Species 337 Alpha Chapter 2

Species 337 Alpha Chapter 2 Species 337 Alpha Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction


The Saga Continues


The Saga Continues

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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The Saga Continues

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Submitted: July 02, 2018

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: July 02, 2018





Chapter 2:


After completing their search, the Doctor and her team finally departed from the planet of Nym. Their ship had just left the planet’s atmosphere when one of the crew made an astonishing discovery, one that would prove fatal for all aboard. In order to make sure that the mummy was still intact, and did not suffer any harm during the voyage back to Gilmuire, they had placed a remote camera inside the sarcophagus. This was linked to a monitor that was manned constantly throughout the journey. Or that was the plan at least.


The crew member responsible for the first watch noticed something strange about the embalmed corpse. She was certain that its position had shifted slightly. Dutifully she reported this to her superior officer who came to investigate. As both of them watched, they saw something that disturbed them both immensely. The thing moved! Not only that, but it appeared to grin at them through the camera lens. Changing the light setting on the remote so that they could see more clearly, their surprise turned quickly into utter shock when the mummy moved towards the camera, so close that they could see its gaunt face and sunken eyes. And then the screen went blank for a second. When it came on again, the creature was staring directly at it, its mouth wide open.


The officer called the Doctor, and when she arrived, played back the footage.


“Oh my God!” She exclaimed, “It’s alive!” Doctor Morgen called the senior security officer, and instructed him: “Have your team take the sarcophagus somewhere in which it can be properly secured. Make sure that it is placed upright, and keep the camera on at all cost. I’m going to report this to HQ, and await further instructions.”


The security team carried out the Doctor’s orders, and took the coffin down to a part of the hold usually reserved for living specimens. They stood it up, and supported it with heavy objects so that it would not fall down during any turbulence that the ship might experience on route. Once they had finished, they adjusted the camera frequency to ensure that the monitor could still record any more disturbances.


It was during the late shift that the situation seemed to worsen. By this time the ship was well on its way back to Gilmuire, when the lights went dead in the holding area where the coffin had been placed. The operator on duty tried to restore them, but only partially succeeded. However, it was enough for him to make an horrific discovery. The casket was empty! A few seconds later, a strange figure could be seen approaching in the half-light. As it came closer, the operator could clearly see its face - it was the mummy!


He yelled down the microphone: “Intruder alert! Intruder alert! Object 337 has escaped - intruder alert!”


The duty officer sent a security team down to investigate, but the so-called intruder was nowhere to be seen. At first that is! As they continued with the search, there was a violent crash behind them, and the hideous ghoul could be seen clambering out of one of the ventilation shafts, its massive mouth wide open. It snarled, and headed toward the armed security personnel. They opened fire, but in a flash, the monster had escaped through another grate, seemingly unharmed.




The entire crew was placed on high alert, and one of the female staff, who had been sleeping at the time, had just woken up when she became aware of a presence in her quarters. Alas, before she could react, the intruder was already almost on top of her. The last thing her comrades heard was her terrified screams and a sound almost like a rabid beast, and then - total silence!


Everyone took it for granted that she was dead, so in order to monitor where her attacker might have gone, the Head of Security turned on the internal camera in her quarters. The first image was of her lying face-down on her bed, her sheets covered in blood. But then something happened that baffled all of those watching: The woman slowly sat up again until she was staring directly into the camera, her eyes as vacant as those of the monster that attacked her. She then stood up and shuffled towards the lens. She reached for it, and the feed went dead. When security went to investigate, they found the room empty.


Once the twelve-member crew realised what had happened, they planned to evacuate the ship, leaving the mummy and its protégé behind. Before leaving, they were going to initiate the self-destruct program as well. But there was one problem: Someone had sabotaged the bay where the escape pods were housed! One of the crew remembered that the woman who had been attacked was a technician, and was quite capable of doing the deed.


Before long, more and more people were killed, only to regenerate as zombies. But these were different to the conventional concept of these undead beings in many ways: Firstly they were much quicker than originally thought, hence their ability to evade detection so easily. The second difference was that they were far from being mindless. Despite their motives having been reduced to feeding and procreating, they maintained much of the knowledge they had obtained before they were infected. And the third was that they were extremely difficult to kill. Contrary to the belief that one only had to shoot a zombie in the head to kill it, these creatures had to be shot multiple times before they even slowed down. One thing they did have in common, however, was that anyone who was injured by them were soon transformed into their assailants’ likeness.


Which soon became the fate of all but one of the members of the expedition, and it was up to the youngest person in the team, an apprentice to Doctor Morgen by the name of Kristin Amoro, to prevent the ship from reaching Gilmuire. She was able to turn the vessel around and jam the controls before she went and hid in one of the storage holds. The ship crashed on the surface of Nym’s only moon, Atera, killing all of its occupants.


Or that was the initial story anyway. Upon receiving the news, the authorities on Gilmuire ordered a vessel to go to Atera to ascertain what had happened to the exploration vessel and her crew. Like many lunar satellites, Atera had almost no breathable atmosphere, and thus they did not expect to find any survivors. The search team landed close to the crash site, and soon reached the remains of the ship, not that there was much left of her by then. Nonetheless their search was meticulous and thorough, which was a good thing because they soon came across one of the stasis pods that was still functional. The occupant turned out to be none other than Doctor Sera Morgen herself. The pod would have expired less than an hour after she was found, and so the captain ordered her crew to take the pod back to the search ship and connect it to her power source. With just fifteen minutes remaining, the Doctor’s lifeline was re-established and her life was saved.


Before the Spartan rescue vessel had departed, her crew was instructed to take a level 9 containment chamber with it. They were informed that a potentially deadly entity had gone down with the research ship, and were ordered to bring it back with them. However, the authorities did not feel comfortable with the being returning to Gilmuire because it was too densely populated. Claevis, on the other hand - having just recently joined the Confederacy - had one major city.

Being mainly an oceanic world, the entire population was centred around Claevis City - otherwise known as Claevis Prime - and the surrounding countryside. It also had one of the most secure prison facilities in the Confederacy, complete with a holding area for potentially dangerous creatures. The reason for this was a beast known as the ‘Soryx’, an amphibious being that terrorised anyone near the massive ocean that surrounded the city for decades. One of these had been captured and held in this area while scientists studied it, before ending its life by filling the chamber with toxic gas. This chamber had been classified as being Level 12, three above the one on the ship and three below the highest level, which was fifteen.


This was the main reason why Claevis was chosen as the destination for the being now given the title ‘Species 337 Alpha’, the last part indicating the possible threat it could be to other living beings.


The search party found what was at first thought to be a corpse, except that it fitted the description given to them of Species 337. They were already wearing full environ-suits because of the natural conditions on the moon’s surface, so it was considered safe to handle the rotting remains. The task was given to a young recruit, who carried the body back to the vehicle in which the containment cell had been placed in order to transport it back to the ship.


No sooner had the Spartan taken off, when the soldier fell violently ill. Upon removing his suit, the attending doctor saw that he was covered in lesions that had overtaken most of his body. They seemed to spread almost as he was watching, and soon large pieces of flesh began to fall from him. When he spoke about it later, the physician said that it looked like he had sustained third-degree burns to about sixty to seventy percent of his body, and his condition worsened as the minutes ticked by. There was little that could be done but to try and alleviate his suffering, and watch him slip away! By the time he had succumbed to the disease, he looked like a skeleton himself, much like the one still in the chamber. Only this one did not come back to life.


Species 337 Alpha was placed in the containment cell on Claevis with no further incident. It had been removed from the initial holding casket, not by hand but using similar equipment employed when handling radio-active or other highly toxic materials. The sarcophagus itself was utterly destroyed, and the dust that remained thrown into a concrete pit, which was covered up. The monster lay dormant in its prison until the day of the explosion, when it was unleashed on the facility, and then on the city along with its savage offspring.


After the explosion had ripped through the building where 337 Alpha had been detained, the CCTV cameras in the Control Centre began to detect a presence in the complex. Security personnel were sent to investigate, but whatever was causing the anomalies seemed to evade them. That was until it was seen attacking and killing one of the technical staff. It seemed to be aware that it was being watched, as at one stage it stared right into the camera, blood dripping from its mouth. The same monitor then recorded something that was at first thought to be a glitch in the system. The slain technician stood upright, his clothing still drenched in his own blood.


Unaware of the danger, the supervisor on duty ordered some of his staff to take the victim to sick-bay for treatment. It was not long before he realised his mistake! The infected technician then attacked the sister, and soon she too had mutated. One by one, the workers at the facility began to follow suit. All the while the cameras were recording every sickening detail, even though there was no-one to witness the massacre. Soon all but one of the staff members had either been turned or used as sustenance, just like on board the research ship that had first discovered the fiend on Nym. Before the day was finished, the entire facility had been overrun.



With the chaos that ensued in the vicinity of the blast, no-one noticed that these beasts had escaped and were now roaming the streets. That was when the carnage began! Young and old alike found themselves trapped as these beasts attacked them, and although most of the victims were accounted for in the end, there were a huge number of them that just disappeared.


Many of those that escaped volunteered their services to help evacuate the affected areas. They were soon joined by military personnel who had been deployed to these parts of the city. Some of these groups chose to work independently from one another, whereas most of them joined forces. The fighting was tough, becoming even more so as the days passed, but the most difficult part was when one of their own party was injured by the beings which were now given the name ‘Malefic’.


As one soldier later pointed out: “It’s hard enough having to take one of those poor bastards out, knowing that he or she was once just like you, before becoming infected. But what’s worse is when its one of your own comrades. I guess it comes down to it being either them or yourself, but it’s still fucking hard to pull the damned trigger sometimes!”


A fire alert was the last thing recorded on the hard-drive from the burnt-out control room that Major Payer and his team had investigated. The fire had obviously spread throughout the building, leaving very little in its wake. The platoon felt lucky that they had at least been able to retrieve the data.


One of the survivors in the city was a pilot who owned a ship, which he used to transport VIPs to and from the off-world station. When the Malefic attacked his home, killing his entire family, the man panicked. He boarded his vessel, and made directly for the station. As he approached, he declared that he had not been infected, and requested permission to land. Because he did not seem to pose any threat, the station commander gave him what he had asked. He landed at one of the docking bays, and was welcomed on board.


He was shown to a small cubicle with a bed and a washstand. As he undressed, he noticed a large blood stain on the back of his shirt. He looked in the mirror, and discovered to his horror that he had a large wound on his right shoulder. The skin was already pulling away from the laceration, and the whole area was inflamed. He rushed to the sickbay and asked one of the attendants to check him out. The orderly confirmed that the wound was infected, and ran some tests to determine the cause. She left the room for a few minutes to process the tests, and heard someone screaming in the ward behind her.


When she entered the room again, she saw the new arrival writhing in pain, his eyes wide with terror. Before she could do anything, he slumped back onto the bed and lay there motionless. Checking him for vital signs, the medic found that he was not breathing and had no pulse. She noted the time of death, covered him with a sheet, and instructed that his body be taken to the morgue in order to determine the cause.


After an hour, she called the morgue to see if the coroner had made any progress, only to find that there was no response to her call. She waited for another hour, and contacted them again - same result, so after the third unanswered call, she decided to go and see what the problem was. When she arrived, she found the place deserted, the body still on the table. Immediately she knew that something was not right. The person under the cloth seemed more robust than the one she had sent down. She checked under the sheet, and what she discovered was truly horrifying: The body that lay there was not her patient. It was the coroner himself! Or what was left of him.




Before she could raise the alarm, a pair of strong hands grabbed her from behind. She whirled round to see who or what it was, and realised that it was the man she had treated in the sick-bay, or at least it was his remains! The monster attacked her, and soon the world went dark. When she finally awoke, she felt like she had been run over by a train. She had bruises all over her body, and was bleeding from countless scratches and bite marks. What was worse was that she knew she had also been sexually assaulted, although at first she could not remember who or what her attacker was.


Then it dawned on her, with all the horror that went with it! She rushed towards one of the internal com-links, and set it so that the whole station could hear her.


She yelled: “This is an urgent message to all personnel! If you can hear me, the station is in extreme danger! You must destroy the morgue at all cost. I repeat - destroy the morgue! I have sealed it off as best I can to prevent the danger from leaving this place. I am going to leave the visual monitors on, so that you can witness first-hand the threat that I am referring to. What I will do then is for the good of the entire station, so don’t try and stop me.”


Everyone on board witnessed what happened next: The medical orderly quickly began to change! At first it was as if her injuries had become septic, but soon the transformation took on inhuman proportions. Her eyes became like black coals, without any colour. Even the whites of her eyes began to disappear. Her face started to resemble a skull, and her skin turned ashen. It was then that they realised what she was about to do: The morgue had a hatch through which bodies could be jettisoned into space. A conveyor belt carried the corpse into the airlock, ready for release. The orderly lay on the belt, and initiated the sequence! Within seconds, she had been ejected from the station into the vastness of space.


In the attempt to destroy the morgue, the station itself was severely damaged, and would be out of action for at least a month if not more. The whole place was quarantined until it was certain that the threat had been removed. No traffic was allowed to dock, even from the planet itself, and no ships could leave either. Non-essential staff were ordered to evacuate, using the escape pods that had been programmed to land away from the city.





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