Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 8

Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 8 Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 8

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Following on Chapter 7


Following on Chapter 7

Chapter1 (v.1) - Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 8

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Following Chapter 7

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 02, 2016



That night the three of them slept in the queen-sized double bed, where Jaynna had dreamt about Ysha just after she was captured. Now, as Ninka lay snuggled up against her back, her arm lazily around her waist, and Ysha faced her with her hand resting between her thighs, Jaynna slept with a smile of utter contentment on her pretty face. She stirred, turned over, and drew Ninka’s relaxed body closer until she could feel her tummy touch hers. Her eyes opened slightly as Ysha reached down and held her cock softly in her hand. Even though the touch aroused her, she quickly went back to sleep.


Suddenly Ysha began to toss and turn. She seemed to be fighting off an invisible foe, and it was all the other two could do to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Jaynna gently woke her up by running her fingers through her thick blond hair. The first time Ysha opened her eyes, they were wide with fear. At last she became acquainted with her surroundings again, and slowly relaxed once more. It was decided that it would be better if Ysha slept in the middle, so that the other two could comfort her if she had another nightmare.


Jaynna lay with Ysha’s back to her and Ninka lay facing her. The auburn-haired llianar began to caress Ysha’s shapely behind, and then her hand strayed towards her cock. Ysha took Ninka in hand and slowly fondled her. She was interrupted as Jaynna’s hand enveloped her penis. She gently teased Ysha with her soft fingers. Her partner felt Jaynna’s penis rasp against the back of her thighs. Leaving Ninka for a moment, she guided her into her tight pussy, and then resumed her fondling. Her already rampant cock began to leap as she felt her lover’s member inside of her. Jaynna’s hand continued to tantalise her cock until she could no longer restrain herself. This was accentuated by Ninka’s glans rubbing against her tender tip as well.


As she came, Ninka climaxed with her, their emissions spilling out onto the clean sheets. While Ninka merely left a small wet spot, Ysha’s cum covered a large area between them. Most of it showered Ninka with its warm stickiness. Ysha then turned her attention to Jaynna, her hand fondling her balls as she fucked her. Her fingers enclosed around Jaynna’s scrotum as the first signs of her climax began. As Jaynna cried out in ecstasy, Ysha tightened her grip slightly. Her semen came out in a deluge flooding her lover’s uterus. Jaynna lay motionless as Ysha continued applying pressure on her balls, until it seemed as if they had been drained.


While Ninka went to wash herself, the other two changed the sheets on the bed. They were finished by the time she returned. The trio resumed their positions on the bed, with Ysha in the middle. Soon they were all fast asleep without any further disturbance. And so it was for the next few weeks: Ysha would sometimes cry out as the nightmares haunted her. One of her companions - usually Jaynna - would wake her, and they would have sex. Only then would Ysha usually be able to sleep without another episode.


One summer’s morning Ysha and Ninka were preparing dawn-fry. As Jaynna was getting ready, she seemed somewhat preoccupied with something as she came to the table.


“Are you not well my sweet?” enquired Ninka putting her hand over Jaynna’s.


“I don’t know yet.” She replied. Ysha asked what she meant, and she answered: “I think I’m two weeks late.”


“Late for …” Ninka began, “Oh my! Are you pregnant?”


“Like I said,” Jaynna responded, “I’m not sure yet. My periods are irregular at the best of times, but they’ve never been this late. I’m going to ask the Kortee to confirm whether I am or not.”


Ysha stood up and stated: “I think it is time that we became a trine. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or not.”


Again Jaynna headed deep into the forest in search of the Kortee. She returned to the grove where she had been blessed by them before. Once she had stripped off, she called out to attract their attention. The same four emerged from the thicket. Jaynna explained to them what she wanted, and one of them replied: “Very good. Dick Girl wait here - yes.”


Soon after they had vanished, a lone Kortee appeared. Unlike the others, this one was female. She had red hair and iridescent red, yellow, and brown gossamer wings. She said: “I am told you need help big sister. What is your need?”


“My cycle is two weeks overdue,” Jaynna replied, “I think I am with child, but I’m not sure. My request is for you to tell me yes or no.”


Without answering, the Kortee flittered up to Jaynna’s mouth and bit her on the lower lip, until she drew a small drop of blood. With her tongue, she lapped up the warm red liquid. She then went to a small bush, plucked a leaf from it, and gave it to Jaynna, telling her to put it against her lip to stop the bleeding. Flying down to her nipple, the Kortee gently sucked it until, to Jaynna’s surprise, a small amount of clear fluid began to dribble down her breast. Again the Kortee sampled it in her mouth.


“Sit on yonder rock, and open your legs.” She instructed. Jaynna did as she told her, and the Kortee flew down between her thighs. Her tiny hand touched Jaynna’s balls. “Lift.”


Again Jaynna obeyed. The little being opened her labia and put her head inside them. Her tongue went to work again, this time tasting the moist opening to Jaynna’s vagina. She gently sucked the tiny nub of Jaynna’s clit that began to protrude from its prepuce. The sensation made her pussy start to open and close involuntarily. The Kortee stroked her inner labia with her delicate hands, which heightened Jaynna’s pleasure. As the current of energy flowed through her, it was all Jaynna could do to stop herself from bucking too hard. Her climax reached its zenith, and a steady jet of semi-clear fluid came squirting out of her. Luckily the Kortee had been able to get away, and avoided being drowned in the deluge. Once the flow had dwindled, she allowed some of it to dribble into her mouth.


After some contemplation, she turned to Jaynna and said: “It is true. You are with child big sister. I suspect you to be about three weeks to a month pregnant.”


“Ilia, little sister.” Jaynna replied as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks. “How can I ever repay you?”


In response, the Kortee flew up and placed a tiny jar against her face, and caught a tear as it rolled down. “I only collect tears of joy.” She explained, “They help heal so much bitterness. Now go and give your lover the glad tidings.”


Jaynna dressed herself again, and before she hurried off, went up and blew onto the Kortee, who giggled with glee as the warm air tickled her. They bade ‘Ella’ to one another, and Jaynna skipped her way back to the village. Her heart pounded as she approached the cottage. As she floated down the driveway on a cloud of excitement, Ninka and Ysha met her halfway. The broad smile on her pretty face said it all, but they wanted to hear it from Jaynna’s own mouth.


“It’s true!” she exclaimed, “The Kortee says I am at least a month pregnant!”


Only then did Jaynna realise that she had run so hard, her dress had come undone, and rivulets of perspiration were trickling over her breasts and midriff.


Ysha looked puzzled for a brief moment, then a glow of joy dawned over her face. “We’ve been reunited for just over a month! That day at the stream!”


Jaynna smiled back: “You’re the sire, Ysha. When you came inside of me that day, you planted a seed in my womb, and now it’s begun to grow. Soon it will bear fruit.”


While Jaynna had been with the Kortee'Mea, Ysha visitted the High Temple to make arrangements for the Trining Ceremony. It was planned for the middle of the following week.


The big day finally dawned! The trio of lovers walked hand-in-hand down the main street of the village. Ysha was on the left side and Ninka was on the right. Jaynna walked between them. Her most passionate dream was about to become a reality!


In Llianar culture, a trine is considered the ideal family unit. It is when three lovers are joined together in a form of marriage, unique to their kind. Sometimes the trine is mixed. Neither the couples nor the trines ever included males until very recently. Most times it would consist of either two llianari and a she-elf, or more rarely one llianar with two she-elf partners. But most of the them consisted of three llianari.


When the High Priestess heard that Jaynna was pregnant, she responded: “Well then, best let her make her offering first, and then the two of you can make yours together, while our lady of the hour here sits back and relaxes. Of course, she will get first sample as well.”


Jaynna lay on the little bed in an alcove with the curtains drawn. Her hand went down to her cock and began to stroke it. The organ responded by slowly hardening, with a tingling sensation as it became engorged with blood. She caressed her balls and all seemed well there too. She pleasured herself, and the build-up was ecstatic! But no sooner did it seem as if her cock was about to erupt, when she felt the sensation subside again.


As she tried a second time, Jaynna noticed a figure standing in front of her. It was one of the Temple attendants. She had short brown hair and big blue eyes. She smiled and said: “Maybe I can help miss. I think you’re nervous, that’s why you can’t cum.”


“Alright.” Jaynna agreed, “But first tell me your name.”


“It’s Wynne miss.” The attendant replied.


Jaynna swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up. Wynne knelt on the floor in front of her, and gently freed Jaynna’s cock from the flimsy panties she wore. With the lightest touch, she began fondling the organ’s velvety tip. Immediately it responded with such eagerness that it took Jaynna’s breath away. She tried to remove her panties and allow her cock to stand free, but Wynne stopped her. By now her hips were tensing every time the girl’s hand touched her.


Wynne bowed her head and began to lave the underside of Jaynna’s cock with the tip of her soft tongue. She could no longer remain seated, so she lay on her back as the attendant took her penis in her mouth and began sucking it. To heighten the experience, she inserted her one index finger into Jaynna’s wet pussy. She didn’t have to move it as the llianar’s hips rock back and forth on their own. Jaynna fondled her one breast with one hand and sucked the index finger of the other, so that she could resist the temptation of holding Wynne’s head until she swallowed as she ejaculated. She had to remind herself that this was an offering, first to the Goddess, and then to her lovers. Jaynna’s cock began convulsing. Wynne quickly got her to sit up, and held a silver goblet just under the throbbing organ. And not a moment too soon as a stream of slightly milky semen came rushing out. This was what was commonly known as the ‘First’ or ‘Early Offering’, and was consecrated to the Goddess.


“Well done miss!” congratulated the attendant, “Now don’t try anything until I come back. This one’s for our Lady.”


Obediently Jaynna lay still as her cock twitched, craving more attention. Wynne soon returned and knelt beside the bed again. She took Jaynna’s dick and kissed its throbbing tip. This time she smeared some cream on her hands, and took the organ in both of them. She began dandling with it, and Jaynna returned to her private state of nirvana once more. The cream contained something that made her cock feel warm as it stimulated the organ's nerves. The Attendant smeared it on Jaynna's balls, and she cried out as if in pain as a current swept over her. It ran simultaneously down her thighs and up her abdomen.


Then Wynne produced an opaque plastic tube with a large bulb on the top. A membrane separated the two parts. Inside the main part she coated the sides with the same lubricating cream she had put on her hands. As she slid it over Jaynna’s cock, it felt just like she was fucking someone’s warm wet pussy. She let out a squeal of delight as her member slid in. As Wynne pumped the tube up and down on Jaynna’s dick, she held the small hole at the top of the bulb closed.


The substance in the cream made the sensation that ran through Jaynna's member almost unbearable. It began to jerk wildly as if she was going to climax, but instead of her gism spurting out of her, her dick just carried on convulsing while the lubricant became more and more saturated with Jaynna's own pre-cum.


Jaynna’s cock juddered again and her hips bucked, pushing her glans so that the membrane at the end of the tube strained. But for the hole, now directly over the opening to Jaynna’s urethra, the thin barrier held firm. This was a warning. Almost immediately after that, a second wave came over her. This time it was for real. With the first mighty thrust, the bulb was half full. With the second it almost overflowed. Wynne removed the tube and allowed the subsequent jets of almost clear fluid to shoot freely into the air. As the last one cascaded down over Jaynna’s thighs, her cock finally went limp again.


Wynne turned the tube upside down and squeezed it hard. The cum trapped in the bulb came squirting out into another larger silver chalice. Some of it dribbled onto her finger. This she licked off but kept on her tongue. She leant over and kissed Jaynna’s still open mouth. As their tongues touched, the exhausted llianar could taste a hint of her own semen.


The attendant smiled down at her and whispered: “The first taste miss.”


The voice of the High Priestess was heard, and Wynne responded. Then she turned to Jaynna and said: “Wait right here miss, and I shall bring the other offerings.” She then turned and left as Jaynna lay catching her breath. Panting, she whispered softly: "I have never cum like that!"


Wynne entered the large room where Ysha and Ninka were sitting. In her one hand, she held the chalice with Jaynna’s offering, in her other hand an empty goblet. She called the two llianar over and told them to stand facing each other. With her hands on both cocks, the attendant stimulated them until they touched. Lovingly she laved the soft tips with her tongue as the two lovers embraced each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. Their breasts touched and the hardened nipples caressed as they rocked back and forth in time with Wynne’s movements.


Both cocks swelled in Wynne’s hands almost in unison. The llianar lovers came into the goblet at the same time, and the small receptacle was soon filled with a mixture of Ysha’s sperm-rich white offering, and Ninka’s clear contribution. Again Wynne scampered off and placed the goblet at the feet of the Goddess.


Wishing that their second gift be more substantial, Ysha and Ninka pushed their desire to the limit. Ninka stood over Ysha and fucked her between the breasts, while Wynne stroked Ysha’s cock, holding the chalice in position just in case. As pre-cum dripped into the cup, Wynne smiled with satisfaction. Then it was Ninka’s chance to be jerked off while she rode Ysha’s glistening member. As with Ysha's larger cock, Ninka’s smaller one soon dribbled its early offering into the chalice.


To prevent Ysha from losing her load in Ninka’s uterus, Wynne told her to withdraw. As she reluctantly obeyed, her organ jerked and twitched, longing to release its heavy load. Wynne instructed the pair to kneel on all fours with their butts together.


She used the same cream as she had on Jaynna, and coated her palms with it. She then took both of their cocks in her hands until their openings were pointed at the chalice. She began jerking both of them off. Soon they erupted, shooting massive chutes of warm fluid into the container. It filled until some of it overflowed over Wynne’s fingers as she held the cup in place. Again she licked the residue off and kissed both of them the same way as she had Jaynna.


Ninka sat on the small chair to catch her breath, her own member slowly returning to normal. But Ysha's dick was still rampant, and demanded more attention. Ninka noticed her lover's discomfort. She called to her. She then put Ysha's cock in her mouth, and began to suck while she pushed it in as far as it would go. It did not take long before her offer was rewarded as Ysha unloaded herself down Ninka's throat, most of it spilling out all over the floor. Quickly they cleaned up afterwards.


By the time Wynne returned to the alcove, Jaynna had dressed herself again. With a smile on her pretty face, the attendant presented the chalice. “Here you are miss. And I must say, the other two have done us proud.”


The llianar drank the slightly warm milky liquid, her eyes closed as if in a state of worship. It tasted slightly sweet with a hint of bitter almond. But the flavour did not matter. It was the symbolism that counted. This signified that all three - having made their love-offering into one common vessel - had pledged that they would be as one unit comprised of three lovers. This union is what makes a trine so special.


Wynne then took the chalice and gave it to the other two. Ysha held it while Ninka drank from it, with the same reverence as Jaynna had shown for this sacred gift. Once she had drank her share, she held it so that Ysha could finish it but for a small amount at the bottom. They took some of it in their mouths the same way that Wynne had previously. Then the lovers kissed as they savoured the cum on each other’s tongues. They went to where Jaynna was waiting. There were still a few drops left, so all three of them took turns until the cup was totally empty. The three of them stuck out their tongues and touched them together, licking the sticky drops off.


The other two dressed themselves, and stood before the High Priestess. She blessed Ysha and Ninka while touching their cocks, but Jaynna received hers with the cleric’s hand on her pregnant belly. As they stood around her, she said: “May the Goddess bless this Trining for as long as your paths of life will permit. So mote it be.”


“So mote it be.” The trine repeated. Both Ysha and Ninka kissed Jaynna, and then each other. And then it was time to celebrate their union together.


Three weeks after the Trining, Jaynna had to go for her first medical check-up, to see whether she and her baby were healthy. She lay on her back with her legs held open by two supports that fitted behind her knees. All she had on was a pair of flimsy disposable panties that the hospital had given her. The examination room was cold and sterile, and it made her feel nervous. The lights came on above her, and two robed figures entered the room.


“Hello Jaynna.” Said a kind voice behind a surgical mask, “I am Doctor Lemar, and the nurse with me is Sister Rosa. Just try and relax. This won’t take long.”


Jaynna smiled as best she could. “Thank you - doctor.”


To her surprise, the physician’s hand began to stroke her cock through the fabric of the hospital panties. She asked why, and the reply was: “We have to check that the muscles that control your erections are not going to have an effect on the opening of your vagina. With your people, it is often the case that we have to do a caesarean section, because the muscles of the perineum are too tight for the vagina to open enough to allow natural childbirth.”


Satisfied with the answer, Jaynna lay back and allowed the doctor to continue. And besides, it always felt good when someone gave her a hard-on. Soon her member was bursting out from above the top of the thin underwear. The doctor took her hands and began to rub the unrestrained organ. It was all Jaynna could do to stay lying still as the latex covered fingers toyed with it. Soon the clear fluid began to ooze out of the tip, and her cock began to pulse. Only then did the doctor stop stroking it. She held the base still, and applied a bit of pressure until Jaynna felt the urge to cum subside.


But the patient could only relax for a few seconds, until Doctor Lemar turned her attention to her pussy. With one finger, she lightly brushed over the open honeypot. The thin fabric offered no protection against the doctor’s touch, and Jaynna once again struggled to lie still as a wave of excitement washed over her.


“I don’t use artificial lubricants.” She explained, “Your body is quite capable of providing them itself. We need you nice and slippery wet so that we can use the scope.”


Breathlessly Jaynna answered: “Okay.”


As the touch of those gloved hands sent shockwaves through her, Jaynna felt her quim moisten. Just then, the doctor ordered the nurse to pass her a scalpel. Jaynna froze when she heard it, but Lemar clarified: “We can’t take those fancy panties off you just in case you ejaculate while I’m examining you. So I’m just going to cut a slit in them so that I can see what’s going on behind there. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.”


The doctor cut open the underwear from just below Jaynna’s balls until her whole honeypot was exposed. She pushed the fabric away and began touching Jaynna’s labia. She was especially appreciative when she discovered Jaynna’s clitoris.


“You lucky girl.” She exclaimed, “So many llianari don’t have one. Especially someone with a penis your size.”


She then began stroking Jaynna’s cock once more, this time with her finger inside her pussy. Again she assured Jaynna: “Well, that’s okay. Your vagina won’t be affected too much by your penile muscles . I think you’re ready. Scope please Sister.”


The doctor was handed what looked like a metal dildo with a lens at the tip. She gently inserted it into Jaynna’s vagina and then extended the tip, until she could feel it press up against her cervix. The instrument was hard, cold, and uncomfortable. Unlike a cock, the rounded tip was not cushioned as it pushed against the small opening to Jaynna’s womb. Luckily this part of the examination didn’t take long, and soon the scope was withdrawn.


“Well Jaynna, I’ve got good news.” Doctor Lemar reported, “Everything is fine down there. Baby is safely protected, so you can still have sex. Just remember: No-one on top of you, and try not to tense your stomach muscles too much when you ejaculate.”


“Thanks Doctor,” Jaynna responded, “But I’m still sore from that scope thing.”


“Okay,” the doctor replied, “Let me massage you a bit. You’ll soon feel better.”


She inserted her middle finger into Jaynna’s wet pussy, and gently massaged her there. Soon the slight soreness was replaced by a warm longing. The doctor stopped and stood up. “That’s it, we’re done. You’ll just have to go to the x-ray department for your sonar so that we can see if baby is also healthy.”


Not long after that, Jaynna was back in the ward. Ysha and Ninka were waiting for her. Her eyes welled up with tears as she reported: “The doctors have given me and baby a clean bill of health. They confirmed that I am four going on five weeks pregnant, and that I should be able to deliver naturally. Look, this is the sonar of our new arrival.” She held up the printed copy of the scan, and pointed to the tiny spot on the right-hand side of the picture.


“That’s great! Well done!” the other two congratulated, hugging her and they all kissed.


“Now will someone help me deal with this stiffy? Those docs made me horny as hell!” Jaynna protested. “And please get me out of these designer panties!”


They were alone in the ward, and the carpet was soft and thick. Jaynna lay on her back with her knees up. Ninka positioned herself between her lover’s legs while Ysha knelt to one side and took Jaynna’s penis in her hand. Jaynna cried out a little as Ninka entered her, but the smaller cock felt so good inside her that she soon forgot the discomfort. As Ninka fucked her, Ysha took Jaynna’s cock in her mouth and began to suck it while her hand cupped her balls.


Ninka’s gentle rocking back and forth soon drove Jaynna to the very edge of rapture. Her lover stayed still, with her cock deep inside her as Jaynna’s pussy convulsed making her butthole open and close involuntarily. The increased pressure on Ninka’s cock made her climax unstoppable as it filled her member with semen. She quickly withdrew and sprayed Jaynna with cum. This pushed her over the edge, and Jaynna sent her offering into Ysha’s mouth so that she nearly gagged over it. Jaynna then took Ysha’s cock in her hands while she sat on a chair, and jerked it off until she too emptied herself all over the floor.


They had just finished cleaning up, when in walked Doctor Lemar and Sister Rosa. The doctor smiled and greeted: “You must be the rest of the happy family. I’m Doctor Lemar, but you can call me Alicia. I’ll be looking after mum and little one until she gives birth. By the way, who’s the lucky sire?”


Ysha blushed and replied: “That would be me.”


“Well done to the both of you. To all three of you.” Alicia congratulated.


They thanked her for being so kind, and left the ward. As they got to the entrance, Ysha said to Jaynna: “Close your eyes my love. We’ve got a surprise for you.”


Elatedly Jaynna obeyed. Ysha and Ninka carefully guided her to the front door, and then told her to open her eyes again. There - parked outside the hospital entrance - was a horse-drawn buggy, complete with coachman. Jaynna gasped with excitement. As she leapt into Ysha’s arms, her lover stated: “No partner of mine is walking home now that she’s pregnant with my child.”


The carriage ride home was a festive occasion. While Ninka and Ysha drank wine, Jaynna chose a red grape juice. The three of them toasted to the future. It seemed that the last vestiges of the past had finally been washed away. Ysha’s eyes shone clear and bright without the shadow that seemed to have haunted her since her return. Jaynna no longer feared that her world of bliss would once more come crashing down. The only one that did not seem altogether happy was Ninka.


When they arrived home, Ysha and Jaynna were laughing and joking with one another. Just then Ysha saw the look on Ninka’s pretty face. Both she and Jaynna went over to her and tried to comfort her. It was then that Ninka finally broke down.


Jaynna held her face in her hands and asked: “Ah my love, what is it?”


Ninka replied: “I was once with child. The sire’s name was Bella. She was a she-man, and we used to call her ‘Bella the Dick-Fella’. We were sweethearts together at school. She was two years my senior. After I left school, we lived together for about three years. Then she joined the First Resistance - the one before Big Red and her group - and we all know what happened to them! Bella went away on a mission two days before I discovered that I was pregnant with her child. I never saw Bella again.”


Ysha held her tight and said tearfully: “Oh Ninka! I’m so sorry. I ...”.


Ninka replied: “Let me finish: One of the few surviving members of the First Resistance was with Bella when she was captured. She told me what they did to my beloved. She said that they put a thin rope around her balls and tightened it until it cut into her scrotum. The twine cut off the blood to her testicles, and eventually the tubes broke off. They then opened her scrotum and took out her dead balls, the same ones that had sired my baby.


They told Bella that she was going to be sent as a eunuch to some Vilya family somewhere. A few days later, they were driving her to this place in a buggy. They came to a high bridge, and Bella leapt out of the carriage before anyone could grab her. She was dead before her body hit the rocks below.”


Jaynna asked: “What happened to your child?”


Ninka continued: “… I was so devastated when I heard what had happened, that I went out to one of the taverns and got drunk. On my way home I discovered that I was being followed, so I began to run as best I could. Without looking, I crossed the road and was knocked over by a van. As I passed out, I could see a crowd of people gathering around me. When I came round, I was in hospital. The doctors came and told me that I had lost the child.”


“Oh dear Goddess!” exclaimed Ysha, “You must feel terrible every time you hear about Jaynna’s pregnancy!”


“It’s not that Ysha.” Answered Ninka, “I’m so happy for Jaynna, and for all three of us. It’s just that time of the month when I could fall pregnant again. Every time this happens, I feel that my chance has been taken away.”


“It was taken from you then.” Agreed Ysha, “But there will be other opportunities. You’re still young my love. We can try again.”



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