Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 11

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 11 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 11

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Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



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'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 11:


On their return journey after their short honeymoon, Selena and Ernesto had lunch at the small restaurant in Katyr. They happened to stop outside the estate agent's offices. Not really expecting to find anything that they liked, the two of them started to look through the photographs on the window, that showed the houses and cottages that were available. There, amongst all the more modern homes, was a cottage that took their breath away.


It was on the outskirts of the village, and was one of seven homes that were built on either side of a stream. There were a number of foot bridges crossing the stream, and each of the home owners were responsible for the upkeep of the garden from the homestead to its banks. This created a park-like appearance, and was a popular feature in Yeshan town planning. It meant that the banks of the river or stream were open to all the inhabitants who lived there, while allowing each home sufficient privacy. The access roads to the cottages were at the opposite side of the house to the river.


The cottage itself was relatively small, just big enough for two occupants, but it had an attic that Ernesto could transform into a studio. From the front veranda, one could enjoy watching the rapids that bubbled over an outcrop of rocks, and eventually flowed into a clear pool. The previous owners had built a small jetty where one could moor a rowing boat. Leading to this were two cobbled paths, and off to one side was a designated picnic spot. The garden was simple, not that one needed it to be elaborate in such idyllic surroundings. On either side of the house, as well as behind it, were tall ancient trees that seemed to be keeping watch over the home. The only area that had a picket fence was where the trees gave way to the lawn, that stretched right down to the banks of the stream. On both sides of the cottage were wooden pots and containers, in which grew various types of pot-plants which the previous owner had planted.


It was love at first sight for the young couple! They went inside, and began to make arrangements to purchase the cottage before anyone else. Luckily for them, it had just come onto the market. This meant that Selena and Ernesto were the first potential buyers.


The estate agent smiled and said: “I haven't much to say about the place. But then again, what can one say? I think it kind of speaks for itself.”


Selena responded: “Indeed. It is a beautiful cottage. Why did the previous owners sell it?”


The woman, who was in her mid to late forties, Selena estimated, became very solemn. She explained: “Quite the tragic story: The husband, a mister Atkins I seem to remember, became very ill. He and his wife were on their way to Cathan, to consult with a physician there, when they were involved in an horrific accident, in which the woman was killed. Mister Atkins was taken to hospital, but he never recovered. When they did the autopsy, the doctors discovered that he had developed a brain tumour. It would have been inoperable, so he was terminal anyway, but it was the trauma from the accident that killed him.”


“So who put the house up for sale?” Ernesto enquired.


“They had two children.” She continued, “Both of them had left the home. The oldest son lives in Denaheim, while the youngest - both of the children were boys - is studying at one of the universities in Samblar. Neither of them have any interest in returning to Katyr, so they placed the cottage on the market.”

“When did the accident happen?” Selena asked.


“Oh less than a year ago.” Came the answer, “That's why the house has only just come up for sale.”


Ernesto signed the last of the paperwork needed to secure their ownership of the house. He reckoned, that with the money that he would get for both his home and the studio, he would have more than enough to cover the outstanding amount. This would be preferable to having to take out a loan from the banks, and even if he had to, it would be a fraction of what he would owe if he didn't have the other option.


It was only a month and a half before they could return to Katyr and move in. The money that they had earned from selling the other two properties meant that the cottage was theirs, and that they owed nothing.


The sun had only just come up when the couple, having left Cathan behind, first saw the lush countryside between the city and Katyr. Both of them felt a sense of excitement and anticipation at what lay ahead for them. They hardly said a word to one another, not wanting to break the spell that seemed to have engulfed them in its mesmerising power.


They stopped for breakfast at Ytharra Station, and then strolled around the market before continuing with their journey. There was no sense of urgency, and they were able to enjoy the scenery as they drove. Thus it was late afternoon when the lovers first drove into the village of Katyr. Ernesto had arranged for some of the furniture from his previous home to be brought to the new one, so that the cottage would not be empty when they arrived. The rest would only be delivered a few days later.


Selena insisted that they stop at the café where they had enjoyed a meal on the train journey down to Cathan. She said in a dreamy voice: “It seems like it was so long ago. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be back, and this time to stay!”


While they were eating, the proprietor asked where they were heading. When Ernesto replied that they had bought the cottage that had once belonged to the Atkins, her face became sad. She shook her head: “Such a sad tale. Very sad indeed, but George - that was mister Atkins - was going to die anyway. Perhaps it was better for him to go quickly, rather than suffering for a long time with that thing in his head. It is a beautiful place though, isn't it?”


“It is indeed.” Ernesto replied.


“If you need any help fixing up the garden - it's a bit of a mess from lack of attention - just let me know, and I'll send one of my sons across.” She offered with a smile, “He is very interested in gardening, and wants to study horticulture when he finishes school in two years' time.”


Selena and Ernesto thanked her. She added: “If you need to sell your work, the market is the best place. Especially during the holiday season, because Katyr is quite a tourist attraction. There is only one hotel in the village itself, but there are quite a number of private lodges close to it that cater for visitors. People from overseas are especially attracted to our town, mainly because it's so central, while being away from the major cities. Of course, the Yeshan Express brings in a steady flow of visitors as well.”


Again they expressed their gratitude for the information. The woman concluded: “Now - I'd best leave you two love-birds to your meal. Enjoy it before it gets cold.” And with that, she headed back to the kitchen, only returning to clear up and collect the money. She smiled as they left the café hand in hand, and bade them a good night.

Their sense of excitement grew ever more intense as they came closer to their new home. At last! It seemed to take twice as long as it actually did before they stopped the car outside the cottage. Selena smiled and whispered in awe and wonder: “Home at last!”


Ernesto put his one arm around her, taking her hand in his, leaned forward, and kissed her on the lips. She slowly sunk back onto the front bench-seat, and then said in a soft voice: “Shall we go inside?”


Ernesto nodded, and they both headed for the front door. He put the key into the lock, and turned it, a broad smile on his face. Once he had opened the door, he picked Selena off of her feet, and carried her across the threshold. When they were inside, she kissed him on the cheek, and told him to put her down.


“No fear!” He responded with a laugh, and headed toward the bedroom. He struggled a bit to open the bedroom door, but finally got it right. Seemingly unaffected by the exertion, he put her down and sat at the foot of the bed. Then he reached out his hands, and Selena took them in hers. Slowly she drew near to him until her body touched his. He put his arms around her and stood up. She took his face in her hands, and kissed him on the lips, her eyes closing and then opening again as if she wanted to make sure this was not just a dream.


Again they kissed, but by this time the fire between them had been ignited. This time it was pure passion! They breathed as though gasping for air as their lips met, at times with such force that their teeth nearly clashed together. Soon they were both topless, and she felt the firmness of his chest muscles against her soft breasts. She removed her skirt, leaving only her panties on. While his hand caressed her butt, she reached down and unzipped his jeans. Her hand found its way down his front, and began to fondle with his hardening member. She then removed his pants.


Selena turned around, pressing her butt against him. Ernesto put his arms around her waist. She took his one hand and guided it under her panties. Gently he began stroking her moist maidenhead while she ground herself against his now turgid cock. As she felt the heat rise up within her, she placed her hand on his arm, holding him there.


Soon he was totally naked, and she wore only her panties. They stood side by side. Selena took his erect dick and began working up and down its throbbing shaft. In return, Ernesto's one hand fondled her womanhood once more, while the other toyed with her breast, feeling her nipple harden beneath it. His hips drove forward as he savoured the energy generated by her touch. Hers gyrated as if she was dancing to the rhythm of his hand. Slowly, and somewhat awkwardly, they headed toward the old bed that was in Ernesto's studio - the other was still in transit.


Selena lay on her back and motioned for Ernesto to kneel between her thighs. She stretched down, stroking his balls with one hand. Then she took his cock in the other, and began to toy with it until she could feel the slightest hint of wetness on its soft tip.


He position himself behind her so that she could feel him hard between her butt-cheeks. His hands fondled her breasts while he kissed the back of her neck and shoulders. With long light strokes, he moved down her torso until they reached her maidenhead. Without hesitation, she opened her legs, and pushed his index and middle finger inside her. The patch of soft pubic hair was already saturated with her moisture as he caressed the inner walls of her quim. Her head leaned against his shoulder. She closed her eyes, and delighted in his touch once more.




Almost out of breath, she took his cock and guided it into her. He enjoyed feeling her firm butt-cheeks against him as he drove himself into her, his one hand lifting her leg off the sheets. Selena watched as his member thrust into her, but soon her own passion became too intense. She closed her eyes, her mouth wide open as she groaned and cried out in ecstasy. Her state of rapture was interrupted briefly as Ernesto thrust a little too vigorously, and his cock slipped out from inside her. Deftly she pushed him back in without missing a beat.


By now his tempo and intensity had increased, and she knew that his own climax was near. The anticipation was enough to compensate for the fact, that for the first time since they met, she herself had not cum yet. Soon Ernesto was trembling, his cock deep inside her and his hips jerking, as he felt his seed flood into her. This time he remained inside of her until the fires inside his loins had died down again, and his limp member came out of her. Selena felt a warm trickle between her vulvae. She reached down and stroked herself with her middle finger. It soon became coated with Ernesto's offering. She smiled secretly, and then leaned forward, kissing her lover as he lay resting behind her.


Soon they were fast asleep. The excitement of the day had left them exhausted. That, as well as the few drinks they had enjoyed at the café, had left them more than a little tired. Thus they said very little before they drifted off, Ernesto lying behind his lover, his arms around her slender waist.


It was still dark outside when Ernesto had to go to the bathroom. It was a warm night, and when he returned to the bedroom, he saw that Selena had thrown off the bedclothes. She was lying on her tummy, and in the dim light, he could see her slender body. He delighted in every detail. He felt a stirring within him as his gaze took in her curvaceous hips, and the slightest glimpse of her womanhood between her thighs.


He was still under her spell when he heard her whisper sleepily: “Honey - Make love to me.”


“Are you sure?” He enquired, making certain that she wasn't just dreaming.


“Please.” Came the reply. He positioned himself between her thighs, and gently pushed his re-awakened cock inside her. As he began to thrust, she groaned as if still in slumber, but took his hands in hers, and pulled him down so that his arms embraced her midriff. Then she turned over, her eyes still closed, but her mouth slightly open. Selena opened her legs, wrapping them around his waist, and he entered her once more.


He felt himself reach the point of no return. Just then Selena's hips began to buck off of the bed, and she groaned, her eyes still closed. Her head rocked from side to side as he felt the pressure of her convulsions against his member. Her neck extended, and her head went straight back, her breathing now becoming more and more laboured. Her eyes opened at last as she lifted her head again, looking straight at her lover, her eyes darker than ever in the dim light and glistening like silvery embers. She locked her legs behind him so that he could not move, and savoured the warmth that welled up within her as he unloaded himself into her. As the passion subsided, he began thrusting again, gently this time, until he was utterly spent.


He leaned forward, taking his own weight on his strong arms, and kissed her. He whispered softly: “I love you my princess.”


She looked up at him, a smile on her face, but tears welling up in her eyes. Her hand caressed his cheek as she replied softly: “You're the first man to call me that since before I married Silas. The only other person who used to call me his 'Princess' was my father. Oh I love you too, my prince!”


Soon they had resumed their favourite position, and were asleep in each other's arms once again.


A few weeks after they had moved in, and once the rest of the furniture had arrived from Cathan, it was time for Ernesto to get back to work. It did not take long for him to receive his first commission. It was for a portrait of a man who was the client's late husband, and was to commemorate what would have been their thirteenth anniversary if he had not died relatively young of cancer. It was made to look like an old studio photograph, exactly the same as the picture that acted as a reference. Although much bigger then the original, when it was finished, one could hardly tell the difference between the two. The only indication was, that if one looked closely at the finished work, one could just see the texture of the canvas.


The next was as a result of the first. The mayor of Katyr saw the portrait, and asked Ernesto if he could paint a picture of the village, as viewed from the stream that drove the watermill. He accepted the commission, and began working on what was to become one of his most spectacular works. By the time it was completed, the finished product looked like it had been painted by one of the artists in the Romantic period such as John Constable or even Albert Bierstadt.


Two trees, positioned on either side of the work led the viewer's eye into the picture, and their dark shadows created a natural focal point in the centre. The colours were vivid, but gave one the impression that it was mid-to-late afternoon, with the sun shining in from one side. The background was muted, with Ernesto's distinctive misty appearance, to give the whole picture the illusion of being three dimensional. The over all atmosphere was calm and soothing, as well as capturing the timelessness that made the village so appealing.


The mayor was so impressed with the outcome that he paid almost one and a half times the price which he had offered at first. Photographs of the painting were used on the front page of a number of brochures that promoted the village, and its attractions among prospective tourists world-wide.


In contrast to the landscape, his next commission was completed relatively quickly. It was a pen-and-ink portrait of one of the younger residents of Katyr. He had a preference for modern art, and wanted a portrait of his lover done in a style that would compliment the other artworks in his home. This time, the subject actually posed for the picture, rather than it being taken from a photograph. The outcome was relatively simple, but detailed enough as to capture the young man's handsome face without being too crowded. The shading was made up of a series of parallel lines, cross-hatched in the places where it needed to be darker. So as not to distract the viewer from the facial features, the rest of the detail was suggested with lines, that faded away the further they were from the face itself.


These two works boosted Ernesto's reputation, and soon he was contracted for two more important works. Both were for the local historical society. The first was a portrait of Duke Alexander Katyr. This proved somewhat of a challenge for Ernesto, because the only pictorial reference that was available was a faded etching in the archives, and he had to interpret much of the details as the picture was not clear enough. And so, when he presented the finished work to the chairman, who had hired him, he was not sure that the work would be accepted. His fears were soon set aside however, when his client called the rest of the society members to have a look at the painting. There were gasps of approval from most of them, and soon Ernesto had shaken hands with all of the members present.


The chairman stated with a smile on his face: “A rare genius, young man! Seldom have I seen such quality work, and yet you say that you have only just qualified? Extraordinary! Quite extraordinary!”


Even though the second one was more intricate, it was relatively easy compared to the first. The reason for this was that it was taken from a photograph. It was of a ruined shrine that was one of the many historical sites that attracted so many visitors to the town. It was situated in the midst of a forest about twenty kilometres out of Katyr. Apart from a cobbled path that led up to it, the rest of the surrounding bush was left untouched.


On the day that he took the photograph, a single visitor was at the site. He was so engrossed as he looked at the shrine, that he did not even notice Ernesto coming up behind him. The artist stood some distance from him, and was able to take the picture without even disturbing the visitor, but he was close enough to get a clear shot of the shrine.


Ernesto had a great love and respect for ancient holy sites, and he gave this particular work special attention. He painted the picture in his impressionistic style, but with a little more attention to detail. Using a number of techniques he had applied in the picture of the watermill, he was able to capture the scene as if it were a moment in time frozen onto the canvas. Dappled light streamed in from one side, and accentuated the focal point and the figure standing in front of it. There was a hint of Caspar David Friedrich in the work, as the lone visitor gave it a sense of mystery, with his back to the viewer.


Again the members of the society were extremely impressed with the end result, and paid Ernesto handsomely for it. This meant, that for the time being, he had enough money so that he and Selena could live quite comfortably without him needing to accept any more commissions.


However, this did not mean that he stopped working. The Katyr Carnival was in three months time, and he wanted to have some of his paintings to sell at the event. There were a few pieces that he had brought with him, but they were not enough, so he began to work on a few fresh ideas, and hoped to complete them in time for the festival. As it happens, he was only able to finish two more paintings when another important commission came in. The first of these two was a portrait of Selena done in oil. Although one could not see the rest of her, she was standing almost naked, holding an apple in her one hand, as if she was about to take a bite from it.


The second one was inspired on a particularly hot afternoon. The studio opened out onto a small veranda in which Selena had planted some flowers, and a creeper which had only just come into bloom. She was actually about to pose for another painting, when she went outside onto the porch to cool down. Because the deck was on the level with the attic, she was out of view from anyone at ground level. This meant that no-one could see her as she wandered out of the door onto the landing without a stitch of clothing on. A light breeze caught her long hair, and she lifted her arms to try and keep it under control. At that moment, Ernesto took a photo of her. The result was that the picture for which she was going to pose was only completed later. Instead, Ernesto painted a watercolour depicting her as she stood naked on the balcony.


The commission followed. He was asked to paint a picture for one of the lodges outside of Katyr. Although not the biggest, the surrounding land was home to quite a lot of wildlife. This was mainly of the smaller varieties, such as foxes, rabbits, and some deer. At first he thought the work would be easy, but soon Ernesto realised that the most difficult part of it was getting the right picture to use as a reference. To achieve this, he built a hiding place for himself near a stream, and waited for the right moment.


First a rather timid fox came to the water's edge for a drink, and he took his first picture. Not long afterwards, some hares followed, and he took a second photo. It took the rest of the day before he was able to get a third. This time a single deer appeared on top of the ridge above the stream. Ernesto had set his camera just at the right position to get the shot before the buck either ran away again, or came down to the brook for a drink.


Satisfied that he had what he was looking for, he emerged from his hide-out, and returned home to start working. This time the outcome was so realistic that one could have sworn that it was an enlarged photograph, excepting that he was able to put the fox, the hares, and the deer all together in the same picture, whereas it was taken from three separate snapshots.


The owner of the lodge was so impressed that he promised to promote Ernesto's expertise throughout the other proprietors, not only in and around Cathan, but as far as his influence would allow. He informed the artist that he had associates as far East as the island of Erolith, and as far West as Saida. This would mean that there was a strong possibility that many more commissions would come.


For the time being, it seemed, Ernesto would be free to finish the work he had set out to accomplish before the Carnival. The last of these paintings was the one for which Selena was going to pose when she wandered out naked onto the veranda. She lay on her back, wearing only a red gown that was open at the front, exposing her breasts, tummy, and upper thighs. She put her one hand at the back of her head, while the other rested on her pubic area that was hidden by her leg being raised a little. Her head was turned slightly to the opposite side, so that the viewer could only see part of her face. She had her eyes closed as though she was sleeping. In fact the pose was so comfortable, that Selena did actually doze off, and Ernesto had to wake her up every time he wanted to take a breather. Even though the pose was very sensuous, it was not provocative as it was too natural.


He used a canvas in which the grain was courser than the usual brand. This meant, that although the finished painting was very realistic, it still looked slightly less photographic and unpolished. This picture he titled 'The Dreamer'.


Ernesto completed the work in just enough time for the paint to dry before the Carnival. The big day finally dawned, and the sun had barely come up when the stalls opened, Ernesto's included. During the day, from mid-morning till about three in the afternoon, the market was bustling with visitors from all over Yesha. There were even quite a number of customers from as far afield as Cirda. The only quiet times were early in the morning and late afternoon, until the taverns and restaurants opened their doors.


The week was hectic, but Ernesto was able to sell most of his work. Rather reluctantly, he accepted an offer for the Dreamer from a buyer who lived in Samblar. He had not put a price on any of his paintings, as it was customary for those who sold luxury items, to haggle until they reached a price that was agreeable to both merchant and customer. Often this meant that the price agreed upon was somewhat lower than the seller had hoped for, but this was not the case with 'Dreamer'. In fact the offer was almost double the amount that Ernesto had expected. This was why he let it go, despite the fact that he hoped to keep it.


Although he was quite exhausted, Ernesto was soon back at work. This time, however, he would not allow Selena to see what it was he was doing. Every time she walked in, he threw a cloth over the canvas, and would not permit even a peek. This might have annoyed Selena, or even aroused her suspicions, if it were not for the impish expression on his face. After some time, she stopped prying any further.


At last the day arrived when the artist invited her to see the finished product! As though he was unveiling an historical plaque or signpost, he threw back the cloth that covered the picture, and smiled broadly as Selena's mouth went open. She put her hands up to her face, and burst into tears. There before her was a painting of her sleeping in the comfy chair that was in her compartment on the train, her fluffy kitty on her lap. It was just as she remembered it, and perhaps even better.


“Ernesto! It's beautiful!” She exclaimed, wiping the tears from her eyes. She leapt into his arms, hugging his neck and smothering him with kisses. Then she stood on her own two feet once again, just gazing at the picture.


“This one's just for you, my love.” Ernesto said, his usual broad smile on his face.


“But why?” Selena stammered, “What's the occasion?”


“No occasion.” He replied, “I just knew that you'd like it.”


“Like it?” She responded, “I love it!”


That evening, they found a place in the bedroom to hang the picture. It was specially positioned so that it would greet Selena every morning when she woke up, and bid her goodnight when she went to bed. Ernesto always called the picture 'Someone I Met on a Train'.


The afternoon after he had shown the painting to Selena, they went together to the market. It was as if it was an anniversary or something. Ernesto selected a bottle of wine, while Selena chose the ingredients for their meal. Soon they returned home, and celebrated together, even though there was actually nothing to celebrate. While they were enjoying a glass of wine together after the meal, Selena started laughing.


“What's funny?” Ernesto asked.


“Here we are, celebrating.” She mused, “Even though there is no special occasion, excepting of course the completion of by far my favourite of your paintings.”


Ernesto replied: “I don't need a special occasion. I'm celebrating the fact that I am in love with an extraordinary woman. That's reason enough for me.”


Selena leaned over and kissed him. She did not have to say anything. The passion of that kiss said it all. They made their way to the bedroom, and Ernesto lay down, waiting for Selena to join him. This she did only after she had removed her jacket. Underneath she wore a top that exposed her midriff but covered her breasts.


Ernesto removed her ankle-high boots. Selena lay back as he pulled her stockings off. When he had finished, he kissed the top of her thighs lovingly, and then knelt next to her. She opened her legs. Pushing her panties to one side, he inserted his finger into her quim as her hands caressed his lower torso.


She took off her top and her bra, exposing her breasts. Ernesto bent over, and began to kiss her nipples, sucking gently until they became erect. Selena's head went back, and she started to sigh. She loved it when he fondled her breasts, and even more so when he sucked her nipples as though he was a baby. In her mind's eye, she imagined what it would be like to have that soft little mouth suckling on her, and the warmth of her milk as it poured into it. The thought sent a current through her body, and she felt a tingling sensation between her thighs, that became even more intense when Ernesto reached down and caressed her through the flimsy fabric of her panties.




Selena unzipped his jeans, and freed his cock from its restraints. With both hands, she held it still as she took it into her mouth. She rode up and down the rigid shaft, laving the tip of the organ from time to time. Ernesto's hand held her head in place. He groaned in pleasure as he felt as though he was almost ready to cum in her mouth.


Sensing his urgency, she stopped and lay on her back, her legs open wide. His member still jerked uncontrollably as he entered her, taking up his own weight with his strong arms. Selena began to groan as his cock was driven as deep as it could go by the strength of his thrusts. Her long fingernails dug into his back as her body delighted in his movements. Gone were any reservations or hidden fears, that right up until recently still plagued her. She felt absolutely certain of his love for her, and what's more, of her affection for him.


By now he was lying behind her, his cock just inside of her, and her butt-cheeks pressed against him. This was not the most comfortable position for either of them, as the pillows of the bed had almost fallen off, and they were pushed hard against the wall at the top of the bed. But neither of them wanted to break the contact between them. Soon however, it became too awkward, and they were forced to change position again. This time Selena went down on all-fours, and Ernesto entered her from behind again. She gripped the bedding tightly, as she felt as though her whole body was suddenly aflame with the warm glow of passion. The fire inside her began to subside again, leaving her gasping for breath, and yet longing for more.


Once again she lay on her back, and Ernesto entered her. As he tried to take up his weight again, she pulled him down on top of her, enjoying his strong body against hers. Another warm flood filled her as he pounded away, this time more deliberately as he felt his own pleasure mount. She dug her nails into his back, and begged him to stay inside her. Her hips bucked off the bed, and it was all Ernesto could do to stop his dick from slipping out. He gasped for breath as he emptied himself into her. Totally exhausted, they lay in each other's arms, trying to catch their breath.


It was then that Ernesto noticed a warm trickle running down his forehead. He put his hand there to see what it was, and burst out laughing. “Damn!” He exclaimed, “I think I banged my head against the wall!”


Selena laughed too, expressing her sympathy for him. He bent down between her thighs again, and began to lave her womanhood. At first she was more than a little sensitive to his touch, but soon she enjoyed his attention. As his tongue stroked her, he could taste the slight bitterness of his own offering. With the slightest of motion, Selena felt the gentlest of orgasms flow through her, and she sighed in exhausted elation.


They said very little, and were soon fast asleep. The following morning, Selena awoke to find that the bed next to her was empty. She called Ernesto's name, but there was no reply. She searched for him - no-one there. Puzzled, and more than a little concerned, she went back to bed and lay down. The memory of the previous night was still warm within her. She soon felt more than a little drowsy, and dozed off.


Selena hardly noticed the front door open, and barely responded when Ernesto entered the bedroom, and said in a soft voice: “I have a little surprise for you.”


“Oh yeah,” She responded sleepily, “What's that?”


She felt the weight of something very light in the small of her back. This caught her attention. She rolled over, and saw Ernesto place a tiny bundle of black fir onto her tummy. Only then did she realise what it was. It was a kitten! A small black and white kitten.

Immediately it began to crawl awkwardly toward her face. She picked it up, and held it close to her. It meowed a little, and soon began to purr as she stroked it gently. She looked up at Ernesto, tears welling up in her eyes. He beamed down at her, and said: “I couldn't find a tabby cat, so I thought this would do.”


“It's beautiful!” She replied. Looking down at the little creature, seemingly already asleep in her arms, she cooed: “You're beautiful. So cute!”


Once she discovered that the kitten was female, Selena decided to call her 'Nessa'. Almost from the start, Selena and Nessa were inseparable. The kitten followed her mistress wherever she went, and was her constant companion.


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