Operation Shiress Chapter 4

Operation Shiress Chapter 4 Operation Shiress Chapter 4

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Following from Chapter 3


Following from Chapter 3


Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016





Less than a week after the two agents began working at Mocca's, the owner informed them that Erlang was busy working out in the gym that was attached to the club's complex. Being athletically built, and physically fit, the llianari did not look out of place as they entered the gym themselves. It was their day off, so the opportunity arose that would otherwise have been difficult to arrange. They alerted the other two, and told them to be on stand-by.


While Shiress was exercising on one of the apparatuses, she noticed that the Slaver was watching her, perhaps a little too intently. She smiled at him, and although he did not return the favour, he appeared to be somewhat distracted. Realising that his attentions had been noticed, he tried to act as if his glance was nothing more than casual, but the intensity with which he continued with his work-out made it clear that he was over-compensating.


Having finished their routines, the two llianari made their way to the unisex wash-rooms. Gender equality had demanded that both the old 'Gents' and 'Ladies' bathrooms were done away with, and that everyone used the same facilities. They waited a while, and soon Erlang came to have his shower. Pretending that they had not, Shiress and Luin began to wash themselves. It did not take long before they noticed that he was watching them once more. This time there was nothing to hide his intentions. Quickly he turned away, but not before they saw that his cock was showing its own appreciation for their sensual bodies.


Shiress made the first move. She came up behind him, and brushed herself against his back. In mock protest, he tried to pull away, but not enough to break the contact. She put her arms around his waist, and his resistance crumbled as she said in her deep, most seductive voice: “What's the matter, big boy? Don't you like what you feel?”


He turned around to face her, and reached down to stroke her own swollen member, but she pushed his hand away, whispering: “Oh no - Too soon. We can't leave my friend out, can we? She'll miss all the fun.”


She sat down on the wooden bench at the opposite side of the cubicle from the shower, and pulled him down so that he sat with his butt between her legs. He groaned as he felt her hard-on against his lower back. Shiress's hand began to stroke his rampant member, and his hips soon started to jerk off the bench. His groans became even louder when Luin took the velvety tip between her lips, and her tongue caressed the small opening to his urethra. It did not take long before he came into Luin's mouth with a warm milky gush.


As he began to relax, Luin whispered: “Why don't the three of us take this to somewhere more private? We're staying at the Highlyn. It's not far, and we can screw to our heart's content without any interference. Think of it: You can have both of us at the same time.”


Needless to say he did not need much persuasion, and soon they were making their way back to the hotel. Erlang suggested they first have another drink at the bar. Neither of the agents thought that this would pose a threat, as they knew the barman there pretty well, so they both agreed. Up until that point, everything seemed to be going according to plan, but soon things began to make a turn for the worse.


While they were drinking, Luin suddenly began to feel ill. She said that it was as if she had been hitting the bottle the whole night. Soon it became clear that she was incapable of participating in the sting operation any longer. Shiress nervously insisted that she go to her room and get some sleep. Reluctantly, Luin acquiesced, knowing that she would otherwise place the other three in danger.

In feigned nonchalance, the Slaver stated: “Well now, baby. It appears that it will just be the two of us. Pity your she-man lover couldn't hold her drink. What say you we go up to the room, and really get down and dirty?”


Trying not to panic, Shiress had no choice but to agree. Without Luin beside her, she felt very vulnerable, but she knew that she would have the support of the other two when the time was right. As the elevator took them to the fifth floor, she asked: “What exactly happened back there?”


“Baby.” The Slaver replied, “There ain't no joint in this town where I don't have someone on the inside. So when I ordered our round of drinks, I told the barman - who actually works for me - to put a little extra something in your friend's drink. Hey - what can I say? She just ain't my type. With that big fucking dick, it kinda makes me jealous, you know? But you - Oh baby - I reckon we're gonna have a lot of fun. You'll see.”


He emphasised his point by putting his hand between Shiress's thighs, and stroking her until he felt her own cock respond. He then took her hand, and guided down to his own erection. “See babe? We're almost the same size. Ain't that synergy for you?”


They went to the room where Istate and Zephyr were hiding. One of them had concealed a weapon in a pre-arranged place for Shiress to use when the time came. With a little more confidence, knowing that her comrades were waiting for her signal, Shiress continued her seduction. The Slaver appeared to be taking the bait, and soon they were on the floor of the lounge together. He was on his back, his cock driving into the llianar's maidenhead while he jerked her off with one hand, his other caressing her muscular abdomen. Her own gism came out in strands that ran down over his hand, and soaked his pubic area with its sticky warmth. This seemed to drive him on, and soon his thrusts became uncontrollable as his climax approached.


Then everything happened in a flash. Shiress reached for the gun that was hidden under the couch pillows next to her. But alas, before she could even retrieve it, Erlang forced her onto her back, without even missing a beat. As he drove himself deeper into her, he grabbed her head, and banged the back of it against the floor. She wanted to cry out for help, but she realised that she would endanger the lives of her two partners. Shiress saw sparks before her eyes, and the world went black after that.


She came around briefly, and found herself in a strange room. She was lying on her back atop a large double bed with a rough counterpane. Her hands were tied together above her head, and the Slaver had forced her legs apart. His hand caressed her vulvae that felt as though they had been set aflame, and her cock was so hard that it actually ached. Her body craved release, and the touch of his hand made the longing unendurable. The sensation became even more intense when he coated his middle finger with some form of paste, and inserted it into her honeypot, that tingled and burnt at the same time.


By the slight odour, that smelt like something was burning, she knew that he had used what was known as 'Narmpa', a lotion made from the pulverised bodies of a type of insect. Before it could be used, the paste had to be heated up, and it gave off a distinctive odour. When applied to the female labia and clitoris, or the male member, it caused them to swell. If it came into contact with the internal walls of the vagina, the nerves would become hypersensitive, and would induce a rapturous orgasm almost within seconds of its application.





It was illegal and considered very dangerous, but in certain circles it was still used to make someone sexually aroused, especially by those who did not have the patience for conventional foreplay. The problem was that the effect remained long after orgasm had been reached. The intensity and prolonged duration of the effect on a male organ could also result in permanent tissue damage, and even render the sufferer impotent. But the greater danger was that the level of arousal sometimes caused the victim to suffer convulsions, and even to lose consciousness.


The slaver drove himself into her moist honeypot once the potion had taken full effect. As she felt him inside of her, she felt as though she would explode. Her hips bucked violently off the bed, and her back arched as waves of excitement flooded over her. It did not take long before the mighty climax overtook her as jets of white shot out of her, some of them even landing in her own mouth. At the same time she felt a similar sensation as a second climax swept through her maidenhead, soaking the sheets below her with a slightly milky fluid.


Shiress screamed as her whole body began to convulse as though in the throes of an epileptic seizure. Her female parts still felt as though they were in the orgasmic state, and her cock remained stiff and sore. Just then she saw three more figures, all dressed in white coats, enter the hotel room. The last thing she heard was: “Take this one to the lab. She is a perfect specimen.” …


Once again darkness enclosed around her, and she remembered nothing more. The only thought that went through her head was: “At least the others are safe.”


When she opened her eyes again, she was aware that someone was behind her. She tried to speak, but the person covered her mouth with one hand, while pressing a knife against her throat with the other. In front of her stood the Slaver. He had a gun in his hand. The front of his combat pants was open, and his erect dick jutted out. He stroked it with his hand, and then pushed it against her lips. Shiress tried to resist, but the figure behind her pressed the blade hard enough, so that blood began to trickle onto it. She knew that she had no choice but to give in to the brute's demands.


As Shiress opened her mouth, Erlang shoved his cock into it as far as it could go, and put the barrel of the gun against her temple. It was then that she could see the one who had held the knife to her. She had recognised her voice as being that of one of the barmaids from the Highlyn. Instead of her usual blue and white uniform, she was now wearing combat pants, the same colour as her superior, and a black tank-top that barely covered her ample breasts. She wore a mask over her face so as to try and conceal her true identity. As the woman watched the Slaver, her hand strayed down the front of her pants, and she began to caress herself, her chest heaving and a smile of satisfaction on her face.


Erlang forced Shiress onto all fours, and rammed his still turgid cock into her, while his partner put her head between the llianar's thighs, and took her member into her mouth. The effect of the Narmpa had still not worn off, and soon she was on the brink of climax once more. She was fully aware that she could not stop the Slaver from unloading himself inside her, any more than she could prevent herself from cumming into the woman's mouth. As she felt her gism surge up her throbbing shaft, she heard Erlang begin to groan. With a mighty thrust, he became still as he filled her with his filthy offering. Almost at the same time, her own semen gushed out with such force that the woman nearly gagged over it. Before she could even withdraw, Shiress felt the sharp edge of a pistol butt strike her against the side of her head, and she sank into oblivion once more.


Her captors must have used the potion again while Shiress was unconscious, because when she woke up some time later, she found herself at the mercy of the Slaver once again. This time she was bent over the bonnet of the Jeep they were travelling in. He was already fucking her ass from behind, and her own dick was as hard as a rod once again. Despite her aching member, she was forced to ejaculate once more. This time it felt as though her balls were about to rupture. As her gism leaked out, she groaned in pain with every pulse.


The Slaver seemed to be indefatigable. His sexual prowess had often been the topic of much discussion amongst the staff at Mocca's. As he pounded away inside of her, Shiress began to realise that the stories had been an understatement. Eventually, with a grunt of satisfaction, he withdrew and spilt his seed onto the ground.


Late that night they arrived at what appeared to be the 'Lab'. From the outside, it looked like a disused warehouse, but it soon became clear that this was just a cover-up. The vehicle stopped, and Shiress was taken to a cell. There she was stripped and her hands were tied above her head. Those that bound her left her standing naked in the cold for the rest of the night. By the time someone came to get her down, her arms felt as though they had been torn from their sockets, and she was shivering uncontrollably. When the woman spoke, Shiress knew that it was the same person who had aided in her capture.


“Does Baby want something to eat? Or maybe something warm?” She sneered, holding up a set of clothing in front of the shivering llianar. As she reached out to take it, the woman snatched it from her, saying: “Oh no! Not so easy. You've got to give me some of that proud cock of yours first. I'm thirsty for some milk, if you get my meaning.”


She began to fondle with Shiress's still tender penis, and soon it grew to a reluctant hardness. The woman told her to sit on the hard mattress, and put her mouth over the rigid organ. With one finger of her free hand, she began stroking the llianar's honeypot. Soon Shiress could not stop herself from cumming into her assailant's mouth once again. She was strangely grateful that the woman kept her side of the bargain, and gave her the clothes. She then provided her with some food, that comprised of dry bread and a mug of water. But at least it was enough to relieve her of the hunger that had been gnawing away at her belly.


Later that morning, Shiress was taken to the lab. Her captors strapped her to what resembled an operating table. One of them began to fondle with her cock until it hardened in response. Just as the llianar was about to cum, one of the other attendants took a syringe, and injected something into the base of her turgid organ. Shiress cried out in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as the drug seemed to set a fire inside her, and at the same time, her gism was propelled into the air.


It only took a few minutes for her to succumb to the drug's influence, and from that moment on, no matter how many times she stimulated herself until she came, her cock remained erect, the nerves still burning with the desire for relief.


She was later taken to another large room. Inside were a number of machines. While their designs were different, all of them were made for one purpose: To drain the seed from their victims! No doubt, for use in their cloning experiments. They tied her to one upon which her back was arched so that she felt as though her spine would break. Her arms and legs were put into restraints that made the experience even more uncomfortable. A suction tube was placed over her still engorged penis, and turned on. The pressure was endurable to a point, but as she became more and more aroused, it seemed to increase until she cried out in pain. Soon she watched her own precious seed fill the tube as it seemed to flood out of her.


Unlike when any of her human assailants made her cum, the machine did not stop once she had finished. Being a llianar, she knew that she was capable of ejaculating more than once, but that was under normal circumstances where the experience was more pleasurable. So, when she came a second time, and even a third, she felt as though her very life essence was being drained away.

By the time she was taken off the apparatus, the effect of the drug had subsided at last. Shiress was taken back to her cell. She lay on the hard mattress that they had given her as a bed, and soon sank into a fitful sleep. Later on, she was awoken by someone bringing her food. This time it was not the same person who aided in her capture. This individual was tall and muscular, but with a sensuous figure. Although Shiress could not be certain, she could have sworn that this was another llianar. She wore a mask over her face, not as a disguise, but it seemed to help her breathe properly. Her hands were terribly deformed, and there appeared to be fingers missing. She only had three digits and a thumb on each hand. Since there was no sign of any surgery, this was obviously some sort of birth defect.


As she took the plate from her, Shiress thanked the newcomer, and was certain that she smiled back at her through the plexi-glass that covered her face. It was then that the llianar recalled what Zephyr had said: “... I can give you a clue so that you will recognise her when you see her. Let's just say she doesn't breathe so good, and leave it at that.”


Late that night, the attendants took her back to the room full of machines. This time she had to stand up with her hands and legs restrained once more. She felt something being forced into her butthole, and soon her whole body began to come alive as the drugs were released into her. Again a sheath was placed over her dick, and the suction started all over again. This time, she was not alone. Another llianar was held in another machine opposite her. As her assailants tried to strap her in, she bit one of them on the arm. As a form of punishment, they forced her mouth open with a bit of her own. She cried out, and struggled fruitlessly as she was subject to the same treatment.


Again the machines did not stop until it seemed that they had drained the very last of their victims' unwilling offering. Only when it was obvious that they had no more to give, were they taken off these instruments of torture, and returned to their cells. Once again it was the figure with the mask that brought Shiress her food. As she put the plate down, there seemed to be a strange expression on her face. But then again, it could have just been that it was distorted by the glass. Whether it was an attempt to hold onto some forlorn hope, Shiress felt certain that this figure was trying to reach out to her, but was unable to say anything.


Even if it was just wishful thinking, it gave Shiress the strength she needed to endure the torture for a little while longer. The following two days were pretty much the same as before, with the exception of the last session. She was given the drugs as per normal, but this time the effect was different, more intense. When her torturers came to apply the suction pumps, they placed two of them on her breasts, one over each nipple. As the machine was turned on, she felt her breasts enlarge as though they were filling up, and to her dismay, she felt at first a trickle, then a steady flow of milk flowing out of her. This, accompanied with the sensation of her semen being drained from her, resulted in her whole body convulsing in response. Thus, when she was at last removed from the apparatus, she was even more exhausted than ever before.


The following morning, when she awoke, Shiress felt as though she had run a marathon. She knew that something was wrong, when instead of the usual lab attendants, a man dressed in a jacket and a hat entered her cell, accompanied by a burly brute in uniform. The first one forced her to strip, while his bodyguard lay naked on the mattress. With soft, moisturised hands, his boss began to stroke her dick until it started to respond. As it grew hard, he placed a ring around its base, and continued his fondling. She could feel the pressure build up as she became fully erect. She tried to struggle, but the brute held her tight as the other injected her once again.





As the narcotics took effect, she felt as though her cock was about to explode as the ring tightened even more. What made matters worse was that her one torturer forced her to squat until she could feel the other's penis enter her. He grabbed her around the waist, and made her ride up and down the massive organ. Under the influence of the drugs, she felt the urge to climax build up, thus increasing the pressure behind the ring even more. As the brute unloaded himself inside her, she could see the veins of her own cock begin to bulge.


“Please let me cum! It's too painful!” She pleaded. Her tormentors merely sneered at her, and continued their abuse. Soon she felt as if she was going to explode as her cock filled with semen like water in a blocked hose. Her balls ached for release as the pressure caused them to swell. “You bastards! Let me fucking cum!”


Just as she felt that she could no longer endure the pain, her torturer finally removed the ring and sniggered as her member released its load, like a bottle of fizzy drink when the cork is removed. Her body was drained of all strength, and she sank to her knees.


As she wept from the agony, he snarled at her, saying: “Now that we've gotten a good dose of your cursed semen, my dick-girl, we want information.”


She stammered: “I don't know what information I can give you.”


The bodyguard forced her to stand up, and the smaller man grabbed her already aching balls. He began to squeeze when he continued: “Don't come with that crap! You're not some waitress at Mocca's. We found this in your hotel room.” He produced the hand-gun that had been hidden under the cushions on the night that she was captured.


Frantically Shiress tried to find some form of explanation, but could not come up with anything that would not endanger her comrades and jeopardise the mission. In her heart she knew, that no matter what happened to her, the others would find a way to achieve their objective. The expression on her face changed to stern resolve, and she retorted: “You can do what you want. You won't get jack-shit out of me. Nothing you do will ever force me to betray the people I work for!”


The Muscle behind her said: “We won't get nothin' from her now boss. Maybe she just needs a little time to think things over. What do you say?”


“Yeah, maybe you're right.” He seemed to agree, “Take this bitch to the wash-room to get cleaned up.”


The brute responded, and Shiress could not help but notice a sadistic grin on his boss's face that made her uneasy. As she stood there, the warm water offering some relief for her tortured body, she tried to relieve herself from the effects of the drugs. She was busy jerking off when she became aware of a presence behind her. Before she could turn around, the boss had her pinned against the wall. She felt his own unbridled member against her butt-cheeks. He took her dick in his one hand, and began to stroke it roughly. At the same time, he bent her over and forced himself into her butthole. Soon she fired a milky jet onto the tiled wall of the shower, and it did not take long before she felt a warm trickle down the back of her thigh.


Before she could recover from the onslaught, the bodyguard had his turn. His massive dick made Shiress feel as though she was being torn in half. Luckily it was not long before he came all over the small of her back. His huge hand continued to work her still aching erection until it released another load onto the shower floor. So much for '… time to think things over!”


“Are you still determined to keep quiet, dick-girl?” The boss asked. This time, Shiress did not even answer, and the man continued, “Then you will pay dearly for your stubbornness. Our boss has others who will make you talk. Mark my words, what happened to you now is nothing compared to what they are capable of.”


With those words, he and his bodyguard left the wash-room. Shiress sat down on the wet floor, and began to weep. She was so exhausted that she must have fallen asleep where she lay. Some time later, she awoke again. She was back in her cell. The normally rough mattress had been covered with a sheet that made it much more comfortable, and she even had a pillow for her head. She rolled over, and was soon asleep once more.

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