Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 6

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 6 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 6

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Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The Journey Continues



The Journey Continues

Chapter6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

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The Journey Continues

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 6:


Later that morning, the train stopped so that those who wanted to could disembark. This stop-over had only recently been added to the tour, and the station near the site was as yet unfinished. This meant that they would have to climb down the ladder until they were level with the tracks.


This was one of the most mysterious places on the tour. It was the site of an ancient ruin that had once been built around a huge oak tree, the age of which could only be roughly estimated as there were no records. The tree was thought to be over five hundred years old, and that despite there being a huge face carved in its trunk. It was not known who the face represented, but it was likely to have been one of the ancient goddesses. The details were remarkable, sparking some heated debate as to the identity of the artist - or artists - that created it.


The roots of the ancient tree had grown over, and in places through, the rough stone that might have once been an altar. Moss and lichen covered the base of the tree until way above the carving, but the face itself seemed to be extraordinarily well preserved. Apart from a few fine cracks in the thick bark, it was as if the sculpture had only recently been carved. The expression on the ageless face was stern and wise, made even more so by the roughness of the bark, and her eyes seemed to follow one wherever one went, so that no matter where you were, it still looked as if the face was staring at you with that timeless look that seemed to pierce your very soul. This might have frightened one if there was not the slightest hint of a smile on the goddess's lips, which was in sharp contrast to the sternness of her eyes. This made you think that she was very wise and just, but with a great capacity for kindness and compassion.


For want of a better name, and not knowing the original one, those who discovered this phenomenon called it the 'Temple of Gaia', a name given to the Goddess of Nature in recent times. It even seemed that the trees and other vegetation surrounding the monument had somehow benefited from being in close proximity to her. They were much greener, and grew more wildly than those that were further away. Those who were a little more 'logical' - or rather sceptical - had speculated that the roots of this giant had found their way to a rich supply of subterranean water, perhaps a river or even a lake, and that the foliage around it was feeding off the same source. Whether this was true or not, it made for a very intriguing excursion, and was enjoyed by all who had ventured there.


As had been their custom, Selena and Ernesto went off to find a secluded spot, not too far from the rest of the group, but far enough so that they could be alone. The Temple was in a forest, small when compared to those through which they had journeyed further North, but larger than any of the others in the region, which was largely grassland. The two lovers found the perfect spot. A large tree had fallen over, and its trunk made a comfortable seat for them. They sat down, facing each other, without saying anything. Apart from the distant sounds of voices from the other passengers, and the songs of birds in the trees around them, the woods were almost totally silent.


Selena leaned forward and held Ernesto's face in her hands, pulling him towards her until their foreheads touched. They sat in that position for quite some time, and it felt as though they had connected in a new and deeper way. Neither of them wanted to break the trance. Eventually, Selena lifted her head, and they kissed. In the dappled light, and in the stillness that surrounded them, they felt as though they were all alone, without a care in the world. The only thing that mattered was the bond that they shared. This time, as their lips met, there was no spark of desire, and neither of them wished to go any further. It was as if that kiss was all that was important.


But alas, the enchanted moment was soon broken. One of the security team found them, and asked them to accompany him to the guard's carriage. Nervously Selena followed. She thought to herself: “Who could this be now? Surely no-one has been able to board the train while we were here. So where did he come from?”


All too soon, her questions were answered. Sitting almost in the same place that Baines had been sitting when she saw him, was a young man with short black hair. It looked like he had just stepped out of the shower. He had no shirt on, and the whole of the top of his body was covered in tattoos. When she entered, he didn't even bother to look up at her.


“We caught him in one of the empty compartments.” Explained the guard captain, “He's definitely not on the passenger list. We also found these.” He pointed to a pistol, a hunting knife, and a small bottle containing a clear liquid. “We suspect that it's cyanide. There's something else.” He turned to his assistant, the one who had called them, and instructed him to show whatever it was to Selena. It was another letter. This time it was not addressed to her, like the previous one, but the instructions turned Selena's blood cold.


This is what it said: “Darius. It seems that our efforts to get the bitch back here have failed. You have your orders, but how you carry them out is entirely up to you. You have a talent for being somewhat inventive. Make sure you do not fail. The price that Baines paid for his failure should be incentive enough. Put it this way, if he survives, he will make a very good eunuch. You are very young, and a life without sex is such torture. Therefore, I say again: Do not fail! S N.”


“It's pretty damned clear what his 'orders' were.” Declared the officer, “Another of your husband's lackeys I suppose.”


“If he is, then he's new.” Selena responded, “I've never seen him before.”


“Well we do know him, and all too well.” The captain continued, “He has many names, but his real one appears to be David Garrick, alias Darius Garlath … among others. He trained in the military, but was thrown out because he nearly killed one of his superiors - as a result, the poor officer is in a wheelchair, paralysed from the waist down. Since then he's been working, if you can call it that, for a number of crime syndicates from Samblar to Vilandara. Not long ago, our trail became cold, as though he had disappeared completely. It seems your husband is better connected than we thought.”


“I'm afraid he is captain.” She replied with a shudder, “Which means that his thugs will just keep coming. I knew it. I'll never be free of him.”


“I've asked that the train be delayed, so that we can hand this bastard over to the police. This one's far too dangerous to keep on board for too long.” The captain said, trying to reassure Selena that he still had things under control. “I've also contacted a detective friend of mine from the Serious Crimes Investigation Bureau, or S C I B, in Cathan. When I spoke to him, he informed me that they were taking over your case. He's coming with the team that will be taking Garrick away. They're flying here by helicopter.”


All this time, Garrick just sat there without saying a word. Now he spoke, and the cruelty and malice in his voice sent a cold shiver down Selena and Ernesto's spines. He said: “You think you can get away, bitch! I'll find a way to escape, and when I do, you'll beg for me to kill you before I'm done!”


Unlike Baines, he did not even raise his voice. In fact his tone was almost calculated to educe a feeling of disquiet within the hearts of all who heard him. It was as if some demonic power worked through those words. The whole carriage became quiet. Even the captain, who looked like the kind of person who could deal with anything, seemed more than a little shaken.


Late that afternoon they could hear the sound of the helicopter, and soon were met by a young man dressed in leather. He wore a police badge on the breast pocket of his jacket. He introduced himself as Inspector Harlan. While he was speaking to Selena, his colleagues were dealing with Garrick.


He informed her: “With this new development, we have decided to take over your case. Officer Cannock informed me that your husband had sent two other hit men to try and force you to go back to him, and that both of them carried letters with specific instructions. The fact that Garrick is part of the scheme means that we have hard evidence that he is colluding with known criminals. I have with me a restricting order that prevents your husband, or any of his associates, from coming within twenty kilometres of you. All that is needed is for you to sign the form. I'll make sure that it is put into effect immediately.”


“Thank you Inspector.” Selena responded, “I appreciate that.”


As she was signing the paper, Inspector Harlan continued: “There is a regional court in the village of Katyr, which is your next stop. If you go there with this document, you can declare your marriage null-and-void on the grounds of abuse. That way, there will be no court case or divorce proceedings. Once you have put things in motion, it will only take a few days for the ruling to go through, and then your ex-husband will have no more claim on you.”


“That's excellent news.” Declared Ernesto, who had heard only the last part of the conversation, “Thanks for the advice.”


“Okay.” Harlan concluded, “I believe we're all done. Try not to worry. We're keeping a close eye on your ex-husband and any of his contacts. It is doubtful that he will send anyone else after you, knowing that we have him under surveillance.” Turning to the Guard Captain, he added: “You can inform the driver that we're finished, and that he can get going as soon as we've taken off. We've kept these good people long enough.”


Selena and Ernesto thanked the inspector again, and he returned to the helicopter. There was obviously some sort of altercation between him and the prisoner, but it was soon resolved when one of the other police officers manhandled him until he sulkily settled down again. A few minutes later, the helicopter took off and headed due South. Not long after that, the train resumed its journey once more.


For the first time since she began the journey, Selena's sleep was not troubled by nightmares. It had been as if her subconscious revealed her fear that her plan would fail in her dreams. In these, she had been dragged back to her husband, and that he had locked her in a room with barred windows and a guard outside her door. No matter how she tried, there was no escape. But the night after the police had taken Garrick away, she slept soundly in Ernesto's arms, which made her feel even more secure. When she awoke the following morning, she felt refreshed.


Around them, the countryside was still relatively flat and open to begin with, but just before lunch, they crossed the last of the winding rivers that meandered over the plateau. After that, they began the slow, steady descent towards Cathan and the ocean. Below them, they could see lush green citrus orchards, nut and spice groves, and grape vines. The train rumbled over another bridge, this time across a river that plunged over a massive waterfall down into the fertile valley below. Instead of pine and spruce, these forest were filled with fragrant trees laden with bright flowers that filled the air with the most delicious aromas like sweet perfumes, some of which were almost as pungent as spiced wine. The weather became steadily warmer, and the air more humid, as the train wove its way down the escarpment. As the crow flew, it might have been less than a hundred kilometres, but the gradient was too steep, and so the railway line turned this way and that as it made its descent. One had a wonderful sense that the amount of oxygen in the air was increasing, and one could almost feel that every breath provided more energy.


As the shadows began to grow long, and the sunlight turned the countryside a rich golden hue, the train reached the outskirts of the ancient village of Katyr. It was said to be the oldest village in the whole of Yesha, even older than the city of Cathan itself. As the town drew nearer, it was as though they had used a time capsule to go back to an age where life was less stressful, not rushing on apace as it did in the more modern centres. It was so quaint that it made Selena's home town of Lianthorn look big. The experience was made even more special when they passed an old watermill, complete with the huge wooden wheel.


The train stopped at a station some fifteen kilometres from the village. To enhance the feeling of antiquity, instead of being taken to the hotel where they were staying the night by taxi or shuttle, the passengers rode in reconditioned carriages and buggies, drawn by huge majestic carthorses. The sound of heavy shod hooves on the cobbled road reminded one of a more dignified era. As Selena and Ernesto sat in the comfortable leather seat, neither of them wanted the journey to end. It only lasted about half an hour, and they rather reluctantly climbed out. They were welcomed by coachmen dressed in long coats and top hats, and ladies in elegant dresses with such long skirts that it seemed as though they almost glided along the path to the entrance to the hotel.


Once all the passengers had assembled, one of the gentlemen spoke, saying: “Welcome to the Katyr Estate. For those of you who do not know the history of this hotel, let me explain part thereof to you. The whole story would take far too long, but this is a brief summary: This was the manor home of Duke Alexander Katyr, who came here some four hundred years ago, and established the estate, which included the village itself, although of course, that was only built about seventy years later.


The original home was burnt down during a rebellion that started roughly fifty years after Katyr Village began. The Duke's grandson and his wife escaped before the tragedy, and when the fighting was over, returned to rebuild the manor home from the foundations. This they did, and it was restored completely, so that once it was finished, it was almost as if the tragedy had never taken place. When he died, the Duke, whose name was Aiden, bequeathed the estate to his only son, Calvin.


Alas, Duke Calvin Katyr and his wife did not have any children, and there were no relatives to inherit the manor house or the remainder of the original property, and so it was given to the townsfolk. The village council turned it into an inn for travellers from Samblar to Cathan, then only a small port. And thus it has been an hotel ever since. In its present state, the Katyr Inn, as it is still called, has not been changed since it was first refurbished over two hundred years ago. That is apart from being fitted with all the modern comforts and facilities of course.


We hope that your short stay with us will be a pleasant experience, and thank you for your time.” The guide concluded before the guests were taken to their rooms.


Like the rest of the inn, these were built to resemble the rooms in the original manor house. There was a large four-poster against one wall, and on the opposite side, a hearth in which a roaring fire would have been lit if it was the middle of winter. But even without one, it gave the room a sense of luxury that seemed missing in the more modern accommodation, such as the hotel in Usanaar and even Samblar.


After a sumptuous meal, Selena and Ernesto returned to their room, and Selena took a shower. She came out of the bathroom dressed only in her robe. Ernesto showered after her. When he entered the room, Selena had dimmed the lights, and was lying naked on the bed, her one knee raised. As he approached, she let it fall to one side, allowing him a glimpse of her honeypot. There was a sparkle in his dark eyes as he took in her sensuous body, made even more so by the soft light that fell upon it.


He moved to the side of the bed and ran his hand down her firm midriff until just above her cleft. Selena kept her legs open, and he inserted his index finger just so that the tip was inside her quim. With his thumb, he gently fondled her tiny clitoris. On the up stroke, he pulled back the prepuce, and brushed against the moist grape. It did not take long for Selena to respond. Slowly her hips started to rock back and forth, and her breathing became more and more laboured. Her head rocked from one side to another, as she closed her eyes, and started to moan softly. Her hands gripped the sheets more tightly with each surge that overtook her, and her maidenhead closed around the end of his finger.


Now he was caressing her in small circles centred around the head of her clit. Selena lifted her head and smiled, her eyes still half closed as she looked up into Ernesto's face. Her mouth opened, and she let out a long groan, flopping back onto the pillows. Ernesto watched as her vulvae opened and closed voluntarily, and a clear fluid trickled out of her honeypot. Soon her whole lower body was in a state of convulsion, and she cried out in ecstasy, the only audible words being: “Don't stop! Please don't stop!”


Ernesto knelt between her thighs, which she then lifted up so that her knees touched her breasts. His rampant cock touched her moist vulvae, and she stroked the top part as he began to thrust back and forth, his glans brushing the head of her enlarged clitoris, as the shaft parted her labia. He longed to be lost inside her, but she denied him entry. Her own hips took up the rhythm of his thrusts as she felt another wave wash over her. He kept still, relishing the feeling of her moisture surrounding him, his own pre-cum coating the tip of his member, and landing on her small patch of soft dark hair. Still he longed to enter her, and still she refused.


As her own climax began to subside, she reached down and took his desperate cock in one hand. It was slippery from both of their lubricants, and her hand slid up and down its tender shaft easily. She looked down between his legs, and smiled as she saw his balls pull up in their sac, as his cock jerked in delight. His strong abdominal muscles rippled and tensed. While his own climax rapidly approached, he began to moan.


Softly he said, his eyes tight shut: “Oh God! This is so good!”


With a mighty jerk of his hips, he sent a jet of warm semen that landed on her cheek and in her hair. The rest coated her lower abdomen, until some of it landed between her still open labia. She caressed his tender glans, squeezing the last drop of his offering out, and then held it in her hand until his organ became flacid once again. With her other hand, she began to massage his semen into her skin before putting her arms around his butt, and pulling him down onto her.


They kissed, and then snuggled together, and fell asleep in each other's arms. The two of them hardly moved the entire night, and were still holding one another when they awoke the next morning. Both of them showered before going for breakfast.



The train was only scheduled to depart late that afternoon, so the passengers had most of the day to explore the town. Despite its size, Katyr had quite a wide variety of tourist attractions, not the least of which was the old watermill they had passed on the way the day before. There was a traditional country market in the centre of the village, where local farmers and craftsmen would sell their wares at prices that ranged from bargains to bordering on exorbitance. There were a number of distilleries and wine cellars in the area, some of which only sold their produce at the market, being too small to sell to the larger centres, while others were renowned, not only in Yesha but world-wide.


Before taking in the sites and attractions of the town, Selena and Ernesto headed straight to the regional court that Inspector Harlan had mentioned. Far from being drab and austere, the courthouse was a very interesting building indeed. It was situated some distance away from the rest of the town, at the end of a long driveway. The structure itself consisted of a domed entrance, which had sturdy double doors set in an archway, with pillars supporting the patio itself. Two flights of stairs led off on both sides, and met in front of the raised veranda. Behind and above the dome was a tower three storeys high, and leading diagonally to the left and right were two wings. The one on the right had another domed structure, which they later discovered was the courtroom itself, and a small minaret with a clock in the topmost part.


Selena and Ernesto entered the building, and saw a counter with a young man standing behind it. There they made enquiries as to how to go about declaring a marriage as over. Once the clerk had established that the grounds were those of abuse, he directed them to the magistrate's office while making some enquiries himself.


When the two of them entered the judicial officer's rooms, they were met by a youngish woman with flowing blonde hair. Rather than appearing bossy and somewhat aloof, the judge had an air of sternness about her, but rather like the carving at the Temple of Gaia, one was immediately given the impression that she was also kind and even compassionate. As Selena related her tale to her, the official listened intently, her blue grey eyes hardly blinking, as if she was observing her very soul. She then nodded, saying nothing. She was obviously going over every detail carefully.


At last she spoke: “Very well.” Her voice was rich and dignified, as were most of the people in these parts, “I doubt whether there will be any problem with your request. My assistant is just now verifying your claim with the Cathan police. If you would like to wait in the courtyard for a while, I will call you when we can finalise everything.”


The two of them thanked her, and left the room. As they went outside into the yard, they saw a young couple sitting on a bench on the opposite side. By the way they were dressed, Selena knew that they were locals. Even though Katyr was a small town, it had become somewhat of a boutique village, and a popular tourist destination. This meant that most of its inhabitants were more than relatively wealthy.


Soon they began talking, and found out that they had been engaged for a while, and were making arrangements to finally get married. Before the conversation became too involved, however, the clerk came out and informed Selena that the Magistrate was ready to see her. She and Ernesto bade the other two farewell, and went inside. When they returned to the judge's office, she had just finished with a phone call.


She told them to sit down, and then continued: “It is as I thought. This is an open-and-shut case. I have just been speaking to one of the inspectors from S C I B, I believe you've met Inspector Harlan.” Selena nodded, “He informed me that your husband, or should I say soon to be ex-husband, has not only tried to force you to go back to him, but even threatened to kill you if you didn't do so. Because of this, I have no problem with nullifying your marriage to this brute with immediate effect. Be assured, that by the time you reach Cathan tomorrow, the paperwork will be finalised, and you will be a free woman once more.”


Tears welled up in Selena's eyes. She stood up, and shook the woman's hand, sobbing: “Thank-you your Honour. I can hardly believe that I am done with that bastard once and for all.” Checking herself, she apologised: “I beg your pardon your Honour.”


For the first time, the official smiled, and replied: “That is quite an appropriate title my dear. A bastard he is.”


Selena and Ernesto both laughed with her. She then wished them good fortune for the future, and then asked: “As you go out, please call that young couple in. I have good news for them.”


Selena did as she was asked, but did not tell them what the judge said. She decided that it would be a happy surprise for them. Having done that, she took Ernesto's hand in hers and kissed his fingers, saying in an excited voice: “My love - Today is the first day of the rest of our lives!”


Ernesto stopped, facing her. He took her in his arms, and looked into her smiling face. He replied: “Amen to that!” Then he kissed her on the lips.


Like a pair of teenagers, they almost skipped into the village. They headed for a small tavern, and went inside. There they celebrated with a meal and a bottle of one of the famous local wines. After they had finished, Ernesto excused himself again, and headed out of the restaurant. Selena watched where he was going, but lost him when a small crowd passed by the window. Some time later, he returned with a smile on his face that told her that he was up to no good.


The more she tried to probe, the more he insisted that it was a surprise, only to be revealed once they were back on the train, and heading for Cathan. Eventually she resigned herself, and accepted that she would just have to wait, although there was a feeling in her gut that made her almost certain she could guess what this 'surprise' was.

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