Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 4

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 4 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The Journey Continues



The Journey Continues

Chapter4 (v.1) - Someone I Met on a Train

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The Journey Continues

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 10, 2016



'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 4:


The following morning, when Selena awoke, she wandered - or rather hoped - that the previous night's events were nothing but a hideous nightmare. She lay there, watching the dim light drift across Ernesto's face as he still slept. How calm and peaceful he looked. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. In reaction, he smiled and stirred a little, with a soft sleepy moan. Selena giggled and smothered his face with kisses until he was fully awake.


They ruffled up the pillows, and rested half against them and half against the warm smooth panelling behind the bed. Ernesto put his arm around her shoulder, and she nestled closer to him. He kissed her forehead, the fingers of one hand lazily stroking her arm, his other resting on her lower torso. Only the thin sheet kept them from touching bare skin, and as he slowly caressed her, she felt goosebumps rise right down to her upper thighs. As her one hand brushed against him, she was certain that she could feel a hint of hardness there. It had been so long since she felt a spontaneous erection, that she smiled with delight, and her skin began to tingle.


Almost without thinking, she parted her legs, and guided his hand between them. The soft linen felt like silk as it brushed against her vulvae, and she closed her eyes as the heat began to build up inside of her. Feverishly, her own hand went under the bedding until she found his turgid member. He sighed as it stole under his pyjama pants, and her fingers curled around his warm hardness. She wanted to jerk him off, but he pulled away while his hand worked its magic. She cried out as the first wave of her climax swept over her, and her hand began to work up and down his shaft.


This time he gave no protest. Instead he freed his member from under his pants, and flung off the sheet. Selena smiled as she saw his rampant cock, ripe balls, and muscular thighs. Her excitement grew as she saw the tip of his dick glistening with clear fluid. She stopped briefly, and coated her fingers with it, then licked it off, closing her eyes in delectation. Soon her own orgasm overtook her, and she pushed her maidenhead against his fingers. As she came, she saw his eyes close and his mouth open in a slow groan. Not long after that, she felt the warm trickle over her hand, and his hips buck off the linen. They did not mind that the bedding was now wet. The two of them lay back against the pillows in each other's arms, just watching the dappled sunlight become stronger and stronger through the window.


“Oh God!” She thought to herself, “It's been so long since I came like that! Almost every time he touches me, I feel so excited! He's so young and virile. And he doesn't just make love to me. He seems to worship my body. I have never felt so content!”


Aloud she said nothing. She took his hand in hers, and kissed his fingers. As he looked at her, the expression on his face brought a lump to her throat. She lifted her face, and kissed him.


After quite some time, they got up, stripped the bed, and left the soiled sheets in the basket in the one corner so that they could be taken to the on-board laundry. Then they took turns showering, bathing together might have been fun once, but it was just too cramped in there. Selena showered first, leaving the curtain open so that Ernesto could admire her. Then he did the same.


As she gazed upon his young body, not too muscular but just well proportioned, Selena felt that she was the happiest woman alive. Even though there was a mere five years' difference between them, her past had made her feel old before her time. But now, as she saw him - a young man in his prime - she felt young again. In fact she felt like a seventeen year old once more.


… Almost without her noticing, her mind drifted back to when she actually was a teenager. As if in a dream, she saw an old shrine, now little more than vine-covered ruins. She was kneeling on the stone floor, her lover sitting on what used to be a window sill. With her one hand, she pushed his hips towards her, while jerking him off with the other. She lowered her head, and took the whole member in her mouth. This was so vivid that she could almost taste him.


Then she was straddling him, his cock deep inside her as she rocked back and forth. She could feel its heat, and his hands on her hips, holding her in position. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his knees, and looked down between her legs. A thrill rushed through her as she saw him inside her. She did not know whether it was part of the dream, or for real, but she felt as if she was on fire, as a surge of heat engulfed her.


The scene changed again. It was the same place, but this time she was bent over, holding onto the stone wall of one of the ruins. Her lover had his hands on her butt as he drove himself in and out of her. She could feel the rhythmic slap - slap - slap of his thighs against her, and feel his rigid cock moving in time to the beat. Her arms grew tired, so she lay on her back, her one leg straight up in the air. He lowered himself on top of her, his cock deep inside her once more. So great was her pleasure that her eyes were shut. For a moment, she opened them again, and at last she could see the face of this mysterious lover that had permeated her daydream. It was Kalin! She smiled dreamily back at him, enjoying the intense look on his young face.


Just before she called out his name, there was another change. Again the surroundings were the same, but now she sat on the same window sill where Kalin had been sitting the first time. Her legs were up, and bent at the knee. The young man was between her thighs, pounding away at her as though he had not missed a beat. Once again she was not sure whether she dreamt it, but she felt another flood of heat and energy begin to well up inside her, ready to erupt at any moment. So great was her climax, that she nearly fell off the sill, but Kalin caught her just in time. Her sudden movement caused him to withdraw. This was also fortuitous because, at that very moment, he coated her lower torso with a milky white stream.


As he came, Kalin sighed: “Selena - Oh Selena.”…


“Selena?” Came a clear voice from beyond her dream, “Are you okay?”


This snapped her back into the present. She stood up, and checked herself. “Yes, I'm fine.” She replied, somewhat abashedly.


“I could see you were miles away.” Ernesto continued, “Like you were in another time.”


“It was just an old memory.” She insisted, “It happened long ago. I'm okay now.”


A strange look came over the young man's face, one that made Selena more than a little uncomfortable. Only this time, she did not wish to hide from him, and soon he was smiling at her again. “I'm famished.” He stated, “Let's get breakfast.”


Compared to the terrain they had been travelling through up to this point, the landscape was somewhat flat and uninteresting. Behind the trees that lined the tracks, they saw fields of grain and wheat, while others were lying fallow. Running almost parallel with them was a river course. They could not see the water most of the time, because of the thick bank of trees and bushes that lined its banks, but once or twice, they saw the river itself. It was quite a wide river, and by the looks of it, very deep. Here and there, they could see pumping stations that provided the local farming communities with water.

There were no stop-overs on this stage of the journey, but they could see that the city of Usanaar was drawing nearer. Roads full of vehicles ran alongside the railway line, and every now and then they would go under a bridge, the road crossing above them. The huge river, now clearly visible, was still lined, only not with trees but with houses. Some of them were mansions as one would expect to see along the Seine or Thames, or perhaps even the Rhine. There were no old castles, but many of the buildings looked palatial enough.


As the lovers were sitting in the lounge, there was a loud rumbling noise. The river had taken a wide bend towards them, until they went over a bridge, and left the water behind them as it weaved its course to the western ocean.


Selena and Ernesto approached the guardsman, and told him of the previous night's events. He was very alarmed, and promised to look into the matter. Later, when she returned to her compartment, Selena was greeted by a young man in uniform, with a pistol at his side. He greeted her, and informed her that he had been instructed to keep watch, lest there might be a repeat of the night before. He also told her that someone was to take his place, so that she would be under guard for twenty four hours. She felt that she had to tell the young man that she might spend the night in the coupé next door, Ernesto's room. He just smiled, and assured her that they would keep an eye out on both of them.


Later that afternoon, they went and sat together in the caboose at the back of the train. The view behind them was glorious! Now that the landscape was flatter, they could see for miles down the track. So far, in fact, that their view stretched right back to where the plateau gave way to the rolling foothills, and above them, the grey-blue mountains. The view only lasted a short time though, because all around them buildings and roads appeared. They were quite close to Usanaar now.


As the last of the sunlight was fading, they finally arrived in the big city, the third largest in the country. It was already dark when they pulled in at the station. They were informed that they would be in Usanaar for the whole of the following day, and the next night too. A group of cabs, especially arranged to ferry the passengers to the various hotels in the city where they had been booked, awaited them on the platform. Their luggage was loaded into the trunk, and soon they were driving through the bustle of the city. Because they were accustomed to the countryside, where the only sound was the rumbling of the train on the tracks, the cacophony of the streets was more than a little disturbing. Their driver, however, was very competent indeed, and they were soon at their destination.


The hotel was very tall and imposing. Just as they had hoped, Selena and Ernesto were informed that their rooms were almost at the top of the fifteen storey building, only three floors down from the roof-garden, where there was a swimming pool that was open all night. This made them even happier. Not only did it mean that the street level was quite a long way down, and thus the room was hopefully a little quieter, but the thought of going for a late dip - perhaps even at midnight - intrigued them both.


Ernesto told Selena to go on ahead, saying that he wanted to arrange a special meal to be brought up to them. She nodded, and climbed into the lift. When she arrived at the rooms, she was relieved to see that the offer of security had been extended to the hotel as well. She went inside, shut the door, and switched on the air-conditioning to warm up the room. Then she stripped down to her stockings, and lay on the bed, tummy first. She took out her laptop, and began to check if she had any mails. The ones with Silas's address she deleted without opening them. She noticed that there was one from her friend Elena, who still lived in Silveroaks. Having read it, she began to reply.



This is what she wrote: 'My darling Elena. Firstly, thanks for the e-mail, and I'm glad that you are well. I would like to tell you about someone I met on a train. As you have probably heard, I have finally plucked up the courage to dump that bastard of a husband of mine. It hasn't been easy, let me tell you. I mean, the scum even sent one of his messengers to try and bully me into going back to him. Yeah right!


Anyway, enough about that. I met this young guy at the station at Lianthorn. I wouldn't say it was love at first sight, but there was definitely chemistry from the word go. His name is Ernesto Berilan. He's twenty years old, and studying art at a college in Cathan. He still hasn't told me where he's from, but by his accent I'm guessing maybe Denaheim. He has dark brown hair, down to below his collar, and dreamy dark eyes.


It's so good to see a young man's body again, and dare I say, the sex is mind-blowing! He makes me feel like a queen, or even a goddess. My whole being comes alive every time he touches me. He's never in a hurry, and - oh - his hands can work wonders!


It may sound crazy, but he makes me feel like a teenager again. In fact, so much so, that just this morning I had a daydream. I was back at the old ruined shrine, with Kalin! And we were making love just as we did that first time - Oh God, I will never forget that day. But then again, they say that you remember that first time for the rest of your life. The amazing thing is, for the first time since then, I feel that way once more. Ernesto has brought back to life so much that the old bastard tried to destroy. And now I feel more alive than I have for ages.


I don't know where this is going, but for now it feels so right. Elena, I live in hope once again! I promise, I will keep you posted. Love as always - S'.


Selena sent the mail to her friend, and then stared at the screen. She felt as if she was tanning naked in the summer sun, as a warmth came over her. Lazily she paged through her other mails, her hips slightly raised, and swaying from side to side. As the sensitive skin of her inner thighs rubbed together, the heat began to rise.


While she was still lost in her own little world, Ernesto came into the room. He looked appreciatively at her, as she lay semi-naked on the couch. Trying not to startle her, he said: “The waiter will be here soon with our dinner.”


Selena slowly dressed again, and had just finished when the bell rang. Ernesto opened it, gave the waiter a tip, and wheeled in the trolley with their food on it and a bottle of wine to go with the meal. No sooner had Ernesto closed the door, when Selena stripped down to her stockings and her underwear. She stated: “This is the only way to enjoy a romantic meal, I think.”


Ernesto smiled, nodded, and replied: “I agree. It's definitely whetted my appetite.”


The meal was delicious, and they were sitting together on the settee, enjoying a glass of wine. When they had finished, Selena stood up and smiled coquettishly at her lover. She stood with her back to the window so that the pale light from outside enhanced her sensuousness, and smiled down at him. He just sat back, and drank in the view. Eventually she said in her huskiest voice: “Let's go to the pool for a swim.”


He did not even reply. Instead he changed into his swimming trunks right in front of her. Some of the heat she felt while she was writing to her friend was still warm inside her, and as her eyes fell on his naked body once more, the fire was rekindled. She put on her bathrobe, and they both headed for the elevator. Soon they were on the roof of the building.




A high mesh fence surrounded the roof garden, but it was see-through enough so that they could look out over the city. The view from there was truly spectacular! The lights from the city were bright enough so that, on the North side, they could see the station, and some way up the line from which they had come earlier that evening. From the opposite side, and a little to the West, they could see a long line of lights that marked the route they were going to take after their brief stay in the city.


The pool was lit up, and glowed blue, casting strange shadows that rippled as the water moved. Selena slowly began to remove her robe as her lover watched her, still in his gown and trunks. He lay on his tummy on one of the benches beside the deep end, the same smile on his face as his eyes feasted on her sensuous body. She then went down on her hands and knees, and crawled towards him with almost feline grace.


He said softly: “You're so beautiful.”


Her only response was a slight giggle as they held each other's gaze. Then she kissed him. Their tongues explored each other as the heat inside her rose until her whole body ached for him once more. They were still kissing when he rolled over onto his back.


She straddled him, and began to remove his robe, his hands lightly stroking her breasts, and running down her torso. Then they held her butt as he sat up, burying his face in her cleavage. He lovingly took each nipple between his lips, and gently sucked it until he could feel it harden. Selena's head went back in delight, and she had to stop trying to undress him as her nerves sent shock waves through her body. In a frenzy, she pushed his bathrobe off his shoulders, and then locked her fingers in his hair, not wanting him to stop what he was doing.


She clung to him as he ran his hands down her bare back, and stroked the cleft between her butt cheeks. His lips nibbled her shoulder, and then kissed the base of her neck. Then she gently pushed him onto his back, and slid his swimming trunks down to his knees. Without it entering her, she rode his cock between her tender vulvae until she felt it harden fully. Selena went down until her breasts brushed against his thighs. With long slow movements, she stroked him with her tongue until he groaned with pleasure. She took him into her mouth, riding up and down the full length of his member, and stopping only to taste the sweetness of his pre-cum.


He sat up, and in a whisper, instructed: “Lie on your back.”


She obeyed, and he gently pushed her legs open, moving her closer to him. His eyes shone as he saw her secret world open like a lotus flower before him. Selena groaned, almost as though she could feel his gaze washing over her. He lowered his head, and began his mesmerizing strokes with his tongue. He found her tiny clitoris, and sucked it gently, tugging slightly on it. Then he caressed it with his tongue as her maidenhead became saturated. He continued sucking her small grape until she felt a flood of energy rush through her. Breathlessly she held his head in place as her hips bucked off the bench.


As her climax reached its peak, he stopped, sat up, and guided himself into her. She cried out as she felt his cock against her already pulsing maidenhead, and she all but forced him inside her. The feeling of him filling her made her orgasm even more intense. Her breathing became erratic, until she almost gasped for breath, her whole body tensing in the throes of the rush of ecstasy that engulfed her.




She felt herself relax once more, and sat up. She ran her fingers through his hair, and they kissed. Her lower body hardly moved. She wanted to feel him inside her as her rapture subsided. His member jerked as it longed for release, but she held it firm.


He lay on his back, and she rocked to and fro, feeling his urgency build. Her one hand went behind her, and began to fondle with his balls, feeling his scrotum tighten . Eventually she lay on her back once more, and he drove himself into her, holding himself up with his arms. As she felt those strong hips pounding away, and watched the expression on his face, Selena felt a fresh flood wash over her again. Her own hips matched his movements as his pace quickened.


In a soft whisper, she urged him on, saying: “Cum baby. Oh yes - Cum!”


Urgently, he withdrew, and took his member in one hand. She half sat up, resting on one elbow, and waited for his semen to spill out all over her. It landed in the middle of her chest, just above her breasts, and some of it trickled down her cleavage. She laughed softly as it tickled her. Seeing that he had not finished, she drew his cock nearer to her, and licked its hypersensitive head. It jerked as her tongue touched it, and another milky strand landed in her mouth. She put her lips around his glans, and tasted the last warm drop as the organ became limp once again.


Then she lay on her back. Ernesto's body lightly touched hers as he bent down, and nestled his face in her long hair, now drenched with perspiration. He kissed her on the chin, and then on her lips. She pulled him down on top of her, and they lay there while their bodies recovered from their fevered encounter.


Softly, she suggested: “Now - How about that swim.”


Although the water was not cold, it was very refreshing. Their bodies tingled as their nerves were still tender in the aftermath. Ernesto tried to catch Selena, but she evaded him in a mock attempt to escape. He was persistent, and eventually she gave in. They held each other as the water splashed over them, the warmth of their bodies touching in sharp contrast to the coolness around them. After a while, however, the pool became too chilly for them, and they got out. Selena stayed behind a little, watching Ernesto as he lifted himself out of the water. She smiled as she saw his young body and slightly olive complexion, now accentuated by the blue light coming off the surface of the water. He leaned forward, took her hand, and gently helped her. As if by accident, she stumbled forward, so that she could feel his strong arms around her, and his flesh touching hers.


They dressed again, and headed back to her room. There they shed their clothes and were soon fast asleep in each other's arms, Selena's head under his chin. He stirred a little, and kissed the top of her head, running his fingers through her hair. Selena sighed with contentment. Within her, she said: “I have never been so happy!”


The following morning, after breakfast, they went shopping at a mall near to the hotel. At first Selena was more than a little embarrassed, because as she had explained to Ernesto, the trip had almost drained her bank account. But soon she accepted the gifts that he bought her. These were not expensive or extravagant - he himself was not overly wealthy - but they made her feel just a little special. After all, it was the love with which they were given to her.


They stopped for coffee about mid-morning. While they were waiting for it to arrive, Ernesto suddenly excused himself, and left her at the table. When he returned, he was carrying a small black box. Her heart almost sank at first as she thought it might contain an engagement ring, but when she opened it, she saw a delicate silver necklace with a garnet pendant hanging from it. Her eyes sparkled when he went behind her and put it around her neck. Selena chanced to look at her reflection in the window opposite. She almost wept when she saw it, the deep red stone hanging like a drop of blood just above the neckline of her t-shirt. Unabashedly, she put her arms behind his neck, and kissed him as he bent forward. Her fingers kept fiddling with the gem as they talked, and drank coffee together. While it was true that she had quite an extensive collection of jewellery, this necklace was special, not because it was expensive, but because every penny spent purchasing it was given happily and lovingly.


That night they slept in each other's arms, just content with being together. Selena felt so safe and warm as he lay behind her, his whole body against her back, and his hand resting on her tummy. She assured herself that any trouble was far away, and could not intrude on such tranquillity as they enjoyed that night. She stirred slightly as she felt his cock grow hard against her butt cheeks. She pressed her hips against him, feeling his erection between them, and smiled as she drifted off back to sleep. She awoke again moments later as Ernesto moaned without waking, his hips moving gently back and forth, then she felt a warm trickle run down her lower back. She took his member in her hand, and slowly rode it until the last drop came oozing out.


“He's having a wet dream!” She thought to herself, letting out a soft giggle. Still asleep, Ernesto moved his hand so that it rested in the dark triangle of hair between her thighs. She held it there, feeling the warmth of his touch against her tender skin, and went back to sleep, despite the wet patch under her one hip where he had cum. When she awoke the next morning, he had not moved. She took his hand in hers, and lifted it to her lips, kissing his fingers.


His eyes opened, and she turned to face him. He ran his free hand through her hair, brushing it from her face. Softly he said, his voice thick with sleep and desire: “You're even more beautiful when you've just woken up.”


Selena smiled, and kissed him. “No - it's true.” He continued, “Your face looks all dreamy, and it makes you even sexier.”


She put her head on his chest, and heard the beating of his heart. Her hand trailed over his strong torso until she reached his navel. All the while he stroked her hair, but under the sheet, she could see his manhood come to life.


Selena sat up as she pulled back the sheets, and removed his jockey shorts. His erection stood proud and strong. Gently, with the tip of her index finger, she stroked the sensitive underside. As she touched the tip, the organ jerked under her finger. She looked at him, smiled her cheekiest smile, and did it all over again. She turned to face him, her legs open, and lazily stroked her maidenhead with her hand. She smiled at him, knowing that he had become engrossed in her slow movements. His one hand lazily caressed her inner thigh.


“Oh God!” He exclaimed breathlessly, “You drive me wild!”


With her free hand, she began to jerk him off. He tried to keep his eyes open so that he could watch her as she pleasured herself, but soon the build up of energy within his loins became too much, and he lay back, trying to steady himself by gripping the pillow next to his head. Selena could see those muscular thighs tense and relax automatically.


His balls pulled up until they were tight on either side of the base of his penis. Soon his whole body convulsed, and gism shot out, some of it landing just under his ribs, and some in his belly-button. Selena kept up her movements, concentrating on the swollen tip of his cock. He drew back as her hand touched the tender glans, now extra sensitive after his orgasm. Then she kept still, feeling him grow flacid in her hand.

She bent over, and kissed the places where his cum had landed, and licked her lips, tasting its slight bitterness. At last Selena returned to where she had been lying before, and heard his breathing slowly return to normal, her fingers tracing patterns in the thin hairs on his midriff.


As they lay there together, Ernesto stated: “I feel that you are spoiling me.”


To which Selena enquired with an inquisitive smile on her face: “Why is that?”


“Like this morning.” He replied.


“Soon after we got married, my ex refused to allow me to touch him.” She explained, “He would pleasure himself until he was already hard, so that all I would have to do is take whatever he gave me. He liked to be in charge. In any case, he was also much older than me, and nowhere near as strong and responsive as you are. And besides, I like taking the initiative for a change, and I get a kick out of watching you react to my attention. That's all.”


“But what about you?” He asked.


“I don't have to cum every time.” Selena answered, “Sometimes a girl just likes to satisfy her man. I suppose that's where we women are different. And anyway, you have made me climax more times in the short time we've been together than I have since I got married, and each one has been more intense than any I've had before. So, think of it as my way of thanking you. Okay?”


“Okay.” Ernesto agreed. Selena shifted her position so that they were face to face, and kissed his smiling lips. Then she nestled back to where she had been lying before.


The sun had only just properly risen, so the two lovers dozed off again, resting in each other's arms. The warmth of their bodies more than compensated for the slight discomfort that the position in which they lay caused them. Selena enjoyed hearing the beating of his heart, and feeling his chest rise and fall as he breathed, the rhythm of which soon eased her to sleep.


Some time later, they awoke once more, and got dressed. They went down to the dining room, and had breakfast while the hotel staff packed their luggage, and brought it down to the lobby. Not long after they had finished, the cab came to take them back to the train. Once again, when they arrived at their compartments, they were greeted by Roland, the young man tasked with making sure that there would be no further disturbance on the journey.


Eventually the train pulled away from the station, and the trip commenced. They were going through the industrial part of the city, and on either side of the railway line they saw nothing but dirty factories and chimney stacks. The air became thick and oppressive, and most of the passengers chose to remain either in their cabins or in the lounge car with the doors closed. Even then the air-conditioning did little to keep the pollution out, only making it a little more bearable.


At about mid-day, they at last exited the city of Usanaar, and left the noise and commotion behind. Here the forest grew right up to the railway line, but this time it was not wild and unchecked. They were travelling, not through natural forest, but through the huge plantations that provided Yesha with timber for building and industry. The trees, although very tall, were slender and their trunks were almost perfectly straight. There was also very little under-brush, as it had been cleared away, to allow the trees to grow without having to compete with other plants for nutrients from the soil.




They travelled in a South Westerly direction, the man-made forest on either side of them. However, when the train turned due West, they came once more to more open country. There were huge plains, most of them cultivated, with orchards and fields of amber grain. As they drew near a river, with orange trees on either side of it, the sweet scent of the tiny blossoms filled the air, and soon made everyone forget the stench of the city. It was like a sigh that comes after a particularly stressful experience, and the atmosphere on the train became noticeably lighter.


As Selena leaned out of the window of her compartment, a young man did the same about two or three cabins closer to the engine. He smiled at her, and waved. She waved back, and his grin widened even more. They had passed each other in the passage one afternoon, and talked briefly. The conversation was long enough for Selena to find out that he had just got married, and that the journey to Cathan was their honeymoon. His name was Draven, and his wife's Marissa. She had not met her yet, but by the way her husband spoke about her, Selena felt sure that the two of them would get on very well indeed. As she went back inside, she reminded herself to go and meet the other woman, perhaps just before they arrived in Samblar, which was the next stop.

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