Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 4

Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 4 Story of a Dick-Girl Chapter 4

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



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Following Chapter 3


Submitted: December 22, 2015

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Submitted: December 22, 2015



Emboldened by this new development, the resistance resumed their mission. ‘Rogue’ - one time comrade of Kyara - took on the task of seeking out Kyara’s erstwhile captors. With the help of ‘Teddy Bear’, she tracked down the first of them. She was a quisling llianar and had been responsible for the failure of the first mission. The pair held her captive in a cheap hotel room where they exacted their vengeance upon her.


Rogue began to work the quisling’s tattooed dick until it grew to its full girth. She put her mouth over its tip and licked it with her tongue, as the whole member began to come alive. The other llianar closed her eyes in bliss, and then opened them in shock as she felt Teddy Bear ram her giant cock into her small quim. It was so under-developed that the dark-skinned llianar could hardly fit the tip inside before the other tried to pull away. Relentlessly she drove herself even deeper until the traitor felt as though she was being torn in half.


By now, Rogue’s attentions could no longer be ignored. All this time, Rogue had relentlessly rode the quisling’s cock while pleasuring herself with her free hand. Despite the pain afflicted by Teddy Bear fucking her, the desire for release was too great. As her penis began to tense and relax, so her honeypot followed suit around Teddy Bear’s dick. This was enough to cause the massive organ to erupt, its thick white lava rushing into the traitor’s body like a flood. Simultaneously the quisling came almost choking Rogue in the deluge.


After some time, the pair resumed their assault on their prisoner, vowing to stop only when she told them of the Slaver’s whereabouts.


“If you don’t,” Rogue threatened, “We’ll cut that treacherous prick of yours off and feed it to you!”


The llianar informed her that the Slaver had put together a small force, and was hiding out somewhere in the mountains to the south of the city. She said that a she-elf, by the name of Ayla, had once been his lover, and that she would know exactly where the hide-out was. Teddy Bear said that she would take charge of the llianar while Rogue could investigate further.


Ayla was not hard to find as she was a socialite with a large circle of associates. She also did not offer much resistance. As was the custom, Rogue shared a drink with Ayla. A drink that she had spiked. Soon she had Ayla naked in the lounge. She lifted the girl off her feet, and lowered her onto her erect penis. The llianar’s massive cock proved too much for her tender quim. She cried out in pain as her vagina was stretched further than she had experienced before.


“Please stop!” she whimpered, “I’ll tell you anything.”


Rogue replied: “But now you’ve gotten me all horny! Suck me until I’m not horny anymore, and then you can tell me. I’ll leave once I’ve got the Intel I need.”


The woman agreed. She was glad that the llianar’s penis was in her mouth and not in her aching pussy. Soon her ordeal was over, and Rogue left her expensive home with another lead to follow. This time it was a man by the name of Broum. He worked closely with the Slaver, and could definitely identify his whereabouts.


With this new lead, Rogue began to seek out Broum. This was not so easy. Most of the folk seemed to fear him, and would not divulge where he might be. She eventually tracked him down to a local tavern that he frequented. She found him sitting at the bar.


“Heya sweetie.” She greeted seductively, “Wanna buy a lady a drink?”


“Sure thing honey.” He replied with a grin, “But what’s in it for me?”


Rogue unbuttoned the top of her blouse and exposed her ample cleavage. Her other hand strayed down to the man’s crotch where she felt him harden slightly in reaction to her touch.


“Maybe just the first thing that comes up.”


The trap had been sprung. Broum made sure that Rogue was given what she desired. Almost as a reward, as they spoke, she would laugh and her hand would brush against him. Sometimes her delicate fingers would touch the inside of his upper thigh. His excitement would rush through him like an electric current when she would reach down between his legs as if to test his response. His dick would leap into action as her soft fingers toyed with him. More than once she reached further down and cupped his balls, squeezing them gently. The ecstasy of that moment made him stop mid-sentence as he closed his eyes as if to savour the sensation.


Little did he know that the llianar had paid off the bar lady to supply her with a non-alcoholic beverage instead of liquor. Thus, as the unsuspecting man became more and more inebriated, so Rogue remained sober. To ensure that her plan would work, Rogue laced his drink as well. Again her hand moved down and held his dick at its base. It was hard as a metal rod, and her touch made his tight denims unendurable. It was time to continue their encounter in the room she had rented for the night.


Broum was at first like putty in Rogue’s expert hands. Soon he was on his back with the llianar riding up and down his eager cock. Even the sight of her own erect member did not diminish his enjoyment. But when she wanted him to withdraw before he came inside her, things began to get rough. Broum reached out and grabbed Rogue’s cock just behind the glans, and held it so tightly that it began to jerk in an attempt to free itself. Being in a stronger position, Rogue was able to pull herself free, but not before her attacker took her balls in his other hand, and pulled on them so that she couldn’t lift herself off him without injury.


Broum laughed cruelly as his hips began to buck off the carpeted floor, and his throbbing penis released his gism into Rogue’s reluctant body. The onslaught on her cock and her testicles, not to mention the sheer audacity of his actions, had robbed her of her desire to cum, and her member flopped around impotently between her legs. Her balls ached from being violated, and because she had been close to climaxing herself when the attack occurred.


Enraged, Rogue shouted: “You fucking bastard! I’ll teach you!”


She reached behind her and grabbed the first large object she could find, which happened to be one of her combat boots. With lightning reflexes she smashed the heel against Broum’s temple, rendering him unconscious.


When he came to, he found that Rogue had tied his ankles together. There were ropes around his wrists, the other end of which had been tied tightly around the tip of his dick and his balls respectively. The slightest movement would cause excruciating pain. Rogue straddled his legs and took hold of his arms. She then started to pull them away from his body. The slipknots around his genitals tightened and he cried out in agony.


“Now you piece of shit.” She exclaimed in a cruel whisper as she leant forward and put her face next to his, “You’re going to tell me where the Slaver’s hide-out is, or they’ll have to surgically remove these ropes from your private parts.” She accentuated the last part with a sharp yank on the ropes.


He tried in vain to struggle free, but the knots only drew even tighter until he could feel the warm trickle of blood running down his swollen cock. Giving in, Broum told Rogue where the hide-out was. “Take the main road to the south.” He stammered, fighting back the sick feeling in his stomach, “About nine clicks once you’re out of the city, there’s a factory on the right. Take that road up the mountain until you see the sign saying ‘Rhudevahn Caves’. That’s where the hide-out is. Now untie me.”


Rogue obliged, and the man attempted to hit her in the face with his fist as she was dressing. She expertly blocked his attempt and wrestled him to the floor. “You stupid bastard!” she retorted, “You could have left it there. Now you’ll pay for your arrogance!”


By the time Rogue left the hotel room, Broum lay in a pool of blood on the floor. What remained of his removed testicles lay next to him, and his penis stuck out of his mouth that was still open, as if he was still screaming in the agony of his last living moments.


Rogue had been a slave to a man who had repeatedly abused her until - one night - he forced her to have oral sex with him. Just before this, she inserted a razorblade into the roof of her mouth. As she went down on him, she bit hard and removed his still throbbing organ in one agonising movement. From that moment on, she had no love for the male sex whatsoever. Even less than usual as llianar have little regard for men as a rule.


Rogue then returned to the headquarters, and informed the elven commander there of the hide-out’s location. She asked if she could join the mission, and her request was granted. Inwardly she hoped that she would be able to deal with the Slaver personally. Alas she was denied the pleasure. Halfway through the attack, the coward took his own life.


In the meantime the situation with the Vilya began to change in favour of the Resistance. Because of the arrival of the Elves from Theda, Grendolin’s followers were forced to concentrate on fighting them. Thus their attention was diverted from their plot to kill the Princess before she was crowned. All too soon, she was crowned Queen Felitia.


She was not blind to what had transpired during the Regents’ rule, but not being in a position of authority, Princess Felitia had no power to prevent it. Now as Queen, she did! She summoned Grendolin and Salendin to explain themselves. The latter ran away rather than face the judgement. Grendolin did not have the opportunity.


The witch appeared before the newly appointed Queen in the Great Chamber, where she herself had sat not two weeks before. She seemed not to be perturbed as her Highness demanded an explanation.


“By your Majesty’s leave,” Grendolin began, “But my actions were prompted by an upsurge in the number of attacks on our citizens by the Mora. We captured a good many, even though they had shape shifted so as to avoid detection. We even developed a serum that allows us to discern whether a llianar is a Mora or not.”


“And you are saying that all the llianar you have held prisoner here are in fact Mora?” Enquired the Queen.


“Yes verily, your Majesty.” Replied Grendolin, already looking somewhat ill-at-ease, “Let me demonstrate. Allow the guards to bring up a Mora and a llianar together.”


Intrigued, the Queen nodded to the guard. He bowed and went down to the dungeon to fetch Ysha, and one of the male night elves that had been imprisoned there. As he unlocked the door to Ysha’s cell, he said: “Whatever happens up there, allow the witch to have her way. The Queen is on the throne. She will make it right.”


Ysha and the Mora were brought before Grendolin. She turned to the night elf. First she injected a drug directly into his penis. Without any stimulation, the organ swelled and hardened. The witch then attached two electrodes onto his balls, and turned on the switch. Immediately the prisoner’s lower body began to jerk violently, as semen exploded from the distended tip of his aching penis into a large bowl. If the Queen had not ordered the device to be switched off, the unfortunate Mora would have been left cumming all over the floor, until he passed out from exhaustion. Even when it was taken off, those standing near could smell the odour of singed pubic hair.


A vial containing the serum stood on the low table next to the bowl. Grendolin poured some of the liquid into the vessel and mixed it together. Soon the sticky liquid in the bowl turned pale blue. The witch presented this to the Queen.


It was Ysha’s turn next. But this time it was different: Ysha’s balls were too small and would rupture if the electric current from the device was allowed through them. This would defeat the purpose of the test. So Grendolin had to make her ejaculate another way. Still she injected the drug directly into the llianar’s cock. Again it sprung to life. Ysha cried out as her super-hard cock ached. The witch took the tender organ in her mouth and rode until she could feel that Ysha was ready to cum. Then she jerked Ysha off over the bowl until the llianar ejaculated.


Again the serum was applied. But this time, there was no change in colour. Grendolin froze as the Queen looked on in disgust. She ordered that Ysha be released along with all the other llianar, elven and night elf prisoners. Grendolin was ordered to remain in the Great Chamber while the captives were set free. Once this had been done, she then told the guards to seize her. But before they could get near the witch, a mob of freed detainees grabbed her and dragged her down to the dungeon. Then screaming and crying came from downstairs, after which the captives that had dragged her off returned, their clothes stained with blood.


Soon after that, the scenario changed again. This time it was all-out war, heralded by the arrival of the mighty Tiberi. The forces from the Realm of Tiberia were vast and highly advanced. They were allies of the Elves from Theda. Their involvement in the conflict came about because the Korred had begun with mass executions, in which three and a half thousand elves and llianar were massacred, and their bodies were dumped in long open graves.


These new allies further emboldened the llianar resistance, as did Rogue’s dealings with Broum. The team calling themselves ‘Firefox’ got hold of one of the Vilya militia. They met him in a local bar and invited him to drink with them. Little did he know that his drinks had been laced with the same drugs, that the so-called scientists had used on their test subjects in one of the labs. Firefox then took him back to where he worked. By the time he got there, he was so horny that he hardly noticed as the one team member rammed her cock into his muscular ass. His attention was too taken up by the desire to ease the ache in his raging penis. Even the sensation of being fucked in the butthole heightened his desire, as he jerked himself off until his gism came gushing out, some of it landing on the lens of his expensive eyeglasses. In fact he only realised what had really happened to him, when he felt that his butthole was aching a few hours later.


Having gained entry to the laboratory, the couple made their way to the computer room. There they overpowered one of the technicians. One of the llianar removed his pants and injected the drug directly into the base of his penis. Almost immediately the bruised organ hardened until it ached. She then began to jerk him off while her team-mate forced him to have oral sex with her. The technician refused to give them what they demanded, so one of the duo turned on the surveillance cameras, and angled it so that the lens recorded the scene in the computer room. She then worked on his rampant dick until his cum spurted out of him in long strands.


Once finished, her partner said to him: “Now - Unless you want your colleagues to witness how my comrade and I cut off that filthy dick, and the balls that you don’t deserve to have, and turn you into a fuckin' eunuch - you’d better give us the disks we are looking for, and we’ll be on our way.”


Needless to say, the frightened technician realised that they were serious, and gave them what they needed. True to their word, the pair left the technician to recover from his ordeal. They then went into one of the bathrooms as neither of them had been unaffected by the encounter. It was not the thought of having sex with the man that had thrilled them because, as a rule, llianar do not consider the male gender with any great tenderness. Instead it was the rush of adrenaline that had aroused them.


They sat down on the tiled floor facing each other. Under the one code-named ‘Red Fox’s short skirt, her partner could see the head of her dick protruding. She lifted the garment up and took the rampant organ in both hands. As she caressed it, Red Fox returned the favour by curling her fingers around her partner’s comparatively small penis, and gently stroking the tender tip between her palm and little finger. Soon she felt a warm trickle in the palm of her hand.


Black Fox then lay on her back as her comrade straddled her, and lowered herself onto the erect member. It felt so confortable as it filled her tight pussy. Black Fox stroked her partner’s unbridled erection. It was not long before the smaller of the two filled the other’s quim with her impotent clear load. The sensation triggered Red Fox to unleash her milky white flood all over her comrade’s heaving breasts and stomach.


There was no time to bask in the aftermath. Team Firefox quickly made good their getaway, before the building’s security had time to remedy the faulty camera and come after them.


By far the most ruthless of the resistance was a relatively late addition to the team, only joining after one of the Vilya leaders had been assassinated. She wore a clown’s make-up and ponytails. Her costume resembled that of the ‘Joker’ in a pack of playing cards. She called herself ‘Jester’. No-one really knew where she had come from, but one thing was clear: Her hatred for those who had oppressed her and her kind was unequalled.


Jester’s first mission was to rescue a young she-elf from the cruel clutches of her slave master. She and the slave seduced him. Like loyal subjects they knelt at his feet. Jester took his dick in her hand, and soon he was covering her and the elf with his gism. The next thing he felt was Jester's cock up his butthole, while the she-elf removed his still throbbing organ with a hunting knife. He tried to free himself, but Jester's grip was too tight. The llianar’s cock shot its load into the man’s ass as the elf-maiden removed his balls too with a swift stroke. As he lay there screaming, Jester slit his throat, and licked the fresh blood off the blade. She and the rescued elf were out of the building before her erstwhile master breathed his last.


Her next quarry was also male. He was a commander in the forces that supported the Norggen. Jester possessed a certain seductiveness that could disarm members of the male sex. This she used on the officer until she had him eating out of her hand. Wearing tight black and red ski-pants, she soon had him naked, his eager cock between her shapely butt cheeks as she rode up and down on it.


“Tell me what I want to know, or I’ll cut your balls off and feed them to you.” She threatened with an insane smirk on her face. He was about to express his disbelief when he noticed that she was brandishing a razor-sharp hunting knife in her hand. Only then did he realise the seriousness of his predicament.


Jester knelt down before him and took his cock in her mouth. But not before she reinforced her warning by saying: “You’d better start talking soon. ‘Coz if you cum before that, I will kill you nice and slow-like.”


The officer began to protest until he felt an acute stabbing pain across his balls, as she pressed the sharp knife edge lightly against the sac. Her hand reached down and gently stroked the affected area, causing a strange paradox of feelings. The touch made the wound sting, while the warm fingers against his hypersensitive scrotum made his still erect cock convulse with pleasure. Jester showed him her palm. The sight of the blood that still trickled from his nether regions convinced him to talk.


While he spoke, she kept enough pressure on his willing penis to keep him focussed. Once she was satisfied, she said: “Put some water on your balls. The pain won’t last long. The cut’s not that deep, but one’s scrotum bleeds like crazy!”


Again she went down on him. This time her movements were gentler than before. His cock began to jerk in her mouth, warning her of what was to follow. Deftly she slid off the twitching organ, and began to lave the sensitive underside with her soft tongue. She grinned in satisfaction as she felt his warm semen run down off her shoulder. His grunting was a mixture of pain and relief.


Once she had left the premises, Jester headed straight for one of the city’s many brothels. There she chose a pretty redhead, took her up to one of the rooms, and fucked her without even getting naked with her. As her excited penis relieved itself of its milky load into the condom she was forced to wear for protection, she let out a shout of: “Yes baby! Work with me now!”


During the early days of the Resistance, it was made up mainly of llianari. As time progressed, they were joined by groups of she-elves, and even some male elves as well. Most of them were also prisoners at some time with the llianari, and had witnessed the castrations. Once they escaped, especially after the fall of the Vilya, these vigilantes went in search of those who were responsible for these mutilations. If they caught one of them, some of the elves would seduce him and convince him to have sex with one of them. While he was ejaculating, the other she-elf would emasculate him with a sharp knife or a scalpel.


One individual would lure her victims into a bedroom with promises of sexual bliss, having made sure that he was too drunk to know any better. She then toyed with him until he got a hard-on, at which time she would have him lie down while she ‘goes to the bathroom’. The man would be lying there waiting, his cock erect and his balls exposed. A little while later, the she-elf would return with rubber gloves and a switchblade, wearing nothing but her boots.


First she would kick him repeatedly in the balls until he was in too much pain to put up a fight. Then she would castrate him in the same way as he and his colleagues had so many llianari. As he squirmed in pain, she would add to his agony by removing his penis at its base before leaving him to bleed to death.


Another would put a noose around her captive’s dick and his balls. It was tied to a long rod which she held in one hand. If he tried to escape or even move, she tightened the noose. She didn’t bother with surgical precision. With a jagged knife, she hacked open the scrotum and, having slit open the protective sac, exposed the testes. She inserted her finger behind the tubes and yanked the gonads off using brute force. She would then tighten the noose around his dick until the blood flow was completely blocked off. Her victim hardly ever survived for long enough for the organ to become gangrenous and fall off.


Eventually the she-elves made guillotines with which they could quickly remove the offenders’ privates, cock and all. When Queen Felitia came to the throne, she ordered an end to these mutilations. By that time, most of those responsible for castrating llianari during the conflict had either died at the hands of the she-elves, or taken their own lives to prevent this from happening to them. Some of those few that survived the ordeal took their own lives, as they deemed death more desirable than life without their maleness.




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