and in the interior by wood panelling and stone. Although the kitchen had a rustic feel to it, it contained all the modern facilities and trappings.


Just over a month after they moved in, it was Selma's sixth birthday. Already she had made a number of friends in the neighbourhood, and they were all invited to her party. One such acquaintance was a Nyrenan child by the name of Nisaba. Selma had become very fond of Bhusari, the caregiver on the space station during her stay there. So much so that they remained in contact with each other for many years afterwards.


As soon as Tam's father arrived, Selma leapt into his arms, and insisted that he carry her on his shoulders. Although he was somewhat frail, he obliged until she became too heavy for him. Then it was grandma's turn to receive attention. She ran up and almost bowled her over. Parma crouched down as best she could, and kissed her granddaughter on both cheeks. She was more than a little taken aback when Selma returned the favour, right on the lips. For the rest of the day, apart from when it was time to eat and open presents, the adults hardly saw the children.


They played games just like any other kids have done throughout the ages, and Tam's father remarked: “You know my boy - It's so good to see that some things never change.”


To which Tam replied with a smile: “I agree dad. I agree.”


Tam became more and more involved in the establishment of a fully equipped medical centre in Elyon, complete with a hospital, emergency rooms, and even an ambulance base. Meanwhile Talia's position at the studios meant that she almost had carte blanch as to the programs that were aired on the new N M T V. She also was instrumental in the rapid growth of the local film industry. Even though technology had all but done away with the need for live acting, having been replaced by computer generated characters, the industry still used real voices. Not only that, but the technical staff required in the making of a film was just as vast, if not more so. Being still largely natural habitat, New Meridea offered a wide variety of film sets, as well as the production of wildlife documentaries, although the one member of the Charter that was famous for these was Nyrena.


Soon it was time for Selma and her brother to start school. While the former was very studious and hard-working, Jarin was more interested in exploring the wilderness area that hemmed the school in on two sides. He had made friends with another boy that was roughly the same age as he was. His name was Rory, and his parents became close friends with Tam and Talia.


As a gift on Nylian's birthday, Tam and Talia went to a photographic studio with the children, and had a picture taken of all four of them together. They kept one copy, and sent another to Tam's parents. Because their collection was in a format that resembled the old fashioned sepia pictures, the one that Tam gave to his father was done the same way. Their own copy had a special place in the home. It hung over the mantelpiece in the sitting room, while a smaller picture was placed in the main bedroom.


Everything seemed to be going perfectly for a few years. Perhaps too perfect. One morning Talia woke Tam up just before sunrise. She clutched her tummy, and was bent over in pain. She pulled back her nightgown, and noticed blood on the sheets below. She had been experiencing moderate pain during her period, and an increase in the flow of blood, but this was far worse than anything she had suffered before.


Tam took her to the Auto, and headed for the hospital. As soon as they arrived, she was taken to the casualty department as a priority one patient. A doctor came and examined her, and immediately booked her to go into surgery.


“What is the problem Miles?” Tam asked.


The specialist replied: “It seems as though she has developed uterine adhesions, probably as result of the problems she experienced with her last pregnancy. It is possible that the undeveloped twin left some scarring in the lining of the womb. What we need to do is to remove any damaged tissue, and then encourage healthy regrowth. With the advances in medical technology, it is possible to prevent scar tissue from developing again. It may be that we will be able to reverse the damage, but it's too early to say, so let's not get our hopes up.”


The surgery was a success inasmuch as it stopped the excessive bleeding, as well as the development of blood-clots, that had been the cause of the extreme pain. Only time would tell if the condition that caused it had been reversed, but at least she appeared to have stabilised.


The children enjoyed school, both for different reasons. Selma took up drama as an extramural activity. Although the demand for actors and actresses in the film industry had become a thing of the past, there was still quite a large portion of the population that supported the live stage performances, and thus a career in the theatre was still a viable option.


Jarin, on the other hand, became quite the sportsman. The national sport was called 'Ringball'. It was a field sport with teams of seven members. The idea was to throw a small ball through one of three hoops positioned on opposite ends of an astroturf field, preferably the centre ring - which awarded the scoring team up to five points - whereas the two one either side were worth the maximum of two. This was largely dependant on the distance from which the points were scored. The further away, the more the goal was worth.


He became so proficient, that by the time he reached senior school, he not only played for the school itself, but for the junior team on New Meridea. Although this meant that much of his spare time was spent either practising, or playing in various tournaments, Tam and Talia, and especially his sister, remained his favourite fans. Unless there was an emergency, his parents would make certain that they did not miss a single match. Fortunately for them, the community on New Meridea considered family as more important than career or profit margins, so when there was a family event, this would take precedence.


As an anniversary gift for Talia, Tam commissioned a local artist to create a painting of her with the two children in the local botanical gardens. Although the seat upon which she was posing was actually on their own front porch, the background was that of a flowerbed with a multitude of flowering plants in bloom behind them. Selma sat next to her mum, leaning against her with one arm resting on her lap, while Talia's hand was on the other. Jarin sat on the lawn in front of them with his chin resting on his hand. The painting replaced the family photo above the mantelpiece, and the latter found a new home in the passage, where everybody could see it as they walked past.


Although both of them had distinct Sylvan features, Selma looked most like her mother, and was thus more Sylvan than her brother. They were both beautiful children, and became even more so as they grew up.


One afternoon, Tam and Talia were watching their daughter as she sat in the garden facing them. Tam remarked: “I think I'm going to have to start building a fortress.”


Talia looked at him quizzically, and enquired: “Whatever for?”


“Because when she grows up, she is going to have a long line of boys after her.” He explained, “And I want to make sure that she doesn't get involved with the wrong type.”


“Would it not be better to trust in her own sense of discernment?” Talia asked, “Rather than imposing yours upon her. I agree, we don't want her to get hurt, but how is she going to develop into a balanced being if we wrap her up in cotton wool? Heartbreak is part of the process of life, and is it not better to be prepared for it than to have it overwhelm you?”


Tam took his wife in his arms, and kissed her on the cheek, saying: “I am so privileged to have married someone who is so wise. You're right of course, and besides, a fort would really ruin the landscape.”


They laughed together, and watched as Jarin came through the gate. He had been at sports practise. Both of them smiled as they saw him, now tall and strong, and then cast another glance at Selma, slender with long dark hair and a ready smile - one that could light up the room. Tam put his arm round Talia's waist and drew her near to him, and they both smiled. At that moment, it was so good to be alive!




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