Operation Shiress Chapter 7

Operation Shiress Chapter 7 Operation Shiress Chapter 7

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



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Following Chapter 6


Submitted: December 01, 2016

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Submitted: December 01, 2016



Operation Shiress - Chapter 7:


Luin and Istate were sent back to Samblar on compassionate leave. When the other members of ECHO heard of Shiress's death, they arranged a private memorial service in her honour.


An empty casket was placed in the temple, and those attending the funeral stood in a circle around it. Over the coffin was draped a cloth with an image of Kyara's face embroidered on it. Traya and Luin sat at the head, on either side of the High Priest and Priestess that presided over the service. Incense burned in censors marking the four points of the compass, and the coffin faced East.


This was because, in ancient times, the belief was that the soul travelled to the East, to be resurrected with the dawn of a new day, once it had finished its time of rest and healing, that occurred after the body had died. After the soul had been revived, it then had a choice: To either take on a new physical form, or to move on to a higher plane of existence. In this belief, that was shared by both Elf and Llianar alike, there was no 'Heaven and Hell' scenario. Death was not the end, but the beginning of a new phase in the individual's spiritual development.


During the service, Traya stood up shakily to deliver her eulogy. She had written it down, and did her best to recite it. This she did, but it took some time as she often broke down, and had to be encouraged and comforted by those around her. This is what she had written:

“Goodbye sweet one.

We commend you to our beloved Goddess

Whose nature you -

Along with the rest of our kind -

Have been blessed to reflect.


May your heart find the peace

And acceptance at our Goddess's bosom

That you fought to gain for those you leave behind.


Until we meet again,

Love as always -

Your partners:

Traya and Luin.”


Kyara's kist was taken to the graveyard, and placed in the ground. The grave was left open, and the rest of the mourners left quietly, leaving Traya alone. She stripped off, and sat on the capstone that had the last stanza of her dedication engraved upon it. She began to fondle with herself until her dick eventually responded. Slowly, amidst her tears and weeping, she jerked herself off. As she reached climax, she knelt with her one hand supporting her, and her legs on either side of the gravestone. She continued to pleasure herself until her offering spurted out into the grave. As she came, she said her last farewell to her first love.


Slowly she dressed herself again. Soon after she had left, the grave was covered up.


She only just made it home when she broke down. She collapsed in the hallway, and sobbed uncontrollably until Luin came downstairs and picked her up. As gently as she could, the she-man took her up the stairs, and lay her down on the bed. She lay next to her. Putting her arms around her frail partner, she did her best to console her. Eventually it seemed to be working, and Traya began to calm down once more. Both of them stood up, embraced one another, and kissed. What at first was motivated by a need for solace, became a desire for fulfilment, and soon they were standing next to the bed naked.


Traya's hand went down and began coaxing Luin's dick until it became erect. She loved the feeling of that huge organ as it hardened and throbbed in her hands. Soon - if only but for a brief moment - her grief was forgotten as she saw Luin's eyes close and her face relax. Luin lay on the bed, and motioned for Traya to sit next to her.


Holding her cock in one hand, she inserted what resembled a large q-tip, but with a soft latex head instead of cotton wool, into the opening of her urethra. Slowly she pushed it further into her cock, stretching the small tube as it slid down. Soon her cock responded by producing a lubricant to ease the item's passage. As her urethra widened, Luin lay back and replaced the rod with her index finger. Traya's eyes were fixed on the spectacle as she felt her own member jerk with excitement.


As Luin became more and more aroused, she tried to maintain eye-contact with her lover. The expression on her face made Traya quiver with anticipation. Luin took another rod, thicker than the first with a rounded tip, and inserted it as far as it could go. As she pushed it into her, her cock began to throb even more, pushing it back out. In time to this rhythm, Luin began to jerk herself off. The inside of this rod was hollow, with a hole at its tip. Luin's eyes closed, and her body convulsed as a jet of milky white gism shot out of the hole.


Carefully she removed the rod. She then told Traya to kneel on the bed. They knelt together, facing each other. The she-man took her lover's excited cock in her hand, and carefully guided it into the distended opening of her urethra. She then thrust her hips back and forth so that Traya's member drove in and out of her. Soon the she-femme felt that her climax was imminent, and she tried to withdraw, but Luin clasped her hands around her waist, and held her there. Before she could respond, her cock released its load into her partner's swollen member. Luin let go of her as her own orgasm overtook her, and she came with such strength that she forced Traya's cock out of her, a stream of semen spilling out onto the bedding below.


Traya collapsed onto the bed, and Luin buried her head into her lap, as a small wet rivulet trickled down her leg. The she-femme stroked her lover's short-cropped hair as she said: “As long as we are together, I will be able to cope with Kyara's loss much more easily than of I was on my own.”


Luin stroked her lover's thigh, and whispered assuringly: “You will never be alone, dear heart. I'll always be here for you.” She turned, and kissed Traya's dick as an attempt to emphasise her point.


Before they fell asleep, Traya informed: “I want to join ECHO as an agent. I want to stop these bastards from torturing anyone else like they did Kyara. Above all, I would like to retrieve her body so that we can give her a proper burial.”


Sleepily, Luin cautioned: “Be careful, my sweet. The desire for retribution is not always wrong, but it does have a habit of clouding your judgement.”


Even though Traya's involvement with ECHO was on a purely technical level, she too had attended Base One, the basic training common to all members. After another three weeks revision, she was ready to go into the field as an operative. She and Luin were put together as a team, and together with Agents Jade and Amber, they were sent to finish the task that had cost Kyara her life.


Traya adopted the pseudonym 'Deyash', meaning 'Viper'. She was given this name because she was found to have very quick reactions, especially when it came to unarmed combat. It was Jade who first gave her the nickname, and it seemed to stick from then on. She also had the innate ability to improvise and think on her feet.


The other two agents were also lovers. Jade herself had been held captive by Gorrash's followers, and had been rescued by her partner. Like Kyara, Amber was not a field operative initially, but her success in saving her lover from almost certain death had secured her a place among the group of agents. Jade also had some inside information about the Slaver. It was for this reason that she and her comrade were chosen to assist in this particular mission.


Jade had a contact within the Slaver's inner circle. Her name was Elitha, and she was Jarvis Erlang's Personal Assistant. It was also believed that she was one of his many mistresses. Jade was also privy to a secret that very few were aware of, including her boss. The secret was that, like Erlang, she had a soft spot for llianari - the bigger the better.


“When that scum captured me the last time, she came to my cell with a plate of food.” Jade explained, “I had been given nothing but bread and water before then, so when she offered it to me, I could not resist. In return, she insisted that I have sex with her. I was only too glad to oblige. Not only did I get some decent chow, but I also had gained a handle amongst the Slaver's people. If she's still there, it's possible I could use her to our advantage.”


“She won't want her boss to discover her secret, that's for sure.” Exclaimed Luin.


“Yep.” Agreed Jade, “That's the advantage. Our last communique with the local Resistance was that the Slaver had moved his operations elsewhere since Martin Caldor and his forces had entered the city. His present whereabouts is unknown, but his secretary will know for sure, especially because I suspect than she does more than assist him.”


The following morning, at the Slaver's official head office, a tall slender figure entered the opulent hallway. She made enquiries at the front desk, and the attendant asked who she wished to see. When she told him, he enquired: “And who shall I say wishes to see her?”


“Tell Elitha that Tara is here. She knows who I am, we go back a long way.” The woman replied.


The receptionist did as she requested, and then responded: “She's waiting for you. You can go in.”


She thanked him, and made her way to the second floor from the top of the twenty storey building. There she headed for the large office at the end of the long corridor. The door was half open, so she knocked lightly before entering the room. Behind the desk sat a woman in her late thirties, with shoulder-length brown hair. She wore a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles. She smiled, and stood up, a look of disbelief on her face.


“It's really you!” She exclaimed, “I heard that you were dead. How did you escape?”


“That's a long story.” Jade replied, “Perhaps for another time. By the Goddess, I'd forgotten just how damned gorgeous you are. Come closer - let me look at you.”


The woman blushed as she drew nearer. Jade put her arms around her. Elitha's eyes shone as she brushed the llianar's hair from her face, and looked into those dark brown eyes. A tear trickled down her face as if she had been reunited with a long-lost lover, despite the fact that they had only been intimate once, and that in a cell.




“Excuse me.” She whispered, and closed the door, putting a 'Do Not Disturb' sign outside. She stood in front of Jade, and slowly undressed. A smile played on the llianar's lips as that curvaceous body was uncovered before her. Soon she could no longer hide her appreciation as a bulge began to appear beneath her skirt. She took the now naked woman in her arms, and her hands trailed down onto her shapely butt.


Elitha pushed her partner away, and started unbuttoning her blouse. Once it had been removed, her hand stroked the llianar's petite breasts until her nipples stood proudly atop them. They embraced once more, and the she-male removed her skirt. The woman sighed as she felt that rigid organ against her. She wrapped her fingers around it, and began to slide up and down its length. Gently, Jade pushed her away, and told her to wait a little while.


They moved over to the desk, still in each other's arms. The woman bent over, supporting her weight with her elbows. Jade stroked the back of Elitha's thighs, first with her fingers, and then with her cock's velvet tip. Those slender legs parted, and the llianar brushed herself against the moist lips that were revealed between her thighs. They seemed to urge her into the secret world behind them. Jade could not resist much longer, and she pushed herself in.


Elitha moved back and forth in time to Jade's thrusts. Soon she was groaning in delight as she felt that wondrous organ deep inside her. No male could fill her like this! Her knees began to give way under her, and it was all she could do to keep from collapsing onto the carpeted floor. Her movements became more frantic as she felt her orgasm sweep over her. Jade's cock was buried deeper into her partner's quim, and this seemed to heighten her own pleasure. She tried to withdraw, but the woman's inner muscles held her fast.


“Honey.” She cried out urgently, “I'm going to cum!”


As if deaf, the woman continued her rocking as Jade kept still, trying to avoid the unavoidable. But she could not stop the flood of semen from flowing out of her into Elitha's still writhing body. She finally withdrew, watching the woman's quim as it continued to convulse until the last wave of her climax had left her.


Exhausted, the two of them headed for the sofa against the opposite wall to the desk. There they collapsed in each other's arms. Elitha lay on her back, and took Jade in her arms so that she lay on top of her, burying her head under her chin.


In a soft voice, she stated: “You didn't come back just to see me again. What is it you want from me?”


“I didn't realise it was so obvious.” Responded the llianar, “Okay - I need some information about your boyfriend.”


“He's not my 'boyfriend' any more. We split up.” Came the reply.


“Why is that?” Jade asked.


“Even I have standards, and he crossed the line when he captured that other dick-chick a few months ago. He ordered her to be experimented on until she talked. As you know, she killed herself before they got anything out of her. But I was surprised she even lasted that long. She was a tough one, she was.” Elitha answered. “After that, my eyes were opened. At last I saw him for the scum he really is.”


“So why does he keep you as his assistant?” The llianar enquired.


The woman explained: “He's not stupid enough to let anyone who got that close to him out of his sight. So he keeps me where he can see me. But then the Yeshan forces arrived, and began to rattle his little cage. He took some of his most loyal lap dogs, and fled the city.”


“So, where is he now?” Jade questioned.


“Believe me.” Elitha admitted, “I don't know. He only communicates with me via com-link. Nobody in this office had seen him for that last month or so. The only one who has had any contact with him, besides me, is Mira, his new flame. It didn't take long for that bastard to charm a new plaything into his bed.”


“One more question.” Continued Jade, “Why did you make me cum inside of you?”


“It was you who opened my eyes to see Jarvis for what he really is.” The woman explained, “His filthy cock had released its load into me so many times that I felt polluted. I needed someone else to make me feel clean again. When I heard that you had returned, I knew that you were that person.”


Almost sub-consciously, the woman's hand began to caress Jade's cock. Soon she felt it grow in her palm. The llianar put one hand in the small of her partner's back, and lifted her hips with the other, so that her maidenhead brushed the rampant organ. Gently this time, she pushed herself into the moist opening. With all the tenderness she could muster, she took her partner to the very height of ecstasy before she let her own climax flood over her. Even if she did want to stop herself from cumming inside the woman, her gentle hand on her butt let her know that she was welcome there.


At last she stopped thrusting as Elitha's hips still bucked off the seat. This time she allowed herself to remain inside her until the last drop had been released. As with all llianari, her member still remained hard, demanding more. Obligingly, Elitha took her turgid cock in her mouth, and pushed it in as far as it could go without her gagging on it. She rode up and down, while Jade's hips rocked back and forth in unison with her movements. The woman tasted the first hint of bitter almond on her tongue, then lifted her head just before her partner came a second time.


Only then did the llianar relax, her desire spent. Elitha rested her head against Jade's muscular tummy, and fondled lazily with her now flacid member, every now and then wiping the strands of sticky white fluid, that oozed from its tip, on the cushion.


Jade ran her fingers through the woman's sweat-laden tresses. She said softly: “So where do I find this Mira chick?”


“She doesn't work from here any more. Jarvis got her an apartment nearby. I can give you the address, but under one condition.” Came the reply.


“And what's that?” Jade asked.


The woman answered: “That you don't go there yourself. She is no slouch with a weapon. She grew up in a rough neighbourhood, and is more than capable of taking care of herself. Whoever deals with her shouldn't do so alone. She's dangerous.”


“Thanks for the tip, Elitha. I promise we'll be careful.” The llianar vowed.



“That's not all.” The woman continued, “I can tell you where to find the team members that ambushed your friend and her comrades when they first arrived in Rothloe. Not only that, I know who informed Jarvis that there was a plan to capture him.”


“Why are you telling me this?” Jade enquired once again.


“There's a lot of us who want to see the end of this violence. We weren't all part of it because we agreed with the leaders' doctrines.” She explained, “I was a college graduate when Jarvis found me. I had studied to become a forensic technician. So when he offered me a job in the cloning labs, I gave no thought to what the work entailed. It was an opportunity to further my career, that's all. The pay was good too. Soon Erlang took a shine to me, and promoted me to the position where I am now.


Then the affair started. At first, I guess, I was in love with him. Too enamoured to see what he and his followers were trying to achieve. But in my heart-of-hearts, I knew that it was all wrong. I just couldn't do anything about it without losing my position. As if that means anything!


And I wasn't the only one. By the time you came along, there were a few of us that tried to make a difference. Hell! Even some of the clones had a better sense of 'right and wrong' than the bastards that created them! One of them even tried to help your friend - Shiress I think she called herself - escape. She was gang-raped and left for dead for her efforts.


Every beast's reign comes to an end. And it's time that someone ended that of Jarvis Erlang, the fucking Slaver.” The anger that accompanied these last words convinced Jade that what she said was the truth.








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