Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 8

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 8 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 8

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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The Journey Continues



The Journey Continues

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 8

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The Journey Continues

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'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 8:


Not long after leaving Ytharra Station, one of the main roads into Cathan ran parallel with the railway line. The amount of traffic on the four lane highway was the first indication that they were nearing the city. The noise of the train dulled the sound of the cars and trucks as they sped either toward or away from Cathan. Most of the vehicles were freighters carrying goods from the harbour to markets inland.


Unlike Samblar, the train did not pass through any of the industrial area, as this was situated near the port itself. Although easily as advanced technologically as Samblar or Usanaar, Cathan seemed to have been somehow spared the urban sprawl and filth that often goes with modernisation. This meant that it still kept much of its original charm. Many of the buildings still had wooden panelling on the outside of the walls, a remnant of the Golden Age, when craftsmen took pride in their handiwork, and there was time for aesthetics rather than the focus being on functionality.


The average height of the buildings was ten to twelve storeys, with only one exceeding fifteen. Stringent measures had been put in place to limit the amount of pollution created by the city and its many factories, and the latest technology had been used to ensure that the impact on the environment was at a minimum. This meant that there was no smog hanging over the ancient city. If it were not for the heavy clouds that were building up over the seaward horizon, the sky would have been perfectly clear as the train pulled into Cathan Central. It did not stop at the normal station as there was one specifically designated for the Yeshan Express.


The private station was a reconstruction of the original Cathan Central, except that the facilities were fully modernised. There was also a small restaurant on the platform where passengers could enjoy a meal, either once their journey was over, or while they were waiting to embark. This gave the attendants time to transfer the luggage from the compartments to the cabs that would be taking the passengers to whatever accommodation they had arranged in Cathan.


Each traveller was assigned a vehicle, the driver of which would introduce himself to his client while the latter was either enjoying a drink at the bar or a light meal in the restaurant. As it happens, Selena and Ernesto's driver was a young woman whose name was Nadia. They invited her to join them as they enjoyed a drink, and she gladly accepted.


Nadia was born in Cathan, and apart from a brief stay in Denaheim, she had spent most of her life there. According to her, the surfing off the coast of this city was unparalleled anywhere else in Yesha. Surfing was more than a pass-time for her. It was the reason why she worked for the cab company. Unlike in Samblar or Usanaar, the former being the financial centre of the country, the business in Cathan was more laid-back, and when the surfing was good, the whole community seemed to head for the beach. This gave Nadia enough opportunity to practice. “... When I've made enough money, I plan to get a professional board - maybe even a Marlin - and then go pro. I've just about earned what I need. Just a few months more.” She concluded, “Ready to go?”


The lovers finished their drinks and headed for Nadia's cab. Soon they were on route to the bed-and-breakfast where Selena had booked a room until such time as she found herself suitable accommodation, and the means to pay the rent. Her plans had changed when Ernesto invited her to stay with him until the betrothal.




On arrival, once they had unpacked enough clothing for one day, Ernesto suggested that they order takeaways. He suggested: “I know a place near by that sells the best seafood platter in town. The calamari is particularly good.”


They were tired after the meal, and wanted to have an early night so that they could watch the sun rise on the beach across the road from where they stayed. They awoke the following morning just before the sun came up over the sea. Having packed a flask of coffee and some snacks the night before, it did not take long before they were sitting on the beach. Gulls flew overhead as Selena rested her head on Ernesto's shoulder, his arm around hers. He took her one hand, and kissed her fingertips. Selena looked up at him, and their lips met.


She whispered: “This is so much more than I dreamt it would be when I planned this trip.”


“I feel the same way.” Ernesto responded.


As if in a state of worship, the two of them stood up and watched the sun rise up over the Eastern horizon. The sea turned a brilliant golden hue as the light strengthened, and the waves breaking on the shore seemed to be made of liquid gold, with pale yellow flecks of foam. Standing with their feet in the shallow water, they faced each other. Selena's hands rested on Ernesto's strong shoulders, and his arms were around her slender waist. For a long while, all they did was to gaze into each other's eyes as the roar of the sea and the trilling of the gulls filled their world with glorious sound. The warm sun shone on them as the touching of their semi-naked bodies generated its own energy.


After a while, Selena removed her outer garments, and stood in her bikini watching the waves come in. Gradually she went further and further in until the water came up to her upper thighs. As she turned to invite Ernesto to join her, a large wave came up behind her and soaked her right up to the middle of her back. She gasped as the cold hit her, and then sank down until the water was over her head. She went down onto her knees, and allowed the water to swirl around her, at which time another wave came and almost knocked her over. She laughed as she was forced down on all fours by the force of the undercurrent.


All this time, Ernesto was watching her from the beach. He had only gone in as far as his ankles. Selena stood up again, and headed back to the shore. As soon as she had passed Ernesto, she suddenly turned and leapt onto his back, her arms around his shoulders, and her legs wrapped around his waist. He instinctively grabbed her with both arms to stop her from falling off as the force of her jump almost knocked him over. Before he could gain his balance, the sand seemed to give way beneath his feet, and he ran straight into the cold water. As if in an act of vengeance, he tightened his grip on Selena's legs so that she could not free herself, and headed away from the shallows. She screamed and laughed out loud as she felt the sea rising about her again. When he was deep enough, Ernesto ducked under the seething waves so that Selena was in right up to her neck.


They splashed around as the day's colours returned and the sun shone above the level of the sea. After a while, the water became too cold, so the two of them ran back to the shore, laughing and joking with each other. Ernesto flopped over onto his back in the sand, and Selena came and lay on top of him, a smile on her face. He kissed her as she laughed softly, her long hair cascading over his face, and their skin touching. He put his arms around her waist, and pulled her closer. They kissed, this time full of passion and longing. Then they became aware that they were no longer alone on the beach, and thus could go no further.


“Let's have some of that coffee.” Selena suggested.


“Agreed.” Replied Ernesto, “And then I would like you to check out of the B&B. I think you should come and stay with me until we are betrothed. At least it will save you some money as well.”


“Okay.” She stated, “But aren't we rushing things a little?”


“Why?” He asked, “We are going to be together anyway, at least for a year after our betrothal. And besides, I'd like us to get to know each other as best we can. I mean, we've only seen the side of one another that shows when we're in the public eye. But I want to see you on a bad-hair day, and let you see me when I'm covered in paint and smelling of turpentine.”


“I guess so.” Selena responded, half to herself. Then she smiled and nodded: “Okay. That will be good. I'll check out after coffee. They said that I could leave my luggage in the foyer until midday, but I'll have to square up the bill sooner. How are we going to get to your place?”


“Not to worry.” He assured, “I'll arrange with my brother to bring my car to the hotel to collect your bags, and then he can come to fetch us this afternoon.”


“Oh goody!” Selena exclaimed, “That will mean we can spend the day on the beach!”


“Exactly.” Ernesto continued, “And this evening we can celebrate our future together. I know this place just near the Yachting Club. It has a wonderful view of the ocean, and is right on the banks of the river. It's called Carlow’s. The owner is a friend of my family's.”


“Sounds wonderful.” Selena said softly, leaning forward and kissing him on the lips. They enjoyed a cup of coffee from the flask together, watching the waves lap on the shore. The tide had gone out completely, and the water in the bay was like blue opaque glass that sparkled as the sun shone upon it. A slight off-shore breeze blew warm air on their bodies as they headed back to the Bed-and-Breakfast, so that Selena could check out.


Before she went to the front desk, the two of them headed for the room to begin packing the few things they had used the previous night. After a while, they got talking. Selena lay on her tummy on the freshly made bed, and Ernesto sat on the chair in front of her. At first they merely chatted about nothing in particular. Ernesto noticed something sticking out from under the bed. It was a pair of Selena's shoes.


“Don't forget your shoes under the bed.” He reminded her.


Selena stood at the foot of the bed and bent over. Ernesto came up behind her, putting his hands on her hips. He caressed her waist and upper thighs, and then said in a lusty whisper: “You have a very sexy arse.”


Selena's initial reaction was to try and pull away, but as his warm hands gently kneaded her butt cheeks, she began to relax and enjoy his touch. She turned round to face him. He took her in his arms and pulled her up close to him as he kissed her on the lips, his hands still stroking her behind. Slowly he unfastened the zip of her dress, and pulled it down off her shoulders, exposing her breasts. In the meantime, Selena had unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. Her soft hands left goose-flesh down his midriff. She sat on the end of the bed and undid the front of his jeans. Then she pulled them down around his knees, and freed his turgid manhood from his swimming trunks.





Pulling back the foreskin, she gently laved the velvety tip with a light stroke of her tongue. She giggled softly as she felt the organ twitch in response to her touch. She took it in her mouth, tasting its slight muskiness, and then coaxed his balls with her hands until she could feel a trickle of pre-cum on her tongue. Ernesto groaned, and ran his fingers through her long hair. He held the back of her head, not wanting her to stop as a surge of energy sent shivers up to his midriff and down his thighs. She looked up at him, and smiled as she saw his eyes close in a swoon of pleasure.


He softly whispered: “Kneel on all fours at the foot of the bed.”


More than a little reluctantly, Selena complied, opening her legs as she knelt. Her whole body tensed up as she half expected to feel that hard cock force its way into her butt-hole. But if didn't happen. Instead Ernesto stroked her butt-cheeks gently with his warm hands, and then slowly pushed himself into her moist quim. As he began thrusting, she could feel him lightly slap against her butt, and his cock inside her. She finally relaxed face down, and gripped the counterpane with her hand.


Ernesto held her in place with one hand on her skirt that was now around her waist. With his other hand, he stroked her upper thigh until he could reach down between them both, and fondle with her clitoris. Selena groaned with delight, and began rocking back and forth in time to his thrusting.


She went up on all fours again, and Ernesto stopped for a brief moment. Soon afterwards, he resumed his thrusting. Selena felt her whole body begin to tingle as though her nerves had been enlivened by an electric current. Soon she began to groan, and she knew that her first climax was imminent. Her own movements became so strong that Ernesto stopped thrusting and allowed her to do all the work. With a long ecstatic cry, she succumbed to the pleasure that swept over her entire body in waves.


Ernesto lay her on her side and knelt down behind her, his legs straddling her one thigh. As he re-entered, the feeling of his cock against the side walls of her honeypot was quite a new experience for her. Selena was still more than a little out of breath, and could only moan softly as she felt him fill her once again.


He resumed thrusting, and a shiver went through him as he felt his balls gently stroke the tender inside of Selena's thigh. As a second orgasm approached, he could see her face contort, and her hands grip the bedding as though she was trying to steady herself. Her hips thrust forward. He felt her inner muscles contract around his cock, sometimes with such intensity that he could hardly move.


When the wave of sexual energy had passed, Ernesto withdrew again, his cock jerking and twitching its demand for release. Slowly the urge began to abate slightly. Selena now lay on her back, her legs over the foot of the bed. Ernesto stood facing her, and began stroking her saturated vulvae with his fingers. He then slowly pushed himself into her once more. This time his movements were deliberate because he knew that he could not hold out for much longer.


The power of his thrusts catapulted Selena into such an orgasm that it made the other two seem insignificant. This was made even more exquisite when he began to stroke her tiny succulent grape with his thumb. She threw her head back, and it rocked from side to side, her mouth wide open as she cried out as if in pain, her hands gripping the sheets once more.





Watching his lover writhe in her state of bliss pushed Ernesto over the edge. Hurriedly he withdrew, and not a moment too soon! As he pulled his cock out of her, a steady jet of milky whiteness shot out over Selena's lower body, some of it reaching just under her ribs. Lovingly, he bent over, and began licking up his own cum until he was lying on top of her.


Selena kissed him, savouring the slight taste of bitter almond on her tongue. He then buried his face in her hair. She laughed softly, and held him there, her other hand stroking his spent cock. She took the last drops of his offering with her finger, and then put it in her mouth as if accepting it as part of some sacred rite.


As she continued fondling his dick, she felt it gradually come back to life. Ernesto began to groan as he felt himself harden once more. Selena moved down to the bottom of the bed and rested her head on his thigh. With her one hand she worked up and down his cock, making him squirm with delight. With her other hand, she stroked the underside of his balls, feeling them tighten as his pleasure increased. She stopped only to lick the pre-cum off the tip of his organ. When she heard him cry out, she lifted her head so that she could watch him cum. She put pressure on his perineum so as to urge him on until she felt it convulse involuntarily, and his hips bucked off the bed. Soon her attentions were rewarded as a milky white spurt erupted into the air, the first of many. Now it was his turn to steady himself on the bedding, his head thrown back and his eyes tightly shut.


“Look - he's cumming.” She giggled softly, and whispered in admiration: “Oh my! So strong. So potent!” As she squeezed the last strand from him, she smiled up at him, and added: “It's the first time I've seen a man cum from so close. Impressive - I must say. So much for the theory that a man is incapable of more than one orgasm at a time.”


“The staff aren't going to be happy.” Ernesto mentioned, “They had just made the bed, and now its a mess again. Not to mention it needing new sheets.”


“They are used to it.” Selena remarked as she headed for the shower, and then invited, “You're welcomed to come and join me if you want.”


He didn't need any more motivation. Soon they were in each other's arms, the warm water pouring over their bodies. Ernesto washed Selena's long hair as she held him close to her, burying her face against his shoulder, her hands in the middle of his strong back. Then he covered a facecloth with lather, and began washing her whole body. She turned around as his hands reached her maidenhead, and she bent over forwards, her legs slightly open. A knot formed in his stomach as he felt her warmth under his hands.


When he had finished, Selena instructed him to stand still, and she returned the favour. It was all he could do to control himself as her hands softly caressed his private parts. Try as he might, he couldn't stop himself from growing hard in response to her touch. She smiled up at him, and then planted a kiss on his member's tender tip. The whole experience left a wonderful warmth within them, and seemed to bring them even closer together.


They finished packing, and took their baggage down to the hotel's foyer, then went to the dining room for breakfast. While they were eating, Ernesto contacted his brother and arranged for him to come and pick up their belongings and take them to his home near the college where he was studying.


Once this was done, the couple checked out of the hotel, and headed back to the beach as they had planned. By now the sun was high, the weather warm, and the beach filled with swimmers and sunbathers. The lovers went into the wash-rooms and changed into their swimming clothes.

As Selena came outside again, she saw Ernesto standing there waiting for her. She stopped for a moment, gazing at his strong physique. Just looking at him caused a warm sensation to well up inside of her. Silas had been well-built when they were first married, but soon he became fat and flabby, and it was not long before she found him revolting. His hands were rough and clumsy, and more often than not dowsed any flames of desire that might have risen when he touched her. And then the abuse began, and slowly she turned cold, as if part of her was dying.


But now, as she watched Ernesto approach, she recalled every moment they had spent together, and her whole being exalted once more. If it had a voice of its own, her heart would have called out in a rejoicing shout: “I'm alive again! Thank the Stars - I've been brought back from the verge of death!”


She pressed herself against Ernesto, her hand caressing his muscular chest. Their foreheads touched, and Selena closed her eyes. She whispered: “By the Goddess, you are such a beautiful man!”


She turned her face up to his, and kissed him. She didn't care that the whole world might be watching. She was in love once more! It was real, and this time no-one was going to take it away from her! Selena arched her back, so that Ernesto could tease her breasts with his lips as she laughed out loud. As they steadied themselves, the two of them could see a number of people looking at them with knowing smiles on their faces. Some of them shook their heads in mock disapproval, while others greeted them. There was even one or two wolf whistles. A young couple gave them the 'thumbs-up' as they walked past.


The rest of the day was spent frolicking like young children. They swam together out to a rock in the middle of the bay. There they clambered out, and sunbathed on top of it. Some time later, they headed back to the beach. They arrived exhausted, and flopped down in the thick sand, smiling with a sense of achievement. Soon after that, they went to the beach-side café and enjoyed a light meal, accompanied by a sweet drink that was a combination of rum and orange, with a secret ingredient that the barman would not divulge. Nonetheless it was very refreshing, and helped revive them after their long swim.


Later they sat under one of the umbrellas to get out of the sun for a while. As afternoon became evening, the tide began to come in, and the revellers left the beach. Selena and Ernesto were almost alone again as they had been when they first arrived for coffee at dawn. The air became chilly, so they went and dressed themselves once again, then returned to the beach to watch the sun go down.


The two of them headed for Carlow's. It was a relatively small, exclusive restaurant near the banks of a broad river. The area around it was very old, and the building in which the establishment was situated was one of the original structures, which made it somewhat like eating in a museum or historical site. There were no roads in the mall, and all vehicles had to be parked in designated parking lots from which visitors had to walk.


At the mouth of the river was a small man-made harbour which contained the yacht-club, and to add to the sense of nostalgia, a model of an ancient galleon had been built as though it had anchored there. Her five masts stuck out, silhouetted against a silvery light as the moon had started rising. The sails were furled, and atop the rigging sat a number of large gulls, as though they were members of the crew awaiting orders from their captain below.


While Selena and Ernesto were waiting for their meal, he told her that he had once worked at the bar. The owner was a relative, but did not allow him any preferential treatment. He worked just as hard as the other staff-members, and received the same pay.



The food was exquisite, and the wine that went with it matched it perfectly. By the time they had finished, both of them were very mellow indeed. It was a good thing that neither of them were driving home, as it was some distance from the restaurant, even though it was in the same suburb as Ernesto's home. They laughed and joked as they headed for Ernesto's brother's car, and flopped on the back seat together. When they arrived at Ernesto's home, Selena was far too tired to get a look at the place. The two of them fell into bed, and were soon fast asleep.


The following morning they both awoke rather fragile and somewhat queasy. Selena took a stroll around the inside of the house. She could not face going outside because the sunlight was more than a little harsh at the moment. Ernesto was still sleeping, his head under the pillow so as to keep the sun off his face. Selena found a place that was obviously sacred to Ernesto. Upon a small table, covered with an embroidered cloth, was a bowl in which to burn incense. On either side stood two silver candle holders, and off to one side was a deftly carved statue of one of the ancient deities. There were a number of semi-precious stones and other ceremonial items, including a small dagger.


She was still busy looking at the altar when she felt Ernesto's arms around her waist. She smiled and turned to face him. “Hi there sleepy-head.” She whispered.


Ernesto frowned, and replied rather weakly: “I wouldn't call my head sleepy. I feel like someone took a hammer to it, more like.”


“I take it this is your altar.” Selena said.


“Yes. It's a family tradition.” Ernesto stated, “When we're married, you will have your own, placed next to mine as a sign of our being united together.”


“I will have to gather whatever I need to set it up.” She added.


“There's still time.” He assured her, “This is a betrothal, not a wedding.”


“I know.” She replied, “But I'm not backing down.”


They kissed as though making a silent bow before the timeless icons that were honoured by the simple altar in the downstairs passage. Then Ernesto suggested: “I think we need some breakfast.”


“Breakfast?” Selena exclaimed, “But it's half-past ten! More like brunch.”


“Whatever.” He insisted, “I'm famished.”


They went to the dining room, and Ernesto made them a meal of eggs, bacon and toast. They started with a fresh bowl of fruit salad. The breakfast was accompanied by a pot of strong black coffee. Once they had finished, Ernesto asked if she would like to see the outside of the house. She agreed, and they went outside together.


The front door opened onto a small veranda with a railing all the way round. A small flight of stairs descended to the ground level. There was no garden of which to speak. Not that one was needed. The view was idyllic! His was not the only home in the area. In fact it was one of three in the same row. His neighbour's house was on the same level as Ernesto's, while the one furthest away was built on a flat area above. Running in front of all of them was a clear stream that cascaded over a waterfall. On the other side of the river were four more homes, built in much the same way as Ernesto's. Behind the house was a covered carport, and parked in it was a rather dilapidated old auto-mobile.

Some distance away was a double storey building with a small café on the ground floor, and a loft above it. Ernesto pointed out: “That's my studio. Perhaps you would like to see it later.”


“That would be great.” Selena agreed.


“Okay - Then we'll go after breakfast, or brunch if you prefer.” He stated.


The studio was smaller than Selena had imagined it to be. There was a table in the centre with paints and brushes all over the place. Against the one wall was an easel that seemed so old that it was almost an antique, upon which a canvas stood, the painting unfinished. Dotted around were other canvasses already primed and waiting to become works of art. At the opposite end of the room was a single bed as if it had just been slept in. Apart from its size, it was exactly what she had expected.


Once the tour was over, they made their way back to the house. The rest of the day was spent unpacking clothes and re-arranging the bedroom to accommodate two occupants. By the time they had finished, it was late in the afternoon.


“I need to go to the College tomorrow.” Ernesto stated, “Would you like to come with me? I'd like you to see it, and to meet my lecturer. I know that you'll like him.”


“Sounds good.” She replied, “I'd like that.”


“Great. I just hope I can get the car started.” He mentioned, “As you can see, it's not exactly new.”






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