Operation Alfur Chapter 9

Operation Alfur Chapter 9 Operation Alfur Chapter 9

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy


Final Chapter


Final Chapter


Submitted: September 02, 2016

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Submitted: September 02, 2016




Chapter 9.


A blast of wind and rain hit Caroline as she came near to the exit. Soon she was drenched to the skin. The storm was so heavy that she could hardly see anything in front of her. She knew that she needed to find shelter soon, and recalled – that when Shael and her passed there on the way to the village - there was an old abandoned cabin nearby. She struggled through the storm until she arrived at the place, and went inside. The roof leaked from numerous places, but at least it kept most of the rain off. Caroline tried to sleep, but the weather was too cold, and she had nothing to make a fire with to keep warm.


Just when she thought it was hopeless, the rain began to subside until it became a light drizzle. Caroline realised that the only course of action was to press on until she reached the village of Fyedur. As she rejoined the main pathway, she noticed a figure walking slowly towards her. She stopped and waited until the other person approached.


She thought her eyes were deceiving her when she heard a familiar voice: “Caroline? Is it really you?”


Caroline stood still, as if frozen to the spot. She could not believe her eyes. It was Shael! The she-elf looked at her as though she would wake up any moment, and find that it was all a dream.


At last Caroline found the strength to speak again. All she could manage was: “I'm back!” before her emotions could no longer be held inside her. She still did not move, but her eyes welled up with tears. Shael herself was crying, as she looked into the face of the one she believed she would never see again. At last the spell was broken, and the elf-maiden took Caroline's face in her hands, and slowly held her closer and closer until their lips finally met. As the rain began to fall harder again, and silhouetted by a flash of lightening that added a sense of drama to the scene, the two lovers kissed again.


They found shelter in a cave, and waited out the storm, keeping the cold off with their own body heat. Exhausted, both of them passed out, and only awoke when the sun was relatively high. The rumbling in their stomachs woke them up, and they made their way back to Fyedur, some three miles away. Upon arrival they went straight to the small tavern situated near the Temple, and were soon feasting on bread and fruit. They ordered their favourite tea to go with their meal.


“I never thought I would make it back. In fact, there were times when I reckoned I was dead for sure.” Caroline said between mouthfuls.


“I also thought that you were lost. But the dreams - nay, the visions - that haunted me gave me the assurance that you were still alive, and that one day you would return.” Shael responded. She went on to tell Caroline about the dream that seemed to predict, if not coincide with, Caroline being shot.


She continued: “A few nights later, there was yet another dream. It began with me visiting Fyedur during one of our routine patrols. While we were there, a huge storm began to brew, and I headed out of the village, toward the passage. In the dream I was assured that I would find you there. Two days ago, we made our patrol along the trade route between Fyedur and Denedhel. When we arrived in the village, the wind picked up, and soon the rain came down. It was then that I knew that I had to come and find you. And find you I did!”




“Many in our world would call that coincidence, but that's because there are so few that believe in miracles. I too was a sceptic, but what you have just told me just reaffirmed my faith that such wonders exist.” Proclaimed Caroline.


“Perhaps it was fate.” Suggested Shael.


“No - I do not believe in fate. The way I see the situation is that both of us desired for us to be together again, not only in our hearts, but in our very souls as well. Thus our soul-selves made sure that our desire was fulfilled.” Caroline offered as an alternative.


“That may also be true.” The she-elf admitted, nodding, and then smiled, “But it matters not. We are together again, and that is enough for me.”


“I can agree to that.” Added Caroline, leaning over the table, and kissing Shael as she smiled. “Tyree told me that you have moved up in the world. You're now one of the officers.”


“Yes that is so.” The elf replied, “I now live in Yaderheim, our Capital. Once we have finished, we will depart for the city. I have my own transport now.”


“Oh good. Because from what I can remember from Lindstra's tale - Yaderheim is quite a distance from here, and it could take a few days to get there.” Caroline recalled.


“Thankfully we have advanced somewhat since the days of Queen Friôur. We'll be there by nightfall.” The she-elf assured her.


The 'transport' to which Shael was referring resembled a sports car. It had a plexi-glass hood that opened upwards to reveal two seats in front and a long bench seat at the back. The main difference was that it did not run on wheels, but hovered above the ground. This meant that, instead of needing to drive on a road, the vehicle required only a clearing above which it could glide. Rather than having to lay down tar or concrete, as was the case on Earth, all that was needed was to clear the pathway of tall trees and bushes, and keep what remained short enough to allow a smooth ride. Also the terrain beneath did not matter as the vehicle would just skate over it.


The engine made a low humming sound, that did not seem to fluctuate or change whether the vehicle was moving or not. Later Caroline found out that these machines were also powered using the same Talseratine crystals. This meant that the power remained constant, whether the car was moving or not, which was why - even when parked - it did not touch the ground. It also meant that the need to refuel - or in this case recharge - was limited to once a year, if the vehicle was being used every day. The most important advantage was that it did not rely on fossil fuels, and thus there were no harmful emissions.


The couple stopped in Dathnae for lunch, and were in the city of Yaderheim just in time for Caroline to see it before the sun set. And what a sight it was! In many ways it was just like any other modern city, but the architecture included numerous sculptures and statues. Trees and shrubs were plentiful, and there were a number of broad walkways and open malls in which vehicles were not permitted. Towering above the city were the two waterfalls to which Lindstra had referred in his tale. They were not as visible because the buildings in front of them were multi-storey, but they still dominated the skyline. Instead of the musty smell of city pollution, the air was clean and fresh.


They came to a four storey block of apartments, and Shael stated: “Here we are - Home. You'll find it a lot more comfortable than my old one, not to mention bigger.”


There were a number of parking bays in the basement. Shael parked the car, and Caroline took what little luggage she had. Then the two of them went in the elevator to the second floor. The apartment at the end of the passage was Shael's. She swiped a card through a device next to the front door, and it opened, revealing a simple but well equipped interior. It was definitely bigger and more comfortable than the previous one in Fyedur.


Caroline was exhausted. Even though they had slept in the cave, it was cold and windy, and the two of them were only really able to rest. So it was decided that they would have an early supper, shower - as there was no bath in the apartment - and go straight to bed. It felt so good to be in Shael's gentle arms once more, and Caroline's sleep was no longer haunted by the nightmares that had invaded her sub-conscious, since she had been in the hospital in Copenhagen.


The following morning, she arose before Shael, and was sitting in the lounge when the she-elf came into the room. She noticed that there seemed to be a dark shadow across her lover's face, and a look in her eye that told her that she was battling some inner demon. She came up behind Caroline, and put her arms around her shoulders, burying her face in her lover's shoulder-length hair. Shael kissed her neck until Caroline managed a smile.


“I'm okay, my love. I am okay.” She insisted, putting her hands on top of Shael's. “It's going to take some time for me to get over everything that has happened to me, that's all.”


“Just remember: You're not alone in this. I'm here.” The elf reassured.


“I know my sweet. And thank-you.” Caroline responded.


“Tell you what: Let's go dancing tonight. You and I.” Shael suggested, “I know this place just down the road. The music is great, and it has a very relaxed atmosphere. How about it lover? You up to dancing?”


“I don't know.” Came the reply, “I haven't danced for ages.”


“Come on. It'll be great, I promise.” Shael persuaded, “If you really don't like it, we'll come straight home. But at least give it a try.”


“Okay, I give up. I'll try.” Caroline gave in, “But what am I going to wear? The only clean change of clothes I have is the one that I stole from the hospital.”


Shael suggested: “So, what's wrong with that?”


The woman replied: “Well, for one, the T-shirt still has a hole in it from where I was shot.”


“Oh yes, I hadn't thought of that.” Shael admitted, “Okay, so we have to go out and get you some more clothes again. Wait, I think I still have the gowns you wore the first time you were here. Let me go and check.” She went into the second bedroom, and began looking through the clothes that hung there. “Ah! I knew they were here.”


Returning to the sitting room, she prompted: “Here. Try them on.”


Caroline obeyed, and found that they still fitted, even better than they had before because she had lost a little weight. She had a shower first, and then changed into one of the robes. It felt soft and clean after the clothing she had on before.


In a symbolic act, she threw her old garments, including those that she had worn when she was shot, in the bin, saying: “The last reminders of my past - Gone!”


That evening, they had a quick supper, and were on their way to the club where they had planned to go dancing. Caroline felt like a teenager all over again as they pulled up outside the establishment. The doors had only just opened, and there was a long queue waiting to get in. Caroline and Shael decided that they would wait outside until the line was shorter. They sat on the wall that led up to the entrance, and the she-elf leant against her lover's shoulder.


Soon the music started playing inside the club, and Caroline reminisced: “I haven't done this since I was a teenager.”


A sense of anticipation went through her. They made their way to the entrance, and headed straight for the dance floor. The music was easy to dance to, and soon they were moving in time to the beat. It did not take long before Caroline felt all the tension and stress of the past few weeks begin to subside, as she allowed herself to let go. This was made easier as she watched Shael twist and turn in time to the music.


Soon they were thirsty. They found a table, and sat down and ordered something to drink. Shael asked for a glass of wine, while Caroline chose the lemon ale that she last had at Lindstra's. Once they had finished, the two of them made their way back to the floor, and carried on dancing.


Although it was more than what they were normally used to, they did not drink until they became too inebriated, so that they would wake up the following day with no memory of the night before. Also, with all the dancing, whatever they drank was quickly absorbed before it could really have any side-effects, except that they felt more relaxed.


Caroline became somewhat concerned when Shael climbed onto the table and began to dance, but the she-elf assured her that she would not fall off. The woman watched her lover as her body moved to the slightly slower rhythm of the music that was playing. The elf-maiden moved with such grace that Caroline could not help but admire her beauty. Although she did not join her on the table, she tried to mimic Shael's movements.


She took out her camera, and stated, having to shout above the music: “This is a tradition amongst my people. Normally they would use what is called a cell-phone, but I don't have one, so I'll have to try with this. It's called a Selfie.”


Shael asked: “How does it work? What should I do?”


“Just come and stand next to me.” Came the reply.


She did as she was bidden, and Caroline took the picture. The image showed on the screen, with both of them together. Shael had chosen to wear the dark blue beanie that Caroline had brought with her from the hospital. She had it on when the picture was taken.


“See? A Selfie.” She exclaimed, holding the picture up for Shael to see. They both went off into shrieks of laughter.






The next piece of music was slower and more gentle than the previous one, so Caroline and Shael returned to the dance floor, and began to dance together. Caroline's robe had come a bit loose at the top, and as she bobbed up and down, Shael could clearly see her breasts moving in time to the beat. She stood back and took in the view with a smile of appreciation on her face, and a twinkle in her eye. The stirring inside her took control, and she stopped dancing. She took the woman in her arms and kissed her lips, their bodies pressed against each other. Without saying anything, they both decided that it was time to go home.


On route, as Caroline sat in the passenger seat, Shael put her hand on her thigh. Slowly she pushed the front of the robe until her bare skin was exposed. Gently she began to caress its softness until the woman's legs parted voluntarily. It was all that she could do to stop herself from guiding that hand towards her honeypot that longed for her touch, but she held that hand as close to it as she could, enjoying the sweet longing that began to well up inside of her.


They had hardly made it to the front door, when Caroline pinned her lover against the doorpost, kissing her on the lips. They went inside, still locked in each other's arms, and slowly headed for the main bedroom. This time it was the elf's turn to push her lover against the wall, her lips and tongue exploring her mouth. With one hand, she slowly removed the robe from Caroline's shoulders until it fell to the floor. Her lover did the same to her until all she had on was her underwear and the beanie.


Shael looked intently into her partner's eyes, and said: “I cannot describe the joy that your return has given me. I feel as if part of me has been made whole again.”


For a moment, that seemed a lifetime, they stood there staring into each other's eyes. They dared not move, lest the energy that flowed between them would somehow be interrupted. The spell was broken as Shael took her lover in her arms, and they made for the bed. Caroline lay on her back, and the she-elf bent over her, still kissing her on the lips. Then the woman sat up, and the elf-maiden swapped places. Caroline pulled her lover's panties so that her delicate quim was exposed, and watched as Shael began pleasuring herself.


She marvelled at her lover's maidenhead as it reacted to her touch. For a moment, she was transfixed by the she-elf's soft thighs, and that secret mound that she had longed to touch for so long.


She carried on while the woman climbed off the bed again, and kissed her lover while she undressed. She stood up, and Shael sat on the edge. Caroline guided her hand until her fingers began to stroke the outer labia, and gently parted them, caressing the inner vulvae with the lightest of touches of her middle finger. She sighed as her longing had been fulfilled, and felt the slightest hint of moisture trickle down into her palm.


The elf-maiden lay on her back, and Caroline straddled her, lowering herself until her partner's tongue could touch her honeypot. As her hips gyrated, Shael's lips and tongue laved her maidenhead. Soon the she-elf held her still, and took the small succulent bud between her lips. Gently she sucked it until Caroline stopped her, her breath coming in sighs.


“I want this night to last as long as possible. Although - God knows - part of me wants to cum all over you!” She said, trying to catch her breath again.






Shael smiled. She lay on her back again, and Caroline's tongue took in her sweetness with long strokes that covered the perineum and labia in one go, but concentrated on the vulvae that welcomed the attention. She could taste her moist lips and feel them begin to pulse slightly. Shael motioned for her to stop, and Caroline reluctantly complied, although part of her would have stayed there for the whole night.


The woman then sat up, her thighs touching Shael's. Slowly they drew closer to each other until those delicate lips kissed. They began to move together until the one's clitoris was rubbing against the other's. This they continued until their bodies writhed at the very height of their reunion. As the flood of rapture coursed through her body, Caroline's eyes were filled with tears, not of pain, but of sheer joy. Now they were together again in body as well as in spirit.


Shael lay with her back to Caroline, the woman's leg over her lover's. With her one hand, the she-elf caressed the woman's thigh, while her partner stroked her strong back, and kissed the back of her neck. Some time later, they fell asleep in each other's arms. During the night, they must have separated again, because - with the sun shining through the window - Caroline woke up lying on her back, Shael still asleep next to her.


At first she dreaded that it was all a dream, and that she would wake up in a hospital bed once more. But as she lifted her head, and saw the one she loved just beginning to stir next to her, she realised with glee that this was all real. She lay back down again, a smile on her face, and fresh tears of joy in her eyes.


“Thank the stars. I'm back!” She said.


Shael went to the bathroom to take first shower. She left the door and the shower curtain open, so that Caroline could see her clearly. As the water rolled off the she-elf's exquisite body, and there was a smile of contentment on her pretty face, Caroline could not help herself. She wept uncontrollably, each sob liberating her from the monsters, that seemed to have followed her ever since she had left the hospital, after recovering from being shot. She was glad that the sound from the shower meant that her lover could not hear her.


She stopped crying, dried her eyes, and said: “Yes. I am home.”

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