Operation Shiress Chapter 2

Operation Shiress Chapter 2 Operation Shiress Chapter 2

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


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Following Chapter 1


Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016





Istate had been working undercover, investigating a particularly unsavoury character known only as the 'Slaver'. He captured Llianari, and later she-elves, for the burgeoning sex trade that was rife in the slums of Rothloe. The undercover agent was both tough and resourceful, not to mention being handy with an assault rifle. After her own tomboyish fashion, she was also attractive. But it was her strong personality that could disarm even the most dangerous opponents, often without resorting to violence.


This she had used to garner a certain positive reputation among the members of the Slaver's organisation, which meant that she became privy to information that even those who had been in the group for some time did not have access to. Taking advantage of this, she had gathered quite a collection of hard evidence that ECHO could use against him.


The evidence included a series of holographs that exposed some of the Slaver's seedier exploits, like the infamous 'Sex Arcades' in which slaves were forced to perform sexual acts with clients, who in turn would pay them tips, most of which were claimed by those who ran these clubs.


Among these pictures was one of a she-elf being gang raped by a pair of these so-called clients. She had been chained to a bed, lying on her stomach. The first brute had obviously forced her to perform oral sex with him, as his gism was still dripping out of her mouth. The second one was still busy fucking her from behind. Whether this was anal or not was unclear, but what was obvious is that she was not enjoying it one bit.


“And this is just an example - a relatively tame one at that - of what goes on in these places.” Istate explained, “These chicks are forced to put up with much worse.”


Another picture showed a Llianar with her hands tied behind her back. One of her attackers was fondling roughly with her breasts while the second one shoved a vibrator into her open quim. By her erect penis, and the fluid spurting from her maidenhead, it may appear that she was actually enjoying the whole episode. But one only had to look at the expression on her face to see that it was quite the contrary.


“This femme was fed a drug called 'Smack', a drug that has been formulated as an aphrodisiac, to make her horny.” The agent continued, “The problem is that it doesn't wear off once the victim has cum. It means that she can climax again and again, until she's so fucked up that she passes out. It's similar to the one the Vilya use in their Milking Farms, but the side effects are much worse. Quite a few of our people have already died because of the stuff.


At first we thought that the operation was used for milking as well, like the Vilya. But it didn't make sense. Their facilities did not have the storage containers to collect the 'produce', but they did have their own labs. This was little consolation for the unfortunates who seemed to be used as test subjects.”


The next set of pictures were all too familiar. In the first, the 'subject' was bent over, her arms stretched out behind her, and her hands in some kind of restraint that prevented her from moving. A tube stuck out of her butthole, obviously pumping some form of drug into her, while a figure crouched down behind her. Whether it was male or female was not clear, but the individual was holding the Llianar's erect penis still, as a suction tube forced her to ejaculate, while a small container collected the semen that came spewing out.



Another picture showed a Llianar lying on her back, her hands in the same restraints above her head. The all-too-familiar sheath was filled with the milky gism that was being collected as with the first, while two others are extracting breast milk from her as well. This was filling a second container. To make matters worse, a metal ring had been placed around her balls, and was squeezing them ever tighter.


“As you can imagine, the end result of this torture was that the victim's balls eventually went gangrenous, and had to be surgically removed.” Istate went on, “At first the reason for these labs was unclear, until I was shown the next stage of the research. And then I saw for myself. They were creating fucking clones from the semen samples that they extracted from their so-called subjects.


These are the first two.” She showed them a picture of a pair of Llianari busy having sex, “At first I thought they were twins, but then I realised that, if you ignore the colour of the Mohawk hairstyles, they are completely identical. Now, I'm no geneticist, but I do know that twins can't be that identical! Even the closest have at least one difference. That's when I realised that they were not siblings, but clones. And so are these. Heck! They didn't even bother to change the hairstyle!”


The second pair were obviously clones. They were so alike that, as Istate had pointed out, they could not be twins, even identical twins. The one was performing oral sex with the other, and it seemed that she had just cum into her partner's mouth.


“To give the experimentation some sort of credibility, those involved make it look as though it is purely voluntary.” Istate continued, “They employ nurses to go to Llianar homes to collect the semen for them. Here is an example.”


She showed the others a video of one of these nurses. She was talking to a young Llianar, and telling her about some form of research project, that the 'Corporation' had begun, in an attempt to eradicate the many morbidities that were of genetic origin. The impressionable she-femme, barely beyond her teens, was relatively easy to convince.


She stripped down to her underwear, and sat on the side of the bed. The nurse knelt in front of her, and began to fondle with her until she grew hard. Soon her body rocked backwards and forwards in response to the woman's touch. She groaned as her pleasure mounted. Her member jerked and pulsed as the nurse's satin-gloved hand coaxed it. Sensing that her patient was about to reach climax, the nurse took a latex tube with a bulb at the top, and coated the inside with a lubricating gel.


The youth lay on her back. She then pushed the cylinder over her patient's swollen dick, and began to ride it slowly and deliberately, as the young llianar's hips bucked off the bed in time to her movements. She put her one hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming with delight, while the other clenched and opened spasmodically. Her body convulsed even more as the nurse upped the tempo, and the inside of the tube became even more lubricated with the llianar's pre-cum. With a few mighty thrusts, the youth ejaculated, her semen almost filling the bulb. Frantically, she tried to remove the tube, but the nurse continued, albeit more gently this time, until a second milky flood spurted into the receptacle. She only withdrew when the youth's penis finally became flacid once more.


The nurse smiled down at her exhausted patient. She expressed her gratitude, saying that the youth had 'done a great service to society', and 'helped those suffering from genetic defects'.




“If only she knew what her precious sperm was being used for, she would not have looked so pleased as she does in the video.” Istate declared, “Bear in mind that this kind of extraction is only available for the wealthy. The other pictures are examples of how missus average would be treated. Never mind the motive behind all this. These people are butchers! Their victims suffer terribly while they're in captivity, and their torment does not end even after they go free, if they ever do.”


“But why come to us?” Asked Kyara, “I'm only a medic, not an operative yet.”


Istate replied: “Because one of those held captive was Zephyr, your cousin.”


There was silence in the room as Kyara tried to digest what the agent told her. Kyara had no siblings, and her cousin was the closest thing she ever had to an actual sister. Her parents and Zephyr's lived across the road from one another, and as children, the cousins spent most of their time in each other's homes. The llianar shook her head in disbelief.


“Don't worry.” Istate assured her, “We were able to extract her with the help of her lover, but she went back to where the bastard that took her captive was operating from. They recaptured her, and again we had to rescue her. This time she lost her one arm in the fighting. One of our docs was able to give her a prosthetic, but those things are never as good as the original. She's part of our resistance there. That's why I came to you. She specifically asked for you.”


“It's a good thing that our C.O. insists that all of those who work in the field, operative or not, undergo the same training. I will have to speak to her, and get her permission to participate in this mission. I don't think it will be a problem, and you will definitely benefit from my medical experience as well.” Kyara stated.


That afternoon, Kyara went and spoke to her superior. She was very understanding, but also somewhat worried. Although the young medic had been fully trained, she lacked experience. This could work against her if the situation went south. Nonetheless the officer gave her authorisation to proceed with the mission of capturing the notorious Slaver and bringing him to justice. Kyara thanked her, and returned home.


The following day, Kyara had to return to the HQ so that the doctor could place the so-called 'Kill-Shot' inside her. This was an advanced device that was only used as a last resort. If an agent was captured, and her captors were torturing her for information, she could activate it just by willing it. This would only be put to use when she was at the point where her tormentors were about to break her. Once activated, the implant would release a lethal dose of toxin into the agent's system. Death would be quick and relatively painless as the drug was designed to shut down the central nervous system.


When she informed Traya that she had agreed to assist with the mission, she was naturally unhappy with the news. Even when her lover went with the teams in her capacity as a medic, Traya would be worried sick that something might go wrong, and that some harm would come to her. This time she was going to be in the front line, so to speak, so the danger was even greater. But she understood the necessity of the mission, and reluctantly accepted that Kyara needed to be part of it for her cousin's sake.


That evening she approached her two partners. She insisted: “As both of you are modern-day warriors, and are going into battle, I would like us to reinstate the old tradition of the 'Warrior's Blessing'.”



Kyara and Luin stripped from the waist down, and stood with their backs to each other. Traya took off all her clothes, and knelt between them. Reaching between their legs, she took both cocks in her hands and began to stroke them. Her touch was soft and warm, and soon both of the warriors were sighing and groaning their delight. Feeling them harden in her hands made Traya's own member come to life. It did not take long before Traya was covered by a milky deluge as both her lovers came almost simultaneously.


Luin lay on her back on the floor. Kyara lay on top of her, with her back to the she-man. She took her lover's huge member, and pushed it into her waiting quim. Traya did likewise, and soon Kyara was sandwiched between her two lovers. She was unable to move. But she did not need to. Traya rode her throbbing cock, while Luin fucked her from behind. She took Traya's diminutive member in her free hand, and began to jerk her off. The llianar on top came first, a jet of almost clear fluid shooting into the air, and running down her inner thighs. Soon she felt a second climax approach. This time her inner muscles tightened around Kyara's cock as a wave of pleasure surged through her.


The pressure exerted on her triggered Kyara's orgasm. With a groaning cry, she pushed herself into Traya's quim as her gism filled her lover's uterus. Her movements pushed Luin to the very brink of climax. With all her strength, she pushed Kyara forward enough so that she could withdraw. And not a moment too soon. As her cock emerged, she shot her load all over Kyara's lower body. All three of them collapsed onto the floor, and lay in each other's arms until they were able to stand up again.


The next day, Luin, Kyara, and Istate met at the local shrine. It was a simple open-air sanctuary with an altar that stood between two relief sculptures carved in marble. The one on the left depicted Kulgen. Unlike her pictures in the so-called 'War-Shrines', she was depicted seated on the ground with two of her devotees kneeling before her, stroking her massive cock with their tongues. Both of them carried swords, and were clad in armour. They were obviously warriors. The sculpture on the right was of Alluvanna. She too was seated, her member fully erect, and a stream of gism spurting out of it, some of it running down the turgid member, onto the ground. Where it fell, a cluster of flowers grew and blossomed. Carved on smaller tablets were relief statues depicting some of the so-called Kulgen's Children. These were considered to be 'Lesser Deities'.


It was time for Istate to be initiated as the third member of the trio. She went down on all fours, and began to perform oral sex with Kyara while Luin knelt down, and pushed herself into the newcomer from behind. Just as they felt their orgasm approach, the pair withdrew, and sprayed their offering all over Istate's face. The new member's cock was still demanding attention, so Luin took it in her mouth while Kyara pushed her middle and index finger into her moist quim. It did not take long before her climax overwhelmed her. She sighed a silent prayer of thanksgiving as she experienced the Goddess's Blessing for the first time. Luin stopped sucking just in time as Istate fired off a milky jet that landed squarely between the llianar's breasts. At the same time, her inner muscles convulsed around Kyara's finger as a second wave of rapture flowed through her.


In front of the altar was a simple wooden bench upon which Luin and Istate sat, Kyara kneeling in front of them. She took her lover's cock into her mouth, and began to stroke it with her tongue, while jerking the other llianar off with her one hand and herself with the other. They then changed places: Istate lay on her back. Kyara straddled her, her cock resting between her breasts. She began fucking Istate's cleavage. Luin knelt down between Istate's legs, and entered her while she jerked her off. Finally, Luin lay on her back on the bench. Kyara knelt between her legs, and entered her. Craning her neck, Luin took Istate's penis into her mouth. Almost as a sign that this act of bonding had received the blessing from the Goddesses, all three of them climaxed simultaneously.


Now they were a team, and the time came to give their group a 'Handle', or street name. It was decided to call themselves 'Team Shiress' as Kyara was the central figure, although Luin - being the most experienced agent - was appointed team leader. It was time to pledge their dedication to one another, as well as to the task ahead. They stood in a close triangle, and placed their hands on each other's cocks. In that position, they promised to watch each other's backs, and to complete the mission or die trying.


After the formalities were over, they went to one of the local pubs so that Kyara and Luin could get to know their newest partner better. They discovered that she was born in Rothloe, and had joined the local militia as soon as she was old enough to do so. She had been very happy there, and even reached the rank of 'Sha'Aranthi', roughly the equivalent of Sergeant. But then the government of the land fell under the notorious Gorrash, and everything changed. She was called in without any reason, and told that she was no longer welcome in the military. When she enquired as to the reason, she was informed that the armed forces were only for 'Clean-bloods', a title used in certain extreme cults to differentiate between human and 'Otherkin' races.


Soon after that, her erstwhile comrades began actively capturing elf-kind and llianar alike, and those who resisted were pushed underground. That was when she joined the rebel forces. Her previous experience made her the natural choice as one of the more senior ranks, and she soon found herself being in command of a small unit, known as a 'Stick'. It was made up of a leader and four troops. She found that being in command did not suit her, and that she preferred to work alone, so she joined the Special Ops as an agent.


The time came for them to return home. Before they did, the trio went into the wash room. They stripped naked, and stood in a close triangle again, this time so that they were touching each other. Kyara stood on the left, and Luin on the right, with Istate in the middle. They began fondling with themselves until they were fully aroused, then pushed their hips forward so that their dicks touched. As the velvety tips made contact, the sensation made the erect organ jerk with delight. This meant that it was at times difficult to maintain the contact. With their cocks touching, the trio sealed the pact between them.


Upon returning home, Kyara found Traya reading in the sitting room. It did not take much for her to notice that her lover was not in the best of places. As Kyara entered, the other llianar went to put the book away. Kyara stood next to her, and placed her hand gently on Traya's upper thigh.


“I know you're worried about me, honey.” She said softly, “But this is something I've got to do.” Her hand strayed to her lover's cock, and she smiled as she felt it harden under her palm. Traya's head went back and her eyes closed as a sense of bliss flooded through her. Kyara turned to face her, took her in her arms, and kissed her. Only then did she realise that Traya had been crying. Gently she kissed the tears from her face.


Soon they made their way to the main bedroom. Kyara sat on the side of the double bed, and Traya knelt on the floor. She took her lover's cock and began to stroke it, smiling as she felt it come to life in her hands. Bending over, she laved its velvety soft tip with her tongue as Kyara closed her eyes, smiling with delight. Kyara lay on her back, Traya straddling her. She continued to suck her lover's dick until she could taste the slight sweetness of her pre-cum. Then she moved up until the organ was between her thighs. She raised herself, and guided it into her. As she rode up and down, Kyara took her dick in her one hand. She did not have to do anything, as Traya's movements did all the work for her.




Changing position, Traya lay with her back to Kyara, who entered her from behind. Her thrusts were short and deliberate while her hand continued coaxing her lover's member. She felt her own need was approaching its climax. Not wanting the night to end just yet, she shifted position once more, allowing the urge to subside. Traya knelt on all fours. As Kyara buried her cock deep inside her quim, Traya felt her own member begin to throb uncontrollably. Soon her hips thrust in time to her partner's movements, and she came all over the satin sheets beneath her. Her orgasm hastened Kyara's already mounting desire, and with a few mighty thrusts, she unburdened herself into her lover's body.


This was not the end for Kyara. Traya lay on her stomach while the other llianar gently laved her tiny clit. A warm glow came over Traya as she felt another orgasm flow through her, this time as gentle as a spring breeze. Kyara moved until she could kiss her lover's smiling face. As she did this, she lifted her hips, and pushed herself into Traya's moist quim. She hardly moved, but her eyes closed, and she groaned as she felt the organ fill her. With her strong arms, Kyara took her own weight as she began thrusting. When they became tired, she shifted position without missing a beat. She lifted herself onto her haunches, and sat straight up, her cock still inside her partner.


Then it was Traya's turn. Kyara took her member in her hand, and put her mouth over it. She began to jerk herself off as she felt her lover's cock come alive. As before, Traya did not wish for their encounter to end just yet. Instead she had Kyara kneel on all fours. With her tongue she laved her partner's swollen labia while she stroked her strident cock with her one hand. Just as Kyara's orgasm began, Traya straightened up, and pushed herself into her quim that was already beginning to convulse. The sensation of having the swollen member inside her as she came made her climax even more explosive, and Kyara gasped as if fighting for air.


Traya lay on her back, with her legs up. Kyara bent them until her back was arched, her ass up in the air. She then turned around so that she faced her back, and entered her. She drove herself as deep as she could go. The pressure exerted on her made her erection feel as though it was going to explode. Soon Traya's cock jerked as it shot its load between her breasts, some of it even hitting her in the face.


They rolled over, and Kyara lay on her back. While Traya was fucking her, she jerked herself off. The llianar threw her head back as she filled her lover's uterus with her clear offering. Kyara did her best to keep her eyes focussed as she watched her partner's face contort in a state of ecstasy. Just seeing her in that state of bliss was enough, and it did not take long before her own cum shot onto her midriff, and even on her heaving breasts.


They lay in each other's arms, trying to catch their breath as perspiration dripped off them, soaking the sheets. Both were too tired to speak. When they had recovered, Traya almost pleaded: “Do you have to go my sweet? I'm terrified that something is going to happen to you, and I'll never see you again. Can't they find someone else? Someone more experienced?”


Kyara took her lover's worried face in her hands, and kissed her forehead. She responded: “I understand your concern, my pet. But if I don't go, someone else will, and if things do go south, it will be another agent whose bought it. I know that it would mean that I survive, but at the expense of someone else. My cousin did ask for me in person, and that's why I have to go.”


“I understand - I guess. I just wish it was different. I don't know what I would do without you.” Traya replied, nestling her head under Kyara's chin.


“You're a tough one, my love.” Her lover added, “You'll be okay. And besides, you'll still have Luin. I know she loves you just as much as I do, although maybe not the same way.”

Soon they were both fast asleep in each other's arms. The following morning, Kyara awoke to find that Traya was already up and about. Just as she was dressing, her partner came up behind her, and put her arms around her waist. Slowly her hands moved under her skirt, and began to fondle with her cock, the one hand stroking her balls. Traya kissed the back of Kyara's neck as she felt the organ respond to her touch. She then knelt in front of her.


She said, a hint of sadness in her soft voice: “I want to feel you cum one more time before you leave.”


She bowed her head, and gently took Kyara's dick in her mouth, her hand going down to her own member. Lovingly she pushed the organ as far into her mouth as it would go, and used her tongue to stroke its length. Then she pulled back until just the sensitive tip remained between her lips. She caressed the frenulum with her tongue until she felt the glans swell. Breathlessly, Kyara looked down at that pretty head as it bobbed up and down. Tears tickled her cheeks as she felt her climax approach, and she cried out as it erupted into her lover's mouth. Soon after that, Traya's own offering spilt out onto the carpeted floor.


She hugged Kyara around the hips and pressed her cheek against her still turgid member as if trying to hold onto the memory of how it felt. Without standing up, she smiled through her tears, and said: “I will always remember what it feels like when we make love. No matter what happens, no-one can take that memory away from me. May the blessing of the Twin Goddesses be with the three of you, and may their Grace bring you safely back to me.”


“I too will not forget you, my beloved. And by the will of our Twin Ladies, I will return to renew our love for one another before long.” Kyara responded, “As long as I remain in your thoughts and prayers, I know that they will watch over me. Now I must go before I change my mind.”


Kyara and Luin met Istate at Headquarters, and they departed for Rothloe. Her stomach was tied up in knots as they were leaving, and as the aircraft began its ascent, she could not help thinking that she may never see her home again. She tried to banish the thought by convincing herself that she had a good team with her, and of course she was going to come back. She had to!

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