Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 2

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 2 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The Journey Continues



The Journey Continues

Chapter2 (v.1) - Someone I Met on a Train

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The Journey Continues

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Submitted: November 09, 2016

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 09, 2016



'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 2:


As she dozed off, Selena could not help recalling a quotation from a classical drama. It went as follows: “And so night falleth. The night in which to sleep, and sleep per chance to dream. ...”


And dream she did. It was so lucid that she could almost smell the musky scent of his skin, and feel his hand as it fondled her breast under her blouse. His breath had a hint of red wine on it, and his lips were gentle against hers. Next he was sitting down on the side of the bed, and she knelt with her legs on either side of his. As their lips met once more, she felt his hands all over her, sending shivers of delectation rippling throughout her body. She lay on her back, and felt the warmth of his body touching hers, his strong arms taking up most of his weight. Her eyes closed as his face came close to hers, and she anticipated his heated kiss. …


Her eyes opened, and she found herself with her feet up on the chair, her legs wide open. With her middle finger, she pleasured herself until her hips bucked off the cushion with such force, that her movement almost made her fall off. Her mouth opened in a slow groan, almost on the verge of pain, as her orgasm overtook her with surge after surge of energy.


When she had recovered, Selena lay naked on her bed, the sunlight from the window washing over her in waves as the train sped onwards. The warmth of the day, and from inside her, made her feel drowsy. Soon she fell asleep, her one hand playing with her long black tresses, and the other fondling lazily with her breast.


She had no idea of the hours that had passed when she finally awoke, and thought that it must be some time in the late afternoon. She picked up the intercom receiver in her compartment, and asked if her dinner could be brought to her. The attendant that answered her seemed somewhat surprised, and told her that the only food that was available at that time would be snacks from the bar. When she looked outside, Selena realised that it was already dark. It was then that she became aware of how long she had been asleep. Soon afterwards, there was a knock on her door.


“Who's there?” She asked.


“It's Wendy ma’am, with your order from the bar.” Came the reply.


Selena opened the door, and the young waitress gave her a small tray with cheese and biscuits, as well as a bowl of pretzels and a smaller one containing some form of dip. With it came a bottle of wine and a tall wine glass. She thanked the young girl, and gave her a handsome tip. The attendant smiled politely, and left, closing the door behind her saying: “Bless you miss. And good night.”


Once Selena had finished her light meal, she took a shower, and went back to bed. The wine had made her more than a little sleepy, and she soon nodded off. This time she did not dream of another encounter with her new-found lover. Even if she did, she could not remember it the following morning.


Just as she was sitting down to breakfast, Ernesto came and sat at the same table, facing her. She was afraid that he might be more than a little offended by the way she had ignored him the whole of the previous day. But he seemed unperturbed. In fact he did not even mention it, or the events that led up to it.



All he said was: “I'm glad to see that you are feeling better.” And by the look on his young face, his concern seemed to be genuine. They talked as though nothing was wrong, and soon Selena almost forgot about the whole incident.


Their conversation was interrupted by an announcement over the intercom that stated: “Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please. We have reached the second of our stop-overs: The famous ruins of the 'Five Temples'. You may disembark if you wish, but please be reminded that the train will depart again at three-thirty in the afternoon. The staff will serve a light meal in the old courtyard of the main temple. Please feel free to help yourself, but remain in that area until you have finished eating. Thank-you and enjoy the visit.”


Most of the passengers followed the guided tour around the ruins, but Selena and Ernesto decided to wander through them alone. As the name suggested, there were five main temples, each dedicated to one of the ancient deities, the main one belonging to Kournos himself. Apart from the sanctuaries, there were countless other buildings, pavilions and stairways, all on different levels as the complex was built on a small hill. Behind these structures was a huge waterfall over which a stone bridge spanned. Remarkably this was in a good enough condition to still be in use, except that the waterfall was flowing so strongly that anyone standing on the bridge would be covered in mist. On the other side of the bridge, what was thought to have been an old abbey, was now little more than a ruin covered with thick ivy and other vines.


As Selena and Ernesto crossed the bridge, they were startled by a flutter of heavy wings as two huge pigeons took flight from one of the old arches. Having wandered through the ancient building and out the other side, they came into a small pavilion overlooking a truly spectacular view. From this vantage point, they could see the whole river valley stretching out before them.


Selena stood with her hands on top of an ivy-covered wall. As she drank in the splendour all around her, she felt Ernesto's warm embrace from behind her. She took his one hand in hers, and kissed it. Then she leaned back against him. They stood like that for quite some time, saying nothing, and listened to the sounds of nature surrounding them: The roar of the waterfall behind them that muffled the soft sound of the breeze, the drip - drip - drip of the water from the trees, and everywhere the songs of birds. Every now and then they would see a dash of iridescent colour as one of them flew from tree to tree, or out of the old structures above them.


Selena said in a whisper, as if not wanting to break the enchantment around them: “I can see why the people that built these temples chose this spot. It's like a piece of paradise.”


Ernesto replied, also in a soft voice: “I agree. It is very beautiful here.” He then sat on the stone wall in front of her, and gazed upon her face with such intensity that it almost made her feel uncomfortable. At last he smiled and added: “All the more so because you are here with me.”


Selena felt the warmth in her cheeks that told her she was actually blushing. She said nothing as she took his hands in hers, leaned over, and kissed his smiling lips. The world around them seemed to add its own nuance to the magic of the moment, and made it even more memorable. It was as if they had never kissed before, and that this was the first. At last their lips parted, and Selena held his face to her breast, his arms wrapped around her waist. Her fingers ran through his brown hair, and she kissed the top of his head. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her skin, and a shiver went through her as its warmth made her nipples stand out through the thin fabric of her top.





His hands began to stroke her butt as he stood up, kissing her on the lips. This time there was no holding back! With fevered fingers, she unzipped his jeans, and curled around the hardness that met them. He let out a low groan as his member jerked at her touch. Almost too late they remembered where they were, and headed back to the train before the enchantment that overtook them could wear off.


Selena's was the closest compartment, and they both went inside. Hardly had they closed the door behind them, and they were both standing naked in the dappled sunlight that filtered through the half-open window. Just like in the first dream, Selena slowly kissed her lover's strong torso, until she was kneeling before him. She let out a giggle as she saw his erect member near her face. She cupped his balls with one hand, and took the rampant organ in the other, slowly working up and down the warm shaft. Then she put her lips around its velvet head. Gently, but firmly, Ernesto held her head in place as he thrust with his hips, until she felt its full length inside her mouth.


She was no stranger to oral sex, and usually felt a sense of revulsion even at the thought of it. But as she tasted the slightly sweet offering of pre-cum that now oozed from the organ, it was as if, for the first time, she actually enjoyed the experience. And anyway, it did not last very long. Ernesto softly told her to stand up. When she did this, he turned her so that she had her back to him, and bent her over until she had to support herself on the side of the bed. A surge of fear came over her, but before she could react, she felt his cock being slowly pushed inside her moist quim. Slowly, as he began thrusting, she was able to relax once more, and soon her body began to move in time with his.


Her delight soared to new heights, and she placed her hands on his strong butt, urging him deeper into her as the first wave of ecstasy flooded through her. He then withdrew, and knelt behind her. His tongue lightly brushed her already hypersensitive clit, and each touch sent something like an electric current through her body, leaving her almost out of breath. Just like in her dream, her hands reached out behind him, and held him there as her hips rocked back and forth, and she cried out in a state of rapture.


But the encounter was far from over. He lifted his head, and took her in his arms, covering her face with light gentle kisses. She rolled over so that he was lying on the bed, with her on top of him. Then she turned so that she was facing his feet, straddling his waist, and lowered herself onto his expectant cock. His hand stroked her butt as she began to ride him. As best he could, he kept his head up so that he could marvel as those tight cheeks tensed and relaxed in time to her movements. But every now and then, as his own climax loomed, he threw his head back, gasping for breath.


Almost teasing him, she slowed her pace and even stopped for a brief moment. In response he gave her shapely bum a light smack, and she carried on. Every time she ceased her movements, she could feel his cock jerk its protestations inside of her, and this heightened her own sense of pleasure, and soon another wave began to surge through her, this time more intense than the one before. Her hand went down and cupped his balls once more as her movements quickened. She looked down and saw his rampant organ inside her, and this made the moment even more pleasurable. His one hand stroked her upper thigh as she felt his hips rise off the bed.


He tried to push her off of him, but it was too late. As her climax reached its peak, she felt his cock swell, and knew that he was also at his zenith. Although she was aware of the possible consequences, all she could think of was how good it felt as his fertile semen rushed into her body. Even after she had cum, she kept him inside her until he stopped thrusting and lay still. As she lifted herself off of him, she felt his member go limp once more, the last surge of energy spent.




As they lay in each other's arms, the train began to pull away once more, and their journey continued. Selena could not help but to see the symbolism behind this moment. She felt that their relationship had reached a new stage, and a brighter future awaited them. They were about to fall asleep, when there was a loud clattering of wheels as the train entered another tunnel. Suddenly both became aware that they were hungry, having missed the buffet meal that was on offer at the ruins.


As they emerged on the other side of the tunnel, they reluctantly agreed that the time had come to attend to their need. Ernesto lay on the bed, and watched Selena dressing, a slight grin on his face. Selena enquired, smiling back: “What are you thinking?”


To which he replied: “Just that you are a fine woman. A fine woman indeed!”


As if his words could touch her, she felt them caress her body, leaving a warmth behind that she last felt when she was a teenager. Her mind went back to when she was just seventeen. It seemed at first to be an awfully long time ago, but his words brought back the memory as clearly as though it was just yesterday. And then, for a brief moment, a shadow fell over her face, and the sparkle in her eyes dimmed slightly.


Perhaps the light faded only a little, but it was enough for Ernesto to notice it. He stood up, and put his arms around her, pressing his forehead against hers. He asked, almost in a whisper: “What is it? What's wrong?”


The words brought her mind back to the present. She kissed him, and replied: “It's nothing. I'm okay.” And before he could pry any further, she added: “I am so hungry. Let's get something to eat.”


His only reaction was a slight look of puzzlement that came over his face, but eventually he acquiesced, and they headed for the dining car together, glancing at each other every now and then, exchanging secret smiles, and even blowing kisses to one another with such gaiety that Selena almost felt as though she was a teenager once more.


As they wandered down the corridor, the train went through three more short tunnels in quick succession. As they came out of the second one, the locomotive rounded a corner, and the two of them caught a glimpse of the landscape behind them. The terrain had changed once more, and the mountains through which they had travelled were in the distance, replaced by rolling foothills. A river still ran through the valley below them, and as they looked ahead, they could just see a small lake like a gold gem shining on the horizon. The sinking sun made all the colours in the valley seem a little darker and more mysterious. Then the view disappeared as they approached the last, and shortest of the tunnels.


They reached the dining car, ordered their meal, and a bottle of wine to go with it. As they drank and talked together, Selena could not help but feel that her plan was working out far better than she had thought at first. Ernesto found it hard to believe that the whole experience was real. He did not know how old Selena actually was, he felt that it was too early to ask her such a personal question, but he guessed that she must be in her late twenties, or early thirties. It was difficult to fully accept that so mature a woman as she would truly be interested in a young twenty year old art student. But as he gazed into her deep brown eyes, in one of the moments of silence when it seemed that their hearts communicated on a level deeper than words could describe, he felt assured that this was all very real.




After the meal, they made for the bar for a few drinks. The day's events had left both of them too tired to stay up too late, so they headed back to their compartments, kissed each other good-night, and went to bed, both of them feeling more than a little lonely as they tried to sleep, knowing that the other was just on the other side of the wood-panelled wall. Finally Selena drifted off, a cosy feeling all over her, as if she was lying naked in a fresh field with warm sunlight shining down on her.


The following morning, just after breakfast, the train stopped at the last historical site before they reached Galan, the next town. It was the ruin of a huge palace that had been built in the fork of a river, that plummeted down over twin waterfalls below its solid stone walls. Even in its ruined state, its splendour did not seem to have diminished. In fact the ivy that climbed up the ancient battlements, and draped like banners and flags over the top of the ramparts, made it look even more stately than ever. The forest that grew right up to the huge arches, where once wrought-iron gates barred the entrance, made the Palace of the Adrashtai appear as though it had stood since the beginning of time, untainted by the ravages of age, and untouched by the violence of war.


As the guide stated, however, this ancient fortress was built in the defence of one of the kingdoms that existed over seven centuries ago, and had been the scene of an historical battle. The Adrashtai were knights that were often sent on heroic missions. This particular individual, along with a mere handful of other warriors by comparison, were able to prevent a marauding army from sweeping its way into the land of Talila, but not before their beloved palace was so badly damaged, that it was deemed better to build another one closer to the actual border, rather than rebuild it. The second palace still stood in the centre of Galan.


This time, Selena and Ernesto chose to join the guided tour. This was mainly because they were both fascinated by the intrigue and mystery that surrounded so many of these historical relics. As Ernesto once said, if one were to close one's eyes, one could almost see the palace as it was in all its splendour, with flags blowing in the breeze, and soldiers dressed in armour that gleamed in the sunlight, mounted on mighty warhorses, their shields at the ready, and their stern faces steeled for the battle that awaited them. The guide was very gifted, and was able to almost recreate the events that led up to that fateful day so vividly, that anyone with an imagination could actually feel as though they were really there, in the midst of the chaos and confusion that must have preceded the brave final stand.


Even though they had not spent any time alone, both the lovers enjoyed the tour immensely, and returned to the train, satisfied that so far, their day had been thrilling. They were also very hungry, and enjoyed the luncheon that was laid on just before the train departed from the stop-over.


Just after dinner that evening, they pulled in to the station at Galan. The train came to a halt, and a handful of passengers disembarked. From Selena's compartment, she could not see whether there was anyone joining them, and soon they were off again into the night. The town was not very large, and it did not take long before they were in open country once again.









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