Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 1

Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 1 Someone I Met on a Train Chapter 1

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



The story of a young woman who escapes the clutches of her cruel and abusive husband whom she was forced to marry by arrangement. She boards a luxury train, upon which she meets Ernesto ...



The story of a young woman who escapes the clutches of her cruel and abusive husband whom she was forced to marry by arrangement. She boards a luxury train, upon which she meets Ernesto ...


Submitted: October 26, 2016

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Submitted: October 26, 2016



'Someone I Met on a Train':


Chapter 1:


Selena's stomach was in a knot as she waited on the platform of Lianthorn Station. She felt as though she was torn in many directions. On the one hand, she was thrilled with eager anticipation for the journey ahead. On the other, she was sad that her life had reached this stage where she had to take such drastic action. And then there was the nagging fear that her whole plan would blow up in her face.


She was even considering changing her mind, when she heard the distant rumbling of the train's wheels on the track, and the whistle that echoed down the valley. Her excitement grew as she saw the first billow of smoke from the stack, even though the train was still almost out of sight. So great was her sense of eagerness, that she did not notice one of her fellow passengers staring in her direction, an appreciative smile on his young face. When he finally caught her attention, Selena reckoned that he was probably in his early to mid-twenties. His face was clean-shaven, and his brown hair fell to just below his collar. He became somewhat self-conscious as he realised that the woman he'd been admiring was looking his way, and bent down as if to pick up his hand luggage.


Not long after this, the train approached the station, and Selena prepared to get on board. With a loud squealing of brakes, the locomotive came to a standstill, and a few people disembarked. Although this was considered a luxury tourist train, it still made quite a few stops in order to pick up new passengers, whereas for some, the journey was at an end. It depended largely on one's budget. Some could only afford perhaps one stage. Only the rich could enjoy the entire journey, that took all of fifteen days from Cerlyn in the North to Cathan on the South coast. Lianthorn was the second station, although there was one stop-over, about halfway between the two small towns, at which the travellers were treated to a drive through one of the many wildlife reserves on route.


The stationmaster shouted above the noise of the train: “All Aboard! Jal ayipaano!”


The platform was not raised so that it was level with the door of the train, so one had to climb up the steel steps to get on. As Selena was walking towards the stairs, she became aware that her admirer was looking her way again. She couldn't help but smile as a grin played with the corners of his mouth. He offered to help her into the carriage, and as she felt the strength in his young arms, she became aware of a strange stirring inside her that she had not felt for a very long time.


He boarded behind her, and the train slowly began to pull away from the station. As she made her way from the carriage where she had embarked to her own compartment, she was aware that the young man was following her. Of late, this would normally have bothered her, especially because she could almost feel his gaze burning the back of her neck. But strangely, this time it felt so good being aware that she had someone's undivided attention. She turned to look at him, and he stopped, the grin leaving his face momentarily, until she smiled back at him. The look of nervousness left his face, and it beamed once more, this time with a hint of red on his cheeks.


She shook her head as she entered her compartment, and he reluctantly continued down the narrow corridor to his. The scenery through her compartment window was spectacular as the rhythm of the wheels changed, indicating that they were on a railway bridge. A deep ravine descended below them, and a wide river weaved its way at the bottom. On either side of the gorge were thick forests, at times reaching right down to the water side.




Selena sighed with contentment and excitement that permeated her whole being, and caused goosebumps to rise on her arms. But it was not only the magnificence of the world around her that made her feel this way. She felt a warmth inside her, as she pictured in her mind's eye the young man's smile when their eyes met for that brief moment. It had been so long since anyone looked at her that way. So long in fact, that she thought that a part of her had died long ago, only to be rekindled by the look on the face of a total stranger. Her smile broadened, and there was a sparkle in her dark brown eyes.


The scene outside her window had changed. Now the forest reached either side of the railway line. The whistle blew as they travelled through a cutting, and the dark almost black rock was exposed in places, the remainder being covered with grass and vines that grew down from above where the rock gave way to fertile soil. Otherwise the woods were so dense that one could not see more than a hundred yards on either side.


Up ahead, some children began to shriek with excitement as the train entered the first of many tunnels, some of which were more than a mile long, and on the other side, they crossed yet another deep river valley, at the bottom of which was an ancient moss-covered foot bridge, obviously no longer in use, as the under brush had grown right up to it on either side, and there was not even a footpath leading to or from it. On the other side was a second tunnel, much longer than the first.


As the train exited the tunnel once more, an announcement came over the intercom system. It said: “Passengers on the Yeshan Express, your attention please. If you look out of your compartment window, you will see the first of many landmarks that are featured on this journey. Amid the waterfalls on your left is the famous Linquoyr Abbey, and below it the legendary Rai'avea Falls. The Abbey is thought to have been built to honour the goddess Lyderyel, the 'Lady of the Mists', whose offerings water the forests on either side of this massive gorge.”


Selena decided to make for the lounge car at the back of the train. She took her diary with her, and intended to update it, a habit she had established even as a child. She opened it to the next blank page, and was just about to start her entry, when a voice interrupted her. She looked up, and saw that it was the young man from the station.


He smiled, and asked: “Do you mind if I join you?”


Without really giving it any thought, she replied: “Not at all. Please do.”


Normally she would have objected to anything that prevented her from filling in her diary, but for some unknown reason, she felt that this was not an intrusion. After all, perhaps it was time for change. She still kept the page open, thinking that the conversation might not continue for too long, but as they became more and more acquainted, she hardly noticed the time passing.


From his accent, she was certain that he was from somewhere in the South, although perhaps not from Cathan itself. She thought that he may be from Denaheim. The southerners had such a strong, distinctive way of speaking, slow and deliberate, as if there was great import in everything they said.


Some time into the conversation, he stated: “By the way, I did not get your name.”


She laughed at his, what could almost have been called impudence: “I haven't told it to you yet. It's Selena.”



His smile broadened even more. He leant over and took her hand. Then he bowed his head, and gently kissed her fingers, and replied: “My name is Ernesto. Ernesto Berilan, and the pleasure is all mine.”


She couldn't help smiling at this gesture, so long forgotten in this age of informality. His touch felt warm against her palm, and so comfortable that she did not mind that he held her hand in his for a little longer than normal. In fact, she almost wished that he would not let go.


As the two of them talked, Selena felt her usual reticence at letting anyone get too close to her begin to fade. His manner was almost disarming, and she was able to speak freely, without the fear that usually caused her to clam up in the presence of strangers, especially those of the opposite gender. Sometimes she would let him talk, just so that she could listen to his deep voice, and cultured manner. Soon she realised that this was not a show, and that his innate politeness and courteousness was not just play acting. It was either in his nature, or more likely had been inbred.


The only time they were quiet was when the train passed through a particularly beautiful part of the country. Amidst the dense forest, it was hard to ascertain how much the train had climbed from when it departed Lianthorn. The small town itself was nestled in the first of two mountain ranges through which the route travelled. The tunnels they had gone through thus far were situated in the second, and the largest of the two. At one point, however, there was a break in the tree-line, and one could clearly see a small lake, surrounded by snow capped peaks. This was the highest point of the journey. From there they would begin the slow but steady descent down to the plateau upon which Yesha's Capital, Samblar, was situated.


Their conversation was so enthralling that Selena did not realise how much time had passed, until the announcement came that it was time for dinner. Together they made their way to the dining car. They dined at the same table, and enjoyed a bottle of red wine with one another. As the alcohol made her more and more relaxed, so Selena was able to unwind.


After the meal, they made their way back to the lounge car. There they had a few drinks together. By the time they had finished, it was so late that they were the only couple left in the bar. Selena placed her hand on top of his, and a light seemed to be ignited in his eyes as he smiled at her. They stood up, and he took her in his arms, her hands at first in the middle of his back. As they kissed, she could feel his strong muscles ripple. She groaned as she felt his hardness grind against her. With her hands on his butt, she pulled him closer to her. She wrapped her leg around the back of his, and giggled as his manhood jerked in its attempt to break free from the barrier of clothing that separated them. More than once, her hand found its way down his front, and as she brushed against his cock, she enjoyed feeling his desperation.


Just then, almost as if by some form of telepathic communication, they knew that they would go no further. For now, the kiss would have to be enough. And that despite the tingling sensation that surged through her body, as nerve endings she thought had long since atrophied, were brought to life once more. A warm longing welled up inside of her, so much so, that as she walked past Ernesto's compartment, she was tempted to follow him inside. Instead, she reluctantly kept to her decision, and headed for her own cabin.


Selena sat in a comfy chair, her diary on her lap. She began to recall the day's events, and soon slipped into a vivid dream.


… It began with the two of them kissing at the bar. Even the barman had gone, so they were completely alone. Soon they began undressing one another, and she went down on her knees, her lips trailing down his six-pack while she removed his trousers. She took his already turgid member in her hand, and began to stroke it until it became fully erect. Then she stood up, and kissed him once more, still jerking him off.


Selena lifted her one leg, and wrapped it around his waist. With his one hand, he stroked her upper thigh, while inserting his other middle finger into her already moist quim. Slowly she moved his hand away, and mounted his cock, feeling its heat against her enlivened inner muscles. All this time, their lips remained interlocked, and their tongues explored each other. Ernesto put both hands under her butt, and without breaking the rhythm, lifted her up gently. He then lowered her, so that she lay on her back on the bar counter. She tried very hard to maintain eye-contact with him, watching the expression on his young face, but her own excitement was reaching fever pitch, and she threw her head back, her eyes tight shut. She let out a long deep moan as a wave of ecstasy surged through her.


Before the fire inside of her could even diminish, he withdrew and lowered his head between her legs. The stubble from his five o'clock shadow tickled the tender flesh of her inner thighs. With the lightest of contact, he began to stroke her clitoris with his tongue. With her one hand, she pushed his face closer against her maidenhead, while she braced herself with the other, so that she could watch him as he pleasured her. Her whole body went into convulsions as her climax overwhelmed her, awakening feelings that she had not felt for so long. Her chest heaved as though she was struggling to catch her breath.


Soon her rapture became so intense that she could no longer support herself on one elbow. She lay on her back, begging him to continue his coaxing, as she almost felt that she was about to faint. She felt a steady flow of moisture trickling down onto the counter beneath her, as his tongue maintained its relentless onslaught on her maidenhead.


He stopped, straightened up, and pushed himself into her. The feeling of his rampant cock inside of her drove her into a state of euphoria once more. His thrusts became more desperate as he bent over and kissed her, his hands caressing her breast. Hurriedly he withdrew, and she coaxed his member softly with her hands, until she felt his offering cover her lower body with its warm stickiness. …


When she returned to the present, her hand was stroking her moist honeypot, and her own finger had slipped inside. She felt the final surge of energy course through her as her climax began to subside. Exhausted she had a shower, the warm water soothing her still hypersensitive nerve-endings. Once she had finished, she lay on the large double bed, and soon fell asleep, her whole body enthused with life once more.


By the time Selena awoke the following morning, the terrain had changed quite dramatically from the previous day's journey. Although there were still high mountains on either side, the valleys between them had become broader, and fields of grain and wheat, as well as orchards could be seen stretching across them. Soon the view narrowed just before the train approached yet another tunnel. This time it took nearly five minutes to get to the other side, and when they reached halfway, it was so dark that there were lights on either side of the tunnel wall, otherwise this part of the trip would have been in total darkness. Again some of the children on the train, and more than a few adults as well, screamed and shouted in excitement, the sound echoing through the narrow passage.


The sun seemed much brighter after the darkness of the tunnel, and it took some time for Selena's eyes to readjust to the light. As she headed down the narrow corridor, she noticed that there was another railway line running parallel with the one their train was travelling on, and a freight train was heading in the opposite direction pulled by three massive engines. The goods carriages behind seemed to carry on forever, and the rumbling of those mighty metal wheels on the track became deafening at times. Soon she lost sight of it as they came to a cutting, and entered another tunnel, this time not as long as the one before. By the time she reached the lounge car, they had emerged on the other side.


Selena went to the viewing caboose for a breath of fresh air. She was so engulfed in her own thoughts, that she did not notice Ernesto coming out to join her. He sneaked up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in her flowing black hair. At first she was a little startled, but soon relaxed against him, enjoying the warmth of his embrace and the strength of his arms. She smiled as she smelt the sweet scent of his aftershave, felt his strong hands on the base of her tummy.


A sense of contentment came over her as she gazed out at the scenery through which they were travelling. It was as though, for the first time in her life, she actually felt anything other than the emptiness that had for so long threatened to rob her of her very soul, and leave her with nothing but a frigid shell of an existence.


Even the countryside that sped past seemed to be more beautiful than any she had seen before, and that despite the fact that she had travelled on this line not long ago, albeit not in a luxury train. At that moment, she was quite content just to have those tender arms around her as she watched the world go by. Ernesto seemed to understand, and held her without saying a word. It was as though they were able to communicate on a far deeper level, and that speech would break the spell that had come over them. The view became all the more spectacular as they rounded a corner, and from their new vantage point, were able to catch a glimpse of the valley below, with the river that weaved its way through it like a silver ribbon.


The magic of the moment came to an end as the train entered yet another tunnel. Still without saying a word, they went back inside hand-in-hand. Sitting next to the window, they ordered a light breakfast accompanied with strong coffee.


This tunnel was also very long, and their order arrived before they finally emerged on the other side. As the light from the window played on the young man's face, Selena could not help but recall some of the dream she had the night before.


He seemed to have picked up on her thoughts, and enquired: “What are you thinking? It must be very deep. The light in your eyes makes them appear even darker.”


She smiled back at him, and shook her head: “I was just thinking how strange life can be. Only yesterday we were strangers, and now it seems as though we've been together all our lives. I mean, we've only just met, but part of me feels that I have known you all my life. Perhaps it's just wishful thinking.”


Ernesto took her hand in his, and put it to his lips. He then noticed the lighter area at the base of her ring-finger, and rubbed it between his thumb and index finger. A strange expression came over his face, and it made Selena feel more than a little uncomfortable. She wanted to pull her hand away, but he held it firmly. His attention was broken as they approached another tunnel, and the train's whistle blew just before it went dark outside once more. She seized the opportunity, and removed her hand from the table. There was no look of hurt in his eyes, and his mouth curled into a wry smile.


As if to change the subject, he stated: “These tunnels are quite incredible, aren't they.”


“They sure are.” Selena replied, relieved that the awkward moment was over, “Look, here comes another one.”

As their coffee arrived, the train rumbled its way through the next tunnel. After breakfast, Selena kissed him, and said: “I need to go back to my cabin.”


“Are you okay?” He asked, a look of concern on his face.


“I will be. I think it may be just a bit of motion sickness.” She lied.


“Will I see you at lunch?” He enquired.


“Perhaps.” She answered, “It depends on how I feel.”


They stood in the aisle between the tables, and kissed. His lips were so warm and tender that she didn't want the moment to end. Eventually she said: “See you later.”


“Okay.” Came the reply, his forehead still frowning with trepidation.


She turned and headed out of the carriage, a knot in her stomach. She felt a sense of dread come over her, and feared that her tryst with this young man might be in jeopardy. She mouthed a silent prayer: “Please God. Don't make him suspect anything! When the time is right, I will tell him everything, but not now. It's still too early. This feels so good, please don't let anything fuck it up!”


A strange feeling came over Selena as she entered her compartment, almost as though something dreadful would befall her. Trying to fight it off, she sat down in the big arm chair at the window. She took out of her suitcase a stuffed animal that her mother had given her when she was a child. It was in the shape of a cat, complete with imitation tabby fur, and stiff whiskers. It was made as though it was fast asleep, and its detail was so life-like, that one would almost expect it to start purring if one stroked it. Even in the darkest of times, Selena had often found comfort in putting it on her lap, and running her fingers through its soft coat.


With the toy nestled half on her lap, and half on the cushion, she felt as though the feeling of foreboding that she experienced was gradually slipping away, and presently she fell asleep.

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