Operation Shiress Chapter 6

Operation Shiress Chapter 6 Operation Shiress Chapter 6

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Following on Chapter 5



Following on Chapter 5


Submitted: November 01, 2016

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Submitted: November 01, 2016



Operation Shiress - Chapter 6:


The next few days were a nightmare. The torture seemed to never end, but Shiress's resolve did not waver. Time and time again, her oppressors tried to force her to divulge the information they demanded from her. She refused to say a word, and took whatever they dished out to her without so much as a whimper. The more she resisted, the worse the torture became.


On the fourth day, she was taken back to the small chamber where she and Abe had been tortured the day before the latter was murdered. The first time, they pumped her so full of drugs that she hardly felt her semen being forced out of her. They seemed to have the reverse effect on her than was desired. Instead of causing her nerves to become hypersensitive, the narcotics made her numb. They did not stop her from ejaculating. It was just that she could not feel it.


To make sure that her assailants did not cotton on to this fact, she cried out as though she was in the throes of a normal orgasm as she came all over the lab floor. By then, her gism was almost clear, and poured out of her like water. And still she would not talk.


That day she was strapped to the nanite tentacles more than once. The first time, she was hoisted up so that she faced the floor, her legs forced apart. To begin with, one of the tubes was inserted into her anus, and it pumped its toxic substance into her until her balls swelled and her dick became erect. Then three more pushed their way into her maidenhead, and stimulated her until her cum spurted out of her.


The result of the second and third session was the same. The only difference was that, with the former, her feet remained on the ground, and one of the tentacles jerked her off. In the latter, she was in a sitting position. The one tube injected its contents into her in the usual way, and another forced her to take it orally. This overdose made her reach climax quicker, and the abuse was over much sooner.


That night, alas, once the effects of the drugs had worn off, Shiress felt the full brunt of her ordeal. Her body ached from the muscle spasms. Her balls felt as though they were metal weights dangling between her legs, and her cock was red and sore from being forced to ejaculate so many times without a chance to recover. And still, when the Slaver himself came to try and coax her to talk, she gritted her teeth and remained silent.


The following day, another rogue llianar came to her cell. Her naked body had tattoos all over it. She was accompanied by one of the guards, whom she ordered to pin Shiress down. The llianar was wearing a sheath over her erect penis. This was known as a 'Rider'. They were considered formerly illegal in most llianar states, as their rigidity caused extensive damage to the internal female organs. The item was closed at the top, and the hard plastic prevented any sensation from being experienced. In some of the more deviant circles, they were used in so-called 'S&M', or sadomasochism, so that the sexual experience could be prolonged indefinitely.


Without any form of preparation, Shiress was forced onto her side, and the llianar entered her. There were no drugs to numb the pain or dull the senses this time, and as that cold hard sheath was pushed into her, she felt as though it would rip her apart. Relentlessly, her attacker continued until she was sure she could feel blood flowing out of her vulvae.


Instead of stopping, the savage removed the Rider, and continued fucking her. Although the pain had almost subsided, and she was given some relief, Shiress felt utterly violated as one of her own kind drove herself into her, until with a cry of satisfaction, she pushed as far as she could go, and her dick released its burden into her victim's body.


What happened next took Shiress by surprise. What she thought at first was just another quisling, the name given to those that turned against her own kind, entered her cell. When she looked to see who it was, she found that she was gazing at her own mirror image. The guard who let her in mocked: “Congratulations. Meet your own offspring, Dick-chick!”


The clone spoke, saying: “I was told that you have information that my Master wants. I was also instructed not to stop until you have given it to me. The only thing that I am forbidden to do is to kill you in the process.”


“Then it's going to be a long visit.” Shiress retorted.


“In that case,” The other responded, and then turned to the guard still waiting for her: “Leave us. I will call you when I'm done.” She ordered.


Somewhat reluctantly, the man obeyed. The clone, known as 'Sierra Beta' - Beta for short - danced as if she was working a strip routine in front of Shiress. Despite the pain in her loins, and the odd feeling of almost watching herself, the sight of that lithe, sensual body aroused her. She lay back on the pillows, and smiled as her cock slowly came to life.


A look of satisfaction came over Beta's face. She bent over, and took that untamed member into her mouth, curling her soft tongue around the rigid shaft. Slowly she began riding up and down, until she could feel it begin to swell and jerk spontaneously in response to her movements. Shiress put her hand on the back of the clone's neck, and as her impotent semen filled her, she forced Beta's head down so that she could not prevent her from cumming into her mouth.


This infuriated her opponent, and she insisted that Shiress return the favour. She lay on her back, and forced her head down. At the same time, she tightened her grip on Shiress's throat until she began to gag. As she opened her mouth, fighting for air, Beta shoved her own member into it. Only then did she release her grip. It did not take long before Shiress could feel her assailant's pending climax. Obediently at first, she continued her sucking as Beta's lower body began to convulse. As she tasted the first hint of cum, she took the organ into her mouth as far as it could go, and bit down hard onto its throbbing base. Beta's dick continued to spurt its load as Shiress tasted blood on her tongue.


Beta screamed, and tried to force her opponent's head upwards, but Shiress had locked her arms around her erstwhile assailant's waist, and held her so that she could not. Frantically, as the llianar's teeth sank deeper into her cock, the clone slapped her across the face. This only caused more pain as Shiress's head jerked to one side as she still bit down. In a desperate bid to free herself, she struck the llianar on the back of the head with all her might, rendering her senseless and causing her jaw to finally relax.


Painfully, Beta stood up, clutching her bleeding member. She dressed herself carefully, so as not to cause any more pain to herself. She was tempted to kick the still unconscious llianar as she lay there helplessly on the hard stone floor. But as she tried, the pain in her nether regions prevented her, and all she could do was make idle threats, that fell upon deaf ears. Still clutching her ravaged loins, she limped gingerly out of the cell.


Even though she felt a sense of victory when she woke up, Shiress soon realised that the ordeal had left its mark on her. As if it had not been in agony before, her whole body screamed in pain. She stumbled to the mattress, and collapsed. Sleep evaded her that night, and when morning came, she had reached a new level of exhaustion. Her sense of resolve had all but reached its end, and she knew full well that she could not endure this anguish for much longer.

She had hardly stirred when Shiress's cell door opened. Another clone entered, this time accompanied by one of the lab technicians. The latter was holding a syringe, that contained the now all too familiar - pale green liquid. For the first time since Abe's murder, she felt a sense of dread come over her as the man approached. As usual, he stuck the needle into the base of Shiress's cock, and emptied the contents. Soon she felt the organ harden, but this time it was different. Instead of her erection reaching its normal state, her penis became so rigid that she felt as though the veins would burst at any time. Not only that, but her balls swelled until they were almost twice their normal size.


The clone lay on her back, and ordered the llianar to squat over her, facing her feet. She snarled: “And just in case you try anything like you did with Beta, I've given that guard outside your cell permission to shoot your filthy dick off at the first sign of trouble. So you better behave yourself, and do as you're damned well told.”


Reluctantly Shiress obeyed. She noticed that the cell door was slightly open, enough so that she could see the figure standing outside, and the barrel of his gun pointing straight at her. She lowered herself on top of her opponent, feeling her turgid member enter her. The clone shoved herself into the llianar's quim, and ordered her to start riding it, while she thrust in time with her movements.


It did not take long before Shiress's dick began shooting its load into the air, covering both of them with clear liquid. Relentlessly, her assailant continued her thrusting without even changing her pace. She asked, somewhat out of breath: “Are you going to tell us what we want to know, or am I going to have to fuck you until you fucking die?”


“Keep going, bitch!” Shiress responded, trying to keep from giving her what she wanted, “We'll see who fucking dies first.”


The clone did not reply. But neither did she stop.


Shiress had discovered that the scientists sometimes administered an inhibitor to their own agents, and even to the clones, that postponed their own orgasm. It appeared that this clone was one of them. She pounded away as the llianar came over and over again, until her legs felt like jelly, and her genitalia ached unbearably. Just when she thought she could not go any further, her assailant finally, with a mighty groan, withdrew. Her own body convulsed as though she was having some form of seizure, and a slightly clouded jet shot out of her, followed by another, and then another, until at last she too was fully spent. Even though it took her last ounce of resolve, Shiress still refused to talk.


Once she had regained her strength, the clone stormed out of the cell. Just before she left, she turned and threatened: “So you think you're tough! Don't worry sweetheart, these guys have only just gotten started. When they've finished with your body, they will start fucking with your mind. Perhaps you'll talk then. And don't worry about dying, they won't let you go that easy.”


Painfully, Shiress stood up. She needed to piss, so she went over to the old toilet at the opposite end of her cell. She tried to force her still turgid member down, but it remained as stiff as it was when her ordeal began. She did the best she could, but still ended up wetting the floor. This was no normal erection, but had become a priaprism. This indicated that the nerves that controlled whether she became hard or not had been damaged, and only advanced medicine could help her now. The only other cause of this condition was extensive damage to the central nervous system.




She knew full well that she could not endure much more of this torture. Soon her captors would break her, and she would betray the very cause to which she had devoted herself, the people she pledged to protect with her very life. Part of her wanted to end it there and then, but she decided that she would pay her last respects in the only way the llianari knew.


She lay on the mattress, and took her rampant cock in both hands. The effects of the drugs still made the organ extra responsive to her touch, so she began to jerk herself off. As her tired muscles began to respond, she whispered, as if in a form of prayer: “This is for my beloved Traya back home. Stay sweet, my dearest. For you - dear Abe - thanks for being there when I needed you the most. For those whose secret I take with me to the grave - Peace and Freedom to you all.”


She had just uttered the last few words when she felt her climax approach. She rolled off the mattress onto her knees, and supported herself on one hand. With the other, she still pleasured herself as best she could, until her last offering spilt out onto the cold stone floor. Then she uttered the words in her native tongue that had ended her prayer: “Seere - droe - Easurka.”


A wry smile came briefly over her face. Soon she felt as though an electric current had surged through her, and she heaved and convulsed on the floor, her mouth foaming. The seizure lasted only a few seconds. At last the smile returned, and her body relaxed once more. Even the parts that had been ravaged by the Slaver's drugs were effected. As she lay there in a pool of her own semen mixed with urine, Shiress breathed her last.


When he no longer heard movements inside the cell, the burly guard standing outside the barred door unlocked it, and saw her lifeless body on the floor. He picked her up, and carried her to the main part of the lab. There he presented it to his superiors. They appeared too shocked to even ask questions. They conducted an autopsy that revealed the presence of a form of cyanide in her system with enough potency to kill an animal the size of an elephant.


One of the best-kept secrets in the team of agents was, that each of the ECHO agents had a 'Kill-Shot' implanted within them, and were given a phrase that would activate it. The poison that it released took approximately twelve seconds to work. The dose that was administered was twice the lethal quota. The phrase was the slogan: 'Peace and Freedom', translated into one of the twelve Sylvan dialects spoken in their homeland. These were rotated in order that the phrase was made more difficult to trace. The Kill-Shot was only used when the Agent had been captured, and felt that she could no longer endure whatever torture or abuse her captors subjected her to, without jeopardising either the mission at hand, or the organisation itself.


It did not take long for news of Shiress's death to reach Samblar, the capital of the mighty Yesha. High Chancellor Iren Elenwe, the ruler of Yesha, approached the Council, and soon a large contingent of Yeshan troops were sent to D'Ashen. Operation Shiress - so named as to honour the agent whose death had started it - was launched three months after her capture.


The armed forces were under the command of Autarch Martin Caldor, a veteran of many campaigns. Three battalions were deployed. They consisted mainly of Rangers - specialising in fighting in the open country, and Hunters - whose area of expertise was urban warfare. Amongst them were the dreaded Sharpshooters. These snipers were masters at eliminating key enemy targets, such as those individuals in command positions.


The covert operations continued with Advisor Mika Yarret in charge. He too was a highly respected and decorated intelligence officer. Shiress's death had left the local resistance, who had turned to ECHO in a desperate call for aid, in somewhat of a state of disarray. It was up to Advisor Yarret to bring the small group back in line.

Up to that point, those who were loyal to Gorrash had ruled by means of bullying, terror, and intimidation. Now things were different! For the first time, they were met with an opposition that not only matched them in numbers, but were also a disciplined fighting force, led by hardened commanders and equipped with the best weapons. Soon the rag-tag group of thugs were no match for the newcomers.


But the leaders also knew that this was not merely a military campaign. Their opponents were not soldiers representing some corrupt government, or despotic tyrant. This battle was against the corporations that financed those in power, the heartless criminal organisations that benefited from the trafficking and wholesale abuse of other beings, whose only sin was that they were different to those who sought to destroy them. And so, as important as the military campaign was, the real battle would only be won when these ogres had been taken down. That task was left to the members of the Resistance and of ECHO itself.


Yarret's appointment also heralded the expansion of ECHO, that soon became the leading covert agency on the planet. This was only fully realised after the campaign, but it began with this, the first joint operation.




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