Operation Shiress Chapter 8

Operation Shiress Chapter 8 Operation Shiress Chapter 8

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Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Following on Chapter 7


Following on Chapter 7

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Operation Shiress - Chapter 8:


It was not only the llianari that shared the belief that Erlang and his corporation had over stepped the mark. As Abe had told Shiress, the cloning laboratories had tried to get their so-called offspring to breed amongst themselves, but had reached somewhat of a dead-end. One of the reasons was that the llianar clones were incapable of falling pregnant. The scientists also knew that, even in the case of - what had been dubbed 'Replicates' - too much interbreeding would weaken their progeny because of hereditary defects. So they needed fresh genetic input to prevent this.


In the so-called doctrines that were behind this type of barbarism, it was stated that humans alone were worthy of being called anything else but 'brute beasts'. Thus all other humanoid species were at their disposal, in the same way as their other livestock. And this included the elves. As was the case in Cirda, the elves - who had been the first humanoids to inhabit the lands after the Mora - had many influential allies. One of the most powerful of these was the predominantly elven kingdom of Yesha.


When the lab scientists discovered the flaw in the cloning plan, they ordered the same people who had captured the llianar test subjects to turn their attention to she-elves in particular. The idea was that these would act as surrogates for the clones' offspring. News of such an atrocious instruction soon angered many of the elves in D'Ashen, and these joined the Resistance to oppose the abuse. It also reached the High Council of Yesha, and was one of the main reasons why their forces became involved in the conflict.


Up until that point, most of ECHO's agents worked alone. Although - on the more perilous missions - they did team up with others. Since the Yeshan agents allied themselves with ECHO, and even more so when their comrades from the island state of Thar-Meridea also answered their call for aid, they began to work as pairs or teams. Although they had been successful as individuals, their combined efforts made them even more formidable than before. And it was just such a team that scored the first blow against the Slaver and his gang of thugs.


They were a pair of she-elf sisters, whose mother had been one of the first to be taken hostage by the gang that supplied the labs with potential surrogates. When the call went out for one of the teams to try and rescue her, the sisters, whose code name was 'Foxtrot', volunteered. At first there was some concern about whether it was wise to send out the victim's own kin, but it seemed as though the idea worked, and soon their mother had been released.


Too late, they discovered that the individual who had been 'set free' was in fact a clone, and an informant. Again team Foxtrot volunteered their services. Despite even stronger opposition, it was decided to grant the sisters their desire. By allowing themselves to be captured, they infiltrated the lab at which their mother had been held. Soon they had targeted one of the guards who could not resist a beautiful woman's advances, much less those of a pair of young she-elves.


One night, while he was on duty, the sisters approached him. They began to seduce him, and soon he was eating out of their hands. It did not take long before they had him naked in one of the empty cells. He smiled as the one knelt, straddling his chest so that he was given a clear view of her ripe body. His arms were pinned to his sides so that he could only look, but not touch.


The other also straddled him, but this time on his upper legs. She began to dandle with his cock that soon reacted to her attentions. Then she sat with her legs on either side of his waist, and pushed him into her. Meanwhile her sister made him lave her tender maidenhead with his tongue, his arms still held fast at his sides. As he began to groan with pleasure, the one riding his cock stopped, and then jerked him off until he came all over his lower body.

Little did he know that there was a hidden camera in the cell, and it was recording every detail of the tryst. Once the sisters had finished, they informed him, and threatened to show the video to his superiors, if among other things, he did not set them and their mother free. The frightened guard agreed to help them, and the same night, mother and her two daughters were returned to ECHO's headquarters, along with strategic details of the research laboratory where they had been held. Not only that, but when she was shown a clipping of the video, Elitha informed them that this was also the laboratory where Shiress had been tortured until she took her own life.


Contrary to her promise to Elitha, Jade took charge of the mission to seek out and interrogate the informant called Mira, having been given her work address by Erlang's assistant. But merely finding her would not be enough to secure her co-operation. There had to be something that the agent could use as leverage. With Elitha it had been made easier by the fact that she had a secret that she did not want her employers to know about. The secretary did not know enough about the Slaver's new girlfriend to be aware of such a weakness.


As was the case with Shiress and Luin before everything went pear-shaped, Jade and her partner, Amber, posed as job seekers. The local resistance had supplied them with ghost identity cards, so that there would be no danger of their so-called employers discovering who and what they really were. The regulation that junior staff members, whether male or female, had to wear long trousers was a bonus because it concealed their gender as well. Elitha also supplied them with references to assure that their new boss would have no issue with hiring them. Luckily both of them had college degrees, and had gained some experience in the corporate arena before they joined ECHO. This meant that they would not be out of place in a large business like the one owned by Jarvis Erlang.


The interviews were successful, and soon both of the agents had been accepted. They were employed in the call-centre, fielding communications with various clients. Part of their job involved false canvassing to enlist young llianari and she-elves into the cloning facilities. As Istate's initial investigation had shown, the wealthy llianari were treated as if the offering of sperm samples were for a noble cause.


Alas, the same could not be said about the surrogacy project. She-elves were enlisted under false pretences. They were offered bogus lucrative positions, only to be enslaved by those who had hired them. The only difference between those elves who belonged to the upper class, and those that did not, was that the lies that entrapped the former were more elaborate. But the end result was the same.


Jade and Amber's supervisor was a young woman by the name of Ava Kournos. She was a blonde, and had her hair done up in two ponytails. She was very efficient, not to mention more than a little arrogant. But, apart from her sense of hubris, she seemed to have no real faults. Nothing that Jade and Amber could use against her.


One evening, after work, Ava asked the two newcomers if they would like to join her for a couple of drinks at a local pub. Jade had a hunch that this might be the opportunity they were looking for, so she and Amber accepted the offer. During the time that it took the llianari to consume a decent quantity of alcohol, without going over the top, Ava had drunk less than half of what one of them had.


During the course of the evening, the woman said that she had to go to the bathroom. When she returned, it was as if she was a different person. The veneer she wore at work appeared to have been removed, and she spoke more freely. She also seemed to have acquired a sense of humour, and the three of them laughed, talked, and even danced as the night went on.


As they talked together, it became clear that - like Elitha - Ava did not care much about the corporations seedier side. She had been part of another company that had filed for bankruptcy. Before this happened, she was enjoying the high-life. Although she was not married and didn't have any children, her standard of living demanded a good income. So when the company went broke, she had to look for work that would offer her a salary that equalled what she was earning before, and her position at Erlang's did that and more.


While they were dancing together, Ava stated that she was getting too hot, and removed the jacket she always wore at work. It was then that Jade knew her hunch had been right. On the inner part of both of her arms were small puncture marks, the most recent one still red, that indicated that she was using some form of drug that she injected into her veins. This also explained why she would often close her office door, and not want to be disturbed. She needed another fix!


Later on, she went off again, and when she returned, it was obvious that she was tripping on something. Now that she was high, the last mask fell away. She and Jade were dancing together while a slow, gentle piece of music played. Ava drew nearer to the llianar, until their bodies touched. The woman put her arms around the other's waist, and her hands began to caress her butt. As she pulled Jade close to her, she giggled when she felt the slight bulge between the llianar's thighs press against her. She gestured to Amber to join them. As they danced in a close triangle, the woman reached out and touched them. She smiled as her hand confirmed what she had suspected earlier.


She leant forward and said: “Now there's something that you don't want the bigwigs to know. Now we all know each other's secrets. I'll keep my mouth shut if you stick to your side of the bargain.”


“What bargain?” Amber asked.


“Come home with me, and I'll tell you.” Came the reply.


So the three of them departed for Ava's penthouse, the woman in her own vehicle, and the llianari following her in theirs. Ava got there first, and when she opened the door for them, she was already naked, but for a flimsy nightgown that was open at the front. Being slightly inebriated, the llianari could not help but appreciate the slender form that was unveiled before them, as Ava let the gown fall to the floor. She smiled at them, and said: “Now, take those clothes off.”


They obeyed. The woman took their hands in hers, and led them into the lounge. She sat on the sofa, her legs wide open. She pursed her labia open with one hand, and began to stroke herself with the other. She smiled coyly as she watched how quickly the two llianari became aroused by the spectacle.


She motioned for them to join her, Amber kneeling on the seat next to her, and Jade between her thighs. With both hands, she began to coax each member until it quivered with the desire for fulfilment. Then she almost begged Jade to enter her moist quim, a request the llianar obeyed only too eagerly. Meanwhile she continued to pleasure Amber with her hand. A smile came over her face as she felt her organ throb within her palm.


“Your hand is so soft, it's like my cock is wrapped in velvet.” Amber sighed as her hips began to move back and forth in time to Ava's movements, a steady trickle of pre-cum oozing out of her.





The woman stopped only to lick the clear fluid off her wrist. Her smile broadened as she saw Amber's cock jerk, longing for more. Before she continued, she cupped the llianar's balls, and began to gently squeeze them, giggling as she watched Amber's hips thrust forward automatically. Then she carried on jerking her off. Amber's dick erupted all over her heaving breasts, and she almost screamed in uncontrolled delight. Her body convulsed as a wave of energy surged through her. She steadied herself with one hand on the back of the sofa, the other on Ava's shoulder.


The woman's hand still worked on Amber's cock until a second flood, greater than the first, flowed out onto her. With her free hand, she spread the sticky white cum all over her breasts while she groaned with pleasure, then licked the residue off her fingers. Turning her head sideways, she lapped up the last of the llianar's copious offering. Noticing that she was still not satisfied, Ava took the llianar's member in her mouth, and sucked until rewarded with a third climax that gushed down her throat.


In the meantime, Jade had already cum once. Her semen drenched the thick carpet beneath her. She too was left unfulfilled, and pushed herself into the woman's quim for a second time. Ava was one of the few women that would last more than a single round before climaxing. This she did, but only just. Jade had only gotten started when her cock became trapped inside the woman because of her contractions. The extra pressure brought her closer to the brink of climax than she had expected.


Ava's hips began to gyrate in time with Jade's thrusts, and soon she felt her inner muscles start to contract as her climax reached its zenith. Breathlessly, she pleaded: “Whatever you do, please don't make me pregnant. I'm not on the pill at the moment.”


As the woman's orgasm began to subside, Jade stopped her movements and forced herself to withdraw. Just in time, as her semen soaked the cushion under Ava's still heaving thighs. Once she had regained her breath, the llianar spoke, her voice no longer thick with alcohol or lust, but cold and to the point. “Now - We need information. If you don't give it to us ...” She paused only to hold her finger to Ava's mouth as the woman tried to protest. “... If you don't give us what we need, both of us will report you to your superiors. We will inform them that, not only are you an addict, but that you also have a liking for the very kind that are supposed to be taboo amongst your so-called cult.”


Dejected, the woman agreed to set up a meeting between the two agents and Mira, Erlang's lover. True to their word, Jade and Amber said nothing about their encounter, or about Ava's addiction, as long as she held up her side of the bargain. Both of them realised that not all of the Slaver's employees were fanatics who agreed with the philosophy behind their practices. They respected the fact that a number of them merely treated the organisation as one would any other job, and that - to them - it was just a means to earn a living.


At times, this required them to turn a blind eye to what was happening around them, but most of them were too scared to behave any differently. After all, they had families to support, mouths to feed, and to do so, they needed the income that the organisation offered. Just because they worked for a corporation that made its money by nefarious means, did not mean that they were all complicit in their dealings.


It was decided that Jade should follow Elitha's advice after all, and that Luin and Traya should deal with the treacherous Mira. Jade informed Ava of the switch, and explained that the two replacements would adopt her name and Amber's in order to conceal their true identities. The meeting took place in a club near to Mira's workplace. Again there was no guarantee that the agents would find anything that they could use against her. All that they could hope for was that such a flaw existed - the success of the mission depended on it.

The final arrangement was that Traya would meet Mira alone in the club with Ava. The supervisor would then depart once introductions had been made. Then, if Traya and Mira left to go somewhere, Luin would follow to act as back-up. Elitha had warned that Mira was dangerous, so every precaution was put in place. No matter what happened, Traya would not be left alone to deal with it. The reason why Traya was chosen to initiate the rendezvous was that Luin's appearance was more masculine, and her manner more aggressive than that of her lover. Either of these traits might have aroused some suspicion as to her true identity.


Traya arrived early, and made an arrangement with one of the barmaids. She then joined Ava in a secluded cubicle. They did not wait for long, and soon they were joined by a woman with short brown hair, that barely came down to her shoulders. She appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. Her outfit looked as if it had been tailor-made, if not a little too revealing for such a meeting. The front of her blouse was open enough to show off her cleavage, and her knee-high skirt had a slit on either side that almost went up to her waistband.


Traya and Ava stood up to greet her. Once the three of them had been seated, Ava explained why she felt that Mira and Traya should meet. She reported: “This young woman is a very talented dancer. I suggested to her that she should consider working in the Master's private bar. I am sure that he will be very pleased with her.”


The woman looked Traya over, and nodded, saying: “She sure is a pretty thing. Tell you what, once we've had a few drinks, why doesn't she come over to my apartment and strut her stuff there? She can't do it here in front of these riff-raff. No - consider it a private show. If I am impressed enough, I will arrange for another performance in front of the Boss himself. If he is happy with her, then the job is hers.” She leaned over, and put her hand on Traya's thigh. There was a warm smile on her face as it moved up to her loins. Traya was almost certain that she felt the tell-tale bulge under her slacks. The woman's smile broadened, and she said softly: “Yes - I'm sure she will do very well.”


While they were drinking, Mira's attentions became more and more blatant. More than once, her hand caressed the llianar's thigh. Traya closed her eyes as each touch sent an almost electric current through her. Her fear that the woman had discovered her real gender was confirmed when she gently stroked her rampant member, and grinned as she felt it jerk in her hand, and felt the slight hint of wetness that oozed from its tip. When she looked into Mira's face, her fear was replaced by a sense of certainty. Like so many of Erlang's associates, Mira's adherence to their so-called beliefs seemed severely questionable.


Sensing that the rendezvous was going smoothly, Ava took her leave. Mira stated: “Yes, I think we need to get going as well. I don't want such a talented young thing to become too inebriated, and mess up her first trial.”


As a signal, Traya dropped her handbag on the floor. Luin nodded as her partner picked it up again, saying: “Sorry. That was a bit clumsy of me.”


The two of them drove in Mira's vehicle back to her plush apartment. No sooner had they gone inside, when the woman took Traya in her arms. Her hand pulled the zip of the llianar's trousers down, and soon she was fondling with her turgid dick. She pushed her toward the king-size double bed at the far side of the single room, and told her to lie on her back while she stripped in front of her. A knot developed in Traya's loins as her eyes feasted on the woman's ripe figure.


Mira stood at the foot of the bed, her shapely legs opened slightly. As Traya watched her, she used her one hand to caress her breast, while the other stroked her maidenhead. She sighed as she saw the llianar respond to her seduction.

Almost gently, she removed Traya's slacks and underwear at the same time, a broad smile playing across her lips as she saw the llianar's cock standing proud and hard. With one hand she cupped her partner's tiny balls, and with the other, coaxed her erect member until Traya's hips began to buck voluntarily off the satin covered bed. She held the throbbing organ in her hand, and slowly lowered herself onto it. Her eyes closed, and she cried out softly as she felt that rigid member enter her.


Traya put her arms around the woman's waist, and pulled her down on top of her, kissing her on the lips. She did not have to move, as Mira's hips did all the work. As much as she was enjoying the moment, she wondered where Luin was, and how she would be able to help. If the woman was half as ruthless as Elitha had made her out to be, Traya knew that she would not stand a chance on her own.


She chanced to look over the woman's one shoulder. To her relief, she saw her partner enter the room quietly, although that would have been moot as the woman's groans and cries would have masked any sound that the other llianar might have made.


Luin tiptoed closer to the bed, and stood there watching the woman's hips gyrating. Her excitement rose when she saw Traya's cock being swallowed by her ripe quim, and it was not long before she felt her own member respond to the sight. She undressed from the waist down, and clambered onto the bed behind Mira. Traya tightened her grip around the woman's waist as her partner began to rub the swollen tip of her penis between her shapely butt-cheeks.


She put her arms around Mira's hips, and held her fast, while she pushed herself into the woman's quim. Mira cried out as she felt her honeypot being stretched to its limit, as Traya sighed in pleasure as her partner's dick brushed against the tender underside of her own member. Slowly, and in unison, the two llianari began fucking Mira's tender maidenhead.


At first she tried to protest, but soon the sensation of both cocks pounding away inside her pushed her to a new level of pleasure. She remained still as the pair continued their thrusting. Soon she felt Luin's desire intensify. This was a warning sign that her climax was close at hand. The woman had heard too many tales of the potency of she-men, and she pleaded for the llianar to withdraw. Almost too late, Luin complied, and covered the woman's butt with sperm-laden cum.


Just then Traya cried out: “Oh Shit! Too late!”


Her hips pushed her unbridled member deep into the woman's quim, and with a mighty thrust, filled her ripe uterus with her first offering. Mira also knew that she-femmes were more often than not incapable of siring offspring, so she seemed wholly unperturbed as Traya continued until the last drop had been released.


And besides, she had a more urgent need. Her own hips began to rock back and forth as she soared ever higher on the wings of her own climax. She cried out as she felt the energy surge through her, and then began to relax again, the wave of pleasure beginning to subside. She collapsed on top of the llianar beneath her, her still turgid member inside her, and lay still.


Seizing the moment, Luin spoke, saying: “We're not here for your pleasure, sweetie-pie. We're looking for the Slaver, your boyfriend.”


The woman protested: “If I tell you, there's no telling what he will do to me.”




“If you don't.” The llianar responded, “I'll fuck you until I make you pregnant. Then I'll tell your lover how you spent the night, not with one, but two of his sworn enemies.”


The woman dared her: “You just try!”


“Suit yourself.” Came the answer. Traya resumed her thrusting, feeling her cock, that had flagged slightly during the discussion, harden once more. This time, Luin grabbed the woman's arms, and pushed herself into her quim with such force that her shoulders nearly went out of joint.


Mira cried out again, this time in fear, as Luin pounded away. Traya felt her cock swell inside the woman's honeypot once more, her balls drawing up in their sac. She groaned with pleasure as her head lifted off the mattress, and she felt herself cum a second time.


She opened her eyes, and saw the woman's frightened face staring down at her. It was obvious that by now the encounter held no pleasure for the woman as she felt as though the stronger of the two llianari was tearing her apart. Breathlessly Jade whispered: “You'd better talk soon. My partner can't wait much longer.”


Finally, Mira's resolve seemed to have cracked. “Okay - Okay!” She called out, “I'll tell you - dammit!”


Luin quickly withdrew again, and flopped back onto her behind. Thick milky strands shot out of her, soaking the bed cover. As she tried to regain her breath, she said in an exhausted voice: “All right, so tell us. Where does your boss hang-out nowadays?”


“He bought a warehouse north of the city. It's on the road to the Rudevahn Caves. I was going to take your girlfriend there anyway, but now I don't have to.” Mira replied, “It's obvious she ain't no fucking dancer. You would have gotten your damned info without running me through like a fucking freight train.”


“Sorry, but we couldn't take that chance. You never know who you can trust nowadays. We had to make sure.” Traya stated.


“Okay, you've had your fun. Now get the fuck out of here before I change my mind, and call the police.” Just before they left the room, the woman said in a tired voice: “Thank-you.”


“For what?” Traya asked.


“For everything.” Came the reply as Mira flopped down onto her back, a strange smile on her face. Neither of the llianari took much notice of it as they bade the woman a good night. Hand in hand they returned to their vehicle, certain that the encounter had been a success, if not - perhaps - a little too easy.



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