Operation Alfur Chapter 7

Operation Alfur Chapter 7 Operation Alfur Chapter 7

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy


Following on Chapter 6


Following on Chapter 6


Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016





Andy Talbot, a university student from Birmingham, had been camping in the Saedesdalur Valley, and was setting up camp at the foot of the legendary Alfarkirkjan, when he spotted something moving near the mouth of the small cave, situated near the top of the cliff-face above his camp site. Upon further inspection, he discovered that it was a human figure. It appeared to be that of a youngish woman, although it was difficult to tell from his point of view. He tried not to pay any attention to what was going through his mind, as he was well aware of the hill's reputation. He had heard many tales that indicated that this was believed to be the dwelling-place of mankind's diminutive cousins, the legendary Elves.


He moved until he could get a better view, and saw that his first impression was right. He waved in an attempt to catch the woman's attention. It seemed to work, and the figure waved back at him. Before he started to climb up to where she was now sitting, Andy radioed through to the Search and Rescue depot in the village some twenty kilometres away from the Elf Hill. The controller informed him that they would dispatch a helicopter to the site to investigate. He was told that the team leader would be Tanya Olson, and that she would liaise with him to get the exact location.


In the meantime, Andy began his ascent to where the woman was waiting. The climb was relatively easy for the experienced hiker and mountaineer, and it was not long before he reached the narrow ledge where she was sitting. He was embarrassed, not to mention more than a little shocked, to find that the woman was almost naked, wearing only a bra and panties, as well as a worn-out pair of hiking shoes.


As he approached, she began to babble to him incomprehensibly, and he raised his one hand in an attempt to get her to calm down. At first he thought she may be in a state of shock. He smiled at her as she sat back down on the rock where she had been before he arrived.


He tried hard not to look at her, and said: “Now let's try again - Hi there. My name is Andrew. What is yours?”


She replied, but he could not work out what she was saying, except that it sounded like 'Caroline', or perhaps even 'Carolina'.


“Can you speak English?” He asked.


Again she replied, but in a language with which he was unfamiliar. His Icelandic was rusty, but normally good enough so that he could understand most of the time. But the woman definitely was not speaking any dialect of Icelandic that he was aware of.


“Can you understand what I am saying?” He enquired. The woman nodded, and said something in reply. “Okay - I have informed the people from Search and Rescue. They will be here as quickly as they can, all right?” Andy said.


Again the woman nodded. By now she had realised that there was some form of language barrier between them. She signalled to ask if Andy had a piece of paper and a pen with him. He took out a small notebook that he always carried in his top pocket with a pen, and handed it to her. She wrote something on a blank page, and returned it to him. When he read what she had written, all it said was: 'Caroline Erhardt'.



For a moment he stared at the page, a look of disbelief on his face. Then he responded: “But they said you were dead long ago!”


She looked quizzically at him, and then indicated that she needed the notebook again. Once more she wrote something down, and gave it back to him. This time it was the year '2009' with a question mark next to it. For a moment, Andy did not understand what she meant, and then he shook his head, firstly in incredulity, but also to say 'No'.


He then replied: “It's already 2013.”


This time it was the woman who looked as though she was in a state of bewilderment. She hid her face as if wishing that, when she looked up again, everything would return to normal. Andy offered her a drink from his water bottle. She accepted the offer, and took a small sip. As she swallowed, she pulled a face that indicated that she did not like the taste. But she nodded her thank-you nonetheless.


Not long after that, the sound of the helicopter's rotors was heard approaching. The rescue chopper hovered above them, and one of the crew members repelled down on a rope that was lowered. She asked Caroline some questions, and Andy explained to her that she could understand what was being said, but could not reply in any language that could be comprehended.


Hoping that she could get through to her, Tanya repeated herself in Danish. Caroline did say something in reply, but the only word that they were able to make out was 'Alfur', the Icelandic word for Elf or Elves. The rescuer did not respond, and strapped the other woman in a harness, after which she indicated to the other crew members to hoist the two of them up. When she offered to do the same for Andy, he told her not to worry, and that he would find his own way down to where his camp site was situated.


Caroline was told to lie down on the stretcher, and was covered with a blanket. Then the helicopter flew off towards the village nearby. In the meantime, Andy climbed back down the mountain, packed up his camping gear again, and headed back to where his vehicle was parked. Once there, he drove back to the village of Bourganess. Upon arrival, he went to the small clinic and enquired about Caroline. He was informed that she was in one of the wards resting, and that they had given her something to calm her down as she had become very aggressive in the Emergency Room. Immediately he sensed that something was amiss. She had been quite placid when they met near the cave, and even during her flight to the village, and yet the doctor who attended to her said that she had become agitated almost as soon as she arrived.


A few hours later, he returned to the hospital to find out how she was doing. This time he was able to see her. She was very drowsy, but smiled when she saw him. Naturally there was not much conversation between them, but Andy found out enough so that he felt ill-at-ease when he left. Something was not right!


After two days in the village hospital, the staff discovered where Caroline originally came from. They arranged for an ambulance to transport her to Reykjavik. From there she would be flown back to Copenhagen. Upon arrival, she was admitted to one of the major hospitals in the city. Immediately, when she saw Goran Draxx, the doctor that was going to treat her, she began to panic. The physician gave her a dose of sedative, and she was taken to the psychiatric ward. Twice a day the staff would give her an injection that made her feel dizzy, and she would wake up again some time later with a terrible head-ache, and feeling sick to her stomach.



After three weeks of intensive speech therapy, Caroline began to communicate again in a language that others could understand. Her therapist's name was Dinah Schagen. Caroline immediately took a liking to her. She felt that she was the only person on the hospital staff that she could really trust. One day, during a session, Caroline told her something that alarmed the young woman greatly.


She said: “I don't know what these doctors are doing to me, but I feel as though my memory is slipping from me. I suspect that the drugs that they are giving me are to make me forget what happened to me at Alfarkirkjan. I have written it all down in this notebook. I want you to look through it, and keep it with you for safety sake. I trust you.”


She then handed Dinah the notebook, and the therapist put it in the drawer of her desk. She replied: “I'll keep it safe for you. But why do you suspect that the doctors want you to forget?”


To which Caroline replied: “The only time I can remember what happened with any clarity is when I wake up after the effects of the medication have worn off. After they have started to work, I can hardly even recall what I had for breakfast, never mind the events of however many weeks ago.”


The therapist suggested: “Maybe it's for the better. I mean, there's no telling what you went through during the years that you were missing.”


Caroline insisted: “But that's just it. From what I can remember, I didn't suffer any harm, or anything bad down there. From the little I can recall, it seems as though I was in fact very happy. I don't have any bad memories of the time I was away.”


“Well, that's not what the newspapers have reported.” Informed Dinah.


“What do you mean?” Asked Caroline.


Dinah showed her the article that had been written soon after she returned to Denmark. The headline said: 'Danish Anthropologist Rescued after being Held Hostage!'. The rest was like something out of a mystery novel. The author claimed that she had been captured by strange humanoid creatures. The article went on to report that, when she was found, she was stark naked, and crawled on all fours like an animal. According to the report, she was babbling incoherently, and even tried to flee when the rescuer attempted to help her.


Again a so-called 'expert' was quoted to have said: “It is possible that Caroline stumbled upon a entrance to the Huldufolk's domain, and that they saw this as trespassing. That is why they took her captive. It is likely that they brainwashed her so that she wouldn't be able to reveal where this secret entrance is situated. That is why she is apparently unable to speak properly, and seems to be suffering from amnesia as well.” …


Caroline was unable to finish reading the report. She threw down the paper in floods of tears. “Where the hell did they get all this from?” She exclaimed. “Who told them this?”


Dinah replied, trying to calm her down: “He's been on the television as well. His surname is Olafson I think.”


Caroline sat down again, a look of utter dismay on her face. She could not find the words to express her anger and sense of betrayal.




Eventually she stated: “Nyle Olafson was supposed to be my technical advisor when I started on the expedition. He's definitely no 'Expert' on the Alfur. In fact, before we started, he said that he didn't even believe that they existed, and that I was chasing a fairytale. Now he's some big-shot expert! This has gone too far! I need to get out of here. I must get out of here. Promise me that you will study my version of the story.”


Dinah agreed, and the session ended. Two days later, Caroline went back for her next appointment. The therapist closed the door behind her, after checking that no-one was listening.


“Okay - I have read your story. I believe you now. There is just one question I need to ask you. I know this is going to sound weird, but bear with me.” Insisted the therapist.


“All right.” Caroline agreed, “Ask me.”


“The article stated that you had tattoos across your back. These depicted ancient Nordic runes that have been referred to as 'Elf-Writing'. Where did they come from?” Asked Dinah.


“I had those done when I started university. They were taken from an old textbook that I was studying for my thesis.” Caroline answered.


“All right.” The other woman stated, “I'll see what I can do. I don't have much influence here. I'm only one of the therapists. But I do know quite a few people, both in and outside of the institution. I can't promise anything, but I will try.”


Caroline thanked Dinah, and went back to her ward. She was furious, not to mention at a loss as to what to do. She felt trapped, and her heart longed for the loving touch of her beloved Shael once more. Almost as a prayer, she whispered: “My love. I'm sorry that I agreed to come back. I hope I will be able to return to you some time. My world has changed since I've been away, and I don't like what it has become.”


At this time, she was allowed out into the hospital gardens to get some exercise. During one of these walks, Caroline had a massive nosebleed. This was not the first one that she had experienced since the doctors had been giving her the so-called medication, but it was definitely more severe than the ones she had before. She did not tell anyone until her next appointment with Dinah.


When she heard about the incident, Dinah responded: “Okay – That's it! I have a few friends amongst the nursing staff. I'll see what I can do to get you off that stuff.”


The following day, Caroline noticed that there was a new sister on duty. She came into the private ward where Caroline was lying, and closed the door. She whispered to her patient: “I'm sister Gail. I'm friends with Dinah, and she has asked me to help you. I have switched your medication, and all I'm giving you is an anti-biotic. It has no effect on you. The night-shift nurse has also been changed. Her name is sister Lee. She will do the same.”


Caroline thanked the nurse, and held out her arm. She waited a while after she had been injected to see whether the nurse was telling the truth. There were no side-effects, so she realised that at least she had two more staff members on her side. She lay back and soon fell asleep, properly this time. When she woke up, she felt better than she had since she was rescued. No more head-aches. No more nausea!




There was a knock on the door. It was the doctor. Caroline acted as though she were still under the influence of the drugs as he began asking her questions about what happened to her. She pretended to be confused, and mumbled as she had before.


She was very convincing until he sneered at her and said: “Even if you did find the way into the so-called Elven Realm, no-one will believe that you are anything but a lunatic.”


Suddenly she seemed to snap out of her stupor. The look in her eye made the doctor step back for a while. In a clear voice, Caroline stated: “Doctor. I remember everything that happened to me. From the day I fell, to the time when the climber found me. I remember it all! Every detail!”


Then things began to turn nasty, and Caroline realised that she was in danger. Draxx slapped her across the face with such force that she fell over the chair behind her. Before she could regain her balance, he grabbed her from behind and forced her to bend over the hospital bed. He tore her panties off. He began fumbling with the front of his pants. He freed his excited cock, and forced it into her butthole. He started to grunt in cruel satisfaction as he drove his member into her.


She struggled free, and tried to make for the door. The brute stopped her, and dragged her back. This time he was sitting on the side of the bed. He picked her off her feet, forced her legs open, and again he drove his filthy erection into her, and held her there until she could feel him unload himself inside her.


Once he had finished, he pulled up his pants, and said with a cruel snigger: “If we can't use medicine to make you forget, then perhaps we should use more drastic methods.”


Once he had left the room, Caroline sat cowering in the corner, her head on her arms. She felt so alone! No sooner did she think that she had a chance of recovery, when more trauma had been heaped upon her shoulders. She now feared for her very life!


That night she decided that her only hope was to run away. When everyone else was asleep, she climbed out the window and clambered down the vine-covered outer wall of the hospital. No sooner had her feet touched the ground, when she saw a dark shadow hovering threateningly above her. It was Draxx! He was accompanied by two burly security personnel.


He threatened: “Run if you want, you bitch. I will still track you down!”


His pair of thugs picked her up and dragged her back to her ward. She chanced to look out of the window and saw them standing under it. And yet she was still determined to escape. “Just not tonight.” She assured herself.


Shael tossed and turned in a fitful sleep. In a dream, she could see herself running down a dimly lit passage. In front of her, she saw Caroline fall to the floor, a figure in a red sweater standing between them with his back to her. He was holding a weapon in his hand. Shael tried to reach out to Caroline, but it was as though there was an invisible curtain between them. One that she could not penetrate. In a cold sweat, she woke up shouting: “Caroline! Look Out!”


The following day, an opportunity arose when someone came in to give her a change of clothes. There was a normal outfit in the basket. Caroline persuaded the woman to give them to her. They consisted of a pair of torn jeans, a white T-shirt with a leather jacket and a blue beanie. There was also a pair of boots. These were a little too big for her, but the rest of the clothes almost fitted her. Quickly she changed into them, and left the ward. A few days before, she had noticed that there was a side passage that led to the laundry, and then out into an alley behind the hospital.

She was making her way to this passage, when she met with the last person she expected: Nyle Olafson himself! She knew that he was not there for a peaceful visit, and tried to duck into the side corridor. He gave chase, and soon caught up with her. It was then that she saw that he was carrying a handgun.


She stopped, and almost pleaded with him: “Why are you doing this to me?”


He answered: “Do you really think that I was going to allow you to make the discovery that would prove that hundreds - no thousands - of years of theory and beliefs were wrong? At first I didn't believe you, but then I got to thinking: “What if she is right?” So I made sure that your little expedition ended in disaster. I made sure that you were out of the way. Or so I thought! And now here you are. A fucking miracle! Back from the dead!”


“Please Olafson!” She sobbed, “All I want to do is get out of this place! Just let me go and you'll never hear from me again. I promise. I won't ...”


Her pleas were cut short as there was a mighty bang, and she felt something rip through her chest. She staggered back, and fell to the floor, blood pouring from the bullet wound. Luckily Olafson did not make sure that he had finished the job. Instead he turned and headed off back up the passage, leaving her for dead. She lay there for a while, expecting the world to go dark around her at any moment. Then she realised that she was not dying, that by some twist of fate, the bullet had missed her heart. She staggered to her feet, and stumbled towards the laundry once again.


As Caroline burst through the double doors, she was met by a number of frightened screams. She said: “Help me. I've been shot! The bastard shot me!”


Just as she sank to the floor, the last thing she saw was people rushing to help her, and she felt their arms trying to break her fall. She regained consciousness briefly, and found that she was on a stretcher, driven by two nurses while another held a drip-bag above her head. The one sister's mouth moved as if to speak, but Caroline lost consciousness again before she could hear what she was saying.


Again her eyes opened as she came too once more. This time she saw Dinah's anxious face looking down at her. Once again, she sank into oblivion. This time, however, there was a sense that she was in good hands at last.


When she finally came round, she felt as though she had been hit by a truck. In her confusion, she knew that she had a tracheotomy, and a tube was in her throat to help her breathe. It was obvious by the noise of the ECG monitors that she was in ICU, and by the amount of pain she was in that her condition was serious indeed. As her eyes regained their focus, she saw Dinah sitting next to her. As her eyes flickered open, the other woman smiled, a tear in her eye.


“Thank God!” She cried, “I thought you had been killed. When I heard that you were having emergency surgery, after having been shot, I feared the worst. Luckily the bullet actually missed all of your vital organs. The only damage is to your trachea, and the doctors assured me that it is not serious. They put that tube in as a precaution. Once they're sure that you can breathe properly on your own, they'll take it out.”


“Those two bastards are still out there though.” Caroline stated weakly.




“Well, it seems that neither of them stuck around afterwards. Draxx has disappeared, and the cops are still looking for the other guy.” Explained Dinah, “The two scum that stopped you from trying to run away have been arrested. Guess who hired them: None other than Nyle - fucking - Olafson! The management have also beefed up the security, and there's a 24 hour guard outside your door.”


“Dinah. I've got to get out of this place.” Pleaded Caroline, “As soon as I am well enough. I've had enough. I want to go back to the Alfur, and live my life in peace with them.”


“Hush now.” The woman soothed, “I'll see what I can do. I know someone who would probably be prepared to help you. For now, just concentrate on recovering. You're not going anywhere until you do - okay?”


Caroline managed a weak smile, and nodded. She held out her hand, and Dinah took it in hers. The patient mouthed the word 'Thank you', too frail and overwhelmed to say anything out loud. The therapist smiled, and stood up. She left the ICU as Caroline sank back on her pillows.


Four weeks after she had been shot, Caroline was discharged from the hospital. The management assured her that those that had threatened her and endangered her life would not return, and that they had arranged a safe house for her. They were relieved to hear that she had no intention of taking legal action against the hospital for Doctor Draxx's malpractice. The matron told her that the nursing staff that had colluded with him had been removed, and were facing disciplinary measures for misconduct.


A week after she had been discharged, she arranged to meet with Dinah once again. At this meeting, she was informed that her therapist had made contact with the person who would be able to help her escape back to the Alfarkirkjan. His name was Arnold Johansen. He was an ex-NATO officer, and had been in the police for a short while before he took an early retirement.


Dinah said that he was prepared to help her. All she needed to do was to let her know, and they would get together to discuss the final details. Caroline asked if the officer could help her track down Draxx and Olafson. Dinah replied that she would let her know. Three days later, she contacted Caroline, and gave an address where Draxx was hiding out.


The following morning Caroline was waiting outside the apartment when the doctor came out. He was very shocked indeed to see her.


“Hello Doctor.” The woman said dryly, “Remember me? You tried to shut me up. Now I'm going to make damned sure you don't ruin anyone else's life, you fucking dog.”


She pulled out the revolver she had hidden behind her back, and pointed it at him. He realised that she was not messing around. His face went very pale, and he stood stock still.


“Now - You don't want to do that.” He stammered nervously. “I bet you don't even know how to use one of those things. Put it down before you hurt yourself with it.”


“You drugged me out of my mind! And then you raped me to shut me up! Oh yes, Doctor Draxx. I think I fucking well do!” She screamed. “And, just so that you know. My father taught me how to shoot. I think I know more about guns than you do.”


There was a loud bang as she pulled the trigger, and the doctor fell to the ground in a heap, a bullet hole in his throat. Caroline went up to his lifeless body, and kicked him in the chest, then turned slowly, and walked away, trying to ignore the fact that her hands were shaking uncontrollably.

Her next target was Olafson, whom she tracked down to a dilapidated old house in a run down neighbourhood. She found that he was not at home, so she forced the door open, and waited in the semi-dark of the small room. Sure enough the door opened, and the figure of Olafson stood silhouetted against the light from outside. He froze when he saw Caroline in the room, the same gun that she had used to kill Draxx in her hand.


“You bastard! You nearly killed me twice. I'm here to make sure that there won't be a third time.” She retorted. Before he could even respond, she fired, shooting him in the chest. He fell to the floor, and she walked up to him, and fired again. This time she shot him in the head. He stopped moving, and lay still. Caroline put the gun in his own hand, and left the room, saying: “By the time the cops have sorted out exactly what happened, I'll be a long way from here.”


She tried very hard to keep up her brave, unfeeling façade, but as soon as she returned to the safe house, she slumped down in the kitchen, and wept bitterly. She whispered: “My God. What have I become? What the hell have I done?”


She phoned Dinah, and made arrangements to meet with Johansen the following day. The other woman contacted her about an hour later to tell her that he had agreed to meet at Dinah's place in the evening, and that she would pick her up at seven o'clock sharp.

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