Operation Shiress Chapter 5

Operation Shiress Chapter 5 Operation Shiress Chapter 5

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Following on Chapter 4


Following on Chapter 4


Submitted: October 06, 2016

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Submitted: October 06, 2016



Operation Shiress - Chapter 5:


The thought that there was someone in this pit of hell that at least seemed to have a heart intrigued Shiress. She thought that the only people in this place were demons in disguise, and there was no chance of anything good around here. So when she found that one of them had taken the time to help her, at least to make her more comfortable, she felt as though her predicament had been somewhat lightened. But she was still in the dark as to who that person could be.


While she was still trying to solve the mystery, Shiress became aware of a figure standing at the door to her cell. She looked up to see that it was the guard with the face mask. She was carrying a gun as usual.


When Shiress retreated towards the back of the cage, the guard lowered her weapon, and said apologetically: “I am sorry. I didn't mean to threaten you like that. I know who you have come for, and I want to help you if I can. My title is 'Alpha Beta', as I was the second of the clones that the scientists created in this facility. The first one died soon after she was made. Her system failed to create the surfactant that lines the chest wall, thus enabling one to breathe on one's own. They tried to artificially inject the fluid, but she died before they could succeed.”


“So why would you want to help me?” Asked Shiress curiously.


“I was one of nine clones, and am the only one that survived. Once they had seen the first one fail, the scientists ran tests on the others to see whether they had the same condition. Those that did were more than the ones that did not, so they decided to destroy the rest of us, and start again. Since none of the others were going to make it, the brutes treated their bodies like dolls, performing the most brutal acts upon them. Most of them were dead before the bastards even turned the machines off that were keeping them alive. Their bodies were mutilated even before they were given the chance to live.


At first I thought that I was fortunate, because I was able to function with this mask to help me to breathe, but soon I wished that I had never woken up. I was forced to watch the massacre, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. If I tried, I knew that I would end up the same way.”


“I didn't know that clones had real feelings.” The llianar added.


There was almost a look of hurt upon the clone's face when she responded: “I am not an android whose so-called emotions are synthesized. I may have been created on a Petri-dish, but I am also flesh and bone, and have nerves like the rest of you.”


“I am sorry. I didn't intend for what I said to come out like that.” Shiress apologised, “What should I call you?”


“I go by the name of Abe around here.” The clone replied. “But be careful. There is another who is very much like me. She is a second generation clone. She too has to wear a mask, but follows orders without question. It was she that helped our Master capture you.”


Just then, they heard someone coming. Abe whispered: “I must go now, or else the others might suspect something. I will see how I can help you.”


She turned to leave. Shiress shook her head in disbelief. Who would have thought that her only ally would be the product of the very same people that wanted her dead. She smiled at the irony of it all.


Over the next few days, the relationship between Shiress and Abe grew from strength to strength. It was strange, that despite the circumstances, the llianar could focus on something positive for a change. This seemed to give her the resolve to endure whatever her captors put her through.


One morning they took her to one of the rooms in the laboratory. In it was a contraption similar to a gynaecologist’s chair. They strapped her into it with her legs in the stirrups. One of the attendants began to fondle with her cock until it became hard. She then took what looked like a large knitting needle, and after coating it with some form of lubricant, began to force it into Shiress's urethra. The llianar cried out as the object caused her penis to swell even more. In reaction, her body produced its own fluid to prevent the small tube from becoming perforated by the object.


Pre-cum came oozing out as the woman withdrew the needle, and Shiress was about to relax when another llianar entered the room. She was naked, and her slender cock was fully erect. She positioned herself between Shiress's legs, and she thought she was going to try and fuck her. Her fear arose when her partner held her still tender dick, and forced the small vestibule at the tip open. Her member had not fully returned to normal from where the needle had been inserted, and the urethra was still stretched. The other llianar pressed her own glans against Shiress's, and began to push her shaft into her penis. Although it did not sting as much as the needle did, the feeling of her cock being stretched beyond its limit caused her to cry out once more.


The pain began to be replaced by a strange sense of pleasure as Shiress's penis reacted to the other llianar's movements. Her cock jerked and pulsed in response. This seemed to increase her opponent's pleasure, and she closed her eyes as a wave of bliss flowed through her. Each thrust pushed the other's dick deeper into her own.


Soon her assailant's thrusts became harder as her arousal grew. Her dick began to swell as she groaned in pleasure. In spite of the pain, Shiress felt the pressure build up as her own climax approached. Her balls began to swell as she longed for release, but the other llianar's dick made ejaculation difficult. Soon her need overcame her, and her hips bucked off the chair as her cum trickled out of her. Her assailant's orgasm was also imminent. At least she knew enough not to ejaculate inside Shiress's dick. Instead she hurriedly withdrew, and her gism spilt out all over the lab floor. Shiress's cock released its load in a jet that shot the other llianar in the midriff. The force of the orgasm caused the pain in her penis to worsen, and her cries were a mix of pain and pleasure. Watching the deluge seemed to urge her opponent on, so that a second orgasm overcame her, this time more intense than the first.


At last the torture was over, and she was taken back to her cell. The woman jeered at her, saying: “As you see, most of your kind have sided with us. Soon you too shall submit to our power.”


Her member ached for the rest of the day, and made it difficult for her to sleep that night.


Knobbing was considered somewhat of a novelty among llianari, and was usually only enjoyed by she-men, whose penises were big enough for it not to have any deleterious effect on them. It was certainly the first time that Shiress had experienced it herself. Throughout the rest of the day, it felt as though the other llianar's cock was still inside of her, and the swelling made her very uncomfortable indeed.


The following day, what at first appeared to be identical twins were allowed to have their way with her. As they started, the one tried to force Shiress's dick to become erect, but the strain of the previous day made it somewhat non-responsive. At first Shiress thought that this would dissuade them, but the other had brought a syringe with her, filled with the same drug she had been given the day she was taken to the 'Milking Lab'. She injected the liquid into the base of the llianar's dick, and soon it began to swell once again.


The other forced the llianar to enter her, and began riding up and down the turgid member, while the other laved her partner's maidenhead, savouring the moisture that oozed out of her. As Shiress felt that she was about to cum, the second twin took her balls, and began to squeeze them until the llianar tried in vain to pull away. The one that was fucking her refused to let her withdraw, and the she-male had no choice but to release her fertile load painfully into her attacker's body. As she came, the injury suffered from the previous day began to smart all over again, the flow of semen aggravating her still tender urethra.


Knowing full well that llianari are capable of multiple orgasms, the twins switched position. This time the first one pushed Shiress's legs so that her knees touched her breasts, and lowered herself onto the still erect organ. Despite the pain and discomfort, the effect of the drugs made her ejaculate again. This time the other twin shoved her middle finger into Shiress's butthole. The added pressure made her second orgasm more intense, but also more painful than the first. Again, the one on top of her gave her no choice but to cum inside her.


As they left, the one said to her: “Now we'll see if you can make us pregnant.” Only then did Shiress realise that her opponents were not twins, but clones.


Thankfully, she was left alone for the rest of the day. The drug meant that she had no relief from the erection that would not subside, no matter how many times she tried to jerk off. Once again, the torture she had been forced to endure made sleep impossible. Her balls still ached from the clone squeezing them, and she still smarted from the torment of the day before. Her urethra also burnt a little from the treatment it received, and the following morning she was sure that she was suffering from some sort of infection.


Abe was the first person Shiress saw the following morning. She informed her that she was ill, and needed medical attention. Abe assured her that she would see that she received it. At first the lab's doctor seemed uninterested in her being sick, until he was told what was wrong with her. This seemed to change his mind, and soon he visited the cell. He examined her, and then gave her a strong dose of antibiotic in order to treat the infection as quickly as possible. Later, Abe returned with her food, and asked how she was.


“Much better now. Thanks to you.” Shiress responded, “I know you said you wanted to help me, so that I could deal with your so-called 'Masters'. But aren't you taking a huge risk? If they find out, surely they would have you killed.”


“At first, I thought of that. I reckoned that helping you would not necessarily help myself. But then I realised that it was no longer about my own desire for revenge. Instead I hoped, that by helping someone else, I could find a way to cope with the horror of watching my own comrades die in such a brutal way. No-one deserves to die like they did, not even clones!”


“A clone with a conscience!” Exclaimed Shiress in disbelief, “Who would have thought?”


“I do not know of this 'conscience' of which you speak.” Admitted Abe, “All I do know is that I thought there must be a better way of solving my problems, and that rescuing you seemed to me to be that way.”





She had not finished speaking, when Abe noticed a strange look in Shiress's eye. The llianar took her in her arms and said in a voice thick with desire and emotion: “I wish that I could kiss you to express my gratitude, but I won't ask you to take off your mask. As you would have said: There is a better way.”


Shiress drew Abe closer. Her one hand went behind her and began to stroke her shapely butt, while the other stole between her legs. The llianar smiled as she felt the hardness grow there. Through the plexi-glass visor, she swore that she could see a smile on the clone's face, and that her eyes were closed in a state of bliss.


Lovingly she removed Abe's clothing, and as the clone reciprocated, she took the opportunity to savour the sight before her. Abe's skin was smooth and tender. Her breasts were small and firm - like those of a young girl having just reached puberty. Her hips were well-rounded, and her thighs muscular without being too heavy. Her excited cock jerked with longing, and her balls were small but ripe.


Abe reached out and touched Shiress's breasts. She seemed nervous at first, but soon relaxed as she felt its pliancy beneath her palms. Her touch was gentle, her palms like velvet. Even before she began to explore Shiress's body, the contact sent shivers down the llianar's spine, and a warm sensation spread in her loins. Sensing her need, Abe put her arms on Shiress's shoulders, as her partner lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around her waist, and allowed the llianar to carry her to the mattress. She sighed with longing as she felt her turgid organ teasing on the very brink of her maidenhead, her own member leaving a trail of pre-cum on Shiress's midriff as it pressed against it.


Shiress gently lowered her partner onto the bed. Abe opened her legs, and guided her partner into her waiting quim. Her thighs tightened as she felt the organ penetrate her. Soon the llianar's rhythmic thrusts caused the clone's inner muscles to contract around her. Abe locked her legs around Shiress's hips as she climaxed, at times preventing her from moving at all.


As the llianar felt her own orgasm approach, she forced herself out of her partner's ripe maidenhead, so that she spilt her seed all over the sheets. She smiled when she saw that her partner's cock was still as erect and unsatisfied as hers. Shiress rolled over onto her tummy, and Abe lay on top of her. The llianar felt that eager member enter her from behind, and she rose up into a half-kneeling position. As Abe began to thrust into her, Shiress's own hips rocked up and down in time to her movements.


She felt Abe wanting to withdraw, and said breathlessly: “Don't. I want you inside me right to the end.”


It did not take long for the clone to oblige. With a mighty thrust, she drove herself into her partner as deep as she could go, then lay still, allowing her throbbing member to do the rest. Abe then told her partner to turn over again. Kneeling between her legs, she removed her mask, bent over and took Shiress's cock in her mouth. It did not take long before the llianar's hips bucked off the mattress, and her gism was propelled down the clone's throat.


With a smile of satisfaction, she looked up and said: “I have never tasted cum before. Yours is the first.” She then put the apparatus back on, and her breathing began to return to normal once again.





Exhausted but satisfied, Abe collapsed on top of the llianar with a long happy sigh. Shiress took her in her arms. They lay there, lost in the moment. Finally, Abe said that she had to go back to her duties, and that she would probably have some explaining to do as to her whereabouts for the last hour or so. As she dressed herself again, she assured Shiress: “I will do what I can to get you out of this place. I have a pretty good relationship with the guard captain, and I'm sure that I can convince him to set you free somehow.”


“Bless you, Abe.” Shiress replied, “Now - be careful. Don't do anything foolhardy.”


“I won't.” Abe responded, “I promise.” She blew her a kiss, turned, and left the cell. Almost prophetically, as it turned out, Shiress had a terrifying feeling in her gut that she would never see Abe again.

Silently she repeated her words: “Be careful, dear heart.”


That night, Shiress was moved to an empty cell. Her captors stripped her, and forced her to sit on the cold stone floor. They cuffed her hands behind her back, then put a strap around her neck, the other end around the base of her dick. The leather thong was too short to allow her to sit straight up without the noose tightening around her neck. The brutes then injected her with the drug once more.


Before leaving her there, one of them said: “We will carry on with this until you give us the information we want to know. The choice is yours, precious.”


“Go fuck yourself!” Shiress exclaimed, “I won't tell you anything!”


“Suit yourself, he-bitch!” The man sneered, “We'll be in the next room if you should change your mind. Good-night.” He left the room, closing the door behind him.


As Shiress felt her cock swell once again, and the tingling in her balls, tears of rage and despair ran down her cheeks. The longing for release welled up inside her, and the only way to relieve herself was to strain forwards until she was able to put her mouth over the swollen tip. It did not take long before she felt the first trickle on her tongue. She lifted her head just in time as strands of slightly milky semen came shooting out of her, forced out of her even more by the elasticity of the strap around her dick. The noose around her neck prevented her from pulling away completely, and her gism hit her full in the face.


As she sat there in a pool of her own cum, her captors appeared again to ask her once more if she was prepared to give up. Her response was the same, and so they left her in her predicament for the rest of the night. Not even the bitterly cold cell prevented her from succumbing to the effects of the drug, and by the time morning came, Shiress felt as though she could not resist much longer. Her whole lower body ached from exhaustion. Her neck and shoulders hurt from being kept in that awkward position, and her balls felt as though they were about to rupture.


So great was her pain, that she was tempted to release the kill-shot implant into her neck, and be done with the whole scene once and for all. But then she thought of the chance that existed that Abe would find a way to free her, and then she would be able to get back to the ones she loved. She began to weep as her mind wandered back to the fair city of Fennian, and the one person who meant the world to her: Her beloved Traya.


Fortunately her stubbornness forced her captors to rethink their strategy. Shiress was taken back to her old cell, and soon fell asleep in the comparative comfort of the rough mattress. This was in spite of the pains in her lower body. She was woken up when Abe brought her some food. The look of pity and shock that came over the clone's face, when she saw Shiress in her current condition, could not be concealed behind her mask any more. She sat down next to the llianar, and put her arms around her.


“Those bastards!” She exclaimed, “Now I know that I've got to get you out of this place! Or at least die trying.”


“No - please don't endanger yourself.” Pleaded Shiress, “I would rather die than live with the knowledge that I survived, because you sacrificed yourself.”


“But I am just a clone.” Abe insisted.


“You're much more than that to me.” Responded Shiress, kissing her on the lips.


Abe returned the kiss, stood up without saying anything, and left the cell. She went to where the Guard Captain was sitting, and approached him. He stood up, and she came up close to him so that their bodies almost touched. In her most seductive voice, she said: “I have a proposition for you.”


The officer asked: “And what is that?”


“I know you've had the hots for me ever since I woke up.” She replied, pressing her body against him, “If you agree to help me, I will make that sweet fantasy of yours come true.”


He put his arms around her slender waist, and enquired, his voice thick with lust: “What can I help you with?”


Her hand toyed with the bulge that emerged in the pants of the uniform, and smiled as she felt it twitch in response to her touch. Then she answered: “The llianar the Boss and Beta One captured last week. I want to help her escape, and I need your assistance.”


The man began to open Abe's flight suit. She slapped him on the hand and pulled away, saying: “Oh no - not before you agree to help me.”


“Okay, I agree that I will help you.” He retorted. This time he forced the zip open with such force that he nearly broke it. His eyes feasted on the ripe young body that was revealed before him as Abe stripped. He then removed his own clothing, and forced the clone down onto her knees in front of him. Knowing that she could not give him a blow job, he instructed her to jerk him off. With her one hand she obliged, while she stroked his balls with the other.


The captain lay on his back, and pulled her down so that his cock entered her. With his strong arms, he made her ride him. The pace quickened as his desire reached its peak, and it was all that she could do to lift herself off of him before he unburdened himself inside her. He became insistent, so she backed off even more, leaving him with his cock throbbing impatiently.


He sat with his legs over the side of the bed, and Abe knelt on the floor between his thighs. She pulled his hips closer so that his cock was pressed up against her chest. She pursed her breasts together as best she could, and he began to fuck the cleft between them. The softness of her skin soon brought him to the very brink of climax and beyond. His butt tensed, pushing his dick against her chest, the head protruding above her cleavage, and soon she felt a warm trickle over her breasts. The guard captain then slumped forward, his hand on her shoulders.


He had hardly caught his breath when he said in a cruel voice: “I don't make deals with lab freaks!”


Before Abe had time to realise what was happening, the officer reached for a switch above his bed, and pressed it. A loud siren was heard throughout that section of the labs, and soon the clone could hear the scurry of feet running towards the Captain's quarters in response to the alarm. Abe headed for the door on the opposite side of the room, only to find that it led to a dead end. She was captured by one of the male clones that also wore a mask similar to her own, only an upgraded version, and brought her before the officer who had betrayed her.


“This time - freak - I'm going to fuck that pink pussy of yours until you bleed.” He threatened. He forced her onto the bed, her legs over the side, pushed them open, and drove himself into her, pinning her arms down with his hands. She tried in vain to free herself, but he was too strong for her. The officer began to groan as his thrusts became more intense. She shook her head, and pleaded for him to stop. But her pleas fell on deaf ears, and soon he slumped down on top of her as his semen filled her uterus.


He ordered the other guards to take her and lock her in a cell. “Just don't put her anywhere near the other one. I have an idea. Don't you dare so much as lay a finger on her until I say so.” He added.


The others obeyed, and Abe found herself alone in a cold cell with only a thin mattress for comfort. Part of her wanted to scream and rant, but she suppressed the desire by reminding herself that she had tried to rescue someone that she cared for, and that appeared to love her back.


That evening one of the androids, used as servants and lab assistants, came to her cell. She instructed the clone to stand up. Taking her arm in its metallic hand, she led her down the passage to what appeared to be a lounge. To her dismay, she saw a figure sitting naked on one of the sofas. It was Shiress!


“What are you doing here?” Abe stammered, half not wanting to hear the answer.


Shiress replied: “I gave them what they wanted, and they set me free. You don't think I really wanted the help of some lab freak, do you?”, and laughed cruelly as the clone stood there with her mouth wide open in disbelief.


“Now - let's share what our lab experiment has to offer.” The android said, taking out two wine glasses, “And then, when we've finished, you can tell us all we need to know. There's no use lying to us any more. Our new friend has told us most of it already. All we need to know is your side of it.”


Shiress smiled, and began to stroke her own cock until it responded. She sneered at the clone, who was now in tears. The android took a syringe, and injected its contents into the base of Abe's dick. It soon reacted, and became painfully erect. The android was equipped with a synthetic penis. She forced the clone onto all fours, and drove herself into her. Abe cried out as the so-called organ entered her. Although it resembled a penis, it was harder than the real thing, as well as being cold. She also knew that the android would not stop. After all, it could not experience orgasm, and would continue until it was programmed to cease.


She tried not to, but could not avoid the horrific sight of the one person she thought had cared for her, now seemingly taking pleasure in her humiliation and suffering. Soon the effect of the drugs clouded her mind, and she could focus on nothing else but the sensations she experienced, as the android's robotic hand jerked her off. As Abe felt her cock fill with semen, the android took one of the wine glasses, and placed it just below her throbbing member. Soon a steady flow came pouring out of her, and filled the container.


Relentlessly, the robot continued, this time allowing the clone's offering to soak the cushion instead. Just as she climaxed, Abe saw that Shiress was also in the throes of her own orgasm. Her gism filled the second glass to overflowing.


Once this was over, the android swapped them around so that Abe was forced to empty Shiress's glass, and vice-versa. For some reason, as Abe drained the glass, she stopped weeping, and a strange smile came over her face.


“Typical freak!” Shiress jeered, “She can't even make up her mind whether she's sad or she's happy. That's what happens when the emotions are synthesised.”


In response, Abe sniggered underneath her mask. The android came up to her, and pushed her against the back of the sofa. The clone continued laughing, this time out loud. Her apparent mirth was short-lived, however. The robot's hand closed around her throat, and she threatened to throttle her if she did not remove her mask. She had no choice but to obey, even though she knew that she would be endangering her own health by doing so.


The android instructed Shiress to leave the room, and she obeyed. Once they were alone, she knelt on the floor in front of the sofa where Abe sat, her breathing already becoming laboured and her chest wheezing as she was forced to take in the polluted air. She took the clone's still turgid member in her mouth, and began to suck the throbbing shaft. Soon Abe's hips rocked back and forth in unison with the robot's sucking. As the organ's tip began to swell, the clone threw her head back as if in a faint, and she drove herself ever deeper into the robot's mouth. Frantically the android lifted her head, just in time to prevent a fresh flood of semen from flowing down her synthetic throat. As her hips bucked off the sofa, Abe began to laugh once more.


It became clear that Abe's reaction did not compute in the android's brain. She stood up, and asked: “Why are you laughing? Surely you are aware that you are about to die? And besides, the one you were trying to free has obviously betrayed you. So why the laughter?”


“You and your makers must think that I am very stupid.” Explained the clone, “That was not Shiress. She was a clone, sent to deceive me into thinking that I had been set up.”


If androids were capable of facial expressions, this one would have shown signs of puzzlement and resignation when she enquired: “How do you know?”


“When the real Shiress and I had sex a few nights ago, I gave her a blow job right at the end, and got a good taste of her gism as she came into my mouth.” Abe explained, her tone filled with mocking disdain, “Even though you bastards have almost drained her, her cum is still rich - tastes a bit like bitter almond. This carbon copy's semen had no flavour at all. It was like water, except a little more slimy. Maybe your so-called scientists need to go back to the lab, and work on a more convincing model.”


Perplexed, the android instructed her to put her mask back on. She then ordered one of the guards to take her back to her cell. Although worn out from the encounter, Abe sighed with relief. At least Shiress was still alive. Alas, there was also a gnawing feeling that would have added '… for the present', as well as a sense of regret, that she had failed in her attempt to free her lover from the clutches of those who now held both of them captive.





The next morning, two guards came into her cell. They led her to a lab that had, up until recently, been under some sort of refurbishment. When she entered the room, it was as though she had entered an alien space ship. There were devices and contraptions that she had never seen before. In the centre was a chamber where she saw Shiress sitting on a bench. Abe was ordered to join her.


A voice came over the com-system, it was the Slaver himself. He said: “Unit Alpha Beta. You have disappointed us for the last time. Seeing that you have sided with this prisoner, you will suffer with her. Seeing as you will probably not survive for much longer, let me tell you what you can expect. We have been experimenting with Nanite technology as a means to extract semen, and impregnate surrogates at the same time. Our previous research showed that there was a link between the delay, from the time that the sperm was collected to when it was implanted in the surrogate, and the various defects that we experienced. Therefore we hope that this new technology will mean that there is no such delay. Your partner and you will be the first test subjects.”


The chamber was very small, little more than a cubicle, so the pair had to sit close to each other. Part of the wall on both sides began to open, and a multitude of - what looked like tentacles - headed towards them. In an attempt to comfort one another, they took each other's hand as two of the latex tubes wrapped around their legs and forced them open. They were lifted off the bench until they became suspended in mid-air.


Eight more tentacles appeared, four of which were connected. Two of them inserted themselves into their anuses, and began pumping them full of the same drug they had been administered to before. The other two wrapped themselves around their rapidly hardening penises. Two of the tubes that were connected enveloped them, while the other pair entered their honeypots. Once inside them, these were thrust in and out of them as though they were being fucked by a sort of octopus. The other two were obviously attached to some sort of suction device similar to a penis pump. Those that encircled their male parts moved as though they were being jerked off in time with the suction.


The drug was given to them in such a high dose, that it caused their balls to swell as it stimulated them to produce more sperm than they would naturally. It did not take long before they felt like lead weights hanging between their legs. Soon they felt as though they were about to explode. Their whole body went into a sort of convulsion as semen came rushing out of them. The connecting tubes were quickly filled with the milky white substance that rushed headlong into the other partner's waiting quim. Almost simultaneously, the movement of the other end of the tentacles, aided by the drug as well, caused a second orgasm to race through their female parts. Shortly afterwards, the combined force of these climaxes rendered both of them unconscious.


When they came to their senses, the pair found that they had been taken to a room together. It was not a cell as such, because it had all the basic amenities. It even had an en-suite bathroom. The only problem was that there were no handles on the inside of the doors, so it might not have been a cell, but it was still a prison.


The following day, they were taken back to the chamber. Again a voice came over the PA system. This time it was one of the scientists. He told them: “We have analysed the samples we took yesterday, and found that only one of you is capable of producing fertile sperm. This time, things are going to be different.”


As the tentacles appeared, Shiress took the frightened clone in her arms, and kissed her. She whispered: “No matter what happens, we're in this together - Okay?”




Abe tightened her grip, and nodded. One of the tubes placed itself over Shiress's cock, the other end entering the clone's quim. Otherwise the rest were the same, excepting that Abe's cock was left unattended, despite the fact that it was yearning for release. Shiress used her free hand to jerk her off. This time, as the one tube fucked Shiress, the orgasm was so intense that she squirted all over the floor of the cubicle. Almost at the same time, Abe's cum spurted out and added to the sticky mess. The scientists grinned as they watched the spectacle through a plexi-glass window on the one wall of the small room.


Not long after that, Shiress unloaded herself into the clone's still pulsing uterus. Even though the circumstances were somewhat different, the end result was the same. The pair's unconscious bodies were carried back to their plush prison.


When Shiress woke up, she found that she was alone in the room. In a panic, she called out for Abe, but there was no answer. She searched all over, but to no avail. She sat down on the double bed, where just hours before, the two of them had slept in each other's arms as they tried to recover from their ordeal. Her whole body ached as she sobbed uncontrollably.


Just then the door opened, and one of the guards stood in front of her, an insane smile on his face. The expression, and the tone of his voice was enough to tell the llianar what had happened before he could even speak. He informed her gloatingly: “I'm afraid your sweetheart didn't live up to the Boss's standards, so they decided to terminate her.”


He grabbed Shiress by the arm, and dragged her to where the clone's mutilated body lay in a pool of her own blood. Her legs were wide open. Shiress felt her whole being convulse when she saw that they had removed her male genitals, probably with a scalpel. But that was only half of it: Someone had slashed her too many times for the llianar to count before she could not bear the sight any longer. As a sort of morbid coup-de-grace, her throat had also been slit.


Shiress's knees just about gave in before the savage dragged her back to the room, and practically threw her inside. He jeered at her, and said: “Now you know that we ain't fucking around. If you don't come to your senses, sweetie, and give the Boss what he wants, what happened to your little friend will be nothing compared to what they will do to you.”


The llianar wept uncontrollably as she made for the bathroom. She barely reached the toilet when she was promptly sick. She stumbled into the shower, and sank down onto the wet floor as the water ran over her. It was as if she felt that what she had seen had contaminated her body, and she needed to wash it off. Her hysterical screams subsided, and she began to sob softly.


“I'm sorry Abe, my lovely.” She whispered, “I warned you not to put yourself in danger, and now I feel that your blood is on my hands.” Then a sense of resolve began to take over, and she continued through gritted teeth: “These bastards can't do anything to me that can be worse than what they have already put me through. Right now, part of me wants to end it all, but then they've defeated me. I have just one more thing I would like to clarify, and then I can die knowing that I go with a clear conscience. I know that we will meet again, dear heart, once my business here is done. Wait for me, wherever you are. I will be with you soon.”

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