Operation Shiress Chapter 1

Operation Shiress Chapter 1 Operation Shiress Chapter 1

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


An agent is captured during an operation, plan to rescue her ...


An agent is captured during an operation, plan to rescue her ...


Submitted: June 03, 2016

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Submitted: June 03, 2016





Fennian was the Capital city of Cirda. It had changed its name from Garrest after the end of the Great War. During the recent conflict against the local chapter of the cult known as the Vilya, led by the witches Grendolin and Salendin, a group of vigilantes began to gain momentum under the leadership of the agent known only as 'Big Red'. This group became known as the Mata Hari, later to be given the more formal title of ECO, standing for 'Elite Covert Operations'. Soon ECO became involved in more than undercover missions, and the name was changed to ECHO, adding the word 'Humanitarian' to the title. The agency's Headquarters were in the centre of Fennian.


One member of ECHO, although not an agent to begin with, was a young Llianar by the name of Kyara Tresame. She had only just finished her training as an operational medic. While she would accompany the small elite teams on their various missions, she was not considered a field operative. Her task was to attend to any injury that the agents sustained during the operation. To do this, she would be set up in a room at a secret location that was used as a sort of 'Safe House'. She was equipped with a basic medical kit with all the necessary dressings, splints and bandages. There was a supply of oxygen and an assortment of masks. The bag included a resuscitation kit - or BVM - and intubation equipment as well. There were also saline, glucose, ringers, and haema-cell drips. The equipment she had was enough to stabilise even a seriously injured patient sufficiently, so that she could be transferred safely to the nearest medical facility.


Kyara was only twenty three at the time. She was the youngest ops-medic in the agency, and was considered too young for full active service. She was energetic, adventurous, and highly intelligent. She had graduated from high-school a year ahead of her classmates. Her sire was in the military, and her mother was a nurse. And so, it had long been her ambition to combine the two by joining the medical section of the army, but her dream was somewhat interrupted by the strife that had ravaged the nation, for which the military had been ill-equipped, and had paid a terrible price. This included the death of Kyara's sire. Her mother had been imprisoned, because she refused to participate in the diabolical experiments that the Vilya had carried out before Grendolin was killed, and Salendin committed suicide before she could get caught. When Queen Felicia returned to the throne, Kyara's mother was released along with all the others held captive by the two tyrants.


It was her father's death that inspired her to join ECHO. Even though the conflict in Cirda was over, the war still raged in the neighbouring countries of D'Ashen and Torogra. The former was still under the iron fist of Gorrash, a particularly cruel despot who had earned such titles as the 'Mutilator' and 'Beast-Lord', and his followers known as the Korred. The latter had all but fallen to the deranged Norggen, a race that had come about as the result of a failed experiment in genetic engineering.


Even though the Vilya had been all but completely defeated in Cirda, their influence also spread to the other two nations, and there were a number of chapters in each of them. Not only that, but these cults also owned various facilities and laboratories in the main centres, such as Rothloe, the Capital of D'Ashen. In these, they continued to carry out their bizarre and foul practises, such as the milking of semen from llianari in order to supposedly strengthen their own magical powers.


Kyara was very attractive, if not a little tomboyish, with a crop of freckles across the bridge of her nose and the top of her cheeks. Her hair was blonde, hanging down to her shoulders in a sort of bob. Her figure was lean and muscular, but also refined and feminine. According to her own kind, she would have been considered as somewhere between a She-male and a She-man. Either way, she also had the 'Full-Package'. This meant that her dick was larger than an average male, but not as big as most She-men, and that her balls were ripe and well-developed. It also meant that she could sire children as well as bear them, although the likelihood was slim as her female parts were not as full as her male genitals. Physically, this also meant that she was stronger than most female members, and even some of the males.


Traya was not an operative, but she was involved in the technical side of the agency. She was one of the specialists tasked with gathering all the intelligence from the field units, and putting it onto the computer for later reference if needs be. A university graduate, with a degree in computer technology, Traya was highly intelligent, and an expert in her field. Traya was a year younger than Kyara. When the medic first joined, Traya was involved with an agent who went by the code-name of 'Jester'.


The relationship did not last long, however, as the agent found her lover a little too naïve. After all, she was thirteen years older than Traya. Traya, on the other hand, found that Jester was very intense. The younger Llianar wanted to go out and enjoy life, whereas the older preferred solitude. Soon after the break-up, Jester and another agent who called herself 'Teddy Bear' became lovers.


Traya was truly beautiful. Everything about her seemed to be gentle. Her figure was light and petite. She was the epitome of the She-femme. Her auburn hair was curly and short, hanging half-way down her neck. Her face was almost girlish, with a hint of naughtiness in her pale blue eyes. Her ready smile was slightly crooked, which accentuated the impish look on her face. She was witty, and as her face would show, had a love for mischief. Nothing harmful, mind you, but just for the fun of it. She had many admirers, more than a few of whom would have done anything to pursue a more intimate relationship with her. If there was a party somewhere, she would be in the spotlight.


One night Kyara went to one of the many clubs in the central part of Fennian. She had been on assignment, and needed to unwind. 'The Dungeon' was one of her favourite places as it played her type of music. Being a Saturday night, the place was packed, and the dance floor was a sea of bodies moving to the rhythm. Some were dancing in couples, while others were in groups. The latter had usually rehearsed a certain dance routine, and when the piece played that they had practised to, the whole troop would get onto the floor together, and carry out what they had rehearsed.


As this was nothing new, Kyara watched with little interest while she sipped her drink. And then she saw her: She was dancing as part of a trio, made up of two chicks and a guy. The other two seemed to follow her lead, and her skills were far superior to them. Kyara watched as her petite body seemed to rejoice in the beat. Her whole being was centred on her movements, as if it were a type of meditation. Because of the lights, she could not see what colour her hair was, or even the colour of her eyes. All she knew was that something stirred within her as she watched.


The piece of music ended, and the trio left the dance floor. Kyara searched the crowd to see if she could spot the young girl, but she seemed to have disappeared, except for the memory that remained warm inside her.


Then she saw her again. This time she was dancing alone. There was no-one else around her to obstruct Kyara's view. She could see that she wore a grey pair of hipsters that hugged her shapely hips. The heat began to rise when she turned around, and Kyara caught the slightest glimpse of her bum as it stuck out of the top of her pants. She wore a tank-top that left her tummy uncovered.


Kyara's eyes feasted on her lean figure, and sensual movements. She could not be absolutely certain from this distance, but she was sure that she saw a slight bulge between her strong thighs that indicated that this was no mere girl. The fancy lights played tricks on the eyes as the figure danced, but on the odd occasion, Kyara could see that her skin was lightly tanned.



Traya was busy dancing to one of her favourite pieces of music, when she spotted someone in the crowd watching her. Although the other woman was also dancing, her movements seem to be limited, as if she could not take her eyes off her. She was tall and lean, and wore a white T-shirt, a black jacket, and a torn pair of jeans. By the way these fitted, Traya knew that she was probably a llianar, although the real evidence was hidden behind the T-shirt that hung over the top of her thighs. The other dancer caught Traya staring at her, and a smile came over her face. She continued dancing, but this time her movements were more seductive, as if she was enjoying the attention that was upon her.


As if drawn by some magnetic force, the two began to dance closer and closer to one another. The younger one was graceful, and a skilled dancer, while the other - although not much older - had to be content with bobbing up and down. As she leant forward, her dance partner was given a tantalising view of her firm breasts. In the pulsing lights of the dance-floor, Kyara saw an unmistakable glint in her young companion's eyes, and a playful smile on her impish face. As her own gaze took in the sensuous body, her excitement grew as she saw that she had been right. She was a llianar.


It had been a while since Kyara had been with anyone. Traya asked if she could buy her a drink, and she accepted. The young llianar turned to order, and Kyara was able to gaze upon that curvaceous butt once more. To her surprise, she felt her cock react to the visual stimulus. So much so that she tried to shift the hardening organ into a more comfortable position in her tight jeans. Even the touch of her own hand increased her need for release. She told Traya that she would be back soon, and headed for the ladies wash-room.


Hurriedly she rushed into one of the cubicles, and pulled down her pants. Her cock seemed to welcome being freed from the restraints. She took it in her one hand, the other cupping her balls. As she began to jerk off, she could imagine that she was fucking the young llianar's tight quim. She almost felt those secret folds enclose around her as she squirmed in pleasure, her inner muscles tightening around her untamed cock. All too soon alas, the dream was over, and she cried out as her gism spewed out all over the tiled floor. Even as she cleaned up, she knew that this was only a temporary release, and that part of her desired more.


She returned to the bar, half expecting the other llianar to have found someone else. But to her delight, she discovered that she was waiting for her, a glass of vodka in her hand. She smiled, and handed her the drink. As they drank slowly, the two talked as though they had known each other for ages. Kyara told Traya jokes, just to hear her laugh. Her laughter was playful, like that of a child, and it warmed Kyara's heart every time she heard it.


Every now and then, as they spoke, the young llianar would put her warm hand on Kyara's leg, and each time it seemed that it would stay there for a little longer than before. She would also move her hand higher up Kyara's thigh. Each touch stirred the fire within Kyara's loins once more. She longed to feel her new companion's tender skin beneath her palm, and taste the sweetness of her lips. The opportunity arose when a tiny insect landed on Traya's cheek. At first she did not notice it.


Kyara said: “Hold still.” She reached out her hand, and gently brushed the midge off of her face. Her hand lingered as her palm felt the softness of her skin. She expected Traya to pull away, and was relieved when she reached up and took her hand. She placed it against her lips, and kissed her palm.





The touch of her lips sent a surge of energy through Kyara's body. She stood up off the bar stool, and took Traya in her arms. She brushed her curly hair back off her face with one hand, and tilted her head upwards with the other. She sighed as she saw those blue eyes smiling back at her, and kissed those lips that were even sweeter than she had imagined. Traya's hand began to knead Kyara's butt. The older llianar put her hand under her partner's top, stroking the bare skin between her shoulder blades. Soon the heat started to build up between them, and they both agreed that it was time to take this encounter somewhere more private. Traya's home was closer, so they decided to head there.


They had hardly made it to the front door, when Traya pushed Kyara against the frame, and pinned her there as she planted a burning kiss on her lips, her hands running through her blonde hair as their tongues probed and explored. With a soft laugh, Kyara returned the favour, and began to fondle with her companion's breasts through the thin fabric of her blouse. As her hand trailed over them, she realised that Traya was not wearing anything underneath it, and the flimsy material did little to hide those proud nipples that became hard to her touch. Kyara slipped her hand under the small garment, and Traya giggled in delight as she felt her breasts tingle at her touch.


They didn't even make it to the bedroom, and had to settle for the settee instead. In a frenzy, they stripped, and their clothes lay all over the floor as evidence of their haste. Kyara sat on the end of the sofa. Her gaze seemed to caress her partner's sensuous body, and rest at that proud little cock that seemed to long for attention. She told Traya to turn round, and pulled her down onto her lap, her own member hard between her shapely butt-cheeks. With her one hand, she began to stroke Traya's dick, while the middle finger of her other hand found its way into her swollen maidenhead.


Traya tried to speak, but Kyara stopped her stroking, placed her finger against her lips, and then resumed almost without missing a beat. As her desire escalated, Traya's hips began to rise and fall, Kyara's own cock still pursed between her cheeks that tightened and relaxed in time to her movements. Kyara closed her eyes as she felt her engorged member throb its delight that surged, as she watched her partner's face contort in a state of bliss, those petite breasts rising and falling in time to her breathing. Kyara inserted her index finger into her lover's moist quim, and soon she felt it open and close as if it had a life of its own. It relaxed again as Traya's first orgasm subsided.


She changed position so that she sat beside her partner, and guided Traya's hand to her own rampant organ that jerked as it rejoiced in its silky touch. The soft warmth that embraced it made the organ jerk uncontrollably. Kyara's hips thrust forward. A warm flood spurted out over her companion's palm, and onto the cushion. Even though she felt a sense of release, the member remained turgid as if demanding more.


Kyara took her lover's penis into her mouth, and began to lave the rigid shaft. Her own saliva mixed with the slightly sweet offering that ran down her member, and she savoured in its distinctive taste. Traya's hips began to buck with such intensity, that Kyara could no longer keep the organ in her mouth. She lifted her head, just in time to watch as her partner's gism came spurting out of her in a steady stream of warm white strands. Traya's head went back, and her mouth opened as she groaned in delight.


Traya saw that Kyara's desire had not dissipated yet. She turned to face her, her legs open, and guided Kyara's still rampant member into her. Slowly she began a rocking motion that almost pushed the other llianar into a state of rapture. With all her strength, Kyara lifted Traya off of her, and her cum jetted safely all over her lower abdomen, and trickled into her soft nest of dark pubic hair.



Both of them knew that this was not the end. She-men are known for their sexual prowess, and Kyara remained as if she had not cum yet. Traya went down on her knees, and began to jerk her off. As she felt her partner's member swell, she placed her mouth over it, and felt it propel its load down her throat with such intensity that some of it trickled out of her mouth again. The feeling as the warm deluge poured out into her mouth made Traya cum all over the carpet.


Finally, it seemed that Kyara was spent. Traya lay on top of her, and kissed her lips as her breathing returned to normal. They collapsed onto the settee, and fell asleep in each other's arms, their bodies keeping each other warm.


The following morning, although stiff from sleeping in an awkward position, they awoke with the memory of the previous night still vividly warm within them. Traya watched as Kyara dressed herself, and a smile came over her face as she drank in the sight of that strong but sensuous body. She closed her eyes and recalled the night before, the memory of which rekindled some of the fire within her.


Kyara turned to face her, and once more she was given a clear view of her lover's proud member. Even in its relaxed state, it was an impressive sight. Her balls were large and ripe. She closed her eyes, and imagined what it would be like to have that wondrous cock buried deep inside her, until it emptied itself into her body, the warm flood filling her untried uterus. Her own member began to harden. Her hand went down, and stroked it as she was enraptured by what she saw in front of her.


Seemingly undaunted, Kyara went to pick up her clothes off the floor, giving Traya a full view of her honeypot as she bent over. Traya intensified her movements as her excitement soared. Part of her longed to reach out and touch those secret folds that were tantalisingly out of reach. She felt her cock swell as her semen filled it, and as she groaned, it shot out all over the seat, eventually trickling over her fingers. She held her erection until it stopped jerking, and returned to its limp state. She wiped her cum off with her finger, and showed it to Kyara with a grin on her pretty face. Kyara licked her lips and closed her eyes in response.


“I bet you did that on purpose.” Traya stated in a mock chide. To which Kyara only smiled, and winked at her, blowing her a kiss. The seated llianar pretended to catch it, and plant it on the tip of her now flacid dick.


They stayed together for the rest of Sunday. Amidst the excitement of their new relationship, neither of them had bothered to ask where the other worked, or even what she did for a living. Only the next day, when Traya had to get up early to get to work, did the subject come up. Imagine their surprise when they discovered that they worked for the same agency! This was fortuitous for Kyara, as she had to report to headquarters to receive the details of her next assignment. She disliked having to battle through the bustle of morning traffic, and asked Traya if she wouldn't mind giving her a lift.


The relationship flourished, and soon the lovers decided to take it to the next level. They headed for one of the Temples, and approached the High Priestess, informing her that they wished to become an official Couple. In Llianar culture, this was considered the first step towards creating a family unit. Unlike other people, the Llianari believed that a marriage between two people did not constitute an ideal start to a family. Instead it was when a Couple became a Trine, a household that consisted of three lovers. But everything had to start somewhere, and amongst the Llianari, the road toward marital bliss began with a Coupling.




Usually it was a simple ceremony in which the lovers would exchange vows, and seal them by having sexual intercourse before one of the Goddesses, represented by huge stone effigies that stood, or tapestries that hung within the Temple complex. The former were usually situated in the main chamber, whereas the latter hung in the various side chapels.


Kyara and Traya chose the second option, and were left alone in one of the smaller rooms. Against the one wall hung two tapestries. The one on the left depicted the usual picture of their beloved Kulgen, while on the right was another Warrior Goddess named Zargtlin. The latter was a local deity who emerged out of one of the ancient legends, in which a young Llianar warrior became known as the Daughter of Kulgen, and was later given her name, which simply means 'The Warrior'.


Having closed the door behind them, Kyara and Traya stripped. Facing each other, each of them began to stroke the other's cock until it responded to her touch. Once fully erect, they positioned themselves so that the organs touched. With slow deliberate movements, they rubbed them together as they became more and more aroused. As their desire increased it became difficult to keep the contact, so they held each other's hips to try an limit the movement. Traya was a little shorter than her companion, so she stood on a low stool so that they were at the same level.


The smaller llianar's abdominal muscles began to contract as she felt her climax approach. At the last second, she turned and faced the tapestry of Zargtlin, just in time as her cum was propelled out of her, landing on the altar at the base of the figure. Her hand went down, and stroked Kyara's member until she too was about to ejaculate. Her First Offering shot out, and hit the Goddess in the midriff, the second wave joining her lover's on the altar.


For a moment, their organs went limp as a feeling of well-being came over them. They sat on a bench, and began to jack each other off. Traya relished the sight of her partner's organ as it became engorged, her hand rejoicing in its sheer girth and length. Kyara loved the feel of Traya's small cock as it responded to her touch, and even more so as a trickle of pre-cum oozed out of its tip. The two of them knelt on the floor, Traya using the stool again, and their organs touched once more. This time Kyara wrapped her fingers around both of them, and began to pleasure herself and her companion at the same time.


As she did this, she began to recite the simple vows that she had prepared for the occasion. She said: “In the presence of our beloved Zargtlin, and the mighty Kulgen. I promise to love and cherish you from this moment forth, for as long as our love for one another shall last. This is my pledge. So mote it be.”


Traya took her lover's place without interrupting their intimate moment. She had to rush with her reply as their desire would soon reach its zenith. She vowed: “In the presence of our most revered Deities, I declare that I will love and honour you from this moment on, for as long as our love shall last. This I pledge. So mote it be.”


No sooner had the words left her mouth, when her hips began to thrust forwards of their own accord, and a second milky flood jetted out into the blonde triangle of her lover's pubic hair.


This time, Kyara did not reciprocate. Instead, she placed a silver bowl in front of her lover, turned her around, and entered her from behind. The pressure inside Traya's honeypot made her cock swell once more, and she began to jerk herself off as that mighty organ was buried within her. Soon her whole body was racked in the throes of her climax, and she could no longer support herself on her knees alone. She bent over as her dick propelled another load, most of which landed in the bowl, and the rest all over the bench.

Almost simultaneously, she felt her inner muscles convulse around Kyara's turgid member. She cried out as both orgasms overwhelmed her in a flood of utter bliss. This was heightened when she felt Kyara's cock swell inside her, and fill her uterus with its ripe goodness.


It seemed as though the excitement of the occasion made Kyara even hornier than usual, and when she withdrew, she was still as hard as a rod. She moved the bench so that she lean back on it, her hips facing the tapestry of Kulgen, and began to pleasure herself. As she felt the heat rise up in her loins, she realised that this was not going to be the usual climax. She sighed a prayer of thanks as she felt her whole body react, and as her seed spurted out of her dick, landing all over her own midriff, a semi-clear fluid came squirting out from between her vulvae at the same time, and soaked the wall-hanging so that it dripped down onto the altar. Only then did she feel the energy seep from her, and her cock relaxed once more.


Before they dressed again, they came before the High Priestess. Holding each of their dicks in her hands, she blessed their union, and the couple were soon on their way back home. Both of them had put in for some leave so that they could settle down together. All too soon, however, the holiday was over, and they both went back to work.


A few weeks later, on one of the last missions in Cirda, Kyara met the agent who called herself 'Luin', which means 'Blue' in the Cirdan tongue. She was given that name because of her pale blue eyes, that gave her an uncanny look. Agent Luin was a professional mountaineer, and had been tasked, along with another pair of sisters called 'Team Rogue', with infiltrating one of the group of informants that had gone into hiding in some caves. The team was to repel down to the cave from a helicopter, and then gain access from there. But something went wrong, and Agent Luin was injured.


That is how she and Kyara met. The medic had been given the name 'Shiress', meaning helper, as a form of respect for her medical skill. Luckily Luin's injuries were not that serious. She had torn the ligaments in her left knee, and was taken off active duty for three weeks. The mission was postponed until another team could be found that would carry it out. Almost as soon as they met, there was a certain chemistry between her and Kyara that they could not deny.


Just before they returned from the mission, Agent Luin had just come out of the shower when Kyara came into the room. She was left spell-bound by the agent's muscular form. She was a typical She-man, with strong thighs, a well-defined six-pack across her tummy. Her breasts were small and proud, and her cock would make even the manliest of males cringe with envy. Kyara felt her knees go weak as she relished the sight before her eyes. Her own member showed its appreciation as it began to rise to attention.


The She-man smiled, and took the other llianar in her strong arms. As they kissed, she reached down and began to stroke Agent Luin's massive member until she felt it grow in her hand. Her maidenhead longed to feel it inside her, and she turned around, raising herself until she felt her partner's cock touch her swollen vulvae. Luin picked her companion off her feet, and lowered her again as she entered her. Kyara cried out as she felt as though she was being stretched to the limit. Her eyes closed as her legs finally gave under her, and she fell onto the soft bed below her.


Agent Luin's cock slipped out as her partner fell forward. She put her head between her lover's thighs, and began stroking her honeypot with her tongue, concentrating on the proud bud that stuck out of its sheath. Kyara's hands held the sheets as though she was trying to steady herself with them, her eyes closing as if in a trance. Slowly her lover slithered up her back until she could kiss her neck. She parted her legs, and pushed herself back into Kyara's expectant quim.


On the brink of climax, Kyara's hips began to buck off the sheets as her own member drenched them with its sticky offering. As she pushed Agent Luin's cock deeper into her with every thrust, her lover struggled to stop herself from sowing her ripe seed into her body. With a mighty effort, she withdrew just in time, as she unloaded onto Kyara's lower back, and between her butt-cheeks.


Both of the lovers being She-men meant that this was only the beginning. Agent Luin turned her partner onto her back, took her still turgid member into her mouth, and rode it until she tasted the second flood as it spurted into her throat. She stood next to the bed, and Kyara returned the favour. Unable to contain that mighty member, she stroked it with her hand, watching as the She-man's organ propelled a mass of rich white strands all over the floor. Only then did they feel sated, and the Agent forgot the pain in her knee for a moment as they lay in each other's arms.


The following day, the team returned to Fennian. Kyara went to Headquarters almost every day just so that she could spend time with Agent Luin. She freely admitted that she was more than a little in awe of her, not only for her physique, but for her status as an agent as well. She had been with the Agency since the beginning, and had survived a number of dangerous missions. Kyara found out that she had once been captured by the Vilya, but escaped before she could be taken to one of the so-called 'Laboratories'.


About six weeks after she and Agent Luin had met, Kyara felt it was time that she introduce her new lover to Traya. In Llianar culture, even when a couple had been established, it was not considered unfaithfulness to bring a third into the household, as this would be the precursor to forming a Trine. So when Kyara told her partner that Luin was joining them, her heart leapt for joy. They would be a family at last!


It did not take Traya long to become enamoured with the new arrival. Like Kyara, she marvelled at the Agent's brute strength. The deep, throaty voice sent a shiver down her spine every time she heard it. Those pale blue eyes, that made her sense that they could see right through her, made her feel a warmth that seemed to permeate into her very soul. One morning, Traya chanced to see her as she came out of the shower. Even after Agent Luin had gone, the llianar recalled the experience, and she felt a knot of excitement in her stomach.


That night the trio were in the bedroom. Kyara had just had her bath, and she entered the room naked to find that her two lovers were in each other's arms, kissing. She smiled, came up behind Traya, and put her arms around her waist, pressing her lips against the back of her neck. Her lover reached back, and gently took hold of Kyara's balls. She giggled as she felt her lover's member hard against her butt. Kyara's hand enveloped her partner's cock. Agent Luin lay on her back, and Traya straddled her with her thighs on either side of her head. She guided her erect penis into her mouth and began to suck its rigid shaft. Traya returned the favour as best she could as that massive organ filled her mouth.


In the meantime, Kyara pushed herself into Traya's open quim, and began fucking her from behind. The llianar in the middle felt her climax approaching. She could not withdraw with Kyara lying on top of her, so she unloaded herself into the Agent's mouth. This seemed to push Agent Luin over the edge. Traya lifted her head just in time as a steady fountain of white strands shot out of the She-man's unbridled member, showering her all over her back.


Traya felt a second orgasm approaching. This time, her inner muscles began to tighten around Kyara's member. So much so, that all she could do was to lie still as a wave of convulsions swept through her lover's body. It did not take long before Kyara's movements intensified as she felt that her own rapture was imminent, and soon, with a mighty thrust, she unloaded herself into Traya's body.

At last they were all satiated, and they lay on the bed together. Kyara slept on one side, Agent Luin on the other, and Traya in the middle. And that's how they remained. The next morning they awoke, believing that this was the first day of their life together as a Trine, although this was still to be made official.


Some time later, after Agent Luin's injury had healed and she was ready for active duty again, a call came from ECHO's Headquarters. It was from one of the other agents who had been working deep undercover. Her name was Istate. Her call would change the trio's lives irrevocably.  

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