Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 10

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 10 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 10

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The relationship begins to flourish



The relationship begins to flourish

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 10

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The relationship flourishes

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 10:


Ernesto remained true to his word. After he had completed the painting of Gina, he asked Selena to model for him in three of the four figure studies he did for the end of the semester. The only exception was a commission that he received to paint a semi-nude oil painting of a young actress, whose stage name was Keisha La'Quella. It was to be an anniversary present, but the event was only at the end of the year. This meant that he would be able to exhibit it with the rest of his final work.


He chose to paint it in his impressionistic style, using loose brush-strokes and slightly exaggerated colours. One of the reasons for this was that his subject had dark auburn hair, and he wanted to capture its richness. This was off-set by the dark almost crimson gown, that hung halfway off her one shoulder. Her head was tilted slightly downwards, and half faced towards the viewer so that one could see her facial features. Her eyes were closed, giving the viewer the impression that she may have just awoken from a dream, and was still trying to hold onto its memory.


His next work was another landscape. Called the 'River of Life', it depicted a stream as it meandered through a rich forest. In the background was a range of low hills, and off to the right was a wooden foot-bridge. As did many of his landscapes, this work had a misty atmosphere. Although the colours were too vivid and rich to give any illusion that it was early in the morning, it gave one the impression that it was a warm sunny day, and the heat had caused the water to give off a slight vapour. Again it was painted in a looser style than all but one of the previous landscapes.


Next was the first of the figure studies for which Selena modelled. Although that was not strictly true, as it was based on a photograph that Ernesto took while she was napping on the old bed in his studio. She was wearing nothing but a frilly nightie because she was actually preparing to pose for a painting that he ditched in exchange for this particular picture. It had been a long day, and Selena grew tired of waiting for him to get ready. So she dozed off, and when Ernesto looked, she was fast asleep. The pose was so natural and sensual that he could not avoid the temptation to take a photograph of her lying there.


He had the picture developed and enlarged, so that he could clearly see every detail. The resulting painting was an absolute masterpiece. It reminded one of the work found in the Renaissance, perhaps - if it had been painted in that era - comparable to a Reubens or even a Titian, although the figure was less voluptuous. The detail was immaculate, the colours somewhat muted to enhance the sensuality of the subject without making it too erotic. The overall impression of the work was that it was even better than the photo from which it was taken.


The picture that followed was a nude. It was a pencil sketch of Selena. She had her back to the viewer, and was resting with her hands on the bed. Her head was up, and one could just see her profile, her long hair falling down to the middle of her back. The pose gave accent to the strength of her muscles, as well as the sensuality of her slender thighs and shapely butt. Although he could clearly see the slightest hint of her secret cleft, he downplayed it in the sketch, just suggesting it with a few lines. Again the lines and the shading bore testimony to Ernesto's skill and sensitivity.


The landscape that came afterwards was called 'The Sacred Place'. It was of a narrow creek with a waterfall at the far end. The rocky crags that formed the sides of the ravine resembled ancient bones and skulls, as if they had been built into the clay that held them in place. He always said that these were ghostly sentinels guarding the stream as it passed through, preventing anyone from spoiling or even intruding on this most 'Sacred Place'.


For his final work, Ernesto took Selena out to a remote location. The land was owned by a friend of his father's, who had allowed most of it to revert back to nature. He would allow a select number of tourists onto the farm, and then he - or one of his three sons - would take them on a guided tour of the areas that were still pristine. One particularly beautiful setting was the stream from which the farm drew its water. It bubbled through a gorge, part of which was the inspiration for the painting mentioned earlier. Ever since Ernesto was a teenager, he had always considered that spot to be: 'The Sacred Place'. Just below there, the river flowed out of the ravine into a thickly wooded area. It was here that Ernesto instructed Selena to pose for a series of photos, one of which would eventually become a painting.


On the day, Selena wore a summer dress. The top part of it was white, while the lower bodice and skirt were various shades of pink, starting with a pale hue, and gradually becoming darker until the lower skirt was almost the colour of Rosé wine. The day had begun somewhat windy, so she tied her hair up with scarlet ribbons. The result was breathtakingly beautiful. Her slightly tanned skin contrasted with the white of her dress, and her dark hair complimented the pink on the rest of the outfit, and was accentuated by the scarlet bands.


She sat on a rock with her one foot dangling in the deep pool that was at the bottom of a small waterfall, her other foot on the rock upon which she sat, her knee up with her arm resting on it. Her skirt parted to allow both of her legs to be bare without being too revealing. As she sat there, looking like some sort of water nymph, a slight breeze picked up, causing the light fabric of her garment to flutter freely, and played with her long hair. It only took a single photograph, and Ernesto knew that he had achieved what he had set out to do.


This painting was done in his impressionistic style, and when it was finished, it resembled one of the French artists of the mid-to-late eighteenth century, perhaps a Renoir or even a Monet. The colours were bright and cheerful, without being too gaudy, and many that looked upon it said that it was the kind of picture that would lift one's spirits when one saw it. He titled this one: 'Forest Princess', and even though many admirers offered high prices for it, he donated it to the gallery, and dedicated the section where it hung to Selena.


Early on in this semester, Selena had begun to put her plan in motion, so that she could contribute, even in some small way, to the household finances. She began baking pancakes and shortbread, two delicacies that she had learned to make off-by-heart. She found that she enjoyed the activity, and collected a variety of dishes that she then took to a number of home industry outlets. Among the customers' favourites were her jam tarts, and she began to receive orders from her clients. Sometimes she would work harder than others, because the request was for a number of dishes for some function or another. Before long she began to bring in a sizeable income, and she almost dreaded the day when she would have to close shop.


Soon it was time for Ernesto's final college exhibition. The gallery was filled with artwork from some twelve final-year students. Each of them was given an area to display their collection from the previous semester. Ernesto's was the only one whose section had its own name: 'Selena's Cove'. He had decked it out to look like a faerie garden with a paved area through which the public could enter to see his work. He needed to choose eight out of the eleven works he had completed over the last six months. His choice was: The 'Figure in Robes' for which he had employed Gina to pose; the 'Dancers'; the 'Magic Tree' - done in pencil; and the 'River of Life'. As well as: 'Sleep' - the first painting with Selena as the model; the pencil sketch of the nude; the 'River of Life; and finally the 'Forest Princess'. He specifically did not put up the commissioned work, as it was already accounted for.



His exhibition was a great success. The public loved his work, even though quite a few people that attended could not afford it. One critic stated: “... The boy is an Impressionist, a Realist, and a Classical artist, all rolled into one, with a flare and a sensitivity that is all his own ...”. But for Ernesto, he still believed that he could have improved. Like all artists, he needed someone to take the brush out of his hand, and say: “The painting is finished.” One of his flaws, according to the Professor, was that, if left alone, he was almost always in danger of over-working a painting, and thus spoiling it. In his report, Professor Fenmarel stated: “He is a genius, but perhaps lacks the discipline to know when to stop, and the confidence to settle for anything less than perfection.”


His pictures fetched some very high prices, and he was even tempted to sell the one he had pledged not to. The offer was three times higher than any of the others. Some even stated that 'Sleep' was his best work to date, but he stuck to his word, and the painting remained in the Gallery. The proceeds that he received for his work earned him a very comfortable packet - more than enough to pay for the Betrothal, and to give them enough leeway to start their new lives together.


As it happened, Selena was given a contract to supply snacks for a large wedding, for which she was also paid quite handsomely. Now all that they needed to do was to arrange their own ceremony.


One afternoon, Ernesto came across from the studio where he had been working. Selena was busy cleaning up in the kitchen after having baked a tray of fresh shortbread. She had her back to the room, and did not hear him enter. Selena was slightly alarmed when she felt his strong arms around her waist from behind. She turned around, pretending to threaten him for making her nearly drop the tray, but kissed him on the lips instead.


“Oh no you don't!” She exclaimed as he reached for a piece of shortbread from the tray, and when he nearly dropped it because his fingers were burning, she chided: “See - It serves you right for stealing.”


“I wasn't stealing.” Ernesto insisted, “Just tasting - Wow! These are good!” And he swiped another piece. Although they were still piping hot, he popped the first one into his mouth. His face at first went all distorted from the heat, but soon he began to really enjoy the flavour, as he always did.


“What are you doing here?” Enquired Selena, “I thought you were going to be busy all day on your new painting.”


After swallowing the second piece, he replied with a smile: “I was, but then I realised that I was missing you. So I came over just to see you, and to steal your shortbread.”


“If you weren't such a terrible liar,” She responded in jest, “I would have been flattered. Not that I'm unhappy that you did come across, but I know that it wasn't the only reason.”


“You can see right through me.” He moaned, a smile still playing on his face, “Okay - I found a venue that I think is ideal for our Betrothal, and I was thinking we could go and check it out. I must admit, I need a break.”


“Sounds good. Let's go now.” Selena agreed. Soon the couple were heading out of the city to a site where an ancient shrine had been discovered some time ago, and restored as a wedding and hand-fasting venue, amongst other things. The setting was almost like in a fairytale: The pathway to the entrance was paved, and it led to a small set of stairs, the parapets of which were ornately carved with patterns that were a reflection of the era in which the first shrine was built. On either side of this wall was a pond that ran under a small bridge with three pointed arches.


Huge trees formed a natural aisle leading to the central part of the shrine, and behind the razed dais upon which stood two reconstructed statues, signifying one of the gods, as well as one of the goddesses that were revered by the original shrine. Miraculously, this pair had survived the ravages of time, and only required a relatively small amount of work to restore them to their former glory. And there they stood, seemingly as immortal as the deities they symbolised, and watching over the many weddings and other ceremonies that had been held there in the twelve years since the work was completed.


Selena and Ernesto fell in love with the place almost from the start. They enquired as to when the shrine would be available, and found out that it was booked up for three months. They were informed that they could only make arrangements for the second week-end of the fourth month. This they did, knowing that it would take time even to arrange a simple ceremony. Selena had a few friends in Lianthorn that she could invite, hopefully without any contact with Silas's associates. Elena, the person to whom she had sent the e-mail telling her all about her affair with Ernesto, was one of them. Ernesto did not have many friends as such, but there were some of his fellow art students that he wanted to include. And then, of course, there were Draven and Marissa, the couple they had met on the train.


On the way home, Selena received an SMS to say that she could collect the cash from her week's sales at one of the outlets that stocked her produce. “Babe.” She asked, “Can we stop over at the Deshan Mall? I just need to collect some money there, and I thought I'd get us something special for tonight.”


“No problem.” Came the reply, “It's on the way.”


Soon they were at the mall, and Ernesto parked in the covered area. He elected to stay in the car, and Selena rushed in to do what she needed to do. She had just returned to the parking lot, when she became suspicious that someone was following her. Clutching her handbag to her bosom, she wheeled round to see who it was, but the figure behind her moved too quickly, and all she spotted was his jeans and a hooded dark blue jacket. She tried to stop herself from bursting into tears, but began to weep as she headed for the car.


As she sat down on the passenger seat, she realised that she was shaking. So much so that she dropped one of the packages as she tried to put it into the back. Ernesto asked what was wrong.


“Someone was following me from the shop where I bought the groceries.” She explained, her throat tight and her eyes burning.


“Did you see who it was?” He asked, putting his hand on her shoulder in an attempt to reassure her.


She shook her head, and stammered as she tried to calm down again: “It was too dark, and he was too quick. All I know is that it was a male, and that he was wearing jeans and a dark blue jacket with a hood. Can we just get home?”


Without trying to answer, Ernesto started the car and headed for the exit. Both of them were too distraught to notice the hooded figure standing near the pay-point where Ernesto had to insert the access card.


While Selena was packing away the goods she had bought, Ernesto phoned the local police and reported what had happened. At first the officer to whom he was speaking sounded somewhat condescending, and was about to brush the incident off, but when Ernesto mentioned that it was one of the cases being investigated by the S C I B, his attitude changed dramatically, and he began to pay attention to what Ernesto was saying. He promised that he would inform the detective in charge of the case, and that someone would contact them to get a statement. The officer then asked: “Is it possible that he followed you home?”


“Dammit!” Ernesto exclaimed, “Hadn't thought of that.”


“Okay sir.” Came the voice on the other side of the line, “We'll send someone to check up on you at regular intervals. Could I have your residential address please?” Ernesto gave it to him, and he assured: “I'll arrange for a car to patrol round your neighbourhood just in case.”


Ernesto thanked the officer, and hung up just as Selena came into the room. He told her about his conversation with the police, and tried to console her by saying that everything was going to be all-right. But she was not convinced, and remained tense until they went to bed. Even then, she struggled to sleep, and kept imagining someone trying, either to break into the house, or to spy on them again. As a result, neither of them were able to sleep that night, and the magic of their visit to the shrine was utterly spoilt.


The following morning, now that the previous day's incident was a little less vivid in their memories, it was time to put some spark back into their affair. Instead of using the shower that was adjacent to the main bedroom, Selena went to the one near the indoor swimming bath, and invited Ernesto to join her. Rather reluctantly, he got out of bed and followed her to the cubicle, not because he wasn't interested, but because they had very little sleep the night before.


Selena left the shower door open so that he could watch her undressing. His gaze took in her long slender legs, curvaceous hips, and the dark triangle of fine hair in between her tender thighs. He marvelled afresh at her flat tummy, her small but sensuous navel, proud breasts with their dark nipples, and her beautiful face that now smiled at him in mock dismay.


Selena chided him playfully as she noticed the expression on his face: “Nice to see you awake at last!”


She put a hairpin in her long hair so that it did not get tangled while she was showering. Her first attempt was a dismal failure, and both of them laughed at the blunder. She had better luck the second time round. Instead of an overhead shower, this was hand-held. Selena turned round to switch it on, and Ernesto revelled in seeing her sexy butt just beyond his reach. He felt a stirring in his loins at the sight.


Selena instructed him to stand closer while she adjusted the water to the right temperature. He complied, and she began to wash him, the spray in one hand and the soap in the other. She began with his neck and chest, her soft hands caressing him as the lather ran down his body. The gentleness of her palms sent shivers down him. His midriff, arms and back were next. She massaged him as she spread the soap all over. All the time she was crooning her appreciation at his physique.


“My turn.” He uttered softly, more than a little out of breath. She smiled up at him, and stepped slightly away. She had already soaked herself while washing Ernesto, and he wasted little time rubbing soap all over the front of her body. His hands delighted to the softness of her skin. As they trailed over her breasts, he delayed a little. Just enough to stroke her nipples until he felt them harden to his touch. He stopped just short of the secret cleft between her thighs, reaching right down to the bowl of her tummy. His touch made her skin feel as though it was being teased by a gentle warm wind that blew over her. She turned around, and Ernesto washed her back.


Selena took the shower from him, and began to wash the soap suds off of him. As her hands caressed the lower part of his torso, she let out a giggle, when she noticed that he was already as hard as a rod. In her most coquettish voice, she said: “Oh my - So eager!”


Once Ernesto had washed the soap off from his lover's body, they went to the swimming bath together. It was only just bigger than a jacuzzi, and had a water feature off to one side that fed it with cool clean water. After the warmth of the shower, the pool water smarted for a few seconds, but soon it set their bodies all a-tingle. They sat on the steps that formed a ring around the edge of the pool. They laughed and splashed each other like naughty teenagers skinny-dipping. All the tension and stress seemed to wash off of them with the water.


Soon Ernesto became very serious indeed. Although his smile never left his face, his expression made it clear that he had more in mind than just play. Selena responded as he held the top of her arms and drew her closer to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his hardness against her. Resting with her hands behind her, she lay back. He reached out and began fondling with her breasts just below the surface of the water. The warmth of his touch was in contrast to the coolness that flowed around her, giving accent to the sensations that began to flow through her.


His hands ran down the front of her body, one of them reaching her maidenhead. He started to gently stroke her clitoris until she could feel her own body respond to his attentions. She took his dick in her one hand, and began to jerk him off. With her other hand she cupped his balls, still pulled up tight from the cold.


He stood up, his cock jutting out in front of him, and sat down again on the side of the pool. Selena put her mouth over it, at first feeling the coolness of the water, and then the heat that was generated as his excitement grew. She rode up and down the rampant shaft, and then held it with both hands while her tongue played with the hyper-sensitive head. Soon the wetness from the water was replaced by a slightly warm trickle that oozed from the opening at its tip. Ernesto groaned with pleasure.


And still Selena continued relentlessly, teasing him while she kept eye contact with him as if to gauge the effect she was having on him. His hands went to the back of her head, thus preventing her from moving as he took delight in the warm tenderness that surrounded him. She removed her hands, and pushed his member into her mouth as far as it could go without gagging her. Her tongue put pressure on the organ, and Ernesto had to tell her, rather reluctantly, to stop.


Selena bent over, facing away from him and supporting herself with her hands on the opposite step. She raised her hips as she felt his cock between her butt-cheeks. By now the fear of him fucking her in the arse had all but completely diminished, but she was still more than a little relieved when the velvety tip seemed to plead for entry into her quim. He found his mark, and gently eased her back onto him. He allowed her to go at her own pace as he urged her to rock back and forth onto his turgid cock.


As she felt him inside of her, she knew that it would not be long before she would be soaring on the heights. But it arrived sooner rather than later, and took her by surprise. She felt that her arms could no longer support her, and the strength in her legs began to falter. And still the waves of delectation swept through her body, until it was only determination that prevented her from collapsing in the water. As her climax began to ebb away, she relaxed once more.





Ernesto withdrew, and lay on his back, inviting her to join him. She climbed out of the pool, still somewhat shaky and her legs feeling a little like jelly. She straddled his hips, and pushed his cock back inside her. Slowly at first, she began to ride him, but soon she felt her excitement rise up once more. The orgasm that followed made the first a little insignificant, and when it reached its zenith, her whole body shook as though she was having some form of seizure. It was so intense that Ernesto had to stop moving completely until she relaxed once again.


And then they were back in the water once more, the coolness relaxing them for a moment. Selena bent over as she had before, and Ernesto entered her from behind. This time it was his turn to keep the pace. She could sense that his time was close, so she allowed his movements to be at his own tempo. He fucked her slowly at first, but as his movements became more erratic, his momentum quickened, and his thrusts became harder and harder. Although it took her breath away, Selena found that she enjoyed the raw power of his body pounding away at hers. Her head went back as she let out a slow moan.


Hurriedly he withdrew, and she felt his warm semen land in the small of her back, and then trickle down between her butt-cheeks. She turned around and took his still jerking member into her mouth as if to savour the last drop that still oozed out of him.


Selena suddenly let out a laugh as she looked at her fingers, and noticed that they were all shrivelled up. Ernesto did the same, and began to laugh as well. It was then that they realised just how cold the water had become. They dried each other off, and made their way back to the bedroom to get dressed. Soon they were warm and dry again. The two of them were able to enjoy a leisurely breakfast out on the veranda, overlooking the bubbling stream that ran between the rows of houses. They had all but forgotten what happened the previous day.


The three and a half months leading up to the ceremony were frantic. Invitations had to be designed and printed, and then sent off the the various people. Replies had to be processed. The layout of the venue itself had to be planned, as well as the seating arrangements. The High Priest and High Priestess had to be approached, and asked if they would conduct the ceremony. Vows had to be agreed upon, a task that nearly ended up in an argument.


Ernesto had to have an outfit made for him that would match the elegance of the gown that he had bought for Selena, when they were in Ytharra Station, as well as the colour scheme. He chose a brown jacket with a pattern embroidered into the high collar that was similar to the one on Selena's dress. The same covered his shoulders. The jacket was fastened around his waist with a leather belt, and came to just below his hips. He wore black pants and knee-high boots of fine leather. The finishing touch was a cocked hat, that made him look a little like a highwayman, without the pistols and rapier that is.


At last the big day arrived! The excited couple waited until the High Priest and Priestess came and greeted them. They were dressed in elegant flowing gowns upon which were embossed the emblems of their faith, and upon their heads were tiaras of silver. The High Priestess had long flowing hair that hung in two tresses down her front. These reached to the middle of her midriff. At the back it came down to her waist. The High Priest also had long hair, but his came to just below his shoulders. Both of them were tall, and their attire made them look almost ethereal.


The former was holding a bunch of dried herbs, that had been set alight so that a thin wisp of smoke rose from it, filling the air with a sweet scent. Beginning at the crown of their heads, he blessed and cleansed them of all negative energy. Thereafter the High Priestess asked them: “Do you enter this hallowed place in perfect love, perfect faith and perfect trust?”


To which both answered: “This we do.”


“Enter then.” She responded, “And be blessed.”


They walked slowly towards the centre of the shrine, the Priest and Priestess following them. On either side of them, and behind the altar, were a number of seats upon which sat the guests. Positioned at the four corners of the compass were figures dressed in traditional clothing. These were the attendants who had called the Quarters as was tradition. Once the ceremony was over, their duty would be to declare the Circle open once more. As this was a hand-fasting and not a wedding, there was no best man or bridesmaids present.


The two of them stood and bowed before the altar. Then they waited for the two clerics to arrive. The High Priest and Priestess then welcomed one and all to the ceremony. Then they spoke the blessing over the couple, saying: “Blessings be upon you from the Spiritual Powers of Light to whom this holy place is dedicated. May the strength and protection of its Lord embrace you. May the love and light of its Lady give warmth and direction to you, and may you bear the memories of this day deep in your hearts.


May your love be a light to guide you. May you keep your hearts and bodies warm, and may the love that you share ever be a wonder to you, to cherish and hold dear for as long as it shall last. So be it.”


To which all present replied: “So mote it be.”


The clerics then instructed them to stand face-to-face with their hands joined. Then they passed a plaited scarf between them, and tied a knot so that both were joined. The time had come for the two of them to recite the vows upon which they had finally agreed. These went something like this: “I take thee to my heart. I vow to love thee in sunshine and in rain, in lean times and times of plenty, in sickness and in health.


Under a starry sky, and over the rainbow, I promise to love you for a year and a day, and perhaps even forever more.”


Again Kharis the High Priest, and Marodena the High Priestess, took their hands and said: “Hands joined together. Hearts joined together. Bodies joined together, and souls joined together. Joined together in love, for as long as it shall last - so be it.”


To which Selena and Ernesto replied: “So mote it be.”


In conclusion, the two clerics said: “From this moment forth, for a year and a day, we declare you hand-fasted. You may kiss once the ribbon has been removed.”


Without untying the knot, the scarf was deftly removed. There was a loud cheer when Ernesto took Selena in his arms, and kissed her smiling lips. Almost too engrossed in the moment, no-one noticed a shady figure lurking close to the dais. As the couple turned their backs to the rest of the other guests, and were busy signing the certificate, the figure stood up. There were screams and yells of horror as a woman dressed in black leather drew a throwing dagger, and was about to throw it at Selena when a shot went off. Shouting both in pain and anger at her failure, she fell forward, a bullet-hole at the base of her neck.




Selena broke down in tears, and hung onto Ernesto's neck as though she was trying to stop herself from falling over. Just when she thought the situation could not get any worse, another commotion erupted at the back. Several police officers were struggling to subdue a male, but Selena could not see who it was, as he was lying face down on the ground, while the men were trying to put cuffs on him. Eventually they succeeded, and allowed him to stand up again. Selena gasped with horror and anguish. It was Silas!


“I'll fucking kill you - bitch!” He yelled almost in an insane rage, “You and your little toy-boy will not leave this city alive! I'll ...”


He let out a sound that was close to a snarl, like a wild rabid animal, as they dragged him away to the waiting police car.


Kharis proclaimed sadly: “Now this hallowed place will have to be cleansed and re-dedicated, for blood has been spilt here this day. Selena and Ernesto, do not fear. Your vows are still intact, and have not been tainted by what has happened.”


There was no cheering as the couple walked back down the aisle between the double line of guests that was forming to urge them on, wish them all the best for the future, and congratulate them. The moment was lightened somewhat as they got near the end of the lines, for there - smiling and blessing them - was Kalin himself, with his new wife. Selena rushed towards him, and threw her arms around him weeping still. But this time her tears were tears of joy as well as sadness. After a few words with him, and being introduced to his wife, whose name was Irene, she went back, and continued at Ernesto's side. Last in line were Draven and Marissa. At first he looked very serious indeed, but once he had expressed his shock at the recent events, he cheered up and wished the new couple well for the future.


The ceremony officially ended when the two of them jumped over the broomstick that was lying on the ground at the end of the two lines. At last the spell of silence was broken when Selena's gown got caught under the broom. She stumbled forward, but was able to regain her balance before she fell to the ground. Everybody started to laugh, even the couple themselves. After this, the festivities got under way. There was much mirth and merriment, and soon the dreadful things, that had threatened to destroy Selena and Ernesto's big day, were almost forgotten.


Selena could not wait to leave Cathan. Even though she enjoyed most of her stay, the events that had marred her betrothal had soured the experience. Once most of the guests had left, she and Ernesto departed for Lake Ulath, where they had planned to stay for a few days as a sort of honeymoon. As the crowded streets, the noise and the bustle began to disappear behind them, Selena could not help but be relieved.


The sun was setting over the lake when they arrived. The water turned golden as the fading light fell upon it, and a slight breeze caused ripples on its surface. It didn't take long for the couple to find the chalet that they had booked. It was roughly 'L' shaped, with a front and side veranda, the former overlooking the lake. Inside was a large living room that included the sitting area and bedroom, with the kitchenette off to one side. At the opposite end, there was a separate bathroom.


All the modern facilities and comforts were there, including a sound system with a selection of music programmed into it. Ernesto chose a number of jazz pieces to lighten up the mood. He was about to ask Selena if she would like to dance, when he noticed that she had taken off her shoes and flopped down onto the king-size double bed.


“Ah - My feet were killing me!” She proclaimed tiredly, “It feels so good to be able to lie down.”

Wisely, Ernesto changed his mind about the dancing. He went to the bathroom and took a bottle of massage oil that he had noticed when they arrived. Returning to the bed, he knelt down and lifted Selena's feet, supporting them on his lap. He picked up one leg, and massaged the oil into her foot and up the back of her calf. Then he did the same to the other foot. He put more oil onto his hands, and worked it into her thighs.


Selena enjoyed the tingling sensation of the oil, as well as the way that it seemed to soothe away all the tension in her tired muscles. She smiled lazily as Ernesto sat next to her on the bed, and instructed her to sit up so that he could unzip her dress. He continued to massage her thighs, and she finally began to relax completely.


Almost in a whisper, she said: “I like it when you massage me.”


Playfully she placed her foot softly against his groin, and started to caress him with her toes. She felt his hardness against the ball of her foot. Now her voice was full of smoulder and desire. “Take your clothes off.” She instructed.


Soon they were both naked. Ernesto knelt between Selena's thighs. He went down and laved her clitoris with his tongue. In response Selena began to moan with pleasure, which escalated as he inserted his index finger into her quim, and reached its peak when he included his middle finger, both of which were soon coated with her moist secretions. Her hands caressed her breasts until her nipples became hard, as she threw her head back, her body arched so as to derive the optimum enjoyment from his advances.


She gently pushed him away, and told him to kneel upright. Selena took his now turgid member in her mouth, and began to ride up and down on it. Soon she was able to savour the semi-sweet taste of his first offering.


Ernesto sat at the bottom of the bed, his knees over the edge. Selena faced away from him, and lowered herself onto his dick as he held it in place. She then started to ride up and down on him, slowly at first, the pace quickening as the fires of desire arose. She turned and put one foot on the bed, so that she sat half facing him. They kissed as he caressed her one thigh, and supported her with his other hand.


They clambered back onto the bed, and Selena went down on her hands and knees. She was no longer afraid of this position because she was almost certain that Ernesto would never abuse her the way Silas did. Her confidence was again rewarded as he thrust himself as deep into her waiting honeypot as he could. He fucked her hard, the front of his thighs slapping against the back of hers. What followed caught her by surprise. She felt a warmth flood through her whole body, seemingly causing every nerve in her body to tingle with delight. Her arms seemed to grow weak, and she flopped down onto the bed, her fingers clasping the duvet in a vain attempt to steady herself. She cried out as her climax overtook her, and her lower body went into convulsions, at times preventing Ernesto from moving.


She urged her lover to sit back, while she took just the tip of his cock between her lips and jerked him off with one hand. As her tongue flickered over the velvety glans, she could taste a hint of her own secretions as well as his own pre-cum that still oozed out of him.


Selena lay on her back, and invited him inside her once more. By the speed and the intensity of his movements, she knew that he was going to cum soon. She longed to feel his warm seed rush into her, and the longing brought on a second orgasm that eclipsed the first. She writhed in delectation as her whole body was seized with all-consuming passion.

Amidst the cries and moans, the only words that Ernesto could hear were: “Oh yes! Don't stop baby! Cum inside me - please!”


He did not need much more prompting. This time, instead of withdrawing as he had before, he continued to thrust until he felt as though his cock was about to erupt. He then lay as still as he could, his hips jerking involuntarily as he released his semen into her willing uterus. Selena's hands held him there while she savoured the moment. As he began to withdraw, she slowly worked up and down his dick, as though she wished to coax the last drop into her, not wanting to waste any of his cum.


They lay there for a while, basking in the aftermath. The warmth of their lovemaking seemed to have finally banished the last of the shadows that still loomed. Only the need for sustenance awoke them, and they began to prepare something to eat in the kitchen. Neither of them bothered to get dressed, as they felt that clothes would spoil the ambience and atmosphere that their intimate moment had created. After a light meal of cold meat and salads, they took a shower together as they had before, and soon fell asleep in each other's arms.

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