Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 9

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 9 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 9

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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The romance flourishes -



The romance flourishes -

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 9

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The romance flourishes

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 9:


After a few false starts, the car did eventually get going, and the two of them were on their way to the art college where Ernesto was studying. It was an imposing structure, typical of most academic institutions. There were three sections, each linked by an archway. Two of them were opposite one another, whereas the third came off at right angles. The arches did not meet in the middle, as the last part was built so that the archway joined the main campus about a third of the way down the left-hand building, if one were facing the main part, that is. Each of the campus structures were three storeys high, with a peaked red tiled roof . Where the arches were situated, the roof peaked so that the apex was in the centre of the arch, whereas the campuses themselves had the roofs running lengthways.


At the point where the arch for the third building joined the main building, a statue had been crafted out of concrete. It was a bust of an ancient warrior. On her noble head she wore an ornate helmet with a crest that went down the back of her neck. The helm itself was made to look like some sort of creature, its face resting on top of the wearer's head, and its two front legs on either cheek. The figure was female, and did not wear any armour on the rest of her body. Instead she wore what might have been a flowing garment if the figure was complete. Just before the carving gave way to the column that supported it, one could just see a pair of naked breasts jutting out where the garment divided in two.


Selena and Ernesto entered the building on the left, and went to the second floor. In one of the offices, they met an elderly man, his shoulder length hair almost white. His face was wrinkled with age, but his eyes shone bright and keen, and Selena knew that this was a wise, learned man. Ernesto was right. She liked him even before he said a word.


“Darling, this is Professor Cameron Fenmarel.” Ernesto introduced, “My teacher, mentor, and friend. Professor - This is the young lady I spoke about, the one I met on the train. This is Selena.”


The old man's eyes sparkled even more. He took her hand in his, and raised it to his lips. With a smile he said: “Good heavens boy. You definitely have impeccable taste.” He chuckled, his voice even more gravelly, and then continued: “I am truly delighted to meet you. My star pupil has done nothing but sing your praises since he first informed me that the two of you had met, and now I can understand why.”


Selena felt herself blush under the fusillade of compliments. Normally she would have put them off as empty words, but the sincerity on the Professor's face and the glint in his pale blue eyes made her believe that he actually meant them. Unlike so many of her admirers before, he seemed to pay little attention to the rest of her figure, and fixed his gaze on her face. Most of Silas's associates had made appreciative remarks about her body, and specifically her bum, but had paid little attention to her face. This had always left her feeling cheap, like some tavern prostitute. But now she felt as though the elderly gentleman found her truly attractive, and that without any form of smutty connotation.


She smiled, and replied: “Thank you, Professor.”


The lecturer insisted: “You are not one of my pupils. Please call me Cameron my dear. Now, how about a guided tour of Ernesto's work so far? I was not joking when I said that he is my star pupil. With some, their technique is excellent, as is their eye for detail. In others, they have a certain flare that makes their work unique, even if it is not at the same level technically. There are very few in which both are at the same standard. Ernesto is one of those few.”

“Yes I would.” Selena declared, “I am very interested in art, and have wanted to see his paintings since I discovered that he was an artist.”


“Well, let's go and have a look.” Suggested Cameron, “There aren't very many of them here, but maybe he will take you to the market where his work is on display. There should still be some pieces there.”


Selena was amazed as they entered the large gallery. There were so many paintings hanging on the walls, not to mention the sculptures that either stood toward the centre, or were placed in glass-covered display cases below the artwork. In the middle of the gallery were a number of round tables with carpets beneath them, also woven by some of the students. Four wooden chairs were placed around each of the tables. Books containing catalogues and information about famous artists that had once been students at the college, as well as some of the current aspirants, were placed in heavy bookshelves, and some of them on display on the tables as well.


“Ernesto will have his own catalogue once he has graduated.” Explained the Professor, “I personally am looking forward to seeing it. Ah - Here we are.”


The first of Ernesto's paintings was a large watercolour. It was the portrait of a man in a dark blue jerkin. His hair was combed back, and then fell in braids over his shoulders. His beard and moustache were carefully trimmed. But it was his eyes that caught Selena's attention. They were pale blue and piercing, but not in a disturbing way. Although his expression was very stern, one could not help but believe that he was a good - and even kind - man.


After looking at the work of art for some time, something dawned on Selena: “This is your father, isn't it love?”


“Yes it is.” Came the reply.


“You look like him in many ways.” Selena remarked, “Even the eyes, although his are blue.”


“Right again.” Ernesto responded, “The dark brown comes from my mother's side. Also, my dad wore a beard most of the time. Even just before he died, the nurses used to trim his beard and moustache. This is a tribute to him. It was based on an old photograph, taken before he became ill.”


Noticing the tension on Ernesto's face, Selena moved on to the next work of art. It was very different to the first in which the details had been precise and realistic. The brushwork in this painting, of a young woman sitting in a garden setting, was bold and free, the colours vivid. Ernesto explained: “This was my first attempt at Impressionism. I tried to loosen up, and thus allow my impressions to take precedence over technique. I don't think I succeeded though.”


Professor Fenmarel interjected: “Always the perfectionist. Modest too - This is where his talent is at its best: On the one hand, he creates a work of precision and accuracy. And then he launches into expressionism, and both are equally impressive. Some of my students struggle with either, but he excels in both. I know that he will not go as far as total abstraction, but this is as close as he will get.”


The painting that followed was a large forest scene. By the subdued colours and the mist in the background, it was obvious that it was a forest in the early morning. It had an earthiness to it that added to the overall atmosphere. Again the Professor mentioned: “This was his first landscape, can you believe? At first I cautioned him. I told him to perhaps try something a little easier, but he insisted. Now I'm glad that I gave him the leeway he needed.”

“Indeed.” Selena concurred, “It is a beautiful piece. So tranquil.”


Ernesto was blushing when he remarked: “It could have been better.”


“Of course it could have been better.” Cameron agreed, “But that's what makes you the artist that you are. You always see the need for improvement. So many of my students believe that their work is perfect, when they are far from it. Perfection is never reached, but it is always a goal to which the artist should always aspire.”


“I think that applies to everything in life, not just art.” Mentioned Selena.


“Wisdom as well as beauty.” Admired the Professor with a smile, “My dear, you are truly a rare find.” Before Selena could react negatively, he explained: “Many beautiful people rely so much on their appearance, and do not seek other virtues. Too many of them do not see the need. Until their looks fade, that is, and then they discover too late that they have nothing to rely on any more. They become disillusioned. I sense that there is great depth in you, and that your true beauty comes from within, even though the exterior is indeed exceptional.”


They were standing in front of the next work of art. Professor Fenmarel continued: “Much like the individual in this painting.”


“Incredible!” Selena exclaimed as she looked at the picture. Although done in oils, it was made to look like an old sepia photograph. It was another portrait, but this time the subject was looking down as if deep in thought, or perhaps in sorrow. One did not know if she was melancholy or merely contemplating something great and solemn. The emotion and introspection was intense, and one could almost feel empathy with the subject.


“I think this is Ernesto's best painting thus far.” Cameron mentioned.


“I have to agree with you.” Selena responded, and then asked Ernesto, “Who is she?”


“A young girl I once knew.” He replied, “Her name was Amadena. She was a model here when we first met. She and I were once in love, but it didn't last.”


“I can see that she was very close to you.” Selena observed.


“Yes.” He replied, “We once were, but the death of my father made me turn cold, and I drove her away. That painting was done after we split up.”


“It affected him so badly, that he even contemplated quitting art school.” Mentioned Professor Fenmarel, “I for one am glad that he didn't. It would have been such a waste. But come - we have one more picture to look at.”


The last painting was in total contrast to the previous one. It depicted a figure in a forest. She was admiring an apple, as though she was just about to take her first bite. Again it was her facial expression, supported by her pose, that caught one's attention. It was as if her entire being was focussed on the moment. That nothing else - not even the magnificence of her surroundings - could distract her from that one moment, and the enjoyment thereof. The colours were vivid, and the whole picture seemed to sparkle with energy, even though there was no actual movement.


“This was done once I had begun to recover from the loss of my dad and the break-up with Dena, as we all used to call her.” Ernesto explained.

“It's beautiful my love. You are such a talented artist.” Selena stated, putting her arms around him, and kissing him on the lips. She checked herself, and said sheepishly: “I'm sorry Cameron.”


The old fellow just smiled knowingly, and nodded his head with approval. Then he said to Ernesto: “Don't you dare lose this one. A remarkable woman.” He chuckled to himself, “A remarkable woman indeed.” Then he invited the two of them back to his office for coffee. They both accepted, and were soon chatting like old friends with the professor.


Professor Cameron Fenmarel had worked as an artist himself until he developed arthritis in his hands, making it almost impossible to continue painting. His work could be found in galleries all over the world, let alone Yesha. He had also almost single-handedly revolutionised the manner in which aspiring artists were able to progress. Instead of their work being judged by a group or panel of critics, at the end of each semester, an exhibition was held in which a selection of the students' best works were put on display. Local art dealers, as well as members of the public were then invited to attend the exhibition and judge the work by means of a vote. That way, it was first and foremost, the opinion of those who dealt with artwork everyday, and then that of the general populace, that determined whether the work was of a high enough standard.


It was not difficult to pass. Initially, the artist was given a certain amount of leeway, because he had only just begun to pursue his career. As she progressed, so more was expected of her, until she reached a senior level, by which time she was expected to produce work that reflected what she had learnt. Each semester lasted six months, with a vacation in between. Work was submitted twice during the semester, but those that were selected for mid-term assessment could also be exhibited at the end of the term as well. Once the work had been evaluated, some of it could be put up in a gallery and sold.


One such gallery was in the original Market District. Like the mall where Carlow's was situated, this area - that had been restored to its former glory - did not allow traffic to drive through it. Vehicles were parked in designated lots, and visitors had to walk along the cobbled roads, as they did when the Market was first established some three hundred years ago. And a delightful walk it was!


The entrance was a broad path with patterned paving leading to some wide stairs. On the left, as one entered the causeway, was the office of the famous 'Four-Horse Coach'. This was the coach service that first transported people and goods inland. On the other side was a 'Traders' Inn', where the merchants would find accommodation while their produce was being offloaded and checked, before it was ferried to the other emerging markets of the 'New Frontier'. Further down, on the same side as the 'Four-Horse Coach' was a massive statue of King Alinar, the first ruler of Yesha, which at the time was little more than a city-state.


The stairs at the end of the road led directly to the main part of the Market. For those who wanted to travel with a feeling of nostalgia, there was a horse-drawn carriage. On either side of the wide walkway, a little more rustic than the main entrance, were countless stalls and small shops. At the end of the third row of stores was the gallery where some of Ernesto's work was on sale. It was one of the oldest in the city, and despite its lowly appearance, was also one of the most reputable.


The owner greeted Ernesto, and smiled at Selena when she was introduced. She was an elegant woman in her mid fifties or early sixties. Her long hair was once black, but now flecked with grey. Her face was refined, and the creases in the corners of her clear blue eyes made one think that she was a genuinely happy person. Her name was Brenna, and she was a native to Cathan. Her family had been running the gallery since the turn of the century.


Brenna invited her to take a look at the examples of Ernesto's paintings. She added: “Unfortunately most of them have already gone to new owners. These are all that's left.”


“Surely that's a good thing?” Selena noted.


The dealer chuckled, and responded: “An interesting observation. Yes, I suppose it would be. Anyway, these are the ones that are still on sale.”


“Thank-you.” Selena said gratefully.


Immediately she recognised the person in the first painting. It was Dena. She was riding side-saddle on a chestnut pony. Again the attention to detail was obvious. The patterns on her top had been lovingly depicted, and almost every hair on her head, and on the horse's mane had been done individually. The trees and foliage in the background, although progressively muted, were a lesson in patience and adeptness.


The following painting was a landscape. Again it was skilfully done with the same misty appearance that had caught Selena's attention in the painting back at the college. It was obviously characteristic of Ernesto's style. Next was a portrait, this time of a teenage girl. By her make-up, it was clear that she was preparing for her Kentonmen, the 'Coming-of-Age' ceremony that was still tradition among certain families and communities. It was done in pencil. The picture that followed was so realistic that it looked like a photograph. It was of a nude bathing in a river with rushes in front of her, so that one could only see as far as her cleavage. The scenery was somewhat muted so that the focus was on the figure itself.


The last example of Ernesto's work was another black-and-white sketch. It was of a girl child in a fancy-dress costume. Ernesto explained: “This is a copy of one of my first commissions. It was the girl's birthday, and her parents arranged a costume party for her. They saw my work at the college, and asked me to paint a picture of her all dressed up. This was actually a preparatory sketch that I used to give her mother some idea of what I had in mind. Ironically it influenced the child's choice of outfit. They took the final product, but allowed me to sell the preparatory drawing.”


“Well, I think they are all incredible.” Exclaimed Selena, putting her arm around Ernesto's waist, “As Professor Fenmarel has said many times: You are a uniquely talented artist.”


Brenna chuckled, and stated: “I've been trying to say the same thing since we met. But he won't accept credit where it is due.”


They thanked the dealer, and left the gallery hand in hand. After having lunch at one of the cafés in the main market, the two of them headed back to where the car was parked, and returned to Ernesto's home.


That night they were just getting ready for bed. Selena had finished showering, Ernesto having gone first. He was lying on the old double bed waiting for her. As she emerged from the bathroom, he sat up, and when she drew near to him, he took her in his arms, while she held his face in her hands. She bent down and kissed him while he ran his fingers through her damp hair. She closed her eyes as their lips met. And then something made her open them again. She broke free from his embrace, and jumped back.


“There's someone out there!” She proclaimed, pointing toward the window on the opposite side of the room. Ernesto looked to where she was indicating, and for a brief moment saw what it was that had startled her. A man was spying on them through the slightly open curtain!

As soon as the intruder realised that he had been spotted, he attempted to escape into the night. Immediately Ernesto alerted the local police that there was a spy on the loose. Some time later, a police car arrived, and the officers took a statement from both of them.


The senior official asked Selena: “Did you get a good look at him?” To which she replied that she had, “That's fine ma'am, and do you recognise him?”


“I didn't see him for long.” She replied, “But I am pretty sure that it was Robson, one of my ex-husband's associates. Dammit! I thought this had been dealt with!”


“It's okay my love.” Ernesto said, trying to placate her, “Tomorrow we're going to fetch the certificate that will nullify your marriage to that scum.”


“We will keep a twenty-four hour watch on your premises.” Assured the policeman, “When you leave, to go anywhere, please inform us, and we will arrange an escort for you. Don't worry, you won't notice them.”


Ernesto thanked the officer, and then added: “I also got a brief glance at him. Perhaps I can help to describe him. One thing I did notice. He had a scar just below his left eye.”


“Thank you sir.” The policeman responded, “Any information is appreciated. Good night to the both of you, and I hope it will be a peaceful one.”


The following morning, Selena and Ernesto went to the courthouse. When they arrived, the two of them were shown to an office just a short distance down the main passage from the entrance. There they were met by a young man dressed in a grey suit. He smiled and greeted them: “Good day sir and madam. How can I assist you?”


Selena explained the situation to the official, and he began working on the computer terminal in front of him. It did not take long before he informed her that the certificate had been received. He then printed a copy, and gave it to her. Selena proclaimed: “At last! I am free of him! And all his bastards!”


There were no further disturbances from any of Silas's men, and eventually the police guard was called off. Soon the time came for Ernesto to begin his work for his final semester. One of them was a figure study. He employed a model to pose for him in the studio. At first Selena tried to assure herself that she did not have a problem with the arrangement, but deep inside she began to resent the fact that this young woman was spending more time with Ernesto than she was.


She confronted Ernesto with her feelings, and he responded: “I didn't realise that you felt that way. I'm sorry. I tell you what: In the future, I am going to ask you to be my model. But I can't do anything about that now. I've already started with this painting, and I really need to finish it. To do that I need Gina to continue modelling for me.”


Selena was more than a little taken back when she heard Ernesto's offer. She replied rather hesitantly: “You want me to model for you?”


“Yes I would.” He insisted, “I think you would make a perfect model. But not at present. Once I have finished this figure study, then we can discuss this further. Okay?”


“Okay.” She answered, still a bit flabbergasted at his offer.


Ernesto worked until late at night on his paintings. He did not work on one picture alone, but alternated between them. This meant, that while the paint was drying on one, he would be working on another. In his current collection - not counting the figure study - were two landscapes, as well as a study of a pair of dancers. These four were done in oil. The last one was a huge pen-and-ink sketch of an ancient tree that had been struck by lightning. Its bark was all gnarled and split, and the wood - now exposed to the elements - was wrinkled like old skin. The branches were twisted and distorted, giving the whole tree a tortured atmosphere.


The result of the manner in which Ernesto went about his work was that the figure study took much longer than Selena expected. Even though she tried to convince herself that she understood, she could not help but still resent the time that Ernesto spent with the model Gina. She kept attempting to suppress her feelings, but one evening everything came to a head. Neither of them knew what started the argument, but it was the first real fight they had since they met. Many hurtful things were said in anger.


“... This is exactly what I expected!” Ernesto said, “I knew you wouldn't understand. You're jealous over nothing. Gina is a model, and that's all! I pay her to pose for me.”


Before Selena could prevent it, she blurted out: “Then she's little more than a cheap prostitute!”


“And what the fuck does that make me? A fucking gigolo!” Responded Ernesto, visibly taken aback by Selena's statement.


“I don't know! You tell me.” She replied, realising that she had gone too far, but still too angry to admit it, “I don't know what the two of you are up to in that so-called studio of yours. More like a private fucking boudoir!”


She took a step back when she saw the extent of the hurt that those words caused. “That studio has been in my family for over four generations.” He declared, trying to control his anger, “How dare you! Get out of my sight if you want our relationship to last much longer! I need time to think, and so do you.”


“Well maybe I don't! Just maybe my mind is already made up.” Was all she could say.


“Then go and do whatever you want! I don't care!” He responded. By now the expression on his face frightened Selena more than she cared to admit. Not that she anticipated that things would turn violent, as had often been the case with Silas. It was just that he seemed so serious, that she thought for a moment that he actually meant what he said. That she had caused him so much hurt, that he really didn't care what she did next. Slowly she turned away without saying another word


As she left the room, she began to realise that the same old emptiness and dullness had begun to creep back into her inner being. Tears ran down her cheeks as she said: “You fool! When you realised that you were wrong, instead of backing down, you went for the jugular. Now, unless you want him to leave, go back and make nice with him.”


She entered the room rather sheepishly, and found Ernesto sitting on the sofa reading a book. She felt a lump in her throat, and fresh tears in her eyes. Initially she seemed unable to move towards him. It was as if there was a barrier between them. For the first time, she felt separated from him, even though he was sitting not five metres from her. He looked up, and instead of anger towards her, the expression on his face was one of sorrow and pain.



She moved closer until she stood right in front of him. All the time, she tried to think of what she would say to him. The first words seemed silly, but it was all she could manage: “Hey sweetheart. You look kind of lonely sitting there.”


He did not respond, but his expression softened somewhat, so she continued, this time with a little more confidence: “I need to tell you something. It's kind of important: I love you, and am sorry for my reaction. I lost the only man I loved, apart from you, because he was taken away from me. Not even a year after we broke up, Kalin re-married. I couldn't help but resent that. I felt that he had gotten over our break-up too soon. After all, I was still hurting deep inside. I suppose I was too proud to realise that perhaps that was his way of dealing with the pain. So when I saw you and Gina together, I began to resent the fact that you spent more time with her than you did with me.”


At last Ernesto broke his silence by saying: “Then why didn't you tell me?”


“I tried to.” Selena replied, “And I began to think that the agreement we had come to was enough. But nothing seemed to change, so I kept my feelings to myself, until a few moments ago, that is. By that time, it had all been bottled up inside me, and I suppose it just exploded.”


“But there's nothing to resent.” Ernesto insisted, “Gina is a model. She poses for me, that's all. Once the painting is finished, she's gone. But my love for you will continue, no matter how many models I employ.”


“I know.” She admitted, “But I love you. Part of me wants you all to myself.”


“I am yours, heart and soul.” Responded Ernesto, “How can you doubt that?”


“I don't know.” She replied, “I've become jealous, and I can't take it any more! I want to make it up to you, right now.”


She knelt down on the floor, and ran her hand down his thigh. He looked at her, smiled, and put down his book while she relieved him of his shorts. Selena began fondling with his cock, feeling it grow hard as she touched him. He groaned with delight as she put her mouth over it, her eyes fixed on his face. She smiled as his head went back and his hips thrust forwards. She persisted until she tasted the slightly sweet pre-cum that oozed from its tip.


“Tastes so good!” She declared, her voice thick with desire.


Then she invited him to join her on the big double bed. She still was dressed in shorts and a white vest, and Ernesto could see her firm nipples jutting out under the thin fabric. He stopped a while, and gazed upon her beauty.


With almost a growl, she said: “So sexy! Come and join me. Hurry.”


He followed her instruction, and lay on his back. Selena stood up, and in one slow seductive motion, removed her shorts and panties. Ernesto groaned with delight as he caught sight of her fertile mound above him, his cock remaining hard as he took in the view.


Selena knelt down and took him into her mouth again. Just before she did this, she complimented him on the fact that his desire for her had not flagged or dissipated one small bit. Afterwards she removed her vest, revealing her petite but full breasts, her nipples still erect and dark in colour. She took his member, and rubbed it against each of them, eventually pursing them so that they surrounded its swollen shaft.

She then straddled him as he scooted further down on the bed. She took hold of his dick and pushed the head of it between her already moist vulvae, groaning as she felt it swell even more as though in preparation for what was still to come. She squatted down and pushed it into her, and then began to ride him. Her whole body seemed to come alive as she felt his member against her pulsing inner muscles.


Ernesto's hands went down and pulled her closer to him as they caressed her hips and bum. Then with one hand, he stroked Selena's breasts as they bounced up and down close to his face. Selena stopped briefly, and began to stroke her own clitoris until Ernesto could feel that her first orgasm was close at hand.


All the time she groaned, sometimes saying something, but even her words were incoherent as her entire being was gripped in the intensity of the moment. As she reached her own private nirvana, she stopped moving for a while. Ernesto's hips took over, almost without changing the tempo.


Selena sensed that his own climax was just about to happen. Not wanting the moment to end just yet, she lifted herself off him. Turning around so that she was facing his feet, she pushed his throbbing member into her again. This time her movements were slower and more deliberate, and his desire to cum faded slightly. He enjoyed watching her shapely butt tense and relax in time to her movements.


“Such a sexy bum!” He exclaimed in a soft voice.


Her first orgasm had subsided, and she felt as though she was on the verge of a second. She also knew that her lover could not hold out for much longer. Selena went back to her original position. “Just hold on baby.” Was all she said as she mounted him once again. As she felt herself soar, she stammered: “Cum with me baby! Ernesto, cum inside of me - please!”


He did not need much of an invitation. As Selena reached the heights of her passion, his hips lifted off the bed in a series of massive thrusts, accompanied by an explosion inside of her that propelled his fertile gism into her willing body. He was almost breathless as he came inside a woman for the first time. He was by no means a virgin, but none of his other partners had let him, for fear that they would fall pregnant. He himself had never wanted to either, but this time it felt so right.


Selena didn't move, his cock still inside her. She whispered, almost out of breath: “I love you so much. I never want us to be apart again!”


“And I love you too.” He replied, his hands going up and fondling her naked breast. “We'll be together for a long time yet, no matter the odds.”


Selena lay on top of him, and kept him down there until his member finally went limp again. They fell asleep in each other's arms, their bodies still tingling from the encounter. Selena couldn't help thinking to herself: “It's so good to kiss and make up!”


Ernesto chuckled sleepily, almost as if he had read her thoughts. In response, she snuggled up closer to him. She drifted off with a warm sensation deep down inside her. She felt fully alive once more.




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