Operation Shiress Chapter 3

Operation Shiress Chapter 3 Operation Shiress Chapter 3

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Following Chapter 2


Following Chapter 2

Chapter3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

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Following Chapter 2

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The shuttle landed at the designated landing site. It was at an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city of Rothloe. Three figures came out to meet them, one of them being Zephyr, Kyara's cousin. The other two went by their handles. The one called herself Tinuviel, meaning 'Nightingale', and the other Ka, which means 'Panther'.


These 'Handles' were used because all citizens had to register at birth, and their records were carefully scrutinised by the authorities. As long as the people remained under the oppressive thumbs of those in power, they were allowed - as such - to live in peace. But as soon as someone was considered to be 'causing a disruption', they ended up in 'correctional facilities'. Many of them never returned. Even visitors had to register. They were issued with identity cards that they had to carry with them all the time. Random checks were conducted, and any who were found without these cards were taken into custody.


Luckily the underground had a network that could issue their operatives with false cards. But it was more complicated than that. The individual's whole identity had to be erased from the official computers, and replaced with what was termed a 'Ghost', a person who did not exist except on the records.


While this practice was place throughout, it was abused in D'Ashen in order to keep the people under Gorrash and his followers' iron fists. Their experts would even hack into the records of other countries if they thought that a visitor was suspect. Thus even Kyara and her companion had to use a handle to hide their true identity, and their records had to be replaced just like the rest of the underground. Luin already worked under a false name, so it was only Kyara who needed to choose one, and since she had become well-known as 'Shiress', she decided to adopt this as her handle.


Zephyr and the rest of the team were making their way to the warehouse when there was a sudden crack of gunfire, that echoed throughout the empty site. Before anyone could even begin to fathom what had happened, Tinuviel and Ka were dead. The other four were lucky enough to dive for cover, and were unharmed. But it was clear that their arrival had not gone unnoticed.


As soon as the shooting had stopped, and the dust had cleared, Zephyr spoke over the com-link and said: “Ka! No! Not you! They can't have got you! My young Panther! I'm so sorry!


Guys, we've got to get off the streets! There are snipers around! There's a doorway about twenty metres down the street behind that fence over there. We have to get through that door. It's the only way out.”


Keeping under cover as much as they could, the squad made their way to the fence. On the other side was an alley. Some distance away was the door that Zephyr mentioned. They clambered over the fence, ignoring the barbed wire that would have torn their clothes if it weren't for the heavy gear that they were wearing. Without too many scratches, they made it over, and headed for their escape route: The grey door with a red circle and a line diagonally through it.


“This door is a service entrance for the sewage tunnels down below, but this system has been out of action since they upgraded the city sewers.” Zephyr explained once the group was out of harm's way, “They will lead us almost directly to our Head Quarters.”


“Okay.” Luin insisted, “What the hell happened back there?”



“It is a question to which I would also like an answer.” Zephyr replied, “Our meeting was supposed to have been a secret. But it appears that our so-called 'secret' has been leaked somewhere. It is possible that we have a traitor in our midst.”


“Well, let's just hope that our whole operation has not been jeopardised.” Shiress expressed, “Is there nowhere else where we can meet? If the mission has been compromised, the most likely place for the mole to look is the HQ. Perhaps it would be wise to move our base elsewhere.”


“Good thinking.” Istate replied, “We should use another safe house.”


Zephyr assured: “There is another place, but it's not on this network. We will have to go out into the street for a few blocks. The advantage is that whoever is looking for us won't know where we are going. It was used as a temporary base when our original HQ was targeted two years ago. It still has all the facilities that we will need. We need to be careful. The streets are not the best place to be at the best of times, especially not at night.”


The team followed Zephyr down the convoluted tunnels until they reached a ladder leading to the surface once more. They climbed up the rusted steps. Luin, being the strongest, was elected to lift the lid off the access hole. This she did without too much difficulty, and soon they came out onto a deserted street. The area seemed to be safe, and the group made for an old house three and a half blocks away from where they had come out. This time it was Istate's turn to get them inside. Using an antiquated set of thieves' tools, she picked the lock, and they all went inside.


By the layer of dust that covered the floor, and the lack of footprints in it, it was clear that no-one had been there for quite some time. The furniture and other equipment was covered with plastic sheeting to protect it. These covers had also been coated with dust.


“Damn it!” Exclaimed Shiress, “This place is going to need a hell of a clean up. Well, we'd best get started, or else none of us will get any sleep tonight.”


There was an assortment of brooms and a dust-pan in a cupboard in the hallway. These they used to sweep and dust as best they could. It took them the better part of three hours before the place showed any sign of being at least decent. Hungry and exhausted, the four of them were in need of sustenance.


“Let's hope the computer is still working. There's an all-night café in this area, and they deliver twenty-four seven as well.” Zephyr told them. She turned on the computer, and to their relief, the screen lit up. She entered the name of the establishment, and a menu appeared. The four of them ordered some food, and shared a bottle of wine.


The house had a small garden in front of it that had become somewhat overgrown since the building had been vacated. Shiress went and stood outside, enjoying the cool night air. She had grown up in a suburb in Fennian in which there were not many houses, mainly multi-storey apartment blocks. So the experience of standing in a garden, albeit a wild and bushy one, was something that she had not had much chance to enjoy.


She had been there a while when Luin came outside and joined her. Shiress had an enigmatic smile on her face, and she seemed to be lost in her own little world. As Luin approached, she came out of her trance, her eyes aglow and her lips still smiling. She said in a whisper: “I've always dreamed of living in a home with a garden. Isn't it ironic that my wish would come true, even though it's only for a short while, when we're on a mission?”


Luin took her hand in her own, and smiled back at her. She replied: “I grew up out in the country. Maybe one day, when all this mess is over, all three of us will buy some land. Then we can build a house with a garden as big as you like.”


The light in Shiress's eyes shone even brighter as she could envisage her ideal surroundings. Luin took her in her arms, and kissed her, saying in a lustful whisper: “You are so beautiful when you're happy.”


As they kissed, Shiress could feel her lover's erection rasp against her. Her own member came alive as Luin's hand caressed her muscular butt. Shiress took her lover's hand, and they went back inside, heading straight for the bedroom. Soon their clothes littered the floor, and the couple lay side-by-side on the old double bed. As gently as she could, Shiress caressed Luin's massive cock, her own excitement mounting as she felt it respond to her touch. She stopped briefly, and smiled as it throbbed in protest, her partner's hips straining off the bed.


Luin lay on her back. Shiress lay on top of her, her arms on either side of her lover's hips. She took Luin's member in her mouth as far as she could, and then began to ride up and down upon it. Luin lifted her partner's balls out of the way and laved her tiny clitoris softly with her tongue. As Shiress's desire grew, Luin tasted her moisture as it trickled out of her. Shiress felt her lover's cock swell inside her mouth, and carried on sucking as a deluge flooded down her throat, and Luin's hips drove her throbbing member as deep as it would go. So great was the flood that some of it trickled out of her mouth, and ran back down the organ's shaft.


As was often the case with she-men, although Luin had cum, her cock was still turgid, and yearning for more. Shiress went up on all fours, and her partner pushed herself in from behind. The kneeling llianar sighed with pleasure as she felt her lover's organ fill her. Her own cock stiffened until almost painful as she felt the pressure inside her mount. It did not take long before she sent a jet of milky semen all over the old counterpane. Almost simultaneously, Luin lunged herself into her lover, and unburdened her load into her maidenhead, before slumping forwards until her face was nestled in her lover's sweat-laden hair.


She lay on her back, her head resting on Shiress's arm, while her lover gently stroked her firm breasts with the other hand. There was a smile of contentment on both of their faces, and soon they fell asleep in each other's arms.


The inside walls of the house were pre-cast, and thus very thin. They did not offer much in the way of sound-proofing. There were only two beds in the house. Luin and Shiress slept in one, and Istate in the other, so Zephyr offered to sleep on the leather recliner in the lounge, that doubled as an office. While she lay there, she could hear the feint sounds coming from the bedroom where Luin and Shiress were making love. Secretly, she admired the she-man, and as she heard her deep voice groan with pleasure in the other room, she felt herself become aroused. Soon her own cock jutted out from beneath her skirt.


She began to fondle its velvety tip, and then proceeded to jerk herself off. As her excitement mounted, her mind went back to the first time she and Ka had been alone together. Their families were friends, and Ka had become like a twin sister to Zephyr, as there was only a month and a half difference between them ...






One night they had camped out on the lawn together. They were both about eighteen years of age, and had already shown great affection towards one another. Secretly Ka had stolen her sire's vibrator, and decided to experiment with it in the tent when everybody was asleep. Zephyr volunteered to go first. She placed the toy between her legs, and as the vibrations went through her, felt her cock spring to life. Soon her hips were gyrating in the throes of delight.


Watching her partner writhe in delight made the younger llianar become aroused, which in turn fuelled Zephyr's desire even more. Soon she threw her head back and her gism landed on the sheets beneath her. Ka took the vibrator from her, and began moving it in a circular motion that made her partner's hips buck even harder as her thighs quivered with delight. A second orgasm sent her offering straight into the air, and cascading all over both of them. At the same time, her maidenhead began to convulse as she climaxed again. Exhausted, she rolled over onto her side, and handed the vibrator to Ka.


Because she was already horny from watching her lover, it was not long before Ka came for the first time, her dark pubic hair becoming drenched in the milky offering. Zephyr caressed her belly as her muscles tightened with each spasm. Ka's orgasm did not abate completely, and her hips began to move voluntarily. She almost screamed as a slightly cloudy fluid came spurting out from her honeypot. At the same time her cock erupted once again. Her whole body convulsed as waves of ecstasy rushed through her. A new flood came over her, and left her gasping for air as she drenched herself and the sheets beneath her at the same time. The vision faded before she could recall the end of that encounter …


… There were tears in her eyes as she returned to the present. She could feel her climax approaching, and offered a silent prayer for Ka, saying: “This one's for you my sweet Panther.”


Her breathing became irregular as her muscles tensed and relaxed. Her free hand clutched at her breast through the material of her dress. Soon, with a long groan, she came all down her leg onto the leather below. Her lower body quivered as she felt the fire surge through her womanhood, and a second wave of bliss flood over her. Slowly she began to relax until her cock finally went limp again, and her inner muscles ceased the convulsions.


As she lay there in the aftermath, she still wept over the loss of her childhood sweetheart, and she uttered another petition to her saying: “I know you're in that Happy Place right now. Watch over me, and keep an eye on the rest of us as we continue with our mission. We will be together again, my love, someday soon.”


She then fell into a fitful sleep. It had been a long time since she had slept properly. Ever since her escape from one of the labs, her rest was almost always disturbed by recurring nightmares, the worst of which reminded her of the night before she escaped. She had been locked in a cage. That morning one of the guards opened the gate, and grabbed her from behind. He tore off her pants and began fondling with her cock. His course hands made her uncomfortable, but she began to become hard nonetheless. She was forced to bend over, and he drove his rampant member into her. As she felt herself ejaculate, the brute began to grunt like an animal as he unloaded himself into her body.


Another guard stood by and watched. When the first one had finished, the second tied her hands to a rafter above her head and continued where his predecessor had left off. By the time he had finished, she felt as though she had been run over by a freighter. It was then that she knew she had to escape.





The morning after the team arrived in Rothloe, the four members met in the sitting room for a briefing. Zephyr had a series of pictures that had been taken recently as an updated view into the Slaver's exploits. The first of these was a portrait of a man with untidy blonde hair and a plaited beard and moustache. Zephyr began to explain: “This is a recent picture of the Slaver. Very few people - outside of his ring of close associates - know his real name. He is seldom seen in public, and when he does venture out, he is surrounded by thugs who act as bodyguards.”


The next four pictures were very disturbing. They were of llianari and she-elves that had been taken as slaves to work in the notorious Sex Arcades. The first two showed young llianari pole dancing. “On their own, these pics don't show anything bad, but as you will see later, these dancers are expected to allow customers to 'join them'. This means that they force her to have oral sex with them, and much worse than that, as can be seen in these next two holovids.”


The videos she was referring to were of dancers dressed in a fancy costume. The first one was pinned to the floor by a burly male who was performing anal sex with her. At first glance, it would appear that she was actually enjoying the experience, but as the video progressed, those watching could see that she was in pain. In the second video, the client was about to ejaculate, and the she-elf was pleading with him to withdraw before he came. Paying no heed to her, the brute unloaded himself into her.


The third video was of the whole 'show'. This time the dancer was a she-elf. At the start, the dancer appeared to be enjoying herself. It was also obvious that she knew what she was doing, and the crowd was enjoying the show. But one of the spectators then climbed on stage, grabbed her, and forced her onto her back. He stripped naked, and straddled her, his rampant cock pursed between her breasts. The other clients drew nearer to watch the show. The dancer knew that she had no choice. She had to submit herself to this course advance, or else she could even end up as a corpse lying in a trash bin.


She tried to make as if she was enjoying the encounter, and her act would have been convincing if it were not for the look in her eyes. Her mouth was uttering words of encouragement, but her expression was one of resignation and sadness about her predicament. Thankfully, it did not take long before the thug was grunting like a wild beast, and his gism ran down into the cleft of her collarbone, some of it shooting onto her chin.


The last two pictures in this series were the most disturbing of all. The first was of a she-elf performing oral sex with a man as he sat in a comfortable arm chair. The first impression might have been that she is doing this willingly, until the team saw the handgun in his hand. If she did not do what she was told, she would have been shot. The second was even worse: It depicted a she-elf being forced to have oral sex with one of the so-called clients. Her hands were bound by the type of restraints that were used on mental patients. A sort of bit was shoved into her mouth to force it open. The client's cum trickled out of her mouth as tears of anguish ran down her cheeks.


“But that's only part of the picture.” Zephyr continued, “As you know, the Slaver is also implicated in a racket that provides semen for a cloning project. Since they captured some of the Resistance, the bastards have been trying to create llianar and she-elf clones to infiltrate our ranks. At first we thought that these facilities were being run by the Vilya, but soon we realised their true purpose. As you can see in these two pictures, their techniques are very similar to those of the Vilya, but there are also obvious differences.”





She showed her comrades two pictures: The first one displayed a macabre combination of science and torture. The llianar was tied up, and suspended from the rafters so that she was facing the floor. Electrodes had been placed on her nipples, as well as her abdominal muscles. Rubber rings constricted the blood flow to her erect penis, and her balls swelled up as the band tightened itself around the base of her scrotum. An I.V line was pumping some form of drug directly into the veins in her neck.


Zephyr explained: “The electrodes on her tummy ensured that, when she ejaculated, her abdominal muscles would contract with enough force to make her gism come out, even though her dick has those bands around them. It ain't for nothing that the poor wretch is sweating. Those restraints make it fucking painful when she cums. Her penis swelled up, as did her balls, until they felt like they were going to explode, while the crap they pumped into her veins, as well as the suction tube attached to the tip of her cock, ensured that she had no choice but to ejaculate.”


In the second one, the victim was on her back, her legs in the air. A vibrator was shoved into her maidenhead, while the drugs made her horny. Another sex toy was pushed into her anus, and the usual semen extractor placed over her penis. Two more suction cups were put onto her nipples in order to collect the milk that the narcotics had caused her body to produce. By the expression on her face, it was clear that the llianar was exhausted, and the veins on her genitals showed that she had been forced into this more than once.


Again Zephyr elaborated: “These victims are subject to this torture at least four times a day. The tests sometimes go on through the night, so the so-called 'subjects' sometimes get very little sleep. If they dare refuse, they are tortured until they agree to allow the abuse to continue.”


“Is this your research?” Asked Luin.


“Only the stuff on the Sex Arcades.” She replied, “I was captured while filming the one with the she-elf pole dancer. We do have an inside contact though. Ironically she was one of the first successful clones - well, almost successful at least. Before those bastards could try their shit on me, I tried to escape. That's when I lost my arm. They had to try and stitch me up as best they could, and I was busy recovering from that when Istate and her team came and busted me out of there. But this clone was appointed as my nurse, if you want to put it that way, after their docs tried to fix me up.


She and I became pretty close in the short time that I was there. I can't reveal her name because it may blow her cover, but I can give you a clue so that you will recognise her when you see her. Let's just say she doesn't breathe so good, and leave it at that.


The next video is the first hard evidence we were able to get hold of, thanks to our insider. These two were the next generation of clones after our contact. Even the later versions are very primitive. Their needs are extremely simple. All they need is to be fed, and to screw. With the second option, they even do it with others like them, hence the couple caught on film.”


The last holovid showed, what at first appeared to be two of the clones. One of them was on all fours, while the other was fucking her from behind. Her semen dripped out of her partner's quim, and by the spasmodic movements of her perineum, it was obvious that she was in the throes of a second climax.


Zephyr clarified: “The bastards that run these labs have even tried to get the clones to reproduce among themselves, but it seems as though there's a problem. The llianar on the receiving end in this clip is not a clone. She's the original donor, as it were.


The problem is that, although the clones' male organs are fully functional, they don't seem to be capable of ovulation. That is why they have begun to capture she-elves. At first they cloned them as well, but the result was the same. So now their plan is to use these she-elves as surrogates for the clone off-spring. And that's why these labs have to be forced to shut down. The first step is to stop the trafficking of slaves. The Slaver runs the biggest racket, so if we are able to grab him, it will put a huge damper on the whole fucking deal.”


The four of them decided to go to a pub called the Blue Arch. The proprietor was sympathetic towards the resistance. His tavern was a cover for numerous covert operations, and in the basement, he had allowed a group to sell goods that would be of particular interest to the individuals known as 'Street Runners'. These were groups of resistance fighters that sought to overthrow the tyranny of Gorrash and his oppressive regime covertly, by exposing the horrors that they had imposed upon the once peaceful and prosperous nation.


Over the twelve years that the despots were in power, the Street Runners had increased in numbers, until they became a real threat to the establishment. They even had a number of high-ranking members in the police on their side, so that many of their operations were able to succeed without any form of police interference. Places like the Blue Arch acted as strongholds and support structures for the small groups.


Zephyr was a regular, and was greeted by a number of the customers, as well as most of the staff members on duty. Since her capture, and her escape, she had become somewhat of a local hero. Some of her admirers even came up for a chance to shake her artificial hand.


They were shown to her favourite table, and soon were served food and drink. It was strange that, in the bustle and busyness of this popular venue, the four of them could talk and plot without any risk of their planning being overheard by unwanted ears. They began to discuss the best way to achieve their goal of capturing the notorious villain.


The plan itself was simple in theory, although obviously not in real-life. It was made easier because, although the Slaver was purported to believe - as did his so-called clients - that Llianari and Elf-Kind alike are sub-human, he was actually known to have some sort of fascination with the former. So much so that he often would arrange for one of the llianari working in the Sex-Arcades to have sex with him.


This he could not do in public, as it would expose his obvious hypocrisy, so he would organise the encounter in private. This usually meant that he would disguise himself when he and his companion left wherever the arrangement had been made, and continue their rendezvous at the llianar's house. Once the tryst was over, he would don his disguise, and leave again. Sometimes he would have two or more llianari at the same time.


Hence the plan was that two of the team members would pose as workers in one of the arcades. The best choice would be one called Mocca's, a club where the Slaver frequently made his arrangements. They would 'offer their services' to him, and lead him to a hotel room that the four of them would rent for a few nights. The other two members would be in hiding until the orgy had begun. Before this, the pair would offer him something to drink. The alcohol would be laced with enough drugs to render him unconscious after a while.


Until that time, they would be forced to go along with whatever he demanded of them, but eventually the drugs would take effect, and when he had passed out, the team would capture him and take him to a house, where he would be held until he could be extradited to Cirda. There he would stand trial for his crimes.

As Zephyr - and possibly Istate as well - were already known to some of the Slaver's associates, it was decided that Luin and Shiress would act as bait. The following day the team moved their base of operations to the Highlyn, a classy hotel relatively close to the club where the operation would commence. The pair began to frequent Mocca's, and made enquiries as to what jobs were available. They made it clear that they did not wish to get involved in any of the seedier activities, but were looking for 'decent work'.


As luck would have it, two positions became available. One was behind the bar, and the other as a waitress. “Understand that, even as a waitress, there will be customers that will demand 'a little extra', if you get my drift.” The owner explained, “But you look like you can handle yourself. Just don't let Jarvis Erlang get his hands on you.” She added in almost a whisper.


“Who is Jarvis Erlang?” Asked Shiress.


“If what I'm about to tell you gets out, I'll have that cute ass of yours as a fucking trophy.” The woman threatened menacingly. By the look on her face, Shiress knew that she meant what she said too.


“My lips are sealed.” She promised.


“Jarvis Erlang is the Slaver.” The owner whispered.


“You're joking - right?” Shiress replied in mock surprise, “The Slaver? Here? But I heard that he hated our kind.”


“So he says.” Came the reply, “But that doesn't stop him from getting his rocks off all over you. Word is that the whole homo-supremacy thing is a hoax, a sham that he's put up so that he can make his millions in trading slaves. But stay clear of him if you know what's good for you, sweetie. He can be pretty fucking nasty if he wants to.”


Shiress promised to be careful. Luin took the job behind the bar. She was given much the same warning as Shiress, except that she was assured that she would be 'safer' where she was. Thus the trap was in place. All that they needed to do was wait for their prey to make his entrance.


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