Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 9

Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 9 Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 9

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


The Final Chapter


The Final Chapter

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 9

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The Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 9:


Jaynna’s eyes shone with excitement. She added: “Why not now?” Both of them looked at her with amazement. “Why not now? Ninka is ready to conceive, so why miss an opportunity? Ysha’s balls are rich with seed, and if your womb is open my pet, then there’s at least a chance that it may be ready to bear fruit.”


The trio embraced and kissed one another. Jaynna’s hand unzipped Ysha’s jeans, and pulled them down over her hips. Ysha lay on her back, while both Jaynna and Ninka stimulated her cock until it became fully erect. Jaynna swapped places, and Ninka lay on top of her. They both took each other's cocks into their mouths and began to suck them. Ysha knelt behind the duo, and enterred Ninka from behind. The sensation sent Ninka into a state of exquisite rapture as her gism was propelled into Jaynna's mouth. Her member, however, remained rigid. This meant that this orgasm was only the first.


Ysha's strong hips drove her deeper into Ninka's quim until she could feel the tip against her cervix. The sensation sent another wave of ecstasy through Ninka's body, this time even more intense as her pussy joined in. The double orgasm made the young llianar forget Jaynna's cock for an instant, as her hips drove her own throbbing member still deeper into her lover's mouth, and another flood spurted out of her.


Ysha collapsed onto Ninka as she felt herself climax, and soon her own milky offering came out in jets that filled Ninka's fertile womb, as her member throbbed in time to her lover's contractions. Again Ysha pushed, and again - until her semen flooded her lover’s uterus. Then she stayed still, her member throbbing deep inside, until the last strand had been released. A small but steady flow trickled back out, but Ninka was sure that most of Ysha’s cum had found its mark.


Exhausted they lay on the floor, holding each other and panting as they tried to catch their breath. Ninka felt a warmth inside her that she had long thought was extinguished. Her womb felt full, and her body tingled all over. Her hand strayed onto Ysha’s penis that rested against her tummy, as Jaynna cradled her head against her breasts.


“If my child is llianar,” Jaynna stated, “I would be honoured to call her ‘Bella’.”


Tears of joy filled Ninka’s eyes as she whispered: “The honour would be mine my love.”


As is tradition, when Jaynna was four months pregnant, the time came to consecrate the unborn child to the Goddess. The trine returned to the Temple where the new High Priestess greeted them. She sat Jaynna down on a comfortable chair, and called her attendant to do the confirmation. This meant that she had to confirm that Jaynna was indeed a llianar, and that she was expecting.


The reason for the former was obvious, but the need to confirm whether Jaynna was pregnant was less so. After the war, the Queen had declared that all expectant mothers, llianar or otherwise, would be given a monthly allowance. Some charlatans had tried to trick the system by stuffing objects into their clothing to fake pregnancy. In order to ratify the mother's claim, a simple test was carried out: The Temple attendant would push her hand under the mother's garments until she touched her swollen stomach. If there were any hidden objects, this test would expose them.


To Jaynna’s delight, she recognised the attendant. It was Wynne! Wynne lifted Jaynna’s skirt and, seeing her cock hanging limp between her thighs, confirmed to the cleric - whose name was Elsa - that this was a llianar. She put her hand on her bulging stomach. Feeling that there was flesh there - as opposed to pillows stuffed under her garment - Wynne also established that she was indeed pregnant.


Elsa took Jaynna by the hand to one of the alcoves, and instructed Wynne to bring the armchair. It was too heavy for her, so she asked Ysha to help carry it. Soon Jaynna was comfortably settled in the chair with Mother Elsa kneeling on her right, Ninka on her left, and Ysha standing next to Ninka. A white linen sheet covered the carpeted floor under the chair as far as Jaynna’s outstretched feet. All but Elsa were naked. The Priestess began by fondling with Jaynna’s cock with one hand until it hardened, the other rested on her distended tummy. She invited Ninka to join her dandling with it. Jaynna gazed lovingly upon Ysha’s member as it responded to her touch.


The blond lay on her back on the floor while Ninka rode Jaynna with her breasts. Ysha entered the pussy that bobbed back and forth above her unrestrained cock. This time Mother Elsa just watched, allowing the three of them this intimate moment. She offered prayers of blessing to the Goddess instead.


Ysha switched places with Ninka and started fucking Jaynna between her tits, while Ninka turned around and lowered herself onto Jaynna’s cock. She rode it so that her butt touched Ysha’s at times. The High Priestess jerked Ninka off.


Soon Jaynna grew tired, and returned to the chair. They went back to what they had begun with. With her free hand, Ysha inserted her index and middle fingers into Jaynna’s ripe honeypot. She was soon rewarded with a steady warm stream that flowed from her lover’s quim. Almost simultaneously, Jaynna’s cock propelled a stream of gism that landed near her feet. Ninka’s was the next to erupt. She too came on the sheet below her. Just then Ysha cried out as her hips began to jerk. She aimed her swollen cock at Jaynna’s belly, and a steady gush of milky white semen spurted out over her bulge, then another, and another - until it dripped off her onto the linen below. She held her lover’s hand, and smeared the warm fluid over her tummy with the other until it glistened all over. Ninka held Jaynna’s limp cock in her hand, while the High Priestess fetched a pure white linen cloth, with which she cleaned where Ysha had coated Jaynna with cum. The cloth was then placed in a wooden box, and placed at the feet of the Goddess.


While the trio were dressing themselves, the Mother Elsa took the sheet from under the chair, folded it, and placed it in the wooden box with the other one. Once Jaynna had finished getting dressed, she stood before the statue. The High Priestess placed her hand on her belly, while Ysha and Ninka knelt down and did the same. Mother Elsa blessed both mother and child, and the trine returned home again.


As was to be expected, Jaynna went through many cravings in the following months. Some were ordinary such as chocolate or oranges, while others were more exotic. Like once she asked for fried herring. Ysha and Ninka dutifully went to the local fish shop, bought fried herring and chips, and came back to the cottage. Jaynna’s cravings became the subject of a joke that was shared by the other two. Every morning either Ysha or Ninka would ask: “And what does her majesty crave today?”


One morning, when Ysha posed the question, Jaynna said nothing. Instead she parted her pink nightgown so that they could see that her cock was hard as a rod. She didn’t have to say anything more. Ysha sat on Jaynna’s right and Ninka on her left. As they took turns kissing her, they removed the gown from her so that she was naked between them. Their tongues touched while Ysha’s hand fondled her lover’s swollen breast. They took turns licking and sucking her nipples until they stood proud.


While Ninka stroked Jaynna’s cock, Ysha gently caressed her honeypot, her feather light touch made even more tantalising through the thin fabric of Jaynna’s panties. Her hand slid under them and pushed them aside as Ysha laved Jaynna’s cock with her soft lips and tongue. Feeling it swell and judder, she softly said: “Not yet, my sweet.”


Leaving the organ to twitch and pulse until it relaxed once more, Ysha’s tongue traced patterns of ecstasy over her vulvae, while her soft fingers stroked the little head of her clit. Ninka held Jaynna’s dick around the base and increased the pressure every time it convulsed with its desire for release.


“Come inside me, please.” Pleaded Jaynna.


Ysha replied: “I’m scared that I’m too big for you. I don’t want to hurt the little one.”


Jaynna put her hand over Ysha’s erect penis, and smiled saying: “I love this big cock.” And she kissed its long shaft until she took the velvety tip into her mouth. Again she laved its underside until she could taste Ysha’s pre-cum as it oozed from her urethra. The blond then withdrew her penis as it throbbed in protest.


“Ninka is smaller than I am.” She said, trying to compose herself. She sat down on the bed, leaning against the headboard, and cradled Jaynna’s head between her thighs. Ninka knelt between Jaynna's thighs, her dick straining against her honeypot. “Tell Ninka when she’s deep enough.” Ysha instructed.


Ninka was at first gentle with Jaynna, but she urged her lover to go deeper. It felt so good to have her cock inside her that Jaynna offered no protest, as Ninka pushed herself in as far as she could go. Ninka also took hold of Jaynna's dick that stuck out proudly from her distended belly. As she drove herself in and out of her lover's quim, her hand worked on the juddering member, until it released its load all over Jaynna's swollen stomach. Ninka felt her lover's muscles engulf her small dick so tightly that she found it hard to move at times. Jaynna's orgasm triggered Ninka's own climax, and it was all she could do to prevent herself from falling forward on top of Jaynna.


Ninka then turned her attention to Ysha who had been waiting patiently in the wings. She knelt forward, and pushed Ysha's cock inside of her. Ysha grabbed her round the waist and drove herself deeper in. The brunett let out a cry of pleasure as the large member filled her. It was not long before she felt her honeypot surge with orgasmic energy, which sent Ysha's gism deep into her womb. Ysha withdrew as a second climax over took her. This time her cum covered Ninka's back, some of it even landing on Jaynna who was still lying beneath the other pair.


The trio lay down on the bed, exhausted but happy to be in each other’s arms again. Jaynna stroked her belly. She let out a giggle as she felt a little kick in side her. She alerted the other two, and they put their hands on her tummy as well. There were shrieks of joy as the baby kicked again. Ysha kissed Jaynna on the navel, and said: “We are looking forward to meeting you little one, when the time is right.”


Ninka seemed to be lost in her own thoughts as she stroked Jaynna’s auburn hair. She had a look on her face that neither of them had seen before, and it appeared that the dark-haired llianar was truly content for the first time since they had met.


Each day was a new and exciting adventure for the trio as they grew closer to one another. They had their arguments and fights, but their love for one another weathered these storms. Ysha took Jaynna’s place in the town guard, now little more than a neighbourhood watch since the end of the war. Ninka worked from home so that she could keep a watchful eye on Jaynna. Every so often, Jaynna would see her lover stare into nothingness with a smile on her pretty face. But whenever she enquired, Ninka would reply that it was nothing.


The expression on her face was enigmatic. "It's almost as if she is waiting for something." Jaynna once thought.


With the little money they had, Ysha bought them a small second hand car. It was only just big enough for three people to fit inside.


Early one morning, just under two weeks before the baby was due, Jaynna shook Ysha awake. Sleepily Ysha turned over and asked: “Hmm? What is it?”



“I think my time has come.” Jaynna responded. As she spoke, she felt a flood of wetness run out of her onto the sheets. “Oh Goddess! My water’s just broken!”


Ninka rushed to the phone and called the doctor. In an instant, Ysha and Ninka had her in the car, and they were on their way to the hospital. Jaynna lay as best she could on the back seat, while Ysha and Ninka sat in the front. It was only a short drive to the small facility in the next town.


When the three of them arrived, the staff at the hospital put Jaynna in a wheelchair and took her directly to the maternity section, while Ysha filled in the forms at the front desk. Ninka went with Jaynna into the ward to offer support. By the time Ysha had finished, the contractions were about three minutes apart. Both Ysha and Ninka wore theatre clothes in order to prevent any form of infection. Jaynna found it difficult to remember what she had been told at maternity classes, as her body urged its burden into the big wide world.


“Breathe my love.” Ysha reminded as the contractions momentarily subsided. Jaynna took deep breaths while she could, until the next wave came over her. As she bore down, the pressure on her perineum made her cock become erect. And still she pushed with all her might, her breathing more rapid than before. She cried out as, with a mighty surge, she felt as though she was being torn in half.


Her fear arose when she felt as if her cock was about to shoot its load into the air. As she pushed again, her member spurted a series of clear jets that landed all over her. Her anxiety made her scream even louder. Doctor Lemar held her hand, and said in a soothing voice: "Don't worry Jaynna, that's normal. If you didn't react that way, we would have reason to worry."


Sister Rosa urged: “The head is coming out. Good girl Jaynna! We’re almost there. One more push.”


Again she bore down, and felt as though her body was in the midst of a flood. Soon afterwards she felt a warm presence being placed against her breast. She opened her eyes to see a little dark bundle resting against her. There was a tiny cry coming from under the covers. Jaynna took her nipple and offered it to the infant, who accepted it into its tiny mouth. She felt a sensation she had never experienced before, as her milk trickled out in response to her child sucking. The crying stopped.


The ordeal was over! Once she had finished feeding her new arrival, the child was cleaned and dressed before it was returned to Jaynna’s open arms.


She held the little bundle gently and the ruddy face looked in her direction. The eyes had not yet fully focussed, so they squinted at her as the tiny hands opened and closed. Sister Rosa smiled down at the two of them, and said: “Your child is llianar.”


Ysha and Ninka wept with joy as they welcomed the youngling with touches and kisses. Jaynna smiled at her through her own tears, and said: “Hello Bella. Welcome to our family.”


The following day Jaynna and Bella were discharged from hospital. Once again, Ysha had hired the buggy to take mother and baby home. While Jaynna was still in hospital, the others had rearranged the cottage to prepare it for the new arrival. The cot, that was given to them by a mutual friend, stood in the corner of the bedroom where the three of them slept. Ysha’s mother had donated a washstand. It was placed against the opposite wall near the on suite bathroom. Next to it stood a little chest of drawers.


Most of the time, between feeds and nappy changes, Jaynna was content to wander round the garden holding Bella snuggled against her. The cottage was on the outskirts of the village. It was quiet and peaceful with the sounds of nature surrounding them. She felt as though her life could not be more perfect. Ninka became a second mommy to Bella so that, when Jaynna wanted to sleep - something that she would do whenever she could - the child would be properly cared for. Ysha was more masculine, and her maleness made her like a father figure. When she came home, Ysha would spend time with her youngling and, although it was obvious that she loved Bella dearly, her affections were less obvious than the other two.


Soon Bella’s dark hair turned blond, and the likeness was unmistakable. She was definitely Ysha’s child, except that her eyes were dark brown, the same colour as her mother’s. But her personality was all her own. She was a happy baby with a ready smile.


Six weeks after Bella was born, Ninka approached Ysha and said: "I want to try again my love. I want you to sire me again because it didn't work the first time."


Ysha took Ninka in her arms, and kissed her. Slowly they sank onto the bed, their lips still locked together. Ninka then shifted position so that she could stimulate Ysha's cock with her mouth. Her lover returned the favour. Before any of them could climax, they shifted position. Ninka lay on her back with her knees up near her shoulders, her butt in the air. Ysha's tongue laved her lover's pussy until the vulvae began to open and close involuntarily. She told Ninka to wrap her legs around her slender waist. As she did this, Ysha's cock pushed its way into the wet quim. Ninka's sense of expectation fueled her desire, and it did not take long for her to climax. Ysha's own orgasm took some time, but when it happened, it was as if her diminutive balls were being drained as she flooded Ninka's body with fertile seed.


As usual, one climax was not enough, and Ysha knew that she had more to offer.


"Stay inside of me please. Fill me some more." Pleaded Ninka breathlessly. Ysha obliged, and soon she flooded her uterus again, this time more intensely than the first. After that, her cock finally began to go limp. As it softened, Ysha's hips still jerked as the last residue was released.


Three weeks later, Ysha was on duty, and Jaynna and Ninka were alone in bed. In the small hours of the morning, Jaynna awoke to find that Ninka was out of bed. She was standing in the half-dark with her hands on her tummy, a strange look in her eye.


Jaynna lifted herself on one arm. She asked: “Are you okay honey?”


Ninka smiled, came over to Jaynna, and kissed her. “I’m fine my sweet. Go back to sleep. I’ll be done in a moment.”


The following morning, as the three of them sat around the table, Ninka seemed to be distant. It was as if she was in a different world. Both Jaynna and Ysha expressed their concern, but Ninka assured them that there was nothing the matter. After breakfast, she informed the others that she needed to go out for a while. As it was Ysha’s day off, she offered to help look after Bella for her. She asked Ninka where she was going, but her lover only said: “It’s just something I’ve got to do.”


Ninka returned a few hours later. On her pretty face, she wore an enigmatic smile. Her eyes sparkled brighter than they ever had before. Jaynna enquired as to the reason, but Ninka insisted that she would only tell when Ysha returned from duty. Later that evening, when all three of them were sitting in the small lounge, Ninka stood up. As she turned to face the other two, they saw that tears were streaking down her cheeks.


Jaynna asked: “Are you alright my Pet?”


Ninka nodded and smiled behind her tears. Ysha was about to express her concern, but Ninka stopped her. She turned away to compose herself and wipe her face with a napkin. She then faced them again, saying: “Soon we’re going to be a family of five!”


There were shrieks of laughter and merriment once the other two realised what she meant …



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