Operation Shiress Chapter 9

Operation Shiress Chapter 9 Operation Shiress Chapter 9

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Following Chapter 8


Following Chapter 8

Chapter9 (v.1) - Chapter 9

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Following Chapter 8

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Operation Shiress - Chapter 9:


In the meantime, Jade and Amber followed one of the leads that was given to them by Elitha. She was the leader of the unit that had been behind the killing of agents Ka and Tinuviel. They discovered that she lived in a flat in one of the lower-class suburbs of Rothloe. The two agents used a half-open window to gain access to the apartment as there was no-one home when they arrived. The pair of them climbed onto the roof, and shimmied down a gutter. Once inside, they waited in the dark room until late that afternoon. The door opened, and the figure of a young woman appeared. She had short blonde hair and fair skin. By the scar on her left cheek, the agents knew that she was the one. The woman had sustained a flesh-wound during the gunfight that followed the deaths of their comrades.


As she turned on the light, she reached for her weapon upon seeing one of the llianari in her sitting room. Amber was hiding behind the door. She crept behind her quarry, and put her own gun against the back of her head, saying: “One wrong move sweetie - just one - and they'll be scraping your brains off the wall.”


The frightened human lowered her pistol, and replied shakily: “Who are you, and what do you want?”


“Move slowly to the sofa.” The llianar demanded, shoving her forward. The woman did as she was told as Jade relieved her of her weapon. “Now - Take your clothes off.” Amber continued.


Carefully she removed her clothing until she stood naked before them. A wry smile came over Jade's face as she stripped. When the woman realised what her assailants were, she began to sweat with fear. It was as though she knew why they were there!


Roughly, Jade turned her around and pushed her so that she fell face down onto the settee, her legs over the one armrest. As she gazed upon her quarry's ripe quim, Jade felt a stirring in her loins. With Amber's gun still aimed at the woman's head, she knew that she dare not move. Jade spread her victim's legs, and shoved her now rampant cock into her honeypot. The human cried out as she felt it rasp inside her. The llianar put her hands against the woman's shoulders, pinning her to the sofa as she continued ravaging her.


The victim knew that Jade was about to cum inside her any time soon, and so she pleaded: “Please - No! I'll tell you anything! Anything at all!”


Gritting her teeth, Jade responded: “Why should we want anything from you - Murderer?”


The llianar's words came out in fits and starts as she felt her orgasm approach. Her prey fought to free herself, but was not strong enough to escape. Neither was she fast enough. Jade's pace quickened briefly, and then she stayed still, her cock releasing its load deep inside the woman's body. She then withdrew, turned the human onto her back, and jerked herself off until a second flood poured out all over her frightened face.


She took the gun from her partner, saying: “Your turn.”


Their victim screamed: “What do you want from me?”





“Shut the fuck up, bitch! You and your buddies wasted two of our comrades. And we are here to make sure that we get pay-back!” Amber retorted. The woman opened her mouth to respond, but was stopped when Amber shoved her member between her lips. In an attempt to fight back, she bit into the turgid organ. Amber quickly withdrew, and backhanded her across the face so hard that she saw white specks before her eyes. The furious llianar pushed herself back in and warned: “Do that again, whore! And I'll wring your fucking neck!”


Her quarry had no choice. She submitted until the llianar's cum filled her mouth and overflowed down her cheeks. She spat it out all over Amber's face, as she tried to rake her stomach with her fingernails. The agent pinned her down again, and squatted over her, her dick hovering over her face. With her one hand she threatened to strangle her if she caused any more trouble, and with the other, she began to jerk herself off until a second torrent poured all over her, in spite of her attempts to avoid the surge.


Knowing that she had been beaten, the woman sobbed: “Please stop! I don't know you, but take whatever you want. Just don't kill me.”


“That's just fucking ripe, coming from you.” Jade retorted, “It's a pity you didn't give our friends back at the docks that option, ain't it? Didn't bother to give them a fucking chance now, did you?”


The colour left the woman's face when she heard those words. She could not respond, as she realised why the llianari had attacked her. She fell off the sofa onto her knees. Tears ran down her cheeks as she pleaded once more: “Please don't kill me. I was just following orders. I didn't even know who or what those two were. My squad and I were just told to eliminate them.”


“Oh - Right! And you, the loyal little lap-dog, just carried out these so-called fucking orders without caring about those who lost their lives. Is that it? And what about their lovers, or their kids? Did you and your fucking superiors even give a shit that there are two children, who no longer have a mammy? All because you were just following fucking orders?” Amber shouted, her voice broken with emotion.


“But we were taught that you are our enemies.” The human insisted, trying to justify herself.


“But you said that you didn't even know them.” Jade reminded her, “And what about their kids? What the fuck have they done to you that you feel you have the right to take their mother away from them? What quarrel did you have with the other one's lover, who nearly killed herself because you damned well took from her the only thing she ever lived for?”


She grabbed the woman, and began to shake her as she continued: “You think that our kind are less important, just because we're not human. Well let me tell you: When we are injured, we bleed just like you do. When those who are close to us die, we grieve like you do. And when we find the one's that took them from us, we seek retribution - just like you do. So what gives you the right to treat us worse than animals?”


“I don't know. I didn't think about it at the time. Like I said, we were just following orders.” The woman stammered.


“Of course you were. You don't even have the sense to fucking think for yourself.” Amber bit back, “No - lap-dog - you're not worth getting blood on our hands for. We're letting you live, so that you can go and tell your so-called superiors, that soon they will rue the day that they ever made enemies of me and my people. And if you ever so much as look at one of us again - I swear - I will cut off your tits and feed them to you! Now - get up!”

As the woman complied, Jade grabbed her from behind. “One word, missie. One fucking word, and I will kill you myself!” She warned. The woman nodded nervously, and Jade pushed her away. She stumbled, looking cautiously at her attackers. Jade still had her handgun pointed at her as Amber dressed herself again. Once she had finished, she took the weapon from her partner, allowing Jade to put her clothes on.


As they exited, Jade pointed her index and middle fingers towards her eyes, and then aimed them at the woman's still frightened face. She mouthed her final warning: “We're watching you!”


The next port of call was the home of one of the quislings that were involved in torturing Kyara. Llianari have no love for those who turn against their own kind, and the couple's anger made them even more determined to ensure that this particular traitor would pay for her duplicity. As was the case with the previous victim, they gained access to the house, and waited for the owner to come home. By the time the two of them had finished with her, she could hardly walk. Her whole body ached from the beating she received.


She too was left with a message for those for whom she worked. This time it was Amber who gave it to her. She stated: “Tell your bosses that their days are numbered. They will pay for what they have done, and if it is by death, I for one hope that it is slow and painful.”


The opportunity that the team was eagerly waiting for had finally dawned. They discovered that the Slaver was holding an event at the warehouse, in order to entertain some prospective clients from a neighbouring city. One of the acts was a small cabaret that included a team of dancers. The show was scheduled to take place in a fortnight, which gave them two weeks to practise a routine that would be convincing enough. Luckily all four of them were fit, with athletic builds.


The only one who chose not to participate was Luin. She admitted: “I can't dance very well. And in any case, my build might just give the game away. No - You three do the dancing thing, and I'll watch your backs.”


The others agreed. They worked night and day, to make sure that the sequence would impress their audience enough so that they could spring the trap, without giving their quarry the chance to find out what was going on. They already knew that he was a hypocrite. Despite his pretence at holding to the doctrine that llianari, above all others, were a curse, he found their aggressive sexuality more than a little irresistible. The problem did not lie in catching him, but rather in doing so without arousing any suspicion.


Their intel was that he often would sneak backstage, and arrange a secret liaison with the performers. If this was accurate, seducing him would not be that difficult, especially when he discovered that the troupe was comprised of four young llianari.


It was the day before show-time, and the team was ready. Now all they needed to do was to ensure that the real dance group did not show up and spoil their plans. They found out where the leader stayed, and paid her a visit.


Jade explained to the young woman exactly what she and her team had in mind. The other troupe leader listened intently, and then assented to the arrangement, adding: “Okay - You've got a deal. There's just one problem though. Erlang knows us too well. So it would be better if you followed us. I could introduce you as an addition to our act. And besides, who's going to do your lighting and special effects?”



“That's fine.” Jade agreed, “As I have said, we are not interested in the money. Whatever that bastard pays you, you can keep.”


“Deal.” The woman said, shaking hands with the llianar, “That 'bastard' - as you called him - may be a high-rolling customer of ours, but he's also first-class scum.”


“Why do you say that?” Asked Amber.


“Not so long ago, we had a fifth member in our troupe.” The group leader explained, “The fifth one was called Sondra. She was also the youngest. Very pretty too. Anyway, after one of our shows, Erlang asked her to join him in the penthouse that he's had built - it's on the other side of the complex, near the road. The next time we saw our friend, she was lying face down in a dumpster. She had been gang raped, and then the bastards strangled her with her own fucking bra strap! Dammit - she had only just turned nineteen.”


“I'm sorry.” Jade sympathised.


“Just make sure that when you've finished with the fucking Slaver, that he's the one who's sorry. That he regrets the day he was damned well born!” The dancer reacted.


That afternoon, they rehearsed for the last time, and the following night the show was on. At the end of their act, the other dance troupe introduced the 'New Addition' to the audience. The lights went on, and the curtain was raised. At first the trio danced while the lighting made them look like silhouettes or shadows on a dark red wall. The sequence was simple, but soon became more elaborate as the music built up.


During the sax solo in the middle of the piece, the three dancers took turns centre-stage. Traya went first. As she strutted her stuff, there were loud cheers from the audience, not to mention more than a few suggestive remarks and invitations. The next in line was Jade. While she was dancing, the noise grew even louder. The predominantly male audience threw flowers and serviettes with contact details scribbled on them. Then Amber began her solo piece. The tall blonde stole the show, and as she went back to the normal routine, there were calls for an encore. Traya closed the solo part, amid some cheering while others wanted to see the act before her.


While the music was still playing, Luin kept an eye on Erlang. At first he stood watching the show with little real interest. But when Amber was dancing her solo piece, it was obvious that she had grabbed his attention. He put his glass down on the table in front of him, and made his way closer to the stage. This was the llianar agent's chance. Deftly, she swapped the glass with the one she held in her hand. She silently prayed that no-one else would pick it up, and that the Slaver would return to finish it off.


The act was over, and the trio of dancers made their way to the change rooms backstage. In the passage, they saw Luin standing in the half shadows. She raised her glass to them as they passed, saying in a voice thick with too much alcohol: “Well done girls. Bloody lovely. Especially you, Blondie.”


That was the signal! The three llianari waited anxiously in the room that they shared. They didn't have to wait long, and soon there was a light knock on the door. Amber opened it. In front of her stood a man with shabby blonde hair, medium height, and well-built. His face was clean-shaven, with strong features. He would have been very handsome indeed, except for his eyes. They were ice blue, and had an unnerving glint in them. He still had the glass of whiskey in his hand that Luin had swapped. He had hardly touched it as yet.

His hand went up, and brushed Amber's cheek. He said, smiling: “So you're the new dance routine. Well, I must congratulate you on a classy act.”


He seemed to undress the llianar with his eyes. Amber tried to smile as his hand began to stroke her naked shoulder. “Thank-you sir.” She responded, “We're glad you liked it.”


“Well now.” He continued, finishing his drink in one go, “How about you three giving me a private demonstration? I'm sure there's much more that you have to offer.”


“Oh yeah. Much more.” Jade replied, “Why don't you just sit down on that chair over there, and we'll treat you like a king.”


The man smiled, his eyes gleaming even more. He said: “Over there? But I'll be lonely there. I would rather have some company.”


He sat on the settee, Jade on one side of him, and Traya on the other. Amber began to repeat the dance routine she had done on the stage, only this time, she dispensed of her already skimpy outfit in time to the music. When Erlang discovered that she was a llianar, his smile broadened even more. She sat on his lap, facing him, and guided his hand down her torso until his fingers curled around her cock. The bulge in his own pants began to jerk as he felt her member harden in his hand. A coy smile came over her face as she stood up again. He stroked her slender thighs as she straightened.


Jade and Traya slowly removed their clothes as well, and then stripped him down to his jocks, his cock jutting out above the elastic waistband. Traya reached down, and stroked its hardness through the fabric, giggling as it rose to her touch. Hurriedly, he took his undies off, and the two llianari sitting on either side of him turned their attention to his rampant member.


While he was watching her, Amber began to jerk herself off. As Erlang's eyes feasted on the figure in front of him, the other two continued to attend to him. His eyes closed as his hips began to buck off the seat, and with a groan of ecstasy, he unloaded himself on the tiled floor in front of the sofa.


He lay back, expecting the encounter to be over. But to his surprise, his cock remained as hard as it had in the beginning, if not even harder. His desire had not subsided either. In fact it was more acute than ever. Seizing the opportunity afforded to them by his moment of puzzlement, Luin entered the room. She was already naked, and her massive member fully erect. There was a moment's struggle, but eventually, the other three llianari had their quarry pinned down with only one of his legs free.


The she-man positioned herself. She took his now aching penis in her hand, and started to work up and down the turgid shaft. As she felt a steady flow of pre-cum trickle down the back of her hand, she held her own member still, and shoved it into the man's tight butthole. Part of him wanted to protest, even fight back, but somehow the pressure heightened the pleasure of the moment, so he allowed the llianar to continue fucking him.


His panic rose when he felt her thrusts become more urgent. Knowing that she was about to cum, he tried to break free from the other three, but he was outnumbered. And besides, his own climax was imminent, and the sensations that surged through him made any attempt to escape almost impossible. As his own cock erupted, his hips began to thrust uncontrollably. Even if Luin wanted to withdraw, her member was trapped inside him. She pushed as hard as she could, and her gism rushed out of her until it trickled out between his butt cheeks.




Now he knew that he had to try and free himself. With all the strength he could muster, he struggled until he was on his hands and knees. This time, it was a three-way tussle between him, Traya and Luin, as the other two had moved to guard the door. He only just managed to kneel on all-fours, when the she-man grabbed him from the front in a choke-hold. Using her superior strength and body weight, she forced his face down onto the cushions once again.


As he struggled to breathe, he felt someone ravaging his butt once more. This time it was Traya. With a mighty growl, he tried to break out of Luin's strong arms, and sensed that he had almost succeeded when he felt the cold muzzle of a handgun against the back of his neck. Amber threatened: “One wrong move - Erlang! And I'll make fucking sure you never walk again!”


Traya continued her attack on his swollen butthole as he was forced to submit. Although her cock was much smaller than Luin's, the pounding he had received from the she-man made him more sensitive, and the abuse no less uncomfortable. Luin reached down, and began to milk his dick once more, until he felt as though it was about to explode, and a steady white stream shot out of him again. Instead of cumming inside his ass, Traya withdrew, and shoved herself into his mouth, and soon he was gagging on her clear offering.


As he coughed and spluttered, Traya grabbed his face, and lifted it until they saw eye-to-eye. She sneered: “I bet you're wondering who the fuck we are, and why we want to make you feel as if you've been fucked by a herd of horses. Well, I'll tell you, you bastard! ...” She struck him across the face so that his head jerked back, leaving him vulnerable to another onslaught. “... You and your bunch of fucking perverts killed my lover! ...” This time the heal of her one foot hit him under the chin, sending him sprawling onto his back. “... And we're under orders to make you pay for what you did! ...” His legs were open, and before he could prevent it, she kicked him in the balls.


He tried to stop her, but she jumped on top of him, pinning him down once more, his arms at his side. Then it was Luin's turn. She stood in the same spot where Traya had launched her last attack from, and carried on explaining the reason for their onslaught, this time from her perspective. Every statement was accentuated with a sharp kick to the man's private parts.


The she-man sat him up, and held him in a nelson grip, leaning him forward so that his aching gonads touched the tiled floor. Traya stood in front of him, and snarled: “... Our orders are to make sure that you never stick that filthy cock of yours into anyone else, never mind just llianari.” In conclusion, she stomped on his eggs until she was sure that they were well and truly scrambled. By that time, the Slaver was in such pain that he was barely conscious. The team dragged his limp body down to the basement, and locked him in a small storeroom, placing an iron rod through the latch on the outside.


The four comrades returned to the change-rooms, and cleaned themselves up. The sense of victory made their hearts race as they left the club. Perhaps blinded by their success, the team had not noticed a figure hiding in the passage when they left to dispense with Erlang, or that it followed them to the room in which they dumped him.


They returned to the temporary base, where they met with one of the elven commanders under Autarch Caldor. They reported that they had captured Erlang, and that his unconscious body was lying in the basement of one of his clubs less than five minutes from the hide-out. When the squad arrived to capture him, the bar had been removed from the door, and the room was empty. By the bloodstains on the floor, the elves knew that the llianari had done a thorough job, and that the Slaver was grievously injured. Thus it was unlikely that he had been able to escape without help from an outsider, someone who knew what had happened.


It was later discovered that Mira, the Slaver's lover, had freed him from his imprisonment before the elven troops arrived to take him into custody. He and a small band of his most loyal followers made for the old camp near the Rudevahn Caves. He thought he had eluded those who wanted him dead or alive, but one of the other agents discovered where he was hiding, and reported his whereabouts to one of the elven officers. He ordered a search of the cavern system. One of the units involved in the operation found him, or rather his body. His one wrist had been slit, and a switch blade knife lay next to him, stained with his own blood. When he heard that they had tracked him down, he took his own life.


There have been many who criticise the llianari's ways, especially there sense of what they call 'Rough Justice'. But these do not understand that this is a race of beings who have had to fight for their very existence since before their recorded history. From the word go, they were subjected to the most vicious abuse imaginable, with very little support. Most of the time, the prejudice against them meant that any form of law enforcement would turn against them rather than help them. So they had to learn to defend themselves, and the only way to do that was to mete out their own brand of justice, because they did not get it from anywhere else.


What made matters worse, many of those who either betrayed or abused them, were from among their own kind. This was the reason why they had so little regard for either traitors, or those they termed 'Quislings'.


© Copyright 2021 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.


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