Operation Shiress Chapter 10

Operation Shiress Chapter 10 Operation Shiress Chapter 10

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


The Conclusion


The Conclusion

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 10

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The Conclusion

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Operation Shiress - Chapter 10:


The five agents that were involved in the initial capture of the Slaver were recalled to ECHO's headquarters in Fennian. When they arrived, the team members were informed that they had been given a seven day pass, so that they could recover from the ordeal. Their commanding officer instructed them to report back the following Wednesday. She shook hands with them, and said: “Enjoy the break. You've definitely earned it.”


They thanked the officer, and left the building. Jade and Amber bade their comrades farewell, and returned to the small house that they shared. Luin, Traya, and Istate headed for the apartment, where they had met a few days before two of them had left for D'Ashen with Kyara eight months ago.


When they arrived, Traya went straight to the room in which she and her first love had been together the morning that she left. As she saw that it had not changed since that fateful night, a tear trickled down her cheek. Luin and Istate approached as she was still crying. The former put her strong arms around her waist, and gently embraced her, kissing her on the cheek. Istate stood in front of her. She wiped the tears from Traya's eyes with her soft hand. As she did this, Traya held it against her face with her free hand, and kissed her palm.


Slowly the two of them drew closer, until they were in each other's arms. As they kissed, Luin's hand strayed down the front of Traya's slacks, and began to dandle with her cock. Soon her trousers were around her ankles, and the she-man's hand closed around the erect shaft. Istate knelt in front of Traya, and laved the velvet glans with her tongue. She giggled as she tasted the slight sweetness that oozed out of the tip. Traya's knees almost gave in as her hips thrust forward. Her eyes closed, and she sighed, relishing the surge of pleasure that flowed through her body. Sensing that Traya's orgasm was close, Istate stopped stroking, and knelt with her mouth wide open, ready to receive the warm flood that soon came pouring out onto her tongue.


Traya and Istate moved onto the bed, and the she-male lay on her back. Traya straddled her, and pushed the she-male's rampant cock inside her. Istate's hips began to thrust off the mattress, mimicking the rhythm of her partner's movements. Luin stood and watched as Traya's butt moved up and down. Her own turgid member ached as she enjoyed the view. She knelt behind her lover, and pushed her massive cock between those shapely cheeks, so that only the head stuck out. She did not have to move, just stay as still as she could and keep her member in place with one hand.


With her free hand, she gently squeezed Istate's ripe balls. She felt them pull back as the she-male's thrusts became more urgent, and continued to coax while her hips shuddered. Soon Istate cried out as she released her load inside Traya's moist honeypot. It did not take long before the she-man's cum covered the lower part of her lover's back with its warm stickiness.


As the three of them lay, their bodies warm from the aftermath, it was decided that Istate would become the new addition to the family. Although she could never take Kyara's place, both Traya and Luin had grown to love her during their time in D'Ashen, and her feelings towards them had grown as well. Since she too had lost a loved one, being part of a new trine would help the healing process for her as much as it would for Traya. Together, the three of them would comfort and care for one another, and hopefully help restore them after the trauma of what they had gone through in Rothloe.


Four and a half months after the three of them returned from D'Ashen, they decided to make their union official. They made for the Temple where Luin, Istate and Kyara had dedicated themselves before they departed on their mission.



The three of them approached the High Priestess and informed her of their desire to be joined together as a trine. The priestess smiled, and told them to go and undress, and then to return so that she could give them the blessing. When they had finished, they stood side by side before her. As she recited the blessing, she put her hand on each cock, starting with Traya. Luin was in the middle, and Istate was last.


The trio then turned to face each other. By then their organs had become erect, so they stood close to one another, their cocks touching in the centre of the triangle. Trying their best not to break the contact, each one of them recited the vows that they had prepared before hand. At last it was time for the Cup of Consecration.


Luin and Traya were already partners, so Istate went first. She was shown to a cubicle that had an altar at one end, with two comfy chairs facing it. She took off her skirt, and sat down on one of them. One of the she-elf attendants sat next to her. She rubbed her hands together to make them warm, and then began to stroke the llianar's cock. She encouraged Istate as she felt the organ throb in her hand. As Istate felt that she was about to cum, she aimed her dick at the statue of Kulgen that stood in the centre of the altar. Soon there was a steady white stream dripping at the goddess's stone feet.


As usual, Istate remained aroused, so the attendant fetched an electronic device, and placed it at the opening of the llianar's maidenhead. Soon the slight vibration sent a warm current through her body. She jerked herself off with one hand, holding a chalice in place with the other.


Her body began to convulse, and she knew that she had been afforded a rare blessing. As her cock started to swell even more, and her balls drew upwards, she felt a surge of pleasure flow through her lower body. Soon a trickle, and then a jet of slightly whitish fluid gushed out of her honeypot, as her inner muscles were in a state of rapture. Before this first climax had subsided, her member shot a second flood. This time most of it landed in the cup along with the emissions that still trickled from her maidenhead. She cried out in elation, and then slumped into the chair as if in a swoon.


“Well done miss.” The attendant congratulated, “Your lovers will be proud of you.”


The she-elf took the chalice, and left the room. Istate sat still for a moment, and then dressed herself again. She fell asleep waiting for the cleric to return.


In the meantime, Traya and Luin waited in one of the other chambers. By the time it was their turn, they were already naked. The two lovers had stimulated one another so that their members were hard and ready. When the attendant arrived, she told them to stand facing each other, just the tip of their cocks touching. Placing a small cup between them, she began jerking both of them off at the same time. It did not take long before the partners filled the goblet with their first offering. This the she-elf placed at the feet of the statue on the altar.


“Now, make your lover proud.” She urged them.


Luin lay on her back, with Traya straddling her midriff. The she-male pushed her dick between her lover's firm breasts. She began to fuck her cleavage while the she-elf jerked her off, urging her on as she saw the soft tip become soaked with clear pre-cum. The attendant held the same chalice in place that contained Istate's offering, just in case the she-man came too soon.


Then they swapped places, and Traya sat on Luin's lap, the she-man's massive cock buried deep inside her. This time it was Traya's turn to be pleasured by the attendant's soft hand, and again the cup was in place, a stream of fluid oozing out of Traya's dick, and down the side of the receptacle.

Lastly the she-elf told them to crouch, facing away from one another, so that the one llianar's butt touched the other's, their cocks pointing directly down towards the cup. Taking both members in her hands, she began milking them as one would a cow. The energy generated as they felt their dicks rub together soon produced results. Luin was the first to cum, her milky white semen filling the chalice half-way. Not long after that, Traya's almost clear offering nearly caused it to overflow.


“Very good!” Exclaimed the she-elf appreciatively. She took a small silver spoon, and mixed the warm liquid up, before offering the blend to the two of them. Luin took the cup first, and held it while Traya sipped it. Tears trickled down her face as she recalled the day when it was she and Kyara sharing the same chalice.


She smiled through her tears, and said: “To new beginnings.”


Once she had taken her share, she took the cup so that Luin could drink from it. She too was crying, partially as she joined Traya in reminiscing about the day when they were joined with Kyara as a trine. But her tears were mainly to rejoice in the new pact that they were busy forging. She was unable to reply verbally, but nodded in response.


When the attendant returned to Istate's cubicle, she found that the llianar had dozed off. Gently she shook her until she stirred with a lazy groan. Her sleepy eyes shone as she saw the cup in the she-elf's hand. She smiled broadly as she took the chalice, and closed her eyes in reverence as she drank her share. The little that was left was poured out onto the altar.


The three of them gathered once more in the central atrium of the Temple. There they were met by the High Priestess, who said to them: “Now - May your union ever be, not only of the body, but a melding of three souls. May it be fruitful, and may it last for as long as your love for one another allows it. So be it.”


Holding each other's hands, they replied together: “So be it.”


The trio headed back to their apartment. It was not far from the Temple, so they decided to walk back. Hand-in-hand they took a leisurely stroll along the broad side-walks. Their conversation was lively, and they stopped every now and then to kiss each other. Their favourite restaurant was also on the way, so they stopped for a celebratory meal accompanied with red wine. By the time the trine arrived home, the sun was setting behind the mountains that encircled the city on two sides. The drink had made them more than a little tipsy, and they laughed and joked like teenagers.


Traya took Luin in her arms, and kissed her on the lips. Soon her tongue was exploring the she-man's mouth, and she ran her fingers through her hair. While they were kissing, Istate came up behind Luin, and put her arms around her slender waist, her lips lightly brushing against the back of her neck. As Istate's hands stroked the she-man's midriff, Luin could feel her partner's hard-on rasp against her butt through the flimsy skirt the she-male was wearing.


She smiled and said, her voice filled with passion: “Sit down, both of you.”


Both her partners obeyed. Luin slowly removed her clothing, and then took her cock in one hand. On the table in front of her was a thin rod with a soft latex tip. This she took, and slowly inserted it into her urethra while her companions watched. As her member began to lubricate itself, she invited Traya to replace the rod with her finger, thus stretching the tube even more. Luin motioned for her lover to keep still. She then began to jerk herself off, Traya's finger still inside her. The she-femme let out a giggle of delight as she felt the pressure of her lover's cum against her fingertip, and soon it flowed out onto her palm, some of it landing on her wrist.

Luin told Traya to stand up again. As she did this, the she-man took her turgid cock, and pushed her own swollen member onto it, so that it took the place of her finger. Slowly and carefully, she began to thrust with her hips until the she-femme's dick was half-way inside her. Her hips moved back and forth as a fresh flood built up, waiting to be released. Unable to resist, Istate came up behind Luin, and entered her moist quim from behind. The added pressure made the she-man's climax unavoidable, and with a mighty thrust, she squirted her white richness all over Traya's lower body.


Traya could not hold back as she felt as if her cock was submerged in a warm torrent. Hurriedly she withdrew, and spilt her own offering onto the carpeted floor beneath her feet. She sank down on her knees and took the she-man's still unbridled cock into her mouth. She did not need to do anything as Luin's hips thrust back and forth, pushing her as far as Traya was able to take her in. Istate's hands held Luin tight as her own climax overtook her. Soon after that, the she-man held Traya's head still, and her mouth was filled with her lover's milky deluge.


The three of them made for the bedroom, where they collapsed on the big double bed, and were soon fast asleep in each other's arms. Luin lay in the middle, with Traya on her right and Istate on her left. She smiled as she saw the pair of them with a look of contentment on their pretty faces, and she thought to herself: “It doesn't get much better than this!”


Traya continued to work at ECHO headquarters, while Istate and Luin were looking for other lines of work. They decided that the cloak-and-dagger business was not for them any more. The she-male joined a dance troupe that travelled around various theatres putting on shows. Alternatively, they worked as back-up dancers for musical shows and even films. This meant that she worked mostly at night, but it was contract work, so she had plenty time off between shows.


Luin struggled to find work, and eventually decided that she would work from home. She found that she had a talent for repairing and restoring electrical appliances, and was especially good at working on computers. The trio converted one of the three large bedrooms into a workplace for her, and soon she had accumulated a sizeable clientèle. She was very thorough, and her reputation spread throughout the city. It did not take long before she was able to purchase a small room in a business complex from which she could practise her trade.


One afternoon, Luin found that she had nothing to do, so she returned to the apartment. Istate was at home, being between shows, so Traya was the only one not present. The she-man had been working flat-out to finish a job for a client, and had eventually completed the task in the wee hours of the morning. She had also been up and about early to deliver the finished product. So when she arrived home, she went to lie down. It was a warm day, so she lay naked on top of the counterpane.


Luin was a heavy sleeper, so she did not stir when Istate entered the room. The she-male felt a warmth stir within her as her eyes feasted on that muscular body, and a smile came over her face as her gaze fell on her lover's massive cock. Quietly she undressed herself, and crept onto the bed. She was very careful not to awaken her sleeping lover. Luin was lying on her back, her legs slightly apart, so her partner gently positioned herself between her thighs, and took that mighty member in her hand. Slowly she began to stroke it until it became fully erect. The she-man stirred and groaned, but still did not wake up.


Istate put her lover's swollen tip into her mouth, and lightly sucked until she felt it throb against her lips. Again Luin groaned, her hips thrusting forward. A smile came over her face, and her mouth opened as she let out a sigh of pleasure. But she went on sleeping. As the she-male continued her sucking, she began to jerk her lover off with one hand. Luin's movements became more lively, and it seemed as though she would awaken soon, but it was only when her gism came gushing out of her that she finally became fully awake.

As her lover lapped up the deluge with her tongue, Luin whispered: “Thank-you my sweet. That was a wonderful wake-up call. Let me return the favour.”


Istate lay on her back, her legs over the end of the bed. Luin straddled her, putting her arms on either side of her lover's head. The she-male held her rampant cock still as the other llianar lowered herself on top of it. She groaned as she felt her partner's tight quim encircle her. Slowly and deliberately, the she-man began to ride her partner's sizeable member. She enjoyed the sensation of the organ swelling inside of her.


Luin was quite a lot bigger and much taller than Istate, so she supported her own body weight with her powerful arms as her strong hips drove her lover's cock deep into her. After some time, Istate felt the force of her partner's inner muscles contracting as her body began to convulse.


Breathlessly, the she-man whispered: “O Goddess! I'm cumming!”


The increase in pressure on Istate's turgid member forced her to keep still as Luin's thrusts became more overbearing. The llianar watched as the she-man's own member began to swell, and soon a steady flow came pouring out of her, landing on her lover's midriff. Her muscles pressed even harder against Istate's cock until she was unable to move any more. As the she-man's orgasm subsided, her partner released her own load deep inside her muscular body. Luin rolled over onto her back, and Istate lay on top of her. Both of them were out of breath, and could not speak for a while. They were also exhausted, so they fell asleep in each other's arms without saying a word.


Traya put in an application for some leave, but did not tell her partners why. On the first day of her vacation, she informed the others that she was going out for the morning, but still refused to elaborate. At about midday, she returned. Her face beamed with elation as she stood at the doorway.


She informed the others: “I've just come back from the clinic. The doctor has informed me that I am three months pregnant!”


“So that explains why you've been getting up so early these last few weeks!” Exclaimed Istate, “You had morning sickness!”


“Why didn't you tell us before?” Asked Luin, “I knew that something was going on when you would slink off to work, after hardly saying a word to either of us until you got home again.”


“In retrospect, I realise now that I should have.” Traya responded, “But I was worried that something had happened to me.”


“Well something did!” The she-male cut in.


“No - I mean something bad.” Her lover explained.


“It doesn't matter.” Luin concluded, “We know now.”


“Yes we do.” Traya agreed, “And if the baby is a llianar, I think we should call her Kyara. Her second name should be Abbey.”


When asked why, Traya produced a crumpled piece of paper. After the lab had been closed down by Elven forces, it was searched thoroughly. In one of the rooms used as holding cells for test subjects, the paper was found stuffed in a hole in the wall. It was a letter from Kyara, and addressed to Traya.


The letter read: To my beloved Traya -


If ever this reaches you, my dearest, it means that those who captured me have driven me to the very limit. This place feels like it is close to the very pits of Hell as any in this dimension can be. But just when I was ready to give up all hope, the Goddess sent an angel down to ease my torment, even if it was for just a short time.


Alas, the Devils that have tortured me by day, and haunted me by night, took her away from me. I don't know how you are going to take what I am about to tell you, but we made a promise never to with-hold the truth from one another, so I am compelled to tell you this: Even in my darkest hour, I found the spark of love. The brief hours we spent together gave me the strength to endure the torment that my captors subjected me to.


Forgive me, my dear heart. It was need that drove me into her loving arms. If I were to say that I didn't love her, I would be lying to you. But it does not mean that I loved you any less. Alas, you were so far away, and she was near enough to fill the emptiness that our parting had left behind.


I love you. I always have loved you, and always will, until we meet again when our souls embark on the next stage of our journey. But I ask that - in some way - you find a place in your heart for this dear soul that was a glimmer of light in my darkest hour. Her name was Abbey.


Yours always and forever, Kyara.


There were tears in Istate and Luin's eyes when Traya finished reading the letter. They concurred. The sonar confirmed the child's gender, and on the day that she was due - or almost - Traya's baby was born. She was indeed like her parents: A llianar. It was also obvious - by her size if nothing more - that Luin was the sire. At the dedication, she was officially named Kyara Abbey.

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